Our Team


Pin Minyvong

Founder, Executive Chef of Minymeals

Pin Minyvong a USAF Veteran is the Owner/Founder of Minymeals. She started her fitness journey three years ago on Instagram. She was also part of a fitness community at her local gym.
It all started when one of her FitFam asked if she could meal prep for him. So she thought to herself, “Why not? I’m already doing it for myself anyways.” She posted his meals on Instagram and the inquiries started coming in. Minymeals clientele has tripled over the years through referrals and word of mouth.
We are the only local, Asian inspired meal prep service around and our food is culturally diverse. Pin truly cares about her clients, everything she cooks and prepares is made with dedication and love. She truly enjoys the creativity and science behind cooking and the benefits it reaps. Minymeals has been non-stop and working on “Bigger and Better Things.”


Pooh Sayasit

Sous Chef & Kitchen Manager

Pooh Sayasit is the sous chef and kitchen manager. She joined Minymeals as a sous chef when Pin sent an SOS because she couldn’t handle all of the orders coming in. Pooh has over 25 years of experience in the kitchen. She is the one that hosts all family dinners, holidays, birthdays, get togethers etc. Pooh also had her fair share of the weight loss journey. Her youngest son is autistic and thats a challenge she faces day in & day out. With being a single mom raising 5 children, stress began to play a role in her life. After joining Minymeals, she took charge of her life and changed her eating habits. The business has helped Pooh drop over 30 pounds! She truly has a passion for cooking and certainly loves that healthy foods can be good too.