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1. FCOZM Storage Sealing Kitchen Organization

FCOZM Storage Sealing Kitchen Organization

Humanized design. It is convenient to put the food bag in the clamp. The rubber chuck has a comfortable grip and is easy to open. Fresh food can be sealed with food seal clips. It's perfect to keep food fresh. No need to throw the bag of potato chips away. You can keep it for more days without losing its freshness. This plastic seal clips with large-diameter pouring nozzle are easy to dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc. If the food is too large, it may get stuck. It's made of food grade PP and won't be easy to crack. Light in weight, easy to carry, can be used in kitchen, living room, office, dorm room, even in travel. Attach any plastic or paper bags with ease, just seal the food or flip the lid to pour it out. Pour well, stay closed, and are useful. Don't remove the lid if you want to pour out food and snacks. Without making a mess. A great gift idea for people who want to make it easier to pour food.

Brand: Fcozm

👤One of the units broke the first time it was used, because they seem to be made cheaply. I like the concept of these, but they were difficult to setup.

👤I cook a lot. There are different kinds of flour in my cabinet. It is awkward because bags are hard to organize. I don't have a lot of space so I had a hard time getting more containers to organize things. I don't like the idea of using a rubber band to tie the opening and then undoing it, it's messy. It's a small upgrade to your kitchen.

👤I used these with a plastic bag to write the initial review. The design of the bag does not allow you to close it all the way. These were originally designed to be used for flour and sugar bags. The paper is too thick to hold the shut. Unless you put the bags into plastic bags first, they are useless for flour and sugar bags. Which is not redundant.

👤The first time you try to get on the bags, it's a little difficult. As you get used to them, it's easier to use. They are great once in the bag.

👤When I went back to my mother's house to play, I found that she had bought a lot of bags of food and often couldn't finish eating. The food was broken. I bought some Bag Clips for food for my mother, because I remembered the ones I bought before. She will not waste food this way. She found it very useful after she received it. I was asked to buy more for her.

👤I wanted a way to keep the food fresh. I tried them on bags of food. I couldn't get it to work for me. It was better to roll up the top and clip it with a bag clip than to use a seal. Had to return and get a full refund.

👤I have only used one of the packs for Rice bag so far. I thought I would use it for Fritos or Cheese balls, but it still sits in the cabinet. I was tired of taping up the Rice bag and this is a good idea.

👤I regret buying it. These are hard to use and can't be used very efficiently. I do not recommend them.

👤I received this for Christmas. The first time I opened it, it broke. The hinge broke on one side. The top cap won't stay on. I am disappointed that these are not cheap.

👤They need a lot of finessing to open. This is not worth the price.

2. Sealing Plastic Assorted Colors Coffee

Sealing Plastic Assorted Colors Coffee

Widely Use- Home and Office - keeps food fresh in a long time by packing it in bags and keeping desk clean. The standard size is 3 inches wide. A multi-purpose food packing facility. This seal clip can be used for all kinds of plastic bags and food bags that have been opened, such as bread, candy bags, chips, candies, nuts and so on. It keeps food fresh. The bag clips are made of sturdy plastic and come in 2 sizes, 6 pieces in total, and various colors. TIGHT SEALING. The elastic spring on the clip makes it bite more force and bite closer. If you want to protect your food from air or water, keep the bag closed and keep it out of the freezer. It will keep your food fresh for a long time. Excellent workmanship: The food clips have ribbed teeth and soft nonslip grips. It doesn't cause any damage to your bags or papers. Humanized design. It is convenient to put the food bag in the clamp. The rubber chuck has a comfortable grip and is easy to open. Humanized design. It is convenient to put the food bag in the clamp. The rubber chuck has a comfortable grip and is easy to open.

Brand: Ddluck

👤The clips are strong and well made, but it's difficult to open them with my arthritic hands.

👤Even though you are stuck in a house and eating everything in sight, these little clips can be useful when there are leftovers. These work on any product.

👤This is the most annoying product I've bought on Amazon. It was too late for me to return it since I started using it. The strength of the clip and how wide it can open to clip are two important things. This product does not have either. You would be spending a lot of time picking up the clip from the floor because it is very weak. You have to fold the stuff to half an inch thick to use the clip. It is so annoying. My review was 100% on how it was designed. It got a lot of positive reviews to fool me.

👤This is the second package I've purchased. These are the best clips. These are the best I've had.

👤They fit bags nicely with adequate holding power and look great. There were two sizes and different colors. Would buy again. It was much better than the metal clips we had been using.

👤It is hard to clip a chip bag because they barely open up. I don't recommend.

👤Excellent chip clips. They are sturdy and tightly sealed. I ordered some in January and they have held up well. I was happy to find that they are still available, so I could order some for a friend.

👤I end up with many bags of food. The clips help keep freshness for a long time.

👤Strong clips are being used to keep cat biscuits and crisps soft.

👤I will have to buy more of these.

👤The clips are made of good quality plastic.

👤Buen agarre, buen material, buen color... Seguiré comprndolas.

👤Bonitos colores y tiles, las recomiendo son buensimas.

3. Simply Served Multipurpose Sealers Assorted

Simply Served Multipurpose Sealers Assorted

We are eager to welcome you into the family. Don't hesitate to let them know if you have any questions about their heavy-duty food clips. The customer service team is always happy to help. Seal in freshness. Baking supplies, chips, crackers, and even frozen foods can be kept fresh. Seal opened bags with clips to keep the air out and freshness in. PREMIUM QUALITY: Don't worry about the clips coming undone. The springs hold the clips closed. There are magnets. The magnets on the backs of these clips make them great for displaying artwork or notes on the fridge. If they're on the fridge, they'll never get lost. You can keep your pantry and fridge organized with the four colors in each pack. The dimensions are 3.15 inches X 0.8 inches X 1.5 inches.

Brand: Simply Served

👤My therapist gave me a name brand. I forgot to buy it. I use it to loosen up the tendons in my hands.

👤These were bought to hang on the fridge. The magnets are so weak that they fall off the door. The clips are strong. Magnets are cheap so I am not happy with them.

👤An example of how cheap it can be to make a product. The magnets are very weak and some have fallen off due to weak clue or glue being used to hold them in place. The purchase was a mistake.

👤I was really looking forward to putting them on the fridge for easy access when I needed it, but they fall off right away, the magnet doesn't work, and they don't stay on the fridge.

👤I thought the clips would be easy to use for my hands. It's big enough to grab a shirt, several towels hanging on the refrigerator, as well as with the table cloth, if you look where the metal part extends over the clips. The magnets don't stay on the hard surface if they drop onto it. I've put back in 4 magnets. Won't be getting anymore of them.

👤I have had three fall apart. Very cheap.

👤Three of them didn't make it out of the packaging.

👤When you use them, one arrives bust and the rest fall apart. Don't waste your money.

4. Color Clips Magnet Storage Shades

Color Clips Magnet Storage Shades

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. Bag clips are one of those things you never have enough of, invest in a set of durable, long lasting, soft touch, kid friendly Cook with Color food bag clips and organize your home and office with a colorful set of spring clips. The set includes 10 plastic bag clips with soft touch rubber handles in a beautiful array of blue shades, the perfect shape and size clip for all different sized bags of chips and food. It has a ribbed end for a tight seal and freshness. A strong spring mechanism will last. Fun and colorful clips with a useful magnet in the back are readily available on your fridge for an easy reach and access. It can be used to hold objects. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤It seems crazy to write a review about chips clips. Don't use them for magnets if you are. The curve at the top makes it hard to get the magnet on the fridge. The curve bends out so much that the magnet is useless. Get a different set.

👤This is supposed to be 10 clips. I received 9. They are pretty and functional. The person who created this packaging doesn't know English. There is a sentence that says keep snakes organized.

👤Don't buy them! It was made in China. Support the USA! This stuff needs to be located by Amazon. I wouldn't have bought it. I almost had a heart attack.

👤The top chip clip was my first order and I was happy with it. The second chip clip shown is not the same item as the first one. I liked the magnet for the fridge, but the second one is too wide and won't fit on the fridge. When a chip clip is useless, what is the purpose? I will shop in stores next time.

👤The part that you pinch curves backwards is what prevents the magnet from laying down. These can only be used at the edge of your fridge or chip bag clip.

👤The lavender clips are open wide. It is easy to lock bifold doors. Magnets are not strong as advertised. Maybe it could hold a few pieces of mail. Magnets are put in with glue. If you want to make these, you should buy some magnets and glue before you start because you're going to have a project on your hands.

👤I had been buying magnetic chip clip style clips at Marshall's and TJ Maxx because they have a lot of cheap ones, but they kept slipping down our fridge because the magnets weren't very strong. These work well. There were no issues with missing clips or anything like that, I'm guessing there was some quality control issues. These are strong and feel a little more durable than your typical bag clip, and I like the colors. The magnets are strong enough to hold them in our fridge, but they can't hold a heavy calendar, so they could probably hold postcards, photos, or a couple of pieces of paper.

👤The bag clips I buy are flimsy and break quickly. The clips are sturdy and appear to be good quality. The seller contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. That is very rare and appreciated.

👤I enjoy everything about these clips. Good size, good grip and good magnet. It works well for all bags. These clips were very nice.

👤They are easy to use and keep things fresh, I love the colour and how easy it is to use.

5. Bag Sealing Clips Microwave Dishwasher

Bag Sealing Clips Microwave Dishwasher

It's made of food grade PP and won't be difficult to crack. Bag Sealing Clips are ideal for kitchen bags, pet food bags, office bags and home use. It was a perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day. Their food bag clips are the best way to secure any bag, whether paper or plastic. The clips for bags keep food fresh. The bags clips are food-safe, and the food clips are safe in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer, so you can use seal clip virtually anywhere. The seal clips for food are easy to open and close, just clip the bag opening and lock the buckle. Their snack bag clips are made with harder plastic and can be used for a long time. It's perfect to use chip clips for snacks. Their bag seals clips have a lifetime guarantee. If you don't like their food clips, they will replace them or give you a full refund.

Brand: Andyken

👤My wife complains that it is hard to snap close.

👤I love these clips. They will break if they are used in the freezer.

👤I've been using these for a few months now and half of them have cracked. They don't hold up in the freezer like the Ikea and Pampered Chef clips, and they don't have the flexibility of Ikea.

👤I would like to like them more. The Ikea versions are better than the ones I have. These are very difficult to clip. They work well. They aren't as good as Ikea. I'm sorry. It's not you. It's me.

👤They are a bit difficult to close, but they do the work.

👤These are hard to find in stores. These are strong. Simple and work well.

👤Love the bag clips. I use them for a lot of things. I use them to keep my hair out of my eyes. These clips are great for holding your hair. Some clips will pull out your hair. I like these clips. Great purchase.

👤I love these clips. They can't be found anywhere except on Amazon.

6. Plastic Sealing YINGFENG Fresh Keeping Assorted

Plastic Sealing YINGFENG Fresh Keeping Assorted

There are 26 plastic bag seal clips in assorted colors. The sizes of the clips are suitable for keeping food fresh and preventing spillage. The design makes it easy to open and close. Just clip the bag opening and lock it, no need to open it. There is an application. The bag clips are food safe and can be used in the dishwasher and fridge. durable and flexible: Their snack bag clips are made with harder plastic, so you can use them for a long time. It's perfect to use chip clips for snacks.

Brand: Yingfeng

👤They work well and seal well. If you need a small clip for a small bag, the variety in size is good. The colors make it easy to identify the different size. The only thing you have to do is make sure the green one is closed and doesn't snap.

👤These clips work well. I have had the Ikea and Pampered Chef ones, and so far they are just as good. I would buy them again.

👤These are okay. They work, they clip and can seal bags, but I think the more traditional design is more effective and easier to use. The main problem is that the small and medium clips are shorter than the width of most common bag openings, so you can't cleanly seal the entire opening straight across, but rather have to fold and contort the bag so that you can seal out the air with the length of the clip you It becomes an awkward project because it is not easy to do. You can fold the bag and clip it shut with a traditional "clip" design where you squeeze to open the clip and release to clench. It's much easier. The product does work, it's down to personal preference. Alternative designs are better.

👤I always prefer using the bread bag clip that comes with bread, because I have never been a fan of the little bread bag that comes with bread. This is the best option, the best price, and the best price, and I looked at a lot of other clips. ... The smallest on others is too small, while the smallest on this set is perfect. The largest is larger than the others. I have not used the medium as much as I would have liked, but I am very happy with this set.

👤I think they are okay for the money. I wanted something strong. These will be used for freezer items. The small ones are hard to open.

👤Why pay more for a product that will cut your hair when you can use the same product?

👤Couldn't find them in the stores so I was very happy to find them at Amazon. It's fine for the purpose for which they were designed.

👤It's not easy to find this style of chip-clip anymore. I haven't seen them in any of the stores I've looked at. I was looking for something like this and they are perfect. I gave a bunch of them away to two other people because this set seems too large for one household. I'm very happy with them.

7. Storage Sealing Moisture Discharge Kitchen

Storage Sealing Moisture Discharge Kitchen

There is a satisfaction guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. If the food clips for bags don't work out, please contact them. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make sure your problem is solved. The Seal Pour Food Storage Bag Clip is made of high quality silicone. Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, can be used in many places. Keeping food fresh is what the flip top is about. The freshness of the food can be sealed without removing it from the package. The seal effect ensures the freshness of food. The design seals the air and keeps the food fresh for a long time. Attach easily to any bag, flip top lid. Pour well, stay closed, and are useful. A lid and a bag can turn it into a bottle or jar. It will make it easy to dump food. It's portable and convenient to use. This plastic seal clips with large-diameter pouring nozzle are easy for you to dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc. If the food is too large, it may get stuck. This plastic seal clips with large-diameter pouring nozzle are easy for you to dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc. If the food is too large, it may get stuck.

Brand: Bili-silly

👤These are great. It was a little difficult to figure it out, but I love them! I used it for flour and liquid. I highly recommend.

👤It isn't easy to figure out how this goes on a bag. I can only get it in smaller bags. I like it when I get it on a bag.

👤It was easy for kids to pour and use. kids had trouble remembering to put clips back on.

👤I love this item. Works well for small cereals. It's a good idea to recommend it. If you have a child that leaves bags open, this is for you.

👤I really enjoy it! It seals the bag mouth and is easy to use.

👤It will be useful in the kitchen.

👤It works well once the clip is closed, but it is difficult to use. I like it when it is on.

👤It can be hard to shake out food. Had to learn how to position the bags. After that realization, it works well.

8. Chip Clips Bag Metal Kitchen Food Laundry Multipurpose

Chip Clips Bag Metal Kitchen Food Laundry Multipurpose

The bags steal clips can be used safely. Kitchen clips for bags keep your life organized. They can be used for hanging laundry and organizing documents. There are many uses for these food clips. The snack clips can be used in the kitchen, office or classroom. Save your bag of chips for later use as the bag clips keep them fresh. They work well as clothespins, paper clips, clips for food packages, binder clips and utility clips. The metal chip clips are 2 inches long. The pack has different colors that can be used for different tasks so you can identify them quickly. The chip clip is made from high quality steel and coated with plastic vinyl. The metal chip clips are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The bag clips for chips are easy to use, they have a strong grip so you can hang laundry and clip large food bags. Reusable chips clips are safe to use.

Brand: Aunly

👤I use these clips for my snacks to keep them fresh. They can be used for more than just snacks, so they are very versatile. I love how they come with a lot of clips, I always have some ready to use.

👤I put cup hooks on the edge of my pantry shelves to make it easier to reach them and the clips on the small bags of things keep them from getting crushed by hanging them up out of the way. It's much nicer than clunky clips. They're well made, clip strongly on heavier things and come in fun colors.

👤They are great colors, none have broken on anyone using them that we know of. I would recommend them, they make great chip bag clips, so the kids know which chips they can eat. We gave a set of chips as a gift and one recipient remarked on how great they were. Score! Yes, recommend.

👤Take it from someone who has been buying plastic chip bag clips for years and just buy these. The metal in a traditional plastic bag clip is covered in soft rubber, so it doesn't break or fail. The cycle of buying and replacing is over.

👤These clips are strong enough to hold heavier duty bags but still close enough to hold thin bags like those used to hold powdered sugar.

👤The clips are easy to have on hand. I have been using them for a long time. They are easy to store. I use them for both food and other things. Love the colors as well.

👤I use this product to hold plastic bags that are closed. The clips are strong and sturdy, and they never break. I have arthritis in both hands and I was afraid it would be hard for me to open the clips, but I can do it easily and without pain. I really like the colors they come in.

👤They are very sturdy and hold packages well. The variety of colors makes it fun to use.

9. Kizmos Bag Clips Set Assorted

Kizmos Bag Clips Set Assorted

Keep opened bags of snacks fresh with this set of Kizmos Bag Clips. The bags are tightly sealed with the help of the pads on the inside of the clips. The magnetic back of each clip makes them great for hanging. There are 7 snack clips in various colors. Each is 1.5 inches long.

Brand: Kizmos

👤The added magnet function at this price point is why I chose this product over other options. The other reviews should have been read by me. The magnet is not strong. You can only clip it if it falls to the floor. I mostly use these for stuff in the cupboard, but it still feels like I got cheated out of what I thought I was getting.

👤The five star rating is based on the clip. I would give this product a one star if I had to use the magnet. The clip is held on a vertical surface by a weak magnet. If you need a clip with a rare earth magnet, look for one that has one.

👤I needed a yellow clip. I needed a single yellow clip so I bought a full set. Product arrived, but no yellow. Grey, bright green, aqua blue, blue, purple, lavender, red and orange. Is that whaddyagonnado?

👤I read a few complaints about the magnet. The funny thing is that the clip is being used to close bags that aren't seals. The clips are not for decorating your fridge. I put the ones I haven't used on my fridge for easy access when I need it. The magnet is working.

👤This is the worst product I've ever ordered. The pack was opened yesterday to use them. I put five clips on the food bags I had opened, replacing the rubber bands I had been using. I woke up this morning to find plastic shards all over my kitchen floor. I watched the other two clips explode off of their bags as I was cleaning up, wondering what had happened. If I was close to the clips, I would have been hurt. One of the strangest things I've ever seen.

👤The clip works just fine, but the magnet is small enough to hold the weight of the clip alone on the fridge. The magnet is placed in an awkward place that makes it hard to remove it from the fridge.

👤I owned them for 6 months or a little more and I am down to 3. They are made of cheap plastic and when you drop one on the floor they snap in half. They are not as tough as we used to get in 2020. I don't have a tile floor, it's linoleum and soft, they didn't have a heavy bag on them, and the clip itself is a nice magnet on them. I dropped them off the floor. Really they don't work! I'll try other now that I'm running out, but I'm back to ordering more. I thought I'd warn people who want a reliable not to have to buy it every 6 months. The colors are pretty. I think so.

👤The grip is strong. The magnet is not strong. I have to place them on the fridge or they will fall off. It does the job for my bags of chips and rice. I don't think they were intended to be used that way in the first place. I'm pretty sure the magnet was meant to hold them in your fridge. You don't get the colors in the ad. I have gray, red, orange, blue, green and baby blue. I got them because of the purple that wasn't with it.

10. Assorted Plastic Kitchen Vegetables Foodclip

Assorted Plastic Kitchen Vegetables Foodclip

The bag clips for chips are easy to use, they have a strong grip so you can hang laundry and clip large food bags. Reusable chips clips are safe to use. The package includes 2 large red clips, 2 small red clips, 2 large blue clips, 2 small blue clips and 6 pack chip bag clips. The bag clips are made of sturdy plastic and have a soft rubber grip which makes them easy to use. The food clips feature soft nonslip grips and ribbed teeth to hold the item securely. Bag clips are made of food grade ABS, plastic food clips are not harmful to your papers or bags, and freezer safe is good for keeping food fresh. They are durable and sturdy. Bag clips can be used for many things, including bags, food, fruits, papers, cubicle hooks, and in your home office school that need to be organized.

Brand: Udikefo

👤It seems like too much trouble is the only thing preventing me from returning these. Let's say I want to use a clip on a loaf of bread. This has proved to be a difficult experience. It's almost like a two-person job to open these clips. It's difficult to hold the bag closed and open the clip. They don't open that wide. Completely useless item. Doesn't anyone test these items?

👤I got 2 bags but haven't used them yet. I need to keep the air out of my mouth.

👤Nice colors! I have arthritis in my hands and the springs are tight. It takes some strength to open the clips. Maybe they will loosen a bit more as they are used more.

👤These chip bag clips are awesome! I will order more. The large ones cover the whole bag for freshness.

👤It's cheap, but barely open wide enough to hold a chip bag.

👤It's great to keep large bags of chips sealed. Solid springs are the only rocket science here.

👤Use this when you need a bag clip. Good value.

👤It's perfect for chip bags. No issues, what so ever.

11. Chef Craft Large Chip Clip

Chef Craft Large Chip Clip

The clips look elegant and match the modern kitchen perfectly. Please keep the edges and corners away from children. There are four large bag clips that are blue, green, orange and purple. The perfect size for closing large chip or snack bags is 6 inches. The plastic construction has a rubber grip along the mouth. It's a great way to keep food fresh longer. These clips are fun and bright, and will add a pop of color to your kitchen or pantry.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤The clips broke at the same spot. The spring is stronger than the plastic. The dor ng snaps the clip. Don't but this product.

👤These are too flimsy to be used on our dogs' food bag. They don't open very wide, which makes it hard to put food in bags that have been folded down more than once. The plastic is not as rigid as expected. I'll be looking for a stronger clip.

👤Are you serious? These clips saved my life. I was not eating. There was no way I was going to eat chips that were old. I grabbed the bag and pulled out the clip. Knocked out a few chips and they were not hard or soggy. I can't imagine what I'd do without fresh chips.

👤They are large chip clips. You can't say much about them. They help keep my chips fresh, and they can clip with the best of them. I hope no one reads these reviews and ponders over this purchase decision. There is a package of clips. Go for it if you need chip clips.

👤They were thought to be great, but due to their poorDurability, they were not given 5 stars. I only gave them 2 stars. If you don't plan to use them a lot, they are a good thing to have around the kitchen. They don't last very long, either plastic snaps at weakest point due to spring pressure after multiple operations, smaller springs jump off plastic dislocates and it's almost impossible to fit them back together. The springs are too strong and cause them to fly apart. I won't be buying any more until they are re-designed with weaker springs of thicker plastic.

👤I bought these last year and they've been holding up well and we use them frequently. No need to worry, they just work, whether they're holding a bag of chips closed on the counter or a bag of frozen strawberries in the freezer. The cheapy set of clips from a dollar store is different from the Chef Craft clips. Quite a lot! Take a look at my pictures! Trust me, just get these and be happy. The dollar store ones break when you start using them.

👤The chip clips looked strong. I was very impressed. My wife gave me one that had broken. It wasn't one that I used a lot. I didn't know how vulnerable they were. A lot of people are having the same problem, that's what I see from the reviews. I was going to write to the company, but I can't find any information. They want to remain anonymous. They haven't answered any of the customer questions. It's been less than six months. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤It's been a long time since I had a clip wide enough for a bag or chips. I buy these as gifts. You can fold the open end of the bag in the same way you fold the end of the gift paper, just squeeze out the air. It is very easy to do and it works.


What is the best product for food bag clips sealing clips?

Food bag clips sealing clips products from Fcozm. In this article about food bag clips sealing clips you can see why people choose the product. Ddluck and Simply Served are also good brands to look for when you are finding food bag clips sealing clips.

What are the best brands for food bag clips sealing clips?

Fcozm, Ddluck and Simply Served are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food bag clips sealing clips. Find the detail in this article. Cook With Color, Andyken and Yingfeng are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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