Best Food Bag Clips

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1. BAKHUK 48pcs Sealing Clips Food

BAKHUK 48pcs Sealing Clips Food

It's ideal for keeping open bags closed. And organizing your home. The package contains 48 plastic seals clips, with random colors. Food clips are in 6 sizes. It is possible to seal bread, potato chips, coffee, grains and frozen foods. Simple operation: clip the bag opening and lock it, no need to roll it up. Food that needs long-term storage can be sealed with a bag clip and kept fresh and clean. Bag clips are safe to use in refrigerators and dishwashers.

Brand: Bakhuk

👤I had to replace the previous one with a broken clasp because the pool vacuum bag closure broke about 2 months after I bought it. I wasn't sure if they were strong enough to keep the bag shut, but they are! I used two of the larger clasps and ran one in one direction and the other in the other direction. They snapped shut and have worked great ever since. If history has taught me anything, a new pool bag was going to cost more than thirty dollars and wouldn't have lasted. The little guys have been doing well for 2.5 months and were a fraction of the price. I wanted to make sure I got something that wouldn't rust. I've been surprised by how long these are. I think they will work for most needs if they are used as a closing mechanism for my Polaris pool vacuum. It's a good thing.

👤The was skeptical at the beginning about the clips. We are happy with the purchase.

👤They didn't try to use them as designed, so they are a huge pack of worthless clips. The seal isn't good and there's no tolerance for even slight thick material. I was trying to get more like my old clips from the Pampered Chef. I didn't know how good my old ones were until I got the new ones.

👤48 multi-colored pieces were the same as shown. For the price, this purchase is exactly what I needed to keep my snacks from going bad, but I wish there was a smaller pack of medium sizes.

👤They do the job but not as well as the more expensive brands. You need a larger clip to do the job the other brands can do with a smaller clip. You get what they ship you because there's no color choice. I got pink, lavender, and weird yellows. They look like Easter eggs. Oh well.

👤I was able to share them with my daughters. So far, so good. They are not as sturdy as the ones I have purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. We will see how these hold up. These clips are very useful. It's easy to use and work well to keep items more secure. I like the different sizes for different items.

👤These are easy to use and can be used for many items.

👤I was thrilled to find these here at a good price, they seem to have disappeared from local stores. I use these clips for everything that needs to stay fresh because I live in a humid area. The larger ones are great for fruit and vegetable bags. They are easier to open and close than ziploc bags.

2. Yansanido Assorted Utility PVC Coated Holders

Yansanido Assorted Utility PVC Coated Holders

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The metal clips have a size of 2 inch x 1.18 inch x 0.7 inch. The clips are made of strong metal with a high elasticity and good persistence. Their clips are waterproof, stronger, and more powerful than plastic clips. There are 10 random beautiful colors. The purpose of the clips is to be used for chip clips, bag clips, clothes pins, clothlines for travel, paper clips and so on.

Brand: Yansanido

👤I use these to hold tubes of paints. I bought multiple packs and had enough colors to match the clip color to the paint, with a few to spare.

👤I read reviews on this before and was a little concerned. I thought, "heck for the price, why not". Negative reviews were wrong. These are excellent quality, durable, keep your chip bag sitting up straight and not flopping down or causing unnecessary weight to cause it to fall over when propped up, excellent price, and I only got 4 of them, they were double the price. They are bright but not neon which is great. You can see in the pictures the true quality and vivid colors of these clips, even though the one comment saying they aren't as colorful as he thought is not sure what he's talking about. I included how the package looks when it's delivered too because I didn't have any filters on my photos. So happy! Thank you so much!

👤I thought my wife was mad at me when I first saw these. I was born with three nipples. The third one is very sensitive and so I'm very careful and these have a bit of tension. Thirty seemed excessive for the purpose and I was troubled by the packaging. I was relieved when I found out they were chip clips. At first, I thought thirty wouldn't be enough. I'm pretty sure I own more chip clips than underwear. I'm not proud of that. I buy a few new packs of underwear every year or so, and I believe that my underwear ownership is in the acceptable range. My purchases of chip clips have been more frequent and I would be hard pressed to find one I've had longer than a few months. It's all about the design. 1/3 of the pack is always broken. What is the best way to secure the magnet to the spit? Why does a chip clip have to have a magnet? I have a drawer or cabinets in my kitchen, but chip clips need to be stored on the side of the refrigerator, like we're all living our lives in an episode of Roseanne. If we don't care what the house looks like, we should place them on couch cushions so they're there when we need them. I'm happy with these chip clips. They're what's needed. A metal clip is used to hold something together. A piece of plastic shaped like a fish, or a replica of Mount Rushmore, is not a crummy piece of plastic. With a pack of thirty, you can put it everywhere. I keep a few in my fridge and put them in the coffee table. Flexibility becomes an option. Don't put chip clips on your nipples, they aren't designed for that. This is a good product.

👤The clips are dishwasher safe and can be used for anything. They keep my bags closed and can fit several items together on my desk. I bought ten of them a few years ago, but have not seen them since. I was sure that I had searched around on Amazon. They were there! The 50 pack was purchased by me. I went with multi-colored because of the vibrant colors. Since they come in sets of ten, I didn't have to open them or put them in a drawer. Highly recommended. The clips are coated in a non slip grip and don't snap in half like most plastic ones do. Highly recommended for the price and value.

3. Mr Pen 18pc Coated Clothes

Mr Pen 18pc Coated Clothes

We are a professional seller on Amazon. Everyone who buys their products will be satisfied. If there is a problem with their product, they will give you a full refund. Mr. Pen coated clothes pins come in 18 pieces and are in 9 different colors. Their pack of 18 chip clips are made from premium quality steel and PVC, which is not easy to damage, and they are great for travel, non-slip and easy to carry. The pins are 2.14-inch long and 1.16-inch wide. Mr. Pen- coated clothes Pins are ideal for outdoor clothes line, laundry, food bag seal, paper organizers, photo display, crafts, wall decoration, etc. They're perfect for bags, bookmarks, hanging messages, and clothes pins.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤These little clips were quick to secure our snack bags. I'm happy I got more than I needed because they're all in use. It would be difficult for elderly to open them as they are super sturdy. If you're a roller of bags, they're not suitable. These will be too small if you roll and bag is thick.

👤These are perfect for keeping your food fresh. We buy these at home. Yes, traveling. We use them to keep the room dark. The darker the room, the better we all sleep. Thanks to these clips, you can get a good night's rest. Try it!

👤I used to use rubber bands for my snacks. These are a better option. The clips are small and there are many. The quantity here is great because I have lots of snacks. They are good.

👤They are a rip off. Someone is buying stuff at a dollar store and then selling it.

👤The clips are hard to open. I would look for another clip if your hands are strong. I can't open them all the way.

👤Been using them for a couple weeks. It's perfect for opened chips. They are cute and durable. It's easy to use for kids as well.

👤I needed something that wasn't plastic because I kept breaking them. If you drop them, there is no chance of breaking them. I like all of the fun colors.

👤Great clips. I use them in the kitchen. I think the packaging could be more sustainable.

4. Assorted Plastic Kitchen Vegetables Foodclip

Assorted Plastic Kitchen Vegetables Foodclip

The bag clips for chips are easy to use, they have a strong grip so you can hang laundry and clip large food bags. Reusable chips clips are safe to use. The package includes 2 large red clips, 2 small red clips, 2 large blue clips, 2 small blue clips and 6 pack chip bag clips. The bag clips are made of sturdy plastic and have a soft rubber grip which makes them easy to use. The food clips feature soft nonslip grips and ribbed teeth to hold the item securely. Bag clips are made of food grade ABS, plastic food clips are not harmful to your papers or bags, and freezer safe is good for keeping food fresh. They are durable and sturdy. Bag clips can be used for many things, including bags, food, fruits, papers, cubicle hooks, and in your home office school that need to be organized.

Brand: Udikefo

👤It seems like too much trouble is the only thing preventing me from returning these. Let's say I want to use a clip on a loaf of bread. This has proved to be a difficult experience. It's almost like a two-person job to open these clips. It's difficult to hold the bag closed and open the clip. They don't open that wide. Completely useless item. Doesn't anyone test these items?

👤I got 2 bags but haven't used them yet. I need to keep the air out of my mouth.

👤Nice colors! I have arthritis in my hands and the springs are tight. It takes some strength to open the clips. Maybe they will loosen a bit more as they are used more.

👤These chip bag clips are awesome! I will order more. The large ones cover the whole bag for freshness.

👤It's cheap, but barely open wide enough to hold a chip bag.

👤It's great to keep large bags of chips sealed. Solid springs are the only rocket science here.

👤Use this when you need a bag clip. Good value.

👤It's perfect for chip bags. No issues, what so ever.

5. Color Clips Large Heavy Storage

Color Clips Large Heavy Storage

The dimensions are 3.15 inches X 0.8 inches X 1.5 inches. Bag clips are one of those things you never have enough of, invest in a set of durable, long lasting, plastic Cook with Color food bag clips and organize your home and office with a treny set of spring clips. The navy and light blue bag clips are 5 inches wide and the perfect size for extra large bags of chips and food. It has a ribbed end for a tight seal and freshness. A strong spring mechanism will not break after many uses. Fun and colorful clips with a hole on handle are great for peg, nail, hook or line, as well as towel clips and laundry clips. The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤I like the clips that I received. They are large enough to cover a large bag of chips. It's pretty sturdy and open wide. The mint color is subdued and not loud. Purchase the smaller ones now. They are better quality than the plastic junk that breaks on a daily basis.

👤These clips are nice. I couldn't find any sturdy clips at my local stores. They are sturdy and close. The small strips on the back keep the clip from being in view. I put the magnet on again. The double stick tape they used to attach the two together doesn't hold all the time. Great clip, but have glue.

👤These clips work well. They are very sturdy and tightly seal. The clips are almost to the point of being bulky.

👤I like the colors. There was a black mark across it. No one sees these in my pantry. The purchase is worth it.

👤These hold a single layer of a bag. Don't attach the clip if you want to roll the bag down. They will work for a weak grip on something that isn't going to be moved around or for which you want to try to keep a tighter seal for freshness. These look better than they do.

👤It is a clip for chips. It works as intended. The shades of blue are appealing to me. I like the colors in my kitchen color pallet.

👤These seem to work well on our bags. They don't feel like cheap plastic ones that only survive a few uses. These are nice.

👤These magnets are very strong and can easily go on my frig. I have already used them to store items in the freezer, frig and cabinets. They are easy to use with arthritis.

👤The strength of the magnet attached to the clip isn't strong enough to keep the fridge from sliding.

6. Color Clips Magnet Storage Tight

Color Clips Magnet Storage Tight

The Heavy-duty Clamps are covered in 3 different colors. Each color has 4 clips. If you have any issues with your purchase, contact them immediately. All issues will be solved in 24 hours. There is a patent pending. Bag clips are one of those things you never have enough of, invest in a set of durable, long lasting, soft touch, kid friendly Cook with Color food bag clips and organize your home and office with a colorful set of spring clips. The perfect shape and size clip for all different sized bags of chips and food is included in the set. It has a ribbed end for a tight seal and freshness. A strong spring mechanism will last. Fun and colorful clips with a useful magnet in the back are readily available on your fridge for an easy reach and access. It can be used to hold objects. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤It seems crazy to write a review about chips clips. Don't use them for magnets if you are. The curve at the top makes it hard to get the magnet on the fridge. The curve bends out so much that the magnet is useless. Get a different set.

👤This is supposed to be 10 clips. I received 9. They are pretty and functional. The person who created this packaging doesn't know English. There is a sentence that says keep snakes organized.

👤Don't buy them! It was made in China. Support the USA! This stuff needs to be located by Amazon. I wouldn't have bought it. I almost had a heart attack.

👤The top chip clip was my first order and I was happy with it. The second chip clip shown is not the same item as the first one. I liked the magnet for the fridge, but the second one is too wide and won't fit on the fridge. When a chip clip is useless, what is the purpose? I will shop in stores next time.

👤The part that you pinch curves backwards is what prevents the magnet from laying down. These can only be used at the edge of your fridge or chip bag clip.

👤The lavender clips are open wide. It is easy to lock bifold doors. Magnets are not strong as advertised. Maybe it could hold a few pieces of mail. Magnets are put in with glue. If you want to make these, you should buy some magnets and glue before you start because you're going to have a project on your hands.

👤I had been buying magnetic chip clip style clips at Marshall's and TJ Maxx because they have a lot of cheap ones, but they kept slipping down our fridge because the magnets weren't very strong. These work well. There were no issues with missing clips or anything like that, I'm guessing there was some quality control issues. These are strong and feel a little more durable than your typical bag clip, and I like the colors. The magnets are strong enough to hold them in our fridge, but they can't hold a heavy calendar, so they could probably hold postcards, photos, or a couple of pieces of paper.

👤The bag clips I buy are flimsy and break quickly. The clips are sturdy and appear to be good quality. The seller contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. That is very rare and appreciated.

👤I enjoy everything about these clips. Good size, good grip and good magnet. It works well for all bags. These clips were very nice.

👤They are easy to use and keep things fresh, I love the colour and how easy it is to use.

7. Stainless IPOW Coffee Kitchen Office

Stainless IPOW Coffee Kitchen Office

There are two Clips in the pack. The clips are made of steel and are durable to use for years. The strong spring seals the bag tightly, preventing your food from coming into contact with extra air, which can cause spoilage and prolonging the shelf life of your food. Versatile UseSeal chips, cornflakes, milk powder, coffee beans, bread, frozen vegetable bags of your kitchen. It can be used to organize papers in the office. The 10 Pack family size is 3 inches wide and suitable for various food bags. The clips look elegant and match the modern kitchen perfectly. Please keep the edges and corners away from children.

Brand: Ipow

👤I'm on the third set of these clips. We used up five plastic clips, so I thought ten would suffice. They are the best clips I have ever used. Well designed and tough. Slowly, they were used around the house. I bought another set. No one needs more than 20 clips. We really, really like these clips.

👤Someone did their homework and made a handy piece of equipment that can be boiled to clean it. If your fingers are wet or slick with oil or grease, it's difficult to use a spring that is not strong enough. Give the Engineers and the Marketing Executives credit for specifying a really well thought out product for one of the simplest tasks. It beats a wire twist.

👤I like my kitchen to be organized. I threw out all the chip clips that I bought. They have a strong spring that keeps the food fresh. Ten in a set means never having to run out of them. We have been using them on everything from chips, bread, buns, muffins, and even started using them on the frozen vegetables in the freezer without any issues.

👤I didn't think I would like metal clips when I first ordered them. I bought them because of the good reviews, even though I didn't think I needed 10 of them. I said these are the best after a year. I like the metal over plastic and will order a second wave of ten.

👤I wanted the bag clips to look nice but they didn't break easily. These have been great! We have been using them for a year and a half and just asked for a second set on our Christmas list. They are brand new and shiny. They have a nice weight to them and can open wide for thicker bags.

👤These kitchen bag clips are an excellent way to close most bags that you would use in the kitchen. The only reason I gave these 4 stars is that they are very sharp on both ends, the side that holds the bag and the side you squeeze. As long as you are aware of the fact that the inside is sharp, you can avoid cutting yourself. The company warns of the sharpness in one of their product photos. I'm pretty sure at some point I'm going to slice my finger open and be unhappy. My chips and pretzels will stay fresh until then.

👤People keep taking them because they are useful. I might have to buy a third and hide it. The clip is strong and versatile. I use it in the freezer to hold chips and other items. A great clip.

👤When I ordered these clips, I was unaware of how durable they were. They are heavy duty and won't fall apart because of their weight. I can see these lasting a long time. The bag doesn't slip out because of the slight crimp on the clamps, they are very strong and will stay in place. Unless you loan them out or throw them out you will have these for a long time.

8. GRIPSTIC Greatest Patented Airtight Waterproof

GRIPSTIC Greatest Patented Airtight Waterproof

The food storage bag organizers can be hung on the wall, put in the kitchen drawer, or placed on the table. It is convenient and beautiful. Change the way you store food, GRIPSTIC bag sealers slide across the entire bag to keep air and water out. It's time to say goodbye to old food and freezer burn. To use, fold the bag over and slide the grip across it. Everything from kids snacks to family size frozen vegetables can be sealed with color-coded sizes. dishwasher safe and freezer safe. There is a Reusable bag clips are small, compact, don't wear out and save you money with zero waste. If it is in a bag, seal it or divide it into smaller sections. It's great for meal prep. There is a Kid friendly, there are zero sharp edges, no small parts that can cause a choking hazard, and no metal clips or springs that can weaken or pinch little fingers.

Brand: Gripstic

👤I first bought them at a boat show and ordered more recently. The ones I ordered were not Gripstic and there is a subtle but important difference in size. It was almost impossible to close a bag with the cheaper ones. I ordered The Gripstic to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 to be 888-282-0465 The other ones will be thrown away.

👤I love these! GONE: Every bag of chips, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, pancake mix, rice, shrimp, salad greens is saved because of these! It was easy to pop on and off because they create an airtight seal and are so easy to do. My 9 and 11 year olds know how to work them. I love them because: 1. When I first open the bag, it breaks because of the built-in ziplocs. Thestic to the rescue! 2. Children who are not as obsessive as I am are to blame for the chaotic shelves of chip bags. We used to end up with chip bits all over the floor and shelf before the Gripstic. I sound like a commercial. They are fantastic. I use them all the time. I like having multiple sizes so they can fit each bag.

👤At the IX Center in Cleveland, Ohio, we purchased Gripstics. I have had tug o wars with other strong men to try to pull the bag off. This is what convinced me. The sales person told me the food would last a long time and I decided to try the longevity test at home. I kept the chips for a long time. I opened and tested the chips about once a month and they were good for about nine months. The last couple months, they were showing age but still being eaten. These are the best bags for chips, cookies, flour, beans, oatmeal, brown sugar, and many other things. We switched to a plant based whole foods life style last year and now use many more Gripstics to keep all the various beans, whole grains, flours, rice, etc.

👤I have been using these gripstics for over 5 years and they are useful for a lot of things. My mother gave some to her a couple of years ago and now she's ordering them for people she hasn't yet met. They seal well. It can be difficult to figure out how to use them. They loosen a bit after a few uses. It's great to get them over thicker paper. The new ones should be used on thinner materials and the old ones should be used on thicker materials. The green are great for keeping cereals out of sight. The orange and purple are good for things. The blue can be used to seal up a cookie, candy bar, other small treat package, or a small bag of tea or spice.

9. Utility PVC Coated Package Clothes Parper

Utility PVC Coated Package Clothes Parper

The 600W pure copper motor can be used continuously for 30 minutes. Please allow the machine to rest for 30 minutes after continuous use to protect the service life of the motor. They will reply to you within 24 hours, please feel free to contact them. Each clip is made of metal with a spring-shaped clip woven from a thread. Compared with wooden clip, bamboo clip, iron clip, plastic clip, this PVC clip is not easy to bend, snap or break. It can be used as bag pins, paperclip, cloth pins, food clips, and bookmark. A pack of 16, 2 inch coated wire clip with a variety of 8 beautiful mixed color is a value set. They will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with satisfactory solutions.

Brand: Dagongren

👤Have you ever thought about how a simple clip can change your life? I hadn't yet, but it's probably not. When I bought these clips, I wondered how exciting they would be. To be more specific, my open bags need them. I made the purchase after pulling the Trigger. I was surprised to find the clips in a small box, which was already more interesting than I had expected. I opened the box and found multi-colored CLIPS. I poured the contents of the box onto my kitchen counter, and while I know it was likely my imagination, it seemed as though the stream of clips landing on my countertop was a never-ending rainbow of awesome. Could it be that there were 16 clips in a single box for $5? The answer is yes! You will realize that there is no equal when you hold one of these clips in your hand. There is a When you seal a bag of chips with one of the bad boys, you will wonder how your life will ever be the same. I've had a problem with bags of chips going bad for a long time. No more. These clips demand freshness for your chips. Your open bags of chips have to be complied with. "But wait, what if I don't have bags of chips?" What if I have cheese? What if I have an open bag of dog food? Will these chips live up to the lofty goal of complete freshness? I can boil this entire long-winded review of these clips down to a short message. These clips work and will keep your stuff fresh and work for a modest asking price. They are well constructed and have no moving parts that will fail. The colored coating on them will likely prevent them from rust. Even though I don't have any open bags around my house, I bought them because I liked them so much. There is a Do I?

👤Every set of chip clips I get, end up being flimsy, breaking and having to be thrown out. I can't imagine them ever breaking, they seem a lot more sturdy. They were a nice price and the color coating on the metal made them more fun to use.

👤Over the years I have purchased, broke or tossed a variety of clips for chips, bags, odds and ends that needed to stay closed or together. The items in my pantry and freezer did not work well. Shapes and sizes didn't change my feelings about my previous purchases. Other clips were too small, not strong enough, or hard to use. These are easy to use for hands with diminished strength and they are pretty. Highly recommended.

👤I needed more chip clips for bags of frozen veggies. I didn't want to spend a lot of money for simple bag clips, so I looked around at stores and online. The product has done its job. They are on the smaller side, so don't expect them to hold large bags that are folded over many times. These work great for everyday kitchen items like chips or crackers.

10. Linden Sweden Twixit Clips Dishwasher Safe

Linden Sweden Twixit Clips Dishwasher Safe

Bag clips are safe to use in refrigerators and dishwashers. Keep food fresh with your versatile clips, which include 4 large, 6 medium and 6 small. Seal everything from frozen peas to chips with paper or plastic bags. Use the clip to date your frozen item. Their seals are tested for over a million uses. The easy-to-use design makes storage and organization easy to use. Their food bag clips help reduce waste by being a convenient and Eco-friendly alternative to twist ties and plastic baggies. They are safe in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer, so you can use them anywhere. The chip bag clips are made with a strong polypro plastic and will last a long time. They deliver the premium quality that Linden Sweden is famous for, with food-safe,BPA-free and made in Sweden. They are eager to welcome you into the family. Don't hesitate to let them know if you have any questions about their plastic bag clips. The customer service team is always happy to help.

Brand: Linden Sweden

👤I love these! I've cut down on the amount of bags I use. They keep the food fresh by keeping them over the opening on the food bag. I like that the food stays in the original bag, that I don't throw out as many zip lock bags, and that I feel superior to people who don't know about them. It's probably more about me than the clips.

👤The bag clips are strong. I only find the large clips useful, and even then they're quite small, because they have to be folded over to fit. I could use a bigger one. I'm mildly annoyed that I have to buy the small clips in order to get the large clips I need. I feel like all the sellers in this industry are copying each other instead of meeting the needs of their customers, since almost every brand name on Amazon and in physical stores only offers assorted sizes. I would like to see packages with larger sizes instead of smaller ones.

👤I ignored my gut feeling that the closures would take more time and effort than a simple clip, because I listened to the excellent reviews. They provide a seal for kitchen items, but not for coffee bags, dog food bags, chips, crackers, or anything else. Storage for them takes up more space than simple little clips because they require 2 hands and dexterity. Some people in my household leave these off because it's too much trouble to put them back on. I wish I'd listened to my gut.

👤The best clips are out there. It keeps chips and air tight. I use them for garden soil. It can't get in because it's closed. If you open a sleeve, what are you going to do when you don't use the whole sleeve? It clips to the rescue. The person said that only the big ones are worth anything. I find many uses. I bought some ice melt. How big are those things? It's closed until the next winter. The person who didn't like the colors was really thanked. How often will you clip things on the kitchen counter? I lost the first ones in the divorce.

👤I wish they had better colors. I don't like looking at them because they match none of my kitchen colors. They work well. Will buy if they come out with more subdued colors. I know they are easier to find, but not all of us misplace stuff.

👤I bought a fifth set of these clips because they are used all over my house. The kitchen, pantry, bedroom, bathroom, freezer, and garage are located there. They are indispensable. They handle the freezer and never break it. They survive the dishwasher without any problems. I have only thrown away one clip that had broken, and the number I have purchased is an excellent record. My family is always borrowing them and never returning them, so I will be buying another set. Thank you for the great product!

👤We use this product a lot. They close large bags. I used to get them at the store that no longer carries them. They sold to a lot of people and apparently they never break so there is not much for repeat customers. I'm grateful to find someone who carries this bag closer.

11. Golden Stainless Perfect Kitchen Office

Golden Stainless Perfect Kitchen Office

A set of 6 includes 2 red, 2 blue and 2 yellow clips.

Brand: Fanng

👤I was really disappointed in these. The clips are beautiful, but not perfect. I put the clips from the plastic packaging in a container and they were all sticky. I tried to clean it with soap and water. I came back and ordered again because I thought I had a bad bunch. For the second time, the same thing happened.

👤These are made to last so they should get 5 stars. I don't recommend them for people with no strength in their hands because they are pretty hard. My husband commented on how hard they are to squeeze after I bought them for chip clips. A little bigger than I expected but over all great product, for a great price and will last forever!

👤The grip is very heavy duty. Absolutely recommend! No issues with these, they are easy to clean. It is very useful and elegant. You will enjoy them if you get them. Thank you for the product.

👤These chip clips are very useful. Stay strong over many uses. I think they look great. I'm pretty sure there are many uses for them. I have them in brushed gold and silver. I use them to hold kitchen food items closed. They would look great on a desk.

👤My kids don't know how to close snack bags. These are hard to open. I bought these so that I wouldn't have to close a million snack bags a day, because they aren't functional unless I do it for them. They are cute and match my other gold silverware.

👤I like to think of myself as a big believer in everyday little luxuries. Do I need matching gold chip clips? No. Is my pantry amazing now that they all match? Yes! These are gorgeous, but they are very heavy and springy. These aren't going to slide off your bags like cheaper plastic ones. Great purchase!

👤The cane has exact number of clips. The size is perfect for snack bags. I use them for cat food and paper clips. You always need this product at home. I'm considering stock up more.

👤I need to remember to return things on time. The photos were cute. They barely open and you have to apply a lot of pressure to get them open. They feel like old pieces of steel. Not the cute clips I had in mind.

👤These clips are pretty and stylish. The gold accents in my kitchen match the quality of the product.

👤The colour is perfect.


What is the best product for food bag clips?

Food bag clips products from Bakhuk. In this article about food bag clips you can see why people choose the product. Yansanido and Mr. Pen are also good brands to look for when you are finding food bag clips.

What are the best brands for food bag clips?

Bakhuk, Yansanido and Mr. Pen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food bag clips. Find the detail in this article. Udikefo, Cook With Color and Cook With Color are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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