Best Food Bag Sealing Clip with Pour Spout

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1. Storage Sealing Moisture Discharge Kitchen

Storage Sealing Moisture Discharge Kitchen

There is a satisfaction guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. If the food clips for bags don't work out, please contact them. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make sure your problem is solved. The Seal Pour Food Storage Bag Clip is made of high quality silicone. Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, can be used in many places. Keeping food fresh is what the flip top is about. The freshness of the food can be sealed without removing it from the package. The seal effect ensures the freshness of food. The design seals the air and keeps the food fresh for a long time. Attach easily to any bag, flip top lid. Pour well, stay closed, and are useful. A lid and a bag can turn it into a bottle or jar. It will make it easy to dump food. It's portable and convenient to use. This plastic seal clips with large-diameter pouring nozzle are easy for you to dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc. If the food is too large, it may get stuck. This plastic seal clips with large-diameter pouring nozzle are easy for you to dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc. If the food is too large, it may get stuck.

Brand: Bili-silly

👤These are great. It was a little difficult to figure it out, but I love them! I used it for flour and liquid. I highly recommend.

👤It isn't easy to figure out how this goes on a bag. I can only get it in smaller bags. I like it when I get it on a bag.

👤It was easy for kids to pour and use. kids had trouble remembering to put clips back on.

👤I love this item. Works well for small cereals. It's a good idea to recommend it. If you have a child that leaves bags open, this is for you.

👤I really enjoy it! It seals the bag mouth and is easy to use.

👤It will be useful in the kitchen.

👤It works well once the clip is closed, but it is difficult to use. I like it when it is on.

👤It can be hard to shake out food. Had to learn how to position the bags. After that realization, it works well.

2. Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

The set includes a small dish, a medium dish, and a large dish. It's a perfect start to replace single-use plastic bags and plastic food storage containers with lids. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh. The measuring cup needs a screw on the pour spout. The container is ideal for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage. The container is small and portable to fit your pantry and refrigerator. Perfect for your rice cooker, the rice dispensers are enough to hold 2KG of rice.

Brand: Tbmax

👤This is a nice product and I appreciate its handiness, but it is very small and the photos in the product description can be tricky and deceptive. It's about 3.5 in x 6 in and 9.5 in tall, but that includes the cup that sits on top. For perspective, a typical phone is about 3x6, so imagine your phone going straight up for less than the height of a sheet of paper. Before you buy this container, make sure you know it's a small one. The larger container's photos look exactly like the small version, which is why there are larger options by this same seller.

👤It doesn't fit a five pound bag of rice. At least not for me. There are two more The cup is a bit clumsy putting it back on. There are 3 more The cups are hard to read. I think it's expensive for what you get. I would say it was worth it, but not at this price.

👤I keep my rice in these bins. The containers can hold a bit of rice. I like them in my pantry. Thanks!

👤I ordered it for rice. The pictures implied it was bigger than it really was. There is no way a box of cereals will fit in a small bag of rice. I will be back. This is the size to hold a bag of sugar. It's a good holder for something small, but not for what it was advertised to hold.

👤I bought two for rice and one for oatmeal. The container is smaller than I thought, it's suppose to be over 4 lbs. I attached a picture of a 5lb bag of oatmeal that I had already made a couple bowls of oatmeal with before filling one of the containers. The bag of oatmeal has quite a bit left. The quality seems decent, but the lid is a real problem. I jiggled the front into place after putting the lid on the back end. I don't think it's worth it for the size and price.

👤It's much easier to measure how much I feed the cats with the measuring cup I got. I use it daily and the markings on the measuring cup are starting to fade, but it is still as good.

👤I already had one of these and I bought another. I used the first one to store rice. It's hard to seal a box of rice up tightly enough to keep bugs out. This item helps to keep whatever you put in it fresh. I will use the new one to store pasta. The measuring cup on the lid is a bonus. It makes getting the right amount very easy. I may buy more in the future if the need arises. Great product.

👤Good products. The rice can be stored safely to avoid contact with the insect.

👤I use this container for rice.

3. Chip Bag Clips Set Storage

Chip Bag Clips Set Storage

Bag clips are one of those things you never have enough of, invest in a set of durable, long lasting, soft touch, kid friendly Cook with Color food bag clips and organize your home and office with a colorful set of spring clips. The set includes 4 red rubber bag clips that are 5 inches wide, the perfect size for extra big bags of chips and food. It has a ribbed end for a tight seal and freshness. A strong spring mechanism will not break after many uses. Fun and colorful clips with a hole on handle are great for peg, nail, hook or line, as well as towel clips and laundry clips. The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤I was looking for a set with wide jaws that would fit over a larger area. The bag can be folded over several times, but the spring isn't very strong, so you have to use the jaws to close the bag. The bag is not able to unfold because they stay in place. I just wish they worked better.

👤The size and tight grip I needed for my project was found. I used a D-ring to connect the chip clip to the wire shelving. The clip securely holds the bags so they stay fresh.

👤The clips are strong enough to hold a large bag of dog food.

👤The color was not what was pictured. It is a dingey teal that is bordering on olive. It was kind of disappointing. I would call the springs moderate. I bought these for the cat food bags and they don't seem strong enough to hold the top of the bag. I might return.

👤The chip clips are the right size for large bags of chips. I have purchased clips in the past that broke or fell apart, but they are not likely to do that again. They are reasonably priced.

👤Excellent! What I was looking for! Excellent clips! It was very well made. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤The clips are thin and plastic. The bags of chips have a great width. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤I tried to use the product but it didn't work. The package of dry food that I wanted to keep closed was not snug enough for the clamp to fit. I borrowed the five pound package of dry food. A third of the size is enough for the clamp to do a better job. I was given a refund instead of requesting another set. I thought that meant all the clamps were the same.

👤They do their job. They feel sturdy and have a coating. They've been used for a few weeks for big dog bags and random chip bags. They work well.

👤I love this utensil holder. Large enough to hold everything and great quality.

4. TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

It's easy to clean and no asparagus is required. Their clear food storage bag organizers are assembled without glue and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh, measuring cup need screw on over the pour spout. Rice container withBPA Free plastic is safe for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage etc. The container is small and convenient to fit your pantry and refrigerator. The rice dispensers are perfect for your rice cooker.

Brand: Tbmax

👤I knew I had made a mistake when I saw the size of the box. When I opened it, they were even smaller than I thought. The measuring cup on the top is the only positive thing about them, the container is much smaller than the photos show.

👤These containers are gorgeous. Making my small pantry more organized is my new obsession. These are great, but only on my top shelf. I would tell everyone to buy them for their rice, oatmeal, and other food. I wish they came in small sizes, as my shelves don't have the right height, but they are amazing.

👤Dollar store quality plastic is very cheap. The design is great but the product is terrible. The plastic is cheap and the little tabs that keep the lid closed are not going to last very long. The paint job on the measurement is cheap and poorly done. I would have paid three or four dollars for these.

👤Love the design. It's easy to see the contents. The measuring cup "lid" doesn't fit very tightly, and it's annoying that the top can be accidentally knocked off, because I'm storing dry ingredients. I'll be buying more if the need arises.

👤It's very sturdy, easy to fill and lock closed.

👤I like the product. The ad is not telling the whole truth. It is very small. There is no box of cereals here. Forget the bag of sugar. The product is good but overpriced and I won't buy it again because of the deceptive advertising.

👤The smell is like chemicals. A strong smell. The smell didn't get any better after I washed it. It is definitely not a good idea to eat food that has been stored in this. I wouldn't be surprised if something in my food is harmful.

👤I wanted to fill the dispensers with rice and dog food. I was unsure about the size because they appeared too small for me. After filling the dispensers, they are a perfect size to store and are not heavy to pour into the cups.

5. Electric Reusable Storage Cookers Rechargeable

Electric Reusable Storage Cookers Rechargeable

There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food. The PCS Food Vacuum Sealer Set can be used at home or in a restaurant. You will get an electric vacuum pump, 10 vacuum seal bags, 10 vacuum bags, 10 small storage bags, 5 cooking clips, and a bag for reuse. 10 new air valves. The portable mini electric vacuum sealer is one touch switch button, easy to use and fast, only need 10 seconds to vacuum air. The water can be vacuumed from the bag. The vacuum pump is good for food storage. Savesealer food vacuum kit 30 PCS 3 Sizes reinforced double zip vacuum bags help keep foods fresh up to 5X longer. Slow down foods and keep them fresh. Saving space and not wasting food is important. The bags are made of plastic. Reusable vacuum food storage bags are food safe. It's much better than normal bags. Zip lock bags can be used for meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, and sandwich, vacuum storage can keep food fresh and long. Reusable vacuum bags are safe for freezing, microwave, or cooking at higher temperatures. 5 PCS cooking clips can be clop when cooking. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and store in a dry place. This is a good set of bags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I wondered how disparate the reviews were. It was a big time. There are not many in the middle. People think they are useless. I thought there had to be a reason. I decided to try them and see how it went. I can always come back. They work well. If you follow the directions. The corner of the bag has a line that says not to fill beyond it. They are not playin. If you fill beyond that, you mess up the space. They give you little slides to help seal the bag. They are there for a reason. Use them. I thought I had sealed it, but it wasn't. I double checked it again. There is still nothing. I used the slide after that. I didn't seal it as well as I thought. It worked well. I have gone crazy. I haven't even touched my freezer, I've used 98% of the bags included. I ordered more bags and thought I should write a review. Since I'm buying more bags, I would purchase again. I'll update if they don't maintain their seal. Anything that emits a gas doesn't do well. Don't put bananas in one. I had fresh green beans that had been washed and cleaned. It works great on cheese, butter, and other things. It's not good with things with water.

👤It is easy to use. I use it for everything I put in the freezer. When I use a few leaves, I vacuum quickly and easily.

👤I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this one, it's better than the other ones on the market. My husband catches a lot of fish so I used a little device to seal the fish in the freezer instead of filling it with water. Since there is no ice block to melt, the thaw time is cut down. It's powerful and lightweight. It's easy to clean and charge. It comes with a lot of bags. I should be fine for a while. Highly recommended!

👤This is a review for the vacuum bags that were purchased in August 2020. One year after purchase. The rating was lowered from 4 to 3 stars. I accidentally put pressure on the cable that connects to the pump when I was using the vacuum pump with it. The cable housing inside the pump was broken because of the slight pressure. I could have avoided this damage if I had taken the cable out before use. I believe that the pump should be stronger. I can't offer a long-term view because I only had the product for a few days. The product arrived on time. The pump was charged using the provided cable. I tested the system by putting a small bag and a loaf of bread in it. It was easy to place the pump over the air-valve and remove the air in a few seconds. Two days after the seal, the result is shown in the attached photos. I am satisfied that the product is working as expected, because the pump was able to create enough vacuum to almost flatten the bread, and the air-valve held the seal well for two days. There are many bags and spare air-valves in the set. I expect to use the storage of different foods in the coming years. There is a There are a few points that detract from my satisfaction. 1. The set does not include a power accessory. You will need to connect to an existing port on your computer or mobile phone to charge. 2. The charging port is located in the body of the pump. The charging cable is supplied with the set. 3. The instruction sheet has a lot of errors. This does not affect the product's function, but it leads me to question the quality control used by the supplier.

6. Basicwise Plastic Kitchen Containers Graduated

Basicwise Plastic Kitchen Containers Graduated

The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The measurement was 6.7"W x 4.25"d x 10.9"H. A bin that pours food. Air-tight seal keeps food fresh for a longer time. It holds kitchen staple items like flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, snack, food, and coffee. The dishwasher is not recommended.

Brand: Basicwise

👤These are the best solutions for my laundry products. They are air and water tight and the measuring cup/cap is always right where I need it. I got the logos for a few of my favorite products and printed them on stickers. There are probably many uses you could find for them. Rice, pancake mix, powdered detergents, instant potatoes, and so on. There is a larger size available. I will be ordering more of both sizes. Pick them up from the bottle, not the lid, especially with heavy contents such as powdered detergent. I made a mess when the lid let go. My bad. Oops!

👤These are for the kids. I got a set of three of them because I was excited when I saw them, I have five boys and they eat a lot of cereals. One thing I didn't like was that the box of oats that I have is only 23 Oz, and it's only in a 1 and 1/3 container, and two of the tops come off, so it's not all in one container. I'm sending them back because I need something that the kids can easily put the lids on again.

👤There were a lot of bad reviews that said these were too small and not what people wanted. These were exactly what I wanted. These are perfect for my toddler to be able to make his own cereals, because I needed something to put in that would work for him. They are a great size for him and the pour spouts are small. Everything but Cheerios pours out slowly. I love them!

👤I probably should have asked about capacity first because they were a little smaller than I thought. They were hard to pull apart because they were stacked inside each other. They came dirty as well. I would have cleaned them before use. Is there black dirt on them? The bag of flour fit between 2 and 5 pounds. I will put rice in a container. If I could redo my purchase, I would buy one of the more expensive options that have more visible measurements on the measuring cups and are a better quality plastic. They will work for the time being. I can go to the container store to get a better long term option for my bulk ingredient storage.

👤This is the third time I have purchased these containers. I bought them for my kids. I buy the big boxes or the big bags so it's hard for them to make their own. These containers are perfect for them. The only issue I have is that the containers are hard to pull apart, because I loved them so much. I usually have to get my husband to do it because they are hard to get apart. I wish they were packaged differently.

👤It was cheap looking. You would expect a dollar store or flea market to have good quality. My spider was dead.

👤We needed this for our birds food. They have different kinds of food and this helps differentiate which one is for whom. I didn't like that they were going to be a little bit bigger.

7. Storage Container Holder Keeper Oatmeal

Storage Container Holder Keeper Oatmeal

The container is clear with a white lid. The size is 13.5"H x 11.5"W x 5.5"D. It's great for almost any bulk food items. The bag has hands in it. The patented pouring system has a flip-up spout.

Brand: Buddeez

👤I've been trying to find a solution to my wife's baking supplies organization, we have no choice but to keep them on a fairly high shelf and having to take those heavy square canisters down was becoming a juggling act. I was looking for something with a handle that was free of the harmful substance. You can't tell from the image online how big these things are. A picture along with a regular gallon of milk might be helpful. These are both tall and wide so make sure you have plenty of room. It worked out for me. Being able to pull them off the shelf one handed with a handle and having a nice spout for pouring is something I love. I am using one for sugar and the other for flour. Wife likes it! If you're using these for flour/sugar/salt, there's no way you'd be able to fill them completely, which defeats the purpose of the handle, it's too heavy. A good amount is about two thirds. They are too expensive. I like them a lot. I'd love to get more to use for cereals, but I'd have to spend more money on the two that cost me. They do work well, but not quite worth that.

👤I wanted 4 more but didn't want to pay $60 more. I bought Buddeez Pet Food dispensers for $6 each. They are the same type of containers. I know because I use them. Do your wallet a favor. Buddeez 8Qt. The container is for pet food and bird seed.

👤I bought a cat food item. I don't have to carry food cat dishes and outdoor food bowls because I tip and pour. I'm feeding cats like a boss. A friend has owned one for a long time. It holds 8 quarts, 2 gallons, which is roughly 6 to 7 pounds of catfood according to my bathroom scale.

👤I like the large handle and the ability to put packaging into the container and see through it so I know what's in it. A nice secure tip out spout on top for pouring our sugar, flour, and cereals. Trying to shop locally and the few dollars more are worth not having it shipped across the world is worth it. I need a scoop, but it's easy to fix without one.

👤TheDry Food Storage Containers are perfect for my purpose of storing wild bird food and not making a huge mess on my patio. The containers are not tightly sealed and will not keep all the water out. I fill them with 1/2 full of seeds, dried worms, and other food, and distribute them quickly into feeders so the food won't get wet, and the containers won't get damaged. The pouring spout on the container fits perfectly into the top of the feeder tubes and the spill % is so minuscule that it is not a factor.

👤I like the 8 quart size for chow. Instead of using a cup to dip the food out of the bag and then rolling it down to keep it fresh, I fill my dispensers and am set for a couple of weeks! There are two different sizes of spouts. I use the smaller one. It gives me the ability to pour food into my kitten's bowl. I haven't spilled anything yet. It is not unwieldy because of the positioning of the handle when it is full. It's easy to pour at its heaviest. When you refill the dispensers, be sure to firmly snap the lid back in place. I filled mine up and am now at the last serving and the lid is still in place. I think this is a great product.

8. KCH 06121 GAT200 Indispensable Dispenser Control

KCH 06121 GAT200 Indispensable Dispenser Control

Grains, beans, oats, dried fruit, candies, coffee beans, and tea can be dehydrated. The plastic container can hold up to 17 ounces. 1 ounce per twist is the standard size portion. It's double as a dry food dispensers for nuts, candy, and more. Preserves freshness for up to 34 days. The construction is scratch-resistant and shatterproof. Promotes healthy lifestyles for kids. The dimensions are 7.5”L x 13”W x 16.3”H.

Brand: Zevro

👤It looks good. The build quality is more than you would expect for the price. The top lid doesn't have an air tight seal. The bottom cover has a seal, so this won't stop it from getting old. It seems to crush about 1/3 of the softer cereals that are put out. For example, honey nut cheerios.

👤I love it! There are a few flaws. It seems very flimsy. It would break if I dropped it off. I wish there was more room for the bowl under the spout. It is hard to get a good size of cereals because they are so small. If you don't do it right, the bigger cereals will cause your cereals to be squishy when you give them away. You can't just turn it all on its head. There is a My husband thinks it is unnecessary and that we can pour our own cereals, but I am so glad I bought it.

👤We love them and bought two sets of them. I mean our boys. They like to pretend they are in a hotel. The instructions are not very clear, so it was difficult to fully assemble them. I thought I was going to break them. They are easy to maintain. I might buy more if I move to a house with a bigger kitchen.

👤I just bought this. The containers are not very sturdy and the arms that hold them are not very strong. Side and front view pictures have been included. The container has a small clearance. You can't get anything except a small cup under it. I gave it three stars because it looks nice and it was easy to assemble and will probably be able to clean.

👤I ordered the double dispenser in black because I have been wanting one for a long time and was excited to receive this item. The base was scratched and looked like it had been used before. The dispensers would not fit securely into the base, rendering them useless. Due to my busy schedule, I have to go toUPS to return this unit, which is incredibly inconvenient. I'm hoping the new item works. Maybe I should have bought a more expensive version. Upon receiving the new item, I will submit a follow up review. Very disappointed.

👤These are amazing. I started my Amazon journey looking for containers for cereals to organize, but ended up with these instead. They keep the food fresh. Assembly was very easy. The family size box fits perfectly. It could be one bowl depending on its shape. The caps on the bottom are what I like the most. My 7 year old daughter can take them off with ease, since they are sealed top and bottom. I will be buying more snacks like crackers and nuts. I am very impressed with this item. I don't know where the negative reviews come from, it's exactly as described and pictured. What you see is what you get. I have not recommended a purchase off Amazon in 5 years as much as I have done in the last few weeks. There are fruity pebbles and Pokémon cereals in them. Two drastically different sizes and shapes flow out. You will be happy with your purchase if you like the item described.

9. Drinking Reusable Collapsible Silicone Transparent

Drinking Reusable Collapsible Silicone Transparent

The patented pouring system has a flip-up spout. The plastic flasks are made of food grade material which is odorless and tasteless. The screw caps on the little flasks are handy for carrying liquids. It's good for puree, jam and any liquid foods due to its 0.6 inch wide opening, but not just for drinks, milk, wine, fruit juice or any liquid beverages. They are easy to conceal and classify because they are made of nonmetallic material. The clear plastic bag makes it easy to see the liquid inside. Being lightweight and durable, they can be used many times. Good for outdoor activities. It's perfect for taking along trips where booze is sparse or expensive. The plastic ones have no issues with taste like metal ones. They are easy to clean and can be used many times. The package includes 3 plastic flasks, 3 plastic flasks, and a funnel.

Brand: Kichwit

👤It didn't take long for me to realize that they would make great collapsible containers for packing my powdery foods too, since I originally purchased this flask set as a lightweight way to pack my liquor on long canoe trips. I use them as my airtight containers for powdered milk, cous-cous, drink sweetener, and of course my liquor. The only challenge I had getting into the flask was the powdered milk, but with a little creativity I was able to get it all in which was well worth the effort. It comes out very easily when used in food prep. The enclosed funnel fits snug into the spout for a no-spill transfer of contents, then the funnel collapses into almost nothing for packing away. I ordered another set of them because I am finding more creative uses for them. The best thing is that the containers get smaller and smaller as the contents are used up, just like a Ziploc baggie, but they are so much more durable and airtight! I highly recommend this product, it's a really great and versatile product.

👤In January, I went on a cruise and got them through the detective by following the directions. I put mine in jeans. We shared a lot of liquor. I will never drink again.

👤These bags are hiding alcohol. They work great and don't leak. Quality is also heavy duty. I'm not getting paid to write this either so I recommend buying these.

👤I used them for juicing. They are hard to clean. I threw them away. The product was easy to fill. They held up well when I put them in the freezer.

👤It works well as a soft sided liquid container. You can pack your luggage with your liquids of choice. The caps have a good seal and the pouches are durable. The product is good at a good price.

👤Just as described. No leaks so far. It seems to be a quality product. They were used to hold my fireball.

👤I used to put liquor in for rafting trips. It's a lot cheaper to put liquid in with a funnel than it is to put it in with a bottle.

10. Lodintech Storage Sealing Plastic Kitchen

Lodintech Storage Sealing Plastic Kitchen

The package includes 3 plastic flasks, 3 plastic flasks, and a funnel. Food bags should be tightly sealed to keep food fresh. There is no need to finish this bag of snacks. No need to throw it away. You can keep it for more days without losing its freshness. The plastic chip clips are easy to pour out, without making a mess. No worries about messing your counter top or floor while pouring food. Wide Application5x1.7 inch bag clips, perfect for any plastic/paper bags, such as snacks, dog/cat food, coffee bean, cereals, rolled oats, pasta, and more. The food may get stuck if it is too large. Attach easily to any plastic or paper bags and just seal it with a flip top lid. The clip is not needed to be removed while using. Pour well, stay closed, and are useful. It's made of food grade PP and won't be difficult to crack. Bag Sealing Clips are ideal for kitchen bags, pet food bags, office bags and home use. It was a perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day.

Brand: Lodintech

👤I like the idea of having a bag seal that I can open and close. The bag is too short to go across the entire bag and this is why it is not airtight. Also... The clasp on the sealer is not strong enough and keeps popping open.

👤It works well on bags, but not on cereals in boxes. If you cut off the top of the box, you can pour it out, but not at the current box size. You can remove the bag from the box, but that will cause the bag to tip over. It could be used for bags of sugar.

👤Interesting device. It's easy to put on a bag. We are using it on cereals. The cereals get old by the time we reach the bottom of the bag. We'll go back to our normal clips. I will keep them to see if I can use it on something else.

👤I have found these chip clips to be helpful. I would try to keep the air out of the bags before this clip. My kids are able to serve themselves and close the item with the help of this clip. I recommend these clips to everyone. It took a little practice to get it to go on, but you will get it quickly if you follow the directions.

👤Special k cereal and cinnamon toast crunch are two of our most used cereals, but don't work for them. The concept is great, but needs a smaller product.

👤I love the way they work and I got these for my cereals. Very happy.

👤It worked well for the items I needed to seal.

👤They don't work. Don't waste your money. There is a different clip.

11. Zwish Sealing Kitchen Storage Organization

Zwish Sealing Kitchen Storage Organization

Their bag seals clips have a lifetime guarantee. If you don't like their food clips, they will replace them or give you a full refund. 1. Food bag clips with Spout are easy for yours' dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc, dog food, coffee bean, baby food, rice, cereals. If the food is too large, it may get stuck. 2. You need to buy other box to decor gifts, christmas gifts, if you have this seal bag clips with exquisite box. It's a perfect combination. Attach any plastic or paper bags, then flip the top lid to pour food out, it's easy to use. Pour well, stay closed, and are useful. The best gift for kids to have a place to store their snack food is to open the lid and put it out. It's a great gift for someone who loves to cook, or for someone who loves to cook but doesn't have time to cook. The service is the best. If there are any quality problems or you are not happy with your purchase, just contact them and they will give you a replacement or refund. Communication is the key to resolving problems. Thanks.

Brand: Zwish

👤I was very excited about this idea. They don't hold up to the hype. One of the four has broken. They can't be trusted on a bag of raisins. It could be a big help if there are no instructions included. I won't be buying more, and I won't use these as stocking stuffers. I couldn't be more enthusiastic.

👤I tried to open the clip to put it on the coffee beans. I didn't get to try it out. The second one did the same thing as the first one. I found a better storage solution after returning them. These are a great idea, but a terrible product. Don't waste money or time.

👤I use these for pet food bags and rice bags. I shared some with my son. My daughter is feeding their parakeets. The bag is captured well and the cap allows the product to flow. I would recommend this for pourable dry foods such as seeds, nuts, rice and the like. Not recommended for large bags.

👤The instructions are easy to follow and the caps fall off easily. Depending on orientation, your product will fall off if cap falls off. The point of ease of use is lost when it becomes complicated. When closing the long end, you have to tightly align two parts. My parents could not do it easily. The ease of use is lacking again. I would recommend rubber bands until the product design improves.

👤I wanted them to work well on bags of rice. The clips are not easy to put on the bag hole. The slip is hard to close and the fit has to be right. Too bad I have three, but I will probably only use one. Maybe I will get better at placing the clip.

👤Since the opening is small, you can't fit larger food items through it.

👤I wanted to live the set but it didn't come with instructions. I am not successful in using it. I am giving the product 3 stars because it is possible that a malfunction caused me. Instructions could have made this a great product.


What is the best product for food bag sealing clip with pour spout?

Food bag sealing clip with pour spout products from Bili-silly. In this article about food bag sealing clip with pour spout you can see why people choose the product. Tbmax and Cook With Color are also good brands to look for when you are finding food bag sealing clip with pour spout.

What are the best brands for food bag sealing clip with pour spout?

Bili-silly, Tbmax and Cook With Color are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food bag sealing clip with pour spout. Find the detail in this article. Tbmax, Kosbon and Basicwise are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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