Best Food Bag Storage

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1. Ziploc Freezer Technology Quart Count

Ziploc Freezer Technology Quart Count

The triple seal system has a double zip for maximum ease of use. It was designed to help protect from freezer burn. It's a good place to store fresh food items. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer and fridge. The bags are made of plastic.

Brand: Ziploc

👤I buy Ziplock bags all the time. I started shopping on Amazon more often. I am very pleased with the Ziplock bags and Amazon delivery is always on time and reasonable. I recommend this purchase and Amazon for all your shopping needs.

👤The perfect size is one or two portions. One back works perfectly when I cook for two. I use them for freezing. There is a handy white label that allows me to date and tag items in the freezer.

👤The quality is very good and it looks easy to use.

👤Disliked opening them.

👤Delivery was fine. The product was completely crushed.

2. Plastimade Storage Original Twist Tie Gallon

Plastimade Storage Original Twist Tie Gallon

There is plenty of room for a wide variety of bulk foods in the 11" X 12.5" storage bags. Excellent visibility. The bag's clear design makes it easy to identify products. You can go with a bag that gives you convenience. The bags give you increased flexibility, tensile strength and conformability, making them less susceptible to tearing and wrinkling. Keeping you up to date in your kitchen or restaurant. The heavy duty plastic food bag is designed with Chef and Catering Professionals in mind. The bag is easily Dispensed and comes in a compact "size on size" packaging. Easy access and waste reduction are ensured by the Stackable, One-at-a-time Roll Dispensing System. Storage bags with twist and tie are per box. The plastic helps prevent freezer burn. Clear bags are good for storing sandwiches, snacks, and other items. Includes free ties to keep your food fresh.

Brand: Plastimade

👤While I don't use plastic bags for any reason, I do need these bags to store food while I bake. I reuse them when they are practical and food safe. My grocery stopped carrying zip close bags because they don't work for everything. These are economical solutions. Thank you.

👤I treat them like gold. You don't always need a large container. I use them for everything. I mean everything. When I want to freeze bacon, I separate it into 2 day portions and put them in a bag. I put them all in one bag. I put it in the freezer. I have to open the bag and pull out my portion. I only use 2 bags for onions. I use them for cheese that's been cut. I have to have them for everything. ziploc bags leak so much that they're useful. I use them to pick up my dog poop when I'm not in the house. I don't want to leave my house without these. I have to order more when we are out. I use them for my husband's sandwiches because I have to make him lunch every day. They don't open because they work so well. I twist the top shut. I tuck it under. I can use it again and again if he leaves it in his lunch box because they don't get dirty with just a sandwich.

👤These plastic bags with twist ties are perfect for storing food in the fridge. Since I don't have a garbage disposal, I keep one handy for food scraps when I'm making meals on my counter, and I seal it with a twist tie when it's full. These bags can be used to store things like sewing or office supplies. This is the second time I have purchased these bags and I am very pleased with them. Will buy more.

👤The product is for storing food in my refridgerator after I have to srore it. baggies are a good way to dispose of food and are fairly priced to make them worth it. I don't have to worry about it if the food becomes bad in the bag. I store solids in baggies. Like fruit slices. The meat is in the fridge. Some leftovers work if the food is thick enough. Seal it with a tie and you're done!

👤My grocery store no longer carries the Glad version of these bags. These are great! I give my cat half cans of food. I keep the rest of the can in these bags. It was perfect for my purpose. The price is also low.

👤The cheap storage bags are similar to the zip bags. Non zip bags are hard to find in supermarkets and dollar stores. I prefer covering or wrapping food with plastic wrap and I don't like washing out zip bags for reuse. I have an ample supply of 8 boxes. I gave this product four stars because they are a little thin.

👤The quality of the product is good but the shipment is bad. They must make this type of shipment inside boxes that protect this type of product since the product boxes are very fragile. I request a return and they make another shipment in the same conditions, they arrive late again crushed and some open. There is a The open boxes are in the trash can. Time and money were wasted. I am a Prime customer.

3. Glad Zipper Food Storage Plastic

Glad Zipper Food Storage Plastic

Gallion plastic storage bags. Glad gallon storage bags are free of the harmful substance BPA, have a zip up bag, and can be used for a variety of different storage needs. Double lock zipper: The one gallon storage bags provide an airtight seal, thanks to the Yellow and Blue Make Green Seal. There are multiple storage bags. Glad gallon zip seal bags are great for storing food before and after preparation, as well as for packing and organizing items while traveling or on the go. Extra wide seal. The Glad Food Storage Zipper bags have an extra wide zip seal that makes it easy to open and lock them up. There are ZIPPER SEAL storage bags. Food storage bags are microwave safe and can be stored in the fridge, pantry or cabinets.

Brand: Glad Trash & Food Storage

👤The bags have a strong plastic smell, are thinner than the local grocery chain's generic brand, and have a weird bumpy texture.

👤I bought a bag for food storage, but it was 50 quart-medium moyens. What a terrible mistake! The bags are not the same size. I can't find a place to complain. You can paste it here.

👤The Glad bags were in a case of four with the Glad logo printed on them. Two of the "50 count" boxes were lighter than the other two when we opened the outside box. We counted. Two boxes contained 50 bags, but the other two only contained 25 bags. We were shorted 50 bags.

👤I bought this because I had never used Glad bags and no one else had them. I've ruined the taste of breads I've made because of these. The smell of plastic is present in the food. It's repulsive. Don't buy these again!

👤Excellent value if you use a lot of ziplocs for storage.

👤I ordered these for my brother to use to store a large bulk food order. The description, title, and picture are what they say, but that is not what we received. My brother opened them so it was too late to come back. This was a bait and switch for me.

👤I use gallon size bags and this has 4 of them. It's nice to have a few in my cupboard. Great purchase!

👤The bags I received were made in the USA, that's what the package says. Try to find the storage bags in the USA. The quality is there.

4. RBHK Plastic Produce Storage Diapers

RBHK Plastic Produce Storage Diapers

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride ourselves in the quality and resilience of their bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team. 350 bags per roll. Clear plastic bags. It is safe for food contact use. Stronger than produce bags.

Brand: Rbhk

👤These are the same bags you find in the produce section. They fill a number of roles at home when you need a bag to hold something but don't want it locked.

👤The bag looks like a tough one, but it's not, it's kind of flimsy, especially the bottom part. I tried to stretch it with my hands, but I tear a hole with very little effort, and did it many times. I don't think it can hold stuff securely. I have to make a new plan because I don't want the garbage to break out of this, so I am going to use it for a kitchen garbage bag.

👤It wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be an economical way to get food storage bags. I was expecting the usual kind, the only kind I've ever seen in a grocery store, which was a little stretch. These are not clear. They are more crisp than stretchy. I can't use them.

👤There are bags that are durable. There is a good amount of cat litter. Remove the roll easily. I tear off a bunch at a time, use a moistened finger to open the bags, then store the opened bags together until I need to use them. It's possible to fill a bag almost to the top with wet cat litter, no risk of separation or tearing. I want to tie off the bag before I dispose so I don't fill to the top.

👤The bags are four times stronger than free bags. They are used to store produce in the refrigerator. I will discard them when I am ready. The price is a good deal. I bought again. I would recommend people to me.

👤I wanted to try these bags. I was tired of looking for bags that were expensive and the box was empty before I knew it. I use these rolls of bags for many things, including food, instead of having to clean up all those containers in the fridge. There is a good price for different sizes. I am buying a lot of bags. Cheers. The man is named JC.

👤I finally got the plastic bags that I've been looking for. These plastic bags are made from top grade material. Since these bags are so durable and the item description mentions a few things you can use them for, I think I found about 20 other uses for this product.

👤I was very pleased with the bags I bought to open the trash cans. The fit was perfect.

👤We can choose the size. For 2 dollars more, you can get 12 by 16 or 12 by 20. The bag is not as thick as it could be. The roll of plastic bags can be stored in a paper towel dispensers. This item has no tax added to its price, unlike buying it in a regular store.

👤It's a bit pricey, but it's not so bad. It's important to be careful not to put anything heavy in them or items that might poke a hole in them. They are better than the plastic bags that one gets at the grocery store. They are okay.

5. Wallaby Mylar Bag Bundle 75x

Wallaby Mylar Bag Bundle 75x

Grains, beans, oats, dried fruit, candies, coffee beans, tea, and other items are dehydrate for storage. 75 5 mil thick, heat-sealable, 1 gallon Mylar bags, 80 oxygen absorber packets, and 80 identification sticker labels are included in 3 in 1 bundle. It's perfect for pantry items like flour, sugar, rice, freeze dried or dehydrated. The MAXIMUM PROTECTION is made with an added internal layer of aluminum that provides superior puncture resistance and protects the food and air inside. It is made with food grade and safe materials. The light and air TIGHT is. The bags prevent light and air penetration. Some brands sell bags that are not good for long term food storage. Wallaby is trusted for emergency preparation. Each set of ten absorbers is packaged and heat sealed immediately after production. They are never repackaged in order to maximize their shelf life. Also, note: When the oxygen has been removed, bags may not shrink like vacuum bags. Absorbers only absorb 21% of the air, which is oxygen. The air volume will be gone about 1/3 of the time. Also, note: When the oxygen has been removed, bags may not shrink like vacuum bags. Absorbers only absorb 21% of the air, which is oxygen. The air volume will be gone about 1/3 of the time.

Brand: Wallaby

👤I wanted to love them all. I've had good experiences with the brand. The bags are packaged nicely and appear to be high quality. When I opened the package, I was horrified to find the bags smelled bad. I knew something was wrong when they said they were "BPA free". These are made in China. Zero trust. I tried two of them, one by putting my food in a mylar bag and the other by putting it in a Ziploc bag. They sealed well with an impulse Sealer. There were no problems at all. The off-gasing of this product is intolerable. It's awful. The bags were sitting on the table for about an hour and I began to get headaches. I will be sending them back. Very sad and very disappointed. I've worked with mylar products before and I have never had an odor like this. I will not store my food in these. The performance of the product is good. I wouldn't give any stars.

👤The bags smell terrible. The room is filled with a noxious smell. I was told the bags were safe to use when I contacted the manufacturer. I am expected to use bags that smell this way, even though I wouldn't eat food that smelled this way. I have used several different manufacturers of mylar bags. I have never smelled like this before. The manufacturer doesn't stand behind them so I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I am not the only one who complains about the smell of these bags. I can't believe that anything with a strong chemical smell is safe. They offered me a refund after my bad review. I believe the smell came from the included labels after separating the components for several days. I think it was in the packaging. These are very thick bags and well packaged. I decided to use them because I had a project waiting on them. Half of them did not shrink down after being sealed with the o2 absorbers. After a few days, I cut the sides and added a different absorber. They were supposed to be smaller. I used four of the absorbers included with better success but having to put in four is ridiculous. This is a summary from someone who uses these for their intended purpose. Everything is included and the bags are thick. The smell is terrible and the absorbers are not very good. If you feel the price is good for only the bags, then you should go. Otherwise, it may be necessary to look elsewhere.

👤Unable to use a food vacuum. This wasn't noted anywhere. I tried online hacks for mylar bags. Very disappointed. Total waste of money.

👤I used about 40 bags to store food. I didn't squeeze every last bit of air out before I sealed the bag because the beans have more void space. This only affected a few bags. The bags have a rock solid vacuum seal. The absorbers worked as they should after the kit came with everything listed in the description. You don't have to open a bunch at the same time with the 10 packs. The black coating on the outside of the bag made it hard for the iron to stick to it. This would not be a problem if using another type of heat seal. The clothes iron worked, but it took some time and patience to get the top of the bag to seal.

6. Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Mega

Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Mega

It's perfect for keeping fresh food items in the fridge or freezer. These bags are easy to use because of the triple seal system with extended tab. The pack contains 150 bags made of plastic. The pop-resistant seal on the plastic storage bags helps keep the food fresh. When used as directed.

Brand: Ziploc

👤These are the worst bags I've ever purchased. The bag will often rip just below the closing. This makes them useless. The material is not as thick as it used to be. Never again. " I agree more. I used to buy these from the warehouse club but they are no longer needed. I have to use caution to open them. Better quality bags are available at the store. TRASH. Do it. Not. BUY.

👤Everyone uses the same bags for the same reason. I use all sizes of the bags. I have a subscription with subscribe and save which includes 3 boxes. When you pull the tabs apart, the bag will tear off the zip part of the bag. The only way to open the bags without tearing them is to watch the video, which shows the problem, but I did not tear this bag because I need to use them. I hope someone from Ziploc contacts me to send me replacements that don't have this problem and I will save a couple so they can investigate what caused this if it is a first time problem. These bags are recommended by me. I need to know if this problem continues with my next shipment. I will update this review if that is the case. If you like my review and follow me for more honest reviews, you will get helpful tips from products all across Amazon.

👤Since they were introduced, I have used them. I have always appreciated the quality of most of their products, though the bags with the zippers have always been problematic to close properly and I do not use them. I have to add their primary product to my list of things I will never buy again. I am very disappointed to discover that I can no longer depend on the quality of the products I buy. The bags are much thinner. The seal line of the bags makes it difficult to open them due to how thin they are. This is a cheap and inferior product. All in the name of GREED. Being known for quality and integrity has become so, despite the fact that plastic is a diminishing resource. I will choose one of your competitors because I am very disappointed in your company now, and I previously considered them subpar to Ziploc's premier position. I might as well pay less for low quality products if I receive them. A long time customer of Ziploc has died.

👤These are the worst bags I've ever owned. The bag will often rip just below the closing. This makes them useless. The material is not as thick as it used to be. Never again.

👤Zip Lock bags are used all the time, but the ones with the zip tab are used less. Zip Lock is right, but I mistakenly ordered these. The bag part of these is fine, but the new closing is AWFUL. We can't get these to close without multiple tries, so they end up in the trash. They are not open once closed. We have to throw them in the trash. They don't meet the use we were intended for. These are useless because we are able to work the tabs apart and get enough force to open them. We would give them to our grown kids, as they can work them, but they don't want them, their little ones can't work them either, so they waste too much time opening and closing bags for the children, not worth the space in their cabinet. We ordered the zip lock bags with the tab and will be giving them to the local shelter to make them work. Will have to be careful so that we don't get them again. These openings are on food packages. We have to watch what we buy in "convenient" packaging and choose brands that don't have this type of stupid closure, I want someone who is making these decisions for the rest of us to know that this is not useful. They are cheaper to make, but still not useful.

7. 50 Mylar Bags QUART Resistant

50 Mylar Bags QUART Resistant

The Mylar foil bags are produced with high food grade quality material to ensure food safety and your health, and they are not only safe from outside environment, but also keep in view the food standards. The first quarter had 7.4 mil husky bags. The PROPREMIUM mylar bags are of the highest quality. Premium quality aluminum foil in a silver color has a thickness of 7.44 mil. The bags are 7" x 10" Don't waste money on cheap bags that will fail and cause your food to go to waste. Ultra thick 7.4 mil walls are designed for long term food storage and protect goods from light exposure, insects, and degradation. Expel air from the bag and seal with a household iron or hair straightener, creating a total oxygen barrier to store spices, baking powders, salts, dehydrated meats, seeds, rice, pasta, oats, dry beans, sugar and There is a set of guidelines for better organization. The 1 QUART bags are designed with a 3.21" gusset that expands to allow them to stand upright. You can maximize storage space by shuffling through labeled bags to find what you need. The temperature was 0F - 176F. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride ourselves in the quality and resilience of their bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride ourselves in the quality and resilience of their bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team.

Brand: Propremium Mylar

👤These are very small. I bought a few from another dealer that is 7 mil and they are at least twice as thick as these.

👤These aren't 7 mil like advertised. It was very thin walled. I bought a few from another that was the true 7mil. Is that what they said? I will be coming back.

👤The purchased product is in the left bag. The bag on the right is the real 7 mil Mylar bags. I had two batches of food that were bad because of the bags cracking. There are no dimples on the right bag. The right bag has more product. Oatmeal and almonds are in the bags. The food was spoiled when the bags were cracked and the air was allowed into them.

👤They act like 4-5 mil bags when compared to other brands that I use. I wonder if they were mismarked. I ordered again, but the new ones were the same as the old ones. They seem to be ok for now, but I worry because I want them to last for a long time and I am using them for freeze dried foods.

👤These were bought to hold some meals for a backpacking trip. Well done! The thickness allowed it to stand up in its own while it rehydrated our meals. Will buy again.

👤I have to change my opinion of these bags. The bags I received are not the same thickness as advertised. I have been drying food for 3 years. These are less than 7.4 liters. When compared to other mylar bag providers. I didn't realize the thinness of the bags I had run out of. I am not sure if they are 5ml or 7.4. They are adequate, have performed well, but have had two failures to vacuum. Again, it seems like you get what you pay for, as the bags were less expensive than the bags I usually get from another company. Will return to that company. I have never had a failure or a problem with two other companies. They also sell on Amazon and pay an extra dollar for reviews.

👤I'm not happy that these guys are still able to sell here after so many reviews saying the same thing. Not 7.4 mil by a long shot. I have a freeze dryer with 7.4 mil bags and they are much heavier than these. All their food was spoiled here. All of my food from my freeze dryer failed and had holes in them. I had to throw out a lot of food. It's sad and costly. If you want to store food with them, stay away.

👤The bags had defects, like someone ripped each bag with scissors.

8. Ziploc Freezer Bags Quart 75

Ziploc Freezer Bags Quart 75

The triple seal system has a double zip for maximum ease of use. It was designed to help protect from freezer burn. It's a good place to store fresh food items. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer and fridge. The bags are made of plastic.

Brand: Ziploc

👤Okay. I have been a fan of ziploc for a long time. It is the best in the market. It got a 1 star review because of boxing. I ordered it as a subscribed item and the box was damaged and taped. Dust got it when I opened it. I am going to wipe it and use it, but it is too much hassle to repack it and send it back to Amazon to get a new product, so I am going to use it.

👤The new design of the freezer bags is disappointing. The old ones could be sealed with your fingers. They had to be pinched carefully all along the seal line and only then can they be put on the final seal. They are thinner than the old ones and end up with tiny holes in the bag part after just a few uses. I used to be able to clean and dry them multiple times. The store brands aren't any better now.

👤I tried to use tears at the seal when the box was open. I've used these for a long time and never had an issue. This is the first time I've ever bought something on Amazon and I don't believe it's authentic, because I've never experienced this before with any of my previous purchases.

👤I don't understand what happened here. I thought plastic bags could go wrong. The bags seemed to have a manufacturing error because the box was too small. Many of the side seams were ragged and had holes in them. I tried to report them as defects only to learn that they can't be returned. Not good. Buy somewhere else.

👤The box was damaged when it arrived, but the outer box was undamaged. It was not returnable to me. That doesn't make sense. I want the bags to arrive in a sealed box so they are safe, and I use ziplocs for storing food. I don't want to use these bags for food storage because I don't know what happened and if they are still factory clean.

👤The quart bags leak at the factory corner, but it's not the first time. I threw the box away because I couldn't get the bar code. At this point, I have no recourse. I lost a lot. Chicken stock. Yesterday was yesterday. It leaked at the corner. It was on my drainboard, not the counter or microwave. Quality control on a lot of things has the way of truth and goodness. But freezer bags?

👤I'm upset. Not with the stuff. It is a great product. This is about how this was shipped. I have bought these bags before with Amazon. The box was damaged when it was shipped. It was sent in an envelope. That doesn't make sense. Someone at Amazon should give me feedback on this.

👤I use these bags to store food in the freezer. Normally, I have no complaints, but this time the opening wouldn't stay sealed, and sometimes it wouldn't seal at all. This problem didn't occur when I purchased previous boxes. I am going to order one because I hope it was a mistake.

9. Premount Mylar Storage Oxygen Absorbers

Premount Mylar Storage Oxygen Absorbers

Storage bags with twist and tie are per box. The plastic helps prevent freezer burn. Clear bags are good for storing sandwiches, snacks, and other items. Includes free ties to keep your food fresh. 8 mil thick 100 mylar food storage bags with oxygen absorbers are in 3 sizes and labels. 40 pieces of small mylar bags 4x6 and 25 pieces of 1 gallon mylar bags 10x14 are included. 100 oxygen absorbers are included for food storage. Sealable bags for packaging with wide storage options include dehydrated food, freeze dried products, rice, beans, candies, spice, nuts, cookies, small items, jewellery, make-up & lipgloss, wax melt, dog treat, soaps and bath salt. Eco and recycling are available. Their bags are made out of strong PET aluminum foil, which is food-grade safe, tasteless, and eco-friendly. This packaging is easy to open and tear. The mylar bags pouch is odor proof. Storage can be placed in mylar bags. Use a flat iron or hair straightener to heat seal. Put absorbers in a place that is air tight. Seal the mylar bags while squeezing the air out of them. The maximum thickness is 8 mil with 4 mil on each side. Protection against pin holes is provided by three layers of aluminum, PE and PET. Long term food storage with mylar vacuum seal bags is Xray proof. The maximum thickness is 8 mil with 4 mil on each side. Protection against pin holes is provided by three layers of aluminum, PE and PET. Long term food storage with mylar vacuum seal bags is Xray proof.

Brand: Premount

👤The bags are great, but the food inside is so thin that it punctures the bag. The seal is being licked. I will try to save the food I have. I wish they had made the mylar thicker.

👤I have been putting dry foods in mylar bags for a while. Within 30 minutes the bags feel like bricks because the oxygen absorbs all the oxygen in the bag. The bags looked the same hours after I paid twice as much as I had paid before. I consider this product trash to be trash because it defeats the purpose of dry food storage. The absorbers don't work.

👤The value of Mylar bags for long term storage was recently discovered by me. This was a great deal, but we realized that I prefer medium sized bags for portioning. Will be ordering more soon.

👤I wouldn't order them again. I found them to be too thin for long term storage because they are not easy to get in to. The close function wouldn't be necessary if they sealed them. They are sealable so would probably be used for camping.

👤After using these bags for a week, I can see what the hype is about. The ziploc feature worked perfectly, even though I rarely sealed the bags. Organization is very easy if you use the oxygen absorbers and name tags. Being able to use these in a microwave is a big change from using them in a plastic bag. If you are looking for convenient and multi purpose storage, these are the ones to recommend.

👤I'm satisfied with everything, except the oxygen absorbers. I don't think they are working. The absorbers never got warm to the touch, and the first few bags neverrinkled, showing me that oxygen was being absorbed. I have to order new ones and hope they work.

👤The bags were great. These were perfect for my husband's meal prepping because he was into outdoorsy stuff. They were difficult to use with our vacuum and sealer, but after adjusting they worked perfectly. The bags are very durable and the zippers seal well.

👤I bought this for the variety pack of bags. I don't think the capacity of the 4x6 is suitable for storing much because they are tiny and you can get a lot of small pretzels in them. The 6x9 bags are small, maybe 25 pretzels. Buying individual bags in the correct size is recommended.

10. Glad Food Storage Freezer Zipper

Glad Food Storage Freezer Zipper

The Glad Freezer and Storage bags with a zip are essential for a busy kitchen. Double lock zipper: The yellow and blue make green seal is great for more than food and can be used as a plastic bag to pack and organize items while traveling or on the go. Glad 2 in 1 Storage and Freezer bags are made of plastic that keeps food fresh. Storage and freezer bag holders can use Glad 2 in 1 plastic freezer bags that have plastic grips above the zip to prevent tears after freezing. ZIPPER 2 IN 1 GALLON. These freezer bags are microwave safe and are a kitchen staple.

Brand: Glad Trash & Food Storage

👤Stuffing in makeup products is handy for travel. It's great when you don't want stuff spilling. They can be used to freeze wild blueberries for smoothies. It's perfect when you have a lot of stuff left and want to keep it. Lots of uses. I got three boxes for the price. Make sure you double check that the ZIP is secure.

👤I wrote the same review for the quart size of the 2-in-1 Glad bags because they are the same failure. I haven't used them as storage bags. They are a major failure when used for the freezer. They develop holes on the sides of the freezer when they go in and out, so that when they thaw the contents in the fridge or the bag, they don't have to worry about the liquid leaking out of the bag. The bag material itself is not good because it has not been mishandled or heated. These are disposable bags that can only be used once and they can't be used again. I will be contacting Glad to complain about their lack of quality after the return window closed. I gave the 2-in-1 a try and now I will never buy Glad bags again. I don't like the fact that the bags never zip completely to the end. After removing the air, it comes back in. If I can find press-and-seal channel zip bags, I'll go back to Hefty or a store brand.

👤The bags are great. Glad products are the best and I use gallon bags all the time. The yellow and blue make green is very useful at closing a bag. The freezer 2 in 1 bags are great because I don't have to buy the regular gallon bags anymore. I don't have to worry about freezer burn when I divide meat into freezer bags because I buy it in big packages. Amazon has the best prices for Glad bags. I never have to worry about running out because I get 3 boxes at a time.

👤The quality is so bad that I think I got fakes. I use this to make meals in the crock pot. They keep leaking. It's difficult to get a good seal because the plastic is thin and unreliable.

👤What would a dinosaur say if he knew his waste was being turned into a plastic bag? He would wonder why he had been reduced to chickens. I think he would be proud to know that his legend is still going strong.

👤It's a must have in the pantry. We use them for a lot of different things. It's an absolute life saver to put away left overs, snacks for a trip, and leggos, because we all know the pain of stepping on them. They are a great product. Absolutely recommend. If you have kids and pets, there are so many things to keep fresh.

👤Keeping food safe in the freezer is one of the ways that freezer storage bags help us. They are bringing health and safety to many people. They are being used by our agency to carry safety packets for our volunteers and staff who are still helping people during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Without the masks and other supplies in the bags, they would be at greater risk of exposure to the virus, which would endanger their health, family and friends' health. Life-changing items can be small.

11. Storage 11 81 15 74 500pcs Handing

Storage 11 81 15 74 500pcs Handing

You can choose a suitable product based on the size of your meal, as they have products that come in 9 different sizes. The produce roll bag is perfect for multiple use. If you need a garbage bag, pet waste bag, food storage bag, trash bag, etc. This is an item you can take with you. One roll contains 500 bags. If you plan to use this for a long time, this is perfect. It is the right one for everyday use. If you plan to use a plastic produce roll bag for food use, this product is the right solution for you. It is safe for food contact use. You don't have to worry about health risks. This product keeps food fresh and safe. This is the perfect packaging for fresh food. The tear-off roll bag is convenient for anyone to use. You can bring this with you. This is an on-the-go product that provides a convenient, fast, and easy solution for all your storage needs. The tear-off roll bag is convenient for anyone to use. You can bring this with you. This is an on-the-go product that provides a convenient, fast, and easy solution for all your storage needs.

Brand: Cleanwrap

👤I ordered to use less expensive bags. It does not take a lot of space. They are good quality and I got one bigger than the other gallon size because it's a bit small for most of my uses. I bake bread and keep it in this bag. I repack my groceries in these clean bags before putting them in the fridge. I was very happy with this purchase. My daughter is packing her crafts. She likes to knit hats for everyone. There is a If you need a lot of bags, go for it.

👤The produce bags are similar to the ones at the grocery store. I use them for bread and other kitchen needs. I don't need to think about it anymore. The paper towel holder is vertical. The roll won't fit in traditional horizontal roll holders.

👤I've been buying ziplogs for food storage and to go lunch, but it's expensive to use only one card. The bag is strong enough with plenty of space for storage. There are some good reasons to use a temporary food storage option. Highly recommended!

👤It's hard to tell what the bag in your refrigerator is made of since grocery stores have started using plastic bags. These bags are clear enough to see what's inside. The medium size works well for me. They are sturdy enough that they don't break.

👤The size I got was smaller. I need the largest so I can put the heads of the salad and other items in it. Each week I get food delivered in a box. I needed something to hold it. I was looking for something similar to the bags at the store. These are much stronger. They come off the roll easy and open easy, unlike the grocery ones. They are great for telling stories about items that don't need a bag. It's cheaper that way. There are sandwich, odds and ends. They were made in South Korea. There are nice rolls of bags. The rolls are in my lower cabinet.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I get produce that is put in a box. I need to put it in the fridge. I like it that you can take out the plastic from Fresh/wholefoods orders and transfer it into these. I like that these are made in Korea. They make good sandwich bags. They are nice. I own 2 sizes for large leaf veggies and salads. I'll find a lot of other uses for them.

👤The bags are large enough for a loaf of bread, but the plastic is very thin. It is not the same thickness as other bread plastic packaging. The bread was in the bag.

👤Amazon! Normally, the manilla envelope has a slit on the non-label side. Out of 500 bags, the nic went through about 8. I'm not asking for a replacement, but you should know. The cleaning bags are not as strong as I 888-276-5932s, but they will work for my needs. There were no issues opening the bags. I would consider ordering in a different size. Looks like a good deal.


What is the best product for food bag storage?

Food bag storage products from Ziploc. In this article about food bag storage you can see why people choose the product. Plastimade and Glad Trash & Food Storage are also good brands to look for when you are finding food bag storage.

What are the best brands for food bag storage?

Ziploc, Plastimade and Glad Trash & Food Storage are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food bag storage. Find the detail in this article. Rbhk, Wallaby and Propremium Mylar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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