Best Food Baskets Gifts Meat and Cheese Harry and David

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1. Sausagemans Featuring Wisconsin Chocolate Cherries

Sausagemans Featuring Wisconsin Chocolate Cherries

The peak of Northwest flavor was named after the highest mountain in North America. Each of their favorites are wrapped up in a box that is the perfect size for gifts. Dan's roasted garlic and red pepper summer sausage, Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, red chocolate cherries, honey roasted peanuts, and Dan's Sweet Hot Mustard are included. Dan the Sausageman was named the U.S. Small Business of the Year for Washington State. They are family owned and operated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so if you need assistance from their family, please give them a call. In 1988 I began selling my smoked summer sausage door-to-door out of my '74 Dodge Dart, and since then they have grown and are now available via Amazon and other fine establishments. They pride ourselves in choosing their foods that are fresh and quality. This is a perfect gift for any occasion because the foods are shelf stable and ready to eat. You can gift consciously with their box packaging being 100% eco-friendly. Not included is serve ware.

Brand: Dan The Sausageman

👤This is too expensive since several items, including the crackers, were missing.

👤Sausage and cheese can be found at your local grocery store. I bought this for my husband because he loves gift baskets. He wasn't impressed by the quality of the items in this one. He ate the items because he loved me and felt bad, but some things were old and he really appreciated the thought.

👤My husband loves sausage during the summer. He loved the smoked taste. The stuff in the mall and the grocery stores is close to the taste and quality of Dan's but no cigar. venison ring sausage is smoked by my sister's family. I know the process. It is very time consuming and not cheap. The local meat market makes and smokes sausage at a lower price than Dan. I was looking for a birthday gift for my husband when I stumbled across this.

👤Good products, but overpriced for what they are, and I really liked the chocolate covered cherries and sausage.

👤The cheese and meat in the package were hot and melted, so it was not usable.

👤This gift basket had sausage in it. It was nicely packaged. There is a good assortment. The portion sizes are a tad expensive.

👤I like to send these after I close a real estate transaction. I get positive reviews.

👤It was great to give as a gift or as a prize at my company holiday party.

2. Omaha Steaks Butchers Boneless Kielbasa

Omaha Steaks Butchers Boneless Kielbasa

4 ounces. Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons areBoneless Chicken Breasts. 4 ounces. Omaha Steaks Burgers are 3 ounces. Jumbo Franks are gourmet. 4 ounces. The sausages are 2.88 ounces. There are potatoes in Gratin. 4 ounces. The Signature Gift Wrap is made of caramel apples. A jar. The seasoning for Omaha Steaks is called Omaha Steaks Seasoning.

Brand: Omaha Steaks

👤$170 for 4 filet mignon, and other cheap items are worth $30. The price is outrageous. You can buy meat at a fraction of the cost. It has been around for decades, no idea why people support it. I thought I would never do it again. You paid me to never bother me again, so I'll keep my money.

👤I tried to warn people not to waste their money. I couldn't find a place to write a review. I bought mine from Omaha steaks. The burgers are the same size as Mcdonalds. The steaks were large. I threw out half of the order. The hot dogs were good, but the rest was not worth the money. You should stick with your local meat market. You will not be happy buying this. The people that work there have to get the 5 stars. It is that bad. Hope this helps.

👤I ordered this for my daughter as a Christmas present and she has done nothing but rave about it as they eat their way through every steaks they have ever eaten etc. This parcel of delicious food stuffs is definitely recommended.

👤The kielbasa was hard to chew and had to be removed. The packaging is not eco-friendly, the boxing of the products is hard to open, and the front of the product is not identified.

👤This is a present for my daughter.

👤My father used to send me and my sister Omaha Steaks when we were on holiday. The quality was so bad that we had to tell him to stop. Omaha products are of lower quality than what is found in the grocery store. Both Whole Foods and Costco sell better quality meat and seafood. Better quality. It's hard to believe that consumers fall for marketing tricks.

👤Thecipient was surprised and happy.

3. Tower Sweet Gift Decorative Ribbon

Tower Sweet Gift Decorative Ribbon

Gourmet treats and ingredients are included in the festive box set. Each Gift Tower contains a delicious assortment of goodies, including Chocolates, Gourmet Cookies & Popcorn, Sweet and Savory Snack Mix, and Cinnamon Yogurt Pretzels. A beautiful set of gift boxes and a decorative bow are waiting to be wrapped. Each Gift Tower has five gift boxes neatly stacked into a grand gift tower, held together by a beautiful bow. The Broadway Basketeers Gift Tower is 15 inches tall, 6.5 inches long, and 6.5 inches wide. The gift tower makes it easy to display these tasty treats at birthday parties, office parties, family gatherings and everywhere in between. This gift tower is the perfect way to let someone know that you are thinking of them, even if they are far away. Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day, Get! Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or any other occasion. All Broadway Basketeers gift baskets and food gifts are designed, assembled, and ribboned in a 100% certified facility. Broadway Basketeers Gift Baskets, Towers and Trays are Kosher and can be presented without fear. Your recipient will still love their gourmet food gifts. At Broadway Basketeers, they guarantee that both you and your recipient will have a great time with your gift basket. They can either give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee or replace your gift basket. Their friendly customer service team is happy to help.

Brand: Broadway Basketeers

👤I would only give this one star. The boxes are nice, but the food inside was old. Lindor Truffles are discolored and hard as a rock because they were molded. The pretzels top was discolored. This was the worst gift I have ever given someone. I would never buy this product again.

👤We were very disappointed to receive contents that were different from what we were told. We were looking forward to the Lindt Chocolate Truffles, Old Dominion Butter Peanut Crunch, Blueberry-Greek Yogurt Cookies, and Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn. The tower was delivered when promised and it looked exactly like the one pictured, but instead of what we were expecting, we received a snack mix, chocolate peanut butter crunch popcorn and chocolate chip cappuccino cookies. The Pretzel Yogurts and Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts were included. We ordered two more towers for family members. We submitted a positive review because they were very pleased with them. The contents were the same as what was described.

👤Don't waste your money. Poor quality and little food. It is much smaller than the picture shows, and it fits inside my mailbox.

👤I ran to the store to get a replacement because I needed to give it before the delivery arrived. It was too late to cancel the order. It was being shipped the same day I received a delay notice. I got a replacement because this was really disappointing. I wouldn't want to give it as a gift anyway, because it's not asbundant as portrayed. It would not be ordered again.

👤I wanted to note that they used chocolate covered raisins, not white chocolate and another ingredient. I don't think I got the value that was advertised. She opened app boxes and packages when she was older. How can we get the order back? I will pose you.

👤I ordered two gift towers from Broadway Basketeers to send to my mom as a thank you for an accomplishment and she said they were the worst baskets she's ever received, and most of the food was not good. She wanted me to stick to Harry and David. Will not be ordering from them again.

👤I didn't get the white chocolate and raspberry cookies, chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, or the sweet and savory mix. I got fruit and lemon cookies, sea salt caramel chocolate chip cookies, and a snack mix. When you're excited for someone to get something you'd think they would enjoy, it's disappointing that the description isn't the same as what is advertised.

👤This product was well packaged. I thought it was made of pretzels and popcorn. Instead, it had chocolate chip cookies, some hard candies, a trail mix, some chocolate truffles, one bag of white chocolate coated pretzels, and one bag of chocolate covered popcorn which was not good. The trail mix and candy were perfect. The cookies were not wet.

4. The V I P Gourmet Gift Basket

The V I P Gourmet Gift Basket

Experience the ultimate in gift giving. This is the gift to send to show your appreciation. Swimming with gourmet food. Ghirardelli milk and white chocolate with caramel, Daniele salami, sweet and spicy honey mustard dip, cheddar cheese biscuits, vanilla fudge with sea salt, Godiva milk chocolate truffles, lemon cakes, English tea, crackers, garlic are some of the sweet and salty snacks. There is a free personalized gift message. Every situation that can arise can be shared with your personalized messages. You can share your custom message with your gift recipient. The prime presentation is. The ultimate in gift giving. They have taken gift-giving to a new level. The package is designed to make your gift giving even more exciting and delicious. This gift will be remembered by their presentation. There are over 30 years of gift giving. Wine Country Gift Baskets is a high quality brand that your loved one or friends will appreciate; their gift baskets are hand assembled and include some of the top brand named ingredients that they know you'll love.

Brand: Wine Country Gift Baskets

👤I gave this basket of goodies to three people. The variety of snacks was delicious. They said they would give the basket to their family and friends because they were so impressed by it. I was very satisfied with the purchase and would continue to give it as a special gift.

👤The nurses who cared for me were the ones who shipped it to the hospital. My husband was very impressed by it. He was overwhelmed by the fact that he was hard to impress.

👤I gave this basket to someone and it was a hit. I was told this is the most beautiful gift.

👤This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a way to show your appreciation. The gift basket contains chocolates, crackers, cookies and snacks. Here is a list of things I found in the gift basket. You get about 35 items. You might want to buy some extra cheese to go with the crackers. The bow on this gift basket is glitter so you can open it on a table and clean it off immediately. Pets can spread glitter around the house. It happened to us. It isn't Christmas without glitter. The gift basket has a lot of treats. This is fun to share. It feels like I went to an International store and found a lot of treats from Italy and France. The Rebecca Review was published.

👤I received a gift basket from a friend and I just loved it. I don't like flowers or fruit baskets. This was perfect! It had everything one likes to eat. I ordered one for another friend because I lived it so much.

5. Sausagemans Favorite Featuring Original Wisconsin

Sausagemans Favorite Featuring Original Wisconsin

The Dan's Favorite gift set in their Collector Pine Wood Box is the gift that keeps on giving and can be used for years to come. The gift box has a lot of Dan's favorite foods, and it has the scoop on the best Northwest treats. Dan's Original Summer Sausage (10 oz), Dan's Roasted Garlic Red Pepper Sausage (10 oz), Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese (6 oz), Red Chocolate Cherries (2.3 oz), and Dan's Sweet are all available. It's perfect for your next platter, gift, or sympathy. Dan the Sausageman was named the U.S. Small Business of the Year for Washington State. They are family owned and operated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so if you need help from your family, give them a call. They pride ourselves in choosing their foods that are fresh and quality. This is a perfect gift for any occasion because the foods are shelf stable and ready to eat. You can gift consciously with their box packaging being 100% eco-friendly. Not included is serve ware.

Brand: Dan The Sausageman

👤This product was terrible. The items in the picture looked a lot bigger than they were. It was a total disappointment, I ordered this for my guy. I wouldn't give it a single star. It was necessary to give something. It's total crap. I paid 65 dollars for this junk.

👤I was excited to receive these as they were a gift from our clinic to the departments we work with in the hospital. When they arrived, I was very disappointed. The price was much smaller than anticipated. The crates were pulled apart and the packing peanuts and restuffing were put in the tissue paper. We had planned on making a side basket with fruit, but ended up including better cheese, nut mix and candy. I hope the sausage lives up to its name. I don't think we'll be ordering these again.

👤The product is too large for the cost. I sent it to 5 people for gifts. I was embarrassed when I saw how small it was. It could have been better for that price elsewhere. Won't order again.

👤A small package with one cheese, one cracker, 2 sausages and a mustard. This was not worth $60.

👤I like gift baskets. I wanted to try something different from the other brands. I'm pretty sure that it must have been past the point of no return. The cheese spread and sausage were dried out. The salmon turned me off, but I usually don't care for it. It didn't seem like it was the same class as the other companies. There are many places to get my food. I wanted to like this basket.

👤The box is about the size of a tennis shoe. They make it look bigger in the pictures for $65.

👤There is an update. I got a call from Dan after finding a phone number online. He was very attentive to my concerns. He didn't have to do anything because he sent a second oackage to make up for the bad sausage. My husband was very happy and I was also very impressed. Thank you Dan for a great sausage and great customer service. There is salmon and there is no salmon. The cheese spread only contains wisconsin cheeses. I can't find a way to contact them regarding the bad product for replacement or anything else because one of the sausages has a white liquid in the packaging. Our five children used their own money to purchase this Father's Day gift from my husband. We thought we were going to get an amazing gift. We gave it one star, but we think it should have none.

👤I bought this crate for my husband on February 14th and he loved it. I had to try it. This is some of the best we have tasted so far, and we are summer sausage and smoke salmon fanatics. I can't think of a better smoked salmon. I would say that it was gone too fast. There is a This review is called "crack mustard" because there is a small jar of "sweet & hot" mustard in this package. I will be buying a larger jar of this because I am officially obsessed with it. I can eat it out of the jar. Absolutely! It is the most delicious I have ever had, so I have to try some other "Dan the Sausage Man" stuff. Thanks for a great experience!

6. Dan Sausagemans Perfect Featuring Wisconsin

Dan Sausagemans Perfect Featuring Wisconsin

The Perfect for the Palate gift set is a great way to decorate your town. The mix of flavors in this Collector Paint Can gift is perfect for any occasion. Dan's Original Summer Sausage is 10 ounces. There is a roasted garlic red pepper sausage. Italian Olives are stuffed with Marinated Hand. All natural cheese from Wisconsin. Dan's Quality Foods Addiction Granola is 3.8 ounces. There are pretzels in a smilng amount. Dan's Sweet Hot Mustard is 2 ounces. There are honey roasted peanuts. A can of 1 gallon collector paint. Dan the Sausageman was named the U.S. Small Business of the Year for Washington State. They are family owned and operated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so if you need assistance from their family, please give them a call. In 1988 I began selling my smoked summer sausage door-to-door out of my '74 Dodge Dart, and since then they have grown and are now available via Amazon and other fine establishments. They pride ourselves in choosing their foods that are fresh and quality. This is a perfect gift for any occasion because the foods are shelf stable and ready to eat. They want to offer packaging that is eco-friendly so you can gift consciously. Not included is serve ware.

Brand: Dan The Sausageman

👤It seems like a nice product, but the recipient opened it in front of his family for his birthday, and the can is badly damaged. I am embarrassed and disappointed. Over one year later, no acknowledgement from the sender or seller of the product in regards to my review. Not an apology.

👤Skimpy on the product. It was subpar. Not worth the price. This was a terrible gift. Would not order again.

👤The quality and flavor were great for the husband.

👤Hubs used a birthday gift card. It made him very happy. Comes in a cute paint can with a can opener.

👤Dan got a kick out of the packaging. I haven't heard about the taste, but it appeared to be very good.

👤We were disappointed. The pretzels were not new. The food was average. The sausage and cheese are not special.

👤I bought this for my son-in-law for Christmas and he loved it.

👤Son dug in and loved it.

7. Nuts Gift Basket Assortment Thanksgiving

Nuts Gift Basket Assortment Thanksgiving

The gift basket is itemized with sting nuts. Give a gift that is delicious and healthy. You get a pound of gourmet nuts in a boutique-style gift box in the bundle of healthy snacks. All the nuts in their snack tray are fresh and healthy. The nuts in their facility are unsalted and never repacked. All of their nuts are dry roasted without any oils or detergents. If you don't like it, give it a try and you will be surprised. The mixed nut set is a great way to enjoy fresh treats. Kosher, vegan. There is a gift idea for a wounded animal. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send a message to them and they will send you a replacement tray or you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Nut Haven

👤This is a simple gift. There are six nut varieties that are fresh and tasty. The peanuts are bitter. I think it is overpriced to hand deliver as a gift or to keep for yourself. If you have it delivered directly to the recipient, it is more affordable. The product is half the size I was expecting and it does not list the weight of the nuts. I am a little let down.

👤These were terrible. It's not worth buying. Eight only a few and the rest was thrown away. I would never buy them again because they were dried out for Christmas.

👤I was slightly concerned about the freshness of these, but they are wrapped multiple times and have appealing packaging, so I am reassured. It had a lid to keep freshness. It was a huge hit when I bought it for a house party. Everyone enjoyed it, there was a nut for everyone's liking. I will be buying this again, and it will be a wonderful gift, one that you can feel good about sending, knowing it will arrive fresh and beautiful!

👤It was fresh and delicious. A variety of nuts were padded for shipment. It was received quickly. I ordered 1 as a test case. I ordered more for boss gifts because I liked it so much. I was very pleased with the nuts.

👤The quality and quantity of the basket are excellent, and I am very happy to have bought it as a gift. It is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a mix of nuts, and the packaging is very nice. This is a great gift idea for anyone looking for gifts for the holiday season.

👤I bought this for my husband because he might as well be eating healthy. This gift got me a hug. He liked the variety of flavors in the assortment and was looking forward to snacking on them. It's a good size at 2 pounds, and is very giftable. There was a dud in the box, but it arrived on time. I am very happy with this purchase, and I wish I had thought to take a picture before consuming it. I might buy it again next year. I might get another hug.

👤The item arrived on time. The plastic envelope is not very well packed to protect against damage. The nuts were fresh and the product was very tasty. Some of the nuts that were coated had way too much put on them. A very expensive purchase. Half the price would have been more reasonable. Thank you.

👤I love fresh king nuts so I gave them to myself and they were delicious. I like the variety of sweet and salty. These are a great gift for a party or gathering. The price is good for the amount and variety. Would buy again.

8. Gift Basket Wisconsin Sausages Christmas

Gift Basket Wisconsin Sausages Christmas

Make a big emotional reaction. The gift basket starts with a beautiful two handle basket and then gets stuffed with meat and cheese from Wisconsin. It's perfect when you can't be there. The Holiday gift basket is a great way to make a big impression when you can't be there for the holidays in person. BigGER is better. This larger version of their best selling "Home For The Holidays" gift basket has enough meat, cheese and crackers to start any holiday celebration, share with favorite neighbors, or send to out-of-town relatives. Touch their emotional side. The cheese and sausage gift basket is a great way to show your appreciation for coming " Home for the Holidays". Made in the USA. Their own team of professional gift basket designers made your gift basket at Gift Basket Village, Florida, and then carefully packaged it for safe shipment the day your order is received. The United States is a country.

Brand: Gift Basket Village

👤The basket was filled with goodies. The holly bow with wire looked even better than the photos. My son in law will love it. After I opened my box, I saw the basket was padded with bubble wrap, which alleviated my worries. I'll buy from this company again. It's worth it. Tyvm! There is a I ordered a second one as a gift. Again, very impressed. The bow on this one was a bright color. The ladies in the front office at my doctor's office received this gift. They loved it!

👤I bought this gift basket for myself. There are a few full size packages and some in-between. If you're expecting a lot of food or are a binge eater, you may be disappointed. It does okay as a gift basket for the money. The food has been made in the US, Canada, or the UK. There is a package of crackers from Indonesia. I can't afford to buy it on a regular basis, but I'm happy with it.

👤Send this as a gift to someone who is on the road. They got it within a few days of the order, it was beautifully wrapped and decorated, and they couldn't believe all the goodies that are waiting for them inside the box. As they eat their way through it, they will keep me posted on the taste. They're so happy about a gift, they haven't heard that before.

👤My parents thought the gift basket was very nice. It made their day. It looked nice with a bow and was packed with stuff. It is more expensive than other choices on Amazon, but many other choices had poor reviews. I took a chance with this one since there were no pics on the reviews. Here are some pictures to show other people what you have. A fruit tray that was purchased separately is shown in some pics.

👤Thank you for this, my husband cannot wait for the next event. Everything is in this basket. Sausage cookies and a small rum cake are some of the best summer foods. I can't say enough. 5 stars here!

👤I sent this to my family in another state and they loved it. They said it was impressive and had a lot of good quality items in a basket. My granddaughter wants to have a picnic with her boyfriend. I'm happy I chose this one. It was a nice gift.

👤I did not give this to my parents because I bought it for them. The items were not up to par. The basket was nice, but the snacks inside were not. I bought it because it was supposed to be made in Wisconsin, but the brand was unknown. The other items were off brands. I will not buy it again and will not recommend it to anyone.

👤The three Kings gift was very special to him.

9. Carnivore Club Gift Gourmet Food

Carnivore Club Gift Gourmet Food

The beef is seasoned with fresh black peppercorns and cabernet. Pepperoni andSpreadable Salami. Chorizo has classic flavors of smoked Spanish pimenton, Rioja wine, and garlic. The Sopressata Dolce uses a sweet, subtle combination of spices that allow the amazing pork flavor to shine. This is a perfect gift for any occasion because the foods are shelf stable and ready to eat. A Premium Gift Box contains 1.5 lbs of meat.

Brand: Carnivore Club

👤The meat tastes the same. Spoiled rotten. Agent smell. It's not like a strong smell. It's like a death smell. I think some people like that. I'm used to fresh ham, smoked sausages, and pepperoni sticks.

👤The pepper salami was good, the waygu beef was good, and the salumi was terrible. The other two were not that bad. There is a large portion of Pepperoni and a small portion of chorizo. It was a waste of money because of our taste. Over the years, we have tried many different salamis in our house. We were very disappointed with what we received. Would not recommend.

👤I gave this as a gift. There was a red box with the items. The red box was damaged so it was not a nice gift. One end was torn and the other was out of shape. I don't have time to return a gift before the gift giving date. 4 of the things were basically sausage. I was expecting an assortment of different meats, not the same meat.

👤It was not what was pictured or described, so I am giving it a lower rating. I expect to get what I ordered if I pay for it. The box didn't have the spreadable salami.

👤I was dissatisfied with this order. The goods inside are terrible. Don't buy this item! I am not happy. There was no way to keep items out of the box. I will never use this company again. I will tell my friend about this terrible product.

👤Good variety of meats. All of the products were delicious. A nice looking gift is a large box. I didn't like the inner packaging, especially if you gift this. The picture shows a classy looking butcher paper style wrap, but I came in clear plastic vacuum wraps with sticker labels. Not as classy. I had to eat these before they expired. I think I am ok with the not so awesome inner packaging.

👤Good quality meats, but it's a bit pricey for the amount of stuff you get.

👤It was a fun gift because of the variety. He ate it.

10. Flora Dried Fruit Gift Tray

Flora Dried Fruit Gift Tray

There is a tray of dried fruit with nuts. There are lots of dried apricots, peaches, plums, pears, dates and date rolls with large cashews and almonds. There is a wooden tray with handles. A gift is tied with ribbon. There is gift messaging available at checkout.

Brand: A Gift Inside

👤The package was delivered. It was handed to a resident. It should have said "Your package was thrown over the fence into the middle of the front yard like a poorly delivered newspaper" The guys just threw it over the fence when they brought it up to the front door. I'm glad it wasn't an iPad or a glass thing. All that is left. It looked like the picture and was a good presentation, but a lot of the dates were bad. I'm not saying anything off, but chew a few times and spit it out and rinse quickly, bad. This kind of killed off interest in my expensive, healthy themed appetizer. The rest of the fruit was not bad. Nothing to brag about, but kind of bland tasting. The dried fruit I get from Sams is better. If no one wants more than a taste, the dried fruit tray is a good option. I won't be buying this again.

👤The dried fruit smelled terrible. The flavor was similar to the terrible chemical smell. I'm not sure if this is safe for human beings to ingest, there is plenty of better ones here.

👤I thought I was ordering more of a dry fruit. I received dried fruit, but it was moist. The fruits are whole and pitted, which makes them soft and moist. They are very good. I can't rate cashews because I'm not a fan of them. The product was very similar to the photo. I don't know if I would give this product to someone if I didn't know if they liked it. You get a lot for the price.

👤I couldn't get anyone to return it. It is not possible to return it.

👤I ordered one for myself after I didn't know what it looked like. I gave a ton of fruit to a neighbor after eating it non-stop for a weekend.

👤The presentation is not as nice as in the picture, but I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend's family. I kept it for myself because it looked dull and smooshed, and I will be looking for something nicer for them. I can tell you that the flavor of everything is not very good. It doesn't taste new. I wish the product had been packed with more care.

👤I ordered the fruit nut tray and it cost 39.99. The one I received was not what I was expecting. I did not send it. So disappointed. I have to shop all over again.

👤There is a tray of dried fruit and nuts. We've ordered this item for the past two years and everyone loves it. You can put it on the table from the wooden tray. Everything is delicious. I like cashews and dried apricots. I would recommend it to everyone.

11. Beef Jerky Sampler Gift Box

Beef Jerky Sampler Gift Box

The Bunny James variety beef jerky box is a collection of 12 individually wrapped beef jerky snack packs. There is a mix of jerky sticks, pork chomps, epic pork rinds, beef bars, chicken, venison, and traditional jerky. Great Beef Jerky Gift Baskets For Men are perfect for Father's Day, thank you gifts, anniversary gifts for men, birthday gifts for men, and unique gifts for men. The gift basket is guaranteed to make the recipient happy. A variety of flavors, spices, and savories are included in the Healthy Snacks Jerky Variety Pack. This box is perfect for a portable meal replacement or grab and go snack, perfect to leave in your office, home, or at a party. It's great for a camping trip. Premium beef from brands you can trust is included in each box. creatively packed with care The beef jerky gift set will arrive looking like a miniature farm, teaming with life enriching healthy meats. Ships fast! This gift is special to someone. You don't need to use gift wrapping when sending via Amazon Prime. You can choose "Ship in Amazon packaging" at checkout. You can include a message by selecting "This Is A Gift" at checkout.

Brand: Bunny · James ·

👤This was advertised as a nice gift basket. It was less than that. Everything was thrown in to fit the small box. The selection was supposed to be better than it is. My Dad said that they took you for your money and this was his Christmas gift. I ordered one for each of my dad and stepdad, so they will be disappointed. I will never order from this company again. Not as advertised.

👤This was a great gift. I got it for my husband and my father. They both liked it. My dad was reminded of the jerkies that he had as a kid. My husband has to try new flavors.

👤The variety of jerky is great. It's a great gift for someone who likes pork rinds. That combination was perfect for me. I don't understand the complaints about the price. Have they ever purchased beef jerky that was 100% grass-fed? I didn't think they understood the difference between this and a brand like JackLinks. You get everything for less than $3, including the gift box and shipping, if you do the math. It's a great price. Thank you so much. I will probably buy this again for the same people.

👤The items are small, but tasty. Don't pay the price, save your money and make your own sampler.

👤So disappointed! I thought I ordered a snack. I think it was my fault for not paying attention to the individual products. Pork rinds were considered beef jerky. I wouldn't consider the beef sticks to be beef jerky. No beef in sight, a nut bar? You get 2 small packages of beef jerky for $30. Not worth the hype and not worth the money. I wanted to surprise my husband with a gift, but I was disappointed.

👤I gave this to my husband for Christmas. It said it would arrive after Christmas, so I was disappointed. It came a few days before Christmas. My husband was fond of everything. He received a variety of things. I would definitely order again. If you order as a gift, it should come in the box with plastic wrap. I was thankful I was able to get it before he saw it. Normally everything I order from Amazon comes in a brown box.

👤I usually like the products I receive. There are two packages of pork rinds. Not worth the money. I tried to return but couldn't. I am sad. I have to save and come up with another gift for my friend, this is a shame. This was not nice.

👤I sent this as a gift, and I'm pretty embarrassed. I think it's decent, but not great when it comes to actually eating it. The bags of jerky were okay, but the sticks were not. One of them tastes like cat food. This box was not worth the money and won't be purchased again. I won't order food here again.


What is the best product for food baskets gifts meat and cheese harry and david?

Food baskets gifts meat and cheese harry and david products from Dan The Sausageman. In this article about food baskets gifts meat and cheese harry and david you can see why people choose the product. Omaha Steaks and Broadway Basketeers are also good brands to look for when you are finding food baskets gifts meat and cheese harry and david.

What are the best brands for food baskets gifts meat and cheese harry and david?

Dan The Sausageman, Omaha Steaks and Broadway Basketeers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food baskets gifts meat and cheese harry and david. Find the detail in this article. Wine Country Gift Baskets, Dan The Sausageman and Dan The Sausageman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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