Best Food Blanket Double Sided

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1. Outivity Burritos Novelty Blanket Realistic

Outivity Burritos Novelty Blanket Realistic

RAINBEAN always takes the customer's satisfaction at first, and they hope that every customer will become a "delicious burrito" Don't hesitate, they will give you a 100% refund and exchange guarantee. Just enjoy the song. Burritos blanket with a cozy single-layer design, Flannel fabric with uses eco-friendly dyes, Provides fade resistance, is Healthier and Skin-friendly. Good sewing stitch, exquisite overlocking detail. It is soft to touch and made of fine flannel. Keep warm and comfortable. This is not just a blanket, but a burrito. Imagine being wrapped in fresh tortillas and feeling the warmth of real burritos. Your neighbors will want to be the burrito when you are wrapped up in it. A perfect novelty gift is a birthday surprise for family, friends, colleagues, teenagers, kids and foodies. They want to make sure you have a great experience with them. 30 day no hassle returns and free exchange. They will make sure you have no worries.

Brand: Outivity

👤Okay but not. I ordered an egg. Twice I ordered an egg. We were doing a show and the show was about Eggs. The egg had a heart shaped yolk. When we open the package, it turns out to be a weasel. A weasel? What was I supposed to do with a waffle? There is a I have two waffles, no eggs, and I am out $50 because my children decided they couldn't live without the waffle blankets. That is too bad. I could have made a personal note with the tortilla, but it was business and it had to be the egg. They gave me a waffle instead of the egg. Couldn't have sent the tortilla to be a burrito. They had to send the waffles accidentally. Oh. However. They are soft. They are warm. My kids love them and I had to pack them up before I could return them. I own two waffle blankets. Get a blanket. You should be prepared to get a waffle.

👤I would like to see a zero star rating. This is being returned quickly. It is soft. We bought this for our mom. She eats them all the time. We were so excited to give her a blanket. I thought they sent the wrong blanket when I took it out of the package. At a distance. The product photo is the only one that is convincing. We were expecting a crisp print. This has nothing to do with the difference in sharpness monitors. You wouldn't see a waffle if it was wrapped up. I think they took a photo of an actual waffle for the product listing, and then put it on the product page.

👤I write this so other people don't make the same mistake as I did. If you read the description more thoroughly, then you will probably understand it better than I did. The blanket is not a bath towel. I have limited time on my hands and I searched for a burrito towel and found what I was looking for. Silly me.

👤We love our blanket. Its cute! Even after a few washes, it is still soft. The tortilla design is all white on one side and black on the other. It's perfect for my little ones. It's big enough for my two month old and two year old. My burritos approve of the best little blanket ever.

👤I got this small blanket for my dog because he is known for begging for food. Good quality. It is soft and looks like pizza. Is it weird to want to eat a blanket? There are pictures with my dog. He was confused and didn't know if it was real pizza, so he begged.

👤The pizza blanket I received is not like the other photos in the reviews. The blanket material is cheap and the pizza print is blurry. Doesn't look like pizza at all. I was trying to get a refund. They replaced the pizza blanket with a better one. The first blanket was wrinkled and sticky.

2. Innocedear Burritos Tortilla Comfortable Kids Style

Innocedear Burritos Tortilla Comfortable Kids Style

The soft and warm burritos wrap blanket will make your friends jealous, because they want to be giant human burritos, and it has a more realistic burritos pattern. Perfect gifts for a boy and a girl. The tortilla blanket is suitable for adults and children. Their flannel fabric is soft and skin-friendly, which makes you want to roll yourself up to become a burrito. The burrito blanket is a perfect gift. It's the best blanket and sofa. Put the blanket in the gift bag and give it to your lover. Birthday gifts, holiday gifts, Christmas gifts... Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low when needed, never fade and shrink. They know you'll love this blanket. If you are not completely satisfied with your taco blanket, they will give you a 100% satisfaction or refund guarantee. You'll get a full refund if you send it back.

Brand: Innocedear

👤This is a good price. The blankets have a slightly different print. There is a large bag with each of the two packs in it. If you were going to gift them separately, they don't have labels or prints, so it's going to be a pain. A little.

👤I was excited to get this blanket, but it was only one side.

👤These blankets are very soft. It's a good size because I have it on my queen size bed. The bankers are very soft.

👤Absolutely love them. About half of the people got them, but they decided to take a gamble, and they came double sided. So soft! Great size! You get 2 compared to the others on here. I love that one looks good, but one doesn't. Definitely recommend for yourself or as a gift. I love my pups!

👤Soft! Our daughter and bestie loved them. They came shrink wrapped and it was easy to wrap. We put together a gift with taco Ts, veggie pillows, silly socks and a tortilla theme. They washed well as well. A double sided print is a plus. Great job!

👤This is a two pack and was purchased as a birthday gift. I could have a blanket with my friend. I have been using this almost everyday on the sofa and haven't had a chance to test it in the laundry yet, but it's keeping pretty well shape. It is small for an adult man, not large enough to have my toes covered, but hey all you need to do is roll yourself like a burrito!

👤We love these blankets. They are light and soft. It's easier to tell who is whose because they are slightly different shades.

👤I bought these for a laugh. The blankets are soft. I like that the blankets are double-sided, they are a little different. They are large enough to fit under a couch or a queen size bed, and someone else said they fit over a queen size bed. It was warm enough for a cool night.

3. SeaRoomy Burritos Tortilla Blanket Inches Double

SeaRoomy Burritos Tortilla Blanket Inches Double

We back their products with a lifetime warranty. Burritos Print. It is a realistic burritos tortilla novelty blanket that you have never seen before, lying in it, wrapping yourself up like a tortilla, and neighbors will be jealous and want to be a burritos. Premium Flannel Material. The burritos throw blanket is made of high quality flannel fabric and has a single-layer design. The burritos tortilla throw blanket is bright and soft, so it will keep you warm and comfortable, but it won't be too cold. It's ideal for a teen girlfriend. There are five different sizes of Burritos, they are 39 inches/100 cm, 47 inches/ 120 cm, 60 inches/153 cm, and 71 inches/183 cm. You can become a giant human burrito with friends. The burritos tortilla throw blanket is warm and shows your sense of humor. Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are perfect gifts. Please wash this burrito throw blanket before use. Dry the machine without fading and shrinkage by washing it with cold water. Are you still confused about what to get a gift for? A burritos tortilla throw blanket is a great gift. A huge human burrito is being wrapped for your friends, children, family and couples.

Brand: Searoomy

👤I gave them a blanket and put it in a tortilla bag because they loved it.

👤Each of my daughters received 1. I thought the blankets would be larger. My daughters are 2 years old. It can fit on a queen bed. We don't know if they'll shrink when we wash them. They love them either way.

👤I got this for my daughter, she loves it. Soft, lightweight and fun!

👤This was a birthday gift for my son and he loved it! Roll up in!

👤I love it so much! I received it in the mail today and am in love with it. If I could, I would live in it and take it everywhere. It looks like a tortilla shell, and it is soft and big. It is not very large. That is not a big deal to me. It is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting one for themselves or as a gift.

👤Looks realistic. My friend loved it and was given it as a gift. It's large enough to make you a burrito.

👤My daughter loves this blanket. It is large enough to fit in. I love it!

👤This makes me want to eat all of that blanket. I and my girlfriend love it.

👤Our granddaughter is getting a Christmas gift. She loved it. She said it is warm and soft.

4. Rnairni Funny Flannel Blanket Blankets

Rnairni Funny Flannel Blanket Blankets

The soft and warm novel blanket will make your friends jealous, with a more realistic and comfortable double-layer design. The 60inch blanket is made of high quality flannel fabric and has a size that is not inferior. The pizza blanket is non-fading, lint-free and can be used as a blanket, sofa, bed, travel blanket, picnic mat, dog cat blanket and many other functional blankets. Surprise gift: This stylish and innovative blanket is a perfect gift for family and friends. It's suitable for parties, camping, various festivals and scenes. It is warm, soft to touch, and lightweight. It's machine washed. Dry on low heat.

Brand: Rnairni

👤I bought 2 of these for Christmas gifts and kept them even after opening them. They didn't know they were getting it.

👤The blanket doesn't cover a child. I thought it was bigger and had to return. It's a decent gift for a child, but won't keep you warm.

👤I bought this as a gift so I can't speak for the softness, but the recipient uses it daily and has said her new go to present is this. This is a great buy if you know someone who likes pizza and is eclectic. I'm assuming it's thick enough to be warm as the recipient lives in the Midwest and has been using it in the winter.

👤The blanket was thin and had a photo print. The photo was only printed on the top layer of the fabric, so you can see a lot of white fabric underneath if the blanket isn't laying flat. The kids liked being a cookie.

👤I gave it a two because it's very soft. It's a mix of orange and beige. There are sections of orange with yellow slices inside. There are small dots of orange in the middle. My grandson is a big fan of taco and burrito. It's so soft that I'm keeping it.

👤I got this for my boyfriend because he loves pizza and I have a tortilla blanket. He doesn't like how the white shows through the pizza print and the back is just solid white, but he loves it.

👤Our dogs stayed with our friends for the first night, they had a bunch of people over, and when they were distracted, our Great Dog stole some pizza from people's hands. I knew I had to get them this blanket. We already have one. I know it's soft. We sent it to them a couple days later so they could remember our boy.

👤Kids will love these tv throws.

5. RAINBEAN Tortilla Perfectly Creation Diameter

RAINBEAN Tortilla Perfectly Creation Diameter

We want to make the best choice obvious so you are satisfied. If you have a single concern about anything, they will give you a refund. Send it back for a new one or a full refund. The Burritos Tortilla Blanket is made of top-notch quality Flannel Fleece to keep you and your lovers warm. You feel warm by the blanket. RAINBEAN Burritos Tortilla Blanket keeps you warm all season. Fun and cute. It's not just a blanket, it's a real burrito. Imagine if you will, that you are wrapped in a fresh tortillas blanket. You will be a funny burrito. Yes! It is easy to become cute and funny. Is there a problem with which gift to send on holidays? The blanket is a great gift for kids and teens. It's a great gift for your family and friends. This is a great gift for a white elephant. This novelty blanket is a great gift for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and so on. You can roll up the soft blanket on the sofa to watch a movie, play a mobile game, read a book or take it to a picnic and show off your good sense of humor. RAINBEAN always takes the customer's satisfaction at first, and they hope that every customer will become a "delicious burrito" Don't hesitate, they will give you a 100% refund and exchange guarantee. Just enjoy the song.

Brand: Rainbean

👤Not as large as advertised. The two people under it have some material left to spare. No way on Earth. I'm 5'2" and average weight. It didn't completely wrap around me. It's more like a shawl than a blanket. The size for a 5 year old... I got the one that was supposed to be six feet tall. I was excited to get this. I'm just angry. Returning.

👤I am very happy with this blanket. It is hard to tell the quality of a brand online. This one was better quality, with properly hemmed edges. It is one of the larger diameters. It is a light weight throw, but it is plush and soft. The tortilla looks like a tortilla, and is good. I will most likely buy this one again to give as a gift.

👤Rainbean gave me this tortilla throw for my daughter. She was lying on the couch when she opened it. I wrapped it around her and called her my little burrito. She exclaimed "I like this!" after we all stopped laughing. It's soft! And it is. It's very light and well made. It looks like a tortilla. It's her favorite comforter. It was a good purchase. Five stars!

👤This was a gag gift for my girlfriend. She loved it! The blanket is very thin but sturdy and the seams are very good. I don't think this blanket will fall apart soon. The print quality on the blanket is very good and you can wrap yourself in it. There are a lot of other burrito blankets out there and I have read the reviews, but I can say that this blanket is a good quality blanket. I would recommend it as a gift or as a light blanket.

👤I ordered this tortilla blanket for my son as he likes to roll up in his blanket and call himself a baby burrito, we didn't even look at it before we wrapped it, he opened it on his birthday and looked at it. It's not a tortilla. The blanket is not what I ordered. I'm not going to go through the trouble of returning it and exchanging it as it's not life altering, but come on now.

👤The quality of the blanket was not comparable to the price. The blanket is made of two circles. A pillow is sewn together. The tortilla side is the same as pictured. Solid white is on the other side. flannel is not the material that is made.

👤This is a fun novelty product, but it feels cheap. I don't know if there are two thin layers or just one. The front and back feel different. It is very thin. There is a wide line of stitching around the outside that looks like it will break at any moment. If it was on sale, I would have been unhappy with the quality. Don't expect a fun novelty item to last.

👤My son wanted one so I bought him this. He said it's soft and cool. He wouldn't give it 5 stars because it's not his favorite blanket. I would look for something heavier if you wanted something more for warmth. The comfort factor is more important than the softness.

6. Joyching Burritos Blanket Tortilla Novelty

Joyching Burritos Blanket Tortilla Novelty

You can become a giant round tortilla, burrito, or taco if you lay down inside the burrito blanket and roll yourself up. The size andERIAL are listed. The tortilla blanket is 71 inches in diameter, double sided 300 grams of soft and comfortable flannel fabric, to keep you especially cozy on a crisp night while watching TV or having a rest. Best gifts: Have you ever been troubled by giving a gift to a friend? The novelty food blanket is the best gift for them. Burrito blanket can be used as a sofa blanket, travel blanket, camping blanket, and bed blanket. Food blanket is machine washed with cold water and gentle cycle. Do not bleach or iron! Dry on low heat. No stretching, no shrinking or fading. 100% customers' satisfaction is guaranteed. If quality issues happen within 90 days, they will send you a new blanket.

Brand: Joyching

👤I opened the end to wrap it like a burrito, but I didn't take this apart completely. The blanket is thin and has a thin edging. I'm not going to worry about it, but I'm a bit disappointed that it isn't a higher quality gift.

👤My son got a burrito blanket for Christmas. This is popular with high school kids. It is big enough to wrap you up in.

👤My son liked to be wrapped up. He looks like one. It was a perfect gift.

👤It was well received when I bought it as a gift. The print is cute and plush. Would get this again.

👤It's between a throw blanket and a flannel sheet.

👤I bought this for my sister as a Christmas present. It is soft and has an image on both sides. She loves making a burrito.

👤It was a hit at the company gift exchange.

👤I use this almost every night. It is the perfect blanket for a warm night. You look like a burrito. Great purchase! My cat loves it too.

7. Burritos Tortilla Valentines Christmas Birthday

Burritos Tortilla Valentines Christmas Birthday

100% customers' satisfaction is guaranteed. If quality issues happen within 90 days, they will send you a new blanket. Have you ever wanted to be a giant tortilla, burrito, or any tortilla based food? Simply lay down inside the blanket and roll yourself up, becoming the burrito that you have always wanted to be. The blanket is lightweight and will bring you warmth. It can be used as a sofa blanket, travel blanket, camping blanket, bed blanket and pet blanket. The burritos swaddle blanket uses high quality flannel fabric and is 71 inches wide. The funny blanket is soft, warm and light. The best white elephant gifts. The Mexican Burritos tortilla blanket is a cute gift for teenagers boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you loved. It's suitable for Christmas Stocking Stuffers/valentines Day/Birthday/Thanksgiving Day/Fathers Day. Before you use this blanket, please wash it. tumble dry on low when needed, or air dry, anti-wrinkle, and no fade, when you wash in a gentle cycle with cold water.

Brand: Oeago

👤This was the final touch for the ultimate gift: chip and dip bowls, I am a nacho type oven, coasters, and a blanket. It is the perfect size for one to roll themselves up or two to cuddle.

👤I saw this as a gift exchange and bought one for my nephew and niece who loved it so much they fought over who could use it. When I asked my nephew which gift was his favorite, he said the tortilla blanket. Someone enjoys my sense of humor. I wish I had bought one for myself at the same time. It's a good size and very soft.

👤Everyone was fighting over this gift that was bought as a white elephant. It is thin, soft, and has great coloring.

👤The size is bigger than I thought it would be.

👤It is big and soft. My son loves being a burrito. It came quickly and we are very happy with it.

👤She loves it. It was a good size and very soft.

👤It's funny, comfortable, and warm.

8. SOCHOW Uragiri Flannel Blanket Lightweight

SOCHOW Uragiri Flannel Blanket Lightweight

The flannel blankets are made from high-quality polyester fiber. It uses a unique flower-cutting craft to add more depth to flower patterns. They are very soft and warm with a delicate package edge. They also have a seamless round edge. There are multiple functions. The blanket is so soft and warm that it can make you feel comfortable when lying down. Also suitable for cats and dogs. The blanket is lightweight and good for camping. There are sizes and colors. The blanket sizes are 50 60 Inches. There are zebra, leopard, and floral patterns in the blankets. As the light changes, the fluff of the blanket will change. Easy to store, high color fastness, and no hair off are some of the benefits of easy care. I believe you will fall in love with the blanket, they hope to add some warmth to your life. Home is best in the east or west. They will provide the best service for you if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Sochow

👤Beautiful! It was soft, warm and made well. I had to write this down. I haven't washed it yet. I washed the purple one at the end of my bed. It was washed and dry. They are both from the same company. Can't see why it wouldn't go well. This picture doesn't do it justice. It's really worth the money. The purple one is 60 80. It fits on the top of my Queen. The 9090 hangs over perfectly. I am 69 years old and I am not a little girl. I know quality when I see it. My arthritis is bad in my sholders and that is the reason why I whated these. It's hard to turn over heavy blankets. These are so light! I don't have to put a bedspread on because it was pretty enough.

👤It is very warm and soft to touch. I keep it in the office because it stays cold there. The blanket gives the right amount of warmth. Love the color as well.

👤I purchased this blanket as a gift for my daughter's friend, but there were no reviews at the time. We wanted a light purple blanket, but couldn't find anything appropriate for an 11 year old. We were very pleased when we opened it. The colors are the same as the pictures. The blanket is very soft. It would be perfect for any age, even if it was purchased for a young girl. Excellent purchase!

👤I love this blanket. I have bought many blankets over the years and Best Buy is my favorite. I stole my husband's blanket before I came across this one. I get cold easily. Throw this over me and I will be ready to go.

👤I bought the throw size as a gift. I unpackaged it and put it in the dryer to fluff it, it looked like a baby blanket, but now it looks great! It looks more expensive than it did.

👤I bought this for my daughter to use as a blanket. It fits. She loves the color and how soft it is. I washed it before use and there was no lint or damage to the look of the blanket.

👤The blanket I ordered was supposed to be black and white. It is disappointing that there is no white in it. It is both black and gray. I might keep it because it is a pretty and soft blanket. It was washed well, machine washed and dried, no issues with shed. It is soft and beautiful. I came back to buy another one after I decided to keep it.

👤I don't know if it's going to pile but it's pretty and soft and I don't know if it's going to be a problem. I thought it was going to be a light purple and a dark purple, but instead it is a light gray and a medium purple. As you can see in the picture. I'm going to wash it and let you know how it goes. I would like it to be more purple than gray.

9. Burrito Tortilla Blankets Burritos Realistic

Burrito Tortilla Blankets Burritos Realistic

It is recommended that you wash this fuzzy blanket before using it. Do not iron when washing on a gentle cycle with cold water. It was made from anti-fade and anti-shrink material. Have you ever wanted to be a giant tortilla? Imagine being wrapped in a giant burrito blanket and becoming a variety of foods. You have always wanted to be a burrito. The tortilla blanket double side are made of premium ultra- soft flannel that is super-thin and Breathable. It feels relaxing to use during the summer. The blanket is lightweight and soft to the touch. Roll yourself up and feel warm and cozy all day long. When you are wrapped as a burrito, watch your loved ones react. The ideal gift idea is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face. A great gift for people who love food. Idea for using as a beach blanket, early morning lounging on the couch, cool nights, sitting by the campfire, watching movies or playing games while playing games. This burrito throw blanket is a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, and Christmas. It's easy to clean and it's durable. It is highly recommended that you wash the extra large blanket throws. Do not iron when you tumble dry on low. It was made from anti-fade and anti-shrink material. If there is ever an issue, just contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back.

Brand: Hatisan

👤It's important to get a burrito blanket with a design on both sides. To make it easier to remember who received what I like to pick a theme. I tested it out on a couple who were stuck in their condo for Christmas. The burrito blanket was the first part of the gift. It was a date night in a box. The blanket and margarita mix received favorable reviews with hoots of laughter and follow-on expressions. Everyone will get their own burrito blanket this year.

👤My daughter received this as a Christmas gift. She likes quirky things. It is a nice size to wrap a grown up in a sweater and then some. I equate it to a throw blanket, but you can have fun with it. Anyonr who has a sense of humor will like this blanket.

👤The blanket has a great print. This isn't a giant blanket. It would be great for a small child, but not an adult. My son got his girlfriend a gift that was too small. It is very thin.

👤My son is a big fan of taco and burritos. He walks around the house wrapped up in a burrito and loves it. The blanket is very soft.

👤My niece had a smaller one before this but outgrew it. She loves to wrap herself in a tortilla and this is the perfect time.

👤My nephew is 16 years old. He asked if it was the tortilla blanket before he got it out of the bag. He was very excited. I didn't know how popular it was with the kids. I should have gone up a size for his age.

👤I bought this as a silly gift for my son, and it was his favorite gift. He rated it higher than his new Nintendo Switch. It looks like a tortilla. I recommend anyone with a sense of humor. Love this idea.

👤A gift for a dear friend.

👤It is very soft, fuzzy and cozy. I'm giving this as a christmas gift and I'm making it look like a stuffed burrito with candy and goodies inside. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤We love it. It's very warm. There are Description matches. Would recommend.

10. TILTECH Sushi Blanket Decoration Realistic

TILTECH Sushi Blanket Decoration Realistic

100% safe and odorless, the fleece is made of high quality. Their guarantee is for a year. Please contact them if you have any questions. Super soft and funky. Wrap yourself in a piece of sushi with their blanket. These blankets are perfect for when you want to be comfortable while watching tv, or when you want to sleep. There are gifts for sushi lovers. Do you know someone who can't get enough sushi? This 6 foot long single-sided design is a perfect gift for them. A funny blanket for everyone. Your friends will remember this gag gift. It can be used as a throw blanket on your sofa, bed, or chair. Pack it up and bring it with you. Hang it up to make a wall decoration. As you eat sushi by the fireplace, be sure to nestle up next to the cozy fleece material. The possibilities are endless. Care instructions The sushi throw blanket lasts much longer than the food in your fridge. Before you use the blanket, make sure to wash it. The machine wash has cold water. When necessary, dry on low. It should not shrink or fade. They know it's tempting, but don't eat. The most fun and comfortable piece you've ever used will be the 100% 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not happy, you can get your money back.

Brand: Tiltech

👤The blanket had a hole in it. The company reached out to me to apologize and said they would be reviewing their quality control to prevent future issues. I was able to get a replacement for my daughter's birthday gift quickly, which I appreciated since she is a sushi lover.

👤I bought this blanket for myself because I like sushi. I was amazed at how soft it was. I am 5'8" and it covers my whole body. It is lightweight and thin, which makes it easy to roll up and store. I will buy this for my friends and family because I am obsessed with it.

👤It was a hit when I bought it for a friend.

👤My family likes sushi. My kids and nephews will be surprised at a family gathering. It was a big hit. It's a big and soft material. I am going to buy more gifts for my friends and colleagues.

👤My daughter uses it every day.

👤My boyfriend likes this blanket. He sleeps with it at school.

👤This is a thin blanket that can be used as a throw or lap cover. The sushi pattern is fun and even serious people like to try it out. It makes a nice splash of sushi color wherever you leave it. The difference between an art67531 and an art67531 is a matter of perspective and I choose to see this67531 as an art67531.

👤This blanket is great. The sushi print on it made me buy it. It's very warm. It's a bit awkward when more than one person uses it. It's pretty good.

11. Mermaker Blanket Novelty Realistic Flannel

Mermaker Blanket Novelty Realistic Flannel

Pizza Blanket has a double sided fabric that keeps you warm. All year long. Different Senses of Softness are offered by double-side design. The soft and warm burritos wrap blanket will make your friends jealous, because they want to be giant human burritos, and it has a more realistic pizza pattern. There are funny gifts for boys and girls. The 60-inch pizza swaddle blanket is made of high quality flannel fabric and has a diameter of 60 inches. The funny blanket is lint-free and can be used as a blanket, sofa, bed, travel blanket, picnic mat and many other things. A Mexican burrito tortilla blanket is a cool gift for teenagers, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you loved. It's suitable for parties, camping, various festivals and scenes. Before you use this food blanket, please wash it. tumble dry on low when needed, never fade or shrink, machine wash in gentle cycle with cold water. The company integrates design, production and sales. They believe that you will be satisfied with their blanket. If there are any quality problems with this novelty blanket, please do not hesitate to contact them directly by email, they will give you a satisfactory answer.

Brand: Mermaker

👤Too realistic. It looks and smells like a tortilla. You will think you are a burrito when you wrap yourself in it. You will be too far gone into burrito-dom if you snap back to reality.

👤I tried to order a burrito blanket from a website that looked like it was the creator of the original Burrito Blanket. I got a 2 1/2 foot diameter blanket that was supposed to be a 5 foot diameter, but I waited a month for it to be delivered. I tried for a month to get a response from the company, but they never responded. The website was changed to sell phone cases, after a bit of back and forth. Fast forward to last week. There is a list of things you can get on Amazon. There is a tortilla blanket on this list. I'm afraid I'll get burned again if I put my heart out there again. This listing has an average of 5 stars, 423 reviews, and pictures in the reviews. Maybe this is The One. I will take a chance next week. I place my order. I wait. I became a burrito two days later. My heart is healed. My crops are doing well. I am no longer a victim of false advertising. I now have a blanket that is 6 feet in diameter and the same product as in the photos. I wrapped my boyfriend's dog in this blanket and he didn't move for 20 minutes. My boyfriend and I both fit under it and slept well. It's very warm and holds in heat very well, but it doesn't breathe very much and becomes a bit stuffy after a while. It will be much more comfortable when the weather cools down so there's no reason to dock a star. If you're hesitant, I'm telling you to buy this blanket. You will definitely not regret it.

👤I was expecting a thicker blanket, but it is as thin as 2 fleece sheets sewn together. The pattern looks nice, but I was disappointed in the thickness of the blanket. I guess it's a win because he keeps running around the house claiming to be "Tortilla Man" and propels himself with farts.

👤I love this tortilla blanket. It looks like the real deal. If only I could roll out of it.

👤Totally exceeded expectations! The blanket is very soft and my daughter took it away because it was cute. The pros are 1. It's lightweight but warm. 2. It was very comfortable. 3. It looked more realistic because it was printed on both sides. Great gift idea! There is a I can't think of any cons.

👤I bought it for a friend. I got it within the week, but it ship was so fast that I didn't know it was there. The blanket is very soft. I am only 5'1" My friend is 5. It took both of us to fold it so we could fit in the burrito. I almost didn't gift her it when I opened it. I wanted it. My sister tried it and now she wants one. I will buy another one when I get the chance. I recommend this to everyone. One of my friends just sent me a video of what he found and I convinced him to buy 4 for each room of his house. I love it so much. I finally bought the blanket for myself a year ago and I cannot rave enough about it. The best blanket I own is the one I sleep with. I bought it for someone as a secret Santa gift. 10/10 need to buy!


What is the best product for food blanket double sided?

Food blanket double sided products from Outivity. In this article about food blanket double sided you can see why people choose the product. Innocedear and Searoomy are also good brands to look for when you are finding food blanket double sided.

What are the best brands for food blanket double sided?

Outivity, Innocedear and Searoomy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food blanket double sided. Find the detail in this article. Rnairni, Rainbean and Joyching are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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