Best Food Blanket for Dogs

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1. AWOOF Indestructible Interactive Encourages Foraging

AWOOF Indestructible Interactive Encourages Foraging

The Big Orange Flower is in the middle of the snuffle mat. Large chunks of food can be hidden easily by the 4 layers of orange petals. The grass is rich and messy and can be used for food. The grass on the snuffle mat can't hide food. It doesn't help your dog. They are very positive of their snuffle mat. In order to provide more fun for puppies, they have set up 4 additional feeding games. There is a call under the logo in the middle and 3 bells in the petals. Have you ever bought a snuffle mat for your dog that you want to use for good habits? The 4 release buckles will help you. You can tie the string to the furniture if you Button up the string they sent you. The mat will not be overturned anymore. Pack this snuffle mat easily with the help of these 4 release buckle. To provide high quality product and let all customers have a sure purchase. All material is high quality, non-toxic and odorless to make sure your dog is not uncomfortable. The grass and petals are sewn on the mat. It will cause the risk of suffocation. 100% quality warranty Their first priority is your satisfaction. All quality-related issues are taken care of with a REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND. Send an email to them if you have a problem. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Awoof

👤The snuffle mat is large. My staffy mix is black and white and my beagle mix is brown. The last two photos. They never considered flipping it over because they were so busy looking for their food. I didn't attach the straps. My dogs searched for a long time. My staffy had a harder time with the kibble hidden under the crossed pieces, but my beagle had no problem with it. The mat is very strong. It was well made. There are many places to hide treats. They both loved it. I plan to wash it in cold water and allow it to dry. My washer doesn't have an agitator. I don't have to worry about pieces getting caught under it. I plan to order a second one. I didn't allow them to use this at the same time. I didn't want to have to worry about resource guarding issues. I have a small gray snuffle mat for them to use. This is the most engaging and stimulating product we have. You have to hands down. It's not easy. It is definitely worth the money. My mix is sound reactive. She is scared of thunder, fireworks and it scares her. She continued her search when it was loud. She was getting married. Not bored. Not worried. This snuffle mat is not enough for me.

👤This was a present for my dog. I wanted to get her something that would keep her busy while I am at work because she has lost interest in most of her stuffed animals. This has become her favorite game. She can't gobbling down her food. I can feed her breakfast in it and she will check under every piece of fabric for missing pieces. She tugs on the flaps and folds to get treats that I hide under them. She is not a destructive dog. I haven't given the mat a run through the washer yet, but it cleans up fairly easily.

👤I knew my pups would love it, so I've been dying to get one of these. I was excited to let them try it out after it was delivered. I have five children, four of which are 3 years old and one of which is 18 months old. When I started adding treats, they were very interested. I let them all try it individually and then all together and there was enough room for all four of their heads to get in there at the same time, this one will definitely do the trick, though I would recommend one slightly bigger for multiple dogs to use at the same time. I tugged on it in a few places and I think it's solid. I agree that it's a little on the easy side for them to figure it out, but it's still entertaining and they kept digging until they found the one they were looking for. The smaller the treats, the more difficult it is to dig them out and the treats I decided to try with this were more than twice of training treats I normally get, so I'm gonna get some new, smaller treats to go with it. It took me a long time to hear about snuffle mats, but I'm happy I decided to try it because I love it and the pups do too. I will definitely be buying more of these for different levels of difficulty.

2. YINXUE Washable Distracting Training Foraging

YINXUE Washable Distracting Training Foraging

Natural behAVIors are related to stem cells. The pet feeding mat helps to train your dog. Your dog can find treats hidden in the mat. Puts their brain and nose to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. Puzzle spoon is a toy that hides with your dog's favorite treats to help them slow down the eating speed. Keeps your dog occupied and avoids destructive behavior. All dogs will love this pet snuffle mat, it's perfect for any breed, age, size, and even potbelly pigs. It is easy to hide the treats in the mat and your dogs will enjoy searching for the delicious food while playing to meet their curiosity. Anti-SLIP and washable. The high quality polar fleece of their snuffle mat is more safe for pets. Non-slip cloth was used under the mat. It is hand washed. The item is 22 inches long.

Brand: Yinxue

👤Don't buy! This is the second snuffle mat I have purchased through Amazon, the first one is still in great shape, I was just looking for an extra to travel with, and multiple pieces have come out, this is being used by a 3 lbs. The Yorkie puppy is in the trash due to shoddy construction. Don't waste your money, there are lots of mats available.

👤My dog likes this mat. He's a 45lb Australian with a mouth that eats food in 30 seconds. He has a lot of toys. This one takes him a long time. At least 10 minutes with a cup of food. I bury the food deep within the mat and spread it out. When he gets to the last of the kibble, the mat is pushed across the carpet, against the wall, and upside down as he tries to get the last of it. When he first used the mat, he bit at it to try to get to the kibble in the deep confines of the mat, but I taught him to stop biting whenever he would bite at the mat. He buries his noes in it and only eats the food. If you take a few minutes to teach your pet not to bite or tear at the mat, it will last a long time. The mat works great, we use it every other day. I can't vouch for how the mat will fare when laundered, I haven't washed it yet.

👤Our dog can get some mental stimulation by using this mat. The mat was large enough to hide an entire meal for my dog. It was easy to put the kibbles in the mat, but I had to spread them out between layers. I'm sure it will be different for different people, but my dog did not chew up the mat while he was eating and he walked away once he had eaten all his food. Occasionally a strip of fabric would get pulled at whole, but the fleece seems sturdy and attached to the mat adequately. I haven't washed it yet, but it seems to be together. I don't think it will fall apart. I will point out that the fleece doesn't dry out well between meals, so we'll have to wash it once it gets too slobbery.

👤I ordered one red and one yellow and both had the same review. They were packaged well and arrived quickly. The flaps are made of polar fleece. There is a "nonstick" bottom that isn't as "nonstick" as one would like, but there are easy fixes for that. You can use fabric straps to roll the mat up and secure it. I guess for travel. The straps are strong. One of my dogs has an eating disorder. He thinks he's not getting enough food. When he eats, he chokes food down as fast as he can. He swallows everything. He chokes, coughs, gags, or makes these horrible noises after he eats, and sometimes it's scary enough that we have to rub his throat. The YINXUE Pet Snuffle Mat is here. We rubbed his food around on the mat to get it to stick to the fleece flaps. He loves it. He loves searching for food in the mat, and it makes him slow down. He'll be snuffling around the mat for 30 minutes, looking for the last piece of kibble. Since we started using this mat, we haven't had any problems. My other dog is a slow eater, but these mats make dinnertime fun. I would give these mats 10 stars based on the quality construction, thickness of the polar fleece strips, and how much the dogs enjoy it. Don't be hesitant because of the price. These are worth it.

3. Routesun Non Slip Portable Interactive Encourages

Routesun Non Slip Portable Interactive Encourages

The game is rich. The dog puzzle toys enhance your dog's smell to hunt. It helps to train your dog to lose weight and consume more energy. Keep your dog occupied and avoid him being bored. The snuffle mat for large dogs can attract the attention of the pets and help them with their natural instincts. Which can improve the dog's mental health. The bottom of the interactive pet puzzle toy has a non-slip design that can prevent it from tipping over and moving. The compact design is easy to carry, perfect for travel and on the go, and can be folded and put into a storage bag. Eco-friendly and easy to clean. Their enrichment pet mat is made of sustainable anti pilling polar fleece material, which is sturdy and durable, friendly to pets, and will not harm their bodies. You can wash it by hand or in a machine. They are committed to making your and your dog's lives easier. They will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Brand: Routesun

👤I got the biggest mat for my puppy and he loves it. The blanket has a no slip base and the ruffle section is pre-scrambled instead of lying flat. It took me a minute to hide all the treats, but my dog had a good 30 minutes of fun. He continued sniffing after the treats were gone. My cat tried to join in. I found out which treats he liked better, because he would find the boring treats and completely ignore them. My dog doesn't like cheese puffs. The tie straps are too short, barely any felt to tie up the wrapped up blanket was the only fault I found. The manufacturer forgot to adjust the length of the ties for larger blankets.

👤When I ordered this, I thought to myself, "now you are really going over the top for these babies", I have two dogs, one of which is an 8 year old dachshund. When I received it, I thought I had paid $27.00 for it. I hid their daily dry food in all the little hiding places, thinking the puppy might like it. Put it on the floor. Oh my gosh! ! Both dogs were enjoying hunting and playing on the mat. I used it for the first time yesterday. I pick it up and put it away. For the second use today. I filled all the little hiding places again and the dogs were excited to see it again. They love this thing.

👤I am a 7 month old indoor pig who was bored until my mom found a cool mat on Amazon. I love it! It keeps me busy for a long time with lots of cool hiding places and fun soft fabric. Thanks for a great mat.

👤This mat is great for my puppy. Whenever he sees it, he gets excited. He doesn't like to eat his food in his bowl, but he likes to find and eat his food when I hide it. I give him this mat whenever I need to leave for more than two hours because I heard nosework is good for reducing separation anxiety in dogs. He deals with separation in a better way. 100% satisfied! Attaching a video of him having fun.

👤This is a treat our puppy loves to eat. I hid the food a little too well and had to help her find it, but she got used to it. I can't leave it down if she starts chewing it or I will have to destroy it. It was better than expected.

👤I bought this for my Morkie in hopes that it would help her eat more at one time and it worked perfectly. She used to only eat a couple of pieces of food at a time, and then be hyper all day long. We have been using this for a day and a half and she eats all her food when she is hungry and fills her tummy and calms down afterwards. Even though she is getting into a routine, she is doing better with potty training. It worked better than I anticipated. I like this. My dog loves it too.

4. EcoSmart ECO 11 Modulating Technology

EcoSmart ECO 11 Modulating Technology

100% quality warranty Their first priority is your satisfaction. All quality-related issues are taken care of with a REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND. Send an email to them if you have a problem. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Continuously monitored water temperature and controlled flow rates ensure efficiency and consistent performance within 1 degree of selected temperature. EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are smaller than traditional tank heaters and can be installed on the wall or at the point of use. EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 99% thermal energy efficient and only heat water when called, unlike a tank heater that maintains water temperature even when not used. The Department of Energy says you can save up to 50% on water heating costs. Refer to the Sizing Map. It requires a double polebreaker and a 13 kilo watt electric water heater to provide hot water for a bathroom, small sink, office breakroom and other point-of-use or low-flow applications. Lifetime warranty on electronics, exchanger and element, as well as certifications, are included. Lifetime warranty on electronics, exchanger and element, as well as certifications, are included.

Brand: Ecosmart

👤After 16 months, my unit started tripping. There were a number of things I was asked to check by customer support. The wire size is important. I replaced the breaker. Still failed. I followed the steps again after they sent a guide. I can ignore the guide and get inside the unit if I don't tear off the label. I opened the unit and took the voltages across the heater elements, which were correct, and did an ohm test on each of the heater elements. The elements were not in spec. The support staff told me that. When I opened the unit, I found that one of the heating elements was cold. It was not warm. I had seen something using the unit. The water wouldn't heat up if it was higher than 112. I assumed it was the temperature of the incoming water that made it get the water. I didn't have a problem with that since it's too hot to take a shower. I let the support know what I found. He asked me to call and he would send out a new unit. I got a message from him in the meeting. I never received a call back after I left a message with all my contact info. Send another email. I was asked to check the elements for damage. I did that. They looked fine. This is taking a lot of time. Taking out the elements, turning off the water, etc. No leaks after. I sent a few emails requesting a new unit, but have not heard back. This has been going on for a while. This was a bad purchase. When it caused issues with my home, they weren't honoring the warranty. I wouldn't recommend buying this unit.

👤The product was ordered in August. It arrived on September 1st. Had a plumbing job done in late September. It worked well until late January. There was water dripping from the bottom of the unit. A steady stream of water comes from the leak. The unit had to be removed. I had to contact EcoSmart. February 19th was the last day of contact with EcoSmart. You can sit on hold for an hour at a time and not get a response.

👤The Eco 11 and aquapure pre-filter were purchased by me. It's more than five years old and still going strong. We have a 1500 sf house with a single bath/shower and a dishwasher. We don't run anything at the same time as the shower so I can't say how it would work for multitasking, but it works great for our purpose. I replace the pre-filter as needed and haven't had any problems with the heater. We have a hard well-water with a high level of iron, but I have a pre-filter that cleans the water. The water comes out of the ground at 50F and I set the control to generate 112F, so we have to run the water for a short time for the plumbing wall. I was able to replace an electric 40-Gal heater that took up half of a 3' x 6' closet with a unit that is about the size of a shoe box. We had to pull #6 AWG wire since this runs on a 60 Amp breaker, but that was my only complaint. I'm back on this page to check prices for another workshop, so I thought I'd add a review.

5. BATTILO HOME Realistic Perfectly Tortilla

BATTILO HOME Realistic Perfectly Tortilla

We know you'll love this blanket. If you are not completely satisfied with your taco blanket, they will give you a 100% satisfaction or refund guarantee. You'll get a full refund if you send it back. The swaddle blanket uses a high quality flannel fabric that is 270 grams per square. The funny blanket is lint-free and can be used as a blanket, sofa, bed, travel blanket, picnic mat and many other things. The diameter for adults is 71 inches. The soft and warm burritos wrap blanket will make your friends jealous because they want to be giant human burritos. Perfect gifts for a boy and a girl. The blanket is lightweight and will bring you warmth. It can be used as a sofa blanket, travel blanket, camping blanket, and bed blanket. This cookie swaddle blanket is a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, and Christmas. The machine is gentle with cold water. Air dry, anti-wrinkle and no fade. Before use, please wash this bed throw. They are committed to providing 100% satisfactory service. If you are not happy with the blanket, please contact them.

Brand: Battilo Home

👤I bought this blanket for a girl. She noticed before I did. I made a picture so you could make your own judgement.

👤My kids received this gift. They think the chocolate chip is gross because it looks like a body part. Very disappointed.

👤This is a nice blanket. I was a little concerned about it being a gift because I read that it was correct. There is a chip in the pattern that is suspect depending on how you view it. I can see what it is. I can see what it could be. It seems like a middle digit to my eyes, but it's beauty that's in the eye of the beholder. Its a chip. It's nice. If you're planning on giving this as a gift, you have to know your audience and that's why I don't credit the "giftable" rating. I like the blanket and think it was worth the money. It's big, soft, lightweight, and comfy. I would recommend... If a gift for someone who is easily offended.

👤I only give this 4 stars because my doughnuts don't look like doughnuts, and the one shown does. The round food blankets are too cute to pass up and they are soft and comfortable. The doughnuts shown look like a top down image of a tasty treat, but my one looks like it has been pushed out of all sides. I still use it because it does what it was made to do.

👤Don't know how this got past 2 stars. I shoot straight on my reviews, and I tell you that this looks like a chocolate chip cookie. The chips looked like plums to me. They used photo magic to make this look like a cookie throw.

👤My father loves these donuts, the pink ones with the sprinkles, I got a blanket similar to this, and my mother loves cookies, so when I found this one, I had to get it.

👤I was asked to review the item by Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the blanket at the end of November, but I didn't receive it until December 26. I didn't give it a good review. The blanket is soft and the cookie picture was nice. I will have to pay more attention to where the item is coming from next time.

👤Everyone wanted the Donut Crazy throw at the gift exchange party. So soft!

👤La cobija es de buen tamao. Si la piensas, por el diseo piensalo dos veces parece una pared de piedra no una galleta con chispas de chocolate.

👤The blanket looks like a donut. It's light enough to carry around in the house and it doesn't get hot. The seller responded to the issues with the original order within 24 hours. Will definitely consider Battilo Home for future purchases if my daughter loves it.

👤Cumple su funcion cobertora con un toque divertido. El tamao tienes bastante razonable. Para un nio, the ideal.

👤The blanket is soft and warm, but it doesn't look good compared to the product. I bought it for my granddaughter and it's not suitable for her. I am disappointed that the blanket is not what I expected, but it is a good blanket for our dog. I had to order something else.

6. PetAmi Waterproof Furniture Reversible Microfiber

PetAmi Waterproof Furniture Reversible Microfiber

It's perfect for your pet to lounge and nap on your sofa. This blanket is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. The blanket has been reinforced so that water or urine won't leak from one side to the other. It's perfect for small, medium, and large dogs. Pet beds protect your furniture from scratching, chewing, fur, and shed while keeping your pet comfortable and furniture free of fur and urine. It's also great as a pet car blanket and lining. The blanket is warm and convenient. The plaid design of the pet throw blanket will keep you warm and cozy while your pet sleeps. It is possible to protect your couch, bed, and home goods from being chewed, scratched, and shed by your pet. It's great to keep fur and hair out of sofas and couches. This blanket is made with microfiber that is high quality and durable. It is easy to wash and tumble dry.

Brand: Petami

👤This is a large blanket for pets. The people in my house like it just as much as the dogs. The newer terry mattress protectors have a waterproof layer. I put a cup of water on it and it kept the couch dry for 3 hours. The smell of acidic things will transfer down if you leave it sit too long. If you are using this for protection from an elderly or young animal, make sure to check it daily. You should wash this on a gentle cycle in warm water and detergent and not use oxy stuff, like the mattress protectors, because it will cause it to get hot. The inner barrier should work for quite a while.

👤I decided to write a review because of something I saw in an earlier review. My dog is leaking urine. I was looking for a blanky that would be waterproof. I want to get her back on the couch. I bought this blanket despite not liking it. The reviewer said that the blanket was waterproof until it was washed, and that stuck with me. I washed mine twice and now it leaks. If it wasn't double folded, my couch would have been drenched. I paid double the price that you see it listed for to get it to me, so it's very sad for me. If you are looking for a waterproof blanket, please stay away. It feels like it's made of cheap material. Hope this helps.

👤I bought it because one of my dogs is weird about peeing on their beds, and I read that it was thin, but I still bought it. I bought a $200 bed that wasn't water resistant, so I thought I'd give this blanket a try. It got peed on immediately and the urine didn't show up in the picture. It is soft and nice looking. I will be ordering more.

👤I tested the waterproofness of the grey plaid PetAmi blanket by putting a corner under a running faucet. It was not waterproof. I looked at the tags and they didn't say it was waterproof, even though I picked it up from the product listing for waterproof blankets. Returned it. I tried the lighter gray because the blankets had good ratings. The product packaging did not say it was waterproof, but I did a faucet test and it was waterproof. The product description is slightly different when you select plaid colors. It is a fantastic product if you get one of the waterproof colors. Our kitty loves it. I bought another as a backup. We use this as a cover over an electric heated pet pad for our 20yr old kitty, and it still breathes enough to let the warmth of the pad through.

👤This product works as advertised. My dog has accidents while sleeping because of the medication she is on. I have the sherpa face up for her to lie on. She leaks with the sherpa side face up, and it doesn't pool or run off. The urine does not leak past the waterproof barrier. To clean it, I just put it in the washer and it will dry on medium heat. It feels like a regular thin blanket because there is no vinyl or plastic. There is no padding. I don't recommend using it as a pet bed, but as a top cover to protect it from accidents. If your dog likes to nest, I would recommend buying a larger size to tuck over and under the bed so it stays in place. Aggressive nesters will just throw it up. I bought 3 to use in different places and an extra to wash a dirty one. I would recommend it to others. I bought a few more of these blankets to put on the couch for my dog to sleep on. She laid on it while I was covering it with a blanket. The blanket is warm even though it is thin.

7. Paw Legend Multiple Waterproof Incontinence

Paw Legend Multiple Waterproof Incontinence

The size of the dog pee pads can be divided into two parts, one for one piece and the other for two pieces. A multi-functional piece of tender fabric with its suitable size to fit sofa, couch, chairs,beds, car boot or any other piece of furniture is the Paw Legend. Your pet will be very satisfied if you keep your furniture clean. The dog bed pad is a premium and durable material. The mats are leak-free and support over 300 times wash. The paw legend Washable potty pads are enriched with support for more cozy. Your dog will have dreams about it. Heavy duty pee pads with leak-proof design. There is a absorb material between the layers that can keep your floors and furniture against pet urine or slobber, and there is a tender and delicate material on one side. The top part is leak-free so you don't have to worry about an accident. The fleece side is soft and your dogs will like it. There is multi-function. The pet pads can be used indoors. It can be used on beaches and campsites. If you have two dogs, you can put one in each of their beds at night if you want to. They don't want the couch to get wet since they are leak-free, so you can use them after the dogs bath. The dog blanket is made from high-quality materials that are light and durable. They are easy to clean and maintain. It's easy to machine wash for easy cleaning and care. This blanket is leak-free and saves you time, energy and a lot of love in the relationship with your dog.

Brand: Paw Legend

👤These blankets are waterproof and awesome. I dumped water on them and came back a few hours later and they were dry. I use them in my dog's room. My dogs are pukers so the few times they are in the kennel and they do it is a pain to have to rip apart the whole dog bed to wash. The dog bed will still be clean with these, I can just throw them in the wash. They don't completely cover the dog bed, but they do puke in the front. I put them towards the front. I like that I can put one blanket in each of their beds at night. It's easier to wash them than the dog beds. It's nice to be able to use them together for a large bed in the kennel or a single bed in our room. The dog beds wouldn't get wet if either of them had an accident in their bed. I know my dogs like fleece and they are soft. I plan to use them after the dog baths for when they want to lay on the couch, but we don't want the couch to get wet.

👤My senior dog had an accident while sleeping and I bought this blanket to protect him. I wanted something light to put at the end of the bed. I didn't want to add another blanket or wash something large. This works the trick. My dog likes to sleep on the blanket. It is very easy to wash if accidents happen because the two pieces snap together. My dog has not had an accident yet, but I have poured 1/3 cup of water on it and it has not leaked. It is easy to travel with a blanket of the same size. The price is great because these are so versatile. They fit on the bed, couch, car and don't fall off. The quality and longevity of the blanket is very good.

👤We thought we would try the dog blanket since we had previously purchased re-usable diapers from this company. It is made well and serves a useful purpose. In our situation, we have a 37 pound border collie mix and two blankets to cover her entire bed. It comes in a two pack, but when you snap them together, they expand into the correct size for her bed. She has a large bed. They will be used for the car. I would highly recommend them for a small dog or a medium size dog. Jenny Z. was our contact and she did everything she could to make us happy. If you have a dog like ours who has begun to experience incontinent problems, the diapers and blanket will make your life easier.

👤My old man loves this bed cover. We had to put feather pillows in trash bags and cover them with fabric because he was destroying beds so fast. He loves being on it, it seems fresh, and he is protecting our homemade bed. The sides snap together to cover the pillow. It could be arranged to snap in different ways. One side is warm and the other is smooth. Make sure it's big enough for your dog. I wish it came with instructions and examples of how to use it, but I'm glad they saved the paper. Their customer service is very responsive.

8. Snuffle Nosework Washable Training Activity

Snuffle Nosework Washable Training Activity

Take care of your dog. SENSE. Of SMELL. The dog snuffle blanket mimics the hunt for food in nature and encourages natural skills in your dog. You can fill the slow feeding mat with food and hide treats to get the dog interested. Challenge through dog training mats, avoid boredom and engage in destructive behavior. It's great for stress release. The pet snuffle mat is easy to clean and convenient to carry. Roll up for carrying. M 23.6" x 39.4" is perfect for all dogs. A dog training mat is used to build interaction between owner and pet. The anti-slip backing stays stable on the floors, keeping them in place for less-messy pet feeding. No risk purchase. They want to make your dog's life better. They will do their best to solve your problem if you are not happy with their product.

Brand: Stellaire Chern

👤I normally wait a few days to write a review but this came in the mail today and it was perfect! My doggo lost interest in playing with toys after going blind. I didn't want her to get depressed and this toy was suggested on a group. I am happy with this. I don't think she'll tear it apart anytime soon, but I can tell you that she's durable.

👤The humane society has an 11 year old hound mix that we are fostering. We took her on slow walks around the neighborhood for physical exercise but we didn't know how to mentally stimulation her. She has not shown interest in any of the toys we have tried to give her. I put her food all over the snuffle mat. It was easy because it was her first time. All but one piece was found. Senior dogs are more likely to benefit from mental stimulation than physical stimulation. She needs a mat that will keep her brain working. I was worried that she was going to rip the piece that she grabbed and pulled to get to the kibble underneath. Nope. She pulled hard and the pieces stayed on the mat. It seems to be well constructed. I will try to remember to update after we use it a few more times. She dug and pushed with her nose while the backing stayed in place. I am so happy we purchased this.

👤This thing is amazing. My maltipoo is very active and loves anything that stimulates his senses. With fetch being his favorite game, I needed something that would hone in on a skill that wouldn't require my attention. This thing works. He jumps for joy when he sees me pull it out. I fill it with food and treats so he can keep busy as long as he can smell a treat. When the treats are gone, he will go back and look for more treats. They will hunt longer if you add more. It is an inexpensive alternative to other brands. I highly recommend.

👤My dog is a dog. Take her to the park and she won't leave the ground. She likes to eat bugs and other things. I knew she would like a snuffle mat. My dog is also barrel chested, so I needed something to slow her eating down and reduce the risk of bloat. The mat is a good size for a small or medium dog. The materials are sturdy. I've used this mat for almost three months and it doesn't show signs of wear. I wash it in my washing machine and it looks great. I like having the other puzzle sections as well, but most days I use the snuffle side. Will this work for your dog? I thought this would be an issue because my dog loves chewing felt, but she has not tried to chew the grass. When she's done eating and hasn't had any issues, I'll leave the mat down for a few minutes. Some of the little puzzles can be difficult for the dog, depending on their face shape and size. My dog gets frustrated when she can't fit through the cup hole because her snout and paws are too big. There is willingness to play along. I knew my dog was a snuffler, but some dogs may not take to it. I've heard of dogs shaking their mats and letting food fall to the floor. My dog doesn't dig at the mat or pull at the one section of the puzzle, but if she's frustrated with a puzzle, she will. A more aggressive dog may rip the felt or toss the mat when frustrated. I'm very satisfied with the product.

9. EZLY Tortilla Comfortable Microfiber Lightweight

EZLY Tortilla Comfortable Microfiber Lightweight

Please wash this burrito round wrap blanket before you use it. tumble dry on low when needed, never fade, and never shrink, because of the machine wash in gentle cycle with cold water. The blanket is warm and lightweight. It is convenient for travel and can be used in a variety of scenarios. It can be used throughout the year, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Are you a fan of Mexican food? Imagine being wrapped in their giant burrito blanket and becoming a tortilla, taco, tostada, quesadilla, enchilada, burrito or taquito. The pattern is double sided for extra goodness. It is designed for you and your loved ones. Cool stuff. Are you looking for a funny gift? The Burrito Tortilla Throw Blanket looks like a giant food wrap. Birthday gifts can be used on the beach as a blanket, a throw blanket for the sofa or a bed cover. This burrito throw blanket is the perfect novel original gift for any occasion. How is it made? It is not made of corn wheat, meat or veggies. The Burrito Blanket is made of 300GS. It is a very light and soft tortilla blanket. How should you care for it? It can be washed using cold water and a gentle cycle. Do not bleach or iron! Dry on low heat. No stretching, no shrinking or fading. They want to make the best choice obvious so you are satisfied. If you have a single concern about anything, they will give you a refund. Send it back for a new one or a full refund.

Brand: Ezly

👤The tortilla blanket/throw is not as good as it could be, since it tries to encompass the characteristics of a real tortilla. 1) The blanket is so soft that it resembles a cute puppy with short hair. It tastes like a tortilla when you lick it. The blanket is round like a tortilla. There are two more There are burn marks from a pan or griddle on it. It looks like a tortilla on both sides. Some companies offer one-sided tortilla blankets. It would be difficult to maintain the illusion with a single blanket. This blanket is what I was hoping for. It is more of a throw than a blanket. Some reviewers have a problem with reading comprehension because of how thin it is. The description and product page state that the blanket is lightweight. If you're looking for a blanket to use on a cold night, I suggest you get a tortilla blanket. The blanket is high quality. The print has good detail. It feels nice against my skin. There were no complaints after one wash. This blanket is practical and fun. You can create your own role playing game, no matter your age. "Who needs a place to stay?" or "Come inside my food truck for a minute". I have hours of age appropriate fun. A 5'5" person can be made into a burrito using the 80in blanket. Be careful. If you wake up from a sleep wrapped in this blanket, you will have a strong craving for breakfast.

👤I am in love with my new blanket. It arrived in one day. The package looked presentable and would make a perfect gift, but I was amused to see the nutrition facts on the back. The blanket is lightweight yet it is warm and soft, and the fabric is high quality. My dog loved the blanket so much that I would have to buy another one for him.

👤The box is big. I guess, as expected. The box would have been a little smaller if I had given it to me. It could have been vacuum sealed so the box was smaller, but it is even funnier to gift because it is huge.

👤The quality is great. The quality of the two 47” blankets is the same. It is soft, realistic and double sided. The 47” is really small. It is about the size of a baby blanket. That was a bit disappointing. My kids still love them despite the fact that it is a lap blanket. They will be good for taking the car.

👤It's soft and a decent size, and can convince me I'm starting at a giant tortilla. I wouldn't recommend for the hungry.

👤I love it! It is soft, light, warm and ideal for gifts. It is fantastic. The bag is a bonus.

👤My sister in law gave these to my grand kids. I was impressed with the quality. They are soft. I ordered the largest one. They come in a tube. I put the little cars in there. It's easy to put it in the sack.

10. NEEDOON Interactive Encourages Foraging Dispenser

NEEDOON Interactive Encourages Foraging Dispenser

The dog training mat allows your dog to find small toys hidden in the mat. It helps to train your dog to lose weight. Keep your dog occupied and avoid him being bored. The mat is held in place by a non-slip cloth that prevents the dog from moving it. The design can be shrunk into a small bag. It can be hung or set aside when not in use. It's suitable for traveling. The feeding mat can be folded into a bowl. If you want to use your dog as an olfactory pad, stick to the good habits of your dog. It's easy to clean. The main fabric of the scent pad is felt cloth, which is easy to clean. It's suggested that it's washed by hand. If you are not satisfied with their dog feeding snuffle mat, please contact them.

Brand: Awoof

👤I wanted an interactive treat game that would be easy for a 15 year old dog to play, like the furball version of a crotchety old man, screaming at kids to get off his lawn while throwing his cane in their general direction. I tried the stupid wooden puzzle games that come with all the fancy bells and whistles. My dog snorted, licked the empty compartment and went to sleep on top of it. There is a stupid overpriced puzzle game. O, dog. I got this one on the fly. I broke up some greenies and hid the pieces under the leaves of the toy as my dog smelled the weird cactus poof monster. By the time I blinked, my dog was face deep in this toy making snorting noises and rifling through the green things in search of food. He looked like a wild wolf to me, my significant other disagreed and said he sounded like a pig. The overpriced dog toy is not so stupid. Word to the wise, keep an eye on your dog while he plays with this toy. What kind of person just drops a toy and walks away from their dog? My dog tried to eat a few pieces off the green leaves, but he mistook them for food. I would be dealing with green felt poop by now if I weren't watching him. I'm not. If you have a dog that will eat cement, just keep an eye on it while it forages for treats hidden in this plant monster, and you will be fine.

👤We live in a tiny modular house with a toy that is 4 lbs. At times her bark is so loud it could break glass. Especially while eating. No really. Most of the barks of the dogs are lower in pitch. She barks at her food when she is bored. We don't have a place to put her food outside of the living room because our home is set up that way. It wouldn't help if food was placed in another location. We are with her all the time. It was becoming intolerable. I mean when she barked so loud that my ears rang for 45 minutes. It is very painful. She is trying to occupy herself and we were getting frustrated with her. We thought we would have to find an alternative. She was getting negative attention from us and something to boost her spirits. We tried to spacing out feedings so she wouldn't get hungry. Not leaving food out after feeding times. She should remove her food as soon as she starts barking and give the bowl back after 20 minutes. Nothing worked until now. She loves her mat and took it immediately. She loves the mat we've had for two days. She still loves her mat and I still have hearing loss.

👤Good. It wasn't made durable enough. My 8 month old pup tore it apart.

👤I really like this product, but it won't last. I used it once and it is falling apart. The fabric is coming undone. This product came apart because the dog forages for his food rooting around.

11. Rnairni Funny Flannel Blanket Blankets

Rnairni Funny Flannel Blanket Blankets

The soft and warm novel blanket will make your friends jealous, with a more realistic and comfortable double-layer design. The 60inch blanket is made of high quality flannel fabric and has a size that is not inferior. The pizza blanket is non-fading, lint-free and can be used as a blanket, sofa, bed, travel blanket, picnic mat, dog cat blanket and many other functional blankets. Surprise gift: This stylish and innovative blanket is a perfect gift for family and friends. It's suitable for parties, camping, various festivals and scenes. It is warm, soft to touch, and lightweight. It's machine washed. Dry on low heat.

Brand: Rnairni

👤I bought 2 of these for Christmas gifts and kept them even after opening them. They didn't know they were getting it.

👤The blanket doesn't cover a child. I thought it was bigger and had to return. It's a decent gift for a child, but won't keep you warm.

👤I bought this as a gift so I can't speak for the softness, but the recipient uses it daily and has said her new go to present is this. This is a great buy if you know someone who likes pizza and is eclectic. I'm assuming it's thick enough to be warm as the recipient lives in the Midwest and has been using it in the winter.

👤The blanket was thin and had a photo print. The photo was only printed on the top layer of the fabric, so you can see a lot of white fabric underneath if the blanket isn't laying flat. The kids liked being a cookie.

👤I gave it a two because it's very soft. It's a mix of orange and beige. There are sections of orange with yellow slices inside. There are small dots of orange in the middle. My grandson is a big fan of taco and burrito. It's so soft that I'm keeping it.

👤I got this for my boyfriend because he loves pizza and I have a tortilla blanket. He doesn't like how the white shows through the pizza print and the back is just solid white, but he loves it.

👤Our dogs stayed with our friends for the first night, they had a bunch of people over, and when they were distracted, our Great Dog stole some pizza from people's hands. I knew I had to get them this blanket. We already have one. I know it's soft. We sent it to them a couple days later so they could remember our boy.

👤Kids will love these tv throws.


What is the best product for food blanket for dogs?

Food blanket for dogs products from Awoof. In this article about food blanket for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Yinxue and Routesun are also good brands to look for when you are finding food blanket for dogs.

What are the best brands for food blanket for dogs?

Awoof, Yinxue and Routesun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food blanket for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Ecosmart, Battilo Home and Petami are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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