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1. Complete Survival Seeds Vault Open Pollinated

Complete Survival Seeds Vault Open Pollinated

A 10 year shelf life is possible. It's guaranteed against zombie attacks. The.30 Cal Ammo Box probably wouldn't survive a direct hit, but zombies won't have a chance. Tough enough to survive disasters. This is a sturdy 30 Cal. The Ammo Box Seals are LOCK-able. You can buy a spare one, one for a loved one and one for a friend. Home Gardening Enthusiasts and Master Survivalists recommend it. ARES OF LIFE SUSTAINING FOOD: 100% Open Pollinated Heritage Seeds will feed your family through any disaster and beyond. Their PDF guide for planting and storing your seeds is easy to use. This is the perfect pack for any gardening activity. There is a list of their hand packed seeds. On the left side of your screen, hover your mouse over the 2nd image.

Brand: Grow For It

👤My brother has a garden. He was excited about the variety of seeds. Only a small number of these seeds sprouted or grew. Very disappointing.

👤We had to start our vegetables early because of the potential food shortages caused by the Covid-19 virus. I planted about five varieties of lettuce in my greenhouse after breaking into this kit. Some of the seed packs that I've planted so far were duds, but most came up fast and did well. I think the best way to handle this is to use whatever you need every year and replace the seeds with ones from your own plants, so you always have a fresh supply. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤It seems to be good. I'm going to test a few seeds and put the rest back. I will post a follow-up review after the apocalypse.

👤I have not planted the seeds yet, so I can't speak on any specifics. I found a dead bug in a seed bag and two outside of the bags when I went through each individual packet. It was disappointing. A little attention to detail could have prevented this. I am looking forward to starting my garden. The delivery time was amazing and the packaging was great. I had to type out all the seeds in an excel sheet.

👤This is a great collection of seeds. I would like to see the manual printed and part of the kit. I have 72 plants germinating from this kit and all are doing well.

👤The quality was what was expected. Came quickly. Well packaged. I haven't had a chance to start anything yet, so I can't talk about how good the seeds are. In case anyone is curious, I wanted to write a review about the substitution. They might not be the exact seeds, but they will sub some out. There were 10 that were swapped. There was no Bean, Blue Lake Bush Bean, Golden Wax Pea, Sugar snap Pea, Wando Pepper, Cubanelle, and Table Queen Tomato. Some will swap. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get the Bush Blue lake beans, but as they taste the same, it's not a big deal. I can be lazy, but I was glad to see the Sugar Ann Peas. Good swap. There have been no complaints so far. Will update at the end of the year if I remember correctly.

👤It seems like a good idea, but when you open the gun, you can't find a bag inside. There is no way to see inside the bag without breaking the seal.

👤Excellent assortment. Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and summer squash, and bell peppers have sprouted thus far. I love the storage container. Very happy. Will buy from this company again.

2. Rations Emergency Calorie Food Cinnamon

Rations Emergency Calorie Food Cinnamon

Us Coast Guard has been approved. Each packet contains 9 food bars. The Coast Guard was approved for 5 years shelf life. The country of origin is the United States. It is designed to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available. It is designed to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available.

Brand: Sos Food Labs, Inc.

👤A lot of people think these are not healthy. These are survival bars. They have a high calories to weight ratio and are shelf stable. I like the packaging, it's very air/water tight, and they taste good, I'd be happy to have something sweet in a survival situation. Health food can be found elsewhere.

👤These are not healthy. These are bars for survival. If lost on a hike,patriot sells them in bulk for 100 bucks for 30 days. The lemon taste of the other bars made me buy these. We didn't buy for taste, but to survive. My show ends on 3/25. The seal was fresh and strong. See my picture.

👤The coconut and cinnamon sos bars are small, but they have a good taste. I'm doing a challenge to eat sos bars. I would give it a try for an emergency situation, you never know when you might be in a tight spot.

👤There are 31 grams of sugar. Palm oil, Corn starch, wheat flour... I was looking for a bar with a lot of calories. These have toxic ingredients. Had to throw them out. It's SIGH!

👤I would never have bought these bars if I had known the high sugar content.

👤I opened one of the packages and it was great. The ration bars inside each pouch are sealed individually and kept fresh for days after opening the outer cover. It was weeks, actually. I put them in a container. I only used four bars over the last two weeks. That's using some for at least 4 breakfast smoothies and a couple of small snacks. A quarter of a bar makes a great snack, and I've added that same amount, all crumbled, to smoothies with fruit, yogurt, icewater, instant coffee, and it's great stuff! A quarter-bar is only about 62.5 calories, so it was a good time to get some first aid classes. I'm back in Coastal VA and I want to be prepared for the local disasters. I ordered the S.O.S. Rations double pack. Yes, COCONUT. The packages arrived quickly. It's all I can do. Oh, yeah, with it. I'm going to order more as soon as I finish this review. Great stuff, whether you want it for dessert or an emergency. I'm going to open a bottle of chianti and watch C-span.

👤Why are there so many people complaining about the taste and sugar content? These bars are used if you get lost in the forest. These are not for camping, diet or challenge. If you are worried about taste and sugar, you won't survive. It is plain and simple. If it gets so bad that you have to eat these, you will have what you find and eat, regardless of sugar content or taste. These are good for preppers. I thought I was prepared for Hurricane Katrina. I had a freezer full of frozen meats and food, a garage full of bottled water, and light canned goods. My home flooded into my second story. The freezer full of food became fish food because the generator no longer worked. If you keep food in multiple locations, it won't save you if it's under water.

3. Jack Links Teriyaki Protein 5 0 625oz

Jack Links Teriyaki Protein 5 0 625oz

A good source of protein. Jack Link's Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a delicious way to get more of the essential part of a balanced diet. It's a snack that the whole family will enjoy. There are 5 count multipacks. You always have a meat snack on hand with this pack. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for an after school snack. It is made with 100% beef. Their teriyaki beef is made from lean cuts of premium beef. It is fat free and has no added nitrates or nitrites. Each strip of Teriyaki Beef Jerky is made with a special blend of soy, garlic, ginger and brown sugar. It's slow cooked over hardwood smoke for a smoky flavor. The entire family will love it. LUNCHBOX READY: Ready to eat packs are a great way to get your kids' lunch ready. No leftovers. They wouldn't be surprised if they asked for two bags.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤We received them yesterday. I bought 3 boxes. 3 packs out of one box looks like this. Is it very moldy? It smells like death. My 11 year old opened the pack and smelled them before eating. They are not dead.

👤Truth: There were 4 packs in the box. The amount in the pack and the size of the pack were shocking. The amount of Triscuit crackers you could fit is two.

👤I am a faithful customer of jack links and will continue to do so, however, this product was pointless. I realized that I paid for packaging, not for jerky. Each snack pack contained less than an ounce of jerky. There were two bags in the box that had less than two pieces per bag. They are not big pieces. The bag was full of crumbles. The whole purpose of buying individual snack bags was defeated when my husband ate three or four bags as a snack. I thought having a single serving size would be beneficial, but it was a complete waste of money. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤Beware! There are missing and moldy Jerky. I ordered 2 boxes of Jack Links Teriyaki Beef Jerky and when I opened the other box, there was only one pack in the whole box, instead of the 5 that was advertised. I should have asked for a refund when I contacted Amazon to get a replacement box, I tear open the box to make sure all the packs are in it. I immediately spit out the piece I was chewing and open another bag, the second bag seems fine but by this point I am disgusted and trying to get the taste of the moldy pieces off my tongue. I won't be buying this brand again because of the two big problems the company has.

👤There is a small package of desiccant in the Jack Links Jerky. It is the same size as the jerky. Before eating the product, be sure to remove it. There is no warning on the bag. I have never seen food like this before.

👤I am not sure where I can send a message except as a review.

👤The jerky tastes great. I didn't know how small each packet was. You can get 1 mouthful of jerky for a buck. I will not be buying this product again. I bought it for a child. I brought it to work because it wasn't needed. If this brand is in this packaging, I will buy more.

👤My son is a senior. The coaches recommend snacks. I had been looking for something new to change things up and this was my first purchase. He gave me a thumbs up when he brought the empty teriyaki box to me. He said that if there is a big bag that it would be better than having individual packages. I have to check the pantry to see if things are eaten. I know if I should add them to my list. They're on the way after I ordered a big bag. There is a He liked the JL Tener Cuts if you were looking to try something new. I'm ordering more today.

4. Prep Basics Variety Emergency Calories

Prep Basics Variety Emergency Calories

Excellent protein and calories. The emergency food supply has 362 total grams of protein and 12,320 calories. It is versaTILE. Food supply provides one person with 2,000 calories and 65 grams of protein per day for six days, three days for two people and one day for six people. There are eight kill options. Eating boring and tasteless meals in an emergency can make things worse. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this emergency food. Easy to prepare meals. Just add water and cook. It is easy to transport. It's easy to store a food supply at home, at work, and in your vehicle with one pail, it's just 13 inches tall. There are heavy-DUTY Mylar gloves. Even after the outer pail has been opened, the meals stay fresh in individual mylar pouches. 25-year life. It is true that meals can stay fresh and great-tasting for up to 25 years when stored in a cool environment.

Brand: Prep Basics

👤I bought this for camping. Most meals are packaged in a way that makes them fit in a package. It's not good for camping or emergencies to cook the meals in a full kitchen. It's good to have your pantry.

👤Even though the container was sealed, I was missing a meal.

👤My family was without power or running water for weeks. The non-perishable food was the only thing sticking. Then Hurricane Gustav. The floods came when we thought we were in the clear. It was called a 500 year flood. They called it the "1 in 1000 odd flood." We were stuck with what we had on hand. As with most natural disasters that hit the Gulf South, you always face the reality of closed stores, or at least no means of actually getting to them. That's why Prep Basics is so important. There are a lot of different things in here. I can't tell you how many people it can feed, but I can tell you how much you and your family consume. In the store room where we keep our supplies for hurricanes, we need an emergency food pail like this. Someone who has been through a lot of hurricanes and floods in his life would tell you to be prepared. It's not possible to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an emergency supply of food. The price would be the most iffy thing about this kit. I like the pail. Some of the products are similar to Augason Farms food pails. I would lie if I said that those seem to offer more in the way of sustenance. I would recommend this brand of emergency food, but I would also say to do your homework on different options as well.

👤I decided to have an emergency kit with food in it because of the extreme weather we are seeing. Constantly rotating food is what this means. I was sold on the fact that this kit would last 25 years. The kit contains enough food to make 60 meals. It would make 20 meals for my family of three, which is enough to get us through any disaster since we don't live anywhereremote. There is a nice assortment of meals. Why are the three stars? I was going to open it and make a few meals to give a review, but I can't get the lid off. I pulled off the zip part, but the actual lid is stuck. I am afraid of damaging the seal and have tried to pry it open. The 25 year expired is only good when it is in a container. The only way to try these out is to destroy the container. I am concerned that I wouldn't be able to open it in an emergency.

👤This is great to have in an emergency. It's very hard to get the lid off because it's sealed. The pouches inside are sealed as well. They have a long shelf life of 25 years from the date of manufacture, and they don't taste bad, even though I didn't try them all. It's not the best food, but it's similar to backpacker dehydrated food if you've ever eaten that. Try to enjoy if you have to. This is a great option in an emergency. I would recommend it.

5. Augason Farms Creamy Potato Soup

Augason Farms Creamy Potato Soup

It's perfect for everyday use and emergencies. The shelf life can be up to 10 years.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤I don't want my kids to look at me and say "Dad, why weren't you prepared for US, what are we going to do for food to survive?" As much money as we throw away, comes on. This is an insurance policy. You should put up plenty just in case, but you hope to not need it.

👤The shelf life on the label is up to ten years. That's great, but when was it packed? We have no way of knowing because products like this can sit in warehouses for a long time. That's bad news for the crowd. We usually buy this type of stock food without intending to eat it. In the event of a true emergency, how could I be certain that the product is safe to eat? If someone will tell me about this, I will change the review. I left a message for customer service.

👤I make meals in jars. You can use this as a base, add some sour cream powder, freeze dried potato, sausage, green onions, cheddar cheese sauce, and/or freeze dried cheddar cheese, and you have a copy cat version of Black Angus' Baked Potato. It was great! Carbohydrate lovers are happy! Second review. I decided to make some clam chowDah. I thought about this and decided to give it a try. It was great! clams, milk, water Wow. I like Augason Farms soups. All of them! They can be used as a base.

👤The soup mix makes the greatest chowder. Adding the clam or oyster liquids and a cup of light or heavy cream to the dish, along with the fish stock, chopped onion and a bit of garlic, gives the dish that special sea food flavor and one cup of light or heavy cream instead of 1 cup water, puts the finishing touch

👤This soup is thick and creamy, but you are free to make it your own. Add sliced mushrooms, green onions, diced chicken or cheese. You can top it with bacon bits, sour cream or cheese. You can make a delicious clam chowder. Your imagination is not enough. A few pennies per serving. I keep my stuff in the pantry. I put dehydrated potatoes on a pan with a sprinkle of Potato soup powder. Add hot milk and butter. For 20 minutes, bake at 350. The best potatoes ever.

👤Half onions/powder is what there is. The onions stick in your teeth because they don't cook properly. I took the onions from the power and put a half can of power in them. The flavor is ok but not like potato soup. Would I eat this during an emergency or during a zombie apocalypse? I would throw onions at the zombies. During an emergency? Highly doubt it. If I was starving to death? If the onions were taken out.

👤The company decided to send it with an in-person signature. They tried to deliver it to our washing room in back, but never came to our front door, and left a note on the washroom saying they were at the wrong place. I don't own a car. I don't mail order stuff in order to find a way to pick it up myself. I will be trying to get my money back for non-delivery for the first time. Augason suddenly decided they needed a signature from a repeat customer. Had this for the first time today. I didn't change it much from the can into the boiling water, but I did add some pepper and basil. I got a feel for how it tastes, just following the directions. It's too thick, so I used a little more water than I needed. The soup needs a bit of help to be an ideal soup, so in the future I'm probably going to use a vegetable broth instead of plain water, and more of it, as it needs a bit more help to be an ideal soup. I could feel it sticking to the bottom of the pot after I stirred it all the time. It's another effect of being too thick and needing more water added than the instructions say. I don't know if I'll re-order it often to always have at hand, I'll better know that it's not as good as Bear Creek instant potato soups, after I've used up this can.

6. Nutristore Butternut Servings Emergency Survival

Nutristore Butternut Servings Emergency Survival

A 25 year shelf life is possible. Their Freeze-Dried Butternut Squash is a delicious and healthy side with no Additives. They make sure that the freeze-drying process locks in all the important vitamins and minerals without compromising quality or taste. A healthy snack is perfect for kids lunches or travel food. It's a great alternative to other snack options. It's perfect for snacking, lightweight camping, or emergency storage. 25 years from now, freeze-dried Butternut Squash can be used as survival food in soups, casserole, stir fry, or stored for emergency situations. They offer the best overall value by packaging in 10 cans with a lid, and the most high-quality freeze-dried vegetables at the best value. Emergency storage is a wise choice for you to be prepared no matter what. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Nutristore

👤The price for 5 ounces of product is ridiculous. When I shake the can, it sounds like a cup of dried goods. That is $28/1 of dried squash. I have bought a lot from this company. They will not accept returns.

👤This is perfect for a New England pantry staple. If you follow the instructions, you will have a squash that is just as good as it was when it was in the garden. I will be making soup from this as the weather warms up.

👤I don't normally write reviews, but this stuff tastes great out of the can. It's a great substitute for potato chip. The value for your money is not as bad as some people think, but it would be better if the price was less. I'm ordering more.

👤This is the first time buying from this company. This product was purchased for soups and stew. It was soft and tasty. I will be buying from this company in the future.

👤This is being used for snacks for children. They like it. The only way to improve it is to have 3-4 separate packages to keep it fresh.

👤No damage was done. The shelf life is 25 years. Everything looks good and is a good addition to an emergency fund. You need your vegetables. I would buy it again if I could. Let's hope prices on these cans go down.

👤I bought 20 cans from this company. I like the products. I highly recommend.

👤Hope not to use it. Shipping was excellent.

7. DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

A doctor created a patented formula for DripDrop ORS to deliver fast dehydration relief. It also contains vitamins and minerals for immunity boosting. An ORS is a way to treat the signs of dehydration. It is 99% less expensive than an IV, and it provides faster dehydration relief than sports and pediatric drinks. 3X THE ELECTROLYTES and 12 THE SUGAR OF SPORTS DRINKS are formulated to address the signs of dehydration relief fast without the sugar and stickiness of traditional sports drinks. The body has a sodium-glucose co-transport system. Stay hydrated and recover faster from dehydration with the formula meticulously crafted for fast absorption. Dehydration can be caused by alcohol consumption, workout, travel, heat exhaustion, and feeling under the weather. The 8 flavors of DripDrop ORS taste great and offer dehydration relief fast.

Brand: Dripdrop

👤This product was very disappointing. I drank it within 30 minutes after I got them. There is an allergy to this product. So... I am allergic to sucralose, so I read the package and found it. I combed the product description page again and again, but there was no mention of sucralose as an ingredient. I wouldn't have bought this product if it had been listed. I need a good electrolyte replacement for my diabetes, but this one is not good. Why are they not willing to list all the ingredients? Could it be that they know? Do you not want to purchase their product if you know that sucralose is toxic?

👤I was hoping that this would be an alternative to drinking water. It is difficult to keep hydrated while working in an operating room. After a few days of use, my blood pressure rocketed. After my system was flushed and I stopped using this product, the high blood pressure stopped. I am very disappointed that I can't use this. Sharing to help others be cautious. The product is well packaged and affordable, and the flavors are subtle and make drinking water more enjoyable. I am sad I can't continue with it.

👤Have you ever taken adderall and not needed a prescription? Have you ever done a rail of booger sugar in your twenties? If you drink a packet or two of this and you get the same result, I can paint and clean my house in an hour. If you don't, now is the time to experience this type of energy. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤These work well. I was told to use pedialyte. These were found instead. A liquid bottle is where pedalyte comes from. I don't like the taste. I have kept them in my house ever since. The year off was the same as chemo. If you have the flu, hiking in the hot weather is a great option. When my daughter was in college, she said they were wonderful for a bad night's sleep. 2 packs in 16 ounces of water is what I use most. If you have a throbbing head from dehydration, these can help. The World Health Organization created this product. I am not sure if that is still true.

👤The packets mix well in a bottle of water, making it easy to rehydrate quickly. It does not contain caffine and tastes great when cold, so you can sip it throughout the day. Lemon is my favorite flavor, but the watermelon and berry are equally good. I drink 1-2 drinks a day along with unflavored water to keep hydrated while I run 4-5 times a week and strength training on my no running days. I prefer the small 8oznpackets of Liquid IV and the ability toHydrate quickly to the point that I've purchased both of them. I gave a few packets to my coworkers who don't workout but don't drink enough water or feel fatigued by lunch time, and they have purchased some, and they are believers. Don't waste your time by searching, just add it to your monthly shipment. You will not be sorry.

8. Augason Farms 72 Hour 1 Person Emergency

Augason Farms 72 Hour 1 Person Emergency

Natural, fortified, dry milk is good for your family's health. 2, 667 calories per day. It is easy to prepare. Just add some water. The shelf life is up to 25 years. The net weight was 4 lbs 0. 97 Z is 84 kilograms. The net weight was 4 lbs 0. 97 Z is 84 kilograms.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤Oh my gosh, so much complaining and whining. 1. If preparing for one person, divide the pouch into portions and only prepare 1 portion at a time. 2. Seal in a baggie or jar by rolling the opened top over. Unreconstituted leftovers are not bad in 3 days. 3. The dishes should be beefed up. Add canned chicken, dried vegetables, noodles, instant rice, lentils, or something similar. 4. Why am I looking at this product? Is it for survival or preparation? Is it for disasters? Thousands of books tell you how to get water, store water, and filter water. Food storage is discussed in the same books. The Forstchen book is a good starting point. 5. If you want to survive bad situations, you need to depend on yourself. Reality doesn't care about who you are. You will probably need to save yourself. Ask people who survived Sandy. 6. Today is a great day to start preparing for an uncertain future. Go to the grocery store and buy a box of rice, a jar of chicken bullion cubes, 3 cans of beans, and 2 cans of meat that you will eat. You can eat soup or casseroles for several days for under $10 now. The rest is on you, so remember. Prepare for the future.

👤The money has an outstanding value. The shelf life is 25 years. If you're in the market for long term food, you found the brand. Remember that in a "hunker down" situation, you're not likely to be in a hurry, so just take your time cooking it. My wife was pleasantly surprised by how decent these were. It would be enjoyable to eat this stuff and not die of starvation. Result, compared to normal food, was not bad at all. Result, considering that this stuff has been completely freeze dried and will last into my retirement.

👤Each entree or product is worth 72 hours for one individual but in a single package, so there are no complaints about this. If you want to use this for 9 meals, you need to open each entree and repackage it into three portions or cook it once and save the leftovers. I was hoping it would be packaged in a way that was convenient.

👤A pack of bananas. One pack of oatmeal says brown sugar, but it doesn't taste like it. The other three packs are just soup. The potato soup tastes good, but you want to add vegetables and meat. White soup is what it is. You have to make a huge pot of soup and store it. The humidity can get to open packs. The other packs were not the same as the banana chips. I will not buy it again. I tried to portion out the chicken and rice for a bowl. I got violently ill after eating it.

👤It was deceptive labeling. It's four big packages. If you're by yourself, you'll need a working refrigerator to keep the leftovers in. If you're buying this for a one person scenario, it's not realistic. I have been through an earthquake and I can tell you that grocery stores and electricity won't be there.

9. Ready Supply Foods Survival Emergency

Ready Supply Foods Survival Emergency

It is easy to install, because the lid is opened by rotating and there are grooves on the surface to make it easy to open or close by hand. You don't need to add ingredients, just add hot water and you are good to go. Natural ingredients make great food and are the reason for the biggest bucks on the market. It won't stand up to their competitors. You can store gout and go gouts at home or in your vehicle for emergency situations, or individual packages can be taken along on hiking, backpacking, and camping to add delicious, savory meals to your trip. Their life is 20% longer than their competitors. They use bags that are UV resistant to keep their food fresh. 140 calories in a 25.2 pound bucket. Don't be fooled by the amount of vegetables and rice. Their variety bucket has a wide range of meals from breakfast to dinner. The 2000 Calorie Diet was used.

Brand: Ready Supply Foods

👤It's a good value, I ordered it three times. The first two were in a bucket. The black bucket that was advertised as 25.2 lbs on the company's website is now 24 lbs. The company hasn't returned two emails for an explanation. If Amazon has reduced the bucket size, they need to change their product description and image. The advertising needs to be corrected.

👤With ongoing inflation, ports in California are grinding to a halt and rail cars are being raided. Let's face facts. The shelves are empty. It's time to think long term. I mean years, not weeks or months. There is a If you have a family, you owe them food on the table. This does it. This is emergency food. I didn't go to the store to buy dinner. If you have the means to carefully control cholesterol, diabetes and other health risks, you shouldn't eat emergency food. This stuff has a lot of salt. The more you eat, the more thirsty you are. There is a You have to control your water reserves. You're going to be in a bad place quickly. If you are forced to eat this stuff for more than a month, you should have an exercise plan in place. You will gain weight, have elevated levels and other inherent risks, which is against the survival scenario.

👤The bucket is bigger than I expected and the product came fast. I have tried several of the meals and have liked them all. The pasta Alfredo is my favorite so far. I like that it is made in the USA. I have to add water. I plan to use this for emergency preparation, camping and just a quick meal when I need it. The pack date was on the bottom so it was freshly made.

👤Here's what's in the bucket. It's impossible to read the description. The 5 star rating is random and the review is only to help you make a decision. Thanks. What is in the bucket? 1-Multi-Grain cereals 1-Oatmeal with Brown Sugar 1-Old Fashioned Pancake Mix

10. AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Alexa Enabled

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Alexa Enabled

Add 4 cups of NIDO Fortificada Dry Whole Milk beverage to a cup of warm water. The new top of the line bounty elite is perfect for a variety of big harvests. The new features of your garden, including a 3 step water level indicator, infiinite dimming grow light, and sunrise/sunset auto light dimming, can be controlled with your smart garden. The new and improved Bounty Elite is available today. Home grown freshness and flavor is what the In- Home Garden System is all about. It's right at your fingertips every day of the year. You can grow fresh herbs and veggies on your kitchen counter. Plants grow in water with this growing system. You can grow up to 9 plants in your garden. Drop in the non-GMO, pre-seededpods and watch them grow. In a few days, the sprout is ready for harvest and lasts for weeks. The world's leading countertop garden has energy efficient grow lights. When to add water and liquid plant food are reminders from smart garden technology. Sunrise andSunset lighting. The 9- Pod GourmetHerb Seed Pod Kit includes Genovese Basil (x2), Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Chives Dill, Mint and nurtured by their specially formulated Miracle-Gro liquid plant food, enough for a full season of growth. A 6 inch tall trellis is included. All natural.

Brand: Aerogarden

👤I have given away more AeroGardens than I have owned over the years. I had an older version of the Bounty model that I had given to a friend and was curious to see what the new model looked like. I was impressed. Some of the new features were pretty nice and it was better looking. The control panel is nicer. It's much easier to know when to add more water with a visual display. The old model had a touch screen for setting the time that was easier for me, but it's still a bit tight for my fat fingers. They've added a Vacation Mode that claims to use 50% less water, which should be good for when I travel on long trips. It was easy to assemble, which is not a strength of mine. You're good to go if you put a few pieces together. I can't report on growth because it was only recently planted. I've had good success with all the other AeroGardens. I don't think I'll have any problems. Everything but the Mint has sprouted. You can't see the Mint, but it is growing. It was a little slow. Everything is going well.

👤I ordered all kinds of seeds andpods after I grew my first herb garden in the AeroGarden I received in December. I wanted to keep a continuous garden. Plants are transferred from AeroGarden to pots. On my second garden, the light went out and support was not available by phone or email. While I love the garden when I'm working, I have invested over $400 in one successful herb garden with no communication from the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Customer service for faulty product is an ongoing issue in other one star reviews.

👤I am giving this review one star due to the fact that the link for warranty registration on the website is broken and no one has ever used it.

👤The AeroGarden bounty basic has helped us grow our herbs. The set up took 5 minutes, and our herbs were not growing inthyme. We have never had a garden of our own, so it has been a challenge to watch our herbs grow. The size is perfect for our kitchen. It fits like it was Mint to be! The AeroGarden has been a treat. It was easy to set up, maintain and watch the herbs grow. We have substantial growth with no additional effort since the photos were taken 11 days after we set up. We can't wait to cook with our herbs.

👤I have had Aerogardens for several years and have been very pleased. I own over a dozen units and the new Aerogarden Bounty Elite is better than I could have imagined. There are no lost options in the new model 2019. I want to break it down as best I can. The design of this unit has a modern look. The hood is thinner. The adjustment rod is easy to use. Pull the light up or push it down if you want to tighten it. The Bounty Elite has a 50 watt hood. If you need to dim the lights to a certain amount, you can do it at any time. Sunrise/Sunset Mode allows you to tell your unit to raise the lights in the morning and at night. 60 minutes from the lowest setting to the 50 watt is what I have set for mine. This feature is great. This mode is on previous units. I haven't used this feature yet. The display is easy to use. The desk of the unit is very nice. There are no openings for the water to come up through and cause calcium marks. There is no fear of over spill in the water fill hole. The bowl of the unit has a special holder for the pump and where the water goes out of into the deck. The design will make it hard for Roots to get into the deck. The pump can be removed for easy cleaning. The roots are more contained with the new pump housing. The new system is easy to install. There are four rods that you put into the deck and then the plant holder piece. The old one is no longer connected to the light rod. There are no issues with installing and using wi-fi. This unit is superior and I love it.

11. Potable Aqua Water Purification Treatment

Potable Aqua Water Purification Treatment

The design is light. The mess kit with cups is only 7oz and it is travel and backpack friendly. The marks on the kettle went up to 20oz. There are two bottles of Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets. Water treatment tablets are used for water purification. Potable Aqua emergency water purification tablets are effective against Giardia lamblia. Even in emergency water purification situations, water purification tablets can be used. Water treatment tablets are ideal to keep with camping gear.

Brand: Potable Aqua

👤The product was made in 2011. I received the same bottle every time. Don't waste time.

👤I was surprised to receive two bottles filled with tablets. It was not in the cardboard sealed packaging that was advertised. Please tell me what to do?

👤The item was delivered in a paper envelope, without a factory seal on the bottles. It's super vague.

👤I was shocked when I looked at the instructions on the bottle that they were not in line with what the seller said. The bottle says you should use 2 tablets per quart of water, but the sellers say 1 tablet per quart. I am short on supplies and this is half the value advertised. I paid full price for half of what I was promised, but not as much as I need. This is not acceptable. I submitted a false product information report a week or two ago, but it has since been corrected. The instructions on the bottle state 2 tablets are needed, even though the image states "1 tablet 888-349-8884 The image seems to have been removed. I'm also concerned about the dates that are past. The bottles come loose in a brown packing bag and there is no identifying information on them. I'm trying to contact the manufacturer to see if this number can be used to find the date of manufacture and the expiration date. The website of Portable Aqua states that the pills never expire. They like magic and are good for it. It's amazing! Every expert review states that the tablets will not last more than 4 years. I have already had false advertising and I find it hard to believe that these pills are different. If I have any success in contacting the company, I will update here again.

👤The package that is shown has 2 of these not in it. The bottles had a white dust on them as if they had been sitting for a long time. They don't show an expiration date because they weren't in the original packaging. Disappointed.

👤They came loose in an envelope, not in the manufacturer's packaging. They are over a year old, there is no seal on the cap, and who knows when they were packaged or if they have been tampered with.

👤I think I should give these 5 stars. I used them to drink tap water in Argentina and didn't get sick, so they did work. The water was turned into a dirty brown color.

👤They were sent to some friends in Puerto Rico to have safe drinking water. I wish they didn't need it, but they do and it's effective because they can drink water.

👤Aunque vienen dos Frascos, cada Frasco Cumple con una funcin different. Para cada litro de agua, solo se tiene 25 litros en total. Me habra gustado, quiero ms clara antes de comprar el producto, por ello lo pongo en comentarios, pues nosotros nos fuimos. No se especifica en Amazon, pero es importante, es para un uso continuo. Nos perjudica a nosotros en un uso continuo, ellos dicen. Las pastillas son pequeas. No miden ms de 6 centmetros de alto, pero no quiere. Esto resulta prctico para traerlo. A diferencia de las soluciones lquidas, las pastillas no tienen estar en refrigeracin. I parece importante a tener encuenta, por ltimo, el tiempo de purificacin del agua.


What is the best product for food buckets survival food ebt eligible?

Food buckets survival food ebt eligible products from Grow For It. In this article about food buckets survival food ebt eligible you can see why people choose the product. Sos Food Labs, Inc. and Jack Link's are also good brands to look for when you are finding food buckets survival food ebt eligible.

What are the best brands for food buckets survival food ebt eligible?

Grow For It, Sos Food Labs, Inc. and Jack Link's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food buckets survival food ebt eligible. Find the detail in this article. Prep Basics, Augason Farms and Nutristore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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