Best Food Chopper 3 Cup

Chopper 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Rechargeable DmofwHi Processor Stainless Grinder White

Rechargeable DmofwHi Processor Stainless Grinder White

The lid has a 2-oz. The cap is being measured. The DmofwHi food processor can be used more than 30 times after fully charged. The food chopper has a Type-C port, which is portable to charge with your power bank, laptop, and other electronics. The electric food chopper has a high-end battery indicator light. The mini meat chopper has a battery level that you can see. The electric food chopper has a 200w powerful motor and two cutting speeds. The small food processor is able to chop meat, fruits, vegetables, fruits, nuts in 10 seconds. The electric meat chopper has thick blades that help you cut ice easily. The mini food processor is made of a material that is safe for contact food and the electric meat chopper. The safety lock on the battery food chopper keeps you safe when processing. When the motor is removed, the electric chopper will stop working. You can put the ingredients in the vegetable chopper, lock the cover, and choose the different speeds to meet your demand. Speed I and speed II are ideal for processing soft ingredients, such as onion, fruits, and some soft veggies. The onion chopper can shred food in 10s. The electric meat chopper is easy to clean. The safety lid, bowl, and chopping blades can be washed by hand. The 2.5 cup glass bowl is small enough to fit in a family's purse.

Brand: Dmofwhi

👤I got this because it was a 4 cup chopper, but it barely fits 2 cups. It's a good product if you're looking for a small powerful chopper, it's too small for what you need.

👤The meat grinder works well. The quality of the meat is comparable to that of handmade meat. The grinder can complete its task in a few seconds. The meat can be used in many different ways. I recommend many of my friends to buy this grinder because I like it so much.

👤The best small food processor is this one. The plastic bowl that I replaced had cracked. This product is superior. The bowl is made of glass. There are two more It has 3 blades, not the 2 closest to the bowl. It chops it faster and more consistently. I tried to chop a number of onions with my large cuisinart, but the bottom turned to mush and the top was still large. I did everything faster and better in small batches after pulling this out. It's not connected to a plug when you charge it. You are not limited to where you use it in the kitchen. I don't know how long the charge lasts but I haven't had to pay it off.

👤It is easy to use and clean. I have a plastic chopper that you have to pull to chop the string. This does a better job. I have a big food processor, but this one is great for small jobs. A small amount of chicken salad with leftover chicken. Or making mac n cheese with crackers. This purchase was a good one.

👤It's the right size. The bowl is easy to clean. The glass bowl can be used as storage when the blade is removed. I say it's the right size because of that. There are only 3 pieces. Highly recommended.

👤The DmofwHi is a great food processor. I have health conditions that make it necessary to purée meats, vegetables, and fruits. The processor does a great job. It holds a charge for a long time, and I love the convenience of it. Excellent customer service is what the company has. Very pleased with this processor.

👤It is a requirement that I give someone food to eat. It took a lot of time and effort to squash the food with a fork. The machine does a great job. I would make it bigger and stronger if I could. It was an excellent purchase, it works well and is easy to clean, I bought one for my daughter for Christmas.

👤It works well and is a good size. I love the portable nature of theusb charging device. There is a There are only negative things for me. The glass cup is easier to break. The motor cannot be secured onto the cup so you cannot pick up the whole thing.

2. Cuisinart BFP 650 Blender Processor Silver

Cuisinart BFP 650 Blender Processor Silver

The small food chopper is safe to use and has a locking lid. The food processor unit is a 2-in-1 unit. 56-Oz. The plastic jar is free of the harmful chemical tritan. The food processor attachment has a feed tube and pusher. The smoothie and ice crush functions are pre-programmed. The lid has a 2-oz. The cap is being measured.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤Everyone was correct about the ability to remove the covers from the cups. As an older person with cancer and the treatment has affected my joints, I have given up with this whole process and will be sending it back. If you have weak hands, don't order the blender. If you don't screw in the blending mechanism on the large cup, the liquid will escape from the bottom of the blender. There is always a black greasy mess when you put the cup on the blender. I am very worried that this whole setup will not last very long after just a week of use. I threw away the packing materials, but I have a box that I will take to the store to return the item. I expect a refund and some change for this blender. Please don't make me have any trouble with this return. We buy from Amazon with good intentions, but a lot of the time they are not, and we have to go through the hassle of chatting online and getting the runaround each time, and I have to speak to a supervisor. They like to take your money but if you use your own credit card or debit card they will take a long time to refunds your money. If you buy something with an Amazon gift card, you can get a quick refund, but I still have to contact an Amazon representative for return purchases. As a cancer patient who can't go to the stores like I used to, I like the convenience of buying things on Amazon. It will turn into a nightmare if I need a refund many times and never mind that the packages are lost or left at the wrong home. I have had to drive around my neighborhood looking for the front door that was posted on my account saying my package was delivered. It wasn't at my house. I would suggest that we all start thinking about buying from Amazon and going to the store and comparing prices and buying at Walmart or something where they don't give you the runaround about refunds. If you are thinking of purchasing this, be aware that the negative reviews are true. I have to return the blender that I ignored.

👤This is a different item than the one I loved and had for a long time. The model lets large pieces of hard veggies like cabbage or carrots into the bowl when using a shreading blade, no matter how I feed or speed. The old one had 4 speeds and a pulse. I use this all the time because it has 2 speeds and a pulse. This also has an ice chop setting that stops, goes, changes speeds and stops automatically, which makes more snow cone than chopped style ice. Its smoothie setting is also automatic. I don't like to chew my fruits and veggies in a circle so I can't say if it's a wonder or silly. It comes with a jar that is good for gazpacho, gravy, and pina-coladas. smoothie cycle might be good for that. I think I should have gone for a higher price and gotten a more powerful blade, but I'll keep this and learn its quirks, and maybe try a snow cone. I kept it too long to return so I might sell it in a garage sale.

3. Kitchen Selectives MC 6BL Chopper Black

Kitchen Selectives MC 6BL Chopper Black

Spatula and recipe book are included. The chopping cup can be changed. A blade made of steel.

Brand: Kitchen Selectives

👤I had an old one that I loved but it fell off the counter and broke so I ordered this one. A real user gave an honest review. Don't bother at all. The base is difficult to get on. The blade doesn't want to sit in the base after I moved the large pieces out, so I had to open it and push out the chucks to re chop. Not being able to get it back in was a pain. I was going to throw it out the window. I'm not joking. Cooking should be enjoyable. It's a good thing. Save your money and the price will go up. There is a Junk! Returning it today.

👤This machine is very disappointing to me. I used it for the first time today and it does a poor job at grinding. The blade misses a lot of items. You have to hold down the grind button for at least 30 seconds to get things to start grinding, but the button gets stuck from pressing too long. If it leaks like crazy. The seal between the lid and container is not good. I was making pesto and the olive oil was leaking out and getting all over the machine, making it impossible to open and close.

👤There is a spot where all the planets line up and the little markings match to make this device run. I haven't found it yet. Unless you have a degree in engineering, don't spend your money on this one. I'm stuck because it's not worth my time or effort. It was a waste of money and effort to try to get this thing to run.

👤You get what you pay for. I bought it to make vegan puddings. It was difficult to get the base to work. If you have the patience, it's a good thing. You have to make sure the bottom and lid fit in with thetrigger that allows it to work. If this sounds confusing, you have to put the cup down, put the chopper inside the cup, and then you have to turn the lid on to lock the control tower. The button on the tower will work if you press it the right way. It took me 10 minutes the first time, but now it works the same way every time. It was recommended. If you can afford better, or want a better device, maybe Kitchenaid is the way to go.

👤This Mini chopper is good for small amounts to chop and not want to break out the big one. It is easy to clean. I don't put the blade in the dishwasher because it will dull it.

👤What a ripoff! Only used it once, then emptied the bowl and secured it back in. Don't buy anything from these guys, it's a piece of junk. I want my money back as I didn't know I'd be buying trash.

👤My husband bought me a new one. I used to use it daily. I couldn't wait to try it because the one that broke down a few months ago. The little unit does a great job. It is easy to clean up. The only thing I don't care for is how thin the bowl and lid are, however, they feel like if I hold them too hard, it will break. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make their food preparation easier.

4. BLACK DECKER Electric Improved HC300B

BLACK DECKER Electric Improved HC300B

The dishwasher-safe parts are removed. The chopping assembly and lid have been improved. Bi-level STAINLESS steel blades stay sharp.

Brand: Black+decker

👤There is nothing I don't like about this chopper. This gem chops a fair amount of vegetables without being too large. My chopper was too small to process food, and other choppers were too big. I've tried a lot of choppers, but this one is the only one I've been able to land on. If you have had multiple hand surgeries like I have, and if you have difficulty with strength in your hands, this will be a lifesaver in the kitchen. The bowl just lifts off the unit. This is easy to use and clean. I can make large crocks of soup in a few minutes. One of the great features is that you only have to press down on the top of the lid to chop it. The longer you hold it down, the more vegetables will be destroyed. I just do one or two quickpulses and I'm done. This chopper will be great if you hurt your wrist or finger.

👤This product is dangerous. The top is so sensitive to touch that it can be locked or held in place. I was going to grind some crackers to make crumbs. I put the crackers in the container and barely put the top in place. The top flew off when the crackers hit the top, just barely missing me. The crackers flew all over the kitchen and even into my hair. I decided to use it again, thinking that it was my mistake the first time, because I knew how sensitive the machine was. The same thing happened again. I have used mini choppers for 20 years and have never experienced this before. I am pretty sure that whoever designed this product was not a home cook.

👤The previous model worked great, but this one is even better. It's easier to use and the blades are sharper. The cover sits on top of the cup, which means that nothing locks into place anymore. It's easy to use since you don't have to twist everything. You have to grab and hold it by the main body in order to lift and carry it. It's just something to keep in mind. Highly recommended.

👤There are air holes in the ground. If you fill it 1/3 the way full, you will end up with liquid or dry ingredients. I was going to use this chopper for bath bomb ingredients, but the air holes around the center make it useless. I tried it with veggies and thought it could be used for quick salsas or meal prep, but the air holes are undoing it.

👤Third use and it's toast. I missed the return window. The center stem melted into the clear plastic lid after being whizzed up with a bit of water. The motor works, but the design of the blade portion is poor and the integration with the power button is awkward. For years, I've used mini-choppers to finely chop nuts, oats and other small batches of food. This was supposed to be the replacement for my old mini food processor. This product was disappointing. Update on July 20th. Good luck with the manufacturer. We do not warranty items purchased from third parties on Amazon. You would need to contact either Amazon or the seller for any warranty. Oh, geez... The seller holds the warranty because this was a third party vendor, not an Amazon vendor. They can honor the warranty by extending it to you if you contact them directly.

5. Rafow Electric Portable Food Processor

Rafow Electric Portable Food Processor

Features 120-VAC, 60-hertz. Food processor with electronic scale supports weighing of any solid and liquid ingredients. The unit has a simple button operation for tare function and a multi-function screen that clearly shows the weighing result. Precise weighing makes every dish right. The Food grinder has a 540 powerful DC motor and 304 STAINLESS steel blades that make it easy to make delicious meat pies, tasty sauces and baby food. 3 useful accessories are included in the multifunctional food chopper. The egg whisk, the garlic peeler, and the grinder can be used to puree vegetables and fruits. It allows you to make delicious meals and save a lot of time. Safe and portable design. The wireless food maker is convenient for indoor and outdoor use. The food chopper is made from a 3.3 borosilicate glass bowl that is strong, high-temperature resistant, odorless, and has a safe lock so that it won't start if the host machine isn't installed correctly. 304 steel blades are easy to clean and have no stains for better health. The bowl and blades are dishwasher safe. If you have a question, please contact Meniscus store customer service and they will provide you with a solution at the first opportunity.

Brand: Rafow

👤There were several positive customer reviews when I bought this. I don't post a negative review if the item is damaged, because I get reimbursement, but I always take reviews into account before purchasing. I wanted a chopper with a glass bowl and a motor that held its charge because I have limited access to electric outlets for countertop appliances. This fit the bill. It works well, even though it is not super powerful. I made some really nice Gazpacho. I recommend it for jobs like that. The last glass bowl chopper I had, there was no metal part at the bottom, it was all glass, and the chopper fit in the lid. This one has a metal bolt through the bottom to hold the attachment in place. I am concerned that this might eventually wear out. I'm more worried about it becoming corroded. Time will tell. I wash it right away. There are two more You have to clean off the housing for the motor after every use because the hole at the top of the glass bowl allows content to splash through. The design for that could have been better. There are 3 more There is a piece of tape on the outside of the glass bowl that has a marker on it. The tape will not have a marker for max fill level when it comes off. That's not very good on their part. There should be a ridge on the glass to indicate max fill level. There are four The instruction manual is not very useful. The video at Amazon shows you how to use it. I'm used to reading poorly written manual on imported items. The manual doesn't mention the three extra attachments. The video is the only way to use these attachments. It is not possible to give this as a gift to my friend. That's a shame. If you purchase this for someone who doesn't have a computer or a smart phone, make sure to show them how to use the attachments. thumbs up! The price is right.

👤It's small, but has a nice amount. A nice glass bowl is easy to clean. The device uses a rechargeable battery which lasts a while, and charges with any miniusb cable. The blades are designed to work with the power of the device. I have tried others, but they are better than me. The customer support was great.

👤I like this rig. It's easy to use and clean. Very small. I love the battery. I am not messing with the cord. The charge has lasted almost a month, and I use it once a week. It only measures in grams on the imperial side. Ounces would have been nice, but a quick trip to the internet makes up for that. So far, it's really good value.

👤This is a good food processor. It is very easy to use and it is made of sturdy glass. I use it to chop garlic and fresh spices, or to make small batches of salsa.

6. Cuisinart DLC 2A Mini Prep Processor White

Cuisinart DLC 2A Mini Prep Processor White

We offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need. The food processor has a plastic bowl. 36 Inches is the length of the cord. Food preparation, food processor, and foodprocessors were included.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤After reading reviews from cooking websites, I bought this to replace our old processor. I think it deserves the great reviews that led me to purchase it. It has a nice base weight. It is easy to remove the blade from the lid. Our old food processor had a problem with the food in the bottom not being processed. If you leave your finger on the button too long, you may end up with a purée that you don't want, but since I learned my lesson, it's worked out perfectly for me. The picture does not do it justice. It is easy to wipe down.

👤My Mini Prep went up in smoke after 40 days. This was the third time I had turned it on. There is a I had to pay shipping and handling for the faulty unit to be shipped to them. The garbage can was where mine went into. There was rust on the blades.

👤This is the second one I bought. The base was warped in the first and second instances. The lid wouldn't close in either case. The customer service is the worst. I was held for a long time and did not know how to close the lid. The agent hung up when I tried to explain the issue.

👤I bought this to make salad dressings as it has a cup on the top that can be used to pour oil into. The lid on my kitchen sink does not seal. A seal may be missing. Whatever the reason, it is junk. This is the second product that I've purchased and I'm disappointed with both. The other was a food processor that was able to shred a few batches of Zuchinni. Never again!

👤The blade on my processor may come loose and cause an injury if it is cracked along the edge of the spindle. I called Customer Service at Cuisinart and they didn't seem to care about that. They will not replace it unless I can prove that it was purchased within the warranty period. The cost for a new blade alone is fifteen dollars, which is half the cost of buying an entire new unit. I think they are more concerned with the long-term quality of their products. I'm wary of buying any product from Cuisinart in the future.

👤The Cuisiant I've owned is the same model. My children gave the first one. The plastic base became faulty after 10 years. I put it in the dishwasher. I hand washed the one I ordered from Amazon. It's not dishwasher friendly. The first time I used it, the liquid leaked from the lid. I didn't use it for a while. I pulled it out of the cabinet and it was a mess. It's a perfect size for one person. Cuisiant lowered their quality because they were disappointed. I have not used it in a while, so it's doubtful that the vendor will honor a replacement. I will let you know if they do.

👤Don't buy it. I wanted something small that I could use. I've used it three times, all of which were for liquid stuff. It makes a very loud noise, and I'm smoking a lot as soon as it's turned on. The bottom of the bowl is pushed to the corners because the blades are not well- positioned. I contacted customer support after smoking and INRDeals I've only used it three times, so I'm giving it two stars. Maybe there is something that this machine is good at that I can accomplish before it catches fire. It is easy to clean, if that is more important to you than chopping. I regret choosing this one over the Ninja Pro.

7. Cuisinart ECH 4SV Elemental Chopper Grinder

Cuisinart ECH 4SV Elemental Chopper Grinder

Food preparation, food processor, and foodprocessors were included. A bowl with a handle and controls. The exclusive bladelock system. Patented auto-reversing blade. The spatula, recipe and instruction book are included. The parts are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I read the negative reviews that people didn't work after arriving but I am a positive person and decided to order it anyways! Was it correct that I was wrong? I was so excited to receive this it looked so cute and perfect size had a hard time assembling though at first I put my stuff in it and plugged it in but to my disappointment it was dead. Does not work. 25% of you were correct, all the people who wrote the negative reviews. I have to buy another machine after I return this one. It was a waste of time and energy. I would give 0 starts if I could. I don't recommend this product.

👤I used my original for 5 years. I will stay loyal and choose the same product. It worked just as well as expected but only lasted a year. The purchase date stopped functioning. I will not be purchasing another one.

👤The little part that makes it work doesn't connect right, so I took it to a kohks near me, since they now take returns for Amazon. They said that this was not covered under what they can, but I need to FedEx it to my home so I leave for work at 5a.m. I don't get home until after 4p.m and I ended up tossing this in the trash.

👤Sturdy and practical, right-sized. The blade action reverses. A small footprint for most chopping jobs. One reviewer was confused by the new design which has the blade clinging to the stem when dumping out food. The blade can't be thrown into the food and the blade has to be removed from the food. The task of removing the chopped food is much easier if you cling to the stem. Thank you, designer.

👤After grinding cheese, the blade locked itself to the motor shaft, and won't release. The bowl can't be cleaned because the blade is locked to the shaft, so it can't be unlocked. I contacted customer support at Cuisinart a week ago and haven't heard back. The "self-locking blade" design seems to have a flaw.

👤I am very happy with this helicopter. It is not as big as you think. It is light in weight and can handle chopping. The blades are very sharp. It is easy to assemble and clean. It is very safe because of a lid locking feature.

👤I bought this grinder/chopper as a smaller version of my big blender. It can be difficult to get everything aligned so it will turn on, but now that I have figured it out, it works like a dream! I have chopped nuts, chicken and fruit. It's easy to clean and reassembly is a snap.

👤Muy buen motor potente. No vende refacciones, la tapa o ms, tienes una sola estrella. Eso est. Amazon vende accesorios. As, tengan. There is a garanta del fabricante. Ni hay centros autorizadas para repararlos. Productos desechables.

👤I lleg una funcin. La primera es un problema that tienes pensar no sirve porque no enciende. Leyendo el instructivo dice, tiene un mecanismo de bloqueo. No tienes funcion, pero hayas seguido.

8. Hamilton Beach Processor Vegetable Shredding

Hamilton Beach Processor Vegetable Shredding

3 CUP CAPACITY It's easy to prepare for your family or visitors in an instant. Spike, Sprinkle, Salt, Cry, and Pure are all contained in 888-405-7720 The spiral and ribbon blades can be used to make spirals and ribbons. The S-blade has a mix of chops and purees and disc slices and shreds. A block of cheese with a small fork. You can fit whole foods like a block of cheese in the feed chute with this 10 cup food processor, which will save you time and reduce the need for pre-cutting. The 450 watt motor makes it difficult to process ingredients. The 450 watt motor has plenty of power to process all types of ingredients and the 2 speed/pulse dial provides all the control you need for spiralizing, chopping, slicing and shredding. There is a large 10 bowl cup. You will be able to process 10 cups of food without having to empty the bowl. You can transfer dressings, sauces and purees into serving or storage containers without making a mess with the bowl's pour spout. There is a clean up with a bowl and lyd. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor is dishwasher safe and all the food zones are free of the harmful substance BPA for peace of mind.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I have an older food processor that I use to make food. There are a couple of important notes. The food processor is made in China. If it were made in another country, I would prefer it, but it is also made in China, so they are in a good position to compare. The Hamilton Beach processor is half the price of the Cuisinart. I was expecting the Cuisinart to be made in the USA, but sadly that isn't the case. This one is easy to win. This is as powerful as the Cuisinart, and includes additional blades that I didn't get with the other, but they were sold as optional. The processor is half the price and comes with more accessories. I think I know which one to buy. If you get a quality brand food processor, you're going to be the same thing across the board. I wouldn't pay more for a different brand name because this is a motor that you put blades on to cut food, and I would pay more for Made in USA. Not a lot of innovation is being done in that area. It's recommended for the great value over the competition.

👤I love this processor. It is very powerful but light. The shredding and slicing blades are easy to attach to the base and they are labeled for easy recognition. The spiralizer blades can be attached to the part labeled. It's easy to take the vegetable off the plunger when you're done because the x-shaped part on the bottom holds onto the food. No mold will form on the inside of the plunger. It has three speeds: pulse, slow and fast. All speeds are powerful. The open design of the blade makes it easy to clean and there is no place for mold to form. I'm amazed at how light it is. I don't like the fact that the bottom of the processor has a cup that you have to pull up. It's great if you want to keep it in place, but not so great if you want to move it. I would like it to be a little bit smaller so it would fit inside my old cabinet. I'm very happy with it, but it needs to stay on the countertop.

👤The lightweightness of the suction power is very important. I have been cranking out noodles for 5 years and saw this processor attachment. It works well and it's easy to clean up. The plastic used in the processor is much thinner than the one I use, so I am very delicate with it, but it is worth the price for my zoodles.

👤This worked well as far as power goes, but the blade is attached to a plastic cone that is hard to grip. You have to grab it at the top of the bowl to remove it, because it's small and there's no way to remove it without using something non-slip. This works the same as a standard food processor. If I'd seen it in the store, we wouldn't have bought it.

9. KitchenAid KFC3516BM 3 5 Cup Chopper Medium

KitchenAid KFC3516BM 3 5 Cup Chopper Medium

Customer satisfaction is their first goal. If you find that the product has quality, packaging damage, and product dissatisfaction, then you should look into it. They will provide you with a good after-sales service after you receive the goods. Convenient 3.5 cup work bowl has a locking blade, handle and pour spout for easy serving and is dishwasher safe. It's easy to store when you're finished prepping, because of its small footprint and simple cord wrap. 2 speeds and pulse for coarse or fine results for anything from a creamy hummus to a tasty dressing. The drizzle basin can be used to process liquid ingredients for sauces and dressings. The multi-purpose blade locks in place for convenient pouring when used to chop or puree. The model includes a 3.5 Cup Work Bowl with Handle and Spout, a Stainless Steel Multi-purpose blade, and a lid with a basin.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤This leads on it. Are you serious? Kitchen aid recommends you to wash your hands after touching this, because I want this to prepare my baby's food. Is it a joke? It is supposed to help you prepare food. Do you have to wash your food after you're in this chopper? So angry about it. Returning this.

👤These plastic parts are flimsy, and my first impression was that. I had to take it apart and put it together because I was afraid of breaking it. Everything worked out. The first thing I tried was a snack. When my old processor worked fine, I couldn't figure out why my hummus recipe wouldn't work in the 3.5 cup mini food processor. KitchenAid really misnamed this thing. They overstated the size of the container. If you have 2 1/3 cups of liquid, the 3.5 cup container will overflow. The center pole is less than 2 1/2 inches high and has a hole in it. The sides are 3 inches high. It will overflow through the middle if you go over 2 1/2 inches. It doesn't hold 3.5 cups of dry ingredients. I tried. If you go all the way up to the top, it holds three. You wouldn't process anything that went all the way up to the top. If you took out the blade assembly, you might be able to fit 3 1/2 cups of air in the thing, but thats a ridiculous way to measure. Who uses a food processor without a blade? I didn't think I'd get 3 1/2 cups of usable capacity, but I did. The instructions state that the capacity can be up to 1.5 cups of liquids, up to 2.5 cups of cooked fruits and vegetables, and up to 3 cups of nuts. I would have bought a different model if I'd known that liquids were limited to just one cup. Anyway. I've used it a few times and it works. It is also quiet. Give Chop a chance. Sometimes it does a better job than Puree at pureeing ingredients. Some ingredients don't get a chance to move because Puree spins so fast. There is one other thing. Before you use it, wash the blade and bowl. There were two metal splinters on my blade. That is not a dig at KitchenAid. Pre-wash anything that may come in contact with your food.

👤Negative reviews are not something I like to write. The mini food processor is one of the worst products I have ever owned. The cover has a safety feature that makes me fight with it for 10 to 15 minutes before I can get it to work. After putting the top on and taking the top off, I threw it in the garbage. I have owned other brands that are easier to work with. Sorry. I will not be buying any more KitchenAid products.

👤I bought this food processor because it matched my decor. The lid on the processor is difficult to remove and off. I don't have the packaging and it's no longer working after 2 weeks. I can not return it.

10. Reveuse Electric Chopper Vegetable Processor

Reveuse Electric Chopper Vegetable Processor

The manual baby food chopper is a good quality. 30 days money back and a free exchange are still offered. Do not worry about the after sell service. The fruit chopper is great for the kitchen. The chopping bowl has a single serving. It's great for making baby food. One-touch pulse control makes chopping simple and precise. It chops food quickly like onion, vegetable, herbs, chili, fruits, nuts, meat, and long- lasting performance. It is easy to assemble and clean a fully disassembled structure. Also, note: The motor base should not be immersed in water. The small food chopper is safe to use and has a locking lid.

Brand: La Reveuse

👤There are not many small food choppers on the market. The plastic tap that was used to engage the on button break was not repairable after 6 years. It was not the same as our two previous ones, so choose this one only. We were looking for a small chopper. The first impression was that it is cheap. It has worked well but is noisy. We chop garlic cloves and hot peppers with it. It is possible to use 1 or 2 times a week. The chopped product is not pulverized. I'm not sure if I would buy again. It is not known how long it will last.

👤The Rival chopper that I purchased at Walmart for $5.99 about 7 years ago is not as sleek as this chopper. I tried to grind bread for a mix and it didn't work out. The bread was still in small pieces after about a minute of grinding.

👤I love my food processor. It's good to chop nuts for a salad or pie. Every kitchen should have one.

👤You have to push down and let go if you want to chop.

👤I got this one because my other chopper broke. The blades are close to the bottom of the machine, which makes it hard to work.

👤It's not good for chopping vegetables. The gap between the blad and the bottom is too large to get everything chopped. There was no power. Buy a Ninja chopper that will do the job for the same price.

👤I get stuck on the start. It has to be all the way down. It's hard to start, but once you get it going it's great!

👤I have never seen a worse product. It has a defect, but it looks good. I tried the On/Off button and it didn't work, I had to press it down to start chopping food. I swapped to a new one with the same model because I thought it had a defect. The second one has an On/Off button that only works once, and it took an hour to try and get it to work again. This is my first return with Amazon and I rarely return things if they work.

👤The product is easy to use and clean and I am satisfied with it.

👤A very bad blender. When it is filled, it doesn't cut fruit on top because it has a lower cutter. Don't buy.

👤No one dislikes this place. Everything, even meat, is chopped. We use the chopper for a lot of recipes.

11. Chopper Capacity Kitchen Vegetable Vinipiak

Chopper Capacity Kitchen Vegetable Vinipiak

The parts are dishwasher safe. The kitchen helper is malfunctioning. When they cut onion in the kitchen, it will make their eyes watery. The quick pull chopper can chop the vegetable with several pulls. They can use it for a variety of things, including meat, nut, herb, and more. The white sticks can be used to replace the blades. The hand pull blender is great for mixing sauces. Giving gift for friends and mailies is time consuming. The onion chopper is a great gift. It will save you a lot of time. The friends who love to make baby food for their children will love the food mixer. Strong power but no electricity. The material of the manual food processor is free of the harmful substance, and the blades are made of Japanese steel. Several pulls. The garlic chopper does a good job with the sharp blade, so keep your kids away from it. The food chopper has an anti-skid design. It is easy to clean and space downsize. The vegetable chopper's accessories can be taken apart. It will be easy to clean. The manual food processor is easy to use. You can put the food in the big plastic bowl. The manual hand held food chopper is not a problem for camping. The manual baby food chopper is a good quality. 30 days money back and a free exchange are still offered. Do not worry about the after sell service. The fruit chopper is great for the kitchen.

Brand: Vinipiak

👤I like salads but don't like chopping them. The food chopper was the perfect solution. I have one at home and one at work. It's what makes it great. It's easy. It's easy to use and requires no electricity. There are two more It's efficient. You pull the cord a few times, and your veggies are chopped with very little time and effort. Clean-up is easy. I don't think the dishwasher is a good idea. I wash the bowl and top and let them dry. There is a warning! The blades should be watched. They're sharp, which is what you want for vegetables. There are four The manufacturer has a plastic lid that you can use to store the bowl part. I wondered if the pull cord would break. I have been using my choppers for months and they are still working great. The 4 cup is very good. The carrot and red bell pepper are pictured with mine. The 2 cup would be too small. Get what works for you. If you found this review helpful, I would appreciate if you would click theHelpful button. Thank you so much for reading! Liz

👤The chopper is easy to use and clean. The material quality is very poor. It's cracking apart after 2 uses. I used it to chop garlic and onion, and I was happy. It cracked on the edge and may have fallen into my stew with my chopped garlic onion and tomatoes. The side of the bowl is cracked and the lid on the pull side is cracked.

👤The little device works well. I have minor arthritis in my thumbs so whenever I can find a tool to alleviate the pain, I jump on it! This is the easiest chopper I have ever used. I gave it 4 stars because it said it was 3 cups capacity, but it is not. It is at most 2 cups. I specifically selected this option because of the size. If you are choosing this item based on capacity, you should know that it is only 2 cups. I am keeping it because it does what I need. If you are chopping a lot, a larger capacity is great.

👤I have been using these for over 20 years. Use almost daily. I bought a gift for an elderly lady and she is set in her ways of cutting things by hand. Her son won't cut onions or celery by hand again because he uses it. It's easy to clean. I can not imagine not having one. The best kitchen is by far the best.

👤I can't imagine my kitchen without this. It saves me at least 20 minutes on cutting a lot of things. They loved the gifts I bought for them. Must have.

👤I have a fancy food processor, but it works better for small things. Like onions and tomatoes. This is the best way to keep the food processor clean. In 2 seconds, I make salsa. Put it out to dry. It was easy. It will puree it very easily if you don't pull it too many times. It doesn't work for cheese.


What is the best product for food chopper 3 cup?

Food chopper 3 cup products from Dmofwhi. In this article about food chopper 3 cup you can see why people choose the product. Cuisinart and Kitchen Selectives are also good brands to look for when you are finding food chopper 3 cup.

What are the best brands for food chopper 3 cup?

Dmofwhi, Cuisinart and Kitchen Selectives are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food chopper 3 cup. Find the detail in this article. Black+decker, Rafow and Hamilton Beach are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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