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1. Foruisin Chopper Powerful Vegetable Coleslaw

Foruisin Chopper Powerful Vegetable Coleslaw

After rinsing and drying blades, collect them into a container and keep them away from children. When slicing or grating, use handguard and glove. They assure a 100% satisfaction, no touching the blade with your bare hand, 2 years assurance, any quality problem, please feel free to contact them. It's perfect for fruit salads, cutting various foods for baby, chopping nuts, herbs, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa, and more. No touching the blade while operating the food chopper. This fast manual food chopper will save a lot of time in the kitchen. Five blades are more efficient than three. It is easy to clean, open the cover and rinse.

Brand: Foruisin

👤The previous chopper I bought on Amazon was a 'open the top, then press down' type, which unfortunately proved to be poorly made. The cleaning tool that came with it broke too, so I'm not even using it now. I saw a manual string-pulled type of food chopper on the internet, but after reading the great reviews about the Foruisin Manual Food Chopper, I decided to buy it instead. I'm glad I did. It's hard to understand how anyone would give a negative review to this helicopter. I've been using it for about a week and I've been amazed at how well it does in chopping and Blending vegetables. The blade is not fixed on the lid or the bottom of the bowl, but I like that it is a separate part because it makes it easier to clean. It's not difficult to use this chopper. The blade should be put in the bowl on top of the guide. Vegetables should be distributed around the blade. Then third, put the top square part of the lid into the corresponding square opening on top of the blade, and just screw it on. It's simple. It's a good thing. Because of it's small size, you will need to pre-chop some larger vegetables to fit them in, but once you do that, you can chop or mince them to the consistency you want. I'm happy to give this device a 5 star review. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and is a great buy.

👤This is a self-contained vessel that allows me to get the tiny pieces I want without all the tears, so I use it 99% of the time for onions. It works well for peppers, cucumbers, etc. The blades are sharp, so keep them in the closed container in the sink, so you don't reach in and slice your finger. I didn't notice that there was a little problem with aligning the center column of the blades until I was unable to pull the cord because my chunks were too big. It's great if you do it right. It's a good thing.

👤The unit arrived with a cracked rim and my review was 1 star. I got a new unit in 4 days after contacting the manufacturer. There is a The new chopper test is happening now. Wow! 3 pulls took half a bunch of food. Where has this been all my life? I love it! This does a better job than I would do. It does a safer job. I shake my hands occasionally. I have been uneasy using my knife recently. I will retire it in favor of a new chopper. It's a win for me.

👤It is easy to use and clean. It took me less than 5 minutes to chop the onion, rinse and chop the cilantro. It is affordable and works.

👤I found that this unit did what it said it would do, but it wasn't easy to put it back together after I cleaned it. The blade section fell off the little post with no movement. When I decided to hold the blade section while loading the veggies I wanted chopped, I found that it pushed the blade off the tiny post that is supposed to hold the blade straight. This is a challenge to set up. It works well once you close it. I would return this if I could. It's too much trouble to get the whole thing set up. I would like to know how they got this to work. There was no information on the box. I would rather spend more money than deal with the blade issue.

2. Chopper Manual Vegetable Cutter Garlic

Chopper Manual Vegetable Cutter Garlic

We have been manufacturing and providing the best products and services to their customers for over 25 years. They are confident that you will love their Salsa Master and that they will stand behind it with a replacement or your money back. You can buy with confidence because every Salsa Master purchase comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Not included is the handle. Save time. The food chopper has an easy push-down presser that you can use to get everything done as a chef. The premium blade can help you chop quickly. This hand food chopper is able to mince onion, garlic, nuts, celery, pepper, and more, which is perfect for seasoning. The internal construction of their hand chopper makes it easier to chop than most manual choppers in the market. The premuim spring inside the food chopper makes chopping easier. The 'W' balde design enlarges the cutting area and helps complete cutting. The blade of the chopper dicer rotates 24 every time you slap it. You can get what you want with a few slaps, it's a high efficient kitchen chopper. Safe operation The nut chopper has a blade. The onion chopper is great for avoiding onion and garlic irritation to the eyes and skin. It is easy to clean. The food chopper is easy to disassemble. You can clean the food chopper dicer in 1 minute. The compact design allows for space-saving no matter where you put the vegetable chopper.

Brand: Gdl

👤When you chop cranberries with a knife or food processor, they roll all over, so we bought this to do it. The solution was perfect. I ended up cutting it with it. It speeds the chopping process up so it's worth the small investment.

👤I wrote a review about it. I used it to chop up garlic and onion. You can finish the job in a minute. It is very easy to use and my child can help with it.

👤I was making a chopped cranberry/ cream cheese appetizer dip, but I was not going to chop them myself. The ticket was the chopper.

👤This item is terrible. It doesn't cut well. Very cheap. I have found it works well for boiled eggs. It won't cut peppers or onions. I would have bought the cuisine art for the same price.

👤I am not impressed with the product. I expect this chopper to be more powerful and sharp with the size of the item. The blade and top are hard to align when trying to close it, and the amount of food you can chop at one time is limited. I had to cut a small yellow onion into half and do it again. The way this works is that when you push the handle down, it will chop the food using the razor blade and then turn it a little bit. I can see that it can be a problem for some people if you push it down hard using your palm. Sometimes the blade gets stuck and other times it doesn't chop at all. The onions are not very finely chopped, as you can see in the third picture. Maybe this product isn't for you if you're looking for a product that gives you finely chopped food.

👤A clear plastic part was chopping vegetables. It had to be twisted back to get it attached. It happened every time I used it. Never left the other part. A piece of plastic broke when it was washed. Either bad or good. I only used it a few times after buying it. The company apologized and sent me a new helicopter. I haven't tried it yet, but their customer support was great. I'm changing my rating to three stars.

👤It is a nice helicopter. I have a one by Pampered Chef that I like better. This one chops very well, but after going through the dishwasher only two times, it has scratches on the clear plastic part.

👤It takes a lot of energy to chop onion and garlic with this chopper. I would only recommend it for someone who can't hold things. It requires strength to push down and it's not easy to assemble. A brush is needed to clean veggies from between the blade folds. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤One chopped up fruit/vegetables yield a very small portion, so I should have been more careful when looking at the tray's capacity. It becomes frustrating when you have to repeat the chopping exercise. For soft fruit and vegetables, forget about the rest. Don't make the same mistake if you pay more attention to the specifications.

3. Fullstar Onion Chopper Hand Vegetables

Fullstar Onion Chopper Hand Vegetables

The collector cleverly keeps what is chopped in one spot because each chopper comes with three interchangeable blades. The Fullstar hand food chopper makes chopping vegetables and nuts quick and easy. It's easy to clean, disassemble and store the sharp steel blades. The handheld food chopper is made of high quality materials. You can use your chopper with the base or directly on the board. The onion press chopper is built to last and resists vigorous chopping. The vegetable chopper manual protects your fingers. The vegetable and nut chopper is easy to assemble, disassemble and store. Throw in the dishwasher top rack for easy clean up. A chef's dream! They're here to help. The Fullstar hand chopper's manual should be read before use. If you have a question, please contact them through Amazon and they'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Fullstar

👤I have carpal tunnel and cutting is a challenge. I was so excited that I tried tomatoes. It created a mess. I'm pretty sure it's not for cutting tomatoes. I tried onions and it was the same problem. I'm thinking about returning.

👤This is a very good helicopter. I almost returned it after I received it because the plunger was stuck in the down position. The round plastic wall that you attach to the bottom doesn't have a good catch to indicate when you've tightened it. I went past the "right" spot, which made the blades spin around, keeping the plunger from moving. Everything was fine once I figured that out. It works well and looks great. It has a bigger chopping area than others I've had. The flimsy wall catch had a 1 star rating. This is a 5 star kitchen appliance.

👤I was not happy with this contraption. I wasn't anticipating much, but it doesn't hold much at all. I didn't fill half a cup with the ingredients. It had to be split into two. The punch down was hard to use. It was sticking to the ingredients. I chopped up a small stalk of celery I had and split it into four rows and put it on a cutting board. I sliced and cut up half the onion that I added. The chopper was not easy to work on. I don't think the blades were very sharp. The punch down was not easy to hit. This thing is in too many pieces. The bottom came off when I tried to punch down harder than I should have. I had to take the top off and put the spilled stuff back in. I still had the same problem after starting over. Since the only surface that would cut was the end of the blades, larger chunks were stuck on the high blade surfaces. A mess. Do not recommend. I've used many of these hand choppers throughout my life and this was the worst. My blades were dull. It was hard to clean as I had to use a brush to remove the stuck stuff from the blades. The food was wasted. It would have been a lot cleaner if I had just chopped it myself. These design flaws are something I'm looking for.

👤I don't like to cook but I do like to chop onions. I don't want to chop garlic. There isn't any "mincing" that occurs. I received a beautiful T-Fal branded SlapChop for Christmas a few years ago. It was nice to have all the chopping and mincing done for me. The plastic around the blades broke when I moved. I decided to get a new one because of food safety. I found this beauty and I love it. It's sturdy, has some weight to it, and it's dishwasher safe, so you can chop it up. I don't have to clean a chopping board anymore. It's easy to use and painless to clean, compared to its competitor chops. Highly recommended.

4. HIC Fashioned Chopper Stainless 8 Inches

HIC Fashioned Chopper Stainless 8 Inches

It is the perfect chopper to chop a variety of ingredients for easy meal preparation. Save time on cleaning. HIC's Straight Edge Food Chopper is great for chopping onions, fruits and vegetables. Made from glass with 18/8 steel blades and lead free. Simply place food to be chopped inside and use an up-and-down motion until desired texture is achieved. It's easy to use a chopper for onions, fruit, vegetables, small salads, tuna, hard boiled eggs, and more. It's much easier to use a food processor than a hand wash.

Brand: Hic Harold Import Co.

👤We had a chopper for over 30 years. When the old one broke, my husband knew he wouldn't be able to replace it with a copy. We replaced it and this one is just as good. A low tech way to chop vegetables. We use this to chop onions, bell pepper, and other vegetables. It is a quick and easy way to cut it. You don't have to pull out the food processor. We are very happy to find a duplicate of our beloved chopper.

👤Exactly what I wanted. This is only for nuts like walnuts and cashews. It would break if it was used on anything harder than a wood saw.

👤Yes! Absolutely love this nut chopper! It's what I was looking for. My mom has had the same style of one for 35 years, which is a long time since I was a kid. It's the same as hers, except it's white. It's cheaper than the one she has, but it was made back then. I believe hers was a Tupperware brand. When I was a kid, I would help my mom bake Christmas cookies. I've been looking for a style that was easy to use. You chop the nuts to your liking and wash them out. It's best to leave it to Amazon to have everything.

👤I like this. I bought one at the store 30 years ago. They only carry OXO's updated version that has more moving parts and looks harder to clean. This is a basic unit, pop onion chunks and garlic into it, chop for about a minute, and you have onions. I don't like chunks of onions or celery in my food. I like the taste. I don't want to chop veggies by hand. Why would you do that? No onion tears or minced onions are the payoff, even though you have to pump it and shake it every couple of pumps. I like this device.

👤I bought dog treats to make food for my dog. I need a manual one so I don't have to look for a power source. I wanted a simple one so that I don't have to clean. The bottom part is easy to clean. The top cup is plastic and the grinder is aluminum. I can grind treats at home. This is a very basic manual grinder that I like. There is no adjustment to the grinder. Look for other options if you need coarse-fine adjustments. The handle is delicate. It will break if you place it hard. People say "OK with walnuts, but not with almonds." If you want to crush or grind nuts, you should get an electrical one.

👤I had a manual chopper when I was a child. When I moved out on my own, I continued to use it. I gave it away in favor of a bigger electric chopper. I made a mistake by not finding a replacement for my little chopper because I missed it a lot. When my sister told me that she found one on Amazon, I ordered one that very day. I loved it when I was younger. It's perfect when you only need a cup of chopped nuts and you don't have to clean up afterwards. I highly recommend it.

5. Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper Keep Fresh

Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper Keep Fresh

The facility processes tree nuts, egg, milk and soy products. The design was for a perfect craps/dicing job, where you chop, dice and cube in one swift motion. The chopper is safer to use than a knife. It's perfect for making beautiful & uniform dices from your favorite vegetables, fruits, and desserts. No more mess with a knife or cutting board. It can hold up to 8 cups of vegetables. A wide variability of food items is a quality brocade. The 3 included blades are made of heavy duty German 420-grade hardenedstainless steel, which is guaranteed not to rust or lose sharpness over time. It is recommended to wash your hands. A wide variety of veggies and fruits can be easily and consistently chopped. In half the time! Don't let a small container slow you down. They increased the size of their container by 200% so that they can chop more in one go, compared to other choppers on the market. You should store vegetables in the container until you are ready to cook. When the blades are not in use, it serves as storage. There are 8 cups. There are no chemicals with the word "BPA", "PVC", or "PHthalate" in it. The dishwasher is on top rack. It's important to caution. First remove the hard skin from vegetables and fruit. If you want to chop hard roots such as carrots, make sure to pre-prep them or microwave them first. Failure to do so may compromise the product and result in damages that are not covered by the warranty. The value is unperturbed. The set includes the Brieftons QuickPush food chopper with 3stainless steel blade accessories, an 8-cup container, keep-fresh lid, cleaning tool, and 3 bonus Brieftons recipe Ebooks. Their guarantee is your peace of mind. Your purchase is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they will solve any problems you have within 12 hours.

Brand: Brieftons

👤I absolutely love this product. I usually use my food processor to chop things, but it doesn't get the perfect cuts. This gets perfect cuts. I've been using this for a couple weeks to make salads, and the device has held up well. I thought that a 19 dollar chopper would break after a few uses, but it's just as good as new still. The square blades don't look sharp, but please don't let that fool you. I sliced my fingers a few times because I tried to get more food off or rested it on there. The little plastic brush is useless. I used it once and it broke after one gentle pass through. A stiff kitchen brush is what it is. I don't use it for mushrooms, so here are my thoughts on the veggies I've used it on. I had the world's most amazing looking mushroom cubes, but it was hard to clean. It took a solid 30 minutes to clear the soft mushrooms from the green grid. I would pick an onion if I only had one food to use with this. I cut it in half, put it on the chopping part, and got diced onions without any hassle. The onion has rings, making it one of the easiest vegetables to chop. The bell peppers are absolutely perfect. The bell peppers need to be cut down in size a bit to fit in the square part, which is my only issue with them. I would buy it right away if they sold a larger version. Cucumbers and bell peppers are the same thing. Once they're cut a bit to size, you can just throw a piece on there and get perfect diced cucumbers. Cucumber strips are not usually what I need. I haven't tried cherry tomatoes yet, but be careful! The tomatoes roll onto the side of the cutting area and get pushed down. Some of them will explode, so they get everywhere. I found tomato bits on a wall that was 4 feet away from where I was. I don't think they'll have the exploding and sliding problem, so I'm going to try it with normal sliced tomatoes. The tomatoes were absolutely perfect despite the mess it made. After you chop more tomatoes, the juice naturally separates from the tomato bits, and you can spoon out tiny little perfect tomato pieces. You know how nice salsa looks when it doesn't have a lot of juice and seeds. Think that. It's great. I'll use the food processor to grating carrots. It's not that you can't use this, it's just that carrots are hard and you need to put a lot of pressure to cut it, so it's way more work than just chopping by hand or grating in. It's perfect for medium hard veggies like bell peppers, onions, or cucumbers. The harder the veggie, the more pressure you need to cut it so it might not be worth it.

👤The carrot pieces and blades broke. We were going to slice carrots to a reasonable thickness, but the blades couldn't handle it. As we prepared for Thanksgiving dinner, we were doing well with this device. The potatoes, onions, and celery were great. It looks like a 5 star situation. We were impressed. Then - Carrot failing. 1 out of 5 stars.

6. Vegetable Chopper Container Mandoline Kitchen

Vegetable Chopper Container Mandoline Kitchen

Tuntrol Slicer Choppers have a 12-month warranty. They can't make a replacement after you use it for a while because the blade is consumables. You can purchase a replacement blade in their shop. The blade's ASIN is B08LVRQLJC. If you have a question, please let them know. Looking for your reply. The manual salad chopper has 7 x steel blades, 1 x drain basket, egg separator, peeler, hand protectors, garlic grinder, container, and 2 cleaning tools. It's convenient to cut tomatoes, carrots, fruits, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, cheese, and other vegetables with the veggie slicer dicer. Don't cut food that is hard. The tomato dicer with the newly upgraded one-button cleaning function is easy to clean and safe to use. The cleaning tools will help you to dispose of food scraps. Cut-proof gloves and hand protectors can protect your fingers from knife cuts. When cutting vegetables, please press quickly. Their mandoline slicer is made of food gradeABS materials which are FDA andCE standards, guaranteeing healthy meals. The heavy-duty 420stainless steel blades are sharp enough to easily cut fruits or vegetables into thin slices or blocks. It's a great gift for your family and friends to save time in the kitchen. The non-slip handle of the onion chopper enhances leverage while the 4 non-slip feet strip ensures stability during use. Save time and effort. Fruits and vegetables can be sliced safely and easily. The vegetable cutter is easy to clean. The veggie chopper can hold all the blades. The drain basket can be used to store and clean food. If you want to use onion chopper, please cut the vegetables into small pieces. The food chopper's blades are very sharp and you should wear a glove when using it. Please don't wash the chopper in the dishwasher and be in strict compliance with the Vegetable Chopper hand instruction. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Proggarlite

👤Save yourself from being annoyed by using this product. It's impossible to chop baby carrots. The carrots were stuck, onions and strawberries were crushed and did not go through the grids. The quality is not good. I thought it was going to break. I will return this item.

👤It's very convenient and easy to use for people who are brushing up their kitchen skills. It's simple for those of us who aren't pros in the kitchen. I have been using it for a week or so and am very happy with it.

👤We always get bits of what we are cutting between the teeth. I don't like having to floss my chopper.

👤This makes it very easy to chop, dice, or grate. It is very convenient to clean, it cuts prep time by a lot, and it comes with a safety guard and glove. This was a great purchase.

👤No pude picar la cebolla, solo la machuco! Muy decepcionada. No pude regresarla!

👤It's very easy to use, just make sure to place the blade face up, and I wish the container fit better on the base.

7. Vivaant Food Chopper Vegetables Commercial

Vivaant Food Chopper Vegetables Commercial

It's much easier to use a food processor than a hand wash. You need a 1 cup capacity. A rubberized button improves grip. The zigzag blades slice cleanly and evenly. Food is kept off the sides by rotating scrapers. It's easy to disassemble for quick storage and clean up. The prep time was changed. Don't use a monster food processor for a small job. Chop, dice, and mince food in less time than using a knife. You can use it on a cutting board or base. Throw in the dishwasher top rack for easy clean up. You won't find a better chopper on the market today. Feel the difference in their build quality. The hand cutter is made to last. Say hello to your new appliance. They use the highest quality materials and use the strictest standards for safety. Feel confident that your food and health are safe. Lifetime satisfaction guarantee! If it breaks or you're not happy with your purchase, they'll replace it or give you a full refund. Customer service is their top priority. They will make sure you are happy.

Brand: Vivaant

👤I needed a replacement for the plastic piece that broke. I decided to look up comparable models on Amazon after hunting for the one I had always used. I need a second chopper due to the amount of cooking I do and the fact that I use this chopper almost daily. I have had this one for a little while, and so far, I am impressed. The chopper blades are as sharp as the comments on here say, it is a hardy plastic and steel manual chopper and has a few different pieces. The hand chopper has a built in blade, a hard plastic cover, and a bottom screw on a clear plastic sheath that traps the food about to be chopped, and a thick rubber bottom to put the food in. I haven't used the rubber bottom yet because I usually use a paper plate for chopping. I only use the rubber cover when storing it in the cabinet. It is easy to clean, and I put it on the top rack in the dishwasher. It is necessary to hold the chopper handle down so that any food that might have gotten trapped above the blades can be washed out. I will purchase the same model once I can because I need a second one. If you need a kitchen appliance like this one, it is highly recommended.

👤I'm pretty hard on my choppers and have slapped my way through several over the years, so I'm always hesitant about buying a new one. Will it hold up during my chopping? Will it break mid-slap? The reviews and notes about great customer service are always valued in this day and age. I've used it many times and it's well-made. I have high hopes for it, but only time will tell if it will last the race. The customer service is something I appreciate and I received an email after I received the order. This is a mom and son small business. I support them. The price of the chopper is a lot cheaper than the Pampered Chef chopper.

👤The recipient didn't like it, I bought it as a gift. It must be disassembled to be cleaned. The blade, a 2 inch W shaped piece of sheet metal with a sharp edge, cuts through the top portion of the chopper's body, taking bits of whatever it chopped back into the housing. If you count the plastic cover which goes over the bottom, the chopper is a single housing. It's possible to open the housing with a simple twist 'n' lock mechanism. The process of getting the two pieces back together is very time consuming and involves getting the blade back through a narrow slit in the bottom half of the body. It's a clever way of rotating the blade, it's 20 to 30 degrees on each downward motion. Some parts are very finely chopped while others are not. The result is still even dicing, even after successive plunges of the blade. This isn't as big of a problem as the cleaning part. It disassembles and re-assembles easily, apart from the alignment issue. It's a pretty nifty device, but the cleaning process is not easy and the end result is not always what you want. It was too late to return it, so I guess it's mine now.

8. Chopper Manual Onion Garlic Vegetable

Chopper Manual Onion Garlic Vegetable

The model includes a multi-purpose blade, whisk accessory, and charger. The food chopper has surgical grade blades to make chopping fast. The garlic chopper can help you save time preparing your meals. No chance to touch the blades. The onion chopper is better protecting your family's food health. There is no electricity required. Meet your different chopping needs with features your need. Get everything done with a few pulls,1-5 times for food roughly, 6-10 for medium, 11-20 for fine and 20 for extra fine or liquid purees. The 2.5 cup capacity is larger than other electric choppers. Simply disassemble makes cleaning up easy. The food chopper is dishwasher safe and can be washed under the water tap. The chopper comes with a 1-month free trial. 24 hours customers service and lifetime technical support are also offered.

Brand: Geedel

👤I don't usually leave reviews, but this thing is amazing. When I tried it, I had to give it a try so my mother in law could see it in action. The string is easy to pull, you just pull it and it chops and chops, and clean up is easy. I sliced onions and carrots into pieces.

👤I was skeptical that it would work after my mom bought me this. This thing is amazing. I bought them for my friends and family. You will not be disappointed.

👤If you look closely at the chopped veggies, you will see that they are not the same size. By the time I got the big chunks small, the other pieces were barely alive.

👤I didn't think that the manual meant that I would have to pull a string to chop apples, it's a good machine for kids to help out, but I didn't think it meant that I would have to pull a string.

👤Absolutely loved the quality of the product. My only suggestion is to make them bigger. Like giving two SiZes. Whatever you want chopped is done in minutes and no electricity is needed. It is fun to use. My 10 year old wants to help chop everything.

👤This little chopper is powerful. Great for crab salad and deviled eggs. Would definitely purchase again.

👤The little chopper is better than a food processor. I have chopped onion, celery, nuts and carrots after a few pulls. The bowl and blades are in the dish washer. It doesn't have to be plugged in or stored in a big area.

👤I don't want to drag out my heavy food processor so this chopper is great for jobs. It is easy to clean the blades. My only concern is that the small piece that sits on the blade doesn't break off, which happened to my last mini chopper.

9. KEOUKE Chopper Processor Vegetable Separator

KEOUKE Chopper Processor Vegetable Separator

The food processor can cut vegetables such as potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, and ground meat. A salad, baby food supplement, is made with the help of an egg separator and an egg blender. When you cut the onion, it can keep you from crying. You can shorten the cutting time if you shake the hand crank food mincer. It's very easy to make Salsa, Pesto, and Puree. Design safe and beautiful: Powerful hand chopper protects your fingers from injury. You don't have to touch the blade when using the Hand-Powered Food Chopper. The Hand Held Vegetable Chopper is a new design with beautiful lines and smooth materials. Children can help their mothers. The main material of the food handle processor is non-toxic, and the blade is made of steel. The handle has a long service life. The manual food processor's blade is easy to open and remove, so it is easy to clean.

Brand: Keouke

👤This helicopter is amazing. I have thrown at it. It might not fare well with the concrete, but I have faith in this bad boy. I have chopped all types of vegetables for the child to play with. I've made ice, boiled eggs, and even whipped a few of them. It is easy to clean and comes with the right amount of accessories. Solid purchase with no complaints.

👤I had a version of this that worked well until I dropped and broke it. I was surprised to see how much better the newer models are. This chops large amounts of onions in just a few seconds and no tears. With a few more turns, its a good dice. It is easy to clean, but you have to be careful with the sharp blades. It is easy to clean and store.

👤The design of the handle does not allow easy turning of the top. The handle keeps popping off. I wouldn't recommend this type unless they changed the side handle.

👤This little chopper is very good. It is easy to use and clean, and the food comes out how you like it, from chopped to whole, depending on how many times you turn the crank. It's sturdy, I put in chucks of Parmesan cheese and it shredded it in no time. Should you choose to buy this product, I will be happy as well.

👤The cord broke from a lot of use, but I had the one where you spin the blades by pulling a cord. I got this one because it did not spin the blades the same way. It is difficult to get the crank to spin. I am a little disappointed.

👤I bought this 15 years ago at the State Fair. This one is the same. It's the perfect dicer for onions. It's the best homemade salsa ever.

👤This is a must have for dicing and mixing vegetables. It chops well. I promise you will love its value, you need this on your counter.

👤My first chopper is this one. The first one lasted a long time. It is quick, easy, portable, and doesn't need to be plugged in to power. You can use it anywhere. The size of pieces should be adjusted by the number of rotations.

10. Mueller Austria Strongest Heaviest Vegetable

Mueller Austria Strongest Heaviest Vegetable

It is a great gift for your friends at their birthday or in a festival like Thanksgiving and Christmas to have the onion cutter in your kitchen. If you have a question about the kitchen chopper, please contact them through Amazon. They will try to help you. With this amazing chopper, you can cut a wide variety of foods in seconds with a simple pull of a cord, which rotates the ultra-sharp,removable STAINLESS steel blades of German quality! They are really sharp, so be careful while operating. The chopping speed can be selected using the Speed-control switch. For a coarse cut, use the Low Speed and the High Speed. Always start with a low speed. Chop and mix food. The dual speed chopper is ideal for fruit, vegetables, garlic, herbs, boiled eggs, meats, breadcrumbs, and nuts. It is portable and light weight, so you can take it wherever you go. It's easy to clean choppers with so many parts. The handheld manual food processor is very easy to use, just spin it a few times to chop what you want, and the bowl is non-slip. It is easy to prepare for the whole family with a large 5 cup capacity. chop away without waking up any family members. You have nothing to worry about with the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤This is a high quality item. The upper part has no screws or other exposed items that would catch food debris and be unsanitary, and the bottom has a rubber ring so it won't slip around on a flat surface while you hold it. Just use a sponge to wipe it off. The "speed" button allows you to choose between coarse and fine chopping. The person in the video uses a paddle insert instead of the blades to stir up pancake batter. The insert is not included. The instructions don't show how to place an order. This is not true. I wish it wasn't made in China. There's no excuse for offshoring a product like this when Austrians could use the jobs.

👤Food choppers are very useful. I have a smaller one and I just had to have a larger one. They do the job quickly. They are great when camping because they don't need electricity. This is a helicopter with 2 speeds.

👤Plastic pieces in our food are not strong.

👤I haven't used it yet, but I tried it without food. I researched a good manuel chopper for hours before choosing this. I had a previous one that didn't know what to do with me for a year. Food processor are better than choppers. The tank is the perfect size. The blades have a protection cap. I am in love with the design and it feels sturdy. I will buy more of this for my mom and friends. I received a free gift when I opened the package. I'm happy. I can't wait to use it when I cook.

👤I owned a smaller version of this. I immediately wanted to try it. It is awesome. Very powerful! It sits on my counter to be used daily.

👤I like manual choppers since I can control how small my veggies are. This product is very sturdy. I have been on my second one in the last 6 years. You can make salsa and guacamole in this area.

👤I like this hand chopper. It is sturdy and attractive. I like the 3 cup capacity. The hand pull is easy to use, I have some arthritis in my hands and it's appreciated. I love it!

👤Looks great and works as expected. The string blades are very sharp.

11. Cuisinart CTG 00 SCHP Stainless Steel Chopper

Cuisinart CTG 00 SCHP Stainless Steel Chopper

Bi-level STAINLESS steel blades stay sharp. The chopper housing and blade are made of steel. You can chop anything from hard cheese to a clove of garlic. The push-down handle is easy to use. It is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤This doesn't live up to the name. Don't buy this. It is difficult to clean as the brand rotates so you can't get to the blades. The date to return has expired and I didn't have time to use it until now. I am throwing it out because I don't want to hurt myself. Don't buy this.

👤This is the second time we have purchased this product from Amazon, and the first time it failed. We are beyond the warranty. We can't return it in August because we purchased it in June. It does not pivot when chopping. Several years ago, we purchased one. This product is a bad replica of our original purchase.

👤We used to have a chef version of this chopper. I ordered this product because I thought they were all the same. I was disappointed that it took so much more effort to get the same consistency. We use this for a back up and have purchased the pampered chef version again. I think you should do the same.

👤We had a chopper for smaller amounts that worked well with the hand blender. The company changed the product and the replacement, and all of them seem to have been designed by people who never use them, with ribs that make it harder to get things out. This chopper is a winner, no electricity required, no ribs so easy to assemble, and to disassemble, we love it!

👤The plastic bottoms don't stay in place. If you are using this chopper, use a plastic hard plate. It can get loud when using it. If noise is an issue, don't buy it. The container that is attached to the base does not hold a large portion of food. If you are buying to do any meal prep for more than one person, you may want to rethink buying a bigger chopper. It holds less than a cup. The fourth and final issues will make your skin crawl and this is the result of not being able to properly clean after every use. You can't clean behind the blade and you don't want to be eating food or spices that you had a month ago. You have boiled this chopper to killbacteria that have been forming from your last use. This chopper is a food hazard because it is poorly designed for cleaning. If you didn't get what was said, read this. This is my experience with a food chopper. I score this chopper low because it's hard to clean the blade where it's housed. I learned the hard way that cleaning a kitchen appliance is important. Food particles can get trapped between the blade and the spring over time and eventually break down. When food breaks down, they can form bugs which can end up in your next meal. Even after washing and sterilizing this chopper food particles will still remain behind. Everything is trapped inside so nothing can escape. This is for you and your family if you like snacking and harvesting. Enjoy.


What is the best product for food chopper manual?

Food chopper manual products from Foruisin. In this article about food chopper manual you can see why people choose the product. Gdl and Fullstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding food chopper manual.

What are the best brands for food chopper manual?

Foruisin, Gdl and Fullstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food chopper manual. Find the detail in this article. Hic Harold Import Co., Brieftons and Proggarlite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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