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1. OXO Grips Magnetic All Purpose Clips

OXO Grips Magnetic All Purpose Clips

This plastic seal clips with large-diameter pouring nozzle are easy for you to dump food, such as snacks, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, nuts, etc. If the food is too large, it may get stuck. All-Purpose Clips are used to close snack bags. You can hang dish towels, notepads or a calendar from Clips. The Clip mouth has a secure grip. A hole can be used to hang the clips. There are four All-Purpose Clips available.

Brand: Oxo

👤These are the best chip clips I have ever used, because I have been eating chips and various food products in bags for over 30 years. Don't look at anyone else, you found the best. Not the ones that slide to the edge of the bag and then slip off, not the ones that pinch one small area. None! These are chip clips. JOKE! They have a strong plastic at the part that holds the jaws. Your chips are safe.

👤I like OXO products. I think the OXO grater is one of my favorites in the kitchen. I look at OXO first when I look for kitchen supplies. My girlfriend's cheap clips were starting to break and we needed some new ones. I watched the OXO clips. We showed them to her and got her approval. We were pleased when we opened them. They look great. The design is cool and the colors stand out. The clips were stiff enough to keep the bag closed but easy enough to open it. So far it's been great. We put them on the fridge. Uh oh. Is that in the fridge or not? It barely did, but it did. You could easily knock it off with a small amount of force. You can hang from them because of the poor magnetism. I deducted 1 star because of this down point.

👤If you want these to be used as a clip bag or a clip for your papers, they will work. I was looking for something to hang from my fridge that could hold more than one sheet of paper. I'm not sure how the people in other reviews were able to keep their bags of chips and other items in their fridge. It's a mystery to me. That was not my experience. I found stronger clips for less money. I am happy to swap cute for function in this case because they aren't as cute as the white oxo ones. If the link doesn't work, I replaced it with the ones I found on Amazon.

👤These clips are great for many things. My daughter-in-law ordered some for me after I saw them and purchased my first set. I am on my third set because I keep finding more uses for these. My granddaughter comes to my place during the week in the summer. I used the clips to keep the blanket in place while we set up the fort in the spare bedroom. I use them for frozen food. My dogs food is kept closed and fresh. Also for nuts, dried fruit, chips, and anything else you can think of. I have used them to hang small wet items. They look cute on the fridge for your notes or pictures your kids have drawn for you.

👤The clips look cute with their bright colors and soft lines, but OXO skimped on the actual magnets. I wanted to use these to hold holiday cards on the side of our refrigerator, but I couldn't use the clip because it was too heavy for the magnet and the whole thing would slide down the side of the fridge. We have a lot of smaller magnets on the side of the fridge, all of which use neodymium magnets, and none of them slide, even with a couple holiday cards or three or four sheets of paper secured between them. OXO should have charged more for the product and spent more on magnets. Absolutely disappointing. I immediately returned them to Amazon. There is not enough space on my fridge to hold a weak magnet.

2. Mr Magnetic Magnet Packages Fridge

Mr Magnetic Magnet Packages Fridge

Kid friendly, there are zero sharp edges, no small parts that can cause a choking hazard, and no metal clips or springs that can weaken or pinch little fingers. There are 6 magnetic bag clips in 6 different colors. Each clip is 3 inches long. And can hold up to 1.5 inches of material. The plastic material has a spring that is secure and firm for a long time. Embedded Magnet in One Jaw to Hang Recipes, Messages, Photos, Appointments and More. It's ideal for keeping open bags closed. And organizing your home.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤The clip is poorly designed if you plan to use the magnet. The arch of the handle makes it impossible for the magnet to sit on a surface and hold its load. The handle goes past a flat surface in the picture.

👤I bought three different brands of chip clips at the same time. All were the same in appearance and style. I am sending the others back. The strongest spring was found in the three that had the best grip. I've read reviews about the placement of magnets on these clips. I put two of these on my refrigerator with two photographs each and they are holding up well, each combination has one on photograph paper and one on thick paper that is laminated The colors are the same. I have Fiestaware, so wanted colors, and these are good, something a little deeper than primary colors, and not exactly looking like they belong in a kindergarten classroom. If you're looking for something similar to what I bought, they're just a little different than the others I bought. I plan to use these to hang bags on hooks in my pantry, thanks to the genius who helped with that solution! If you want to hang a bag of chips, you should know how heavy it is and how many chip clips will not hold it. I think it's due to the weight of the bag and the slick surface. I used one of these clips to test a bag and it is holding with no slipping, I already had chip clips that would not hold for even seconds. I took off one star because the rubbery lined holes seem to be marred on some, I ordered two boxes and this is true for each. I keep them, but they seem to be a quality control issue and might be notable for some people.

👤The clips work well, but the design of the magnet is bad. People think the clips are designed to hold something closed. That isn't true. When not in use on a refrigerator, they are designed to be hidden. The problem is that the clips are not straight. The metal surface has a radius that is very small for a magnet to touch so it will not stick unless you hang the handle over the edge. These clips are good if you don't care about the magnet.

👤The magnets aren't strong enough, that's the only problem I have with these. I keep them on the door of my fridge. They fall off of the door when I open or close it. I should have spent more money for the Oxo.

👤You get what you pay for. We seem to have multiple Oxo clips in use at one time and some seem to walk away with the kids, so I wanted to enlarge my collection. The clips work well for clipping bags, but for some of them, the magnets don't fully engage with the side of the fridge, which is where I want to store them when not in use. The handles on the back side are not straight. The clips fall off when the fridge is closed. If you put them at the top of the fridge, the handle will be over the top of the fridge. I haven't used them long enough to know if they'll be as sturdy as the Oxo suggests. Next time I'll look at Oxo clips. I would go back to my local store if Covid wasn't there.

3. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

The basket is used to serve the kids snack. Kids will love this way because they feel like adults. One handed operation with patented pump mechanism and brake button. A non slip ring and wide base keep bowl steady on the countertop. A clear bowl and basket are perfect for serving. The flat lid allows for convenient stacking when not in use and the parts are dishwasher safe. The bowl is 4.95 quarts and the basket is 10.5 quarts.

Brand: Oxo

👤The sleek looking device may appeal to those who place more value on kitchen feng shui. I'm a semi-professional athlete, and I couldn't get this thing up to enough revolutions per minute. Don't tell me that the spinner wasn't designed for zucchini. Stuff is laid in the center at max speed rather than being pinned to the sides. How can you expect the water to spin off if the salad doesn't get pinned to the sides? The first picture shows the basket filled with greens. False advertising! If you fill the basket more than half way in the center, the spinner will pin it down, preventing the basket from spinning freely. Your dinner guests will tell you how pretty the spinner is, even though it does not deliver. The good news is that if you leave the greens in the bowl for a while, the water will drain off and allow them to dry out.

👤The people who said it doesn't get the greens dry are missing a small step in the process. The instructions say to slide the small black piece away from the pump knob. If you don't slide that little thing back, the knob won't work and you won't know to do it. You can get a better result by sliding the knob back. The last bit of water will be thrown off the greens if you push hard on the stop button. I've owned salad spinners that didn't dry the greens completely. I dump them out on a dish towel and then use a paper towel and a zip lock bag. They keep it that way for about a week and a half.

👤I saw this being used on America's Test Kitchen and thought it would be a good one. The design is not good. I don't care how many times you mash on the pump action plunger or how fast you spin it, it never gets going fast enough to spin the water of your wet leafy things. It comes out wet. The plunger mechanism is in a cup that protrudes into the basket, squashing down your wet stuff in the middle, making it hard to dry it when it's stuck under it. A lot of people bought this thing. I don't understand! I don't give a lot of feedback. I had to say something about this contraption. It's Pathetic!

👤I was impressed with how solid this spinner was. I un-boxed it and thought maybe it was worth the price. There were two issues that I encountered. I had to disengage the lock lever before I could push the pump again because it got stuck every time I pushed it down. The spinner can't spin fast enough to dry the greens. The basket seems to have a max speed of too slow, as no amount of pumping gets it going any faster. The greens were very wet after several rounds of spinning. I will be returning the Oxo Salad Spinner and looking for a different one.

4. OXO 1071533 0719812018430 Silicone Flexible

OXO 1071533 0719812018430 Silicone Flexible

A non-slip grip. It's perfect for flipping pancakes. Thin, flexible edge glides. The dimensions are 12.00'' x 6.00'' x 3.25''. Silicone bond to flexible steel. It's safe for non-stick cookware.

Brand: Oxo

👤I bought this because the Spatula I was using was too small. I was messing with my pancakes. What a mess! I discovered this. It is not very heat resistant and works great covering the area of food. The handle melted onto my non stick pan after I left it there. I have a damaged pan and Spatula because it wouldn't scrub it off. There is a note. If you purchase this, you will need to keep an eye on it or leave it on a spoon rest.

👤This wonderful utensil has brought joy and happiness to my life and soul. I will never touch another spatula again, even if it is one of the OXO 1071533 Good Grips Silicone Flexible Pancake Turner, Black. I've used it to flip pancakes, but it brought a tear to my eye, which had nothing to do with the small splash of boiling butter that landed in my eye as a result. I feel honored to cradle its Good Grip in my good grip, but I can't use its Flexible Silicone for my every Pancake turning need. I feel a rush of warmth, safety, love, and peace in its very presence, and I know that it has changed my life irrevocably for the better.

👤I have mixed feelings about this product. I decided to pay the extra cost because I respect the oxo brand name for high end quality in the superior materials used and overall high end quality and because I finally decided to purchase what I thought was a better than average pancake turner. I wanted a pancake turner that was better than average. I was let down. The first pancake flip after pouring the batter into the pan doesn't seem to be enough for the turner. When you flip the pancake, the turner "butts" against the side of the pancake make it hard to slide in. A folded and wrinkled mess is what you usually get. I would return it.

👤I turned away from the kitchen for a moment and the OXO spatula's nylon handle melted in the pan. The function of the spatula was not affected by it's appearance. If you have a spatula, don't leave it in a hot pan because the handle can melt. The review was positive. I only bought this kitchen tool to use. I make an omelet in a pan with a flat bottom every morning. I had been using a 2.5 inch nylon that was too narrow to turn the eggs without breaking the spatula. Although I keep the temperature low, the edge of the nylon spatula was melting and making it difficult to slide it under my eggs. I can slide the OXO Good Grips all the way underneath my spatula without any issues. The firm broad paddle can pick up, hold, and flip my omelets without breaking them in half. I use that every morning. I have not had a problem with metal melting through the silicone. The paddle is easy to clean. The price was reasonable. I can't vouch for its performance flipping pancakes, but I think it would do well since a thick, unfolded omelet is like a huge flapjack. The review is based on a week of use. If something changes, you can check for an update by clicking on my name. I hope my review helped you make a decision. Enjoy your breakfast!

5. Color Clips Magnet Storage Tight

Color Clips Magnet Storage Tight

The Heavy-duty Clamps are covered in 3 different colors. Each color has 4 clips. If you have any issues with your purchase, contact them immediately. All issues will be solved in 24 hours. There is a patent pending. Bag clips are one of those things you never have enough of, invest in a set of durable, long lasting, soft touch, kid friendly Cook with Color food bag clips and organize your home and office with a colorful set of spring clips. The perfect shape and size clip for all different sized bags of chips and food is included in the set. It has a ribbed end for a tight seal and freshness. A strong spring mechanism will last. Fun and colorful clips with a useful magnet in the back are readily available on your fridge for an easy reach and access. It can be used to hold objects. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤It seems crazy to write a review about chips clips. Don't use them for magnets if you are. The curve at the top makes it hard to get the magnet on the fridge. The curve bends out so much that the magnet is useless. Get a different set.

👤This is supposed to be 10 clips. I received 9. They are pretty and functional. The person who created this packaging doesn't know English. There is a sentence that says keep snakes organized.

👤Don't buy them! It was made in China. Support the USA! This stuff needs to be located by Amazon. I wouldn't have bought it. I almost had a heart attack.

👤The top chip clip was my first order and I was happy with it. The second chip clip shown is not the same item as the first one. I liked the magnet for the fridge, but the second one is too wide and won't fit on the fridge. When a chip clip is useless, what is the purpose? I will shop in stores next time.

👤The part that you pinch curves backwards is what prevents the magnet from laying down. These can only be used at the edge of your fridge or chip bag clip.

👤The lavender clips are open wide. It is easy to lock bifold doors. Magnets are not strong as advertised. Maybe it could hold a few pieces of mail. Magnets are put in with glue. If you want to make these, you should buy some magnets and glue before you start because you're going to have a project on your hands.

👤I had been buying magnetic chip clip style clips at Marshall's and TJ Maxx because they have a lot of cheap ones, but they kept slipping down our fridge because the magnets weren't very strong. These work well. There were no issues with missing clips or anything like that, I'm guessing there was some quality control issues. These are strong and feel a little more durable than your typical bag clip, and I like the colors. The magnets are strong enough to hold them in our fridge, but they can't hold a heavy calendar, so they could probably hold postcards, photos, or a couple of pieces of paper.

👤The bag clips I buy are flimsy and break quickly. The clips are sturdy and appear to be good quality. The seller contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. That is very rare and appreciated.

👤I enjoy everything about these clips. Good size, good grip and good magnet. It works well for all bags. These clips were very nice.

👤They are easy to use and keep things fresh, I love the colour and how easy it is to use.

6. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

You have nothing to worry about with the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need. The twin blades are flexible and easy to peel potatoes, apples, and other tough skinned fruits and vegetables. The handle is large enough for repetitive strokes. Even when wet, the grip is comfortable. A built-in potato eye removal device. The large hole in handle is easy to store.

Brand: Oxo

👤This is my 3rd peeler. The blades begin to dull after about 2 years. They need to be replaced soon but I can extend the life by honing them with a knife steel. I wish OXO would sell the blades instead of throwing the handle away. We shouldn't be filling landfills with plastic just so they can make a few bucks on a new peeler.

👤When reviewing a potato peeler is the highlight of a day, we have lost some of our excitement. I used this one for the first time today and it was a great experience. I paid five bucks for a new peeler at the grocery store a few months ago because I couldn't get used to peeling my belly. It was dull and wouldn't have done much damage, but this one by OXO is like finding a long-lost friend. It works! It leaves in long strips. I am happy for the new potato peelers.

👤I had high hopes for this, but after I had my left hand left in a bloody mess and in pain all day, I'm very disappointed. The peeler slipped and cut through my finger, then cut out a chunk of my middle finger. I have over 20 apples, oranges and potatoes that I have to be afraid to peel in fear of cutting my body in half. You get what you pay for.

👤I threw away my grandmother's peeler, which has been in my possession for 40 years. I was sick over it. That one was the best peeler of all time. I went to Amazon to find a substitute for the Good Grips Peeler. I am in love with this. The handle feels great in my hand. You just run it down the item you want to peel and it will do the rest without you having to do anything. This was designed by someone who did an excellent job. I love this peeler. I'm still upset about my grandmother's peeler being lost, but this one will be a great replacement.

👤It's easy to hold. The way a peeler should be. I use it all the time and it works great. There is a picture of carrots. The head tilts to meet the produce like a razor. There is a protective cover. The peeler is dishwasher safe. The dishwasher cover is too large for me to put it in it. The drawer has the cover in it so it doesn't need to be cleaned.

👤This peeler is included in OXO products. I tried to peel 7 big yams at Christmas, but it took forever. I bought an OXO peeler to try it out. It is a world of difference. Their sink grate, kettle, scrubbers, etc., are all included.

👤We used the Henckles Twin Cuisine Peeler as both a vegetable peeler and a coring tool, but the coring ultimately did it in. The years of use and the additional leverage used to pry out potato eyes and insect holes in hard fruit was too much for it and the price of replacing it with the same tool was too expensive. We chose to do it with two tools and this was an excellent choice and I have no complaints with it. The price of the combined tools was less than buying another Hencklels. It feels good in the hand and not using the same tool for peeling and coring seems to be a much better choice than using a tool like this.

7. OXO Grips Dispenser Removable Cutter

OXO Grips Dispenser Removable Cutter

It's ideal for use in your home, office, garage or work room. It's great to keep twine at the ready for tying meat for roasting, wrapping packages, crafting and many other household projects. The twine cutter has a soft, non-slip grip and can be removed to trim excess twine. You can see how much twine is left with the frosted cover. Non-slip feet keep the Dispenser steady. Twine loading diagrams on the underside of the Dispenser are included.

Brand: Oxo

👤I really liked this, I wanted to. It's well made, pretty, but the fact that you need a specific OXO refill that's three or four times the price of a regular cone, and with almost half the amount. I can't eat it. We bought a sugar pour lid that fits a wide mouth Mason jar and it holds a 1/2 cone for a fraction of the price. The price is crazy and the refills are ridiculous.

👤When I got my things back after moving, I found a mouse in my kitchen boxes. I had to throw out everything that could not be cleaned because of allergies and sanitary reasons. I discovered that I missed having twine on hand for all of my duties after the months that followed. I went shopping for a replacement in Amazon. I was very happy to find this. It is covered to protect it from dust and pests, but it also has a cutting tool for one-handed use. I no longer have to worry about how clean my kitchen scissors are from sitting in my cupboard. The plastic is strong and won't break off when dropped onto a hard kitchen floor. The blade is tucked away so it won't cut you. The plastic is clear enough to see the twine, but not completely clear. It has a frosted look which is a great choice. This is stylish and completely clear plastic has a cheap look. The only concern I had was its small size. I realized it would not be running out quickly when I saw it in person. The smaller size allows for more cupboard space. The half sizes are easy to find. The included twine works just as well. I recommend this for all of your household needs.

👤I bought this twine for many of my home cooking ventures, and Boy was surprised. The twine was of good quality, but it did break a couple of times, but the twined worked. I have used it on a few things, such as tying various crafts, and even for a school project for my son. The twine is very thick, which is something I like about it. The twined is very affordable, and I will be ordering more soon.

👤The twine was purchased to attach the custom labels to the bags for out of town guests at my daughters wedding and for the bridesmaid and groomsman thank you bags. It made the preparation for the wedding much easier. No more chasing that ball of string. The twine dispensers are sturdy and will be used at home for a long time. I like to wrap gifts with brown paper and twine. It's easy to do hundreds of items with it's handy cutting side blade. I would recommend anyone who uses twine. The OXO dispensers arrived quickly. I like the fact that it was packaged in a modest way, and I don't like the amount of hard to open packaging thatcluttering up our landfills. If my review assisted you in any way with your decision to purchase or not purchase this item, please click theHelpful button. Thanks!

8. OXO Grips Collection Piece Assorted

OXO Grips Collection Piece Assorted

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the minimum amount of liquid. bread tags and twist ties can be difficult to use. bags of bread, rice, nuts, beans, dried fruit, frozen foods and other staple items are sealed with a secure grip. Cinches are easy to find in crowded drawers. A tight hold on bags is provided by a textured pattern inside Cinches. A non-slip grip.

Brand: Oxo

👤These clips were better than I anticipated. Strong materials. Not like the cheap thin plastic that is crooked or warped and doesn't line up good with weak springs that have disappointed me in the past. These are strong and durable. A good thick quality plastic clamps with an attached tapered insert line up perfectly for a great grip. The insert isn't a hard slippery plastic, but has an almost pliable feel, which makes me wonder if it actually grabs onto itself when I open and close it a few times. I don't think they are. The spring is strong and facilitates the awesome grip. It is not so strong that it is hard to squeeze. The blue "donut" looking rings inserted into the handle seem to be the same material used for the clamp insert, which gives your fingers something to grip when squeezing a strong spring. Nice touch! Taking pictures from the top to see the spring configuration. The "donut" insert is with the grip-able material. You can see how well the 2 sides come together from the bottom. From the side, you can see the blue gripping insert that is used to keep your bag sealed with the best seal. OXO needs to give them a raise because the designer came up with this clip's design. I hope Amazon will allow me to load the video I shot of these wonderful clips. I have a bag of prescription dry cat food that is thick and shiny and has a slippery surface. The zip lock on the thick bag material failed and detached from the bag, which is great for keeping dry food fresh. I rolled that bag down four times. The bag was lifted up with no problem after being fastened with the OXO clip. I weighed the bag since I had already fed her some. I waited more than 10 minutes for my video to load and it still buffering so I think it's a no go. Maybe too long? I will load pictures showing how thick the 4 folds are. A shot of the bag being lifted by one handle. I put the towel in the back drop behind the bag because you can see it being lifted. Since the shadow made it hard to see, I put my empty honey butter dish under it and lighted it behind the bag with my newly acquired "Magicfly 10x 5x, 1x LED Travel Makeup Mirror" from Amazon. He was praised for his thoughtfulness. Who knew it would be useful for this today? There is no flash on the device. I wanted to know how long the clip would hold on to the bag. I lifted it for 20 seconds. My arm gave out before I did. The bag is heavy and shiny, so only a matter of time before those factors took hold. That's pretty much beyond the call anyways. Hope my review helps. When I was shopping for frying pans, I saw that Amazon asked me how I liked my purchase, so I decided to answer. I didn't get the product for free, but I did get a review. I am adding it to my cart now because I wish I had bought more than 2. It was in my "Kitchen/Cooking Wish List" and had earned a permanent place. Also... The tiny magnetic clips are also great.

9. OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer

OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer

All butter sticks are accommodated. The hand-held Reamer is easy to use. Juices of fruits. It is made of beech wood. A large handle.

Brand: Oxo

👤Look somewhere else. The wood at the end of the spoon started splitting after only a few uses, but it did not damage the wood or leave it sitting in water. I have wooden utensils that have never cracked or split. This one is a waste of money, since I've generally been happy with OXO products.

👤I used this spoon for less than a week and it split in two. I put a couple of layers of mineral oil on it to help it resist the effects of water. I have other OXO products that work well. Would not recommend it.

👤This is a Pusher, not a flipper. The spatula is so thick that when you try to scoop under it, it doesn't slide under it, instead it pushes it over. I can't believe how bad my pancakes turned out to be. I tried to flip them. It was smashed to bits. If you want to have a bad cooking experience, buy this.

👤I absolutely adore this thing. Let me gut my lemons. This is a machine that can be used for pulp. Definitely worth the money.

👤I received a wooden spoon yesterday. I haven't used it yet. I will use it for a while after washing it. The spoon is made from a single piece of wood. It has an oil finish. It's safe for non-stick cookware. Only hand wash is what it is. The spoon is over 8 inches in length. The bowl of the spoon is about 1 inch deep. The spoon does not roll. The spoon is very light and I like it. The finish is beautiful. The one-piece beech wood is very nice. A nice looking spoon. The wooden spoon that I loved was 30 years old. I used my old spoon a lot. I hope this spoon holds up as well.

👤I ordered a small wooden spoon thinking it had a long handle, but couldn't find the length I was looking for, and the spoon size was what I was looking for. When I received it, I was shocked. The wood was ruff and the handle was short for a child. I remember it being lightweight as a child. I was going to return the spoon to Amazon, but the 5 yo saw it and thought it was for him. I got bored with it. I sanded it smooth and oiled it with Howards, the spoon doesn't seem as porous but I wouldn't buy OXO again. I used to buy there brand, but it has gone down in workmanship. Two weeks ago I was in the Bed bath. I wouldn't put wooden utensils in my dishwasher or cookware. The quality is not there because I have slim hands and long fingers. I have bought other inexpensive wooden spoons that are better and have lasted me for years, but no more.

👤The wood is nice. The handle has big indents that make it hard to hold. The fibers have been exposed to the point on my skin. I feel bad to return this to have a tree sacrificed for nothing, so I leave this caution for others.

10. OXO 11249500 Pressure Cooker Bakeware

OXO 11249500 Pressure Cooker Bakeware

The handle is soft and comfortable. Out of 6 and 8 quart pressure and multi cooker, you can easily lift bakeware. The handles interlock to fit under the pressure cooker lid. Designed to keep bakeware above water. It's great for mini frittatas. Silicone is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the minimum amount of liquid.

Brand: Oxo

👤I love Oxo Brand and I love my IP Ultra. I have used all 4 of them and they are all worth it to me. Silicone made it a lot easier for me to cook, bake, and clean. I used the baking sling to make my desserts easier to prepare. It is a waste of time and money to make a foil sling since it ends up in the trash anyways. After searching for a long time for a sling that I can use in my instant pot, I decided to go with Oxo Brand. I can tell you that it holds up very well. It's easy to take my cheesecake out of my account. I don't have to worry about the sling falling apart, like I did when I had the foil sling. I will use this sling every time I make dessert in the IP. It is heavy duty like a boss. Oxo's baking sling is a must have. I want to do deviled eggs for a party next week, so I have used the egg racks. The egg racks are very good in holding the eggs. If you put the 7 eggs on the egg rack and put another on the top of it, you will still have wiggle room. I have an Ultra. It fits just fine. The egg rack works well for me because it's dishwasher safe. I like to have these in the dishwasher and cleaned up nicely. This egg rack is very good. I use the roasting rack for roasting my corn beef brisket and a rack of lamb. This roasting rack is awesome. It kept my meat from touching the bottom of my pot. It cleans up nicely in the dishwasher and cooks up my meats evenly. I absolutely recommend Oxo Roasting Rack! I used the Veggie Steamer for steaming my veggies and cooking up my salmon, halibut, and Cod fish all at the same time in my IP Ultra. I wrapped the 3 fishes in foil. I told you that using the veggie steamer was easy. I don't have to use tongs to get my fishes out, I just use this veggie steamer and get my fishes out after it's done cooking. I can use this for anything other than veggies. It can be used for pasta in a pot of boiling water. If I don't feel like pouring my water into a colander, I can just place this veggie steamer inside the soup pot and when the water is boiling, have your pasta in it so it's floating above the veggie steamer pot. This steamer is awesome. I have to say that these are very well worth the money. It is a great addition to my other cookware and I love them all. All of the 4 are dishwasher safe, oven safe, and pressure cooker safe. I am very hard to please when it comes to my equipment for cooking and baking, I give all of them out. Yes, 5 out of 5. Y'all will never be disappointed by these. I am very happy with all of them.

11. OXO Good Grips Collection Piece

OXO Good Grips Collection Piece

A dishwasher safe is included with the large capacity utensil holder. The style of base may be different. Wide clips keep bags closed. The clip mouth has a secure grip. Strong enough to hold books open. Non-magnetic Bag Clips can be hung from a variety of objects. It's ideal for use in your home, office, garage or work room.

Brand: Oxo

👤The chip bag should be the main picture because it shows how large theses are. You have to click on the smaller picture to see it. I can't fit them in my kitchen drawers because they take up too much room. I am used to clips that are 1/3 this size. I bet most people are expecting a smaller one. These are 5 1/2 inches across.

👤I had to throw them away. They arrived in a plastic bag, which when opened released an invisible scent like a terrible air freshener, oddly floral but still disgusting. I thought that the stink would go away if I washed them with a bit of dish soap and left them for a while. No. They did not. The smell lingered in my hands for a week after I touched the clips. Whatever they sprayed this with or in the warehouse was persistent stuff. It'suck.

👤These large, wide clips are made by OXO. They are perfect for large bags of dog and cat food. They open wide, have a wide gripping area, and have held up well with use. I have purchased clips three or four times and they are so useful. These clips are very good.

👤The best bag clips. The spring mechanism that provides clamping forces is strong, but not difficult to use, and does a great job at keeping your bags closed. The overall width/size is large, and does a great job of accommodating the largest chip bags. The quality is good. I have been using this product in the red/black variety for the past 2 years and it has not worn out or failed. There were no cons. I would like to see this product in a larger bulk pack that has a discount for large purchases. The product is a great quality and it is $3. The product should have a strong magnet on the back. In summary. This product can be used to keep an opened bag closed. If you need a heavy duty device but don't want to spend a lot of money, you can buy this product from a hardware store.

👤They are called OXO. What else do you need to know? I usually don't have problems with OXO products. They have different versions of their clips. I recommend them. I would buy them again. I bet baking soda will get the dirt out of them. If that is a concern, they have different colors.

👤Good clips. They were used for side clamps. It's cheaper to pay for the ones that are marketed. I made the elastic cord and cord stops myself after picking them up on Amazon.

👤It holds my bags closed and has rubber on the clips. Good width. It's the best out there. It was worth the price.

👤We bought two of these and the smaller ones. They are sturdy and well made. I can still use these despite my arthritis. It holds a larger bag of chips. You should recommend it. I think they will last longer. They seem better made.


What is the best product for food clips oxo?

Food clips oxo products from Oxo. In this article about food clips oxo you can see why people choose the product. Mr. Pen and Oxo are also good brands to look for when you are finding food clips oxo.

What are the best brands for food clips oxo?

Oxo, Mr. Pen and Oxo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food clips oxo. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Cook With Color and Oxo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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