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1. LorAnn Oils Liquid Color White

LorAnn Oils Liquid Color White

It's great for kid-friendly projects. Liquid food coloring from LORANN OILS. It's not a problem if you're not a member of the gluten-free club. The water issoluble. The ultimate in strength and flexibility. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Lorann

👤The white coloring was perfect for my art.

👤White food coloring works perfectly to lighten darker colors. I used it to make sea glass candy for my daughter's wedding and was very happy with the result. When I spread it out, it stayed too sticky and unusable, because the white coloring changed the consistency of the hot sugar. I recommend this.

👤After 3 days, it seems our taffy has turned into crumbles. Something about it! This was removed from our recipe. What's going on? What color works with Taffy? Thanks!

👤I wish the bottle was bigger for the price.

👤I use it for royal icing and it doesn't leave a bad taste.

👤LorAnn food coloring and flavorings are my favorite.

👤I'm happy with the condition it was in.

👤Produit marche et tinte mes gateaux. A marche, un peu cher. J'ai utilisé un peu plus.

👤In particolare per dipingere su dei confetti, con questo colorante nel cake design.

👤Bon, blanc, opaque. I am on the train de faire des dragées. Seul bemol, il faut mettre un quantité plus importante. Le temps de livraison est long, il faut anticiper.

2. LorAnn White Liquid Squeeze Bottle

LorAnn White Liquid Squeeze Bottle

The level of color is soft. LorAnn's liquid coloring is more concentrated than typical grocery-store liquid food coloring. Liquid food coloring can be added by the drop until desired color level is achieved.

Brand: Lorann

👤The bottle was on the small side and I had to use half of it to make a white buttercream. For a small size that doesn't go a long way, it's way to much.

👤It worked well for its purpose. I was using it for a different purpose than what it was described for. I can't really point out any stars for that. It did not work to color hair, so if you want it for the same purpose, I want to make sure you know that it is not as crazy of an idea as you might think. I wanted to use it to lighten my hair, which I have done with other food colorings. I used the same methods I've used before with other colors, but it never stuck. It just washed out when I put it on my hair. I used some icing for that and it worked well for the intended use, so still 5 stars for that.

👤I go through a lot of brown. This is too light. I had to buy another brand of icing. This was not at all beige.

👤The color fades into a tan. The product has a thin consistency. I was making cookies with football colors in them. This won't work for a dark brown color.

👤Does not whiten at all! It was used to turn macarons darker and affect how they baked. Since it was my only purpose, I haven't used it on anything else.

👤I wanted this brown food coloring for my dipping bread. It does the job. This bread is very pretty because of the coloring added. It was great!

👤The white makes my candy apple colors pop.

👤I haven't used this yet but I was disappointed it didn't come packaged and have a lid.

👤A scurirsi un po dopo qualche ora, con tappo contagoccia, colore rosso coccinella. L'ho usato con l'aerografo.

3. Chefmaster Liqua Gel Food Color 10 5 Ounce

Chefmaster Liqua Gel Food Color 10 5 Ounce

For coloring eggs, mix1/2 cup of boiling water, 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of food color in a cup. Hard-cooked eggs can be dipped into dye for 5 minutes or longer. To dry, remove the wire rack. Food colour is highly concentrated. Consistency is provided without changing the texture of the product being coloured. The convenience of a pourable colour is offered by this viscosity. The colour is resistant to bleed and fade. Will not break down non-dairy icings.

Brand: Chefmaster

👤I read that if the water in fountains is darkened, it reduces the amount of mold that forms on the fountain from the sun. My dog likes to drink from our fountain, and I needed something safe for him, so I bought a product that was safe for him. Food coloring! It is safe for him to drink from the water. I had tried other food coloring products. This blue is very dark and lasts a long time. I am very happy.

👤The pink was light and true to color. I started with a very small amount.

👤Excellent product, I could achieve the desired color with so little color.

👤This blue is amazing. It works great for bath bombs. Excellent quality and strong. They are bright if only a little is made.

👤I love the color Chefmaster. You can make any shade you want with the color. It does not thin your icing down.

👤I make my own lip scrubs. I love them so much! Pick up yours for various projects.

4. Lorann Oils Liquid Color 1 Ounce

Lorann Oils Liquid Color 1 Ounce

The level of color is soft. LorAnn's liquid coloring is more concentrated than typical grocery-store liquid food coloring. Liquid food coloring can be added by the drop until desired color level is achieved.

Brand: Lorann

👤I loved it the first time. I was trying to get the exact color I wanted. It was easy to use and arrived quickly. I would like to warn you that despite many homemade recipes for body scrub use food coloring. This pink color comes from this manufacture. The FDA does not approve of the Red #40 for cosmetics. Body scrubs are used to make cosmetics. Just saying. If you want to make your own body scrub at home... It doesn't matter. You can't use this particular color Additive if you are making and selling.

👤This makes a pretty pink color. I was hoping for something closer to a magenta, but that's not possible with this. It's not particularly concentrated and I have to use twice as much of this to get the color I want as I do with other food colors.

👤It was used for frosting on a birthday cake. It's easy to change the depth of color.

👤The food color is a high quality product. Pink is described as a color. It is actually light pink. It doesn't matter how many drops you use, the color won't get darker than light pink. Perfect shade of pink for a baby shower.

👤I put it in white chocolate to dip strawberries. The color was beautiful.

👤The color was pink. I didn't need a lot to make my white frosting pink.

👤It works great. It was used for my cookies. Two drops per dozen of cookies is all it took.

👤I used a small amount to fill a large bottle. Very bright color.

👤I placed an order for this to colour the chocolate thinking it was oil based, but when I received the colour, there was water in the ingredients, so no use for me.

5. Chefmaster Liqua Color 10 5 Ounce Burgundy

Chefmaster Liqua Color 10 5 Ounce Burgundy

Liqua-gel colour will not break down non-dairy icings. It's used to color icings, buttercream, fondant, Gum paste, cookie dough. Chef master has a rainbow of colors that you can blend together to create your own shades. Adding a small amount of this concentrated formula will give you the exact shade you want. Rabbi Yehudah Bukspan is supervisor of certified kosher by united states. The facility is approved by the American institute of baking.

Brand: Chefmaster

👤This was going to be the perfect color. I bought burgundy because I thought it would be a deeper red tone. It was purple. There is a slight red color in it. I was going for a different color.

👤I bought this to change the color of candy for my son's graduation party. I added a small amount of chocolate and it made it impossible to pour or dip. I am stuck with an $18 bottle of food coloring because it is not eligible for returns. The color is horrible. It looks more purple than burgundy.

👤Worst purchase ever. It was a bad color, nothing like expected.

👤The flavor is bad. I have to throw out my icing. I can't taste food coloring as much as I would like. It was a purple color.

👤A couple weddings were covered. The color was great and the taste was the same.

👤Color exacto, dice la informacion.

👤Do not buy it. I ruined my frosting by using this in two batches of buttercream. It leaves a bitter taste in my frosting.

6. Chefmaster Eye Catching Easy Blend Fade Resistant

Chefmaster Eye Catching Easy Blend Fade Resistant

Their high-quality liqua-gel food colorings are true-to-shade and add vibrant, fade-resistant color to your desserts without altering the taste, texture or consistency of the final product. Easy-to-blend formula with easy-squeeze bottles and no-drip bottles. You and your kids can enjoy making dessert masterpieces. The professional-grade color is. The experts at Chefmaster have spent years refining the formula for their high-quality gel food coloring that delivers professional-grade color with the most vivid hues for you to showcase your creations! Their Liqua-Gel Food Coloring is food safe and they only use ingredients that are GRAS. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided by them.

Brand: Chefmaster

👤They are not water based, which means I can not use them for chocolate covering, I tried to return them, but they said they were not eligible for return.

👤There is a wealth of blending information available online. These colors are absolutely true and perfectly chosen to help assure any baker can produce professional results. I am impressed.

👤I always check the expired dates when I get a new item, the package came in good condition and none were expired. One thing I have learned is not to be afraid to use a lot to achieve the color you want. Some colors require a drop or two and other colors require a lot more. I haven't noticed any changes in the flavor profile of anything I've used these in. I would definitely recommend them.

👤This is not a paste gel, but a liquid gel. It takes a lot of color to get where you need it. The product is good, but the colors are not what I was looking for.

👤This is the best food coloring gel I have used. You can choose from many colors and they blend into your base very quickly. I haven't found a bitter tasting one yet.

👤Liquid drops are what most of the colors are. Some of the contents of a few bottles are almost like paste when squeezed out. Not good. You may get more dye/darker color than you intended.

👤I have had questions regarding my last 2 chefmaster orders and their customer service responded within 24 hours and either made things right or clarified my confusion. The product has a large array of color.

👤I bought this brand of colors because they were recommended by a cookie designer and I used them to paint the Royal icing and to make different flower cookies. The colors worked well when I used a little lemon extract. I would recommend them to others.

7. McCormick Culinary Premium Quality Holiday

McCormick Culinary Premium Quality Holiday

The green food dye is made with premium ingredients. Kosher and green liquid food coloring has a smooth, even color throughout the finished product. If you add 20 to 25 drops of food coloring, you can achieve pastels or bold shades. This easy-to-use color can be used to make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, icings, lollipops, ice cream and even beer green. Use green food coloring to make Easter eggs and St. Patrick's Day candy.

Brand: Mccormick Culinary

👤It works great to dye horse hair. My daughter loves green. We had to buy a horse with a white tail because she wanted it to be green. She dyes her tail and forelock green for special rides and I went online to find a bigger bottle. The food coloring is perfect. The best way to dying hair is to first wash it with a cleanser and rinse it with water, then put the tail in a bucket of hot water for a few minutes and then wring it dry. 3rd brush on the green food color to the hair. If you want green hands, use ribbed gloves. You don't need much before it dyes the hair. The color stays vibrant for several days using this method. The dye set is better with hot water. The color fades quickly when it gets wet. Some parts of the tail have been green for a while. The forelock works best with the tail. The mane is more difficult because you end up getting dye on the horse instead of just the hair. We do the tail and forelock. She gets a lot of praise when she is all green. The green food coloring is the best for getting a horse tail.

👤I used this bottle, some tap water, and a spray bottle to color my lawn. I upgraded to a backpack sprayer. It worked well, but it was a temporary fix. The dye will come out or the grass will fall apart. It gave my lawn a better look until the new seeds could grow. You need a bigger bottle than this for a dark green lawn. Adding red or blue may help it cover more territory and still have a good grass green.

👤I wanted to hide the grass seed from the birds by spreading it on the lawn. It does work and see does grow, but over time when it rains, the color fades, and birds are back at it again. I was going to use it as an add-on to lawn watering to green up some of the grass, but never got around to it. You can try it.

👤It was leaking when it was sent in.

👤I used a clear vase for an outdoor patio and it faded in 3 months. We were disappointed to have ordered such a large bottle.

👤The package was easy to use. You get a lot for your buck if you are associated with other brands. This is the product to use if you plan on using a lot of food coloring.

👤Food coloring is a great value. I use it to make a toilette tank cleaner. The price is very high.

👤The food coloring was blue green.

8. Food Coloring Liqua Gel 264 Decorating

Food Coloring Liqua Gel 264 Decorating

The food coloring kit includes: Coal Black, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Buckeye Brown, Lemon Yellow, Teal, Leaf Green, Sunset Orange, Deep Pink Super Red, and Fuchsia. Color Gels are perfect for frozen good,cookies, whipped topping, icings, fondant, cakes and more. Will not break the delicate non-dairy whipped icings. You can achieve precise easy-to-repeat colors every time you mix and measure. Superior Chefmaster coloring strength. It's great for carving. The colors of Chefmaster are made in the USA.

Brand: Good Cooking

👤I've been looking at this product for a while but I was hesitant because I had never heard of the brand. I was not sure how it would react to baking. I am so happy I did this summer baking project. I used violet and pink colors to make lavender and rose macarons. The color baked perfectly, even though I had experienced a different brand product. I'm very excited. I can't wait to try the other colors.

👤My daughter wanted cupcakes with different colors. We colored each bowl and split the batter. The colors didn't bleed or mix beyond how we placed them, they were deep white batter with just a couple drops, and the color stayed constant after baking!

👤The colors were perfect for the cake decorating party. The colors are bright and vibrant, but they don't change the flavor of the frosting. It's more of a gel. There is a great variety of colors.

👤This is a serious coloring. We can make it to make things. No. Everything will be stained by it. It needs to be used in food. And it's vibrant! Beca.

👤The color is the same as advertised. My package arrived on time. I don't know what the other reviews were talking about. I received all colors without any mess. Must be bought.

👤These worked well. A small amount goes a long way. I use them for homemade Bath Bombs because they give a nice color without having to use a lot. They have not been used in food prep. I think they are just as vibrant. The set gives you a lot of options.

👤We made bath bombs out of these food color dyes. The kit has a lot of colors. We've been testing the purple and orange so far. The bath bomb mixture is distributed nicely by the colors. The package was smaller than I expected, but that's not a deal breaker. The bottles are 2 3/4" tall. Some bottles have an easy open pull strip, but others don't. The attached photos are for reference.

👤The seal on one of the bottles was broken when I opened the box. I didn't see the mess until I looked at the bottles. The lids were not SCREWED ON. None of them were. When putting the lid on, a few had done it once. This product was a nightmare for me. There was Royal Blue coloring everywhere. If the other seals had broken my house would have been rainbow colors. I will not order from this supplier again. If I can't trust the supplier of my food product, I won't buy it again. You only get one chance to get it right with food items. If you are making this by machines, you need to service your robots. Humans need to be replaced if they are responsible for visually checking for Quality Assurance. I don't want anyone to lose their job. The problem is just the solution. Good morning.

👤Brilliance of color intense. Dure longtemps.

👤Not the best. The consistency is thinner than the expensive stuff. When a bottle of americolor is $9 in the store, I will buy it over and over again because it is comparable quality, but the price is what has me hooked. It works great and doesn't leave any taste.

9. Cake Coloring Liqua Gel Decorating Baking

Cake Coloring Liqua Gel Decorating Baking

The Liqua-Gel colors are made in the USA and are used in cake decorating. It is easy to mix and distribute colors. You can add "drops" for easy-to-repeat colors whenever you want, because the gels come in flip-top bottles. Gels are resistant to bleed and will not break down. For use with buttercreme icings, cake batter, cookie dough and more. The colors are made in the USA with high quality ingredients and are certified Kosher.

Brand: U.s. Cake Supply

👤It is very good for making macarons. The color of food coloring is not clear and oily. These are so good.

👤I have different color swatch books for Americolor, Chefmaster, and Wilton. Americolor is the best so far. It blends better into the buttercream. The Americcolor is more vibrant than the other two. I will definitely use Americolor again if I am making buttercream.

👤I bought these to replace my old colors that had hardened over time. I was excited about the drop gel color aspect and not having to use a toothpick to get the color out of my old gel pots. The color came out great, the packaging was good, and there was nothing that exploded. I used half a bottle of royal blue to match my Thomas the train cake, but I only got a periwinkle color. I made a butter cream that was difficult to blend in. When I washed my dishes, the heat of the water activated the color of the dye and made it disappear. I had been looking for a royal blue color. It's incredibly disappointing.

👤These were ordered several months ago and have been used a few times. I'm happy with the quality so far. I feel this brand is better than other brands I've used. The consistency is good. I like that there is a tan color, but it makes a lighter brown color. The colors are mostly true from what I have used. I like mixing colors and those combo have turned out well as well. I use the coloring in buttercream frosting and homemade fondant. The colors were done from this set, and the cupcake pics are from my kids birthday parties.

👤The colors are vibrant and amazing, you can play with it to make the pastels or even come up with a new color such as we did with purple in the picture, my kids really loved making the rainbow cake.

👤You can't live without gel food coloring if you do a lot of cookie and cake decorating. For the past two years, I have used Wilton. I stumbled upon US Cake Supply gel coloring while searching for a color. The colors are deep and true. The dropper top is nicer than dipping a knife tip or toothpick in your bottles to get a little color. I like this stuff a lot.

👤I have only ever used the cheap food colors from the grocery store, so this is definitely many steps up. I came upon some suggestions to use this brand of gel colorings after watching a lot of videos on how to decorate Christmas cookies. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at them on Amazon. I received them in a couple days after ordering them. I made cookies yesterday and I can't believe I missed out. I only used 1-2 drops of each of the colors in about a cup of icing. I can't believe they are so concentrated. The colors are bright and vivid. I know these will last me a long time, but if I ever run out, this is the product I will be purchasing from now on. My husband was impressed by the quality and also the fact that these didn't leave an unpalatable aftertaste. If you purchase these, you will not be disappointed.

10. Chefmaster Liqua Gel Food Color 2 3

Chefmaster Liqua Gel Food Color 2 3

Food colour is highly concentrated. Consistency is provided without changing the texture of the product being coloured. The convenience of a pourable colour is offered by this viscosity. The colour is resistant to bleed and fade. Will not break down non-dairy icings.

Brand: Chefmaster

👤Doesn't have any interest in it. There is chocolate with this product. I only put a drop or two to make a light mint green color. If you want a darker green, you can add more drops.

👤I bought this to make my mint green candy apples.

👤The bottle was small. People are being ripped off.

11. Chefmaster Cake Supply 2 Ounce Whitener

Chefmaster Cake Supply 2 Ounce Whitener

The Liqua-Gel colors are highly concentrated and can be used to decorate cake. It is easy to mix and distribute colors. You can add "drops" for easy-to-repeat colors whenever you want with the squeeze bottles with twist-top lids. Gels are resistant to bleed and will not break down. For use with buttercreme icings, cake batter, cookie dough and more. The colors are made in the USA with high quality ingredients and are certified Kosher.

Brand: U.s. Cake Supply

👤This worked perfectly before using gel color for candy apples.

👤The bottle is leaking. The bottle was trashed by the leak and the mess it made on my counter.

👤It works great to mix with other colors to lighten or even lighten the frosting. I did not give this a star rating for taste because it is not something you eat directly. If they mean like a taste in the food, there is nothing.

👤I use this in my icing for cookies. It makes the white really white. Royal icing is white by nature, but when you add this, it becomes brilliant white.

👤Couldn't be without product to lighten icings. It's always a plus if there is no taste in the product. Would recommend to others.

👤I couldn't taste it at all. It White is the whitest icing. It lightens up icing that is made to dark with other colors.

👤The frosting is professional and bright white.

👤This was purchased to make cake lace. It mixed well and with the small amount needed, it didn't change the smell or taste of the lace.


What is the best product for food coloring liquid gel?

Food coloring liquid gel products from Lorann. In this article about food coloring liquid gel you can see why people choose the product. Lorann and Chefmaster are also good brands to look for when you are finding food coloring liquid gel.

What are the best brands for food coloring liquid gel?

Lorann, Lorann and Chefmaster are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food coloring liquid gel. Find the detail in this article. Lorann, Mccormick Culinary and Good Cooking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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