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1. National Presto Dehydro Electric Dehydrator

National Presto Dehydro Electric Dehydrator

The package contains add-on dehydrator trays. The model numbers for the food dehydrators are 0630001, 0630102, and 0630203. It makes healthy snacks. Use fresh, frozen or canned fruit. It is possible to remove sticky fruits and vegetables after drying. Plastic is the material type.

Brand: Presto

👤These are very easy to use. You can make fruit leather by sitting on top of the dehydrator baskets. I blended 1.5 cups of premade organic applesauce with a half of a peach and 3 strawberries and put them in a well oiled ring. I dehydrated it for about 6-7 hours until it was tacky and didn't leave a mark. I rolled it up and cut it into 1 inch pieces after cooling it for an hour. My kids are 5 and 1.5 years old. Great snack! Do not put it in the dishwasher. Hand wash those rings.

👤It is very easy to make fruit rolls. Spread 1.5 cups of apple sauce in each tray and spray these down with cooking spray. You can put it in your machine. It takes six hours to dry four trays of apple sauce. YMMV. I've had no issues with the fruit rolls coming off the trays. I peel them off the trays and put them on wax paper. You wouldn't know there was no sugar added when I use generic applesauce. You know exactly what you're eating with shelf stable treats.

👤I've only used it for tomatoes and herbs. The sliced tomatoes took a long time, but the halved cherry tomatoes were done in less than 24 hours. Three weeks after they have been dried, tomatoes had no mold. I expected it to be louder but it was not annoying. The trays are easy to clean. The counter is helpful because you can set the timer for the next time you do something and not have to worry about checking or adding up all of the timer sessions. I got the extra trays to use with tomatoes, but they took longer than the regular mesh, and nothing dropped through, so unless you plan on making fruit rolls or drying thick or soupy stuff, you may or may not need those. I plan on using this a lot more in the winter when I can use the slight heat that it creates.

👤These sheets fit in my old Magic Chef dehydrator. I tried some from a friend's dehydrator, but they were too large. These sheets were used to make plum fruit leathers. They have an edge on them that will keep your liquid from running off when you pour it on the sheets. I received a total of four sheets from the two sets I bought, and they all worked well in my dehydrator. Definitely a good investment. I can make healthy goodies for my kids.

👤It was impossible to get an even layer of fruit puree that would dry uniformly because the trays were warped and buckled. I took a chance because they were the only ones that fit my dryer. I put them in the oven at 190 degrees for a few hours with weights on the sides and centers. They were flattened to a great degree. I will try to make them smaller. It's difficult to spread a uniform layer of sauce on a tray. I used them once and they didn't work out. We will see if they hold their shape. Poor materials and manufacturing processes. I suggest wiping on a light coat of cooking spray to prevent sticking.

2. NESCO FD 1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator White

NESCO FD 1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator White

Even heat distribution is provided by 1000 Watts of drying power. The temperature can be adjusted to dry different foods at proper temperatures. You can dry large quantities at once with no tray rotation needed, if you purchase additional trays. Converga-Flow drying system pushes heated air up and across each tray, without having to rotation them. There are 8 Fruit Roll-up Sheets, 8 Clean-a-Screens, 1 recipe instruction book, and an original Jerky Spice Pack with Cure included.

Brand: Nesco

👤This is new to dehydrating. Reading reviews and trying to get into this, but not knowing if the kids would even eat it. The Snackmaster seemed to be the best choice. I bought 6 more trays and mesh liners. After doing several batches testing how long it took, how much yield, how many minutes it took the kids to devour the 11 trays of banana chips, one dehydrator was not going to cut it. Within a week, I ordered the Gardenmaster along with 6 more trays and screens. The larger trays make a difference, along with being able to stack 30 trays. Has anyone done that? I use both now. The Gardenmaster is a lot more noisier than the other ones, but with 8 trays it is a lot less drying time. It's loud so you don't want to be on the phone. It's more convenient to load it with no motor to pick it up. Counter space is a little more. The snackmaster is very quiet and takes longer. 600w vs 1000w. The Gardenmaster has just 7 of the trays on it, while the Snackmaster has 11. There is a I wish I'd started with the gardenmaster, I haven't gotten any fruit or jerky yet. I have been using 20 trays for fruits and jerky the past year. No problems, still going strong. There is still no progress on the stockpile. I will order another ten trays for fruits because I don't find the noise an issue. I don't think I'd like jerky with 30 trays. I love the unit. After 3 years, still using. One thing I do with my jerky is that it takes 30 minutes or so for each tray to reach the highest heat at the bottom, so I take the temperature at the top of 10 trays and it was only 140*. The new trays are a bit more concave than the originals, apparently they changed them. The new ones have a ring. The gardenmaster does not fit these trays. New trays need to be heated so that the plastic relaxes and the crowns point up, just like when you open a new dehydrator, we recommend heating the unit for an hour to relax the plastic. The new trays should heat up when Stack 4 is used. This usually fixes the problem. It must not be usual. Nesco lost a customer and I just wanted more useable trays.

👤I was expecting to use it in my kitchen, like I did my old dehydrator. I knew that would never be an option after a second of turning it on. It is so loud! I moved it into my laundry room in the basement, but it still makes noise upstairs. I used the Nesco website to contact their customer service, to find out if the noise is normal. They didn't reply. The noise was 2 stars. The customer service received 2 stars. It gets 1 star for drying well, but it sounds like it's on its last legs. When it dies, I'll update my review.

3. National Presto 06311 Nonstick Screens

National Presto 06311 Nonstick Screens

There are 2 fruit roll sheets in the package. It's ideal for drying fruits that stick. Small foods, such as herbs and berries, can't fall through the tray grate. Food that sticks can be easily removed with flexible mesh screens. The trays of the food dehydrator are designed to fit. The package has 2 mesh screens.

Brand: National Presto

👤The material is plastic. Not completely. Food will stick a little bit. You can peel it off. Warping: Yes. The first time I used them, they warped and I used them on the lowest temperature. I washed them in the sink and they are now wavy. After they warp, they are still usable. The dishwasher is safe. Yes. Since they warp, you should wash them in the dishwasher.

👤I was looking for a smaller size that would dehydrating the fruits and veggies as well.

👤It was wonderful, but a bit noisy.

4. Presto Dehydro Digital Electric Dehydrator

Presto Dehydro Digital Electric Dehydrator

The dryer machine is safe to use. You can use it more comfortably and reliably, because of the temperature and time control, unique heat dissipation holes, and automatic power off protection. A six-tray system for dehydrating food at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods. Sample packets of jerky seasoning and cure are included. Digital thermostat and timer for precise drying time and temperature can be used. The fan and heating element are mounted on the floor. Includes six drying trays, two fruit roll sheets, two mesh screens, and cover that is dishwasher safe. The components are called Presto 06301. The Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator has a Thermostat.

Brand: Presto

👤Although I have a huge dehydrator that I bought from Cabella's, I haven't used it much because I never had enough to justify the cost of electricity to run it. I grew my own herbs and they became so popular that I couldn't use them fast enough. I found this dehydrator and decided that it would be perfect for smaller jobs. My first project was to dehydrate basil leaves, since my basil was exceeding its bounds. I will include a video that you can hear the noise level in, since there has been some concern about the running noise of this dehydrator. I don't think it's more than a hair dryer, but you don't have to listen to a hair dryer for 12 hours or more. I have a number of macaws, but I am not sensitive to noise, so the constant noise got to me after a while. It's not unbearable, but I might find a place for it that I don't have to hear it for so long. I believe the dehydrator will do the job for the smaller portions I want to dehydrate. I like that this dehydrator can be used for more than one tray, and that it has temperature and time controls. The time set will shut off when it's done. If you want to check food before the time is up, you can press the off button and then press the on button to continue the dehydrating process. The more I use it, the more I like it. I can't possibly use all of the herbs that I'm growing indoors because they're too big to eat. This is true of basil and parsley. I can freeze what I can't use with this dehydrator. The jarred herbs you can buy in the store are not as good as the herbs you can buy using this method. I will update this review when I try the fruit leathers. I decided to make fruit roll ups in this dehydrator. It was very easy. We freeze a variety of fruits when they are on sale. I have been using them to make smoothie, but now I have a new use for them. I will add pictures and update this review as I try more foods in this dehydrator. Please click on the helpful button if you find this review helpful. I chose strawberries and bananas because of their good flavors and the fact that they have enough Pectin in them. I put the cups in the microwave to thaw the fruit, after adding an equal amount of each to the large cup of my Ninja food processor. I added more of the fruit until I had 12 ounces. When using frozen fruit, you should pour most of the water out to speed up the dehydrating process, since there is a lot of water in most fruits. I spread the fruit evenly in the fruit roll tray after pureeing it. I used spray oil in the tray, but next time I will use less or skip it. The book says it will take 4-7 hours to dehydrate a fruit roll, and I took about 6 hours to dry the underside. I could not wait to try it. I now have a new snack for my family. I will make 6 of them in different flavors. I took a picture of the fruit roll in the dehydrator and then cut it. I ate a few of them before taking the picture. My suggestion for fruit rolls is to use no more than 1 1/2 cups of fruit and spread it evenly on the tray.

5. National Presto 06304 Electric Dehydrator

National Presto 06304 Electric Dehydrator

Stack up to 9 at a time with additional trays. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are dehydrated. It's great for fruit rolls and jerky. There are 6 drying trays, 2 fruit roll sheets, and 2 mesh screens. The thermostat selects the temperature for drying. The timer sets the drying times up to 48 hours. Add-on trays are sold separately. Dehydrate jerky is made from meat, poultry, or seafood. Fruit roll sheets can be used to make fruit rolls.

Brand: Presto

👤This is supposed to dehydrate fruit. It comes with six trays that hold 4 apples, so you can make and enjoy fruit for a few snacks, not buying a lot of produce. Since you're looking at a hobby-size dehydrator, you should expect that. My experience is that if you rotation the trays frequently, things will dehydrate fairly evenly. Even though the square shape fruit leather is the same from center to corner, you have to make sure the mix is evenly distributed. It will take longer if one area is thicker.

👤I am new to dehydrating, so take this for what it is. After a day and a half of lemons and limes, my peppers have been the only full success. I put bananas and paper thin apple chips in for 20 hours and they are still flimsy. I am trying sliced ginger and mushrooms. I am increasing my temp to see if that is my issue because I don't think the temps are spot on. I live in a high humidity area, so I think that may be my problem. I can see through the trays without stopping the dehydrating process. That is a good thing in my book. I don't want to rate positive or negative until I know the humidity and temperature. I dehydrated onions and mushrooms in my air fryer in half the time. I can't do the volume I want to work on because it can't be monitored. I will keep going until I figure that out. Well, heck. I had to give a rating. Don't take that rating into account. I think humidity is very important for me. Keep that in mind. I love it! Since this review, I have been experimenting a lot. I figured out how to make my own spices, meals, veggies, fruits, and I have been playing with a lot of things. I have a designated area for it to be washed so that when you walk in the house, you smell good. Need more time.

👤I have had this for a month now and have been using it to process candy at 160 degrees. This has done an excellent job at dehydrating. It took a little to adjust how I use the space it offers to get the best results, but I find this with all dehydrators and this is the fifth model I have bought in over 30 years. This unit did an excellent job of getting my product dry enough for storage and sale, because it is heavy in sugar and moist.

👤This is the new Nesco I bought. I don't think one can find a better deal for the money. The timer is very useful. I don't have to wake up at 2am to check on my project. Having a clear lid and trays is great, but I still have to open the lid to see the progress. That's what I'm talking about. The trays stack inside each other and it is much easier to store them than it was the predecessor. The thing has not dropped temp from where it was set. The gauge is digital. The old dial was more precise. I like the square shape. It seems like it's easier to load and organize. Fruit leathers are always appreciated. Couldn't be happier.

6. Magic Mill Dehydrator Trays Temperature

Magic Mill Dehydrator Trays Temperature

The ETL listed at 350W of power is perfect for home use. Don't use outdoors. The parts are dishwasher safe. There is a rear mount fan for heat distribution. The electric dehydration machine has a rear-mounted drying fan and air flow circulation technology to promote even drying, there is no need to rotate the shelves as needed by other brands, and the transparent door window makes it easy to monitor the dryer process. Digital temperature and timer. An automatic shut off will be done when the timer shows you when it will be done, and the temperature and timer are adjusted to ensure you have your food done to the perfect temperature and timing. The trays are made of STAINLESS STEEL and include fruit roll ups, mesh trays for smaller food, and fruit leather sheets for roll ups. It is easy to clean the dishwasher safe trays and liners, which can be used to dry beef, vegetables, fruit, bread, and more. If the dehydrators overheated, the safety feature will be activated. It was built with food-grade material.

Brand: Magic Mill

👤I have had a food dryer for 30 years and it dried vegetables. My family gave me the Magic Mill for my birthday. Since taking it from the box, it has been in almost constant use. After drying meat or sticky fruits, the SS rack pops in the dishwasher. We love dried Fuji apples and make yam slices as dog treats. When the store has limp produce, I have jars of dried veggies for soups. We are able to make our own jerky with clean ingredients. Quality high energy foods are a must for my husband as he does wild land fire fighting in the summer. There are a few more recipe ideas in the owners manual. I plan on taking this tool with me in our RV when we travel for remote jobs, as it is easy to use in an RV. There is a The unit is light enough that an older female can easily move it.

👤The old cheap dehydrator was quieter than the Magic Mill. It is in the kitchen and looks nice. I chose this brand because I am trying to eliminate plastic from my life and this Magic Mill had steel shelves. Magic Mill does not identify the type of plastic used, so the plastic sheet assessors that come with it do not please me. I don't care if you say 'food safe'. I will probably buy some pure silicone trays in the future. The digital feature that allows me to set the tempurature is a welcome improvement over my old one and the fan in the back really creates great air flow. It is easy to wipe down when it is large. If you found this review helpful, please press the button to say thank you.

👤The price was not bad. The product works. The only problem I have is the plastic. The metal trays will fall if not positioned correctly. The sides bow out.

👤I have a nice container garden and this year, I even grew and Harvested Yukon Potatoes. I got 10 pounds of potatoes and I decided to freeze them and then cook them in casseroles for one person. My old dehydrator only does small batches and takes 20 hours to complete. I bought this one on Amazon after doing my research. I finished the potato harvest in 8 hours. It's fabulous! Some of the tomato harvest will be going in tomorrow. My bell peppers are arriving. My Sage is also bursting at the seams. I can't wait to run this baby a lot.

👤I have been using this model at my daughter's home and I now own one. I hope that Magic Mill will design a larger capacity that is all metal, except for the door, when I upgrade. I like that the unit has 9 wire shelves, 2 fruit roll up trays, a mesh tray for items like bananas and strawberries, and a hanger rack for items that should be hung to dry. The shelves are easy to clean with warm water and liquid soap. The control panel is easy to use. The panel is bright red. After washing the shelves and doing a test run to remove any manufacturing odor, we partially filled the unit with the first batches of apples, bananas and pineapples. The fruit was sliced thin, 3 centimeters/less than the thickness of a dime. The option of dehydrating the fruit from soft leathery to crisp is also available. The fruit was delicious. I lightly dusted the apples with cinnamon before dehydrating. After drying, the spice sticks well. I haven't had a dehydrator in a while. I dehydrated many items and the process and seasonings came back. I'm looking forward to using it a lot.

7. Elite Gourmet Dehydrator BPA Free Stackable

Elite Gourmet Dehydrator BPA Free Stackable

If you receive broken trays, please contact them for support. They offer free replacement service, so you don't have to worry about making your own food or snacking. AJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE from 95oF to 158oF is the ideal temperature for dehydrated foods. All-natural dehydrated foods and snacks are healthy. There is no more processed junk food. Pet lovers can make healthy and delicious 100% natural treats for their pets with fun and crafts. Even heat distribution is achieved by using a base mounted fan. You can see the drying process with a large viewing window. The ETL listed at 350W of power is perfect for home use. Don't use outdoors. The parts are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤The item had a cancer warning on it. I would not recommend this item. The product isn't mentioned in the details.

👤The thing works but not well. I lent my large food dehydrator to my mother last growing season and decided to purchase a small one for a few fruits and herbs until I can get my larger one back. I have experience with other food dehydrators. I know that it wouldn't be. It was nice as the other dehydrator, but I thought it would get the job done. It takes much longer than stated in the pamphlet, and it does in fact dehydrate food. There is no way to know which temp the machine is currently heated to, and the light that comes on when you turn it on is a bit misleading. You have to make sure that the tiers are seated correctly. I'm not very happy with how long it takes to dehydrate, so I may end up returning it, but I'm going to give it a bit more time. The herbs took about 12. Apple slices took about 24 hours to dry. They should take about 12.

👤I would caution people to wash it thoroughly before using it because it will run out. I put some apples in after a quick wipe down and got a strange smell in the first few hours. In nature, it seems oily. Will try another load and update the review later. The smell is still present and penetrating the food. My rating was lowered to one star. Run away from that one!

👤When I bought it, I was a little nervous. There were a few good reviews and a few bad ones. So. I was confused but my sister has one and it works well. I decided to buy it. I am very happy that I did. It's easy to use and control the temperature. There are people who did a review on how to use it, so you can check it out for more tips. I used it three times in the last three weeks and it worked. I don't know why people have bad reviews, but this machine is perfect. It is perfect for hydrating carrot and white radish in Vietnam.

👤I like eating dehydrated snacks, but they are too expensive. I decided to make my own. The dehydrator is nice. You can control how long the temperature is for your snack or ingredient with 3 temperature grade reads. I check on my food when it's getting dehydrated. I don't want a snap in my food. I am very happy with my results.

👤This is the best dehydrator I have ever owned. I like giving food gifts. dehydrated fruit baskets are expensive. The cost of a gift basket is the same as the cost of a dehydrator. The dehydrators had 4.5 stars. I picked this one because it was on sale. I am very happy with my choice. We have a lot of fruits and vegetables. I put them in gift baskets for my husband's staff. I made a bag of gorp for the trip. We love lemons. I would imagine some adult drinks as well, since they are great to put in hot or cold tea. The apples tasted great. I have no room in my small kitchen. I will find the room.

8. Presto Dehydro Electric Dehydrator National

Presto Dehydro Electric Dehydrator National

It's perfect for small foods that may fall through the drying grate. A six-tray system for dehydrating food at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods. Sample packets of jerky seasoning and cure are included. Digital thermostat and timer for precise drying time and temperature can be used. presto dehyro food dehydrator can be used for this purpose. It makes healthy snacks. Use fresh, frozen or canned fruit.

Brand: Presto

9. Dehydrator Machine Drying System Nesting

Dehydrator Machine Drying System Nesting

It's dishwasher safe and can be washed with soap and water. The 8-tray food dehydrator has 400W of drying power, which makes it a powerful dehydrator, as well as being able to lock in the original flavors of your favorite foods, and help you preserve different types of food. The temperature setting from 95F-158F(35C-70C) allows you to set an accurate time and watch the process at any time when drying out different types of food to perfect. Banana chips, apple chips, jerky, dehydrated vegetable, and even your own homemade dried soup mixes. Crisp and dry anything. The fan and heating element in a hot air circulation system give a consistant air flow evenly for optimum drying so no need to rotation it on your own. It has two ways to place and different sizes of food trays. The dehydrator has an auto shut-off mechanism in case the machine gets overheated. It is also free of the harmful substance, so you can be sure that you are getting a safe and high-quality appliance and that you will enjoy the dried food with your pet. Buy with confidence, it's easy to use and clean, it's easy to make rollups, and it's flexible and large enough to make anything you want. If you have a question or problem, please feel free to contact them by Amazon message at any time.

Brand: Homdox

👤I bought it for my parents as a new year gift because my mom always plants a lot of fruit and vegetables in the summer and we were forced to eat tomato due to excellent harvest. It doesn't mean we like to eat tomato every day, which can cause us to hate it. My dad wants to make sausage and meat in the winter. We have made the most delicious yogurt, dried sweet patatoes, and made jerky. We love this product. The product has exceeded my expectations. The drying rack gives more space to dehydrate meat or fruits. You just set the temperature and timer. I enjoy it in the morning and do it at night. It is my family's new favorite toy.

👤I used my dehydrator once a week to make my dog chicken jerky because the two trays that arrived were broken. It's very easy and takes 10 hours to make, but it's definitely a favorite snack machine in our house. I have used this machine 24 times and after 18 hours it is blowing cold air and the jerky may never be done. Attempted to contact this company via their website, but no response has been received. It's past 40 days and can't be returned via Amazon. If the issue is resolved at this point, it will be a waste of money.

👤The shelves are too small and it's hard to load them because they slide on top of each other. It was very frustrating after all that food prep.

👤I bought this product because it had a timer and temperature control. There is a push button for off/on. It has a good temperature control. I am trying out my recipe and hope I don't waste my money. There was no manual for this device.

👤I bought this for beef jerky and it has not disappointed. The jerky is easy to clean and amazing. Saving me cash as well, no more buying this guy a bunch of bags of jerky. Buy your own meat,Marinate it, and let the food dehydrator do the rest.

👤What a waste of money. I tried to dehydrate bananas. Follow the directions for using lemon juice. I only got brown bananas that were just as wet as when they left the machine. I got a full refund after sending it back.

👤This is a dehydrator that we love. It's easy to use, just convert F temps to C. We turn it to high and monitor while rotating the shelves. It's not a big deal to clean trays off.

👤I gave my husband the item for Father's Day, but he wanted to return it. I was told it had been past the returnable date. He didn't open it until Father's Day because of Covid-19 delivery delays, but I ordered it early. He can't use it for what he wanted.

10. Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Dehydrator

Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Dehydrator

It is easy to store and clean. If you remove the tray liners before the drying cycle, they can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. You can easily check food with the 48 hour timer. You can adjust the drying temperature with a digital thermostat. Even drying is provided by continuous airflow. The drying trays have 500 watt power. One fine-mesh sheet for drying small food like herbs and one solid sheet for making fruit rolls are included.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤The thing sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I couldn't keep sane and leave this running for 10 hours with it's noise and humming. It can be heard in the house. I uploaded a video. This is unacceptable and should be returned asap.

👤I wanted to make dog treats. I paid attention to the ingredients because I was disgusted with the warnings. I spent hours guilt ridden over what we had been feeding our babies. There is a downside to making treats without Preservatives. Make room in the freezer for humid Florida weather. The dehydrator. I was comparing makes and models for weeks. I knew from other reviewers that I wanted a timer, fan placement, and not too loud. I was going to use it for something. This fit the bill. After baking the dog treats, I started drying them. I decided to make jerky. OK. The 1st batches was not good. You are warned not to make the meat too thick. Don't make it too thin either. I had the butcher slice some meat for me, but I also had to cut it in half with scissors. It was perfect. I sliced the chicken breast from the partially frozen one. Flank steak is delicious. I steamed the beef heart and wrapped it in sweet potato strips to make it softer. The unit performed great despite me making some mistakes. I don't have to move items because one section is drying faster. If you want to keep the rest going, you should keep everything the same size and on the same tray. I have 6 months left. I couldn't be happier. Three dogs, one daughter and one very happy son-in-law are included. I saved money and bought it in the first place. They immediately go for homemade treats if they are offered a store bought treat. Dogs are smart!

👤I was excited to make some jerky after receiving my order. It ran for 4 hours, then I put it on for another 2 hours, and after 15 minutes an ER code came up. The error code kept coming up when I tried plugging it back in. After taking the serial number and model number, Hamilton Beach said it was an internal problem and they would send a new one. I had to pay for the shipping. Why? Their product was not good. I called Amazon. They are sending a new one, but I have to send the old one back. It's great from Amazon, but I have to be careful with their product. I don't know what I will have to do for a refund if the replacement works. It's a good thing. I think it did work in the few hours, it was nice and quiet.

👤This seemed to be the perfect fit after a lot of research, and it has not let me down over the course of a year of regular use. I usually get a lot of bananas on all the trays. 2.5 lbs of steak will fit in the trays. The spice layer is very good. The reference book has information on times and temperatures. I wouldn't mind if it was 165, I run it for 8 hours or so. I have grown various spices, and so far I have done 18 lbs of jerky, 6 rounds of banana chips, and 4 rounds of pineapple chips. I haven't gotten the real crisp on fruit chips. I have tried many times, but it's not quite there. Everyone loves them and they last for a while. The timer option is my favorite option.

11. Dehydrator Machine Digital Temperature Vegetable

Dehydrator Machine Digital Temperature Vegetable

If the dehydrators overheated, the safety feature will be activated. It was built with food-grade material. One fine-mesh sheet for drying small food like herbs and one solid fruit roll tray for making fruit roll-ups are included in the upgraded version. 400 watt and 8 trays. There is more space to dry. You can dry out different types of food at proper and accurate temperatures with thePrecise Timer and Temperature. A large amount of food can be dried at once. One way to place for different sizes is by rotating trays one by one in 180 degrees. No rotation is needed. The fan and heating element give the best air flow for drying. 400 watt of power is enough for fast drying. The liners are safe to use. Attention! If you receive broken trays, please contact them for a free replacement. The compact size is easy to store and make fruit rollups. Eight trays, flexible and large capacity are what's called the sceptible capacity.

Brand: Homdox

👤I've made venison jerky with this machine four times. I set the timer for 5 hours and it was 158 degrees. I set another timer and did a rotation of the trays. I flip each individual piece of jerky. The jerky has been great. It automatically turns off when complete. I think it is a great dehydrator.

👤After drying for a long time, I made a banana that my daughter likes, but the taste is not good, but it is a good thing.

👤The machine I purchased was the easiest to use and the most efficient. The fan evenly distributes the air throughout the process, so the user doesn't have to worry about rotating the trays top to bottom. It has temperature settings that allow it to do things like dehydrating jerky, and not have to worry about it not being done completely.

👤I'm very happy with this. I used it daily for 3 weeks. I moved the trays around every few hours to help with heat distribution and I also moved the pineapple pieces themselves after 8 hours. It's a set and forget it kind of appliance. I made a bunch of trail mixes and just-add-water meals and they turned out exactly as I wanted. It's easy to use and does its job well. I haven't had anything stick to the trays in a way that didn't come off with a sponge and dish soap. Absolutely recommend.

👤It was a good product to make snacks for my dog.

👤We got this a few months ago. It worked great when I used it a few times. I made beef, venison, and chicken jerky. It started smoking and smelling like something was burning after being out for a day. The white top that covers the fan looks warped and melted. The motor and fan are no longer working. I tried to contact the company, but they said the email doesn't exist. We are past the'return by' date, so Amazon can't help me. They don't stand behind their product. Don't buy!

👤The Dehydrator worked well. It was slow to dry and even drying. I used it for fruits and ground beef. I used it 5 times. The ground beef was dry out in about 12 hours. Slow. It worked. My last time using it, I used it. I put the trays up with my gun and turned it on to set the time and temp and it was running as it should. I went to the living room and couldn't hear the fan. The machine was humming and the fan was not working, but I could smell burning plastic. I turned the machine off. I could still smell the plastic on the meat 20 minutes after it was exposed. The meat had to be thrown out. I did not want to risk it. The cost of preparing 5 pounds of meat and the cost of a dehydrator are gone. 5 uses in 6 1/2 months and it quits on you. I want my money back. I don't recommend this product.


What is the best product for food dehydrators best sellers presto?

Food dehydrators best sellers presto products from Presto. In this article about food dehydrators best sellers presto you can see why people choose the product. Nesco and National Presto are also good brands to look for when you are finding food dehydrators best sellers presto.

What are the best brands for food dehydrators best sellers presto?

Presto, Nesco and National Presto are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food dehydrators best sellers presto. Find the detail in this article. Magic Mill, Elite Gourmet and Homdox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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