Food Dehydrators Best Sellers Prime Day

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1. Elite Gourmet Dehydrator BPA Free Stackable

Elite Gourmet Dehydrator BPA Free Stackable

If you receive broken trays, please contact them for support. They offer free replacement service, so you don't have to worry about making your own food or snacking. AJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE from 95oF to 158oF is the ideal temperature for dehydrated foods. All-natural dehydrated foods and snacks are healthy. There is no more processed junk food. Pet lovers can make healthy and delicious 100% natural treats for their pets with fun and crafts. Even heat distribution is achieved by using a base mounted fan. You can see the drying process with a large viewing window. The ETL listed at 350W of power is perfect for home use. Don't use outdoors. The parts are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤The item had a cancer warning on it. I would not recommend this item. The product isn't mentioned in the details.

👤The thing works but not well. I lent my large food dehydrator to my mother last growing season and decided to purchase a small one for a few fruits and herbs until I can get my larger one back. I have experience with other food dehydrators. I know that it wouldn't be. It was nice as the other dehydrator, but I thought it would get the job done. It takes much longer than stated in the pamphlet, and it does in fact dehydrate food. There is no way to know which temp the machine is currently heated to, and the light that comes on when you turn it on is a bit misleading. You have to make sure that the tiers are seated correctly. I'm not very happy with how long it takes to dehydrate, so I may end up returning it, but I'm going to give it a bit more time. The herbs took about 12. Apple slices took about 24 hours to dry. They should take about 12.

👤I would caution people to wash it thoroughly before using it because it will run out. I put some apples in after a quick wipe down and got a strange smell in the first few hours. In nature, it seems oily. Will try another load and update the review later. The smell is still present and penetrating the food. My rating was lowered to one star. Run away from that one!

👤When I bought it, I was a little nervous. There were a few good reviews and a few bad ones. So. I was confused but my sister has one and it works well. I decided to buy it. I am very happy that I did. It's easy to use and control the temperature. There are people who did a review on how to use it, so you can check it out for more tips. I used it three times in the last three weeks and it worked. I don't know why people have bad reviews, but this machine is perfect. It is perfect for hydrating carrot and white radish in Vietnam.

👤I like eating dehydrated snacks, but they are too expensive. I decided to make my own. The dehydrator is nice. You can control how long the temperature is for your snack or ingredient with 3 temperature grade reads. I check on my food when it's getting dehydrated. I don't want a snap in my food. I am very happy with my results.

👤This is the best dehydrator I have ever owned. I like giving food gifts. dehydrated fruit baskets are expensive. The cost of a gift basket is the same as the cost of a dehydrator. The dehydrators had 4.5 stars. I picked this one because it was on sale. I am very happy with my choice. We have a lot of fruits and vegetables. I put them in gift baskets for my husband's staff. I made a bag of gorp for the trip. We love lemons. I would imagine some adult drinks as well, since they are great to put in hot or cold tea. The apples tasted great. I have no room in my small kitchen. I will find the room.

2. Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Dehydrator

Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Dehydrator

It is easy to store and clean. If you remove the tray liners before the drying cycle, they can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. You can easily check food with the 48 hour timer. You can adjust the drying temperature with a digital thermostat. Even drying is provided by continuous airflow. The drying trays have 500 watt power. One fine-mesh sheet for drying small food like herbs and one solid sheet for making fruit rolls are included.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤The thing sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I couldn't keep sane and leave this running for 10 hours with it's noise and humming. It can be heard in the house. I uploaded a video. This is unacceptable and should be returned asap.

👤I wanted to make dog treats. I paid attention to the ingredients because I was disgusted with the warnings. I spent hours guilt ridden over what we had been feeding our babies. There is a downside to making treats without Preservatives. Make room in the freezer for humid Florida weather. The dehydrator. I was comparing makes and models for weeks. I knew from other reviewers that I wanted a timer, fan placement, and not too loud. I was going to use it for something. This fit the bill. After baking the dog treats, I started drying them. I decided to make jerky. OK. The 1st batches was not good. You are warned not to make the meat too thick. Don't make it too thin either. I had the butcher slice some meat for me, but I also had to cut it in half with scissors. It was perfect. I sliced the chicken breast from the partially frozen one. Flank steak is delicious. I steamed the beef heart and wrapped it in sweet potato strips to make it softer. The unit performed great despite me making some mistakes. I don't have to move items because one section is drying faster. If you want to keep the rest going, you should keep everything the same size and on the same tray. I have 6 months left. I couldn't be happier. Three dogs, one daughter and one very happy son-in-law are included. I saved money and bought it in the first place. They immediately go for homemade treats if they are offered a store bought treat. Dogs are smart!

👤I was excited to make some jerky after receiving my order. It ran for 4 hours, then I put it on for another 2 hours, and after 15 minutes an ER code came up. The error code kept coming up when I tried plugging it back in. After taking the serial number and model number, Hamilton Beach said it was an internal problem and they would send a new one. I had to pay for the shipping. Why? Their product was not good. I called Amazon. They are sending a new one, but I have to send the old one back. It's great from Amazon, but I have to be careful with their product. I don't know what I will have to do for a refund if the replacement works. It's a good thing. I think it did work in the few hours, it was nice and quiet.

👤This seemed to be the perfect fit after a lot of research, and it has not let me down over the course of a year of regular use. I usually get a lot of bananas on all the trays. 2.5 lbs of steak will fit in the trays. The spice layer is very good. The reference book has information on times and temperatures. I wouldn't mind if it was 165, I run it for 8 hours or so. I have grown various spices, and so far I have done 18 lbs of jerky, 6 rounds of banana chips, and 4 rounds of pineapple chips. I haven't gotten the real crisp on fruit chips. I have tried many times, but it's not quite there. Everyone loves them and they last for a while. The timer option is my favorite option.

3. Dehydrator Machine Dehydrators Temperature 95ºF 158ºF

Dehydrator Machine Dehydrators Temperature 95%C2%BAF 158%C2%BAF

It's easy to clean and store the electric commercial dehydrator, which can be used to dry fruit, beef, cookie, and other low- calories food. The new version has 8 trays and 400 watt, and includes a fine-mesh sheet for drying small food. 72 hours timing for precise drying time and accurate temperature settings allow you to dry out different types of food. The height of the Dehydrator allows you to dry different kinds of food. Offer more space to make delicious trail mix, homemade yogurt, apple chips, banana chips, dried soup mixes, dried tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, mangoes, and other dried fruits. Storage Mode will take up less space if you Stack the trays. The machine has an auto shut-off mechanism. You can be confident that you are getting a safe and high-quality appliance because it is alsoBPA-free. The heating element and bottom-mounted fan provide consistant air flow for optimum drying. The two ways to place food trays are 180 degrees together and different heights.

Brand: Coocheer

👤I didn't know how easy it was to make dry fruit chips. I used to buy them from stores. I choose the brand of meat jerky treats that my dog loves because of the recalls from a few years ago, but I also have a dog who loves it. You can make almost every fruit and meat into a snack. If you want them to be crisp, slice them in half. The result is well worth the time it takes.

👤The dehydrator is very easy to use. There are two buttons, one is on and the other is to control the temperature. I was able to use the manual without any issues. Even though it has 7 trays, this one does not take a lot of counter space. It fits under the cabinet. In my last two batches, I tried apple, coconut and banana. My kids love it and keep asking for more. Next time, I will try some veggies.

👤The temperature control doesn't allow you to go up and down at the same time. It has pre-set degrees. I had to pick from degrees of temperature split evenly on either side of the one listed in my book to make a batches of jerky. I decided to go a little less on the temperature for the process after testing it with a thermometer in an empty stack of trays. I don't know if that will be the case from unit to unit, so I would highly suggest testing the temperature on your particular unit before use. You will need to rearrange the trays a few times over the course of your drying project. Never leave the unit unattended. I am afraid the trays will crack if I actually wash them in the dishwasher, despite the fact that the company says you can do so. If you don't stack the trays in a way that they can air out for a couple of days prior to use, your first batches of dried items will taste like plastic. The base unit should be wiped out with a kitchen towel. It's not likely that this puppy will find exact match silicone liners. It is best to buy ones that are large enough to fit in a hobby store and cut them down. I wouldn't do it personally because it would alter the flavor of the food, but some people use waxed paper for this purpose, which will save you money. Make sure you use the liners for anything that is juicy so that it doesn't get into the base and cause a problem. Sun dried tomatoes are a good example of this.

👤I got a machine for my child. I made fruit. It was very easy to use. The only thing you need to do is slice the fruit. It took me 36 hours to get rid of the dehydrated fruit. My daughter loves it and wants more.

👤My beef is dry out pretty good with this food dehydrator. It is easy to use and clean, unlike other dehydrators.

4. Colzer Dehydrator Stainless Adjustable Thermostat

Colzer Dehydrator Stainless Adjustable Thermostat

Enjoy dehydrating with the support of a great customer. Your purchase comes with a 60-day money-back, 1-year buyer's assurance, and lifetime customer support. The front door is made of food-grade STAINLESS STEEL and is convenient for you to track the progress of drying. The drying space is large, with 8 trays, each 250mm in diameter, to dry various vegetables, fruits, meat, flowers, and other foods. Automatic shutdown function and overheats protection function are used for safety. The heat from the integrated air-circulating fan is uniform and hot. Digital temperatures preset settings range from 68 to194oF, with a timer up to 24 hours, provide accurate drying times and temperatures. The noise is only 45 decibels, and it's silent after setting the time and temperature. If you have any problems, please contact their after-sales team.

Brand: Colzer

👤I wouldn't consider this dehydrator a large capacity. The trays are 9 inches in length. I like that the trays are not black. The machine vibrates. The sides are hot to the touch, even though they are dehydrating at a very low temperature. It takes a lot longer to dehydrate than my other dehydrator. Not impressed. I will be dropping my rating from a 2 to a 1 after being harassed for months to change it. I don't know how to stop the emails from being sent, only to receive another email from a different person. This is not safe.

👤I have been making beef jerky since August of 2011. During that time, I have eaten fruit, herbs, and beef. The Nesco's plastic trays were starting to fall apart, and I was interested in the Excalibur dehydrator, but its high price made me not want to buy it. Although an internal meat temperature of 165F is considered safe for poultry, alternatives were less than desirable because their maximum heating temperature is usually up to only about 158F. The Excalibur has square trays that are a bit more capacity than the Nesco's round ones, but they don't dry as evenly. The Colzer appliance has a maximum temperature of 194F, but its square trays are not immune to the drying effect. I found that the drying is better than the dehydrator I used to have, which was mostly plastic. I'm not sure if an all-metal housing is making a difference, but it appears to be. Clear glass allows you to check on the items' status without opening the door, and Square trays provide more room for items to be dehydrated. It may not be a good idea to go that high. There is a built-in timer that goes up to about 24 hours and a generous 8-tray capacity. There is no way to change the temperature of the product, the control panel has a built-in guide that shows Fahrenheith-Celsius conversions, if it did not have this, I would have returned the product. The price-to-value ratio for this product is very good and I will be looking for an 8.4" x 8.4" tray instead of using a heavy-duty aluminum foil as a liner. It dehydrated my fruit and herb very well, and beef jerky came out pretty well, even though the pieces facing the glass door were not as dry as the ones at the back. The trays can be moved half way through the drying. We haven't experienced food poisoning yet, but the manual states to pre- cook or boil the meat to 165F internal temperature and then dehydrate it to make sure no germs are left. I keep my food in the fridge for a month. Although the dehydrator can go up to 194F, a higher temperature may not be good for food. The high heat will cause the exterior to get warm but leave the inside dry and potentially cause germs to grow. The Colzer temperature guide states up to 155F, but I stick to my recommendation of 165F. You will learn a lot. You can experiment with various recipes on the internet after that. A meat slicer can be used to cut cooking time and to keep meat at a consistent depth. Some butchers will cut to size for you. Fats are more likely to spoil than meats. If you want to last as long as possible, trim out as much fat as you can and get as lean of meat as you can find. I keep my fat in the fridge because I like having it in my jerky, but I have eaten it before on a wilderness backpacking trip, without any issues. It is the final. THOUGHTS I am happy to have found a dehydrator that works well without having to spend a lot of money. I will retire my 9-year-old Nesco FD-80 if it continues to operate reliably, and I will also give it to a friend so she won't ask me to make her jerky as often. I don't think changing this Colzer to Fahrenheit would be a big deal.

5. ChefWave Tray Food Dehydrator Machine

ChefWave Tray Food Dehydrator Machine

The life of a live tiger. Quality products are provided by Tribrest. Their motto is "making healthy living easy" and they make it easy with their latest innovations and quality products. The ChefWave electric professional food dehydrator freeze dryer can make the healthiest and tastiest dried snacks like fruit leather, vegetable, herbs, pet food or meat jerky and hold all of their nutrition value and flavor. The kitchen appliance has 10 trays and six drying racks. It has a transparent door that makes it easy to monitor. A recipe book is also included. The freeze dryer machine has a digital control panel. The temperature and time should be set. It has temperature controls between 95 F and 167 F. Everything you need is included in this pack of tools and accessories. There are 10 large drying racks, a tray, mesh sheets, and 3 Teflon sheets for fruit leathers, banana chips, beef jerky, trail mix and pet snacks. They want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with their products. It will work as it should. The warranty covers labor and parts so that you can use it worry free. The ETL is certified.

Brand: Chefwave

👤I like the dehydrator. After the third use, the entire front glass fell off. I hadn't used it in a week, but it seems the glue isn't heat resistant enough to hold it long. If the same thing happens, watch for it, the glass is thick and could hurt someone, especially a child. I did not return the unit. My husband made tabs to hold the glass in place because he loves this dehydrator. I've used this unit 4 times and it has given me a consistent dry each time. It's easy to set the time, temps and clean up, I love the look of the machine.

👤If it lasts for a few years, I'll consider it good. I don't know if there is a huge difference in the machines that are all made in the same factory, but from the photos on Amazon, it looks like they are all made in the same factory. They are all around the same price, $150's or so right now. The top tray is close to the upper part of the cabinet, so you have less room to put food in it. It was difficult to load the top tray when it was full because I dehydrated a large amount of Swiss chard. It seems like the designers just decided to cram the last tray into the machine because they could. It was barely. I own both the six tray and the ten tray machines. The ten tray is larger than the other four trays, and it holds 16 square feet of drying area, while the six tray holds six square feet. Take that into account when choosing. I think they are good purchases.

👤I am very happy with my dehydrator. It takes up a lot of space on the counter. I use it on a rolling cart. It has a wide temperature range that is useful for a wide variety of foods. The controls are easy to understand and use. The heat and air are well distributed inside the compartment. I check the food on the 10 shelves to see if I need to change it, and they seem to dry at a consistent rate on all the shelves. I had a problem with my unit a few months after I bought it. I got a response from ChefWave after I contacted them through their website. I was asked if I could send a few photos of the issue. I was told that a replacement unit would be sent out the next day. I appreciate great customer service, so this meant a lot to me. I have a hard time going back to a company that doesn't stand behind their products, no matter how good their reputation is. This product is very good.

👤I am from Hawaii and used this machine for my company. I followed the instructions to a tee, never had the machine in direct sunlight, provided lots of open space for it to do what it needed to do, and cleaned it after each use. It broke down on Feb. 9, 2022. It worked perfectly during this time. It is done for with less than 2 months of use. I didn't use it every day, maybe 4-5 days out of the week. I never used it at the highest temperature of 167 degrees. When I woke up this morning, it was blowing cold air, and I was dehydrating some thin sliced beef. I adjusted the settings and it was done. I wouldn't blow warm air if I tried it at a temp that was too warm. Nothing worked when I tried all of the trouble shooting tips. They told me to cut the power cord with scissors and send a picture of it to them so they could give me a refund. I have never had any other company ask for that. Did it happen? I have no dehydrator and am waiting for my refund. I don't know what happened but I highly recommend saving your money and investing in a reliable brand like Magic Mills. A good quality dehydrator is important.

6. COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine Recipes

COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine Recipes

A sample of Jerky Seasoning & Cure, a Fruit Roll Sheet, and a Clean-A-Screen are included. It was designed in California. There are 5BPA-free trays, 1 mesh screen, 1 fruit roll sheet, and a manual. Take a quick tour of the food dehydrator and check out their video on the left side. It's easy for beginners with a digital timer and temperature control. The timer can be set in 30-minute intervals for up to 48 hours. A volcano dehydrator is a way tohydrate beef, turkey, meat, fruits, vegetables and other food for a healthy life. Simply press the start button and you will be able to sleep. The noise is less than 48 decibels. Safe to use, 100%BPA-Free trays 5. There is a listed. Even though you're not at home, the auto shut-off prevents the food dehydrator from overheating. This voltage only applies to the USA and Canada. It is easy to clean food from the dehydrator's base with a damp cloth or a brush. The fruit roll sheet should be placed on the bottom tray to prevent liquid from dripping on the base.

Brand: Cosori

👤I own a lot of Cosori appliances and I love them. So this one as well! I started to make beef and turkey jerky because I know what's in it. And guess what, the best Jerky ever! My husband loves riding his Harley. It's easy to create dried food when you set the temperature and time. I keep the meat in the refrigerator to be on the save side, and I work with lower temperatures to keep the meat softer and juicier. IMarinate the meat for 48 hours. I am experimenting with fruit. It takes some time to check in here with the lower temperatures. Bananas are also included. I use it outside on our back porch to get good air and to avoid the intense aromas in the house. I am very happy with my new appliance. An excellent price/ performance ratio. I like it! Highly recommend it.

👤I have been making beef jerky since August of 2011. During that time, I have eaten fruit, herbs, and beef. The rounded tray dehydrators have more capacity than the square dehydrators, but they do not dry as evenly. I had never heard of a brand like Cosori that has a smaller capacity. It's safe to use for making beef jerky, because the temperature can reach up to 165F, and it's dishwasher safe. This is the most important issue of the product. I knocked a star off my review because of the lack of a sturdier cover, and because the heat from the bottom up could cause sauces to get into the heating system in the center. I will use the dehydrator for non-saucy items. I like dehydrators that dry from the top down. The top tray does not dry as well as the bottom ones, likely because there is an air vent at the top that lets most of the heat escape without it first going over the items. The top and bottom are put into the drying process. The price-to-value ratio for the top-down dehydrator is very good. It dehydrated my fruit and herb very well, and beef jerky came out great. I still prefer my Nesco because it has a larger drying capacity and it is easier to clean up. There are tips and rewards. One side of the dryer is more shallow than the other, so it's a good idea to place the trays in either direction. I didn't know that until I used it a second time. In the Good Eats episode, Brown shows how to make beef jerky. You will learn a lot. You can experiment with various recipes on the internet after that. A meat slicer can be used to cut cooking time and to keep meat at a consistent depth. Fats are more likely to spoil than meats. If you want to last as long as possible, trim out as much fat as you can and get as lean of meat as you can find. I keep my fat in the fridge because I like having it in my jerky, but I have eaten it before on a wilderness backpacking trip, without any issues. The dehydrator works well for non-saucy items like fruit, herbs, and vegetables. If sauces fall into the center and down the heating element of the appliance, it could cause the dehydrator to break down faster, because it can be quite a mess to clean up sauces from this appliance. It is a shame that the lid cover is made of such flimsy material that it can break at any time. Cosori, why cheapen this appliance with a bad cover? The top trays do not dry very well. If you found this review helpful, please click the "Yes/Helpful" button to encourage me to write more. Thank you!

7. Tribest Express SDE S6780 B Dehydrator Stainless

Tribest Express SDE S6780 B Dehydrator Stainless

It is easy to clean and have a good service. The trays are dishwasher safe. You can clean the housing with a wet cloth. If you receive a product that is damaged or unable to work due to long-distance and violent transportation, please don't hesitate to contact them for a replacement or refund. The Digital Food DehydRATOR has all-digital controls and displays with a maximum temperature of 167 Fahrenheit/75 Celsius that is in line with USDA beef jerky preparation guidelines. The central single-fan technology makes it possible to dehydration fruits, crackers, meat and more. This is one of the quietest food dehdrators. The compact dehydrator has all the dehydrating features without sacrificing the kitchen counter space, including glass doors and internal lights for easy monitoring. The temperature is controlled. The food dehydrator machine allows you to set precise temperatures and times with the Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer (TST). It is easy to clean. The dehydrator trays are easy to clean with an air filter. The catch tray can easily be used to collect and discard debris. The life of a live tiger. Quality products are provided by Tribrest. Their motto is "making healthy living easy" and they make it easy with their latest innovations and quality products.

Brand: Tribest

👤It seems to be a well built unit. The door popped open on its own. The strike plate on the glass was in contact with one of the magnets on the closure. The door was not completely seated in the hinge, which caused it to be a problem. The problem was solved when the glass was pushed deeper into the lower hinge. It met or exceeded advertised temps on the initial test run, with a 3.5 degree difference from top to bottom rack from the set temp. I think the unit will perform well once the 40 degree food is put on the rack and it gets up to temp. The purchase has been good so far even with the minor door alignment. Multiple batches of sweet potatoe, banana chip, and other items have been run by the unit. There is a The first high temperature run was bacon flavoured venison. The product did not have any issues. The Jerky was maintained quickly and it was great. The next test will be longevity. The product will be used on a regular basis.

👤The fan motor quit after 3 years of use. They have a 10 year warranty, so they tried to get an RMA. There were no replies and no RMA. Don't buy.

👤I want to say that this product is built to the highest quality standards. I wanted either USA, Korean, or Japanese to make the dehydrators I was looking for. No "made in China". I want good quality. Things looked the same after an hour of searching and reading reviews. The reviews are the same. This is a good quality. Good quality. I waited to write the review so I could get my hands on it and see if I like it. I own a restaurant. I know what a good equipment is. This is a great product. I bought the dehydrator with the trays that were not plastic. The performance of this dehydrator is solid and I have been using it nonstop for a week. Programming is easy to use. I read the manual to understand the multi function feature. I used 23 lbs of bananas. They were dipped in lemon juice. It was done after 20 hours. It was delicious. If you read my review so far, you must be wondering why I gave it 4 stars and not 5. The trays aren't built enough. The trays move slightly out of shape, but they stay the same shape. The outer frame would not have caught the eye if it was a bit stronger. It is not a big issue. An observation. I expected a better quality for the price I paid. This is a good dehydrator. Time will tell if it is durable. Over time, I'll make changes. I will write a review a year later.

👤Very small. This machine is expensive. I returned it because it was too large.

👤It's much better than my old unit. This one does a lot of jerky in a few hours compared to the 6 that my old one did. I got two batches done in one day and didn't have to watch the machine because of the timer and controls.

8. Magic Mill Dehydrator Trays Temperature

Magic Mill Dehydrator Trays Temperature

The ETL listed at 350W of power is perfect for home use. Don't use outdoors. The parts are dishwasher safe. There is a rear mount fan for heat distribution. The electric dehydration machine has a rear-mounted drying fan and air flow circulation technology to promote even drying, there is no need to rotate the shelves as needed by other brands, and the transparent door window makes it easy to monitor the dryer process. Digital temperature and timer. An automatic shut off will be done when the timer shows you when it will be done, and the temperature and timer are adjusted to ensure you have your food done to the perfect temperature and timing. The trays are made of STAINLESS STEEL and include fruit roll ups, mesh trays for smaller food, and fruit leather sheets for roll ups. It is easy to clean the dishwasher safe trays and liners, which can be used to dry beef, vegetables, fruit, bread, and more. If the dehydrators overheated, the safety feature will be activated. It was built with food-grade material.

Brand: Magic Mill

👤I have had a food dryer for 30 years and it dried vegetables. My family gave me the Magic Mill for my birthday. Since taking it from the box, it has been in almost constant use. After drying meat or sticky fruits, the SS rack pops in the dishwasher. We love dried Fuji apples and make yam slices as dog treats. When the store has limp produce, I have jars of dried veggies for soups. We are able to make our own jerky with clean ingredients. Quality high energy foods are a must for my husband as he does wild land fire fighting in the summer. There are a few more recipe ideas in the owners manual. I plan on taking this tool with me in our RV when we travel for remote jobs, as it is easy to use in an RV. There is a The unit is light enough that an older female can easily move it.

👤The old cheap dehydrator was quieter than the Magic Mill. It is in the kitchen and looks nice. I chose this brand because I am trying to eliminate plastic from my life and this Magic Mill had steel shelves. Magic Mill does not identify the type of plastic used, so the plastic sheet assessors that come with it do not please me. I don't care if you say 'food safe'. I will probably buy some pure silicone trays in the future. The digital feature that allows me to set the tempurature is a welcome improvement over my old one and the fan in the back really creates great air flow. It is easy to wipe down when it is large. If you found this review helpful, please press the button to say thank you.

👤The price was not bad. The product works. The only problem I have is the plastic. The metal trays will fall if not positioned correctly. The sides bow out.

👤I have a nice container garden and this year, I even grew and Harvested Yukon Potatoes. I got 10 pounds of potatoes and I decided to freeze them and then cook them in casseroles for one person. My old dehydrator only does small batches and takes 20 hours to complete. I bought this one on Amazon after doing my research. I finished the potato harvest in 8 hours. It's fabulous! Some of the tomato harvest will be going in tomorrow. My bell peppers are arriving. My Sage is also bursting at the seams. I can't wait to run this baby a lot.

👤I have been using this model at my daughter's home and I now own one. I hope that Magic Mill will design a larger capacity that is all metal, except for the door, when I upgrade. I like that the unit has 9 wire shelves, 2 fruit roll up trays, a mesh tray for items like bananas and strawberries, and a hanger rack for items that should be hung to dry. The shelves are easy to clean with warm water and liquid soap. The control panel is easy to use. The panel is bright red. After washing the shelves and doing a test run to remove any manufacturing odor, we partially filled the unit with the first batches of apples, bananas and pineapples. The fruit was sliced thin, 3 centimeters/less than the thickness of a dime. The option of dehydrating the fruit from soft leathery to crisp is also available. The fruit was delicious. I lightly dusted the apples with cinnamon before dehydrating. After drying, the spice sticks well. I haven't had a dehydrator in a while. I dehydrated many items and the process and seasonings came back. I'm looking forward to using it a lot.

9. Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator Machine

Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator Machine

You can find more about the COSORI dehydrator and accessories by searching for C 165-2MS, CO 165-FD, CP 257-FD, C 165-2FR, or C267-2MS. A multi-tiered countertop electric food dehydrator that can preserve a variety of food is finally here. It makes food with very little preparation. The new NutriChef food preserver is designed to prevent food from going to waste. There are 10-TIERED DRYER TRAYS. 10 food grade trays or dryer rack are included. It can be used to dry food without the use of a dehydrator. The trays are easy to clean. Also includes fruit roll sheet. Food preservation can be done with electronic probe and temperature control. The famous beef jerky is made fromhydrates and preserves. Dehydrating fruits/vegetables makes potato/kale chips. Touch-control display. There is a touch control display, auto shut-off, memory function, and switch door. The built-in motor and internal fan are designed to prevent the appliance from overheating. High heat circulation. The hot air circulation dries food. The food shrinks but still has vitamins and minerals. Scientifically tested to increase shelf life.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤I decided to order the same thing because it was easy after 7 years of Excalibur. It was damaged when it arrived. I could see how cheap the plastic was. I didn't want a dehydrator that had plastic shelves. I read many reviews. I can still dry a lot even though this is a bit smaller than my previous dehydrator. I did my first batches of apple rings and they were very efficient and juicy. It has a regular style door, which is different from the one you just kind of hang on to. I hope this lasts because I really like it. The handles on the side make it easy to carry.

👤Dehydrating with this machine is very easy. Consistent performance. We've been using this for a while. There were no complaints. I was able to schedule food rotation cycles once I got the hang of it. It's running 24 hours a day unless I've forgotten to purchase frozen veggies, take time to process fresh fruits, or cook meat with the fat extract and stored. The temperature range is accurate. It runs quiet as well. It has a 24 hour timer, but if you're busy or in doubt, add more time. Don't let dried food sit in stagnant air. We'll buy another one and then more as we can fit them. Don't bother with the 5 shelf get the 10 because you can use the volume or alternative spacing when you need it. You will wish you started years ago if you know how easy it is to create food security. Even if others don't acknowledge the state of things, take responsibility of your future. Investing in the future is a labor of love. Independence and choice are dependent on food sovereignty.

👤Absolutely love it! The beef bulgogi jerky was my first experience with the nutrichef and it turned out great! It's easy to clean and it fits a lot of food in my kitchen. The recipe book is an added bonus and it turns off automatically when the timer is up. This is a good dehydrator.

👤There was a small dent on the top side corner. There was no damage to the package that would have caused a problem during transit. I am assuming the dehydrator was damaged in the manufacturing process and shipped with it. I have yet to try it out. It affects the appearance of an expensive appliance in the kitchen. Disappointed.

👤I have been using it a lot. I have made a lot of jerky. This thing can handle a lot of product at once and does a great job. The shelf is the only thing I would try to improve. There is a rack supports. It sometimes tips to the next shelf, but not a big deal. It's just annoying.

👤It fits perfectly in my kitchen. Quiet during operation. When I tested it, it reached 170 degrees in about 5 minutes. I don't have to wash them because it has a dishwasher safe wire rack. Controls are easy to use. The interface is very intuitive and you are ready to go. I'll be making my first batches of turkey jerky and will update this review with any new information.

10. NESCO FD 75A Snackmaster Food Dehydrator

NESCO FD 75A Snackmaster Food Dehydrator

There are 67 kinds of dry food, 1 colorful multilingual instructions, a 7* 304 grid, and an extra plastic grid. You can make delicious and healthy snacks without going out. Even heat distribution is provided by 600 watt of drying power, which is four times faster than other food dehydrators. Adaptable temperature control. The temperature control gives you the flexibility to achieve the best results when drying different foods. It's possible to expand up to 12 trays so you can dry large quantities at once with no tray rotation needed. VITASAVE EXTERIOR: The food's vitamins and minerals are retained during the drying process because of the opaque exterior. There is a sample of Jerky Seasoning & Cure and a care and use guide included. Made in the USA is made in global and domestic components. The powerhead is imported from China. The rest of the product is assembled in the USA.

Brand: Nesco

👤I chose this product over the other ones because it says Made in USA. That is a complete lie. If you flip the lid over, it says Made in China.

👤I used it to make dog treats out of chicken feet, turkey necks, chicken hearts and gizzards. I put it at 160F and it was ready to feed the dogs. It is cheaper to make homemade treats than it is to buy them.

👤I got a dehydrator in June. I called the company when I started to dry my herbs. I asked for help because my herbs were taking so long to dry. I didn't get much satisfaction but I thought the basil took more time. I was working on basil and herbs. It took at least 36 hours. I was harvesting parsley. I want to dehydrate it. It took 24 hours to dry. This product was very disappointing. I wouldn't recommend it. I would return it. I didn't start dehydrating until August. Don't buy this product.

👤We used it a few times to make backpacking food, and kept it there until November. We tried to make some jerky, but it was too hot. We had the same model and it lasted a long time. Maybe the manufacturing quality has gone down.

👤I did a lot of research before buying these. When you have over 3000 reviews and you are still at 4 1/2 stars, you can't deny this. It was the best jerky I have ever had. They are free with the spices we used. There was soy sauce and red wine vinaigrette added. It's better than any store bought product. I panicked because I didn't have a timer. We have cell phones with us. We are doing fruit now. I don't want to wait for it to be done. The smells fill the whole house. Don't look anywhere else. This is the best!

👤I like my dehydrator. It was one of the best purchases I've ever made. The price is great for what you are getting and I have had a great result with mine. I make my own food for backpacking and camping trips and it has made the cost of food go down because I don't buy freeze dried food. I don't mind the extra crunch in my food because this is so much cheaper and it's not a freeze dry, but it's still a good option. I use it to dehydrate fruits and vegetables when they are about to go bad. The little thing has so much use. I searched for dehydrators on the market and found many, but I think this is the best for the price. It sounds like a fan when it's on. It's safe to leave running overnight, it doesn't use much electricity, and it has 5 trays to dehydrating at once. Don't put onions and pineapple in there, you will end up with pineapple that has an onion taste to it. It comes with a handy booklet and packets of seasoning for dehydrating meat, and it comes with different tray inserts so you can dehydrate different shaped things. I've gotten a lot of use out of this investment. It's good for people who are looking to save money when packing for trips and camping. It's good for people who want to have dehydrated food for themselves or their kids but don't want to spend a lot of money on dehydrated snacks. It does take a little more prep time than buying food in a store but it's worth it. You know what you're putting into your body.

11. NESCO FD 1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator White

NESCO FD 1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator White

Even heat distribution is provided by 1000 Watts of drying power. The temperature can be adjusted to dry different foods at proper temperatures. You can dry large quantities at once with no tray rotation needed, if you purchase additional trays. Converga-Flow drying system pushes heated air up and across each tray, without having to rotation them. There are 8 Fruit Roll-up Sheets, 8 Clean-a-Screens, 1 recipe instruction book, and an original Jerky Spice Pack with Cure included.

Brand: Nesco

👤This is new to dehydrating. Reading reviews and trying to get into this, but not knowing if the kids would even eat it. The Snackmaster seemed to be the best choice. I bought 6 more trays and mesh liners. After doing several batches testing how long it took, how much yield, how many minutes it took the kids to devour the 11 trays of banana chips, one dehydrator was not going to cut it. Within a week, I ordered the Gardenmaster along with 6 more trays and screens. The larger trays make a difference, along with being able to stack 30 trays. Has anyone done that? I use both now. The Gardenmaster is a lot more noisier than the other ones, but with 8 trays it is a lot less drying time. It's loud so you don't want to be on the phone. It's more convenient to load it with no motor to pick it up. Counter space is a little more. The snackmaster is very quiet and takes longer. 600w vs 1000w. The Gardenmaster has just 7 of the trays on it, while the Snackmaster has 11. There is a I wish I'd started with the gardenmaster, I haven't gotten any fruit or jerky yet. I have been using 20 trays for fruits and jerky the past year. No problems, still going strong. There is still no progress on the stockpile. I will order another ten trays for fruits because I don't find the noise an issue. I don't think I'd like jerky with 30 trays. I love the unit. After 3 years, still using. One thing I do with my jerky is that it takes 30 minutes or so for each tray to reach the highest heat at the bottom, so I take the temperature at the top of 10 trays and it was only 140*. The new trays are a bit more concave than the originals, apparently they changed them. The new ones have a ring. The gardenmaster does not fit these trays. New trays need to be heated so that the plastic relaxes and the crowns point up, just like when you open a new dehydrator, we recommend heating the unit for an hour to relax the plastic. The new trays should heat up when Stack 4 is used. This usually fixes the problem. It must not be usual. Nesco lost a customer and I just wanted more useable trays.

👤I was expecting to use it in my kitchen, like I did my old dehydrator. I knew that would never be an option after a second of turning it on. It is so loud! I moved it into my laundry room in the basement, but it still makes noise upstairs. I used the Nesco website to contact their customer service, to find out if the noise is normal. They didn't reply. The noise was 2 stars. The customer service received 2 stars. It gets 1 star for drying well, but it sounds like it's on its last legs. When it dies, I'll update my review.


What is the best product for food dehydrators best sellers prime day?

Food dehydrators best sellers prime day products from Elite Gourmet. In this article about food dehydrators best sellers prime day you can see why people choose the product. Hamilton Beach and Coocheer are also good brands to look for when you are finding food dehydrators best sellers prime day.

What are the best brands for food dehydrators best sellers prime day?

Elite Gourmet, Hamilton Beach and Coocheer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food dehydrators best sellers prime day. Find the detail in this article. Colzer, Chefwave and Cosori are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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