Best Food Delivery Bag for Motorcycle

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1. Delivery Insulated Backpack Pizza Wormer

Delivery Insulated Backpack Pizza Wormer

It's perfect for outdoor for family, with a big capacity food storehouse. The take-out backpack is large. The work is 17.9x17.7x19.7inches. It's great for food delivery. Postmates, Doordash, and others. Warm and cold insulation: 600D Oxford Fabric exterior, 5mm foam insulation, aluminum foil foam interior. The inner lining of the aluminum foil is ideal for providing insulation to both hot and cold items. The product can be used as a hand bag. Packir backpacks have Chest and Body straps for stabilization and a card pocket. When walking or driving on a bike, you can feel comfortable because of the three paddings. The insulated backpack is made of heavy duty polyester which will not tear or scratch, there is thick liner support on the back of bag so you won't worry about the food will heat up your back while riding. The inner insulation lining keeps food warm/cold for a long time. The rear side opening of the e insulation backpack is very convenient. It's easy to get food. There is a

Brand: Musbus

👤I was made to reword this review twice by Amazon. I'm a verified purchaser. The bag is not the right size. Its 17x14x17. It is very flimsy. I wouldn't recommend this bag. First time using it, it broke.

👤The Delivery Bag is very strong. Food is well insulated. It's easier to carry large products. The company is very responsive to questions and concerned with your needs.

👤I think these are better than packir bags. I use mine for food delivery on my scooter.

👤It's the size of the bag in the video, but definitely nowhere near the size pictured or in details. I definitely needed at least 20 as advertised. It's the only reason I paid 70 bucks for this. It's worth 30 because of the fact that you have to open the entire front every time you load and unload, and there isn't a top option or anything innovative.

👤I have been using this for three months and it is excellent. It kept the food warm when I was riding a motorcycle. The size I was looking for could not fit the 18 inch pizza, but the rest of the pizza can fit inside. I could do multiple deliveries at the same time. Even though it is worth it, I put four stars on it. It would have been better if it was cheaper. It is worth it for the money I have used it for. It was raining when I was riding. I can say that it is waterproof.

👤It is very sturdy and fits securely. I use it to deliver on a motorcycle and it keeps it hot and cold. Stitching is still holding up.

👤I ordered these bags a year ago. They are very strong.

👤If you're a food delivery person, you need this bag. It's big enough to carry a large pie and other items. This bag is great for night delivery because of its reflective outer material.

👤It was great for doordash, but the Zip was the only good thing.

2. Insulated Delivery Backpack Leak Proof Thermal

Insulated Delivery Backpack Leak Proof Thermal

The insulated backpack has an interior space that can hold up to two separate orders. It's suitable for pizza, fast food, transportation, storage, and service in restaurants. Almost everything you can think of is within a lot of space. Throw everything in the bag. Biker's Pizza delivery backpacks can handle all of your food and grocery needs. 13L x 13B x 16H are the dimensions. For food delivery, or for camping, it's a good fit. Drinks and food can be carried through interior dividers that separate 3 layers. It takes better advantage of the interior space of the backpack if they are kept in good condition. 3 side pockets for carrying accessories, mobile phone, notebooks,menu,coupons and more. Space-saving, fold to flat. The food delivery bag is designed for Caterers,Delivery Drivers,Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Door Dash and pizza lovers. LEAKROOF LINING: The interior lining is made of 7mm foam. It is easy to clean the bag. The thermal backpack is ideal for food delivery service at home.

Brand: Ogefoted

👤I haven't used the bag yet but I think it's sturdy and won't be a problem to haul the groceries.

👤The product was received on May 22nd. The products size, quality, etc. were initially pleased with. The shoulder straps separated from the bag after only a few uses. My son has been using it to do some food deliveries, which is what it was advertised for, however it appears to have some weak points in its design. Would not recommend it.

👤I used this frequently for food delivery, but the bag was only 40 lbs. Within a week, the shoulder strap starts to tear. I thought it would tear a little. After 2 weeks, you can see the result. I can't even use my hands because there isn't any strong material for support. It's a huge waste of money.

👤De manire générale, le sac est grand. Deux fois de la qualité qui laisse désirer. Au bout de quelques usages, qui liens la bretelle la partie inférieure du sac a cédé.

👤Light, big and spacious. Can be put in a pizza box. You have the option to put in more food on top of each order. There are side pouch where you can fit your drinks or tools.

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Professional FG9F3800RED

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Professional FG9F3800RED

This kind of bag is very useful for pizza delivery, outdoor picnics, travel, and many other things. When not in use, folds compactly. Food can be INSULATED to protect it from losing heat. There is pollutant regulation. Excess steam can be released to maintain food quality and prevent bags from retaining odors. It is easy to use, with a padded strap and a hanging loop for easy storage. It isdurable: The nylon exterior is dishwasher-safe and has years of performance. CLEAR INDENTIFICATION WINDOW: It allows for easy lableing of orders. The dimensions are 17in x 17in x 13in. There are six 14in pizzas.

Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

👤This is the best food delivery container I've found so far. Between the container and motorcycle topbox you can deliver any order you want. I don't know of a topbox that will carry a pizza. I use my topbox and little DoorDash bag for most single orders, but this bag stays strapped to my back seat with bungees. I bust out the Rubbermaid if I get a pizza and/or a stacked order. The material is fliexible and easy to clean, unlike some of the shiny reflective insides you'll see in some of the other bags. The handles for this bag are long enough to securely hold the whole bag evenly with one hand, and there are two smaller straps that make it very nice for tying down with a bungee, so that even if it does slip on your back seat, it won't fall off. When the bag fell off my motorcycle, I used the extra side straps. It slipped out of the strap I was using, but there was no food in it. I didn't notice until I had ridden a few blocks away. I came back and found it in the middle of the road, where it had been run over by a car. It was fine except for the marks from a tire. I will get another bag when this one is too gnarly.

👤Since we're not able to eat in restaurants yet, we use this all the time for takeout. It's large enough to hold a number of food takeout packs. My husband was asked if he worked for Door Dash when he went to pick up food. It works very well even though it's a little large for us.

👤El bolso es un bueno, pero tiene sea robusto, durara en el tiempo. Es fcil de guardar. La recomiendo, realicen delivery, estoy.

👤This was a return or the like on sale, it's big red and can hold a lot of food. This bag has given me renewed faith. I've gotten silly. The bag is great.

👤The bags are not too big and cumbersome. Good material. It's easy to slide food in. Very strong. Food is kept hot. A $90 Mexican food order was held today.

👤The bag has stood up to a lot of abuse and still performs as it should. I think it keeps things warm more than the bags I was given.

👤I didn't buy this for food transportation. I bought this for my computer. I have a cupoid shaped computer. There are no bags, luggage, or carries that are cupoid for computers. I stumbled upon this. The dimensions are perfect for a plane and it has insulation all the way around. I want to make sure my computer is protected. Don't worry about the quality. This thing can hold a full sized, cube-shaped computer that is about 30 lbs. The handles are perfect and I'm not afraid of breaking them because the zip is strong and well made. This bag is great for food transportation or computer transportation, whichever is needed. I can say that after using my computer for a certain amount of time and placing it in the bag that it keeps food warm, but I cannot speak on how long or how well it does that. It is still very hot when you remove it.

4. ISFC Insulated Food Delivery Bag

ISFC Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Their food delivery bag is designed for Caterers,Delivery Drivers,Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Door Dash and pizza lovers. The insulated food delivery bag is made with a thick layer of insulation, which makes it ideal for keeping hot items hot and cold items cool for longer. The insulated shopping bags can take it all, from keeping your pizza warm to keeping your picnic containers cold. The bag is rain and scratch resistant. The front and sides of the backpack have light-reflecting webbing that makes it safe to work in the dark. The bag is ideal for delivery at night. The bag has mesh pockets on the two sides that can hold drinks, receipts, or other personal items. The food transport bag is perfect for transporting food, shopping, and service from restaurants. A large amount of space is needed for almost all items. Throw it in the bag. You just carry your food and drink in one hand with this all-in-one bag. Pick them up to carry your groceries. The insulated food carrier is easy to carry and protects items from leaking and leaving a mess in your car or trunk. This is perfect for people who work in food delivery. The insulated food delivery bag is ideal for food delivery service at home, who travel by bicycle, motorcycle, or car, and it is suited for trips, fishing, picnic, and beach. If you have a problem with this food delivery bag, please get in touch with them and they will be able to help you within 12 hours.

Brand: Isfc Insurfinsport

👤It works well for my job. Food is kept warm or cold as needed. It is easy to carry thick insulation.

👤I'm there! I bought this bag because I started doing food deliveries. It's a great bag and it gets the job done. I'm hoping that it will last. My customers and I are happy. It's a great purchase. I recommend.

👤You can put it on like a backpack. Excellent quality.

👤There is a great space. The drink holder should be more studier.

👤The quality is pretty good but the bottom is not. If you put things in the bag, they will move. If you need the bottom to stay flat or if you don't want to tip it over, put cutout cardboard in first.

👤If you do food deliveries, the size is perfect.

5. Insulated Food Delivery Backpack Holder

Insulated Food Delivery Backpack Holder

If you have any questions, please contact their customer service, they will provide you with professional services. The food delivery is large. The weight of the bag is about 1350 grams, and it's 15.75" x 9.84" x 12.6" Almost everything you can think of is within a lot of space. Throw everything in the bag. The insulated food delivery bag can keep the temperature stable and the food ready to eat, while the food-grade waterproof lining can keep the items in a food-safe environment. The food delivery backpack has a large cup holder that can hold bottles, cups, containers, beer, and other small items. The backpack does not need a caddy. Have a picnic on the beach. The excellent heat insulation of food and beverages can be ensured with the use of layers of material, high-quality aluminum foil, and pearl cotton. You can put this in the car or go out and use it as a food warmer. Food can be kept fresh and waterproof for outdoor activities. The delivery backpack comes with cushions, durable zippers, and reflective stripes on the top. The backpack is ideal for bikes, motorcycles, or cars, and it is also ideal for professionals working in fast food restaurants, or in leisure activities.

Brand: Light Dust

👤A good quality bag. I got this bag because I started delivering. I use the bag daily and it is perfect for deliveries or anything else. It is perfect for carrying food and drinks and making sure they don't spill. I 100% recommend the bag, I have been very pleased with it.

👤The bag has a double buckle strap in the front so it stays still when you move it. Somewhat large. It has a lot of room to keep things. It is very affordable as well.

👤I bought this bad to use for Doordash. Those with concerns and those that gave all 5 stars were noted in the reviews. I've been very pleased with the bag and have recommended it.

6. Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Cupholders

Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Cupholders

Food Delivery Bag with cup holders for doordash, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, in There are some pretty bags. 11x11x12in. The interior is great for storing and transporting food and equipment. The large amount of space can fit almost any item you can think of. Throw it in the backpack. The collapsible tote back pack is waterproof, leakproof, portable, and reuseable and has a foil interior. STURDY STRAPS- They made this backpack with extra stitching on the straps, a reinforced design, and premium zippers. The backpack is built to last all day. This is perfect for people who work in the food service industry. The food delivery bag has two handles with padded on the top for easy carrying and dual strong zippers, which are specially designed not to snag. The thermal bag is so durable that you can use it for a long time without having to worry about it tearing. It can be found in the back of your car, trunk or motorcycle. When not in use, it has a collapsible design that flattens into a space saving form.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤Food delivery drivers need this bag. I am a full-time driver. This is the best bag I have ever owned. This bag is used for 80% of my deliveries. The construction has lasted me through eight months of constant use. Over 2500 deliveries have been done with this bag alone. I put my hot or cold orders in the bag, put an insulated space blanket over it, and then zip it shut. Drinks are put in the drink holders and I go to the delivery. Customers are happy when deliveries arrive piping hot or icy cold. Extra tips have been paid for many times over. I am giving my son the new larger bag because it is still usable and in good condition, and I am alsoUpgrading to the new larger bag now. I am buying him one of the larger units. It is worth the investment because it will make deliveries quicker and easier. I am very happy with this product. If you want to use a larger bag, it will be your go to bag, even if you only need a traditional pizza bag and medium and large insulated bags.

👤Excellent for delivering food. My customers food is arriving hot since I got this bag. I will give them their drinks. Don't hesitate! It was worth every penny.

👤It's the best cooler I own. I can put it in a milk crate. I attach it to my bike rack. It's not too heavy to bring to a party. It makes me feel important when I carry it in public. It is more expensive than the plastic, paper, and recycled bags. I picked this one because it had cup holders, but I don't use them often. It is not water proof because it leaks. The handles are not perfect. Sometimes I want a strap across my shoulder. I won't transfer pizza with it because it's too small. It has become my favorite bag and I'm happy with it. I don't know about the other coolers on Amazon, but this is good.

👤The ride-sharing company eats deliveries. Couldn't function without it. This is a perfect line of work. Highly recommended.

👤I'm very disappointed that the only pizzas that fit are personal pan sizes. The bag is built to keep things warm or cold. The cup holders help.

👤If the lid of the drink is compromised, spills can occur because the drink holders retain their contents at an oblique angle. Soft bottom. I wouldn't recommend filling the bag too much.

👤Holding up well after use. It was not intended for pizza transportation. A good food delivery starter bag.

👤Magnifico para el trabajo. Un pequeo detalle. Las agarraderas are tener unos centmetros. The producto de lo demas contento. It's Muy til.

7. Capacity Delivery Backpack Motorbycle Catering

Capacity Delivery Backpack Motorbycle Catering

The quality of the material they used was the most important factor in their decision. Big Capacity is designed to fit various shaped food packages for consumers. Can fit 16 pizzas. There are several dividers for space. Premium quality material is thick insulation and heavy duty zips. Food can be kept hot or cool by anisothermal coating. With a Divider to Separate, Support Poles To Stand Well, and Thick Plate on the bottom, it's easy for use. There are side pockets for carrying accessories. It is foldable. The security of the low light conditions can be improved with the use of sunshades. There is a backpack strap for hand sanitizer. 100% is the maximum. It's ideal for fast food delivery drivers. The top handle, shoulder strap, and backpack are used. Buckles can be used to tie a bike or motorbycle. There is a clear pocket that can insert printed ads. It's perfect for outdoor for family, with a big capacity food storehouse.

Brand: Richway

8. Homevative Insulated Delivery Backpack Postmates

Homevative Insulated Delivery Backpack Postmates

The drink carrier bag has a shoulder strap that allows easy access to the inside drink bag and hands free carrying. It's not necessary to place the bag on the ground when making deliveries. 2 portable dividers are also portable. There is a clear ID slot. It's so practical! Their backpack is made of heavy duty polyester and features a genuine YKK zip. This bag is ready to get the job done and contains two insulated cup holders, a front mesh pocket and a clear receipt window. The size is right for your back and what you are carrying. A reflective strip around the front and sides of the bag is safe for work. Everything will stay at the right temperature, because of the thick insulation on the market.

Brand: Homevative

👤I bought this item for food delivery and am reviewing it. If you are looking for a bag to bring to the beach to keep your food and drinks cold, this will do the job and I would give it a 4 star rating. My rating is 2 stars because of the following reasons. I hadn't used the bag for 2 months when one of the shoulder straps broke. I had to staple it back together and then re secure it. #2. The drink pockets are too small for some of the larger fountain drink sizes. #3. Sometimes the bag gets crushed, leading to spills and an unhappy customer. There are four. If you're in an urban environment, the back pocket is useless. I can't think of anything you could put in there because it's see through and there's no closure. There is no separate compartment for personal items like a wallet, charging cord, or anything else you might need during your delivery shift. I bought this bag to save money, but now I need to replace it, it's going to cost me more.

👤This thing is everything I hoped it would be. I hated the idea of paying more than $60 for a Postmates backpack, or any of the other overpriced products that make up the majority of insulated delivery backpacks. I like the top-loading design since it can safely accommodate extra drinks as long as you load them in snug, and it can also accommodate pizza boxes by being turned horizontally and tied onto the rear cargo rack of my bike. This bag is just as large and comfortable as the others and has two adjusted cups. I can't believe how rare this feature is, and how often it's left out entirely on backpacks. You can put any other items in thecargo net. Perfect addition. If you are looking for a delivery backpack, you can order it without hesitation. You will save a lot of money and time.

👤This is not going to be good. Very first use, sorry gang. The strap broke after one gallon of milk and a pack of tortillas. The first week is over. The seems is being torn at by the silver lining. There is no more silver lining. Its not going to last more than a few weeks of daily use. I couldn't load the pictures. It just fell apart in a week.

👤The 80 dollar bag on the postmates store is not as good as the bag I deliver food in on my motorcycle. If you want to hold a large amount of soda from a fast food joint or something similar, you'll have to load it in the main compartment, but the cupholders hold a standard 16 ounce to-go cup. It is large and holds a lot of food, I have fit 6 large sub sandwiches plus 4 large styrofoam to go containers full of food in here at one time and still had room for more. The top loading design means that the food stays closer to your back and takes the load off the shoulder strap more than the back loading ones, so as long as you just put the heavier foods on the bottom there is no issue and holds more volume of food more comfortably. The food is always hot when I take it out of the bag, even on cold days when I have to take the freeway and have all the cold wind blowing on it. It would be easy to clean if you end up with a spill or drippings because the lining on the inside is plastic. I haven't had that happen yet. I highly recommend getting this instead of the other expensive ones if you are delivering on a bike or motorcycle, it's a fraction of the price and performs better. You are using this to make money.

9. Insulated Backpacks Leak Proof Transport Postmates

Insulated Backpacks Leak Proof Transport Postmates

It is easy to clean. The units are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and the trays are made of steel. Warm and cold insulation: 600D Oxford Fabric exterior and aluminum foil foam interior. The inner lining of the aluminum foil is ideal for providing insulation to both hot and cold items. The material of the backpack is leak proof and it is easy to clean. The food delivery backpack is large enough to fit most food packages. It can fit 18 lunch boxes. When not in use for storage, folds up flat. The pizza backpack is made of heavy duty polyester which will not tear or scratch, there is thick liner support on the back of the backpack so you won't worry about the food heating up your back while riding. The mesh pocket in the pizza backpack makes it more convenient for you to store seasoning bags, cash, mobile phones, mobile power supplies and paper towels. There is a card pocket on the top of the backpack to record meal time and a reflective strip around the backpack to keep you safe. The thermal backpack for delivery fit bottles, cups, containers, beer, and more in large cup holders that will keep your drink hot or cold. The cupholders can hold up two large cups, perfect for restaurant food delivery. There is no need for a caddy for this backpack. The cooler is great for picnics.

Brand: Dovoda

👤During the Pandemic we take out food more often. It has been a challenge to get it home. The backpack is the perfect size for the foam dinner plates that are normally packed in. We put the bag in the backpack, which is a great size for placing behind the front seats of the car, and zip up the top. The food is still warm, so we can make the 30 minute drive home. We can turn it sideways and have a large pizza to warm up the house. The bag is lightweight and has a reflective insulated lining, it packs away easily, however we haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but it arrived in perfect shape. I wish we had gotten it sooner.

👤I have been using this bag for deliveries for 3 days and it is amazing. The side cup holders are strong enough to not cause spills. I have good things to say about this bag.

👤I wanted a bigger bag than the one provided by DoorDash. I wanted something that wasn't branded. The first thing I noticed was how big the bag is. It has a lot of food in it. It has cup holder pockets on both sides, with elastics to secure drinks. There are several pockets for things like straws, utensils, etc. I can carry it on my back because it's set up like a backpack. I appreciate that feature more now that I'm pregnant. The customer's home was the destination of the delivery. The food was very hot in this bag, and it didn't spill. I recommend this for all of them. If you deliver for more than one.

👤The backpack straps made it easy to haul a lot of items. There is a lot of room to use as a cooler. You can put at least four of the gallon milk bottle in it.

👤I use a backpack to keep my food warm. I keep everything perfectly insulated when I'm packing warm or cold food because I've been working short days. I thought the cup holder was small. I keep small cups and larger cups inside so they don't spill out. The straps are comfortable to wear. I use this cooler when I pick up dinner. Our food can get cold if we live in a place that is far out. I can order food from those places, put them in this cooler which has more than enough room for them, and come home with still hot food. My food is still hot despite the low temperatures. Can see how this can help food delivery drivers. I'm able to keep food in this nice and hot location with a 30 minute drive.

👤The bag has worked well for me in my job. If you turn it sideways, it's large enough to carry most pizzas. I was happy with the purchase, but be careful with the tabs, mine came with a gap, so one slipped off. I was able to put it back in place. If you're concerned, a pair of pliers will close the gap permanently.

10. Insulated Backpacks Waterproof Postmates Instacart

Insulated Backpacks Waterproof Postmates Instacart

Enjoy your drink and food, safely deliver your drinks and food to your destination. Warm and cold insulation consists of 600D Oxford fabric exterior and aluminum foil foam interior. The inner lining of the aluminum foil is ideal for providing insulation to both hot and cold items. You can either stay in your car or go outside. Keep your food fresh for delivery, camping, hiking, kayaking, camping, beach, road trip, outdoors! The food delivery bag is large enough to fit most food packages. It can fit up to 8 pizzas, sub sandwiches, beers, snacks, etc. When not in use for storage, folds up flat. The mesh pocket makes it more convenient to store seasoning bags, cash, mobile phones, mobile power supplies and paper towels. There is a card pocket on the top of the backpack to record meal time and a reflective strip around the backpack to keep you safe. The aluminum foil interior of the tote back pack is leakproof and portable so you can take your groceries, meals, and snacks with you wherever you go. You can use their bag for a lot of things. They made this backpack with extra stitching on the straps, a reinforced design, and premium zippers to make sure the straps can't break. The bag is built to last all day. This is perfect for people who work in the food service industry.

Brand: Boqz

👤It worked well for the first three days. It became flimsy and would collapse on itself. The delivery has no structure because there are no solid surfaces.

👤The item tilts over when it's on your back. The food would spill over when you made it. Its desighned very poorly. It did not keep it as hot. I should have carried it in my hand. It was hotter that way.

👤If the job is done, lay a cardboard on the floor of the bag for more strength. People that I deliver food to love to see the bag because it looks more professional. It can be used as a beer cooler and has a lot of space. It was worth it.

👤I don't want to carry all my orders on my back like a backpack and I wish it had a carry strap. I love it!

👤This is the right size for my husband to deliver food. Can keep food warm. Excellent quality. He likes to use it.

👤The bag kept the food warm. If they came in a larger size, it would be great. I was able to clean up the mess after I spilled the bag. The material shows no signs of wear and tear after a month of use. Good craftmanship!

👤The bag is light to carry and has plenty of room for my food. It can help keep the food at a certain temperature.

👤We took this on many trips. If you want to lift it, you can too. It has a lot of volume. 10/10

11. Nesthao Professional Insulated Delivery Restaurants

Nesthao Professional Insulated Delivery Restaurants

It is versaTILE. The thermal backpack is the best value if you deliver food on a bike. It's perfect for restaurant food delivery. You can use their bag for a lot of things. The sides and bottom of the bag can be protected with the lightweight fiberglass frame and inserts. Their job requires them to open and close the bag multiple times. It is difficult to find the zip code puller. They use high-quality Velcro to open and close the bag, so you don't have to worry about the bag being broken, and they also use it to keep the bag clean. It contains a glass fiber frame, a beverage cup holder, a plastic bottom insert, and a divider to help you complete your work. If you need to complete more orders, you can buy more than 2 bags, unfold them and stack them together, you don't have to worry about squeezing your food, because the food delivery bag contains a frame and sturdy top. It is possible to do multiple task. Their insulated delivery bag is perfect for delivery services. You can use it to carry a lot of things. It's perfect for keeping food cold.

Brand: Nesthao

👤I would love to give this bag 5 stars and a hug. It is strong. It's definitely overkill in the best sense of the word. The smallest order gets the most protection. The lady called me professional when I brought it into the restaurant. I'm making more money because I waste less time between orders and can last a few more orders at the end of the day. If you turn it sideways, it will fit a small pizza. I'm going to get a pizza bag today if this company sells one, because it won't fit a large pizza, but I've had so much fun buying this. If you work for Door Dash, this is a great delivery bag. Clearly superior. They messed up my order the first time, but they got me a replacement quickly. You only have to open and close the inside one time during the initial setup, but you might rip the entire thing off at once, it's only attached to the foil. I bought a after market one that was so bad that it wouldn't allow me to put food in the bag, but Door Dash gave you a bag. Half the time you ended up going from a closed bag to a closed bag with just the zippers on the other side, it was because of the confusing zippers. The bag is strong. It stands on its own. It's not red. I like to leave my bag in the car at the end of the day, and this black one blends right in with my car's interior, it isn't an invitation to break it. The zippers are not as good as the velcro. The bag will keep food warm. I'm not going to use the cup holders or the divider, as it's hard to predict what the next order will be, and also the cup holders are not going to fit every drink, in fact the circumference for each drink is smaller than the cup holders in your car. The straps are easy to carry. It's worth the money and will make each hot food delivery much easier.

👤This is the bag you want if you work for DoorDash. It has a frame construction that can take a beating and will hold all the food you can physically fit inside it without worry of it dropping out. This bag can fit everything. If you move the center divider past the center line, the dimensions inside the bag can fit 1 on 1 side. If you cut out the corners in the foam cupholder, it will have another inch or so to move. This way you can fit every kind of togo container and bag that exists, except the ones from Canes. You can't fit 6 drinks from the fast food in this. I wouldn't risk it. The tops don't have enough room so you have 3 slots in a triangle formation. You can fit 6 drinks if they are just Starbucks. This will hold most of my stacked orders if I need to hold 2 McDonalds bags that are maxed stacked. I keep one customer food on one side and the other customer food on the other side. It's perfect for walking up to the door with a single bag. I use a single strap for it. I recommend single strap, it's easier to hold and let go safely. If you use a single strap, put your drinks on the outer cupholders. Extra large drinks will not be carried by the cupholder. The paper cups will stick to foam with condensation, so be careful with them. The flaps on the top are sewn in a way so that they always want to be flush with the lid, this makes it easy to pop on or off and I never use the flaps. If you're on a bike, I would just put food in the car and drive off. It is very quick to get food. The bag is made of canvas and has insulation. If I give the order to the customer, they will mention the bag. Someone gave me a $50 tip because their food was the hottest I've ever eaten. The tip paid for the bag. I put the seat forward so it's more level, but it's still comfortable on my passenger seat. I would like to get the larger version because it can fit 2 nonstandard Styrofoam containers side by side and I'm sure there's enough room for 6 large drinks with that cupholder. The bigger version will be purchased by me. $50 is the best I've spent in a while.


What is the best product for food delivery bag for motorcycle?

Food delivery bag for motorcycle products from Musbus. In this article about food delivery bag for motorcycle you can see why people choose the product. Ogefoted and Rubbermaid Commercial Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding food delivery bag for motorcycle.

What are the best brands for food delivery bag for motorcycle?

Musbus, Ogefoted and Rubbermaid Commercial Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food delivery bag for motorcycle. Find the detail in this article. Isfc Insurfinsport, Light Dust and Cherrboll are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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