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1. Homevative Insulated Pizza Delivery Pizzas

Homevative Insulated Pizza Delivery Pizzas

If you have a question, please contact them. Himal has the most satisfactory service. Keep food warm for your customers with their industry leading thermal insulation. Control the perfect temperature by keeping heat in and humidity out with steam releasing holes on each side. The deal receipt windows can be used to organize multiple orders. Their bags are made of nylon and will work for you for many years. Catering for up to 5 pizza boxes or 3 trays.

Brand: Homevative

👤After a few uses, the construction of the closure is flawed. I ordered a replacement and we will see if it is better, but it doesn't seem likely. The stitching isn't strong enough to hold the material.

👤I used this to keep takeout orders hot for the family, I was able to fit 4 large pizza hut boxes in it and still have room to put wings in there, I've also used it for other orders, stand it on its side. I was able to put an entire chili's order for 4 inside (6 clam shell containers) and still have room for more. It feels flimsy until you put your food inside. The longest I've eaten in it has been 25 minutes. The handles help you carry food from the car to the table. It hasn't had a leak or a spill so far, and also doesn't have a smell, which is a plus, and you can keep your car smelling like fried food.

👤I have one complaint about this bag. It is very strong. I am a great bag. You might want to find a way to get the smell out of the bag. The smell is strong and I am trying to get it out. Had it in the sun. If someone has a suggestion, please let me know. It is small but still has a lot. If you know how to get rid of the smell, then buy this bag. If you don't mind having a bad smell in your food carry bag, then buy it.

👤Most food establishments use a red carrier for deliveries. My daughter loves pizza and I packed her 3 large pizzas from a local shop. I put them back into the pizza boxes and then packed them all in this carrier. I flew from Norfolk, VA to Austin, TX on a 6 hour trip. They were ready for the freezer. The bag is roomy and insulated.

👤I read a review about a weird smell that comes from the bag and the dude wasn't kidding. Sometimes when I pull pizza out in front of customers, they smell weird. The smell is still there despite the fact that I have washed the bag a few times. It's a very nice bag, it's almost as expensive as it is in my opinion, it keeps food hot, decent size. I had a large order of pizzas and it fit four of them perfectly. The 18' and 20' pizzas are not as large as they could be. The bag should show that you care.

👤The unit is well insulated and works as described. Our favorite pizza shop is close to our house. This carry case is the perfect addition to my car for keeping carry-out warm during the drive home. The box is large enough to hold other foods besides pizza. All food is nice and warm. I highly recommend.

👤It's nice to deliver a stack of pizzas on a cold day. I love this bag. I drive for Door Dash and my customers like it. I highly recommend it. If you use it for delivery, it counts as a tax write off.

2. Cherrboll Insulated Delivery Commercial Moisture

Cherrboll Insulated Delivery Commercial Moisture

AMAZINGLY MULTIURPOSE The insulated delivery bag is perfect for all your delivery services. It can be used to carry pizza, grocery, food containers, and more. It's perfect for keeping your food cold. This insulated bag can stack up to 5 pizzas and can be measured in an interior measurement of 20”L x 20”W x 14”D. Pizza boxes. It is large enough to hold many dishes of food, such as trays, casserole, etc. Premium insulation. The pizza delivery bag has two layers of insulation to keep the food fresh for 2.5 hours. It has an aluminum interior that will not retain odors or moisture. The insulated pizza bag will be dependable for years to come because of the thick 600D polyester exterior. The food delivery bag has two handles with padded on the top for easy carrying and dual strong zippers, which are specially designed to not get stuck. The pizza delivery bag is collapsible and easy to store in a compact size with a reinforced bottom. They sit flat when loaded so they don't roll around in your car or trunk. Their insulated bag is risk free. It keeps food hot and cold and everything will get where it needs to be. They will refund every cent.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤I have had this bag for a year and I just noticed it is 18x18 instead of 20x20. I wish I had something to make it sturdy. I cut a piece of cardboard to make sure it was not 20. I had to bend it for it to fit. The bag is expensive for its quality. It ripped after a few uses. It's good so far. I wouldn't buy another unless the price goes down. I overpaid a lot.

👤Dennis Bega is the owner of The Squared Circle Pizzeria. The pizza delivery bag we purchased was insulated. I think this is the best insulated bag we could have gotten. The bag is worth more than they are asking. Our customers love the fact that their pizzas arrive hot. We will be buying more for our shop.

👤The bags have bad zippers. The zippers last about a week. Will be looking for something with a closed mouth. I am out of money and not worth the trouble to return them.

👤If you live in a tiny house, this is a really convenient way to fold up the bag. It was difficult to get items out of the bag. It takes some time to open the bag and it requires two hands to zip it. I returned it and bought a better one for less.

👤This bag is very nice. I like the ability to Zip close. It is very thin with a shiny reflective film on the inside. I've had similar bags before. I have learned not to leave these in a car with cold weather because the film often dries out and becomes useless. The film makes it easy to clean up spills. I use the bag for pizza and general groceries because I want to keep it cold at home.

👤The quality was terrible because of the broken zippers.

👤When I open the bag, a cloud of hot steam comes out in front of the customer. The bag was paid for by the tips.

👤There are 4-5 pizza boxes inside this thing. I bought this to avoid delivery fees and to get some exercise on my bike, because I live alone and the pizza shop is just down the street. I've used this to get a pizza on my bike and both times it was hot when I got home. It came out of the oven. If you only get a single pizza, put a towel over it to keep the heat out of the bag. When getting more than one pizza, the pizzas will keep you warm.

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Professional FG9F3800RED

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Professional FG9F3800RED

This kind of bag is very useful for pizza delivery, outdoor picnics, travel, and many other things. When not in use, folds compactly. Food can be INSULATED to protect it from losing heat. There is pollutant regulation. Excess steam can be released to maintain food quality and prevent bags from retaining odors. It is easy to use, with a padded strap and a hanging loop for easy storage. It isdurable: The nylon exterior is dishwasher-safe and has years of performance. CLEAR INDENTIFICATION WINDOW: It allows for easy lableing of orders. The dimensions are 17in x 17in x 13in. There are six 14in pizzas.

Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

👤This is the best food delivery container I've found so far. Between the container and motorcycle topbox you can deliver any order you want. I don't know of a topbox that will carry a pizza. I use my topbox and little DoorDash bag for most single orders, but this bag stays strapped to my back seat with bungees. I bust out the Rubbermaid if I get a pizza and/or a stacked order. The material is fliexible and easy to clean, unlike some of the shiny reflective insides you'll see in some of the other bags. The handles for this bag are long enough to securely hold the whole bag evenly with one hand, and there are two smaller straps that make it very nice for tying down with a bungee, so that even if it does slip on your back seat, it won't fall off. When the bag fell off my motorcycle, I used the extra side straps. It slipped out of the strap I was using, but there was no food in it. I didn't notice until I had ridden a few blocks away. I came back and found it in the middle of the road, where it had been run over by a car. It was fine except for the marks from a tire. I will get another bag when this one is too gnarly.

👤Since we're not able to eat in restaurants yet, we use this all the time for takeout. It's large enough to hold a number of food takeout packs. My husband was asked if he worked for Door Dash when he went to pick up food. It works very well even though it's a little large for us.

👤El bolso es un bueno, pero tiene sea robusto, durara en el tiempo. Es fcil de guardar. La recomiendo, realicen delivery, estoy.

👤This was a return or the like on sale, it's big red and can hold a lot of food. This bag has given me renewed faith. I've gotten silly. The bag is great.

👤The bags are not too big and cumbersome. Good material. It's easy to slide food in. Very strong. Food is kept hot. A $90 Mexican food order was held today.

👤The bag has stood up to a lot of abuse and still performs as it should. I think it keeps things warm more than the bags I was given.

👤I didn't buy this for food transportation. I bought this for my computer. I have a cupoid shaped computer. There are no bags, luggage, or carries that are cupoid for computers. I stumbled upon this. The dimensions are perfect for a plane and it has insulation all the way around. I want to make sure my computer is protected. Don't worry about the quality. This thing can hold a full sized, cube-shaped computer that is about 30 lbs. The handles are perfect and I'm not afraid of breaking them because the zip is strong and well made. This bag is great for food transportation or computer transportation, whichever is needed. I can say that after using my computer for a certain amount of time and placing it in the bag that it keeps food warm, but I cannot speak on how long or how well it does that. It is still very hot when you remove it.

4. Homevative Electric Insulated Delivery Included

Homevative Electric Insulated Delivery Included

The insulated food delivery bag is ideal for food delivery service at home, who travel by bicycle, motorcycle, or car, and it is suited for trips, fishing, picnic, and beach. If you have a problem with this food delivery bag, please get in touch with them and they will be able to help you within 12 hours. Deliver food that is hot. It should be as hot as it came out of the oven. The insulated pizza bag, heating element, AC wall plug, and DC car plug are included. There are pockets for easy cord and plug storage in the rear. Their bag has a UL Certified AC Power Adapter and enclosed heating element. There are 3 large pizza boxes or 2 trays of food in this case.

Brand: Homevative

👤It went to 130 degrees in 15 minutes when the bag was plugged into the ac outlet. I would like to use this to keep food hot and even bring home leftovers from restaurants. I love it! You will not find a better price than this one. I think I'll order another one. The price will go up. Is it possible to make a bag with the same price and enclosure? Thank you so much!

👤First, to the pros. The bag is very stiff and well made. The heating plate can be heated with AC or DC power. The male and female electric cords have a male and female connection that comes out of the bag in the rear. There are electric cords in the back of the bag. It comes with two clear id windows on the top, as well as a carrying strap that bonds together with a velcro handle in the center. It is adequate. The cons are next. The bag is a bit smaller than expected, but still should fit at least 3 boxes. Less ability to overpack bag with smaller boxes is a result of rigidity. The heating element is pretty warm even though it doesn't get as hot. You must keep the heating pad plugged in to get the best effect. Bag does not hold residual heat as long as other products, but the difference is not huge. The bag arrived with a small knick in the heating element wire, which cost the rating one star. It showed the wire weave in the cord. It is recommended to use electrical tape around the wire where it comes out of the bag. I think it is worth the price, and I am satisfied. Changing the heating element to a plate to retain heat longer, a bit more insulation, and some reinforcement around the wire where it passes through the grommet in the rear is what I would suggest for future improvements to the design.

👤I can't get places to deliver when they're short handed. Delivery wait times are always over an hour and they always want to go to many stops before me. I bought a standard bag for my brother. I found this one. Let me tell you something. When I was leaving, I picked up my pizza and plugged it in. It gets very hot very fast. I took my pizza out and opened the box after I got home from my drive. I have been looking for an electric one for a while and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It seems to be good quality. It should be easy to clean outside. I'm pretty sure you would want to avoid spilling food in it because it's a softer fabric. It's nice to keep it hot when you go back for 2nds, because you can plug it in at home.

👤This product is perfect for carry outs when I travel frequently. I used to eat in a hotel room. I plugged the pizza into my car and ate it for 45 minutes, but it was piping hot and I didn't want to eat it again. This is a permanent accessory in my vehicle. I can get a pizza in Chicago and bring it home to Wisconsin. It's so easy to keep it in the back of our SUV, so we use it locally to keep it warm on a quick drive across town. It's made with heavy duty fabric and pockets to keep the quality cords. We recently bought a 21" pizza, which stretched the bag to its limits, but still worked to keep it piping hot. I love it! Highly recommend it.

5. Simpli Magic 79303 Insulated Reusable Restaurants

Simpli Magic 79303 Insulated Reusable Restaurants

Food can be protected from losing heat with INSULATED ZIPPER. There is pollutant regulation. Excess steam can be released to maintain food quality and prevent bags from retaining odors. It is easy to use, with a padded strap and a hanging loop. It isdurable: The nylon exterior is dishwasher-safe and has years of performance. Its exterior is water resistant and easy to clean.

Brand: Simpli-magic

👤This was perfect for me to add to my Doordash collection because I have not had much experience with pizza bags. I only use it for pizzas, but it was a good budget option to have when I pick up pizza orders. You can get larger ones, but this one will hold 2 very large pizzas, with some room to spare, and seems to keep them very hot for the short deliveries I had. If you are in the food delivery independent contractor business, you should take the write off.

👤I'm very happy with this bag. I use it to keep food warm, and have been pleasantly surprised by how well it works. I have used it for Subway, and it kept them warm for a 15 minute drive. I haven't had any issues yet.

👤The reviews are very positive, so I bought this pizza carrier. I'm glad I bought it. There is a The pizza carrier feels very well made. I use it daily in my market. There is a Carrying it is made easier by the "T" Handle straps. There is a I have had three different sized boxes in it. There is a large pizza box with wings and a small pizza with cheese. You can see how that would work in the pyramid formation. I don't see a need to have another yet, but I might buy a second just to be ready for that large order.

👤The bag is larger than anticipated, but it was useful. It is able to hold large pizzas and breadsticks. There are two The bag is very sturdy and will last for a while. I've used it to carry large vegetable trays.

👤It's perfect for keeping pizza warm.

👤I ordered the 20 inch because I didn't want pizza boxes to not get the care they deserved. It is easy to use and keeps pizzas warm. It is worth the price if you are a delivery driver.

👤We used this to take 2 ready to make pizza's from our hometown pizza shop on a 6 1/2 hour trip to our friends in OC MD. The ice packs on top and bottom of the pizza box were still frozen when we arrived. The intended use is probably not it. We tried it. And it worked! It would have been good for many more hours.

👤We use it for all of our take home meals. The food is still hot when you get home. Not just flat pizza boxes are compatible with a lot of different configurations. It's great to be in the car.

👤The pizza will be kept warm for 10 minutes. Go home.

6. New Star 50110 Insulated Delivery

New Star 50110 Insulated Delivery

There is an exam for caucasian people. There are four or three pizzas. The New Star Foodservice red insulated pizza delivery bag makes transporting hot pizzas easy. The dual handles allow the bag to be carried with one hand. There is an ID window on the top of the building. The exterior is water- resistant to allow for delivery in any weather condition. The bag is collapsible when not in use, so it can be used in the kitchen. The size is 22 by 22 by 5.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤I only ever plan on buying one bag in my lifetime and I wanted the perfect one, so I did a lot of research. We get a lot of takeout pizza, and some of our favourite pizzerias are a long way away. I decided it was time to have a pizza warmer in my car. There isn't a lot of criteria to go with, so any bag over $20 is going to be properly insulated. Size was the biggest factor for me. The bags wouldn't fit a large pizza. You can stack it for delivery drivers and not just someone taking a pizza home. This bag was larger than 18' and that's important because we usually order large pizzas. Anything less than 18 inches is probably going to be too tight. The bag is perfect at 20. Our pizzas are very snug. Most large or xlarge are going to be around 19 The pizza is hot when I get home. 5 stars for that! The pizza was hotter when I pulled it out of the bag than when I put it in the bag. The temperature was raised by the inside insulation. It is important for a ride of 20 min or more.

👤I deliver pizza and this bag keeps the pizzas hot and that makes my customers happy and gives me tips that make me happy. I had 2 pizzas in this bag. The product is great.

👤I gave this bag a 5 star because it far exceeds what I thought it could do. When I arrived at the pickup point, the pizzas were still very warm, even though they had been delivered 20 minutes away. The boxes were sweaty, but that's to be expected since no heat or steam escaped. This thing really does seal up nicely even with a flap. It was well designed from top to bottom. I have five pizza delivery bags and this is the most excellent one I own. This bag has a foil-based liner that works well and is more of a smooth plastic/leather surface than others. The bag is the cats meow. The pizza's Pie? It's large enough to hold the larger pies without the corners tearing up the sides of the bag. Excellent design again. The stitching between the two handles started to tear apart after only a small pull, and still continues to unfold slowly, even though I had only one complaint. The stitching on the bag is less durable than the rest, even if they fully separated, as you just need to grab both handles. Again, this may be just my unit, but I wish I had more like it. This is the first bag I reach for when ordering pizza. If I get more pies than the bag fits, I use a lesser bag for the third, but not often.

👤I live 25 minutes away from my favorite pizza parlor. It doesn't cause the pizza or the boxes to get soggy because it keeps the contents hot. I recommend this to anyone who is considering it.

7. Insulated Delivery 2 Pack Grocey Thermal

Insulated Delivery 2 Pack Grocey Thermal

It is waterproof inside. It is possible to save valuable space by using a soft material. The bag is also good for storing food in your car or to help you clean the trunk. SUPER PRACTICAL: The Insulate Delivery bag is large and strong enough to hold hot and cold items for a long time and keep them fresh. The Insulate thermal Delivery bag has high quality two-way zipper pocket and two pairs of hand straps, which is very easy to clean and has good insulation effect. The insulated delivery bag has pockets for storing important and visible items. This bag can be used to keep your pizza warm. They promise to offer the best quality products. Delivery bags for food.

Brand: Bodaon

👤The bag is soft but the stitching on the holding straps isn't great and one broke off after two weeks, but they put two in case one breaks.

👤I don't know why I didn't do 5 stars. I did not. I have been doing food deliveries at night after work and found that the bag sent to me by one of the companies was not keeping food hot. I know what I would hope for from a delivery order that I placed, I am not a kid. I made an investment in myself with this purchase. It works 100% better and I don't know if it increases my income, but I feel like I did the right thing. The feel is cheap and the zippers isn't great, so I did 4 instead of 5. It works; cold is kept cold, hot is kept hot.

👤This bag is not as good as a bag I purchased for $4.99, and the walls are thin, so it is not as good as a bag I purchased for $2099. The larger bag has a thicker wall, which will help keep the outside heat out. I will have the smaller bag of ice cream. I'll keep it because of the size, but it seems like it's just a bag for calming my mind that my cold groceries are in the bag, rather than actually keeping my ice cream frozen on the drive home from the store.

👤This product keeps food warm. I use it while I'm doing doordash. The bag is not as strong as the doordash bag. It serves the purpose. I usually leave this bag in the car. This is a good starter bag until you save for a thicker bag. I still use this bag even though I have a thicker one.

👤I received the 2 bag set in November. In January, the 1st nag lost all of its zippers and had a large hole in the bottom. The 2nd bag lasted a bit longer. It lasted until April, once again, I lost both of the zippers, they just pull off because they are cheap. The bag is being ripped on. It kept the food hot, and there was plenty of room for all kinds of food. The bag is mediocre. Not a lot of good craftsmanship was put into the product. It's cheap to make a quick buck. If you're looking for a bag that will last for a while, this one is pretty expensive. This is your bag. If you want to spend your hard earned money on something that lasts longer, then you should. Keep searching.

👤I only used this for food deliveries on rare occasions because most of my deliveries didn't need that much space. I needed this bag more frequently after the Pandemic hit because my orders started getting bigger. The sipper had to be sewed by hand because the ends of the zip ties kept detaching from the seams at the end. The bag would be better if the craftsmanship were better. You should be prepared to get your needle and thread.

8. Commercial Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Commercial Insulated Food Delivery Bag

The insulated food warmer bags fit in your car, trunk, or on the back of your motorcycle, and are lightweight and space-saving. The bag is insulated for food delivery. Next time you go to a store, take the insulated bag to keep things fresh because it has a thick layer of insulation. The insulated shopping bags can take it all, whether you need them for a restaurant or for food delivery. Grab them to carry your groceries. No spills, no worries, thanks to the sturdy zip and the handy straps on either side. The insulated food carrier is easy to carry and it prevents items from leaking and leaving a mess in your car or trunk. The nylon exterior of the insulated bags is very easy to clean, and the long- lasting quality of the bags ensures they stay in working shape for a long time to come. You can use the bag for food delivery. The insulated food warmer bags fit perfectly in your car or trunk and can be Collapsed for secure storage.

Brand: Kibaga

👤I use this bag to deliver food. The bag DoorDash gives you is a joke. I decided to buy a bigger bag. I owned this bag for a week and it had a rip at the seam of the black material which was getting bigger and bigger. The only thing in the bag was to sit in my seat and hold food. I had to glue the material back together. The bag should be much better for $40. Only three stars from me...

👤I love this bag. I wanted to keep frozen groceries cold between the store and their home. It has been a sturdy bag to help carry multiple bags to the door. I have been using it for about two weeks. The bag can easily fit 3 full standard sized paper grocery bags. Even closed.

👤This product was great. I waited until I actually used it to leave a review. The food was still hot even though I was almost 2 hours away. I will be ordering more. Thank you so much!

👤The first person that I delivered food to came out of the building and saw me get his taco out of my bag and said "Yes!" I like when drivers have warmer bags. That is awesome! So yeah. I am happy.

👤I have been looking for a delivery bag like this. It's large enough to easily load and unload full-size steam pans, and has 2 carrying options for ergonomics. The bottom should have rubber grips or it should be a little stronger. I put a steam pan at the bottom of the bag to solve the issue. It's very well made and feels durable on its own, but I'm a small business owner and I use it to transport high volumes of food, so it's not perfect for me.

👤I love this bag. I have been delivering for about 2 months now and I have not gotten a single compliment about how hot or cold their food is. I will be ordering more bags. This size was approved by the company. I am very happy.

👤I like the bag. It seems to be sturdy. The bag is a foldable bag, so it insulates well. It would be perfect if it wasn't for three things. It would be better if it had a shoulder strap, it would be easier to clean the plastic liner, and it would benefit from having zip ties. It is a good bag.

👤We ordered a custom flat cake for my best friend's daughter because she loves Cold Stone Icecream. We lined the inside with trash bags and put ice in them with a flat sheet ice cream cake. The cake was frozen after an hour drive. I carried the bag with the ice and cake inside without any problems. It didn't feel like it was going to rip, it was close to 45lb. It folds down to take up less space.

👤I gave this product 5 stars because of four reasons. The vendor was very professional and courteous, and I was concerned that the delivery time was long. The bag was delivered much sooner than I anticipated. The product's quality is one of the reasons, it's heavy duty and perfect for keeping food warm. The product was packaged perfectly and there was a nice thank you card, it gave a good impression.

9. New Star Foodservice Insulated Delivery

New Star Foodservice Insulated Delivery

The New Star Foodservice black-insulated pizza delivery bag makes it easy to deliver hot pizzas. The dual handles allow the bag to be carried with one hand. There is an ID window on the top of the building. The exterior is water- resistant to allow for delivery in any weather condition. The bag is collapsible when not in use, so it can be used in the kitchen. There are two 22-Inch pizza boxes in this size.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤We ordered pizza, cheese bread and wings at our local pizza shop and wanted to mount it on my motorcycle, it's a perfect setup for me. I used the tarp bungees to hold the pizza carrier down, since it has 3 holes, and I was able to take our dinner home in the warm. Thanks for the product!

👤If you love having a hot pizza and have to travel a lot to get it, invest in this, it does the job, it might not be top notch, but it helps. It can hold pizzas and large boxes.

👤It is a good bag. I'm not sure if I like the inside because it seems like condensation gathers on the pizza box. It is large and holds 2 pizzas.

👤He states that it works well and keeps pizzas hot. The average drive time is 20 minutes. I ordered the next size up for larger pizzas because it worked so well.

👤A large tray of potatoes was part of the Christmas dinner. The pan was still hot when we arrived. The insulated bag is very large, and we are very happy with the value we received.

👤I bought the food carrier based on the good reviews. I was not happy with the first use. I put the peppers in the bag. The stuffed peppers were cold when I received them.

👤I deliver to doordash. This is a great bag. It keeps pizzas warm even for 9 miles. I love it! It's used almost everyday.

👤I thought it was larger than it was. I don't know how it will perform, it's a gift for someone. It looks like it will work.

10. Brandzini Insulated Delivery 20 Inch 6 Inch

Brandzini Insulated Delivery 20 Inch 6 Inch

We promise to offer the best quality products. Delivery bags for food. The 20 inch X 20 inch X 6 inch holds two to three pizzas. Insulated 7 MM. Food can be hot for 2 to 3 hours. There is a window on top that holds business cards, receipts or order tickets. The bag is easy to carry. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can return it within 30 days for a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.

Brand: Brandzini

👤The bag is a nice size and it keeps food warm, but the insulated lining ripped. I've only used the bag once. The "Amazon's choice" badge failed me on this purchase.

👤Please, please, This is a life changing event! I hate paying for delivery and we are so large that we stopped eating out, so it's a great idea to bring home a hot pizza rather than a room temp pizza. How did I survive without it? The holes allow steam to come out so your 'za isn't soggy. It was perfect! I like that it's black, not red, so it's not noticeable in my car. It is large enough for three pizzas. I put my frozen items in it on the way home from the grocery store and it gives me enough time to do a few extra things that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. So, hot or cold! Win, win! Highly recommended. In OH-IO!

👤"The aluminum foil lining ripped first time I opened it, and the Velcro was stronger than it was," said the negative review. The first time I used "Brandzini", that happened. I was disappointed. I didn't do anything that would have made the product worse. The aluminum foil lining ripped on the sides. I will complain to Amazon. The product is a waste of money. Very disappointing.

👤When we go to a friend's house or party, we will put a thin piece of wood painted with a water proof and slip resistant surface in the bottom of the bag, so that we can put casseroles or desserts in the carrier. I'll put some towels between the casserole dishes to protect them from the rough roads up in the Maine mountains. They'll be ready to serve.

👤It's perfect for delivery and home delivery. After a 50 minute drive, our pizzas are still hot. People are happy with us being able to give them hot pizzas, and we deliver for them as well.

👤I liked the way the handle was positioned. Use the bag for my deliveries. It was perfect size. Does not sweat as much as my bag does. Pizza is hot from pickup to delivery. My customers give me a lot of praise. I use it when ordering pizza. When I got the pizza, it was very hot. Plan to get another one because my bag is getting old and I get two different orders to pick up.

👤Just like the pros. It works very well. My daughter's place is where I took two pizzas. They were "hot" for the 30 minute drive. There was no joke. I took one pizza and it was warm. It wasn't happy. I believe the outer edge of the bag was open. The material was made to stand tall by two boxes, and one allowed it to droop, so it had wide openings. We will clip or sew when needed. I got the pizzas from the oven at Roma's. The best pizza in town.

11. DERABY Insulated Commercial Containers Casserole

DERABY Insulated Commercial Containers Casserole

There are six 18-Inch pizza boxes in this size. The grade is called theCOMMERCIAL GRADE. Premium quality delivery bag to keep food cold and hot. You can trust the quality. Get a food bag build for the job. This tote bag is made of quality materials and thick insulation. All your food containers and buffet chaffing trays will fit in perfectly, because it measures 23.5” Length x 14.5” width and 15” height. PREMIUM FEATURESReinforced stitching through out the bag, no round edge corners with premium dual zippers, padded carrying handle, side invoice pocket, and easy to clean aluminum interior material. Their insulated delivery bag is perfect for all your delivery services. It can be used to carry pizza, grocery, food containers, and more. Buy with confidence. You can return it within 30 days for a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.

Brand: Deraby

👤If used for groceries, the weight must be at least 30 pounds. I can't imagine a huge box filled with canned vegetables. Dinner plates covered with a platter would never get over 20 pounds.

👤It was used for the first time today. 8 half pans were very hot for 4 hours. It's easy to use, perfect size. It is possible to hold 4 full size aluminum sheet pans without a problem. Great purchase!

👤The investment is great for my business. I can fit a lot of pans in the bag. It's easy to clean.

👤How have I been without this all my life? You don't need to be a caterer to use this. You need this if you want to take anything to someone else's house.

👤The quality of the delivery bag is very good, but it didn't keep my food warm. I was trying to keep them warm. They were wrapped in foil. When I got to my destination they were barely warm after only 1 hour in the bag. It might keep food cooler than warmer. I didn't try that option. It would be great to have a shoulder strap on the bag. I had to return the bag to Amazon. It's quality is what makes it 4 stars. The bag was made well.

👤I have been doing delivery for three years. One company provided a bag for me to use after I qualified for those orders, and the zippers came off in a week. I have been using smaller bags with this addition. There is no way to remove the zippers, the handles seem more sturdy, and it is larger than the one provided.

👤I have only used it for delivery so far and I am not sure how long it will last, but everything seems perfect and made to last. Soft lunch boxes you find at Walmart are not made from cheap material. The good stuff is what it is. I delivered some pizzas today. I think they were hotter when I gave them to the customer. This bag is perfect for food delivery. I was so glad I did.

👤I am going to put this bag in the trunk of the car to hold the groceries for the ride home. I thought I could order multiple meals for a few days. The baby is too big for that. I can carry individual bags by myself if the cold stuff is still in their bags. The bag is too big for the passenger seat if you are a delivery person. It would be great for an office picnic if someone helped carry it.


What is the best product for food delivery bag pizza?

Food delivery bag pizza products from Homevative. In this article about food delivery bag pizza you can see why people choose the product. Cherrboll and Rubbermaid Commercial Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding food delivery bag pizza.

What are the best brands for food delivery bag pizza?

Homevative, Cherrboll and Rubbermaid Commercial Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food delivery bag pizza. Find the detail in this article. Simpli-magic, New Star Foodservice and Bodaon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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