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1. Insulated Backpacks Leak Proof Transport Postmates

Insulated Backpacks Leak Proof Transport Postmates

It is easy to clean. The units are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and the trays are made of steel. Warm and cold insulation: 600D Oxford Fabric exterior and aluminum foil foam interior. The inner lining of the aluminum foil is ideal for providing insulation to both hot and cold items. The material of the backpack is leak proof and it is easy to clean. The food delivery backpack is large enough to fit most food packages. It can fit 18 lunch boxes. When not in use for storage, folds up flat. The pizza backpack is made of heavy duty polyester which will not tear or scratch, there is thick liner support on the back of the backpack so you won't worry about the food heating up your back while riding. The mesh pocket in the pizza backpack makes it more convenient for you to store seasoning bags, cash, mobile phones, mobile power supplies and paper towels. There is a card pocket on the top of the backpack to record meal time and a reflective strip around the backpack to keep you safe. The thermal backpack for delivery fit bottles, cups, containers, beer, and more in large cup holders that will keep your drink hot or cold. The cupholders can hold up two large cups, perfect for restaurant food delivery. There is no need for a caddy for this backpack. The cooler is great for picnics.

Brand: Dovoda

👤During the Pandemic we take out food more often. It has been a challenge to get it home. The backpack is the perfect size for the foam dinner plates that are normally packed in. We put the bag in the backpack, which is a great size for placing behind the front seats of the car, and zip up the top. The food is still warm, so we can make the 30 minute drive home. We can turn it sideways and have a large pizza to warm up the house. The bag is lightweight and has a reflective insulated lining, it packs away easily, however we haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but it arrived in perfect shape. I wish we had gotten it sooner.

👤I have been using this bag for deliveries for 3 days and it is amazing. The side cup holders are strong enough to not cause spills. I have good things to say about this bag.

👤I wanted a bigger bag than the one provided by DoorDash. I wanted something that wasn't branded. The first thing I noticed was how big the bag is. It has a lot of food in it. It has cup holder pockets on both sides, with elastics to secure drinks. There are several pockets for things like straws, utensils, etc. I can carry it on my back because it's set up like a backpack. I appreciate that feature more now that I'm pregnant. The customer's home was the destination of the delivery. The food was very hot in this bag, and it didn't spill. I recommend this for all of them. If you deliver for more than one.

👤The backpack straps made it easy to haul a lot of items. There is a lot of room to use as a cooler. You can put at least four of the gallon milk bottle in it.

👤I use a backpack to keep my food warm. I keep everything perfectly insulated when I'm packing warm or cold food because I've been working short days. I thought the cup holder was small. I keep small cups and larger cups inside so they don't spill out. The straps are comfortable to wear. I use this cooler when I pick up dinner. Our food can get cold if we live in a place that is far out. I can order food from those places, put them in this cooler which has more than enough room for them, and come home with still hot food. My food is still hot despite the low temperatures. Can see how this can help food delivery drivers. I'm able to keep food in this nice and hot location with a 30 minute drive.

👤The bag has worked well for me in my job. If you turn it sideways, it's large enough to carry most pizzas. I was happy with the purchase, but be careful with the tabs, mine came with a gap, so one slipped off. I was able to put it back in place. If you're concerned, a pair of pliers will close the gap permanently.

2. ISFC Insulated Food Delivery Bag

ISFC Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Their food delivery bag is designed for Caterers,Delivery Drivers,Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Door Dash and pizza lovers. The insulated food delivery bag is made with a thick layer of insulation, which makes it ideal for keeping hot items hot and cold items cool for longer. The insulated shopping bags can take it all, from keeping your pizza warm to keeping your picnic containers cold. The bag is rain and scratch resistant. The front and sides of the backpack have light-reflecting webbing that makes it safe to work in the dark. The bag is ideal for delivery at night. The bag has mesh pockets on the two sides that can hold drinks, receipts, or other personal items. The food transport bag is perfect for transporting food, shopping, and service from restaurants. A large amount of space is needed for almost all items. Throw it in the bag. You just carry your food and drink in one hand with this all-in-one bag. Pick them up to carry your groceries. The insulated food carrier is easy to carry and protects items from leaking and leaving a mess in your car or trunk. This is perfect for people who work in food delivery. The insulated food delivery bag is ideal for food delivery service at home, who travel by bicycle, motorcycle, or car, and it is suited for trips, fishing, picnic, and beach. If you have a problem with this food delivery bag, please get in touch with them and they will be able to help you within 12 hours.

Brand: Isfc Insurfinsport

👤It works well for my job. Food is kept warm or cold as needed. It is easy to carry thick insulation.

👤I'm there! I bought this bag because I started doing food deliveries. It's a great bag and it gets the job done. I'm hoping that it will last. My customers and I are happy. It's a great purchase. I recommend.

👤You can put it on like a backpack. Excellent quality.

👤There is a great space. The drink holder should be more studier.

👤The quality is pretty good but the bottom is not. If you put things in the bag, they will move. If you need the bottom to stay flat or if you don't want to tip it over, put cutout cardboard in first.

👤If you do food deliveries, the size is perfect.

3. Rubbermaid Commercial ProServe Insulated FG9F4000RED

Rubbermaid Commercial ProServe Insulated FG9F4000RED

Meal Prep Transport is practical. Food can be INSULATED to protect it from losing heat. There is pollutant regulation. Excess steam can be released to maintain food quality and prevent bags from retaining odors. It is easy to use, with a padded strap and a hanging loop for easy storage. It isdurable: The nylon exterior is dishwasher-safe and has years of performance. CLEAR INDENTIFICATION WINDOW: It allows for easy lableing of orders. The dimensions are 15in x 12in x 12in. There is an exam for caucasian people. There are fifteen 12in sub sandwiches.

Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

👤I'm really happy with the bag I bought for DoorDashing. It's not big or small. If you're wondering how much it can fit, I included a picture with a unit of measurement which most DoorDashers could recognize, a large and small McDonald's delivery bag. It fits them perfectly. The bag fits well in my passenger seat, where I leave it most of the time. It fits most of the non-pizza orders I get. The side pockets are good for drinks. It's a fantastic bag, vastly better than the DoorDash bag in terms of insulation, craftsmanship, and ease of use. It helps me keep customer's orders warm and avoid damage to my upholstery.

👤I bought this bag a year ago to do food delivery. After thousands of deliveries, it's held up well. It's a good bag for restaurant take-out deliveries. It can fit two of the clam shell styrofoam take out containers side by side. The insulation is adequate and I like it more than the bags that start peeling after repeated use. The soft bag has a liner that is like a bottom. The side pockets are great to keep the food hot in the main compartment while also keeping cold items out of the side pockets. The top of the bag has a lip that overlaps the sides of the bag, which isn't very good for the velcro. It's sufficient to retain the food temperature when I close it. The bag has a professional appearance and makes it easy to hold the bag from the base and flip the top open to allow the customer to remove the contents for a delivery. The nylon is easy to clean. To lightly scrub the bag, I recommend using a brush. The bag is starting to look worn out after a year of deliveries, so I'm buying another one.

👤The free bag that was provided for me when I was a Door Dash driver has fallen apart after a lot of deliveries. I was in the market for a new bag when I found this one. I have had it for a couple of months and I love it. The bag is very sturdy and I like the fact that it uses a hook instead of a zip. It is very convenient for me since I can just put the food inside and close the lid. Since closing the lid does a good job, I don't bother with making sure that all of the Velcro's are in place. The bag is perfect for me and I love it. It is not so big that it is difficult to bring into a restaurant, but it is not too small. I can put a drink holder and a food bag inside of it. The bag helps keep the food hot. If you have been dissatisfied with the quality of the bags, I suggest you try this one.

👤We got this bag so that we could keep our food out of the cold. It's warm by the time we get there. The food bags would be cold and the foodluke would be warm because of it. We have a pizza bag that has the NYLON in it, but it never makes it into pizza boxes. I really enjoy it. This bag would recommend it to anyone who likes their food hot, anyone who works for a restaurant that serves food, or anyone who works for a business that serves food.

4. Cherrboll Insulated Delivery Commercial Moisture

Cherrboll Insulated Delivery Commercial Moisture

AMAZINGLY MULTIURPOSE The insulated delivery bag is perfect for all your delivery services. It can be used to carry pizza, grocery, food containers, and more. It's perfect for keeping your food cold. This insulated bag can stack up to 5 pizzas and can be measured in an interior measurement of 20”L x 20”W x 14”D. Pizza boxes. It is large enough to hold many dishes of food, such as trays, casserole, etc. Premium insulation. The pizza delivery bag has two layers of insulation to keep the food fresh for 2.5 hours. It has an aluminum interior that will not retain odors or moisture. The insulated pizza bag will be dependable for years to come because of the thick 600D polyester exterior. The food delivery bag has two handles with padded on the top for easy carrying and dual strong zippers, which are specially designed to not get stuck. The pizza delivery bag is collapsible and easy to store in a compact size with a reinforced bottom. They sit flat when loaded so they don't roll around in your car or trunk. Their insulated bag is risk free. It keeps food hot and cold and everything will get where it needs to be. They will refund every cent.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤I have had this bag for a year and I just noticed it is 18x18 instead of 20x20. I wish I had something to make it sturdy. I cut a piece of cardboard to make sure it was not 20. I had to bend it for it to fit. The bag is expensive for its quality. It ripped after a few uses. It's good so far. I wouldn't buy another unless the price goes down. I overpaid a lot.

👤Dennis Bega is the owner of The Squared Circle Pizzeria. The pizza delivery bag we purchased was insulated. I think this is the best insulated bag we could have gotten. The bag is worth more than they are asking. Our customers love the fact that their pizzas arrive hot. We will be buying more for our shop.

👤The bags have bad zippers. The zippers last about a week. Will be looking for something with a closed mouth. I am out of money and not worth the trouble to return them.

👤If you live in a tiny house, this is a really convenient way to fold up the bag. It was difficult to get items out of the bag. It takes some time to open the bag and it requires two hands to zip it. I returned it and bought a better one for less.

👤This bag is very nice. I like the ability to Zip close. It is very thin with a shiny reflective film on the inside. I've had similar bags before. I have learned not to leave these in a car with cold weather because the film often dries out and becomes useless. The film makes it easy to clean up spills. I use the bag for pizza and general groceries because I want to keep it cold at home.

👤The quality was terrible because of the broken zippers.

👤When I open the bag, a cloud of hot steam comes out in front of the customer. The bag was paid for by the tips.

👤There are 4-5 pizza boxes inside this thing. I bought this to avoid delivery fees and to get some exercise on my bike, because I live alone and the pizza shop is just down the street. I've used this to get a pizza on my bike and both times it was hot when I got home. It came out of the oven. If you only get a single pizza, put a towel over it to keep the heat out of the bag. When getting more than one pizza, the pizzas will keep you warm.

5. Insulated Delivery Foldable Restaurants Postmates

Insulated Delivery Foldable Restaurants Postmates

Catering for up to 5 pizza boxes or 3 trays. 4 large thermal cup holders You can fit bottles, cups, containers, beer and more in holders that keep your drink cold or hot. There is no need for a caddy for this bag. Carry your food and drink with you. Cold intrusion and weapon intrusion. The interior of your food and drink is made of aluminum foil. You can keep this in your car. During your deliveries, keep your food fresh. The collapsible tote bag has an aluminum foil interior that makes it easy to clean and take groceries with you. Delivery pizza, storage, grocery shopping, and service from restaurant are some of the things that can be accomplished with the Large CAPACITY. Their food delivery bag is designed for Caterers,Delivery Drivers,Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Door Dash and pizza lovers.

Brand: Ogefoted

👤It is a decent bag for the price. If you deliver regularly on one of the delivery platforms, it will work for most smaller deliveries. Doesn't hold small cups from fast food restaurants. You will need a second bag for larger orders. The handle is not ideal for quick movement. The handle should be sewn into the top, not the sides. There are better bags.

👤The bag is a life saver. I have been using the service for a while now. Warm and cold food can be kept warm. There is plenty of room in the bag for two large bags. The cups holders are large enough to hold larger orders. Will be able to hold a 12in pizza. The only downfall to this bag is that it's too big for a 12in pizza. This bag is great and can fit in the passenger seat of my car.

👤I have some of the bigger bags made by K*baga that are twice as wide as this one, and I ended up finding some extra space in those. They are great for larger orders. I get a bit of smaller orders as well. I finally got this bag. It makes a huge difference. I can fit many of my orders in this bag, up to a large pizza, once you use the bag a little bit. It's easier to carry in smaller spaces, it reduces the amount of space inside, and it holds most drinks I've tried to put in it. If you are not rough on your bags and their zippers, the build quality is great. I haven't carried a lot of food in these so I have not had any issues with the handles breaking. Customers love receiving food from a professional looking bag and driver. I would recommend these bags to food delivery drivers, as well as people who often find themselves trying to transport warm food in Tupperware, for family, church, or whatever reason. Smaller companies could probably get along with these if they didn't use the fancy heated bags. A good one.

👤I am very happy with this bag. The drink holders and the cardboard inserts are great. The drink holders are a game-changer for multiple drinks.

👤I thought the cup holders would be good for holding your food, but they are kind of lean to the side. I fear the drinks will spill. I usually don't use the cup holders, but it is a very good bag to use.

👤I have to say that this bag is awesome. I tell you that I don't go to restaurants that have a cup holder. I feel secure when I deliver my drinks in this bag.

👤The bag is too small for most drink cups in the US. It doesn't fit most large drinks, and that's what people order in my state.

👤The bag is very sturdy. The food is warmer than most delivery bags.

👤This bag is very durable, thick insulation and does the job for DoorDash and Skip. I wish I would have bought the bigger one, as some of my orders don't fit.

6. WiseLife Insulated Groceries Transport Camping GY

WiseLife Insulated Groceries Transport Camping GY

This bag is made of premium-quality rip-stop fabric on the exterior and thick heavy-duty thermal insulation on the inside. The produce bags hold items up to 31 lbs. The cooler bag has a zip top that keeps food and drinks cold or warm. It's perfect for food transport and delivery, or for keeping food, drinks, salads, meals, and snacks fresh and warm for hours when going on a picnic. The insulated shopping bags fold up for easy storage. When empty, the insulated bag is upright. It's perfect for keeping frozen items cold after shopping. If you're caught in traffic, you don't have to worry about ice cream melting. You should leave your car in an emergency. The long handle of the insulated grocery bag is reinforced with strong and durable edge cover stitching. Handles are comfortable to carry. The shoulder strap is sewn down. The insulated tote bag has metal zippers that are very sturdy and slide back and forth smoothly. Purchase includes a set of 2 bags. Each is 16” x 13” x 9” An extra 7” x 6” (LxH) pocket at the front of the bag is a convenient way to store keys, cell phone, wallet, or cards. The shopping bag is easy to clean. These shopping cart bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags that are not recycled, and can be found in public areas. Choose a way to protect the Earth. You should keep shopping totes in your car.

Brand: Wiselife

👤I shop and deliver. I needed insulated bags for my orders. They are large. The two of them are at the store. There is plenty of room for produce and cold items. You can fit 4 half gallons in one bag and still have room left over. I've used them on a lot of heavy orders, and they've held up. About 3 weeks. The price of bags starts tearing before now.

👤These are helpful for grocery shopping in the summer when you live in Arizona. The walk from the car and the drive home can be enough to warm things up, so insulated bags are nice. I can stop at 2 stores if I remember to bring an ice pack with me. The straps are strong even when you load them up with a watermelon and a gallon of milk. It's helpful for ice cream.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but these bags are amazing. I emptied my old fridge and filled it with frozen food so I could get a new one. I got my fridge at 4:20 pm after I packed the bags. I didn't think it was possible to leave food in a bag for 6 hours. I loaded the bag at 10 and everything was still frozen, but my fridge food was still cold. Excellent item purchased.

👤Just got them in! It was bigger than expected. I haven't taken them shopping yet, but they seem sturdy. I put two gallons of milk and a container of juice in it and it held up. They fold flat! I also do other things. These will be perfect for that. I only give 4 stars because I haven't gone shopping with them yet.

👤These were thinner than I was expecting, but they fold up nicely. I was able to put two 12pk holders of yogurt in a pile. I could fit another 12pk on top. It closes quickly. I would like it to have an attached insert like the Wiselife Reusable grocery box/bags. It didn't fall. That's a plus! The price for two was great. I highly recommend!

👤I got two insulated grocery bags. I was impressed with how strong they are. The bags hold a lot of food. I will try them on my next grocery trip. I worry about the weather when I get home. I will not have that worry anymore. I have had the chance to use the insulated grocery bags several times. They are the best insulated bags I have ever used. The straps are holding up well after I loaded them up. I haven't pulled stitching yet. The insulated grocery bag is a must have.

👤I received these bags yesterday. I just got back from the store. I carried the bags with me so they wouldn't get hot in the car. They did not keep my food cold. They aren't good quality. I live in Georgia and it is very hot. Save money and look for bags that are more durable. I have never returned things I've used, that's just me, my bad on putting the box out for recycle.

7. Delivery Resistant Insulated Carrying Foldable

Delivery Resistant Insulated Carrying Foldable

It is possible to do multiple task. Their insulated delivery bag is perfect for delivery services. You can use it to carry a lot of things. It's perfect for keeping food cold. Large capacity is L23.8, W13.75 and D15 inches. The insulated bag for food delivery has a large capacity and can carry many items. The reinforced hard bottom provides more support for carrying heavy food. The Matthew pizza warmer bag keeps the food warm but also keeps cold drinks cold for up to four hours. The main compartment of the bag has a high quality insulation layer that keeps the food fresh and warm. Four cup holders and four mesh pockets allow cold drinks to fit in a delivery bag for easier carrying. There is a transparent pocket on the top. There are two anti theft pockets on the side. Well made for transporting food. Convenient and foldable: The long handle allows single person transportation and the short handle allows two person transportation. You can use foldable function to store more easily. The hot bag is suitable for delivery in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, and other places. The material is sturdy and water resistant. Provide more protection for your items in rainy days. You can serve you as a professional food delivery bag. It's ideal for food delivery services, Doordash, and other.

Brand: Matein

👤I am a delivery driver. I bought this bag to make it easier to keep the food hot and to have somewhere to store the drinks. The bag has a pop-up bottom that helps it maintain its shape and is convenient for storage when not in use. The bag is my favorite part. Space. I fit 3 pizzas with no issues.

👤I am a little nervous when the door is open. I was pleasantly surprised with the insulation and the bag's resilience. I know it catches the eyes of customers because it does retain heat extremely well. This is a good investment for any delivery person. You can keep your food warm or cool for your own purposes.

👤Catering works well for stability in large orders. A smaller bag is needed for small home deliveries.

👤This bag is great for food delivery. It holds two orders and is great for the cupholders. I only gave it four stars because the handles are too long, which makes the bag drag on the ground.

👤This is a great way to keep food hot.

👤I keep it in my car with pop and water and it doesn't freeze even when it's 18 degrees below zero.

👤I deliver food. I made this purchase for the job. I can use it for large bags from Red Lobster, TGIF, or Wal-mart. Delivery of 20 bags of groceries to the 3rd floor of an apartment complex. I will be ordering more.

8. Commercial Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Commercial Insulated Food Delivery Bag

The insulated food warmer bags fit in your car, trunk, or on the back of your motorcycle, and are lightweight and space-saving. The bag is insulated for food delivery. Next time you go to a store, take the insulated bag to keep things fresh because it has a thick layer of insulation. The insulated shopping bags can take it all, whether you need them for a restaurant or for food delivery. Grab them to carry your groceries. No spills, no worries, thanks to the sturdy zip and the handy straps on either side. The insulated food carrier is easy to carry and it prevents items from leaking and leaving a mess in your car or trunk. The nylon exterior of the insulated bags is very easy to clean, and the long- lasting quality of the bags ensures they stay in working shape for a long time to come. You can use the bag for food delivery. The insulated food warmer bags fit perfectly in your car or trunk and can be Collapsed for secure storage.

Brand: Kibaga

👤I use this bag to deliver food. The bag DoorDash gives you is a joke. I decided to buy a bigger bag. I owned this bag for a week and it had a rip at the seam of the black material which was getting bigger and bigger. The only thing in the bag was to sit in my seat and hold food. I had to glue the material back together. The bag should be much better for $40. Only three stars from me...

👤I love this bag. I wanted to keep frozen groceries cold between the store and their home. It has been a sturdy bag to help carry multiple bags to the door. I have been using it for about two weeks. The bag can easily fit 3 full standard sized paper grocery bags. Even closed.

👤This product was great. I waited until I actually used it to leave a review. The food was still hot even though I was almost 2 hours away. I will be ordering more. Thank you so much!

👤The first person that I delivered food to came out of the building and saw me get his taco out of my bag and said "Yes!" I like when drivers have warmer bags. That is awesome! So yeah. I am happy.

👤I have been looking for a delivery bag like this. It's large enough to easily load and unload full-size steam pans, and has 2 carrying options for ergonomics. The bottom should have rubber grips or it should be a little stronger. I put a steam pan at the bottom of the bag to solve the issue. It's very well made and feels durable on its own, but I'm a small business owner and I use it to transport high volumes of food, so it's not perfect for me.

👤I love this bag. I have been delivering for about 2 months now and I have not gotten a single compliment about how hot or cold their food is. I will be ordering more bags. This size was approved by the company. I am very happy.

👤I like the bag. It seems to be sturdy. The bag is a foldable bag, so it insulates well. It would be perfect if it wasn't for three things. It would be better if it had a shoulder strap, it would be easier to clean the plastic liner, and it would benefit from having zip ties. It is a good bag.

👤We ordered a custom flat cake for my best friend's daughter because she loves Cold Stone Icecream. We lined the inside with trash bags and put ice in them with a flat sheet ice cream cake. The cake was frozen after an hour drive. I carried the bag with the ice and cake inside without any problems. It didn't feel like it was going to rip, it was close to 45lb. It folds down to take up less space.

👤I gave this product 5 stars because of four reasons. The vendor was very professional and courteous, and I was concerned that the delivery time was long. The bag was delivered much sooner than I anticipated. The product's quality is one of the reasons, it's heavy duty and perfect for keeping food warm. The product was packaged perfectly and there was a nice thank you card, it gave a good impression.

9. New Star Foodservice Commercial Insulated

New Star Foodservice Commercial Insulated

There is an exam for caucasian people. There are fifteen 12in sub sandwiches. The insulated bag keeps food at its ideal temperature and freshness. Food in the bag is safe from temperature changes. The handle is double sewn to the body to make it stronger and the bag has heavy duty YKK zippers at the top to make it last longer. Food grade, waterproof lining keeps items in a food safe environment and makes sure spilled liquids don't escape the bag The bag is approximately 12 x 11 x 9 inches.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤It's the right size for restaurant foam. They fit snug, but they don't slide or spill. Well-made and professional. It's my main delivery bag. A cardboard drink carrier is good. It is not appropriate for pizzas. Since steam needs to vent, I usually don't zip it completely. My photo shows it on top of a pizza bag.

👤Do you need to keep the item warm or cool? This is the right bag for you.

👤For repeated use, stitching is of great endurance. It is strong and big. During deliveries, keeps meals hot. It's enough for 2 classes.

👤I have to drive for 45 minutes. I have to get home after picking up my order. I was happy to see steam come out when I opened it.

👤For medium size orders, you can hold up one big bag or 2 to 3 small bags for a delivery. It is easy to carry and clean. This product is great for keeping food hot.

👤Good size. It can hold a lot of dinners. It seems well constructed and sturdy. It doesn't have to organize condiments and utensils.

👤The bag keeps my food warm. It has a reliable bottom and string straps. It is easy to clean good insulation.

👤The quality of the bag was the first thing I noticed. It is made of high quality materials. I am very happy with my purchase.

10. Himal Outdoors Professional Transportation 23Wx15Hx14D

Himal Outdoors Professional Transportation 23Wx15Hx14D

Their insulated bag is risk free. It keeps food hot and cold and everything will get where it needs to be. They will refund every cent. The Large Capacity is made of 600D Water Repellent Oxford and Leak-proof Liner. The leak-proof and insulated liner inside of the food delivery bag make sure that food stays hot and cold for a long time. It is easy to use. It is collapsible when storage. When using, it is durable. It is possible to see lables of orders, dates, and temperatures in a transparent pocket. If you have a question, please contact them. Himal has the most satisfactory service.

Brand: Himal Outdoors

👤I have had food delivery bags that did not hold up before. I've only used this bad twice but I like how durable it is. The insulation inside is very good. The food comes up and doesn't leak. I'm waiting to see how it does down the road, but I might buy a second bag.

👤This bag can hold two full-size briskets, a 2 17in foil pans and 5 slabs of ribs. The food stayed hot for about 7 hours, even though I insulated my BBQ with aluminum foil and towels. The ribs were hot for 4 hours. It was a good purchase.

👤I would have liked to have found this sooner. I work full time and do a lot of curb-side pick-ups. Sometimes I have to pick up groceries on my lunch because they are only open during the day. I can keep my food cold while I go back to work. It keeps it cold with a cold pack.

👤I'd be surprised if a small would fit in this bag, it's listed as a pizza delivery bag. The grocery bag is just big. Unless you buy a huge amount of frozen food, it's to big and folds when lifted. It is a suit case with insulation. They tried to cover many bases with one bag, but missed them all.

👤We're looking for an entry level bag for our drivers that's black and has all the features we need. It's easier to clean and wipe than a standard Choice brand bag since it doesn't appear to be completely waterproof, but it does appear that it can leak through the inner seams. The bag overall is a good deal for the price point and we'll recommend it to our drivers who can't afford our signature bags.

👤The food stayed cool after 12 hours on the road. I was able to pack a lot of food in it.

👤This cooler is a great accessory to have outdoors or in your car to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool. It has a sturdy handle and is insulated, as well as having a cover. Would use this for our weekly beach trips.

👤The sides and bottom are not strong. It is not easy to carry items in a bag if they are placed on a flat surface. I wouldn't recommend it for carrying heavy items from the car to the house or picnic area.

11. NZ Insulated Delivery Carrier Portable

NZ Insulated Delivery Carrier Portable

These shopping cart bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags that are not recycled, and can be found in public areas. Choose a way to protect the Earth. You should keep shopping totes in your car. 11W x. The 9H x 9D is ideal for small meal delivery. The design is lightweight and collapsible for easy carrying. Thick material and fastidious stitching make it durable. Resists water, not waterproof or leakproof. Meal Prep Transport is practical.

Brand: Nz Home

👤They are smaller than expected, but they fit most of my deliveries. A nice cooler for deliveries is made out of a drink holder. I ate the chicken sandwiches I brought home two hours later. Buy a bigger bag and use it inside.

👤We were satisfied with the purchase of the NZ Home insulated bags. We bought both the large and medium sizes. The bags are used for home delivery of hot meals and grocery purchases. Solid construction and easy to clean. The brand we purchased, "V...", was not up to daily use and quickly fell apart. ordering more

👤I love this bag. A strong and sturdy bag. It can hold a bottle of wine and a few other things. The bags collapse to flat for easy storage. I have used them for a lot of things since I bought them. Overall, a great purchase and highly recommended. I would buy them again.

👤I need to hold mexican type styrofoam containers or groceries. Can also be used for burger place orders. Tired of cheap bags that don't keep food cold. Good quality handles are sewn on. The inside and out of the store can be cleaned or wiped off. Large bags! A piece of cardboard or plywood is a good choice for a drink holder. Some may even line it with the cheap cooler material.

👤I bought this bag because I do delivery services. This bag is perfect for what I need to carry. Everything I need is in one bag. It can fit 3 styrofoam lunch containers and 2 drinks. It is useful. Would do it again.

👤The bags are insulated and sturdy, which makes them perfect for delivering a meal. When not in use, fold flat. Customer service was excellent. He answered my questions. Excellent experience!

👤It is not durable. The bag was used no more than 4 times. One of the two zippers broke a week ago. There is another zip code to close. The strap got hung up on the door knob. The area of the straps that was ripped was the stitching. Don't buy again.

👤These bags are sturdy and convenient. They keep food cold for long periods of time and are what we were looking for to replace the ones we've been using. They have a double zip to make it easier to open and close them. We have ordered them in different sizes and are very happy with them.

👤These are good for a few hours of cooling. They are light and slim. There is no real amount of insulation and the bag is just one foil layer and a thin foam padding on the back, not the kind of cooler bag you could load up in the morning with cold ones and some ice, walk around all day and still have. They are a good value for the price.

👤For both warm and cold food.

👤Wow, what value for money? Large lunch bags.

👤They are simply amazing.


What is the best product for food delivery bag small?

Food delivery bag small products from Dovoda. In this article about food delivery bag small you can see why people choose the product. Isfc Insurfinsport and Rubbermaid Commercial Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding food delivery bag small.

What are the best brands for food delivery bag small?

Dovoda, Isfc Insurfinsport and Rubbermaid Commercial Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food delivery bag small. Find the detail in this article. Cherrboll, Ogefoted and Wiselife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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