Best Food Delivery Bag Uber Eats

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1. NZ Large Insulated Commercial Delivery

NZ Large Insulated Commercial Delivery

We stand behind their portable food warmer and will always focus on your satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question about the food warmer. They are committed to your satisfaction. It's 23"W x 15"H x 14"D. Light and easy to carry is only 3oz and is made with comfortable handles that make carrying a breeze. Extra-Strength Construction is built tough to keep items safe. It is easy to see the transparent pocket. It's perfect for saving precious space in your car, tent, home or office.

Brand: Nz Home

👤I use the large bags for grocery delivery. One of the straps broke on the second day of use. I will see if I can sew it back on.

👤I bought 5 of them. I use these bags daily for my deliveries. You would have to line them up with cardboard or something to keep them from slumping when you load them up. The straps bust so you cannot overload them. The straps snapped while I was on delivery. It didn't look professional to me. I like the size. For a 30 minute drive, they keep things cool or heated. I only gave them 2 stars because of their quality. A more professional bag would be a better buy.

👤This bag is amazing. I lent it out to a friend who is not able to get it back. I think... He likes it. It is large enough to hold multiple dishes and keep them warm or cold. Excellent quality and folds up to store. You can see how much room there is in the picture.

👤The bag is perfect for shopping. It can fit 4 grocery bags. The driver's professional image can be seen on the side window with the instacart logo. The bag is not cheap nor is it by any means. It is definitely not cheap. It is a perfect solution for instacart. I will be buying more this week.

👤Very cheap bag. The first 2 weeks of occasional use were when the zippers broke. The bag isn't strong enough to hold groceries. The bottom seam broke the first week. If I hadn't noticed the seams were coming apart, my groceries wouldn't have come out of the bottom. Weak and flimsy are the words that describe the Zippers. It was made of poor quality. The bag had a bad smell. I can't get a return or replacement for this purchase, so I am very dissatisfied. If you are reading this review and you're not sure if you should buy this bag, think again.

👤We need a bag to deliver hot meals to senior citizens. The big foam containers we send in do not work for us. We were hoping that it would be strong enough on the bottom, but all 11 containers tipped over and spilled in the bag. I'm sure it would be someone who needs the larger soft bottom, but it doesn't work for us. Sorry.

👤The delivery was received today and there were no manufacturing defects. I'll be using these bags for grocery delivery and the first thing I'll be doing is cutting plywood bottoms to help support the weight and reduce stress. The ply will be sanded around the corners and edges. The major complaint about all of these bags is the inadequate zip. I will never use the zippers for deliveries. There is no need for that. I might reinforce the seems. After these babies get a little wear, that will be decided. I recommend buying a good quality folding stair climbing cart with 6 wheels and a tie down strap. The use of a cart will reduce the wear and tear on your bags, as well as saving your back. I hope this review will help other delivery shoppers who have invested in these bags as a better quality alternative to the cheapy delivery bags that have to be replaced every 2 weeks to a month of use.

2. Delivery Insulated Grocey Shopping Catering

Delivery Insulated Grocey Shopping Catering

The food warmer set keeps food warm. The Insulate Delivery bag is large and strong enough to hold hot and cold items for a long time and keep them fresh. Strong enough. The Insulate thermal Delivery bag has a high quality two-way pocket and two pairs of hand straps, which is easy to clean and has good insulation effect. It is possible to save valuable space by using the 23"W * 15"H and 14"D material. The bag is also good for storing food in your car or to help you clean the trunk. The insulated delivery bag has pockets for storing important and visible items. This bag can be used to keep your pizza warm. They promise to offer the best quality products. Delivery bags for food.

Brand: Bodaon

👤The bag is soft but the stitching on the holding straps isn't great and one broke off after two weeks, but they put two in case one breaks.

👤I don't know why I didn't do 5 stars. I did not. I have been doing food deliveries at night after work and found that the bag sent to me by one of the companies was not keeping food hot. I know what I would hope for from a delivery order that I placed, I am not a kid. I made an investment in myself with this purchase. It works 100% better and I don't know if it increases my income, but I feel like I did the right thing. The feel is cheap and the zippers isn't great, so I did 4 instead of 5. It works; cold is kept cold, hot is kept hot.

👤This bag is not as good as a bag I purchased for $4.99, and the walls are thin, so it is not as good as a bag I purchased for $2099. The larger bag has a thicker wall, which will help keep the outside heat out. I will have the smaller bag of ice cream. I'll keep it because of the size, but it seems like it's just a bag for calming my mind that my cold groceries are in the bag, rather than actually keeping my ice cream frozen on the drive home from the store.

👤This product keeps food warm. I use it while I'm doing doordash. The bag is not as strong as the doordash bag. It serves the purpose. I usually leave this bag in the car. This is a good starter bag until you save for a thicker bag. I still use this bag even though I have a thicker one.

👤I received the 2 bag set in November. In January, the 1st nag lost all of its zippers and had a large hole in the bottom. The 2nd bag lasted a bit longer. It lasted until April, once again, I lost both of the zippers, they just pull off because they are cheap. The bag is being ripped on. It kept the food hot, and there was plenty of room for all kinds of food. The bag is mediocre. Not a lot of good craftsmanship was put into the product. It's cheap to make a quick buck. If you're looking for a bag that will last for a while, this one is pretty expensive. This is your bag. If you want to spend your hard earned money on something that lasts longer, then you should. Keep searching.

👤I only used this for food deliveries on rare occasions because most of my deliveries didn't need that much space. I needed this bag more frequently after the Pandemic hit because my orders started getting bigger. The sipper had to be sewed by hand because the ends of the zip ties kept detaching from the seams at the end. The bag would be better if the craftsmanship were better. You should be prepared to get your needle and thread.

3. Homevative 22x14x13 Insulated Delivery Reusable

Homevative 22x14x13 Insulated Delivery Reusable

You can use the bag for food delivery. The insulated food warmer bags fit perfectly in your car or trunk and can be Collapsed for secure storage. Incredible resilience. Their food delivery bags are made with high grade nylon and are more durable. Don't worry about beating the bag up, it's with the stitching. There are multiple functions. The bags are designed for food delivery drivers. Baking pans with thick insulation will keep food hot or cold. Their bags have a thick layer of insulation on all sides. This will keep food cold or hot. The bag can be skill folded for easy storage and is rigid enough to hold food. Drivers are welcome. If you are a delivery driver, you need this bag. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. They mean it when they say they stand by their products. Let them know if your bag gets damaged and they will send you a replacement.

Brand: Homevative

👤This bag was used to deliver coffee to local businesses. The ones designed for that purpose only have this one and the item. The bag I ordered at the same time made it better than the bag I couldn't afford. I used a 3 in hole saw to cut out holes in the 5 inch foam that I used to hold and transport the most coffee safest. I would put the coffee cups in the holes to make sure they were secure while I traveled with them. The price is great. I highly recommend it and the two variations to convert this generic insulated food delivery bag into a specialty coffee carrier. I use this bag to carry my food. The bag has 8 pans in it with two rows of four pans tall and aluminum lids. Great value! Will be buying another one soon.

👤I have been doing deliveries for DoorDash for about 6 years. This is the best bag I have ever had and I have had many. It's made of a kind of vinyl that's easy to clean, and it's not flimsy. I had an order spill in it. I wiped it up. I had three orders to pick up, and I had to drive 14 miles to drop off the first one, so I had to write this review. When I opened the bag to take out the first order, the steam came out of the bag and you could feel the heat from all the orders. I've never had a hot bag that kept it inside the hot bag, nothing escaped the entire drive. I am so happy I found this bag and I guarantee you will be as happy as I am, it is a refreshing buy. I'm so impressed with the bag that I'm going to buy a second and third one, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to keep up with demand.

👤This bag is large enough for most large pizzas but sometimes I need to put it in an angle.

👤We love it. I thought it might be too large. The summers are so hot and humid here that we have had problems getting frozen items home from the grocery store before they start melting. We may not have filled it up with frozen food, but we were close enough. The dairy products were put in the packer by my son. I am very happy that I bought this. We got home and everything was still frozen. I apologize for waiting so long to purchase this.

👤My husband loves this bag. It has enough space to keep your food cold or hot. The straps are strong. He said he would recommend this bag to anyone who would use it for groceries. We used to do grocery shopping there since we had several places to go that day. It kept our food cold for 3 hours.

👤Food is kept hot. I would give it five stars, but the second bag I ordered from them had some weird stitching that looked like it was made by someone on their first day at the bag factory. Still a decent product.

4. Delivery Resistant Insulated Carrying Foldable

Delivery Resistant Insulated Carrying Foldable

It is possible to do multiple task. Their insulated delivery bag is perfect for delivery services. You can use it to carry a lot of things. It's perfect for keeping food cold. Large capacity is L23.8, W13.75 and D15 inches. The insulated bag for food delivery has a large capacity and can carry many items. The reinforced hard bottom provides more support for carrying heavy food. The Matthew pizza warmer bag keeps the food warm but also keeps cold drinks cold for up to four hours. The main compartment of the bag has a high quality insulation layer that keeps the food fresh and warm. Four cup holders and four mesh pockets allow cold drinks to fit in a delivery bag for easier carrying. There is a transparent pocket on the top. There are two anti theft pockets on the side. Well made for transporting food. Convenient and foldable: The long handle allows single person transportation and the short handle allows two person transportation. You can use foldable function to store more easily. The hot bag is suitable for delivery in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, and other places. The material is sturdy and water resistant. Provide more protection for your items in rainy days. You can serve you as a professional food delivery bag. It's ideal for food delivery services, Doordash, and other.

Brand: Matein

👤I am a delivery driver. I bought this bag to make it easier to keep the food hot and to have somewhere to store the drinks. The bag has a pop-up bottom that helps it maintain its shape and is convenient for storage when not in use. The bag is my favorite part. Space. I fit 3 pizzas with no issues.

👤I am a little nervous when the door is open. I was pleasantly surprised with the insulation and the bag's resilience. I know it catches the eyes of customers because it does retain heat extremely well. This is a good investment for any delivery person. You can keep your food warm or cool for your own purposes.

👤Catering works well for stability in large orders. A smaller bag is needed for small home deliveries.

👤This bag is great for food delivery. It holds two orders and is great for the cupholders. I only gave it four stars because the handles are too long, which makes the bag drag on the ground.

👤This is a great way to keep food hot.

👤I keep it in my car with pop and water and it doesn't freeze even when it's 18 degrees below zero.

👤I deliver food. I made this purchase for the job. I can use it for large bags from Red Lobster, TGIF, or Wal-mart. Delivery of 20 bags of groceries to the 3rd floor of an apartment complex. I will be ordering more.

5. Insulated Delivery Beverages PostMates Commercial

Insulated Delivery Beverages PostMates Commercial

Catering, grocery shopping, picnic, or parties are all portable. The large thermal cup holders will keep your drink hot or cold. There is no need for a caddy for this bag. Carry your food and drink with you. Warming and cold insulation is a combination of foam and foil. You can keep this in your car. Warm and cold insulation will keep your food fresh. The interior is perfect for storage, grocery shopping, and service from a restaurant. The large amount of space can fit almost any item you can think of. Throw it in a large bag. Commercial grade quality The bag was made with sturdy handles for use as a professional hot box. The bag is built to last all day. This is perfect for professionals who work at companies like DoorDash, Postmates, and others who need commercial grade quality. The waterproof, leakproof, portable, foldable tote bag has a aluminum foil interior that makes it easy to clean, take groceries, and eat pizza.

Brand: Freshie

👤The bag is what it says it is. The design and quality of the bag are what I'm looking at in my review. Execution is lacking when it comes to the idea of a drink carrier in a bag. The bag is not very sturdy and tends to fall in on itself if you don't have something inside that is large. The bottom tends to give out while carrying items inside and while not necessarily a bad thing if you're making a delivery with any kind of sauce or liquids and you put them inside be aware that the possibility for them to tip over and spill is very real. The drink carrier on the side is not strong enough to hold drinks. Drinks tend to lean forward or backwards into the bag, which causes the liquid inside to leak out. I only use this bag when I get large orders with plastic containers to help it hold its shape. I would like to see a new version of this with padding to help it retain its shape and hold drinks upright. Solid product needs better execution on the idea.

👤I was looking for something to hold drinks. I was overjoyed at the large space for food and the three insulated cup holders that were big enough to hold Super Size drinks. This is an excellent quality and large. It is too large for what I need and it was difficult to deal with. The main reason I needed it was to hold drinks, but the bag has no support along the sides, so it just folds in on itself. This is a big problem when you put drinks in a drink holder. The entire side just folds over to the inside of the bag. It is a pass for me. I ordered a different one and returned it.

👤The bag is durable, but not the most durable. It is not self standing with drinks. The zippers are very strong. The drink side should be against the door or seat. They are leakproof for most of the time. I spilled a good amount of tea from the cup the first time I used it, but it stayed in the cup holder, except for a small leak from the bottom. It was minimal. These thick, so called durable zippers come off track frequently. I think it has been about three months.

👤I've only used this bag a few times for food. It has a lot of room. I needed to lean the freshie up against a solid surface to keep the drinks from sagging down. This is the best way to describe it, but it is hard to explain. Hope this helps.

👤I wanted to wait until I used the bag before I reviewed it. I do DoorDash, Postmates, and Favor deliveries. The bag is perfect for those orders that include a lot of food and fountain drinks. The bag is easy to use and durable, and the zippers are easy to use, which is a big pet peeve of mine. I put a cardboard box in the box it was delivered in to add stability. The drinks can weigh down the bag. The heavy food order and box make it perfect for upstairs deliveries.

6. PACMAXI Insulated Reflective Postmates Instacart

PACMAXI Insulated Reflective Postmates Instacart

The thermal backpack for delivery fit bottles, cups, containers, beer, and more in large cup holders that will keep your drink hot or cold. The cupholders can hold up two large cups, perfect for restaurant food delivery. There is no need for a caddy for this backpack. The cooler is great for picnics. It's great for transporting cold and hot food, which is perfect to get delivery job done, with the PACMAXI 45 liter food delivery backpack with 6 drink carrier holders, 1 front mesh pocket and a clear receipt window. The dimensions of the food delivery backpack with reflective straps is 14L * 14W * 18H, inches. Delivery backpacks are great for food delivery. The food delivery bag has high quality water resistance and is easy to clean. The delivery backpack has a reflective strap around the front, side and shoulder straps. Food Delivery Bag with cup holders for doordash, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, instacart, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, instacart, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, in

Brand: Pacmaxi

👤I have this for food delivery and it worked very well. I could do it. Even though I had a lot of food, my reflection on the windows kept its self leveled, which I think is important. I think it would be better if the cup holders were inside the bag. If you had to pick up a coffee or a cold drink, I use cheap cutouts of the daiso insulated bags to make covers. If you're starting to do food delivery via bike, electric bike or scooter, it's a good investment to not break the bank.

👤Great bag! Looks good. The top flap is easy to open, you just pull it, and it opens by itself. The bag doesn't keep its shape when on your back, which causes drinks and soups to spill. I put a milk crate in the bag to give it rigidity.

👤I don't write reviews but this bag deserves one. I am a delivery driver and the bag is genius. I ride a scooter and it clips on. It's not a flimsy bag and space is huge. The material is thick. I had room for at least 3 more bags to fit after delivering a 10lb bag of ice in Vegas. I love investing in my business.

👤As I wear it, the back of my neck is pressed by the bag. It was a regret.

👤I bought this to hold my deliveries, and it's perfect. I use the drink holders on the side when ordering drinks. It keeps food cold and hot, and it stands upright all the time.

👤It works well for doing food deliveries on a bike. It's handy when I pick up packages from the mailroom and walk them back to my dorm. I had to go pick up packages as soon as they arrived because I couldn't carry more than a couple boxes at a time. The backpack allows me to carry a few boxes in there and still have my hands free to carry more, so I think it's worth the purchase.

👤It was embarrassing to walk around with it on. It's large. Many people began to compliment how great it was to deliver food with an electric scooter and the food was carried on my back. I was able to deliver multiple orders with this backpack. If you're going to deliver food in an economical fashion, you need it. Five out of five stars.

👤The back and side walls should be a little thicker. The bottom is very sturdy and the cup holders are amazing, I would recommend them for the price.

👤The materiales son de calidad, pero forman las paredes de la mochila para no se deforme.

👤La mochila tiene muchsimo espacio, solo es un poco incomoda.

👤La mochila es espaciosa, ligera, y le cabe de todo, por cierre o clip.

👤Producto excelente, altamente recomendable de gran capacidad.

👤Le ha sido muchsimo a a repartidor.

7. Nesthao Professional Insulated Delivery Restaurants

Nesthao Professional Insulated Delivery Restaurants

It is versaTILE. The thermal backpack is the best value if you deliver food on a bike. It's perfect for restaurant food delivery. You can use their bag for a lot of things. The sides and bottom of the bag can be protected with the lightweight fiberglass frame and inserts. Their job requires them to open and close the bag multiple times. It is difficult to find the zip code puller. They use high-quality Velcro to open and close the bag, so you don't have to worry about the bag being broken, and they also use it to keep the bag clean. It contains a glass fiber frame, a beverage cup holder, a plastic bottom insert, and a divider to help you complete your work. If you need to complete more orders, you can buy more than 2 bags, unfold them and stack them together, you don't have to worry about squeezing your food, because the food delivery bag contains a frame and sturdy top. It is possible to do multiple task. Their insulated delivery bag is perfect for delivery services. You can use it to carry a lot of things. It's perfect for keeping food cold.

Brand: Nesthao

👤I would love to give this bag 5 stars and a hug. It is strong. It's definitely overkill in the best sense of the word. The smallest order gets the most protection. The lady called me professional when I brought it into the restaurant. I'm making more money because I waste less time between orders and can last a few more orders at the end of the day. If you turn it sideways, it will fit a small pizza. I'm going to get a pizza bag today if this company sells one, because it won't fit a large pizza, but I've had so much fun buying this. If you work for Door Dash, this is a great delivery bag. Clearly superior. They messed up my order the first time, but they got me a replacement quickly. You only have to open and close the inside one time during the initial setup, but you might rip the entire thing off at once, it's only attached to the foil. I bought a after market one that was so bad that it wouldn't allow me to put food in the bag, but Door Dash gave you a bag. Half the time you ended up going from a closed bag to a closed bag with just the zippers on the other side, it was because of the confusing zippers. The bag is strong. It stands on its own. It's not red. I like to leave my bag in the car at the end of the day, and this black one blends right in with my car's interior, it isn't an invitation to break it. The zippers are not as good as the velcro. The bag will keep food warm. I'm not going to use the cup holders or the divider, as it's hard to predict what the next order will be, and also the cup holders are not going to fit every drink, in fact the circumference for each drink is smaller than the cup holders in your car. The straps are easy to carry. It's worth the money and will make each hot food delivery much easier.

👤This is the bag you want if you work for DoorDash. It has a frame construction that can take a beating and will hold all the food you can physically fit inside it without worry of it dropping out. This bag can fit everything. If you move the center divider past the center line, the dimensions inside the bag can fit 1 on 1 side. If you cut out the corners in the foam cupholder, it will have another inch or so to move. This way you can fit every kind of togo container and bag that exists, except the ones from Canes. You can't fit 6 drinks from the fast food in this. I wouldn't risk it. The tops don't have enough room so you have 3 slots in a triangle formation. You can fit 6 drinks if they are just Starbucks. This will hold most of my stacked orders if I need to hold 2 McDonalds bags that are maxed stacked. I keep one customer food on one side and the other customer food on the other side. It's perfect for walking up to the door with a single bag. I use a single strap for it. I recommend single strap, it's easier to hold and let go safely. If you use a single strap, put your drinks on the outer cupholders. Extra large drinks will not be carried by the cupholder. The paper cups will stick to foam with condensation, so be careful with them. The flaps on the top are sewn in a way so that they always want to be flush with the lid, this makes it easy to pop on or off and I never use the flaps. If you're on a bike, I would just put food in the car and drive off. It is very quick to get food. The bag is made of canvas and has insulation. If I give the order to the customer, they will mention the bag. Someone gave me a $50 tip because their food was the hottest I've ever eaten. The tip paid for the bag. I put the seat forward so it's more level, but it's still comfortable on my passenger seat. I would like to get the larger version because it can fit 2 nonstandard Styrofoam containers side by side and I'm sure there's enough room for 6 large drinks with that cupholder. The bigger version will be purchased by me. $50 is the best I've spent in a while.

8. Insulated Backpacks Leak Proof Transport Postmates

Insulated Backpacks Leak Proof Transport Postmates

It is easy to clean. The units are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and the trays are made of steel. Warm and cold insulation: 600D Oxford Fabric exterior and aluminum foil foam interior. The inner lining of the aluminum foil is ideal for providing insulation to both hot and cold items. The material of the backpack is leak proof and it is easy to clean. The food delivery backpack is large enough to fit most food packages. It can fit 18 lunch boxes. When not in use for storage, folds up flat. The pizza backpack is made of heavy duty polyester which will not tear or scratch, there is thick liner support on the back of the backpack so you won't worry about the food heating up your back while riding. The mesh pocket in the pizza backpack makes it more convenient for you to store seasoning bags, cash, mobile phones, mobile power supplies and paper towels. There is a card pocket on the top of the backpack to record meal time and a reflective strip around the backpack to keep you safe. The thermal backpack for delivery fit bottles, cups, containers, beer, and more in large cup holders that will keep your drink hot or cold. The cupholders can hold up two large cups, perfect for restaurant food delivery. There is no need for a caddy for this backpack. The cooler is great for picnics.

Brand: Dovoda

👤During the Pandemic we take out food more often. It has been a challenge to get it home. The backpack is the perfect size for the foam dinner plates that are normally packed in. We put the bag in the backpack, which is a great size for placing behind the front seats of the car, and zip up the top. The food is still warm, so we can make the 30 minute drive home. We can turn it sideways and have a large pizza to warm up the house. The bag is lightweight and has a reflective insulated lining, it packs away easily, however we haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but it arrived in perfect shape. I wish we had gotten it sooner.

👤I have been using this bag for deliveries for 3 days and it is amazing. The side cup holders are strong enough to not cause spills. I have good things to say about this bag.

👤I wanted a bigger bag than the one provided by DoorDash. I wanted something that wasn't branded. The first thing I noticed was how big the bag is. It has a lot of food in it. It has cup holder pockets on both sides, with elastics to secure drinks. There are several pockets for things like straws, utensils, etc. I can carry it on my back because it's set up like a backpack. I appreciate that feature more now that I'm pregnant. The customer's home was the destination of the delivery. The food was very hot in this bag, and it didn't spill. I recommend this for all of them. If you deliver for more than one.

👤The backpack straps made it easy to haul a lot of items. There is a lot of room to use as a cooler. You can put at least four of the gallon milk bottle in it.

👤I use a backpack to keep my food warm. I keep everything perfectly insulated when I'm packing warm or cold food because I've been working short days. I thought the cup holder was small. I keep small cups and larger cups inside so they don't spill out. The straps are comfortable to wear. I use this cooler when I pick up dinner. Our food can get cold if we live in a place that is far out. I can order food from those places, put them in this cooler which has more than enough room for them, and come home with still hot food. My food is still hot despite the low temperatures. Can see how this can help food delivery drivers. I'm able to keep food in this nice and hot location with a 30 minute drive.

👤The bag has worked well for me in my job. If you turn it sideways, it's large enough to carry most pizzas. I was happy with the purchase, but be careful with the tabs, mine came with a gap, so one slipped off. I was able to put it back in place. If you're concerned, a pair of pliers will close the gap permanently.

9. Knowone Insulated Delivery Backpack Delivery

Knowone Insulated Delivery Backpack Delivery

The material is sturdy and water resistant. Provide more protection for your items in rainy days. You can serve you as a professional food delivery bag. It's ideal for food delivery services, Doordash, and other. The food delivery backpack is large enough to fit most food packages. The whole fabric is waterproof and will not get food inside even if it rains, and the aluminum foil lining has a good heat preservation effect. You can adjust the size of the food delivery backpack by removing the dividers, which will make the bag more tidy and orderly. Breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge padding help relieve the stress from your shoulder. The pack's weight is distributed perfectly by the chest clip with a whistle buckle and waist belt. It's a must have for food delivery. You should feel comfortable while riding. Four heat-insulated cup holders, a front mesh bag, and a transparent receipt window are all included in this multi- function. If you aren't completely happy with your purchase, just let them know and they will give you a full refund. The department is named after adults.

Brand: Knowone

👤This is an amazing product. It is a great shape and insulation. It is not too expensive. After a few deliveries, you will have made your money back. I recommend this to anyone who is considering getting into mobile deliveries. My life is going to change with this.

👤I needed an insulated bag for grocery shopping. This one is a bit small, but it is reasonably priced. I like that it has straps so I can carry it upstairs to my apartment, instead of carrying grocery bags in my hands. It saves me a few trips if I carry everything in a bag and carry it as a backpack. I never thought I would buy something like this.

👤I needed an item to keep customers warm when ordering from grubhub. The item keeps the food warm. Customers are happy. It makes it easier to deliver drinks.

👤I love the bag but not the drink holders. I use it to DoorDash but the cup holders don't work for me. The drinks can't be carried with the lid in it. The bag is nice.

👤The bag is cheap and can carry two deliveries.

👤I like how easy it is to wear a backpack when doing food deliveries. It's insulated and it's good, I've tried other bags before and they can't match this item, but it was worth it and the price was not too bad.

10. Commercial Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Commercial Insulated Food Delivery Bag

The insulated food warmer bags fit in your car, trunk, or on the back of your motorcycle, and are lightweight and space-saving. The bag is insulated for food delivery. Next time you go to a store, take the insulated bag to keep things fresh because it has a thick layer of insulation. The insulated shopping bags can take it all, whether you need them for a restaurant or for food delivery. Grab them to carry your groceries. No spills, no worries, thanks to the sturdy zip and the handy straps on either side. The insulated food carrier is easy to carry and it prevents items from leaking and leaving a mess in your car or trunk. The nylon exterior of the insulated bags is very easy to clean, and the long- lasting quality of the bags ensures they stay in working shape for a long time to come. You can use the bag for food delivery. The insulated food warmer bags fit perfectly in your car or trunk and can be Collapsed for secure storage.

Brand: Kibaga

👤I use this bag to deliver food. The bag DoorDash gives you is a joke. I decided to buy a bigger bag. I owned this bag for a week and it had a rip at the seam of the black material which was getting bigger and bigger. The only thing in the bag was to sit in my seat and hold food. I had to glue the material back together. The bag should be much better for $40. Only three stars from me...

👤I love this bag. I wanted to keep frozen groceries cold between the store and their home. It has been a sturdy bag to help carry multiple bags to the door. I have been using it for about two weeks. The bag can easily fit 3 full standard sized paper grocery bags. Even closed.

👤This product was great. I waited until I actually used it to leave a review. The food was still hot even though I was almost 2 hours away. I will be ordering more. Thank you so much!

👤The first person that I delivered food to came out of the building and saw me get his taco out of my bag and said "Yes!" I like when drivers have warmer bags. That is awesome! So yeah. I am happy.

👤I have been looking for a delivery bag like this. It's large enough to easily load and unload full-size steam pans, and has 2 carrying options for ergonomics. The bottom should have rubber grips or it should be a little stronger. I put a steam pan at the bottom of the bag to solve the issue. It's very well made and feels durable on its own, but I'm a small business owner and I use it to transport high volumes of food, so it's not perfect for me.

👤I love this bag. I have been delivering for about 2 months now and I have not gotten a single compliment about how hot or cold their food is. I will be ordering more bags. This size was approved by the company. I am very happy.

👤I like the bag. It seems to be sturdy. The bag is a foldable bag, so it insulates well. It would be perfect if it wasn't for three things. It would be better if it had a shoulder strap, it would be easier to clean the plastic liner, and it would benefit from having zip ties. It is a good bag.

👤We ordered a custom flat cake for my best friend's daughter because she loves Cold Stone Icecream. We lined the inside with trash bags and put ice in them with a flat sheet ice cream cake. The cake was frozen after an hour drive. I carried the bag with the ice and cake inside without any problems. It didn't feel like it was going to rip, it was close to 45lb. It folds down to take up less space.

👤I gave this product 5 stars because of four reasons. The vendor was very professional and courteous, and I was concerned that the delivery time was long. The bag was delivered much sooner than I anticipated. The product's quality is one of the reasons, it's heavy duty and perfect for keeping food warm. The product was packaged perfectly and there was a nice thank you card, it gave a good impression.

11. Cherrboll Delivery Backpack Insulated Postmates

Cherrboll Delivery Backpack Insulated Postmates

The department is named after adults. 40L large containment. The 40 liter food delivery backpack has a front pocket, a stretchable bottom pouch stack and 4 drink carrier holders. Quality material. The thermal food backpack is made of 600D Oxford fabric and PEVA foil. Cool air is minimized by the leak-proof zippers. If the pizza boxes are not full, you can fill the gap with a narrow bottom piece of the bag. It's convenient and safe. They made this food delivery bag with straps for stability and padded backs to help with back fatigue. The reflective strips design makes you safe in the dark. VERSATILE Their insulated backpack cooler bag is large enough to hold meals, snacks, beverages, and ice or ice packs for restaurant food delivery.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤En la En la descripcin debera decir quĂ© es para pizza pequea porque. No ser bueno, para delivery. No hay suficiente espacio, con una orden Qu Sea de dos funda.


What is the best product for food delivery bag uber eats?

Food delivery bag uber eats products from Nz Home. In this article about food delivery bag uber eats you can see why people choose the product. Bodaon and Homevative are also good brands to look for when you are finding food delivery bag uber eats.

What are the best brands for food delivery bag uber eats?

Nz Home, Bodaon and Homevative are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food delivery bag uber eats. Find the detail in this article. Matein, Freshie and Pacmaxi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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