Best Food Delivery Bag with Drink Holder

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1. Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Cupholders

Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Cupholders

Food Delivery Bag with cup holders for doordash, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, instacart, camping, beach, groceries, postmates, in There are some pretty bags. 11x11x12in. The interior is great for storing and transporting food and equipment. The large amount of space can fit almost any item you can think of. Throw it in the backpack. The collapsible tote back pack is waterproof, leakproof, portable, and reuseable and has a foil interior. STURDY STRAPS- They made this backpack with extra stitching on the straps, a reinforced design, and premium zippers. The backpack is built to last all day. This is perfect for people who work in the food service industry. The food delivery bag has two handles with padded on the top for easy carrying and dual strong zippers, which are specially designed not to snag. The thermal bag is so durable that you can use it for a long time without having to worry about it tearing. It can be found in the back of your car, trunk or motorcycle. When not in use, it has a collapsible design that flattens into a space saving form.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤Food delivery drivers need this bag. I am a full-time driver. This is the best bag I have ever owned. This bag is used for 80% of my deliveries. The construction has lasted me through eight months of constant use. Over 2500 deliveries have been done with this bag alone. I put my hot or cold orders in the bag, put an insulated space blanket over it, and then zip it shut. Drinks are put in the drink holders and I go to the delivery. Customers are happy when deliveries arrive piping hot or icy cold. Extra tips have been paid for many times over. I am giving my son the new larger bag because it is still usable and in good condition, and I am alsoUpgrading to the new larger bag now. I am buying him one of the larger units. It is worth the investment because it will make deliveries quicker and easier. I am very happy with this product. If you want to use a larger bag, it will be your go to bag, even if you only need a traditional pizza bag and medium and large insulated bags.

👤Excellent for delivering food. My customers food is arriving hot since I got this bag. I will give them their drinks. Don't hesitate! It was worth every penny.

👤It's the best cooler I own. I can put it in a milk crate. I attach it to my bike rack. It's not too heavy to bring to a party. It makes me feel important when I carry it in public. It is more expensive than the plastic, paper, and recycled bags. I picked this one because it had cup holders, but I don't use them often. It is not water proof because it leaks. The handles are not perfect. Sometimes I want a strap across my shoulder. I won't transfer pizza with it because it's too small. It has become my favorite bag and I'm happy with it. I don't know about the other coolers on Amazon, but this is good.

👤The ride-sharing company eats deliveries. Couldn't function without it. This is a perfect line of work. Highly recommended.

👤I'm very disappointed that the only pizzas that fit are personal pan sizes. The bag is built to keep things warm or cold. The cup holders help.

👤If the lid of the drink is compromised, spills can occur because the drink holders retain their contents at an oblique angle. Soft bottom. I wouldn't recommend filling the bag too much.

👤Holding up well after use. It was not intended for pizza transportation. A good food delivery starter bag.

👤Magnifico para el trabajo. Un pequeo detalle. Las agarraderas are tener unos centmetros. The producto de lo demas contento. It's Muy til.

2. Smirly Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags

Smirly Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags

The ideal food delivery bag is large enough to carry food from restaurant to customer. Food is kept fresh for hours with three superior, aluminum insulated shopping bags. Their cold bags for frozen food allow you to finish your shopping before you head home. It's ideal as an insulated delivery bag when transporting dishes to a party. They designed an insulated tote bag that keeps food and beverages at optimal temperature longer than the average insulated bag. Their insulated bags for groceries are upright and have a premium zip. Their bags are made from double stitching and are durable. You can easily carry up to 30 pounds with the supportive bottom and reinforced handles. An outside pocket is a great place to keep a wallet, keys, or phone. You can hang your food cooler bag when not in use. You will have all the space you need with the three large capacity bags. The insulated bags are large enough for everything you want to transport. A 14 x 8 inch zip up interior pocket and 9 x 8 inch hook and loop exterior pocket make it easy to store and carry small items. A great picnic basket, delivery container, beverage cooler, and grocery bag can be made. Long lasting temperature control and insulation make their totes a worthy investment. They do not stop there. Their insulated bags can be used to reuse and reduce waste. Quality construction, sturdy materials, and a thoughtful design eliminate stress from food storage, transportation, and insulation. Their insulated bags are made from thick, extra-strength thermal material, which makes them easy to wipe clean, and they are worry-free. It is important to wash your bag to keep it ready for use. They want to provide their customers with premium products at an affordable cost so they can simplify their life and leave the details to them.

Brand: Smirly

👤The bags seem to keep cold items cool while they are in the store and at home. The handles on two of the bags were ripped off when I got home. What is the purpose if it can't hold two gallons of milk? The stitching of the handles provided enough space for them to tear off. Don't buy these bags, or other bags that look similar but the same lot, but just stamped with one of those absurd, only-ever-see-that-brand-on-amazon company names. Returning. It's worthless without handles that can handle groceries.

👤When I was shopping for a bag of frozen food, it had 4 stars for an average review. I decided to buy three, give one to my neighbor, and keep one for whenever the first one wore out or was broken, because the rating was so good and the price was so good. The first bag I got was broken before it arrived. There was a piece of the zipper that was not on the other side. It's an easy fix to restart the zip and make sure you never open it again. But not true. The first 3-4 inches of the zip were the time when the zip kept coming apart. Maybe they had a bad subcontractor. Maybe it's just the one thing. I kept two for myself. No. I was not happy. I tried to use this piece of garbage for the second time tonight. Before I left, I tested the zipper. It worked out fine. I put it up with cold and frozen food. No. No, it was an operator error. The trim got in the way of the teeth. Whew. I lifted it by the straps. Both of them were undone on one end. At one end, it has something attached to it. They would come off if I tried to carry it by them. I'll take a picture of the bag on my kitchen floor, if I can take a picture of it on my phone. Either way, my advice? Don't buy this piece of junk.

👤My insulated bags get a workout when I run my food delivery companies. I love these bags because they are lightweight and sturdy, and the handles are long enough to fit over my shoulder, and they have an insert for the bottom that allows the bag to maintain shape even when loaded with heavy items such as milk gallons. The average life of my insulated bags is 3 months, but I think these are going to live longer than the others. I will order more. Happy!

👤I have been using one daily for a couple weeks now and it has been great. I will go 5 stars if the lining holds up. I'm really happy with these bags. I got one grey and one black and so far, I'm happy. These have met my needs for larger orders. I would buy them again. The stitching has not failed so far. Maybe more colors/ options? Then some digital camo. It would be great if there was an extra-wide pocket on the back. There is a My girlfriend wants pink Smirlys. Don't hold your breath. I would like to be able to put two or more smaller bags inside a "Master Smirly". There are hot bags inside.

3. Insulated Food Delivery Bag Holders

Insulated Food Delivery Bag Holders

The thermal bag is so durable that you can use it for a long time without having to worry about it tearing. It can be found in the back of your car, trunk or motorcycle. When not in use, it has a collapsible design that flattens into a space saving form. There is plenty of room to carry multiple orders, pizza boxes, Catering pans, full-size chafing dishes, or combination of smaller takeout containers. The collapsible delivery bag is great for space-saving storage in the kitchen. Commercial grade quality The food delivery bags are made with nylon that is water resistant and heavy stitching to prevent tears. This bag has excellent heat retention and will last through repeated use in your business. These resuable delivery bags can be used for restaurant food delivery and professional caterers. It's great for grocery shopping, holidays, picnics, parties, family get togethers, BBQs, and can double as a great car trunk organizer. Their thermal bags have a thick layer of insulation on all sides that will keep food hot or cold. After 15 minutes, it retains its heat and food temperature will stay the same for 45 minutes. Your customers are happy if your orders are hot and safe. Key features The inner and outer linings are spill resistant and easy to clean with wet cloth. The delivery bag has two large side pockets for fitting bottles, and the zippers are not to be messed with. Every time, the top loading design of the food warmer bag opens and closes.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤I bought this bag after joining the service and it works well. It's perfect for my passenger seat, holds a lot of food, and keeps food piping hot. The cup holders on the front are very useful.

👤This bag has a lot of space. You don't understand how much food and drink can fit in this bag. I have yet to accept a delivery that the bag could not handle. 4 drinks? No problem. 6 drinks? Yes, why not. I haven't found it's limit yet. Accept the bag will be everything you need. I could not get this bag out of my hands.

👤There are drink holders on the bag. When making deliveries, it frees up a hand. Customers have no complaints about cold food. I would have bought this sooner. It's not difficult to carry a larger bag.

👤There was plenty of room for food to be transferred. It is a good product.

👤I love how warm it is and how there are cup holders. The bag folds. It would be perfect if the bag was made of sturdy plastic so it wouldn't fold during delivery.

👤I use this for my side gig on DoorDash and the food is great and the drink hold is amazing, it's better than the stuff that the DD gives you.

👤A stabilizer is needed in the bottom. It is very durable. I just use it to move my deliveries. I'm afraid to carry it because I don't want the drinks to spill or the food to get damaged.

👤Must-haves for food deliveries are multiple cup holders and insulated well.

4. Knowone Insulated Delivery Backpack Delivery

Knowone Insulated Delivery Backpack Delivery

The material is sturdy and water resistant. Provide more protection for your items in rainy days. You can serve you as a professional food delivery bag. It's ideal for food delivery services, Doordash, and other. The food delivery backpack is large enough to fit most food packages. The whole fabric is waterproof and will not get food inside even if it rains, and the aluminum foil lining has a good heat preservation effect. You can adjust the size of the food delivery backpack by removing the dividers, which will make the bag more tidy and orderly. Breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge padding help relieve the stress from your shoulder. The pack's weight is distributed perfectly by the chest clip with a whistle buckle and waist belt. It's a must have for food delivery. You should feel comfortable while riding. Four heat-insulated cup holders, a front mesh bag, and a transparent receipt window are all included in this multi- function. If you aren't completely happy with your purchase, just let them know and they will give you a full refund. The department is named after adults.

Brand: Knowone

👤This is an amazing product. It is a great shape and insulation. It is not too expensive. After a few deliveries, you will have made your money back. I recommend this to anyone who is considering getting into mobile deliveries. My life is going to change with this.

👤I needed an insulated bag for grocery shopping. This one is a bit small, but it is reasonably priced. I like that it has straps so I can carry it upstairs to my apartment, instead of carrying grocery bags in my hands. It saves me a few trips if I carry everything in a bag and carry it as a backpack. I never thought I would buy something like this.

👤I needed an item to keep customers warm when ordering from grubhub. The item keeps the food warm. Customers are happy. It makes it easier to deliver drinks.

👤I love the bag but not the drink holders. I use it to DoorDash but the cup holders don't work for me. The drinks can't be carried with the lid in it. The bag is nice.

👤The bag is cheap and can carry two deliveries.

👤I like how easy it is to wear a backpack when doing food deliveries. It's insulated and it's good, I've tried other bags before and they can't match this item, but it was worth it and the price was not too bad.

5. Insulated Delivery Beverages PostMates Commercial

Insulated Delivery Beverages PostMates Commercial

Catering, grocery shopping, picnic, or parties are all portable. The large thermal cup holders will keep your drink hot or cold. There is no need for a caddy for this bag. Carry your food and drink with you. Warming and cold insulation is a combination of foam and foil. You can keep this in your car. Warm and cold insulation will keep your food fresh. The interior is perfect for storage, grocery shopping, and service from a restaurant. The large amount of space can fit almost any item you can think of. Throw it in a large bag. Commercial grade quality The bag was made with sturdy handles for use as a professional hot box. The bag is built to last all day. This is perfect for professionals who work at companies like DoorDash, Postmates, and others who need commercial grade quality. The waterproof, leakproof, portable, foldable tote bag has a aluminum foil interior that makes it easy to clean, take groceries, and eat pizza.

Brand: Freshie

👤The bag is what it says it is. The design and quality of the bag are what I'm looking at in my review. Execution is lacking when it comes to the idea of a drink carrier in a bag. The bag is not very sturdy and tends to fall in on itself if you don't have something inside that is large. The bottom tends to give out while carrying items inside and while not necessarily a bad thing if you're making a delivery with any kind of sauce or liquids and you put them inside be aware that the possibility for them to tip over and spill is very real. The drink carrier on the side is not strong enough to hold drinks. Drinks tend to lean forward or backwards into the bag, which causes the liquid inside to leak out. I only use this bag when I get large orders with plastic containers to help it hold its shape. I would like to see a new version of this with padding to help it retain its shape and hold drinks upright. Solid product needs better execution on the idea.

👤I was looking for something to hold drinks. I was overjoyed at the large space for food and the three insulated cup holders that were big enough to hold Super Size drinks. This is an excellent quality and large. It is too large for what I need and it was difficult to deal with. The main reason I needed it was to hold drinks, but the bag has no support along the sides, so it just folds in on itself. This is a big problem when you put drinks in a drink holder. The entire side just folds over to the inside of the bag. It is a pass for me. I ordered a different one and returned it.

👤The bag is durable, but not the most durable. It is not self standing with drinks. The zippers are very strong. The drink side should be against the door or seat. They are leakproof for most of the time. I spilled a good amount of tea from the cup the first time I used it, but it stayed in the cup holder, except for a small leak from the bottom. It was minimal. These thick, so called durable zippers come off track frequently. I think it has been about three months.

👤I've only used this bag a few times for food. It has a lot of room. I needed to lean the freshie up against a solid surface to keep the drinks from sagging down. This is the best way to describe it, but it is hard to explain. Hope this helps.

👤I wanted to wait until I used the bag before I reviewed it. I do DoorDash, Postmates, and Favor deliveries. The bag is perfect for those orders that include a lot of food and fountain drinks. The bag is easy to use and durable, and the zippers are easy to use, which is a big pet peeve of mine. I put a cardboard box in the box it was delivered in to add stability. The drinks can weigh down the bag. The heavy food order and box make it perfect for upstairs deliveries.

6. Insulated Beverages Reusable Portable Adjustable

Insulated Beverages Reusable Portable Adjustable

Their insulated bags are made from thick, extra-strength thermal material, which makes them easy to wipe clean, and they are worry-free. It is important to wash your bag to keep it ready for use. They want to provide their customers with premium products at an affordable cost so they can simplify their life and leave the details to them. The plastic plates in the key parts make the bag strong. Double protection for your drinks is provided by a Zipper and Velcro cover. You will be more convenient and quick to use with portable handles and shoulder straps. Enjoy your happy moments and safely deliver your drinks and food to your destination. The drink tote bag has two insulated dividers. The bag can be tailored to fit your needs. It's easy to switch between carrying 6 drinks, 3 coffees and breakfast, or use the entire bag to carry food. It's more convenient for you to receive your seasoning bag, bills, cash, mobile phone, tissue, and other items in a large mesh pocket inside the Enough Storage Bags because there are two side pockets on the left and right. Take Away Parner is a bag that you can use to share a drink with a friend. You can put coffee, juice, coke, lunch box, pizza, fruit, all kinds of food into their drink carrier bag if you want.

Brand: Amzcool

👤I work in the gig economy and was looking for something that would keep drinks cold. This works better than I thought. It is easy to carry. After 3 months of using it, a lid popped off a drink and some soda spilled on the bag and created a stain. A chocolate stain was left on the inside flap of the store after some ice cream from a shake oozing through the straw hole. It was time to wash it. The real test was this one. It passed the test. I washed it in the washing machine. It was new when it came out of the washer. The chocolate stain came out. The bag is well made. I like the inside compartments. I have carried ice cream sundaes, banana splits, shakes and smoothies in this bag at the same time because the inside is changeable. The insulation is very strong. I used it to deliver both hot and cold beverages. There was hot stuff on one end and cold on the other. I keep bottles of water in my vehicle and have used them as insulation between the hot side and the cold side, but since the bag already has a different temperature, it probably isn't necessary. This is the best purchase I have ever made.

👤Door Dash comes in handy for me.

👤I wish I had seen the other review. Drinks aren't stable because the bottom is soft. It's very difficult to keep it upright because there is only one handle. It doesn't close for an insulated bag. The temperature cannot be kept constant because the top flap doesn't zip shut. It was a big disappointment. It's the perfect size for my needs and it's well constructed. It was the only model I could find that had a divider. The first order of an insulated drinks bag should be to maintain temperature and the second to keep the drinks upright. Fail.

👤I didn't get a drink holder because they ran out or because the holders were cheap, but I got tired of drinks spilling all over my car. I bought several drink carriers for a test run and one passed with flying colors. The drink dividers allow me to use the carrier for smaller food orders or I can carry the food and drinks together. The drinks are kept in place by the extra flaps. The bag is so well insulated that it kept everything warm or cold. If the restaurant overfills the cups or uses cheap lids the drinks will spill. It is less than what I was experiencing before I bought this item. I am going to purchase a couple of more for my husband and son, who both work outside, because I love it so much.

👤This thing is great for morning coffee runs, but also a way of holding sodas for big fast food orders. It is better than the flimsy cardboard holders that restaurants provide. It is easy to seatbelt in and it is much safer when doing turns. The dividers are not very strong. They are held in place with velcro and are added up to conform to the correct shape. It's difficult to fit the cup into the slot because of the skewed divider. It is hard to fold up the whole thing when not in use because of the thickness of the dividers. I need things like this to be portable and versatile so I can fit them in my car. I use the cardboard ones because I don't feel like messing with it or forgetting it, and because I can't fold it up like I want. I only get use for the big coffee orders when they are more common. It would be perfect if it were easier to fold up and put away when not being used. It's too inconvenient to use regularly.

7. Cherrboll Delivery Backpack Insulated Postmates

Cherrboll Delivery Backpack Insulated Postmates

The department is named after adults. 40L large containment. The 40 liter food delivery backpack has a front pocket, a stretchable bottom pouch stack and 4 drink carrier holders. Quality material. The thermal food backpack is made of 600D Oxford fabric and PEVA foil. Cool air is minimized by the leak-proof zippers. If the pizza boxes are not full, you can fill the gap with a narrow bottom piece of the bag. It's convenient and safe. They made this food delivery bag with straps for stability and padded backs to help with back fatigue. The reflective strips design makes you safe in the dark. VERSATILE Their insulated backpack cooler bag is large enough to hold meals, snacks, beverages, and ice or ice packs for restaurant food delivery.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤En la En la descripcin debera decir quĂ© es para pizza pequea porque. No ser bueno, para delivery. No hay suficiente espacio, con una orden Qu Sea de dos funda.

8. Insulated Delivery Holders Black Grocery

Insulated Delivery Holders Black Grocery

The waterproof, leakproof, portable, foldable tote bag has a aluminum foil interior that makes it easy to clean, take groceries, and eat pizza. The large size can carry pizzas and large orders. It's perfect to carry groceries or deliver multiple meals. Food warm keeps it warm for a long time. The delivery bag is waterproof. Light weight but sturdy. This is a high quality professional grade insulation material.

Brand: Bodaon

👤The product is bait and switch. I received a completely different bag than the one I purchased, thanks to prime. There is no cup holders on this bag, the biding around the top is already beginning to wear. This is not a good bag. I purchased this one because it wasn't what I was looking for, and I researched the bag I received. This bag was more expensive than the other one, and it was the same bag. I was not happy with the bag I received. You will not receive what you paid for if you look at other listings.

👤I have had this product for about a month now, and I deliver for Doordash. It kept the food warm for the first 2 weeks, cup holders did the job. The inside lining began to fall apart and the outside trim began to fray. I hoped it would have lasted longer.

👤It is very flimsy and folds over. The bottom of the bag has no support. This product needs to be changed. The form needs a thin inter skeleton that keeps it from tipping over. I had a drink in the holder in the back of my hach, I used it for food. When I got to my customers house, the drink had fallen over and spilled all over my car. If you take the bag out and carry with you a lot of food the bag will be too heavy. If it was just a bag of food, then it's pointless to have drink holders because they appeal to me with no structure. Was hoping for more. I'm going to build a custom square insert that slides into this bag so I can use it for my job.

👤I am a driver. When I get large pizzas, I bought the bag to hold them. It took a long time past the expected delivery date. I'm late by 3 weeks. It was damaged when it arrived in an opened box. The cupholders were torn. I used a piece of wire to pin it back in place. This thing is poorly made and has no insulation. The purchase I made on Amazon was the worst I have ever made.

👤The bag is useless by itself. The sides and bottom are not strong. I found a rubbermaid container that fit the dimensions of the bag and put it inside the bag as a liner. I drilled the rubbermaid and bag into the screw holes. It's worked great, I've delivered over 400 orders. I use the cup holders to hold my phone when my hands are full. They are flimsy and the drink will spill everywhere. I'm sure there is something better out there for the price, but you can turn this into a decent bag with some minor adjustments.

👤If there is nothing in the bag, it collapses, which is a deal breaker for me, because it means there is no cardboard in the bag to keep it stretched and hold its shape.

9. Self Standing Insulated Delivery Carriers Catering

Self Standing Insulated Delivery Carriers Catering

Key features The inner and outer linings are spill resistant and easy to clean with wet cloth. The delivery bag has two large side pockets for fitting bottles, and the zippers are not to be messed with. Every time, the top loading design of the food warmer bag opens and closes. The bag is always upright and food can be put in with one hand. The cup mouth of the cup holder has an adjustment size buckle and the solid side support to make sure the beverage won't tip over. The hard bottom is made of aluminum foil and plastic and is used to reduce sagging at the bottom of food delivery bags. Massive Size and collapsible-23"W x 15"H x 14"D,Removable support frame and folding bottom plate. If you have any questions, please contact their customer service, they will provide you with professional services.

Brand: Nesthao

👤I have been a food delivery driver for 4 years. I have purchased many delivery bags and they were either too small, flimsy, or not durable, and drinks were not stable, and the quality was okay at best. The bag is perfect in all respects, and just as stated by the seller. None other comes close. The bag is very easy to put together and it is very sturdy. The bag does hold its shape and stands up straight once you place the dividers inside. The delivery bag is 20x20x5 and it will hold just about anything, to include the largest pizzas, 4 drinks of any size with fasteners to hold the drinks upright to prevent spilling, and it is also great because if you have more than one order, you have plenty of room The bag will hold 4 large orders, and you can always remove the middle divider to place pizzas inside. This is extra duty sturdy and comes with an extra insulated liner for the bottom to make sure the food remains hot or cold. If you have hot food, place it in one section of the bag and if cold, use another section. You can hold the bag with one hand and not have to hold it with two hands. I recommend this bag to all food delivery drivers.

👤While unpacking my purchase, I reached into the bag containing the glass tubing to get the instructions for assembly. The fiberglass pieces are installed on the inside of the insulated bag. The instructions were on the paper at the bottom of the bag. I know what fiberglass feels like when it is embedded in your skin from working with insulation and fiberglass in the past. The instructions state to rinse the pieces and not touch the tubing or the edge of the tubing. I had to reach into the bag in order to get the instructions, but I ended up with fiberglass in my hands. The support beams are made of fiberglass and not plastic, so please use gloves when retrieving the instructions from the bag. The instructions for assembly should be outside of the bag. Gloves are required before handling fiberglass support tubes.

👤I had an honest chance to test it out after I left my review. A large frame protects food from being crushed when carrying large heavy orders. I removed the fiber glass bar from the top middle to solve the problem. You pretty much keep is assembled all the time so it takes up a lot of room. Overall still deserves 5 stars because it does what it was advertised to do. I have not tried to stand on it, but the frame does look strong.

👤This bag is perfect for food delivery. It's large enough for pizzas. If you are in food delivery, I suggest this bag.

👤I love this bag! The drink carriers are strong and keep drinks upright. I left the top center support rod out and still have no problem with it being sturdy. I highly recommend.

10. Delivery Insulated Grocey Shopping Catering

Delivery Insulated Grocey Shopping Catering

The food warmer set keeps food warm. The Insulate Delivery bag is large and strong enough to hold hot and cold items for a long time and keep them fresh. Strong enough. The Insulate thermal Delivery bag has a high quality two-way pocket and two pairs of hand straps, which is easy to clean and has good insulation effect. It is possible to save valuable space by using the 23"W * 15"H and 14"D material. The bag is also good for storing food in your car or to help you clean the trunk. The insulated delivery bag has pockets for storing important and visible items. This bag can be used to keep your pizza warm. They promise to offer the best quality products. Delivery bags for food.

Brand: Bodaon

👤The bag is soft but the stitching on the holding straps isn't great and one broke off after two weeks, but they put two in case one breaks.

👤I don't know why I didn't do 5 stars. I did not. I have been doing food deliveries at night after work and found that the bag sent to me by one of the companies was not keeping food hot. I know what I would hope for from a delivery order that I placed, I am not a kid. I made an investment in myself with this purchase. It works 100% better and I don't know if it increases my income, but I feel like I did the right thing. The feel is cheap and the zippers isn't great, so I did 4 instead of 5. It works; cold is kept cold, hot is kept hot.

👤This bag is not as good as a bag I purchased for $4.99, and the walls are thin, so it is not as good as a bag I purchased for $2099. The larger bag has a thicker wall, which will help keep the outside heat out. I will have the smaller bag of ice cream. I'll keep it because of the size, but it seems like it's just a bag for calming my mind that my cold groceries are in the bag, rather than actually keeping my ice cream frozen on the drive home from the store.

👤This product keeps food warm. I use it while I'm doing doordash. The bag is not as strong as the doordash bag. It serves the purpose. I usually leave this bag in the car. This is a good starter bag until you save for a thicker bag. I still use this bag even though I have a thicker one.

👤I received the 2 bag set in November. In January, the 1st nag lost all of its zippers and had a large hole in the bottom. The 2nd bag lasted a bit longer. It lasted until April, once again, I lost both of the zippers, they just pull off because they are cheap. The bag is being ripped on. It kept the food hot, and there was plenty of room for all kinds of food. The bag is mediocre. Not a lot of good craftsmanship was put into the product. It's cheap to make a quick buck. If you're looking for a bag that will last for a while, this one is pretty expensive. This is your bag. If you want to spend your hard earned money on something that lasts longer, then you should. Keep searching.

👤I only used this for food deliveries on rare occasions because most of my deliveries didn't need that much space. I needed this bag more frequently after the Pandemic hit because my orders started getting bigger. The sipper had to be sewed by hand because the ends of the zip ties kept detaching from the seams at the end. The bag would be better if the craftsmanship were better. You should be prepared to get your needle and thread.

11. PACMAXI Delivery Activities Waterproof Removable

PACMAXI Delivery Activities Waterproof Removable

The modular design of their insulated drink bag makes it perfect for taking out, and you can even have your company logo in the clear pocket. The drink carrier can be used as a cup holder, coffee travel tote, travel drink holder and food delivery bag. It's perfect for food delivery, grocery shopping, holidays, picnics, parties, tailgating, family get together, BBQ and more. The drink carrier delivery bag comes with two drink dividers that allow you to fit your bag for carrying drinks, to-go food or a combination of the two. Each divider can hold up to 6 cups of drinks. One of the dividers has a mesh pocket to hold things. There is a mesh pocket in each side. The strap opening is convenient. The drink carrier bag has a velcro closing that eliminates frustrating zip ups. The drink or food is more organized with double insulated lid. The 6 drinks carrier bag is a food delivery bag. The drink carrier bag can be used as a large food delivery bag. It's perfect for food delivery, grocery shopping, holidays, picnics, parties, tailgating, family get together, BBQ and more. The drink carrier bag has a shoulder strap that allows easy access to the inside drink bag and hands free carrying. It's not necessary to place the bag on the ground when making deliveries. 2 portable dividers are also portable. There is a clear ID slot. It's so practical! The drink carrier bag has a shoulder strap that allows easy access to the inside drink bag and hands free carrying. It's not necessary to place the bag on the ground when making deliveries. 2 portable dividers are also portable. There is a clear ID slot. It's so practical!

Brand: Pacmaxi

👤I work for Doordash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. I'm in a rural area so I don't get a lot of large orders. The plastic tray insert doesn't get the job done for me and I've been using a Bevbag since Feb 2020. I wanted to try a bag with flaps instead of zippers because I was tired of fiddling with them. I just got this bag, and it needs some work. The fast food drink cups have divider pockets. I was aware of that going in. I was going to make some non-destructive modifications immediately. I bought a 12x12 sheet of black plastic and two dual cup holders for the center console of my pickup truck. I rounded the corners on my bench sander so they don't cut into the bag after gorilla-taping the cupholders together. It all fits in the bag. This makes a 6-cup holder into a 4 cup bag, but that's ok. I still have my bag when I have more than 4 drinks at once. I can change the layout for 6 cups if I get a third truck cupholder. I tested my rig with a cup of water. Even though I moved the bag around a bit, the cup stayed upright. Unless every spot was filled, the problem with the Bevbag was that most of the drinks wanted to topple. I had empty water bottles. It was convenient, but cumbersome when you have more drinks than expected. The first test of my modified drink bag will be today. I can tell you that a shoulder strap isn't going to cut it. The front and back of the bag need to have handles. I'll update this review once I give this a few field tests.

👤This bag is great. I like this bag because I work for a food delivery service. You can either take out the drink holders and carry food, or you can hold drinks and small to medium orders together. I wish that the company made a bigger version of the strap for larger orders. I have received a lot of praise from other food delivery people. A must for food delivery. This bag is still awesome a year later.

👤Sturdy construction for safe drink and ice cream deliveries. I got this because some drink cups are too large to fit fast food drink holders or car cup holders. I can now deliver multipul drinks and take them to the door in one trip. I put cloth on the bottom of the two drink dividers to keep the soda out of the water when it's filled to the top. Customers get their straws without paper wrappers coming undone. Customers are happy to give me feedback.

👤In June, 700 deliveries were made. I get drink orders here and there, but the bag has a problem with drinks tipping over. They all spill. If you put drinks in this thing with the dividers, you will notice the drinks have plenty of room to tip over.

👤It sucks. I've seen a better version of Velcro on a payless shoe. I have to keep the gaps in between so the Velcro doesn't detach when I use it. Would not buy again.


What is the best product for food delivery bag with drink holder?

Food delivery bag with drink holder products from Cherrboll. In this article about food delivery bag with drink holder you can see why people choose the product. Smirly and Cherrboll are also good brands to look for when you are finding food delivery bag with drink holder.

What are the best brands for food delivery bag with drink holder?

Cherrboll, Smirly and Cherrboll are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food delivery bag with drink holder. Find the detail in this article. Knowone, Freshie and Amzcool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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