Best Food Dispenser Dog Feeder Toy

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1. Treat Tumble Dispensing Exercise Ottosson

Treat Tumble Dispensing Exercise Ottosson

The beginner's puzzle challenge starts with a level 1 Treat Tumble dog toy. The blue and yellow small treat-dispensing ball is a fun way to introduce puzzle games to your dog. If you fill this ball in through the holes with your dog's favorite treats, you can watch them paw at the ball to get the tasty rewards. Play with your dog while they play alone. InDOOR and outdoor fun. The wipeable surface of the Treat Tumble dog puzzle makes it a great treat-dispensing toy. The Outward Hound interactive treat dog puzzles are food safe and designed with your pet's health in mind. It is easy to clean with warm water and soap. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤Many people are saying that the bones were chewed up. The dog has to be taught that the item within the bone is not the prize. They don't reason like we do, and anything to a dog is a chewable item. I made the same mistake with my 8-yr old mix. When he was a puppy, I didn't know a lot of what I do now, and he tore up a lot of toys because he did. I have a new puppy. The 10-month old tried to chew the bones. I took them out of her and put them in the real treasure. After the 2nd round of training, she started ignoring the bones and going for the real treat. She now takes her meals in a Kong Wobbler. I have to watch because she chewed up one of the bones while I was typing and she was bored waiting for me. The 8-yr old was the one who owned this. He picked up the bones after putting his paw on the center and then threw them to the side. He was more slobbery than the girl, so be aware that these things can get slimed. I'm using other toys with him because he was too easy to play with, and to offer him more of a challenge since this was too easy for him. The 10-month old has been bored a lot. She broke her toe when the two dogs ran full speed ahead in the yard. I'm learning all sorts of new tricks to keep this puppy active for 4 - 6 weeks so I can make up for the lack of physical activity. The Kong Wobbler and a plush toy with holes help me pull smaller plushes from her foot, now that she's able to put weight on the foot. The puzzle toys are good, but require training to prevent dogs from chewing the pieces up, and are noisy if your dog manhandles them. It takes a little time to set up the supervision needed. He can't hear "sit" when he doesn't want to. :D I have to send him to the crate because he has resource guarding issues that I've never been able to train out of him so I send him away from the game before I refill. He would have finished up quickly if that one piece hadn't escaped. The girl is not as elegant as she could be.

👤The dog toy was the best purchase I have ever made. My lab mix loves it. He can solve it in a couple of minutes but it is very stimulating to him. He will play with it even when it is empty. If you have a destructive dog, this product might not last. My dog is rough on it, but it has held up well. Since he is a large dog, I give him the puzzle multiple times a day with tiny trainer treats. Treat the knobs with treats. If my dog slides the knob a few times, another treat will appear. Can't wait to get the level 3 version of the game. My dog has a heart condition that makes it hard for him to walk and play. He could do this all day. This puzzle makes him happy. Highly recommend it.

2. Dog Toys Chew Indestructible Interactive

Dog Toys Chew Indestructible Interactive

Dog owners should treat disruptive dogs with caution. Provide multiple challenges for dogs to solve in order to get to the treats and roll it around in different directions to get access to the treats and slow down meal times to improve digestion and prevent bloat. The built-in bristles are designed to remove plaque from incisors, canines and molars, which does a nice job to clean teeth and generate saliva. It is safe and independent to sail. Milk favor and safe like a baby pacifier, is bite resistant for medium large dogs, and is also a good chewer. The dog treat ball is a great way to help pets increase IQ and mind stimulating, and it is also good value. LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR QUALITY. If you meet any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Wisedom

👤A small brush is hidden in the toy's teeth, which is very dangerous to the buyer. The promo they offer, a card comes in your box promising if you do a review you will be rewarded with $20.00... is false, I have sent the requested info 4 times and they continue to ask for my review. I have deleted most of my review because I don't want others to post honest reviews. My dogs love the toy and it hasn't been destroyed yet. I will not purchase again because I think thepromo is a scam.

👤My dog destroyed this in a few minutes. The company reached out to me to offer a refund, even though my dog destroyed the toy. A company that values customer service has fresh air.

👤My dog destroyed it in the first ten minutes. It is an extreme safety concern. There were pieces falling off that could kill her. I wouldn't recommend anyone to me.

👤This toy was delivered this afternoon. I wanted to keep my dog busy while I try to teach my son. He caused the damage within 5 minutes. He is a Plott hound. I can see him spitting out chunks of rubber. The toy is not cheap. He is enjoying himself.

👤The English pointer mix is 62 pounds. He likes to chew because he is still a puppy, and he was looking forward to getting this for him. After less than an hour, please look at the wear and tear. He loves it, but has taken half of it.

👤I would like to thank you for my dog's new toy. He loves this thing. He chewed it all night after we got it. It was the first thing he ran for when we woke up. It is the perfect size for my mix. It looks like he is trying to tear it up, but it still looks great! You need to add this to your collection if you have a chewer like me.

👤I was looking for a way to brush her teeth without having to buy a new toothbrush every time she bites down, because she likes to chew. This was not it. There is a She chewed off most of the alligator's bristles after 3 chew sessions. It's fine for a weaker dog, but not advertised as an "indestructible" product for aggressive chewers.

👤A toy for large breed dogs. Two hours after we received it, our dog chewed it apart.

3. Outward Hound Feeder Bloat Orange

Outward Hound Feeder Bloat Orange

Outward Hound's Fun Feeder dog bowls feature ridges to help slow down your dog's eating time. AIDS is in chronological growth. There are a lot of issues that arise in fast-eating dogs. The Fun Feeder slo Bowls challenge and engage your dog during meal time. Made with non-sLIP BASE and food safe materials. Outward Hound's Fun Feeder slo bowl is made to hold in both fun and food as your dog forages through the fun patterns with its non-slip base. Bowls are free of harmful substances. DIET DIVERSITY Fun feeders are available in many sizes. These bowls are great for raw food. The Large/Regular holds up to 4 cups of dry kibble, the Medium/Mini holds 2 cups, and the Small/Tiny holds 1/3 cup. It's easy to clean. Dog bowls are dishwasher safe. Less work for you means more time with your dog.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤Only to find out the next day was a living hell. I've been separated from Brother's breakfast. I would take his meals when he took so long to eat. We take our meals apart. Behind the bayhbe gahte, I take my food. I have a plan. My caretakers gave me breakfast in this horror of a food bowl, with their insipid smiles and baby talk. I looked at them and saw they were hurting, but their looks and chatter told me that there would be no release from this new and unique torture. The bowl, my only joy in this " home", where I could wolf down my food, was gone. This labyrinth of a dish was taken from the Third Circle of Hell. My will is strong. They can take my freedom, but they can't take my food. I will protest. I won't play their game. I won't eat. I will not waste anything. They will relent and regret it. My hunger strike continues while my people watch. I lie helpless beside my "phun bowl" because I am too weak to eat. They snickered at my demise.

👤I would like to give this product a zero. I hope this review helps someone else. I noticed a large gash on my dog's nose. I thought it was because she hit it under the bed. My husband wondered if it was from the dog bowl. I used her old one while I took it away. It immediately started to heal up. I gave it to her again out of curiosity, and she injured her nose trying to get to her food. A large sore spot on her nose is caused by the raised ridges. I have thrown away my bowl and her nose is almost back to normal.

👤I hate this bowl. I used to be able to wolf my dinner down in 20 seconds. It's a big deal! And it was gone. Who cares what I went to the vet for? Ize likes to eat quickly. I have to work to get every piece of kibble with this retro orange dish. It takes me 10 minutes to eat dinner. It's downright embarrassing. The shame. The shame! Hmm. I haven't been to the vet in a while. I am so happy. I'm sure it's just coincidence.

👤The large, purple Kyjen bowl is being compared to the small, teal Siensync bowl. The purple bowl was purchased 2 years ago, while the teal bowl was purchased a month ago. They are using a mix of coonhounds. Both bowls do their job. I don't think that one design is better than the other, but I do think that it is a better design for the human. Since the teal bowl is smaller, more food is stacked, allowing for a larger dog's food intake. The larger bowl has more food to spread out. The dog eating out of the purple bowl should finish sooner than the dog eating out of the teal bowl because she enjoys eating more. The bowls have a small amount of dry dog food in them. The teal bowl has raised pieces, while the purple bowl has attached pieces. The large purple bowl won this category since the teal bowl has already lost 2 pieces. I think either choice would yield desired results. If you have a dog that needs to slow down a bit, the small bowl would work. If you have a dog that almost eats their food, the larger bowl would be better for them.

4. Dog Treat Ball Interactive Dispensing

Dog Treat Ball Interactive Dispensing

Natural latex rubber is high quality. Extra tough elastic rubber is designed to stand up to chewing. Reliable material to chew on. Moderate chewing is recommended, not aggressive chewing. The unique teeth and bar design on the IQ ball helps to clean the teeth and prevent the formation of Tartar and plaque while massage their gums when chewing. The Interactive and Treat Dispensing Ball can be used as a fetch ball. You can trim the openings to make it easier for the treats to fall out. The IQ treat balls come in two different sizes. Good for small, medium and large breeds. The small and large sizes are 2 inches and 3 inches, respectively. Pick a size larger than the width of your dog's mouth to ensure no accidental swallowing and proper supervision when playing with toys. Strong aggressive chew dogs are not recommended. Please choose the right size for your dog. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 12 months warranty. They are here to help if you contact them by clicking "Ask a question".

Brand: Ontwopets

👤It bounces, is a good size, and my dog was able to chew pieces of it off in less than 30 minutes.

👤My dog liked the toy. It lasted 5 days with my dog before he chewed it. He loved it. This was his favorite toy to destroy and he had a great time doing it. My dog is a lab mix. He really enjoyed chewing it up, and it helped him relax while he was at work. If your dog is a chewer, you should expect it to be chewed up, but at least your dog will have fun doing it. Even though he loved it, I'm still going to order another for him even though I'm giving this a 3.5 to 4 star rating.

👤This brand is very stiff and I love the idea. The little sections are hard to get treats in. A dog just gave up and doesn't like it. A brand that is a bit softer was purchased.

👤When we fill it with fresh food, my dog will spend hours with it. It is hard to get the food in the nooks and crannys, but it is worth it for the dog. I have a full grown boxer that will eat tube socks, and any kind of normal dog bone, and this things has held up. Would recommend!

👤The product is really good. My chewers took a second to break it because it was a soft rubber. I cut one of the flaps to make it easier to get dog food out. Good design. A steady toy. It was worth the money.

👤It gets a bit messy when I keep my dogs going. Softer treats get mashed up in the "teeth" of the ball, while harder biscuits get mashed up when the dogs lick at it to get it out. It serves its purpose and keeps them busy. I am not disappointed in the $13 dog toy. Thanks!

👤The dogs don't like it. They like licking peanut butter from the middle, but when you put it in the outside, it's hard to get it all out, and it's a pain to clean. They didn't like having to get their food out of it and gave up on it quickly.

👤The ball is not very durable. My dog chewed through it in a few minutes. This product is garbage. So disappointed! Unless you have pliers or a screw driver, it's impossible to get out of the stuck treats.

5. XiaZ Interactive Training Dispenser Adjustable

XiaZ Interactive Training Dispenser Adjustable

The dog treat game and dog slow feeders are a wonderful combination. A clear plastic jug will allow your dog to see the food and smell it through the hole. The design of the slow feeding pad makes it hard for dogs to eat and cause them to be bloated. An interactive dog toy is a great mental exercise that stimulates your pet's mind and senses. Pets need a constant challenge to stay mentally fit. It's a great mental toy to keep dementia away. When you don't have time to play with your pet, they are more likely to be destructive. Giving them some work can make them happy. If you coat the feeding mat with your pet's favorite snack, it will reduce anxiety and calm your pet during a bath or grooming. The bottom of the dog brain game is a bamboo plate, which is strong and not easily knocked down. The bottles and lick pads are made of food grade Silicone. Six caps can hold different sizes of dog food. Different sizes of dogs can be suited by the three levels of height. It can be adjusted for current skill level and adapted into more difficult challenges as they get better. Don't worry about your dog's inability to operate.

Brand: Xiaz

👤The toy cracked after a few plays.

👤My JRT loves to work on the cylinders. He will spin the empty cylinder if he wants a refill.

👤Not very strong was built. I bought an extra pole because my one didn't come with it. I had a bye and had to go search for the right size because the Cubs broke after a few times of playing and it was not worth it.

👤The toy works well. It makes the dogs think. When one uses it, I have to crate it so the others don't come in and interfere. I have to keep an eye on my dogs when they use it because sometimes they want to bite the tubes off and break them, so I have to tell them not to do that. The food/treats fall out at the right pace if it is not easy to fill. There are different sizes of holes. It makes them think and entertains them. It was easy to put it together. You can use the lick mat anywhere. Do recommend.

👤I've been thinking of making one of these for a while and thought I'd try it. The wooden base and sides are well made, with nice nut caps and bottles that hold enough treats to keep a normal dog occupied. My 7 year old sheltie likes me to spin the bottles for her, but she hasn't figured it out for herself yet. It comes with two different bottle caps, one for larger and one for smaller, which is a nice touch. Even if my dog doesn't like to work for her treats, I'm happy with this dog toy.

👤I bought it for my sister's dog and he loves it, but he was a little lost at first, but now he plays it all the time and I really recommend it.

6. PetSafe SlimCat Meal Dispensing Great Treats

PetSafe SlimCat Meal Dispensing Great Treats

As your cat chases the SlimCat across the floor, watch her instincts come alive. ExERCISE: Combines eating and exercise to fight weight gain. Personalization is about being yourself. Control how quickly your cat gets her food with convenient openings. Improvement is the trait. SlimCat distributes meals into smaller portions so it is easier for your cat to eat. Can be used for fun with treats. The dishwasher is safe. Only the top rack. You can call, email or chat with their expert US-based Customer Care specialists, who are ready to assist you and your pet with their product needs.

Brand: Petsafe

👤My fat cat was able to get food from the ball in 2 days. It doesn't surprise me. Nope. He just lays down, uses one paw to roll it back and forth in front of him, and eats whatever drops are thrown at him. I should have known he wouldn't accept it. This is great for him since he can no longer scarf his food down and throw it away. It's not good for additional exercise.

👤We are going on vacation this summer and our cat sitter will stop by twice a day to tend to our cats, so we needed a toy that stimulates the cats while everyone is out of the house. The ball was easy to fill and adjust to the food flow. I bought a hamster loop track to keep the ball contained. I put packing tape over the top and bottom of the track to make it easy to wipe clean. One cat was able to push the ball around to get food out, while the other needed more training. I put some of their favorite treats in the ball to make them want to eat them. If our cat bumps the ball into the toy, it will cause food to fall out and they will push or pat the ball around more. Our cats are not food driven, but one likes to be fed at a certain time and likes to eat throughout the day, and this snack ball is working well with them with a little training. This ball is easy to clean, it is small, holds a cup of food, and is easy to carry, but it needs to air dry, since you can't wipe inside the door slide mechanism. I would buy a new hamster ball track again.

👤If we fed her a regular diet of dry food, she would be obese. She only eats dry food for treats. I had been using a small water bottle with a hole cut in the side as a "puzzle" treat for her to roll around, but I wanted something that was a little more sturdy and didn't look like we had recycling just laying around our kitchen. The ball was perfect. All we have to do is shake it and my cat will run into the kitchen and cry for it. The small holes in the dry kibble let out a lot of food. To make it more of a challenge, we put masking tape inside to cover up two of the three holes. It will still come out fast, but it adds a little more of a challenge and keeps her occupied a little longer. When we leave the house and need to lock her up in the back of the house, this thing has been great to distract her.

👤Cute, inexpensive, and works well. I got the Northmate catch Interactive feeders for cats and here are the results for my cat, since cats are not all the same. My cat likes the PetSafe food dispensers ball more, and will always use it first until it's empty. He will empty that one in about 30 minutes. The more expensive Northmate is great since he will use it for only 5 minutes at a time and then leave. Since he only can get out one kibble at a time, he doesn't get a lot in a short period of time, so he takes a lot of sessions before emptying it. This makes it last much longer, which has helped prevent him from waking me up early in the morning for food. If you're in a rush in the morning, the Northmate is much easier to refill. You dump the scoop of kibble in there and you're on your way. The food dispensers ball rotates the holes closed for filling, opening them again, and setting them back down again. It can be difficult to get the right size opening for the kibble. I split my cat's food between the two food puzzles at dinner time and give him food in the morning because he likes the ball. The Northmate won easily for me and harder for the cat. It takes longer for him to empty it so he can spread his food out better. He loves the food ball and it's cute when he uses it, so I like having both products. We'll use both for more stimulation.

7. PetSafe Kibble Nibble Dispensing Medium

PetSafe Kibble Nibble Dispensing Medium

The Kibble Nibble is an interactive toy that your dog can play with. SLOW DOWN MEALS. It's perfect for dogs that need a little help with their weight. It's safe and durable. The plastic is non-toxic and dishwasher safe. It's easy to use, just twist the two sides together, fill one side with treats or kibble, and let the good times roll. Add a variety of tasty treats for hours of fun. Size information is available. Dogs over 20 lbs should be in a medium/ large size. You can call, email, or chat with their expert US-based customer care specialists, who are ready to assist you and your pet. PetSafe brand has been a leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The Omega Ball, Kong treat dispenser and the Bob-A-Lot are all toys that I have. The PetSafe Meal Dispensing Toy has two holes at each end that are easy to clean, and it is easy to fill since you remove it. Since the toy is egg shaped, it makes it harder to get the kibble out since the toy tends to roll on his sides and not from top to bottom. The material is made from rubber and hard plastic, so it is noisy and not for a dog who likes to chew. My dog was rolling it around and it came off several times. You have to trim the plastic at the top of the holes to make sure it comes out. If you ever change the size of the kibble, there is no going back. It's my least favorite. The Omega Ball is made out of a soft rubber so it is quiet and can stand up to chewing. As he gets more of the food out, it becomes harder for it to come out. The opening is too large to allow a meal to be put in there. If you only put a few treats in there, it's not a big deal. It is hard to clean. There is a lip around the hole where the kibble comes out. It is almost impossible to get water out of there. It is one of my favorites despite the cons. The Bob-A-Lot is able to change the hole size to allow for more difficulty, big enough for an entire meal. When I first bought this, I assumed that you just remove the yellow top and add your food. They have another treat hole that can be adjusted for size when you remove the top. If you are feeding your dog a meal, this won't allow you to fill the toy easily. It also does not allow you to clean it. Wobbler is a Kong treat dispensers. Pros: Solid construction, easy to clean, and easy to fill. The hole is large enough to hold several cups of dry kibble, and it is also large enough to allow many different types of kibble. You can't change the hole size to make it more difficult. I tried to add a ball inside but it didn't work out. When I want to make it more difficult, I just put a small piece of tape across the inside of the hole. It is my favorite. Along with the Omega Ball.

👤These are the best basic toys I've found. They're egg-shaped, so they don't skitter across the floor like balls, and end up under furniture less often. The dog is able to manipulate it, but it still takes some effort to get rid of the food. There are small fingers in each opening that can be adjusted with scissors to fit the size of the food. This is a hard plastic with rubber bumpers. I think it's a perfect construction. It's light, but big enough that a big dog can't get its jaws over it. I think there is more than one. Half of a football. This is a softball in size. Roughly. I got a used one from a dog trainer friend, so I'm happy they're still available.

8. Letofun Dispensing Interactive Enrichment Barbell Shaped

Letofun Dispensing Interactive Enrichment Barbell Shaped

? Is it possible that the IQ isEASES? The dog toy is a combination of a puzzle and a treat. IQ and Mental Stimulation can be stimulated by it. This is not a chewed toy and is intended for supervised playtime. ? The inner structure of your pets prevents them from being obese. It's good for your pet's digestion, especially those who eat too much. When the slow food toy is pushed by pets, it will leak out dog food, so fill it with your dog's favorite treats. If you want to speed up the dog food leak, the maze could be removed. The enrichment toy for dogs limits boredom and other unwanted behavior. This is a great way to stay healthy and have fun with your favorite activities. It's necessary to guide them to use it correctly. ? It is easy to clean. The toy ball can be used to add food. It can be done by hand- washing each part. Before filling, rinse and dry. The long side of the dog food should be less than 1 cm. A safe material. The Mind Stimulating Food Game toys are sturdy and made of non-toxic plastic. TYPE is a soft rubber roller that is more silent when rolling. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If the toy is damaged, remove it and replace it.

Brand: Letofun

👤Good idea, poor design. It took my dog a while to figure it out. Roll it forward and the treats fall out. There is no way to make it slower. My dog chews on it most of the time. My dog starts chewing on it when it jams because it is so easy to put food in it. The theme is what you get. Unless you grab the toy before the dog chews it, it will get chewed on all the time. The ends are made of a very soft rubber type material that makes them comfortable to chew on. You can see in the pictures that it broke quickly. This rubbery material picks up hair, fuzz, dust, and many other things. It was gross. The inside gets really dirty. The food starts to come apart and make a mess. It is hard to get clean. I let my dog play with it for four months before tossing it. Not worth the price. It was purchased for $12.99) with free Prime shipping. It has changed sellers, lowered the price, and removed the Prime shipping. You have to wait a while for delivery. It's not worth the price. I can not recommend this product. There are a lot of issues.

👤I bought this to see if my two dogs would like the toys. One dog absolutely loves it, and the other dog is slightly freaked out by the toy's movement and the rattling sound it makes when kibble is inside. Our dog likes to play with the toy and it has thick rubber ends, which is nice when he bumps it against furniture.

👤This was a great toy for my dog. He is a 1.5 year old Australian Kelpie. We only got to play with the toy for a week because he was able to remove the lid and eat some of the plastic that the kids put in it. I think this is a great toy if your dog is not overly food motivated and is more of a chewer. It would last a long time for those pups who don't destroy it.

👤This is a good item to keep your dog busy. My dog has to work to get her midday treat because I have a few different feeders. She takes a long time to get all the food pellet out of this one. She doesn't seem interested in chewing the chew proof, so I give it 5 stars. She is a chewer so she would be able to do damage to the rubbery end pieces. They seem sturdy, so maybe not. She doesn't try to chew it because she sees it as a food source.

👤The puppy was eating too fast. She slowed down her food consumption because of this. Quality materials should last a long time.

👤My dog loves puzzles and snuff mats, but this quickly became his favorite. I put a few pieces of his regular food in it. He puts it around the house. It keeps him engaged for a long time.

9. Idepet Nontoxic Resistant Cleaning Exercise

Idepet Nontoxic Resistant Cleaning Exercise

The product is made from extra-tough rubber and is safe for your dog to grind and clean their teeth. It's perfect for fetch and interaction with your dog. Adding food or treats into the grooves can keep them busy for hours. There is a strong tooth. Soft and unique surface relief can help clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy. Intelligence and IQ training can be improved. This dog toy is easy to play with and it is convenient to train dogs. Your naughty active dogs will love it.

Brand: Idepet

👤We have a dog that hates the rain and could care less about toys. We live in the Pacific Northwest. He loves to eat. We have a lot of toys to give him to play with, so he can be lazy on a rainy day. We have had this toy for months and it is still in perfect condition, even though I was skeptical it would hold up. I mix it up with how I use it, sometimes I put sugarless peanut butter into the grooves, sometimes I put cheese into it, and sometimes I just put some of his food in it. He gets excited when I pick it up and it works well as a distraction for me because of my anxiety. I think he likes it when I leave. Spoiled brat!

👤Not for real dogs. If you have an aggressive chewer, skip this toy. It was shredded almost instantly.

👤My dog went crazy after I put food in the ball. The rubber teeth hold the treats when they are thrown. The ball is the same size as a tennis ball so it's easy for dogs to grab. The hole in the middle is the best place to freeze peanut butter. I think my dog will enjoy this ball for a long time.

👤I gave this as a gift to two dogs that love puzzles. They loved it. It helps clean teeth. I broke the dog food into smaller pieces.

👤These are the best toys we have found. They are awesome. They were set up. You can eat cheese or something in the middle. The dogs are engrossed in something. When they are done, I put them in soapy water to get rid of the grooves. It is great! We bought two more sets. We love them!

👤This is a great treat for my dog. He is occupied when he is left alone. He doesn't chew it up to bits. He will chew and play with it when it isn't full of treats. My dog seems to prefer this over his Kong. Would definitely recommend.

👤I love these! It takes our 6 month old Shiba Inu about 20 minutes to get all the pieces out of the puppy kibble. She chews like a charm and you can hear the plastic Brissels against her teeth. When I need her to sit still for a nail trim, I use peanut butter in it.

👤My dog likes this type of ball. I have a boxer pit that can rip up the ball if it's strong enough. She's happy and it lasts a few months. The design allows her to clean her teeth. It's bouncy and makes playing fetch more fun. This is the best toy I've found so far.

👤It provides entertainment for our puppy. I spread peanut butter over the top of her kibble. I was hoping to use this to feed her breakfast, the entire meal, if they were bigger to fit more food. The rubber is very soft and the balls are covered in tooth marks. She would have chewed them to pieces.

10. ZINEQI Colorful Dispenser Interactive Enrichment

ZINEQI Colorful Dispenser Interactive Enrichment

Every dog should have a puzzle toy including 8 treat blocks and 14 holes. Dog puzzles for smart dogs are designed to challenge your dogs and cats. The dog food and snack dispensers are a great way to keep your dog stimulated and to teach her some cognitive skills. The built-in reward system of puzzles makes learning fun and easy when the dog uses their nose or paws. The dog puzzle feeders will help your pet's sense of smell, thinking ways to solve problems and prevent diseases at the same time. A dog smart beginner helps slow your dog's eating down to a healthy pace. It is also an interesting puppy puzzle toy, whether they are small, medium, large or dogs. A dog toy could be a good way to decrease their bloat. PREMIUM and easy to clean. The puzzle is made from Heavy Duty PP meterial and embedded Non-Slip Pads to ensure it is stable. To avoid swallowing, they used Non-Detachable sliders. The dog puzzle toys are easy to clean with soap in cold water, and then they will be dried naturally after washing. They are willing to give their customers a free service because of the high quality dog toy. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any quality issues or questions. Your dogs love this activity.

Brand: Zineqi

👤It took our dogs a little while to figure out how to use this. Our dog picked up on it a little faster than our lab did. Our lab is able to figure it out now, but we're not sure if it's because they're smaller or not. Even though the paw size is different, either one is able to move the pieces around. When it comes to treats, we have small treats that fit inside, but the bigger bones allow them to fit inside a lot better, and we break them into pieces. It is easy to collect fur and crumbs on the floor. The best thing about this toy is that it's completely clean. I rinse it off by moving it around in soapy water. I have to move the pieces around to get the cubbies to dry, but it's easy to clean. The toy is fun to watch them look for.

👤My black lab is not a very sharp knife, but he was able to eat everything out of the treat puzzle in about 10 seconds, without any experience with it before. The pieces are easy to move around. The thing feels flimsy and easy to break, but most puzzles are made of plastic. Unless your dog is a complete idiot, you should start with a more advanced treat puzzle.

👤Rider understood what he had to do with the IQ puzzle. He mastered it very quickly. He knows he will get to play with his puzzle after he does his business. He doesn't sniff for days before he does. eagle owners will understand that The "sliders" are easy to open and the puzzle is sturdy. This toy is very good.

👤Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise. It promotes nose work. This is the first puzzle I have gotten for him. I've watched him problem solve each time he's used it, and he's pretty much figured it out. It's time to get another one.

👤A smart dog tried to pull off handles with her teeth. We don't use her chewing strength often because she has amazing strength. The border collie-poodle mix took about 2 minutes to finish. She tried to pull the parts off with her teeth. It's great for instant gratification.

👤I started feeding my puppy his meals because he loves it. It keeps him occupied. I take a star off because it is hard to clean, I wish you could take it apart. I couldn't figure out how to not hurt myself.

👤I like this thing. I taught my dog how to do it. I hid the treats so he wouldn't smell them, but he was determined to get them. It didn't take long for him to figure it out. It doesn't get boring for him.

👤Good start to enrichment. The slidey things are great for beginners. My baby knows he can move it with his nose. I take it apart and clean it. It's very easy to take apart and put it back together. I give him vitamins in a different way.

11. Encuraper Interactive Enrichment Barbell Shaped Dispensing

Encuraper Interactive Enrichment Barbell Shaped Dispensing

The treat dispenser dog toy combines the mental stimulation of a puzzle with the tasty rewards of a treat. It can help your pets with their mental stimulation. The inner structure of your pet's diet prevents them from being obese. When the slow food toy is pushed by pets, it will roll and leak out dog food. The enrichment toy for dogs eliminates boredom. This is a great health diversion with their favorite activities, the toy will draw dogs' attention and make them crazy about it. This is not a chewed toy and is intended for supervised playtime. The interactive toy is easy to clean. It can be done by hand- washing each part. Before filling, rinse and dry. This mind stimulating food game toys made of non-toxic plastic are sturdy. TYPE is a soft rubber roller that is more silent when rolling. Do not leave toys with pets. If the toy is damaged, remove it and replace it.

Brand: Encuraper

👤I haven't had a chance to review it, but it does seem sturdy. It is fun for the dog to have fun once in a while. He finds it exciting because it rolls easily on wood or tile. I wouldn't call it a puzzle. The dog just has to nose it around in different directions on the floor and the food will come out slowly. I haven't put anything else in it, so that's assuming the pieces are small. I haven't tried anything else because the openings don't seem to be adjusted, as far as I can tell. Is that correct? I went and measured the openings. It looks like anything larger than 1/2 inch would get stuck.

👤This is a great toy for a rough housing puppy to get rid of steam and have a snack. It is very durable. It holds about a quarter of a cup of food. It takes a lot of effort to match up and screw a lid to a container. I would have given this 5 stars, but the can only give it 3 with the hope that we get a malfunctioning toy and most toys are better on the screw top.

👤It's been great for my dog. He's 5 months old and he's busy for a while. He knows how to get it out of the way. Only uses small kibble.

👤My dog chewed the plastic on the end of the cap. It's definitely not for medium or aggressive chewers. She took part of the plastic within a minute.

👤My dog destroyed this in an hour. He chewed the ends until they were useless. I don't think he cared about anything inside. I still think it would be a good puzzle toy, but it did not pass my dog's durability test.

👤We bought this to keep our dog occupied. He destroyed the cap in two days. This is a good toy for a non- aggressive chewer, but if your child likes to gnaw, skip this.

👤Our little Pom is a big fan of chasing and eating.

👤My dog is not interested in this. He enjoys food and toys, but has no desire to play with them. It is easy to fill. It sits alone on the floor.


What is the best product for food dispenser dog feeder toy?

Food dispenser dog feeder toy products from Outward Hound. In this article about food dispenser dog feeder toy you can see why people choose the product. Wisedom and Ontwopets are also good brands to look for when you are finding food dispenser dog feeder toy.

What are the best brands for food dispenser dog feeder toy?

Outward Hound, Wisedom and Ontwopets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food dispenser dog feeder toy. Find the detail in this article. Xiaz, Petsafe and Petsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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