Best Food Dispenser for Fish Tank

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1. Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder Rechargeable

Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder Rechargeable

The two types of power supply are charged by the computer and batteries, which saves energy and protects the environment. Work time is long. It can be charged and discharged up to 800 times. It can be used for 3-6 months on a single charge. A large capacity feed bucket is suitable for a variety of fish feed. You can set up to 4 feedings a day, feeding at least once a day. You can experience the fun of feeding at the same time. The feeder can feed fish and turtles on weekends or holidays.

Brand: Zacro

👤My aquarium's hood/ lighting unit would not work with this product's mounting vice. I modified my hood to accommodate this. I drilled a hole in the hood to allow the food to fall through, after mounting my feeders on top of it. I put a small funnel in to catch the food. There are some pictures. I hope this helps.

👤When I return from college, I will use this feeder on my betta tank. I was looking for something that would allow me to feed a small number of pellets a few times a day to better regulate feeding since the betta is the only fish in the tank and has shrimp tank-mates. This isn't a good fit for that purpose. The interface is very user friendly. Setting the time, number of feedings, amount of turns for each feeding, and times for the feedings each day were all fine. It has a simple battery meter and holds a decent charge, but has not been used in a while and still has a full battery. The tank glass could be improved by the rubber grips on the clamp. I recommend that it be used on only rectangular tanks because it tends to slip on the curved walls. Setting the amount of food for each turn can be accomplished by moving the small feeding door on the top of the food holder cup. If you need 20 or more for feeding on the smallest setting, this is only good for you. I had to modify the opening to limit the amount of pellets I could take. It is very easy to refill. There is a large door on the side of the cup. The standard microusb cable is used to charge the device. The unit was partially charged. There is a The large size of the unit is the only other thing you should be aware of. It held a lot of food and was very large for my setup. I did not regret my purchase. I had to modify it for my use case but it is a well built and easy to use feeder that will work well for the average user. Pros: Easy to use interface, large battery, large food capacity, many feeding options, and no grip on the curved tanks.

👤I bought this device because of high reviews and no batteries. I wanted to like this device because of the charging ability, but that is where the positives end. It was hard to find a place to put the device without it being on my cover because of the design. It has a bad design for securing a fish tank. Poor design causes it to fall off. It would randomly shut off and come back on when squeezed or bumped. I would wake up in the morning and not have to work. I have a hard time believing the other reviews. I will do a little more research when I buy a product on Amazon.

👤The design and setup of the restaurant is wonderful, even though it may be difficult to get the quantity of food you want. It's easy to setup and hasn't missed a feeding. It is easy to refill. It's easy to modify. The battery makes me feel better. I can leave my 1yr old in the crib for longer than 3 days at a time with this device. The smell is terrible. He's getting fed.

2. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Feeder

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Feeder

It can serve up to 14 individual meals. Feeds all fish foods. The timer provides from 1 to 4 meals per day. Reliable and accurate. The battery indicator is not working.

Brand: Fish Mate

👤One of the few options I had was a Betta fish feeders. A Betta only eats 1 or 2 granules per day, but the others seem to scoop a lot of food. A scoop wouldn't work for me. Each of the 14 individual compartments had to be loaded with the amount of food they wanted. It can feed a lot. It takes a little time to put a granule or 2 in each compartment, but it takes up to 14 days of feeding, so it's not a big deal. There was a small problem. As the dial goes around, each compartment with food passes over a hole and the food is dropped into the water. The hole and the compartments are the same size, but they don't line up. There is a small object at the front of the hole. The 2 granules are small enough to sit on the ledge without falling. The Betta might not have food for a day if the food drops where the wheel moves again. I had to make the hole bigger on the front end so that the "ledge" wouldn't exist. This could be improved on in the design. It is a shame that there are not many feeders designed for Betta.

👤We have used thisfeeder a few times. We were out of the country for 16 days and it worked out perfectly. You want to make sure you use newer batteries. I used $1.00 store batteries and they didn't have enough juice for them. We put the feeder on his tank. Right above him. I was worried that it wouldn't work since it warned about being flat, but it worked that way. We made a stand by drilling some 2x4's together. Make sure you test it before you leave your fish. We figured out how to make it better by putting a divider in the middle of the feed hole, because I had trouble working on the first feed day. We got an extra day that way. See the pic. You can remove the lid if you experience steam build up. Setting the real time and the fish feeding time was easy. The fish mate was easy to use and did what we needed it to do. We are very happy with our purchase. My fish thanks you!

👤Most people don't trust auto-feeders, but for the most part they're right. The Fishmate F14 is a different type offeeder. condensation getting their food soggy and preventing the unit from rotating are some of the negative reviews. You know, what nearly all of those reviews have in common? The air pump is not connected to the air line attachment. After a few days, I had an issue with the water in my unit. I connected an air pump to solve the problem. Use it for a reason. Do not put anything on top of the feeders. The rotating wheel can hang up if the weight on the top cover catches it. The head and shoulders above the "drum" style feeders are absolutely fantastic. It's fundamentally different. There are 15 compartments in the feeder. There is a hole at the front of the feeders so that food can fall into the tank when it is moved over it. The main benefit of this style of feeder is that you can put premeasured amounts of food in the unit, as well as different types of food. I need to feed 3 times of food to my community tank, and this feeder allows me to do this. The drum style feeders wouldn't be able to do that. Since each portion is premeasured, there's no worry of the feeders dumping too much or not enough food into the tank. The middle is an automatic timer for lights, it does one complete rotation in 24 hours. When the time arrives, the mechanism rotates the food wheel one space, because you put the reg pegs at the time you want to feed. The food is slowly dispersed over the course of an hour and a half, instead of being dumped at once. I like that it gives the fish a chance to eat all the food. Depending on how many times a day you have it set to feed the fish, it can feed from 3.5 days to 14 days. You only have slots for the red pegs every 3 hours, so your feeding times could be midnight, 3am, 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, or 9pm. Something worth noting is that this isn't an issue to me. If you really want a specific time, you could offset the time of day on the feeders to correspond with your desired times. You can hook an air pump up to the air inlet on the bottom of the feeder. This will help reduce the amount of water in the unit. Positive pressure is created by the air flowing in the unit. I have had no issues with food getting wet with the air pump attachment. My air stone is in the tank, and there is a decent amount of surface movement from it. I'm very pleased with this unit. I ordered a second one to feed my shrimp tank. I'm often away from home a week at a time, so a reliable feeder is of paramount importance to me. I've been using the Fishmate F14 for over four months and have not had any issues. The unit has an AA battery. It can be difficult to get the food in the feeding compartments when you load it. If you want to know where you want your food to go, you can put your food on a piece of paper and fold the paper in half so you can see where you want it to go. Since doing that, I've had no issues getting the food I want. That's quite a sales pitch, isn't it? I want to make sure others know that this is the only one of this style. I can't find a place in the US that sells the Grsslin 400, which is twice the price of the Fishmate. If you're looking for a fish feed, look no further!

3. Penn PBV1 7 Day Vacation Feeder

Penn PBV1 7 Day Vacation Feeder

When you need to feed your fish while traveling, the 7 Day Vacation Feeder is the ideal product. Each time-release block can feed your aquarium for up to seven days. Made with high-quality fish food. It has fish favorites like Tubifex and Bloodworm. Place a block in your aquarium.

Brand: Penn-plax

👤We were gone for 10 days and I used one fish. I have a male in a bowl. After reading other reviews about the mess on the bottom of the tab, I decided to suspend the tab by attaching it to a small bobber and using a piece of fishing line wrapped around the 'tail'. I didn't come home to a dead fish, cloudy water or any of the other issues that were described by some reviewers, because it worked great.

👤We were out of town for 5 days and had three Betta Fish bowls. We decided to hang the fish food in the bowls while we were gone, instead of letting it sit on the bottom of the bowl. We used a left over fishing line wrapped around the tail end of the food and then wrapped the other end around a chop stick and taped it to the side of the bowl so the food was suspended about an inch deep. We were happy to see the three betta fish that were alive, but also happy to see them. I feel like hanging the food reduces the build up of food in the water as it didn't seem to be an issue with the water. I will keep these on hand for future trips away from home.

👤We returned from our vacation to find a betta fish that was in poor shape. He was so weak he couldn't swim or eat his normal food and died the next day. My parents would give me a new tablet every week when they were at the house. The photo shows a complete tablet in water and a full one in a tank.

👤One tablet kept our fish alive during our 10 day trip to Hawaii. Our 4 year old was so happy to see her pet after her trip that her parents took a sigh of relief. Couldn't afford a pet sitter for her fish.

👤Don't waste your money. The water was cloudy in just 4 days because of this thing. Our fish was close to death. I didn't eat it. The fish wouldn't swim and would stay by the filter area of the fishtank. I am not sure if it will live or die. We replaced the water on the tank to hope he recovers. Don't use it for your fish.

👤I had a 5 gallon tank with a filter and moving water and it worked great for my 7 day vacation. Nobody died and there was no mess in the tank. I was very nervous to try these because there are so many mixed reviews. I'm glad I did. Make sure you test them out before you go to fish.

👤I would buy it again and again. We used to use a different brand of feeder and it would cloud up the tank as it dissolved. I decided to try pro balance after reading some reviews. We returned to live in a happy fish house after a week away. Their water was not cloudy and there was a small pile of food left where the feeders was laying. It's a great product to have.

4. Noodoky Automatic Dispenser Adjustable Aquarium

Noodoky Automatic Dispenser Adjustable Aquarium

It lasts for 3-6 months on a single charge. There are four feeding time period setting and three levels portion control for each time, which can be chosen by rotating circles of the round bucket. The feeding time will be set by pressing the button for 5 seconds. The Instant Feeding Button can be used to feed your fish at any time with one press. Fix it on the tank glass wall of thickness ranging from 0 to 33mm/1.3 inch by a fixed base or on the flat surface of the tank using a double-side sticker.

Brand: Noodoky

👤It's great for our fish when we're away. We only have one fish and it's hard to get the right amount of food. I put a piece of tape over the part that makes the dispensers work.

👤There is a warning for anyone that has never used an automatic feeder. Before you put it on your tank, you need to test the output. I didn't think about that and had the door open. It dumped about 5 ounces of food into my tank. What a mess. I was able to respond quickly because I was standing there. I used a permanent marker to make sure I knew where to open the door if I needed to. It works well. The item arrived undamaged and the customer service was great. Would highly recommend.

👤When we went on a vacation, we used this item for a fish. The water is cloudy and disgusting when we get back after a week of using the drop-in feeder. The water was clear when we got back after we fed the fish. I highly recommend.

👤The device works by rotating its food chamber one full rotation per feeding release. Each feeding time you can set 4 releases. The amount of food you want to eat depends on the size of the sliding window you open on the chamber. If you have ever set a digital watch or clock that requires you to hold down a button or act quickly, you will understand how the feeding times works. The setting of 4 "boxes" is pale and hard to see on the time screen, but you can see it on the Amazon photo, which represents a full rotation of the cylinder at that feeding time. You can dump out a window-full of food by rotating box 1, 2, 3 or 4. I was able to fit this on my tank by setting a block of wood with a strip of wood screwed to it. The food can be dropped where you want it.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. My only two complaints are that it functions as designed. It's hard to adjust to having the food drop accurately through the opening in the aquarium lid, leaving extra bits of food piling up over time. 2. I use high quality Duracell batteries and they last about 8 weeks. If the level gets low, you don't want your fish missing any meals. Every time you swap batteries, you have to reset the clock and feeding times. I would love it if it were a plug-in, with battery backup, and a better mount for better aim. It's a solid 3 stars and probably just as good as its competitors.

👤When we go away, they are great for feeding fish and turtles. I taped a thread to the top of the barrel to make it so quiet. I hang it on one side and it turns into something else. That's how I know it worked. That's not a complaint, it's a suggestion on how to know its working while you learn to trust it.

5. Everyday Feeder Programmable Automatic Dispenser

Everyday Feeder Programmable Automatic Dispenser

It's great for everyday use, no matter where you are. If you want to feed your fish everyday, set it and let it. Feeding healthy fish is worry-free. It is easy to set up and use. The food is kept dry by the integrated fan and ventilation system.

Brand: Eheim

👤I switched to automatic feeders about six months ago and have bought about six of them as my daily drivers. Over the course of time, I think I can list a few pros and cons of this product. This product is easy to manage and program. I lost the owners manual a couple of months ago and with three to four buttons, you don't really need it to program this device. The amount regulator is easy to adjust, depending on the amount of food you want to distribute. If I feel the fish need more, I will increase the revolutions. I switched to automatic feeders because of consistency. I am a sucker for over-feeding and have gone through many problems with too much food. From fat fish to smelly water, from being tempted into an extra pinch of food for entertainment's sake. Yes. I paid for every mistake I made. I can go weeks without ever touching the fish food, which gives me a baseline to adjust the amount if I need to. It helps me diagnose problems and not worry about over-feeding as a cause. This device has been used for months without a hitch. I wanted to use this as a help during vacations, but I wanted to make sure it did its job while I was watching it. After a couple of months, I never had a technical problem with this product. The 'dissolving' food option for vacationers seemed like a cheaper option, but the reviews I read about those products, scared me away with putting so many extra chemicals into the water. I still would give this product 5 stars, but there are a few things that I don't like. I need two devices to make sure my corys and gouramis get the food they need. For the gouramis, I have food, but for the corys, I have sinking pellets. I thought about mixing the two together and having one device, but I realized that the consistency would fail if I tried this. The food could get stuck. If you have bettas and the pellets are different sizes, you might want to switch to flakes. If you open the door wide, the large particles could get stuck and block the food from coming out, but if you keep the door tight, you could end up dropping a lot of food. If the pellets are the same size, go for the flake food, and if not, don't drop a lot of food. Don't place an air stone or HOB filter over it. I had a one week vacation and had to relearn this the hard way. I positioned the container over the airstone and the water splashes ended inside. The food was rotten after a week and the fish were not eating for a few days. I agree with Rachel O'leary that if you have a really moist fish room, you shouldn't use fish feeders. The food was kept dry for weeks upon weeks if I kept the feeders away from the HOB filters. There are four To change or re-fill food. I forget to refill or adjust the programming base on my fish stock, but this is a great problem to have. I can easily run into a problem of over-feeding if I don't adjust the amount of food dropped. A practice not done everyday is easy to forget. I would give this product 5 stars and I will continue to buy only this brand because it works for me, even though there are some cons to keep in mind. I have not used any other brand, but I did look through all the reviews before choosing this device. I think the pros are more important than my concerns. Hope this review helped.

6. FYD Automatic Aquarium Dispenser Vacation

FYD Automatic Aquarium Dispenser Vacation

Automatic and timeliness fees. Their auto fish feeders can be operated manually or automatically. You can feed your fish at a scheduled time or you can start feeding immediately by pressing the button. Only indoor use, not waterproof. The battery-operated fish food timer can last for 23 months. The auto fish feeders are great for daily use. You don't have to worry about fish feeding on a business trip. Most types of fish food, such as dry, loose flake and particle feed, are compatible with the Stable Food and Fish Tank. It's ideal for fish tanks. It can be used to feed most of the animals in a pet aquarium. It is easy to add feed without removing the feeding bin because of the unique structure of the feed opening on the top. The amount of fish food can be adjusted by adjusting the sliders. The two ways to fix it are free-standing or rim-mounted. It is easy to fix it on the tank glass with the thickness ranging from 0 to 33mm/1.3 inch by using a double-side sticker, or on the flat surface of the tank by using a fixed base.

Brand: Fyd

👤I like to use simple tools for simple tasks. The fish feeders is very simple and has good quality. It does what I need. It is very quiet. I don't like having to deal with charging cable. I have too many charging cables. It's nicer to replace the battery every 6 months than to charge it.

👤This works as far as I can tell. We got it for when we were away, but now I leave it on the tank all the time. There is no timer and a couple of other things. Every 12 hours it spins. When the batteries are installed, there is no way to set a specific time. It takes about 3 seconds to feed the fish. Unless you stare at it for hours, you don't know if it fed your fish. I took it out of the tank and when I woke up there was fish on the table. I guess it feeds them. The fish food in the aquarium is gunked together, so be sure to check it frequently, as it may spin, but no food comes out, because it is all gunked together.

👤I love how great this is. It is quiet and feeds the fish. I don't know how well it works for flakes. Does it do its job? It would be easier to manage if these were improved, because the size of the hole is not ranged enough to get the right portion for my fish. I have one wager. I put it on the smallest hole and it still releases a lot of food. I put a piece of tape over the rest of the slot. 2. I wish there was a way to know that it was on and working. If there was a light. If the batteries were dead, you would know. I would like a power switch. It is a feeder that works. I wish it had more features.

👤The feed mechanism is a small sliding door that has a big amount of space for the size. The feeding mechanism is inaccurate and can easily be opened from the pressure of the food inside. The only thing this thing can do is give out food when it's time to leave the opening. The pellet/flakes are not a uniform size and can release a lot of food. I measure between 7 and 25 pellets with the same opening size, depending on how the food bounces around inside. Your pet will be overfed.

👤The sticky double sided disk held the lid in place, but it might not be easy to remove, just make sure you have the food exit in the right spot. It took a few times using the manual button and a piece of paper to get the food to the right spot. The opening of the food is the next challenge because it is based on the type of food you use. I tried the smallest opening, but it was too much for a single beta. The smallest opening was too small for just flakes, so I mixed them with pellets to get the right amount. I used the manual several times to make sure the amount was correct. If you take the time to set it up, it is not bad. The next issue was "trust", but it was working. I had to balance the stir straw on the top so I could see that it was rotating. I did this for a week. It's a great buy if you take the time to make sure everything is perfect.

7. NICREW Automatic Programmable Electric Dispenser

NICREW Automatic Programmable Electric Dispenser

It is possible to set 4 daily feeding times, which will keep your fish healthy while you are away. The feeder can be mounted on almost any style aquarium. Provides snacks via a simple push of the manual button. programming is made easier by a digital panel. You can input the feeding times and amount of food you need. It can be installed in two different ways. Aquariums with top widths up to 0.95 inches can be fitted with a mounting bracket. The food drum can be adjusted to fit a variety of different fish food and quantities, making it suitable for goldfish, tropical or marine aquariums.

Brand: Nicrew

👤I feed small fish in a 10 gallon tank every day. I wish there was an option for a smaller portion of the fish. They've been fine while I've been gone. I appreciated being able to put the feeder on the lid of my tank, it was quite large and bulky. If your lid isn't flat, it comes with an glue. It doesn't line up with the opening of my lid when connected to the glass with a clamp. It's easy to figure out the difference between setting the time and actually telling it to feed at that time. Make sure the box has a number in it for the time that you've set. Some people had dead fish and couldn't get the feeder to work. Hope that helps!

👤The manual botton works well, and the unit looks nice. It is easy to attach to the tank. The unit didn't come on at those times to feed the fish because I was able to set the time. I pushed the manual feed button to get it on. When I looked at the days, my feed times were saved. I didn't test the unit when it arrived. I only had a day to return the unit before we left for vacation, and my time to do so expired at the same time. The instructions are hard to understand. The time is stored but not fed. 1/23 The times will correspond to it. There is no further explanation or trouble shooting, that's what I saw on my unit. My understanding is that feeding will take place during the saved times.

👤It works well, but not sure why so many people are having trouble setting it up. You have to set the number of times the drum will turn. If you don't, it assumes you don't want it to turn. It worked well for my goldfish while I was out of town, but there was a little spilling onto the lid top. It needs some tweaking to get it right. A piece of grass or straw is wedged between the buttons and the plastic cover on the front of the product. Too much work to fix, no need to return or exchange. I like that it runs on regular batteries.

👤We needed to be away for a week. We have three aquariums, and bought one for each. They are easy to use. It wasn't that difficult to get the portion size right, it took a bit of trial and error. They are mounted to the edge of the aquarium. I tried to put them on the cover with double sided tape, but it didn't work out. I wasn't sure if the tape would hold, and not all of the food went through the cover. I put it in the aquarium. I put towels on the openings to keep the fish from jumping out because the lid was partially open. I set the feeders up a day or two before the trip so I could watch them. I monitored the tank the morning after we got home to make sure the feeders were working. The goldfish tank had a programmed feed time. The goldfish dropped their food at 9:00. So. Yes. I think they worked well while we were gone.

8. Lukovee Automatic Generation Rechargeable Moisture Proof

Lukovee Automatic Generation Rechargeable Moisture Proof

The new version of the fish feeders has a time display that can be recorded and displayed to prevent forgetting. Up to 3 feedings per day could be provided by this auto fish feeders. You can set the feeding times for your needs. The battery can be charged in 3-4 hours. The automatic fish feeders can be used for 3 - 6 months when fully charged. Energy saving and environmental protection can be achieved without the need for batteries. It is easy to add food at the top of the feeders. There is no need to take the food bucket down. It could be increased or decreased. It's feed door can be adjusted. Every meal can be changed. The silo can be disassembled and washed quickly. The large capacity for tanks 10-150 gallons is perfect for feeding fish and turtles on weekends or holidays. Automatic fish feeders are the best way to feed your fish tank members. There is a note. The logo will be changed into Lukovee after February 2022. The logo is the only change to the product. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Brand: Lukovee

👤I bought a new one to replace the one I had. Even after I replaced batteries, the old one stopped feeding my fish. It seems like a big upgrade. The panel is larger and better designed. You can simply plug the LiOn battery into any of theusb charging devices. The food is held in a large hopper. When I returned after a couple of weeks away, my favorite cannibals had not found a reason to eat each other while I was gone. So far, so good!

👤I can't get the portions to be set in this feeder. I have only tried a few of the different sizes. I'm not sure what kind of fish people are feeding with this, but my goldfish gets about a week worth of food in one feeding, even with the dispensers open. If it were open all the way, the food would be dumped into the tank. I applied some duct tape over the opening of the dispensers and almost had it work. There is still a high error rate. Somedays 5 pellets will come out. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤We bought this just before we left for vacation to feed the aquarium fish and turtle. Thanks to fast shipping, we got it in time, and it was easy to program, and kept the food dry.

👤This was a great find because my cory catfish did not like vacation feeders. I keep it plugged in. I had to close half of the opening so it wouldn't fall. I had to move the tank's lid to make it easier for food to get into the tank. The pros are 1. It is easy to operate. Can feed up to 3 times a day. You have the option to operate on battery or plugged in. Works as designed. The amount of food dropped was not consistent. It drops from 10 to 3. Smaller fish must be fed at the feeders. Feed with the tank lid on if the tank lid is modified to attach to the tank wall. At the end of the feeding drum is the opening of the feeder. It would have been better if the opening was closer to the motor.

👤I guess it's from the process of evaporation? The food was spoiled when water got into the food drum. I can tell you that it smells like RanchoCID. My fish are still eating. I noticed that the granules were not coming out as much. The drum had some white and black color in it. Immediately started gagging after opening it. I really enjoyed relying on this and I am disappointed. I have used it for convenience while away. I only had it for a month so it is not for long term use.

👤Inmediatamente, lo compre en octubre. Necesitaba salir de viaje. No quera dejar mis peces. El aparato is fcil. Hasta el Momento no fallado. No me gusta de l? No es una cantidad de comida, pero no tienes. Mis peces acostumbrados a 22 bolitas, un da, un da no, y al siguiente te dia otra Tuve muchas pruebas para configurar los giros y la abertura de la ventanilla. No se tiene configurar. Puedes configurar la intensidad de giros. Me fuera con wi-fi. I ha funcionado 15 pelotitas. La he cargado dos veces su batera.

9. Torlam Moisture Proof Electric Aquarium Dispenser

Torlam Moisture Proof Electric Aquarium Dispenser

You can set up to four automatic feedings with the AquaBlue's timer. You can program it to feed at any time of the day or night and have it deliver either a single or double feeding. You can experience the fun of feeding at the same time. There are two different install methods for the feeder. One way to fix the tank wall is to use the holder. The tank cover can be pasted with a double-side sticker. TheMoisture-resistant Hopper keeps fish food dry, won't get wet or jammed. Most types of food can be accommodated. Adding fish food at the top of the fish feeders will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of food you get. You can change the position of the digital fish feeders after they are installed. The large size holds enough food to keep your fish fat while you are away. You can decide how much food you want to serve at each meal with the Hatch style feed door.

Brand: Torlam

👤This is a great place to put food. It has a lot of different portion control. I bought a second fry tank for my big tank. The portion selection is small because I crush my flakes so they are similar in size. I wanted my fish to get a consistent amount of food. The instructions are a little confusing at first, but once you figure it out it is very easy to set. To make sure my fish got the right amount, I ran my bowl over and adjusted the number of times it turned and the quantity per feeding. This is a great car.

👤I have a fish that is 18 years old or so and I was stressed out when I got this to go on vacation. It's really big! I was gone for two weeks and it was great. I have allowed it to run for another two weeks. A consistent size is the key to successful vacations. If you have a new container of fish food, pinch it up to a smaller uniform size. A small portion of the action can be blocked by a small piece of a quarter inch. The hole in the tank needs to be big enough to account for the barrel dump of food, it will slowy roll out, and hit the cover if it is not large enough. I put a ramp in the back of the light hood to ramp up the food.

👤This is one of the best auto feeders I have ever purchased. I didn't need to read the directions because the multiple feeding stones are nice. You don't buy this for the color, it leaves something to be desired. It's easy to refill. I will buy again.

👤The flaw in this product is that the machine is left to determine how much falls from it, not a system where you get the same result each time. The main problem is portions that drop instead of rolling out. The system is flawed. It leads to not enough or over feeding. I keep tweaking it to get the right amount. The first attempt led to too much food sliding through and the unit being dropped in the aquarium. I put it to a plastic bucket to keep an eye on the amount it drops.

👤It's easy to use, you just have to attach the barrel to the side of the tank. It was a little odd. I can't say it's the product's fault because I don't read instructions thoroughly. Can feed four times a day, but I only get to feed twice a day in the morning and evening. The opening that drops food can be adjusted to dump more food if you want. I only use the chip like flakes in it because I think small round pellet food would fall through too much. It's best to try it out on the table before attaching it to the tank. If your hood can accommodate this product, you should buy it. My tank uses black coroplast cut to size instead of an expensive hood, so this wasn't an issue. I don't have to remember to feed my fish every morning and evening since I don't have to. There is a battery indicator for that too. You would have to reprogram after changing them. If you only use it for a week or two, you shouldn't have any problems with it going dead. It works if you make sure you're not overfeeding. My goldfish likes it and so do I.

10. Lychee Aquarium Vacation Automatic Dispenser

Lychee Aquarium Vacation Automatic Dispenser

There is a note. The logo will be changed into Lukovee after February 2022. The logo is the only change to the product. Thanks for your understanding and support. Automatic fish feeders can feed fish automatically. It's not necessary to worry about the feeding problems when on vacation or business. You can set the amount of fish food you want to give to the fish. The amount of food can be adjusted up to 2 times per day. There are up to 2 feeding times per day. If you want, you can switch to the manual mode. To set modes, follow the manual. It is convenient and flexible. The item can only be used for dry food. It's suitable for pellet, strip, and flake fish feeders. The food will get damp if this item is above the tank. Fix the tank lid and leave a hole. The fish will eat the food if the weed is put in the hole. There are two ways to install the feeder to the tank. The screw should be moved on the tank wall. Attach the fish tank cover with a double-side sticker. You can choose the proper way. Battery operated and easy to clean: powered by 2 AA batteries Before adding food, make sure the drum is completely dry.

Brand: Lychee

👤This product is terrible. It killed my fish in 24 hours. It will deliver a large amount or a small amount. Most fish are only fed 2xs a day. A spinning wheel collects food and spins around and dumps it into the water. Its spinning constantly. There was no way to slow the wheel. It dropped more food into the tank. Too much. My fish died within the first 24 hours of us being gone. We had fish for 3 years. My kids are sad. Do not buy this product. Time release and not a spinning wheel are what you should look for. Not only that. It destroyed the tank water by dumping so much food in 24 hours. We couldn't see the fish in the tank because it was so cloudy.

👤There were many problems with this product. It was found that the product was half the price at walmart. The setup instructions were incomplete and confusing. Installation can only be done one way and I was not allowed to view the data after it was done. Several dead fish can attest to the fact that it didn't work while I was gone. The food in the container was wet. Purchase another product.

👤I followed the directions that were given, but it wouldn't feed at the times I chose. I watched a video and realized there were a few more steps to get it going and it worked great. I set up feeding times for the day. There are two at 6 am and 6 pm. The best way to calibrate this is to do a few dry runs over a paper towel or plate. Push the feed now button if you want to move the slider halfway. You can see how much food falls out. All food is different. You should adjust it to your food and the amount you want. Let it go when you put it on the back of your tank. It is battery operated and will need to supply the batteries, but you will be able to check that the batteries are working and that the fish are getting food. It's pretty simple and works well. This style feeder has a full video on it. There are several companies with the same name. Review and Instruction for Resun is the one I watched. An automatic fish feeding system for an aquarium. This one is the same.

👤Everything seems to work. The setup is easy to follow. The only problem I found was that the food was stuck in the dispensers after I checked the feeder the next morning. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the feeders, but the way my tank is setup. I have a pump on my tank. There is a slot on the backside that is open. This is the only place where water can evaporate. The open top tank is not the best place to use this feeder. I will save it for a later day because it is a great value.


What is the best product for food dispenser for fish tank?

Food dispenser for fish tank products from Zacro. In this article about food dispenser for fish tank you can see why people choose the product. Fish Mate and Penn-plax are also good brands to look for when you are finding food dispenser for fish tank.

What are the best brands for food dispenser for fish tank?

Zacro, Fish Mate and Penn-plax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food dispenser for fish tank. Find the detail in this article. Noodoky, Eheim and Fyd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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