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Eligible 30 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Cookies Variety Original Golden Halloween

Cookies Variety Original Golden Halloween

There are 56 individually wrapped snack-size packs of cookies. You can find the cookie to creme ratio. Lean classic with the original chocolate sandwich cookie, enjoy nearly 2x the creme, go for a thin and crisp cookie, or try a vanilla sandwich cookie. These snack packs keep treats fresh until you are ready to eat them. The packs contain 4 cookies, only 2 of which are OREO Thins. It is easier to please the whole house with a variety of individually wrapped cookies. Add these snack packs to dorm snacks packages for after-lunch snacks, travel snacks, and birthday treats. You can put them in your desk for a treat.

Brand: Oreo

👤Good variety with regular, double and golden stuff. The whole family needs it. Good, fresh, and no broken cookies!

👤The cookies arrived on time. Every pack of cookies that has been opened has been broken. The packs have been damaged. I will never order the cookies again.

👤The box was taped together. Every pack of cookies has something in it.

👤I got the cookies for a party and they were not fresh and I should have checked the expiration date before I opened them.

👤My office snack shop has several varieties of these. They are loose. If you're looking for that, there's no display box in a cardboard box. They have always been fresh. It is supposed to taste like that. The price point is perfect.

👤Decent. I got a 3 out of 5 stars because I didn't receive the advertised 56 cookie packs. There are two more I didn't get any of the cookie types I wanted. I received a lot of golden and regular cookies. The open packs were probably removed by quality control but not replaced because of the weird oil stains and broken cookies on the package. I bought these on sale, but probably won't buy them again from Amazon.

👤It was very close to the end of the product's shelf life.

👤I bought these at the end of June last year. I like to purchase in bulk and in advance so I know what to buy my kids. I bought a box of these. I usually keep them in a safe place and give them to my kids between other snacks. I found the remaining snacks after I cleaned out my cupboard. My kids didn't like some of the other snacks that I left behind, so these expired. The other snacks that I bought for them expired. The expired in August. I bought them in June. This isn't the first time I've had this happen, but it's ridiculous to say the least. Don't waste your money if you try to consume these cookies before they're gone, you'll have a dentist's bill.

2. Motts Snacks Assorted Gluten Pouches

Motts Snacks Assorted Gluten Pouches

There are fruit skewers. The gummy treats are made with fruit and veggie juice and are individually wrapped for convenience. The snack bags are a great treat to include in a packed lunch box. GLUTEN is free. Gummy treats made without artificial flavors and with fruit and vitamins can be great for snacking. These bulk Fruit Flavored Snacks are a great addition to your pantry and a snack every member of the family will love. 40 ct is contained in 0.8 oz.

Brand: Mott's

👤You probably need a microscope to find any fruits and vegetables in the box of Motts Medly Fruit Snacks. Yeah. Yes. I'm not the company who put real fruit and veg on the box, but I am the one who didn't read the label. The top ingredients are sugar, and sugar, but those other things had to be somewhere else. Right. I thought they'd explain down there in the 'Ingredients that make up less than 2%', but I got distracted and they continued on. I don't know if anyone has read any legitimate news this week, but I would like to not have to negotiate around this kind of nonsense. Enjoy your vegetables, while you can.

👤It was delicious. A box of 40 packets is bigger than I had thought, and I ordered three other things at the same time, but they were tucked in the other side. If you're buying them for yourself, consider not keeping them within easy reach, because I guarantee you'll eat too many and start wondering why you're like this. 10/10 would buy again. Maybe try self-control...

👤There was a retaped box with gravel attached to it. There were gravel looking pieces inside the box. There were some bags that were missing.

👤I recently received some unfortunate, life changing news during a physical exam. I was told that I need to change my lifestyle to be free of gluten. The life I had known for 26 years felt like it was being taken away from me. I was faced with the fact that I would have to become a different person. I would have to say goodbye to a lot of my favorite things, such as pizza, pasta, bagels, wheat thins, baguettes, and the bottom half of a twix. I thought at first that I could beat this, dig down deep and keep fighting, but I eventually realized that I had been wrong. I was told by my doctor that I can't beat this, and allergies can't just be taken away. My heart sank and I wondered who I was without gluten. Everything I did, everything I knew, and everything I had been a part of had been affected by the disease. A cake accompanied my celebrations. My bris was eaten to comfort me. My mother made me a sandwich on my first day of school. There was a roll poking its head out from underneath the bread basket cloth on my first date. College kegs and kegs full of nothing. I was lost and despairing as I searched for a single memory where there was no sign of gluten in my life. I had given up when a memory popped into my head. The preschool teacher was giving out snacks when I was 4 years old. I was recovering from an ear infection that I got from swimming lessons, and it had been a tough week for me. On almost all days, snack was a few animal crackers. On this day, I reached out my hand, palm up and fingers spread wide open, waiting for my teacher to give me my ration of crackers. I feel a plastic wrapper on the center of my palm. A foreign object is sitting in the center of my hand. I asked what it was. My teacher told the class that they were serving fruit snacks instead of crackers because they were out of animal crackers. I grabbed the first gummy my fingers touched after opening the little bag that was sitting in my hand. I chewed the snack in my mouth. I forgot about my problems of the week and the ear infections that had lingered. I knew it at that moment. I love snacking on fruit. I unlocked my phone and typed "fruit snacks" into the search bar, and it hit me that I don't think fruit snacks contain any gluten. These fruit snacks were the first result and what did they have in the title? - "Assorted Gluten Free Snacks" was something I knew after reading those words. I would still be able to be, even if I wasn't the same as yesterday or the day before. Thank you for that.

3. Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting

Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting

DUNKAROOS: The snack from the 90s is back, with delicious cookies and frosting. There are some food items. The entire family will love this snack. The perfect snack to curb your cravings. This is a great treat to take with you on the go. The great fowls. Try their dessert with a rainbow sprinkle.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤This is not the Dunkaroos. The cream is a generic cake flavor. But with chemicals. It is almost like if you were to eat a birthday cake. It's the best way to describe it. It is nothing like the actual Dunkaroos cream that a fan remembers. They don't have the sprinkles in the frosting in the photo. There are sprinkles in the logo. Like what the F is? The crackers are old. When you opened the package, the ones that were still in one piece dissolved in your hand. Dunkaroos used to be the same snack, but not in all. It tastes like a cheap imitation of a brand you would find in a dollar store. It is disgusting. I had 5 boxes of nasty chemicals leftover after I spent 15 dollars and took one bite. So sad.

👤Not as good as the original. The cake dip was amazing. This... Now... It's just. The Betty Crocker rainbow chip frosting. I have some of that frosting as well. It's the same thing. Disappointed.

👤Do you need a review? I am a 90s baby all over again. So delicious!

👤It definitely expired. I've gotten similar things in the past.

👤Don't waste your time. They are not the same as they used to be. You can dip sugar cookies in frosting at home. These are also very expensive. I saw these for 4 dollars in my store the next day. I paid 12 for the same box. The cookies and the frosting are not the same. They are not like the original ones. Two stars got here quickly.

👤I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. The cookies are not like the 90s dunkaroos. My sons didn't like them and my kid loves everything they say. It is a waste of money to buy them.

👤The cookies taste different from the frosting.

👤I was on the hunt for dunkaroos for a while and they were sold out. I'm glad they went to Amazon. I opened the first pack after ordering two boxes. A lot of the cookies were broken when opened. The cookies don't taste as good as they used to. I thought I had received a bad piece of mail, but others think the same way. I opened another pack to see if it would be the same thing, but it wasn't a good sign. The box was already open when I opened it, so either they didn't seal it correctly or it opened during shipping. I won't be buying these again since they were originally 14 dollars and now are 21 dollars.

👤I didn't like the fact that almost half of what I paid came inedible and garbage. I'm angry.

👤C'est pas 6 boltes, 1 bolte contenant 6 sachets.

👤I thought it was for 6 boxes. I can't believe you can price a small box of snacks for 35 dollars.

👤A prix ce fournisseur. Ce produit est arrivé, un état inacceptable. Vous venait l'idée de consommer leur marchandise. Arrivées et explosées, et ouvertes, sans parler de la couleur douteuse. The date of péremption is aussi s'est proche de la limite. Je tiens aussi souligner, je n'ai ouvert aucune. videmment pas de possibilité de retour. Merite mme pas.

4. Lays Potato Chips Variety Count

Lays Potato Chips Variety Count

The variety pack of Lay's potato chips has classic flavors in one convenient package. Everyone will love the different varieties. 10 of Lay's favorites are in a 40 count pack in 1 oz bags. These treats are fun to eat at lunch or after school. It's easy to carry, easy to pack, and easy to store. Most of their packages only show the month and day of the last sale, because their snacks have a short shelf life. The snack should be consumed by the date on the package.

Brand: Lay's

👤Wow. I don't know how it got off the factory line. It's pretty bad. I bought old chips for my wife. I asked how to buy old chips. It was sent by Amazon. She said it was not new. Maybe a bag burst and it got old. But no. I opened the whole box. I got 6 out of each box. The bags were sealed poorly. The sour cream and onions caught my attention. All of them had bad seals. How did they allow this to come off the line? They don't notice they're not air tight when they load up the box.

👤I brought my box to the house. I moved the box to see 100 ants. I opened the box to see where they were coming from and there were hundreds more. ants were in a sealed box in the main box I thought about saving some bags, but it wasn't worth the hassle. I am assuming that the ants were attracted to this box in either the warehouse or during shipping, because one bag was opened which I am assuming. I think it came from the box inside which had ants in it. I had to kill ants in my home for an hour to make this happen.

👤I will never order from Amazon again. All 40 bags expired within a month of receiving the package, but no one would eat them because they tasted so old. They tasted like a bag that's been sitting around for a year when I tried to eat some. I'm pretty sure that's why they were on sale in the first place. I had to throw away 30 bags of chips. No one would touch them, even my chip loving teenagers, or the garbage disposal of a husband who usually eats anything.

👤I might not keep this subscription. On July 30th, it was delivered. The freshness date is August 14th. 40 count is a little extreme to be this short dated and still be sent to regular sale/subscription customers. I got a second star because it wasn't crushed like other reviews. There is a box. The box was not damaged in transit by outside force.

👤I was happy to find these small snack sizes so I could limit how much I ate. I have always liked them, but the last 3 batches of 40 chips contained 4 or 5 very old packs. It is very unpleasant to have that feeling where you think you are going to eat a crisp fresh chip and then you bite into a soggy wafer. Someone needs to step up quality control. I will still like kettle chips, but I don't like the old fashioned kind.

👤A number of them were under filled after being bought for a party. It is cheaper because it is about two months from expiration, but not including product makes that a point. I would like to apologize in front of my friends. Go to a warehouse store of the super market and buy this.

5. Wonderful Pistachios No Shell Roasted Salted

Wonderful Pistachios No Shell Roasted Salted

The bag is 24 ounces. It's flaVOR: They were roasted and salted. It's the same delicious taste, but with less work. They are great for snacking and are also a great addition to your food. It's perfect for cooking, entertaining and snacking. There are tree nuts in this note. California grows: They cultivate and harvest more than 75,000 acres of pistachios and almonds in California, using the latest sustainable practices. There is a non-GMO project.

Brand: Wonderful Pistachios

👤A bag full of love and snacking pleasure turned out to be a bag of hate and burnt promises. It was a big let down when we opened the bag and took our first bites. I don't have any knowledge of their manufacturing processes, but it's almost as if all the burnt ones are sent over to the wonderful area and packaged, then sold at a discounted price. The plate in front is poured from the bag, not sorted, and the bag shows what you're supposed to get.

👤It's horrible! The package was opened and there were burnt nuts. I was waiting to make my Christmas bark with these and the bag was mostly burnt. Will be demanding a refund.

👤I sent these to my brother who lives far out in the woods, so that he could leave packages with his nearest neighbor. He had to hike through the snow in the dark to save his gift after he left it at his neighbor's door. I was expecting him to be annoyed with me, but instead he got a message saying "Oh God these pistachios!" It's like a dream, I have beers as well. He's vegan, extremely picky about food quality, does raw food diet and green coconut milk fasts and other choices that are incomprehensible to my pudgy, sugar-loving, carb-reliant self, but we finally found common ground on these nuts. I would hike through the snow at night. Make sure to get enough for everyone, because people will try to sneak off with the bag when you're not looking, or wander through the kitchen wearing things with big pockets so they can load up while you're not paying attention.

👤If you have dexterity issues like I do, you don't have to deal with the shell, because a handful of pistachios before bed is equivalent to a dose of melatonin.

👤There were a lot of foul tasting pistachios in this bag. The foul tasting ratio was close to 98% good, 2% bad. The foul nuts were horrible. I wanted to love them since they're easy to order and they're shipped to my door. Not going to risk it again.

👤These were not fresh and were roasted in a way that tasted horrible. I bought a bag of these for someone I was giving a gift to and I hope the bag I got for myself tastes better than the one I just received, because I know the person who received the gift wouldn't tell me if they were bad. I would like to get a refund. I've never had to return a product for bad taste. It's important that I get a decent refund on all the items I order on Amazon because I'm an extremely frequent Prime shopper.

👤The nuts were not good. It's hard to get the taste out of the mouth. This brand is usually the best. I think I have a bad bag. I bought a second bag and it was the same. There were several foul tasting pistachios in the quarter cup. I have bought from my local store and paid more, but I don't like rotten nuts. From here, I will stick to other nuts.

6. Nestle Nido Instant Powder Fortificada

Nestle Nido Instant Powder Fortificada

There is a canister of the NIDO Fortificada Dry Whole Milk Powdered Drink Mix. EBT item in some states. Every cup of the NIDO Fortificada powdered drink mix has 5 essential vitamins and minerals. The whole family can enjoy this milk drink mix. The dry milk beverage has vitamins and minerals. Add 4 cups of NIDO Fortificada Dry Whole Milk beverage to a cup of warm water.

Brand: Nido

👤The best time to use the almost 2lb container of Nido is June 30, 2021. The 3 month expiration date wouldn't be a problem if I was feeding babies from a 3d world country. Purchase elsewhere if you're wasting money.

👤If you like a lot of cream in your coffee, this is a great alternative. I use it in addition to half-and-half so that I don't use as much half-and-half in my coffee since it's very expensive. It has a little bit of powdered milk in it, but it is not noticeable in my coffee. I tried to make it taste like real milk by mixing it in cold water. It doesn't taste like real milk to me. It is very good in Koffee, but I cannot say that I would want to drink it all by myself. If you buy the larger containers on Amazon, you can usually get it cheaper.

👤I use this powder milk for my family to drink, to make breakfast cereals, and as a creamer for our morning coffee, it is creamy and delicious, has all the vitamins needed, and it is easy to make. But... I paid a lot for my mistake of not reading the description of the big can of almost 3 pounds, which was the same price found in Walmart. This is too much. I was given the best deal by Walmart. I'm returning the product right now because I haven't returned it in a while. You can't return the product. I have to buy the product again in 3 weeks, but not here, because I lost 39 dollars with this purchase. My fault.

👤I have been buying powdered milk for a while. I can't keep milk in the fridge because I live alone. I drink it slowly. This is one of the best I have tried. It was nice and creamy. Whole milk is the best yet! Everything arrived in perfect condition. Will purchase again.

👤I use this a lot because other D milk can go bad very quickly. I bought the glass milk bottles on Amazon. I am happy. Happy to know that I will never be out of milk again, especially during the winter. Happy to know that I can quickly order again.

👤I use it for coffee. One table of power and one table of water. It makes a nice cream, then add coffee and you won't get anything. I like the taste. I wanted it to bring to work and it will do the trick. It's just whole milk, similar to other creamers with unknown ingredients.

👤Good in hot coffee, chocolate mix, etc.

👤The brand I usually get was out for a while. I will wait several weeks before ordering again.

7. WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

There are 40 single serving bags. There are delicious fruit snacks. 25% Vitamins A&E and 100% Vitamins C are included. Fat free, preservative free, andGluten free. It's a great snack for school lunches, sporting games, the office and more.

Brand: Welch's

👤Possibly the most addictive substance a man has ever produced. It is impossible to eat just one pouch. I can tell you from my experience that eating multiple bags in one sitting is not easy on your stomach or general health. The front of the box has many bright colors that draw the eye, and are just full of vitamins, which is what they are marketed as. Fruit juice and sugar are the main ingredients in the box. There are many types of sugar. Purchase away if you know these are not fruit snacks and should be treated as fruit candy.

👤These were perfect for many reasons. 1st When I quit smoking, these were helpful and my son loves them. I found a 40 pack box and later realized they had other varieties as well. We like to blend the berries and cherries every month. Being able to have them sent on a specific date each month is wonderful. You can have them shipped whenever you want, just subscribe and save. These and the Cherries are also recommended by me.

👤I used to buy them at work. This doesn't taste the same. At all. They are either old or expired.

👤The delivery was fast and it was delivered as requested. Which is appreciated by me... It's a small snack for the entire day that's juicy and portioned well... I would recommend this product to a mom who has children.

👤Normally I love these things, but I bought them as subscribe and save. Half of the packs are not good. When I get them from the store, I don't have this problem. They like it, but it's not expired. They have a powdery coat and taste funny. Some are okay and some are what I was expecting. I'm throwing at least half of it. This is not saving me any money. Very disappointing.

👤These are really good and you can taste the fruit in them. I like the packing because it's great to know. How many calories you get and what they are. Kids should like them. My dogs aren't much of a fan of them.

👤I bought this on the daily deal. Excellent pick up. Not just for adults. I have been helped by adults trying to kick their daily sugar intake. A pack of ice cream was a good substitute. Enjoy. Things can get hot when they are delivered at the wrong time.

👤The product is correct. The best by date is 10/11/2018. 190 days/ 27 weeks. I assume the problem is where the boxes are stored. I usually pick these up at the local store. I think that's correct.

👤bolsitas pequeas perfectas para snack. Producto por bolsita!

👤Me encantan es gomitas, llegaron en tiempo. Recomiendo al vendedor.

👤This candy is delicious. I took a star away from it because I feel like I may get diabetes because I am the only person at home eating this.

👤Son unas gomitas deliciosas.

8. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

There are 10 single-serving packs of Goldfish colors and 12 packs of Goldfish Cheddar. It is always fake, never real. Goldfish crackers are always baked with no artificial flavors. Goldfish should be kept within reach. You can have all your favorite Goldfish flavors with you. It's perfect for socializing or enjoying the company of others. The delicious flavors of Goldfish crackers are great for sharing with friends or family. You should add excitement to your memoirs. Add Goldfish crackers to soups, sprinkle them on salads, or serve them as a side to your lunchtime sandwich. There is always a variety on hand and ready to enjoy.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

👤The person at the warehouse thought it was a good idea to include a case of coconut water in the box. Goldfish crackers are in open packages. Who trains these people to package? The slip of paper will provide padding. I am canceling Prime as soon as my youngest is old enough to drink. I have adjusted my orders to try and minimize items being grouped like this and damaged in-transit. I wasn't good enough this month.

👤I bought this box of cheese gold fish because I forgot what it tasted like. If you like snacks that are salty and dried... Go for it. It's good for my friend to give her students that didn't bring snacks because I end up giving this whole box to her.

👤I buy a few items for my son's lunch. He is picky like most kids. He likes something one day and doesn't the next. We have had these for a month. I am impressed with how fresh they are. Each package has a different size. I have these for myself as well. Scan is easy for my weight watchers points. They are not too salty and provide a quick snack. My son likes them and I am very happy with them. A snack that stays fresh.

👤The opened box had been re- closed with a clear piece of tape and there were 4 packages missing from it. Ripoff.

👤There are cheese fish, pretzel fish and multicolored fish in this box. They are very good. My mom received all but two pretzel bags. My sister and I shared some of the others, which made me lose a lot of my appetite. I'll probably order more when appetite returns.

👤Even though they are wrapped individually, the product became very old very quickly.

👤I called Amazon after buying one boxe and they fixed the problem. The product was simple and fast. Dated 3.3. I would recommend buying them for my grandson class. I think so.

👤I got this product about a month and a half ago. It is ridiculous that this product is close to being finished.

👤The amount of each kind of Goldfish crackers could have been better if my littles had the pretzel kind. It was great, except for that. I was impressed with how much was in each baggie. Well done!

👤The variety pack is good and kids like it. I think it's a good idea.

9. Ultimate Package Variety Assortment Crackers

Ultimate Package Variety Assortment Crackers

40 count of your favorite Frito-Lay snacks are perfect for snacking and can be used as a care package for a loved one. 40 of their favorite Frito lay snacks are included. The ultimate snack care package has a variety of salty pretzels and sweet flavors. You can eat it on the go or share it with friends and family. It's perfect for college bound students, military personnel, kids away at camp, office co-workers and much more.

Brand: Frito-lay

👤I have a couple of little guys that are roaming around my house. They come back after a day of learning. They are hungry, looking for food, and if I don't have anything to give them, they will choose to live the rest of the night in a land called Attitude. My secret weapon is this box. I whip out this box when they come through my door. They can take anything from Doritoes to cheese and pb crackers. The groans are gone. The little guys are happy. The land is peaceful. Don't let them know that I sometimes eat in the box for myself.

👤I received the product from the delivery man after I found ants in the food. It did not touch my porch. I was so excited. Will not buy again.

👤It would be difficult to be more dissatisfied with this order. The box the snacks were sent in was full of ants. Yes, ants. It took a few to realize where they were coming from. It would be a good description of belief. I found a chip bag that was deflated and had a small hole in it. I opened it and found a lot of ants. The air in the snack bags was gone so they all went into the trash. When I cut the tape to open the box, the ants wanted out and I was still in disbelief.

👤The box was clean and the chips were clean. Dates may be June and August. Great find for the price. There were a lot of old reviews of broken bags and expired products, but it looks like they have been fixed. I am glad I took a chance on this purchase.

👤Really? I only got cookies for my two young kids when I bought this for them.

👤The box had something on it. Thanks to Amazon, I now have the gift of ants, no snacks for the teenagers that are coming to my house for the holiday weekend, and I need to go to a grocery store to buy snacks and bug spray to fight the ants. I am very disappointed and grossed out by this. A lot of money, time and energy is wasted.

👤This was ordered for kids lunch. All of the snack items were expired. Since June!

👤My niece is away at college and I wanted to send this package to her. She loved it. I will order again. I was pleased with this product because it had no expired product dates.

👤J'ai adoré, assortiment de snacks.

👤Don't buy! I received it on November 2, 2021. Not impressed!

10. Smartfood White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn

Smartfood White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn

There are 40 bags of popcorn. 100 calories per bag. Popcorn with cheese is a great snack. There are no artificial flavors orPreservatives. 100% whole grain popcorn made with real ingredients. Most of their packages only show the month and day of the last sale, because their snacks have a short shelf life. The snack should be consumed by the date on the package.

Brand: Smartfood

👤It was short dated! I've never received food from Amazon that was so short-lived. It was discouraging and disappointing. The little bags are not new. I will not purchase again.

👤I can't believe that a giant like Amazon is selling products that are about to expire. The product tasted old. The item arrived on August 17th and expires on September 24th. I had bought products that were more expensive at 99 cents stores. This is ridiculous. I hope the other products I bought from Amazon are not like this.

👤I have never written a 1 star review, but this deserves it. I ordered a pack of popcorn for my husabnd who only likes white cheddar. I opened the box and saw a few open. 49, thought "oh mistakes happen..." 49 bags were not sealed correctly and the bags that were sealed were old. I was able to fill up a 15lb bag of dog food and I was going to toss it in the field for the birds. I paid for 25 bags, so I am talking to sell them. I am not sure if this is a common occurrence. I saw another similar post a few days ago.

👤Save or leave out of date on sustenance. This is the 3rd box in a row that is out of date. In May, I had a surplus in my pantry. I'm getting to this case now. I didn't complain because the out of date tasted fine in the past. They are not new this time. My return for allowable returns is over. I canceled my orders after May of last year.

👤I love popcorn. When it's fresh and well sealed. I just got a new set of batches, and unfortunately that wasn't the case. Half of the packets had some sort of problem. I thought the shipping box was crushed, but closer inspection shows that the bags were sealed with too little glue or heat.

👤This has happened many times when ordering this product, the date on the individual bags is sooner than the sticker on the big plastic bag they are contained in. We put them in lunches, so I would prefer if we had 3 - 4 months to use them. I have to eat more cheese popcorn at a faster pace. I think it could be worse.

👤The portions are horrible, they only have a few pics per bag. I like the bug bags, but I'm very disappointed. Shame on you, shame on me, after trying this before, unhappy with product, gave it a second chance, unhappy again, shame on me.

👤I read reviews after I ordered the product. I was annoyed with myself for doing that, but it was done. I bought them for a movie night at my college. My daughter was laughing at me. We are both pleasantly surprised that it was delivered today and that my daughters are not willing to buy food from Amazon. I don't know why others think it's old, the few bags we've opened just to see, we're very fresh and crisp and delicious. Maybe they should put a whole ounce instead of 1/2 ounce. We are very pleased and most likely will purchase again.

11. Sparkling Juice Flavor Variety Count

Sparkling Juice Flavor Variety Count

6 cans of each of the flavors. IZZE Sparkling Juices have 70% fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water. There is no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It's the perfect drink to make you feel good. The Variety Pack has 24 cans.

Brand: Izze

👤I was trying to figure out how I would get 24 cans of this product if they are usually 4 cans to a package. The answer was 24 cans of each of the 4 flavors in a simple cardboard tray with plastic shrink wrap. Excellent! Let's talk about the taste. I like blackberry the most. I don't have to convince IZZE lovers that this is true, but I do have to convince people who haven't tried it. If you want to see how your taste buds react, purchase a single can in a store. You can buy bulk on Amazon when you need the IZZE fix. Some people mention the high price but it depends on where you are. I am in New York and we have water that costs over a dollar a bottle in vending machines. I think it's a great deal to get 24 cans for $18. The sugar content is very low in comparison to many other "juice" drinks. In my product reviews, I always note that taste preferences are a personal thing. This drink is a great replacement for soda. These little cans are great for small fridges in offices or dorm rooms.

👤This seemed like a great variety of sparkling soda. In big bold letters it says "no added sugar" and doesn't include a nutrition fact photo. You think the flavors are nice. Wrong! The things have 20 grams of sugar and are concentrated. There is sugar and more sugar. If you are looking for a product that is just as sweet as the one you are looking for, this is the product for you. The packaging is cute and the flavors are wonderful. Too much sugar.

👤The cans have a foul smell, but it's not clear where it came from. One of the cans had no liquid in it. It was a sealed can inside the box. Wow. Very disappointing.

👤Our family had been enjoying about 6 of the variety pack that I ordered from Amazon. When I picked up the can from the case, I noticed that it weighed less than normal, even though the can was sealed. I opened the can and found 888-353-1299 When I got to the kitchen sink to dump it out, I saw that there was little liquid in the can, but there was a big white mass in it. This was really strange. IZZE customer service sent us a coupon. It sounds like this could be mold growth. It is possible that the product may have been mishandled prior to your purchase. We're too scared to drink juice off a can.

👤After placing a second order for these light, sparkling beverages, I have to admit that they are quite habit-forming. After a few months, I found iced tea, coffee and water boring. The drinks are naturally sweetened and I tried the variety pack. Although I'm not a big fan of the clementine, I will continue to purchase this product because of the refreshing flavors. I like the fact that the cans are 8 ounces, as I think it's the right serving size. The four thirst quenchers in the variety pack are great for accompanying meals, snacks or on their own.


What is the best product for food ebt eligible food itemsshipping snacks?

Food ebt eligible food itemsshipping snacks products from Oreo. In this article about food ebt eligible food itemsshipping snacks you can see why people choose the product. Mott's and Betty Crocker are also good brands to look for when you are finding food ebt eligible food itemsshipping snacks.

What are the best brands for food ebt eligible food itemsshipping snacks?

Oreo, Mott's and Betty Crocker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food ebt eligible food itemsshipping snacks. Find the detail in this article. Lay's, Wonderful Pistachios and Nido are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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