Best Food Flask for Hot Food for Adults

Flask 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Alxeme Insulated Containers Stainless Flexible

Alxeme Insulated Containers Stainless Flexible

The jar has been sealed to prevent spills. The jar has a lid. The outer lid can be used as a bowl and the inner lid enhances insulation. Double wall vacuum insulation technology and seamless welding technology keep food hot for more than 6 hours or cold for 24 hours. The telescopic handle of the outer lid makes it very convenient for people to take it with them. The outer lid is made of food grade pp material. The wide mouth design with spoon of the thermos food jar makes it easy to fill and eat. It has 27 ounces of capacity, no worry for hungry people. The food container has to be leak proof, so that the food container would improve insulation effect and prevent spilling accidents. The inner lid is made of steel. The food jar has a folding spoon that you can use on any occasion, it is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you need help.

Brand: Alxeme

👤It is large, which is hard to get from the images, so I would want to know if I were reading this review. I can fit my hand inside. I put in a couple of inches of boiling water, leave it for 3-4 minutes, add my hot food, and then I have to be careful eating it because it is still so hot. The little handle is cute, but I wouldn't use plastic for hot food anyways, so I leave it at home. I initially tried to fill it with hot tap water, but it sat for 10 minutes before I added soup/stew. The food was not very good. I tried boiling hot water, but found that I only needed a couple of inches in there, not a full thermos, to heat it. If you dress up for work, be careful because the little steam vent can cause food particles to fall out. I recommend this product and encourage the disappointed people to use boiling water.

👤I was looking for a jar that didn't have the plastic touching the hot food. The inner lid is made of steel and is really sturdy. The jar is large. I could eat out of it with no weird moves to get the last part of it. I didn't give it a full five stars because it said that it kept stuff warm for 8 hours. The jar was still warm 8 hours after I ate. It comes with a cute foldable spoon that can be used as a bowl. The cover has a sliding handle so you can slide it down after you put it away. This is a great product, I love lunch and soup containers, and this is my go to for warm foods, as the whole inner flask is food safe.

👤I tried to buy larger lunch containers for my older kids, but they were too tall for their lunch bags. The container was large but not overly tall, so it fits in a standard lunch bag. I put it in the oven by filling it with boiling water and then making the hot food inside the jar. It seems very well made. The spork has held up well despite being used several times per week by my child. I would have liked it to be a bit smaller, but it's still a good jar with high marks for quality construction, heat retention, and ease of cleaning. In the past, sporks have failed to stay open because the hinges were weak and you had to hold the utensil in a certain way so it wouldn't fold on you. The spork has a very ight hinge and holds up better. I chose this jar because it was large, easy to clean, and had a vent for safety. I would buy it again.

👤The size, price and ease of cleaning made me love it. It doesn't keep my food warm. I ate my lunch at 11:30 am. Lunch was not warm. The room temperature is higher. I contacted the company because they said there was a lifetime warranty, but I was told to preheat my food flask with hot water first, then empty the water, and add my food. I tried it despite the fact that it took more time to prepare my lunches. The temperature of my food was the same. A replacement would be nice, but not offered.

2. Electric Lunch Stainless Thermos Compartments

Electric Lunch Stainless Thermos Compartments

Aotto is their commitment to providing their consumers with high-quality products. If there is a manufacturer defect, contact their service team for a free replacement. They offer a 1-year warranty. The lunch box for men and women is made of food grade PP plastic and is high temperature resistant. The inner container is made of 304 steel, which is non-toxic and safe to human's health. High Efficient heating technology. The heating components are energy-saving. The heat cycle can be used to keep the food at a suitable temperature and keep it moist. It takes about 30 minutes to warm the food. There are two different versions of charging, one for home use and one for car/truck. The Electric Lunch Box can be used to heat your meal at school, office, or travel. It is designed for drivers who have to drive for a long time. Two removeable inner containers separate your different dishes. It's easy to bring food, vegetables, soup and other foods for an excursion with the capacity of The portable design has a warming lunch box size of 9.3x4.3x 6.9inch with 1.5L capacity tray tightly sealed and no leak, and a fashionable outlook and portable handle for you to carry the food everywhere. The waterproof design of the plug port can keep it out of the water.

Brand: Nifogo

👤It turned out to be an awesome present, I ordered this for a Christmas gift. It is heating up great and has been used a lot in February. It takes 45 minutes to get fully hot, but you have time to heat it up. It will get super hot if you don't watch it. We would recommend it to anyone considering buying one.

👤The product is good. It works in the car. It will keep your lunch on the go.

👤I bought this for my husband because he is a heavy equipment mechanic who is constantly on the go and doesn't always have access to a microwave. I looked at a few different brands before buying this one. He has only used the car plug so far, but he received a wall outlet and a car plug. He has a hot lunch on the go and I can pack left over dinner in it. It takes a long time to heat up, so I gave it to stars. He has to think about that before he eats. I put tin foil around the food to make sure it doesn't burn if he forgets to cook it. It is easy to clean and he is happy not to have sandwiches everyday.

👤This is a great product. Trying to keep lunch separate from coworkers. I got one for myself and my mom.

👤No duran de 15 a 30 das nada ms.

👤It arrived quickly. I was surprised that there was no shipping box for my item. All components were checked inside the box. There is no damage to the item.

👤The box is large. I didn't like the snap locks. They aren't user friendly. I didn't like how long it took to heat it for the food to be warm. I didn't like the smell while heating. I sent it back.

👤Pues tiene creo, por el valor, pero igual creo. La calidad tiene.

👤Compramos la fiambrera ya debido a ami trabajo tengo. Un pequeo compartimento donde est inclusida una cuchara de plstico. La fiambrera tiene un tamao de unos 24 de largo por unos 17 de alto, un tamao bastante adecuado para el uso. Aunque tienes una comida fuera de casa, pero tienes un enchufe para poner. A la corriente de 220v. Tiene dos compartimentos de distinta capacidad uno de 1,05 L y otro de 0,4 L. I resulta sper cmoda de usar y de llevar porque adems. Es fcil de usar, prctica, and limpiar, nos facilita su limpieza. No dudéis en preguntar, pero estoy haberos ayudado. Muchas gracias y feliz compra.

👤I am a taxi driver and I use this item to resolve my problem, it is very helpful for me. I have this problem and now I can make my own food anywhere within 25 minutes. This item is really good and I recommend it to anyone who drives a bus or truck.

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3. Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food 18oz

Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food 18oz

Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars. Stanley internment is a legend. The food jar with integrated steel spork has double-wall vacuum insulation. The double-wall vacuum insulation technology will keep your food cold for up to 12 hours. The design is light. The food jar is small enough to fit into your hand. You can carry around hot food and beverages at any time. There is a roof construction. This classic food jar is rust-free, leak-resistant, and packable, so you can just toss it in your backpack, trunk, boat, or side-saddle. The sealed lid keeps your container closed. It is easy to clean. This food container has a spork, so you can replace your plastic spoons and forks with a spork. The wide mouth opening of the food jar makes it easy to clean.

Brand: Stanley

👤Don't buy this! I used it for the first time to have chicken noodle soup in my truck. Popped the lid and closed it up. I got back in the truck with the thermos between my legs after grabbing it from the back seat. It sounded like a gunshot went off in the truck. The other guy in the truck took cover after something hit my face, my ears were ringing, and my face hurt. I thought I had been hit in the face. It blew both lids off at the same time. The lid hit the dash of the truck and then hit me in the face, and soup poured all over the truck. I think the soup was still hot when it came flying out. This thing is dangerous. I was hit in the cheek after it bounced. It could have taken out my teeth or an eye if it hit me directly. That was the first use. This thing ended up in the trash. I don't want to carry my lunch in a bomb that will explode and send the lid flying again.

👤This product was very disappointing. I filled the jar with boiling water and dumped the water out and put the soup in. I sealed the unit. The soup is barely warm six hours later. I should have known better because I was lured in by the low price. Stanley was a good vacuum bottle. The bottom was labeled as made in China. I guess you can't live in an area with good quality. Don't use this product.

👤I used this food jar several times and had no issues until I uncapped it and the inner cap blew off. It wasn't a hit, but it was quite a shock, made a mess, and is not a situation I will risk again. The pressurization process seemed to ruin the food, as I couldn't even eat my soup. It tasted acidic and smelled terrible after being pressurized into a lump. I went hungry after recapped it. I went to empty it out when I got home, and the lid fell off again. I used the older version of this food jar for years and lost it, but I wouldn't have needed to buy the newer one, which is deficient or of lesser quality. I don't think buying this jar is a good idea.

👤This is the second Stanley thermos I have purchased. I use them for my children's lunches. Being able to take hot food to school in the winter is important to them. This is a great design for kids because the lid can be used as a bowl or you can just eat out of the thermos because it has a wide opening and the screw on lid also pops open and has storage space for condiments. My son is very hard on his things, his thermos has survived 3 years and still is hot, and the spork is still in one piece. Stanley is built to last. I still use green ones that my grandpa passed down.

4. Thermos Thermal Insulated Stainless Container

Thermos Thermal Insulated Stainless Container

The carrying handle is integrated. Premium 304stainless steel interior and exterior of food thermos for long-term dependability. You can eat a healthy meal plan with the help of the following chemicals: BPA,phthalates lead and PVC free. To prevent leakage, make sure the plastic lid covers the entire opening of the jar. It should be upright to prevent leaking. The soup will leak if you swing or upside down. Double wall thermal insulation technology keeps lunch hot and cold for up to 8 hours. There is no need for a microwave or fridge. If you want to make it better, please preheat the jar before putting food in it and then cool it for 5 minutes. The soup bucket can be used for soup,dish grid for dishes, and rice grid for rice, and the large capacity food flask can be used to pack various food for work, school, picnic or camping. The insulated thermal lunch carrier is easy to carry. It makes the food jar easy to fill and clean and allows users to eat directly out of the jar. No need to buy an extra lunch box with the comfortable thick handle.

Brand: Ssawcasa

👤I bought this for my husband. He doesn't like heating up food because he works in construction. His burritos are kept warm by this thermo. I was able to fit 4 for him. I give this product a 5 star rating.

👤The one I received had no instruction, but the thermos itself. The design is not the best. It's the only one in the US that's made of the steel. I measured it after 4 hours with boiling water and it was still pretty hot. It's still warm after 12 hours. I think it's working. Will try to use it for lunch if it's not liquid. Not everyone makes soup all the time, hope it will hold non-liquid food hot too. After having it for a long time, we have an opportunity to use it. We made our own lunch and went for a picnic because it's harder to go to a restaurant with covid. I made rib and potatoes for the bottom, rice for the middle and vegi for the top. I use my finger to measure. I don't overfill each layer. Our lunch was still hot three hours later. It was nice today. The container has enough for two people. I had a hot homemade meal in the park.

👤I like this product a lot. It was delivered on time. I soaked it in a mixture of water and water-based liquid. I boiled some water and poured it in. It was still warm when I returned home. It doesn't come with extra plastic caps, which is a concern since they tend to get worn and break. I'm seriously considering returning it. I really like it. They can't be purchased separately. There was no care instructions on the box it came in and it did not come with a packing slip. I had to use the internet. There is a mixed review. Sorry about that.

👤I bought it for my mom. She is old. It is good for winter. The soup is made from herbs. Vegetables and chicken are pan fried. The rice is steamed. A perfect nutrition set for her. Good quality when kept warm longer. A great container. It is easy to clean. She is very happy with the container.

👤My lunch option has expanded. To bring soupy stuff. It is good for leftover pho because you can separate soup and noodles. If you bring soup, the second biggest bowl will be clean. There was no mess on the table. I pack it around 6 in the morning and don't open it until noon. It is a very acceptable temperature. I have gotten lunch bags before. It made sense to carry a bag to me. The rubber ring around the container made it easier to open and close the container. Cleaning is easy. There is a big opening. This is on the larger side of containers.

👤No mantiene el calor, perdi el dinero. Me parece un producto demasiado. No sirve. No sirvio, pero lo use tres veces con tres tipos de comida diferente. En fin, perdi. I parece una irresponsabilidad that ofrescan una cosa diferente.

5. Hydro Flask Insulated Food BlackBerry

Hydro Flask Insulated Food BlackBerry

The food jar has a folding spoon that you can use on any occasion, it is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you need help. The TempShield Double Wall Vacuum insulation is double wall. 18/8 Pro-Grade STAINLESS STEEL. Easy grip lid. Color the last powder coat.

Brand: Hydro Flask

👤I bought my daughter a 10oz thermos funtainer with spoon to take soup to school for $16.99. It has worked well. I love my hydro flask water bottles so I was excited to try this. I tested them side by side this morning. I boiled water to warm up the metal insides and then filled them with hot tap water. I dumped the tap water and then filled them with boiling water. I kept them on the counter for 4 hours. The water temperature was taken by me. The hydro flask water was 137 degrees and the funtainer water was 141 degrees. I could see steam coming out of the container, but I couldn't see anything coming from the HydroFlask. The lid for the thermos is larger than the HydroFlask's, which feels more substantial at first. I guess that is the reason the thermos retains heat better. My 6 year old can't take off the lid to put it on, so they are easy for small kids to use. When it comes to heat retention and price, it's Thermos who wins.

👤I have bought a few bottles of water for hot water before. I bought a food jar again. I have been eating it for lunch for a month. The water bottle keeps the food temperature hot, but it does not. The food is warm by lunch time. The price is a bit over priced with this kind of performance.

👤The thermos are nice looking. For a couple of hours, soup stays warm. Stanley and thermos are food containers that will keep soup hot for 8 hours. I was not happy with the length of time Hydro flask kept food hot. Food staysluke warm, that's what I would say. It is pretty and has a large opening to eat from. I bought a Stanley from Target because soup tastes better when it's hot. Foods that are good at room temperature will be served with hydroflask.

👤I bought the 12oz size. It fits in her lunch bag. When she opened the container, it was cold. I warmed up a bit longer before I put the container in and she said it was still warm for lunch. It was fine to have a color choice. I have several water hydroflasks that I am satisfied with, so thought would work as well. I haven't used myself to see yet.

👤I bought this for my son. I tried it with some pasta and was disappointed. I packed the pasta hot and opened the thermos about 4 hours later, which was borderline cold. My son commented that it's been cold each time he's eaten a warm lunch. His lunch time is 11:30-ish and I pack his lunch around 7:30 am. I have a lot of Hydro Flask items, but this was not something that I would tolerate. I bought two of these to match our water bottles.

👤Sharing a size comparison of a coffee cup. It would have been helpful for me to know this before I made the purchase. I went out on a limb and ordered. 20oz is the perfect size for packing hot lunches. I was looking for a wide mouth.

6. Thermos Flantor Insulated Stainless Container

Thermos Flantor Insulated Stainless Container

Vacuum insulation technology. This Lunch thermos features unique copper coated insulation that can greatly enhance the insulation effect, upgraded double wall vacuum insulation technology, and double wallstainless steel, which create a 100% vacuum space to 100% insulate the food and air, which realize insulated food jar keep hot food hot. The lunch box is made from 304 steel. Their food containers are free of the harmful substance. No smell, no rust, no break, no transfer flavors. Take a homemade meal with you when you leave the food outside. The lunch jar cover with hidden handles is very convenient to carry and store. Food-grade plastic bowls are ideal for enjoying a healthy meal. Double-layer vacuum insulation is used to maximize food temperature. Food can be kept cold for 10 hours or hot for 12 hours. thermos can be used to enjoy a homemade meal. The large-capacity thermos food container is lightweight. This food jar is large enough to hold pasta,corn soup,burgers,dumplings,porridge, and sandwiches. Before using the food jar, please preheat or cool it to obtain the maximum insulation efficiency. Pour off the water after 5 to 10 minutes.

Brand: Flantor

👤The thermos was perfect size, nice handle, and a cute carrying case. It didn't keep my food hot. The description said it would keep food hot for 12 hours, but after only 6 hours my soup was not very good. We added boiling water to the thermos to preheat it and then added boiling hot soup. It was barely warm by the time I left the house at 6am. It might be okay for cold foods, but I didn't like keeping food hot.

👤The product looks cute but it has a horrible smell. The thank you note was the only thing in English. Instructions for the product should be listed in multiple languages, including English, since most countries study English. You would think that you could just put your food in the thermos. I remember someone telling me to follow the instructions. I will not use features even after washing because of the smell. I am going to have to leave shelter to return this.

👤The jar doesn't vacuum seal. Put hot water in the jar for a while. I put soup in it at 7:30 am and lunch at noon. The soup is very cold. I wouldn't buy this.

👤I don't have to use a microwave at work because I bought this for hot soup, stew, etc. The lid is very nice. The first time I used it, the lid was loose and crooked, so I thought I screwed it on crooked. Same thing next time. I checked the lid before I left home to make sure it wasn't leaking. The lid was screwed on straight. At lunchtime, the lid was loose and crooked. Apparently this thermos can't handle hot liquids. This is going to be thrown away.

👤This is a great food jar. I didn't warm the thermos with hot water. I am lazy. I buy a meal at a restaurant and ask them to put it in a thermos. It's still boiling hot 30 minutes later. I keep it straight. Keep food hot as it said, large open top, easy to clean inside, and easy to carry, no leak. Not yet!

👤It takes at least 6 hours to keep soup piping hot. Probably longer. I wanted my lunch.

👤The carry handle is very attractive. It took a couple of tries to get the soup temperature right. The wide mouth is great for pouring food. I researched many food thermoses before ordering. Not disappointed.

👤I bought this food thermos for my mom, it's a wonderful purchase, it keeps soup and food hot all day, and it's right among the right purchases.

7. Kdetails Insulated Lunch Box Stainless

Kdetails Insulated Lunch Box Stainless

There is a lifetime warranty. They will stand behind their products for as long as you own them. They can either replace the product or repay the purchase price. The vacuum tight seal keeps food fresh. The box is tight. The freezer and dishwasher are safe. It's a great way to store your lunch or dinner.

Brand: Kitchen Details

👤Wow! I had to wipe my keyboard clean. This is one of the worst experiences I have had with products from Amazon. I should have paid attention to the reviews. The clips on the side don't stay on. That was out of the box. I put hot grits and eggs in it and they were cold by 10:00. Before opening the container, there was a mess on the outside of it. It was hard to open, and I had to eat all over the place. A mess to clean up. Can't wait to send this thing back.

👤My daughter is 8 years old. I had to struggle to open it. I'm pretty sure that if there was food in the thermos, it would have gone flying all over the place. The clips fell off when I tried to close it. I can't comment on how long it keeps food warm. I returned it right away.

👤I bought this for myself and my kids to eat hot meals. It does not work at all. My soup was just cold. It wasDisappointing and a waste of money. It will be sent to the Goodwill.

👤The cheapest store! Doesn't keep food warm. It is cheap and not INSULTED!

👤The size allows it to keep food warm. Each unit had flimsy grey clasps on the sides. All my units have the same grey clasp. They are easy to misplace and the kids use them.

👤If you need to travel with this, do not put food in the bowl because it will stay hot for only 30 minutes.

👤It works better for a shorter time period. Will keep food warm for four hours.

👤The product is easy to clean and seem durable.

8. Thermos Adult Containers Vacuum Insulated

Thermos Adult Containers Vacuum Insulated

The Chug Cap is not for use with hot beverages. There are 3 34 inches in diameter and 10 34 in high bottle dimensions. It takes top marks for its superior insulation, STAINLESS steel material, two different sizes of capacity and a versatile design that works for toddlers, kids and adults. You can use your thermos food containers for hot and cold foods. The upgrade seal lid for the food jar set makes it easier to spoon store. The box has 2 insulated lunch thermos, a folding soup spoon and fork, and a user manual. Durable insulated thermal technology maintains temperatures for longer, keeping contents hot up to 12 hours or cold for 24. The interior is made of steel, so hot foods don't come in contact with plastic. Airtight, easy to open and generous capacity. Take this thermos food jar, it will not leak in your lunch bag. Food grade materials are dishwasher safe. They offer a Lifetime Warranty on their food jars. They want their customers to enjoy their healthy food storage container.

Brand: Itslife

👤I like a hot lunch but I am stuck at my desk for lunch. I bought this set to make a packed lunch more enjoyable. I have used it for soups and they are still piping hot 5 hours later. I warm the thermos with boiling water before adding the soup in the microwave. The set is sturdy and not leaking. The air valve makes opening it a lot easier. The spoons are useful. The handle makes it easy to carry it. I am very pleased with my purchase and have already recommended it to friends.

👤It will keep it nice and hot if you heat it up before putting food in. I fill it up with boiling water, cover it, and let it sit for a few minutes. I don't want to add hot food to a cold thermos. Add food and dump out the water. My son told me that soup was too hot to eat the first time I sent it to school. Bring a spoon if you plan on making soup. The spork on top is not good for soup.

👤I filled the containers with ice and water. There were large chunks of ice after 24 hours. If I had allowed the experiment to continue, it would have taken several more hours for the ice to melt. I am very happy with the product.

👤It is a great product. I had to get my partner something because he hates buying food from the local trucks that come in and he got sick so much I had to get him something. I was looking for a product that could carry my homemade food with me. I found a product that met my needs after searching. Finally! The product is easy to use and clean, and it1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 We all know how hard it is to pack our men's food, we forget a spoon or utensil for them to eat when we're not awake. The spoon can be foldable and included in its compartment with this solution. He takes his lunch off the table in the mornings and then kisses his coffee mug on the way to work. I get a compliment from him when I tell him I found a product that I can use to make homemade meals. It is a win. We love it!

👤I wanted to like them. My children's school lunches are served with 2 sets of sets. They were not able to keep food hot after 4 hours. My kids said the food was cold. There were a lot of good reviews on these. It was difficult to put hot foods in these with their narrow opening. It's not practical for other hot food items.

👤The thermos keep my food hot. I pack my lunch in these because it is still hot at lunch time. I eat them on the way home from work if I have left overs. The first set of thermos I received had a leaking lid. I contacted the company and they sent me a brand new set and let me keep the first set I ordered. I'm happy with their performance and the shipping was very fast. It's nice to have the spoon andpork as a bowl. The best reason is that I can reuse the entire set each day and not have to worry about taking out food waste.

9. Food Jar Insulated Stainless Containers

Food Jar Insulated Stainless Containers

Eating out is not good for your health and you should eat healthy homemade meals with your insulated food flask. Use your thermos food containers to pack a variety of foods, from breakfast to lunch to snacks in between meals. Use your thermos flask to pack many meals and snacks. The material is made of high quality food grade 304. Non-toxic, non-BPA, non-PVC. The product safety and food health are ensured by premium quality material. The lunch container for hot food has upgraded double wall vacuum insulation technology and seamless welding technology, which keeps food hot or cold up to 12 hours. The food jar has been sealed to prevent spills and is easy to open. Fresh, warm meals are kept at home. The Air Pressure Release design makes it easy to open. A wide mouth design makes filling and cleaning easy. The inner lid is made of steel and has plastic on it. It's easier to be carried around with an insulated lunch bag. It's great for kids, adults, workplace, college students, hiking, road trips, picnics and outdoor activities. A good choice of gift is the food jar.

Brand: Fewoo

👤Excellent quality for the price. The design isElaborated with a nice exterior color. The lunch box is made of high quality material. I can't bring myself to use the microwave at work, so this is the perfect solution. I ate hot soup in this thermos after putting it in, but it was so hot I had to blow on it to eat it. I was looking for something to keep lunch hot. It looks great and feels great. I bragged about it so much that a few coworkers have bought it. There were no complaints.

👤I use this for hot dogs in a bun, sliced up pizza, corn dog bites, and other things. Before you put food in the thermos, fill it with hot water. The heating time is extended by hours if the metal is taken out of chill. When you forget to throw in a spoon, the folded spoon is helpful.

👤For 10 minutes, heated this with boiling water. My son's lunch came home piping hot. The best thermos ever! Actually works.

👤I bought this thermos to use with the coffee carafe, and it works perfectly. The coffee maker is bulky, and everything is dirty. The thermos keeps things nice and hot. I haven't used it for cold liquids yet. The golden yellow color is cheerful.

👤The most important thing is that this product did not keep my food hot. I have used it twice to take soup to work and both times it was too hot to eat at lunch. It was only four hours from packing to unpacking. I couldn't put the product in the microwave because it is metal. I love everything about it.

👤I put the water in the thermos. The food was really hot. I put the food in the thermos after pouring out the water. The spaghetti was so hot that I had to blow it. It is amazing!

👤I'll probably get a bunch to give at Christmas time because I like this so much. It's the kind of thing you don't think to buy, but once you do you are wondering how you made do without one for so long. It keeps things hot for hours. Make sure that whatever you put in there is piping hot. It's well made. If you're wondering about the color, I have the white, which is more of a creamy white than kitchen white. Would I buy again? Absolutely. I got the 20oz one and it holds a lot for one person.

👤I wanted to bring soup to work. The serving size for an adult is 20 ounces. The spoon is in a good location. It's hard to open and close, but I like that it stays open when I use it. The thermal part of the thermos was disappointing to me. When I eat the soup at 1PM, it's more like a room temperature than it was when I ate it at 8AM. I don't burn my mouth, but I would like it to stay a bit hotter. It is easy to clean. The inside lid is made of off white plastic and I'm expecting it to be stained after a lot of tomato soups but that's not a deal breaker for me.

10. Insulated Containers Nomeca Stainless Thermoses

Insulated Containers Nomeca Stainless Thermoses

At Energify, your smile comes first. They will right any wrong immediately. The food container keeps food hot for a long time. You will have a great lunch time if you use the double lid insulated food jar, it's great for insulation and leak proof. The wide mouth of the lunch container can help you pack food and eat lunch easily, and it's also easier to clean the inside of the insulated food jar. Kids lunch bento box containers will come with a folding spoon for your convenience, they are big enough to pack a big lunch for girls. Girls hot thermoses with seamless welding technology of inner tank enhance insulation, perfect for daily food packing, meal preps, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Brand: Nomeca

👤I was skeptical about the work being done. I am beyond overwhelmed. I put pasta in this at 530 and it was still hot at lunch. When I got home it was warm enough to eat, but I didn't finish all of it. I'm happy with this. I suggest putting boiling water in the container for 10 minutes before putting food inside. It will help keep it hotter.

👤This is an unknown brand and I was a little wary of it. I did an experiment with this one. I put boiling water in the insulated containers and left them overnight. This morning is 9 hours later. The brand of thermos was not as warm as it could have been. The container was the clear winner because of the difference in water temperature. I will be buying more.

👤I use it every day. I'm avoiding restaurants because of the Covid-19 epidemic. I like having hot food because sandwiches can get boring. I take top off and put it under the faucet before I leave for work. I nuke my food while the bowl is heating up. The food cooks for about 2 and a half minutes, and then you have to dump it out and fill it. I have a thermal lunch bag. It stays very warm until I eat it.

👤Sometimes my husband has to travel to places that don't have amenities such as a fridge or microwave to eat lunch because he works in construction. I bought this for him to use. He's used it twice with spaghetti, which was still warm and delicious after being in the thermos for almost 8 hours. He was very happy that he didn't have to eat warm pasta for lunch. He was pleasantly surprised when lunch time came around and he was able to enjoy a nice cold potato salad as if it had been in the fridge all day. The thermos comes with a spoon to eat with and the lid makes a great serving dish. It's easy to clean, and the instructions are clear and precise with an easy to read table for times and temperatures that the thermos is rated for in keeping food either cold or hot. It's nice to have that information to help keep food safety in mind when using this thermos, it takes the guess work out of eating a nice hot or cold meal on the go.

👤I bought this for my daughter so she could have something different to eat. I was not sure. I work in the food industry and food safety is something that is important to me. I don't take lightly the idea of putting hot food in a jar. I will say that it does the job. After being out at room temperature for four hours, the temperature drops a few degrees. I believe it to be hot hold. I'm sure it would hold cold items, but they have not teasted for that.

👤This is a good thermos after several months of use. How often do you use it? There is a It's an essential part of the lunch box. Does it fit in a lunch box? There is a It takes half of it. It can fit enough food for a kid. Is it well sealed? I can't tell you how good it is at keeping liquids inside, because we don't put liquids in there, but it has a gasket and the lid is tight. No leaks were observed when I tested it. How long does it take for it to heat up? There is a I usually pack food at 7am and it is warm by noon. How is the quality? It's really good. This is a thing that you hold in your hand and realize is a thing. Can your child open it? There is a A: She can. My child was not able to open it once because her mom tightened it up too much.

11. Goodful Insulated Stainless Thermos Container

Goodful Insulated Stainless Thermos Container

Eating out is not good for your health and you should eat healthy homemade meals with your insulated food flask. Use your thermos food containers to pack a variety of foods, from breakfast to lunch to snacks in between meals. Use your thermos flask to pack many meals and snacks. It was hot or cold for hours on end. The insulated food jar can keep hot soup steaming hot or yogurt cold for hours. PREMIUM FOOD STORAGE JAR- is contiguously constructed. The double wall design keeps your food cold or hot. You can take your food jar with you to the office, park, and more. The roof is leak proof. The screw on lid is leak proof, so you can place this food jar in a gym bag, purse, backpack and more without worrying about it leaking. The built-in carry handle makes it easy to tote your food jar with you. This food jar is easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is easy to clean. The extra wide mouth top makes this jar easy to clean.

Brand: Goodful

👤The jar is slick but it does not retain heat as I had hoped. I believe that this may be due to the fact that there is no secondary seal. Don't waste your money.

👤I got the idea to test before I go to Iceland. I poured hot water on it and it was hot to touch from outside. I knew it was bad. Within an hour the water cooled down completely. I am really happy with the thermos brand that I ordered.

👤I needed a thermos to keep my lunches hot at work and this was one of the cheapest ones I could find. It does the job well, I pack my lunch around 8am and eat it at noon. It is still warm enough to eat straight out of it, even though it is not piping hot. I have not tried it with cold food. The exterior scratches really easily. The outer layer is a thin coat and I could see scratches after one use. It's not a huge deal, but disappointing since one of the main reasons I chose this one was it looked nice.

👤When you open the container, the temperature you get when you put your food in it will affect what is described. Before you put it in the container, you have to heat it up. I have different break times at work so I tested it in different levels of heat. If I heat my food around 9am, it should keep it hot for at least 4 hours. I put soup in it to make it leak proof. It is easy to pack and clean.

👤It keeps food warm or cold, and it doesn't feel hot when you touch it. Food jar is easy to pack and carry. The container is very convenient and efficient. I like the jar, but I don't like the way it scratches easily, so for the light colors, I don't like it.

👤I will use this to keep bone broth cold until I warm it up. When it arrived, I filled it with ice to see how long it lasted. I did that yesterday afternoon and it is mostly ice, but I am completely satisfied with its cold ability. I can't say that it's ability to keep things hot.

👤I was a bit leery of this as it wasn't Thermos, but I was wrong. Our so. Takes this to school. One day he came home sick and didn't eat his lunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find his soup still warm when I unpack his bag. It has plenty of room for food. A+.

👤It is okay. I can't say it's the best. I don't think it keeps the food warm. I think it is a container. I wouldn't buy again.

👤If you preheat Chili with boiling water when you wake up, it will keep it warm past lunchtime. Buy this. If you can meal prep, you will save money. The 500ml capacity is not bad. It's easy to clean even if you leave it for a few days. Again, worth the money.


What is the best product for food flask for hot food for adults?

Food flask for hot food for adults products from Alxeme. In this article about food flask for hot food for adults you can see why people choose the product. Nifogo and Stanley are also good brands to look for when you are finding food flask for hot food for adults.

What are the best brands for food flask for hot food for adults?

Alxeme, Nifogo and Stanley are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food flask for hot food for adults. Find the detail in this article. Ssawcasa, Hydro Flask and Flantor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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