Best Food Flask for Hot Food for Kids

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1. Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock

Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock

A spoon with a 16 ounce food jar. It was 12 hours hot and 16 hours cold. The double wall vacuum insulation and air-tight locking lid keep food piping hot for 12 hours but can also keep it cold for up to 16 hours. The large three-quare catastrophe is large. This container can hold enough food to feed everyone. The wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean, fill, scoop and serve. It is difficult anddurable. It's made from 18/8 steel and has a grip handle which makes it easy to carry and serve food. The hook on the bottom of the crock allows it to hang on the side of the crock when locked down.

Brand: Stanley

👤I use this on camping trips. You can cook some beans in the morning and have them ready for dinner after 8 hours. The reason for 3 stars is that the clips will break. I broke one and the person who recommended me broke theirs. It still works well with only 1/3 clips. Make sure you are careful with the latches.

👤I needed an efficient way to store and carry hot Mac n Cheese knowing that my kids will eat it better than some stew, because we are going on a day-long winter time outdoor picnic. I put homemade mac n cheese in the thermal pot. I closed the lid and temped it at 140F. I temped at 120F after opening and four hours later. If I bake the Mac and cheese at 160F, it will work. The manufacturer says the pot is not good for dairy products, so I released pressure a few times. There is a small hole at the top of the lid. I am happy. It's easy to wash your hands.

👤The plastic clips that hold the cover down are not a good idea. A good idea. A less expensive substitute for a vaccume cooker. But 1 The clip is not repairable. The glue doesn't bond to the plastic when I tried a lower strength. I hope they use more appropriate materials.

👤I have been using this for a long time and kicking it a lot. I warmed up some potato soup for a warm lunch before I left to go hunting. I had it in the back seat of my truck and while driving the pressure relief valve failed to release the pressure and blew the lid off, destroying three of the four lathes on it. You can see what happened in the pictures.

👤I was going to open it after thelatch broke. I really like stanley, but it was let down. It works better with liquid food.

👤Great product! I bake Crock Pot baked beans. They used to be taken to picnics in the Croc Pot. The beans stayed hot for at least 7 hours, and it's easier to carry. The whole 3 quarts are in it. I almost didn't buy it because of the reviews. Great product!

👤It worked well to keep things hot. The clips that hold it closed are the weakest part of the design and could break if handled or forced. It was a bit difficult to wash. It is one of the few products that can keep a large amount hot. It worked out well for the event. Update... It turned out to be bulky and awkward to use. It's not worth carrying around or washing it.

👤3 years later, still using it everyday as a personal cooler to keep snacks in 90 degree weather for over 10 hours a day cold with a tiny 6oz frozen water bottle to keep it cool. The cold makes the metal brittle, so the buckles should be made of metal. I don't need them. I use it as a personal cooler for apple slices, cheese sticks, and other items. It stays cold for over 10 hours using a frozen mini wate bottle. The code 1A8pwthRFnU is used to find my video Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock 3q.

2. Zak Designs Insulated Stainless Container

Zak Designs Insulated Stainless Container

The Spider-Man food container has a 12-ounce capacity, a diameter of 3.38 inches, and a height of 6.07 inches. The material is material. The jar is made from food grade 18/8 steel and is non-toxic. It is recommended to wash your hands. The vacuum is INSULATED. The container has vacuum insulation to keep food hot or cold for up to 9 hours. The double-wall construction prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the jar. There is a jacket for travel. The lid is tightly sealed so you can put the jar in a lunch box or bag without worry. It has a handle built into the top so it can be carried by hand. Life style. Zak designs make it fun for kids. Even picky eaters will love bringing lunch with them to school, picnics, and more.

Brand: Zak Designs

👤My son is a big fan of Spiderman and his show, and since he is in pre-school, he needs his own thermos for the times he wants hot foods for lunch instead of using his sister's one! The large handle makes it easy for him to open and close the thermos without asking for help. The hot foods are relatively warm and have not leaked so far. He seems to like the designs on the outside.

👤I fill it with hot water and dump it out before I give my son his lunch, because he says his food is still hot at lunchtime. My son has a few food allergies so packing his preschool lunch is not easy. It is so cute with his favorite superhero. I hated spending the money, but now I am relieved I did.

👤My grandson liked this for his lunches. We pour hot water from our Keurig and then dump the water and put the contents in it. It seems to keep it warm.

👤We heat chicken nuggets for our grandson to take to school. They are great when he has lunch.

👤For our grandson, it's warm for lunch and he likes his favorite Mac & cheese or Roman noodles. It's nice and warm until lunch.

👤Nos encanto, el diseo es un padre. Amigos, pero mantiene los alimentos calientes.

👤Producto, puse gelatina, dur 8 horas fuera del refrigerador. Sper lo recomiendo.

3. THERMOS FUNTAINER Stainless Insulated Folding

THERMOS FUNTAINER Stainless Insulated Folding

Food Jar With Lid was included. THERMOS vacuum insulation technology can keep temperatures hot or cold. It stays hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 7 hours. The double wall is durable. The exterior is sweat-proof and stays cool. Push button lid design allows for easy opening and access to spoon storage. Wide mouth is easy to eat from and clean.

Brand: Thermos

👤My daughter is going to school for ramen. She loves ramen. It works well. It keeps her ramen hot for 6 hours.

👤It's perfect for my son's lunch box. It was exactly what we needed for the winter. I put boiling water in first and then dump it and add hot soup or taco meat. My son says that everything is still hot by lunchtime. I will buy another one. It's a good thing.

👤The hassle of warming the food up deters my kids from bringing leftovers to school. The school has a microwave, but sometimes it's hard to use it. My 10 year old loves neon green and brings his lunch to school, so I got him a bright green thermos. He loves it. He can have a warm lunch. It doesn't take long to get the food ready, like boiling water and putting it in the thermos, but you have to do other things in the morning. It is easy to clean. They recommend hand washing. It is very easy to clean because there are not a lot of crevices. It's the perfect size for kid lunches. I bought one of the other kids a green one because he kept saying he was going to use it.

👤It keeps stuff cool because we like the size. I have never had it leak. The lid is hard to clean. There is a space for the bottle to fit in. I've tried getting brushes that fit in, but I can't leave my lid without the smell. I don't know if it's because the plastic holds smells or if I can't get it clean enough.

👤It was easy to open for my 7 year old. Portions are large. If he doesn't finish his lunch, it's still warm when he gets home. A travel spoon is expected. We are happy with it.

👤The foldable spoon doesn't keep food warm past 3 hours, and I like the color, but it doesn't keep food warm past 3 hours. I won't purchase it again because it's not worth it to me.

👤My daughter uses this thermos for her lunch in kindergarten. I sent it to school with her and it was a flop. I cooked noodles with butter for her in the morning and it went in the thermos after I drained the noodles. I wanted to make sure it doesn't get too hot before I put noodles in. She said that her lunch was cold. I didn't try again.

👤My boys can take soup or something with their lunches. They are the perfect size to fit a cup a noodle in and I love how it comes with the spoon. The soup is kept warm all day. My 6 year old is always swinging his backpack around and I didn't want the soup spilling out all over his backpack so I tested them to be leak proof. I would recommend these to everyone.

👤I ordered this for my child. It's a great size and fits a can of pasta. It is easy to clean. Would buy again.

4. Vacuum Insulated Containers Thermos Grey New

Vacuum Insulated Containers Thermos Grey New

Food grade materials are dishwasher safe. They offer a Lifetime Warranty on their food jars. They want their customers to enjoy their healthy food storage container. TheTHERMOS FOOD JAR SET includes 2 insulated food jars, a foldable soup spoon, and a user manual. Pack their sweat-proof and leak-proof food jars in your lunch bag. There is no need to worry about the leak mess. The Air Pressure Release design makes it easy to open. Maxso vacuum insulation technology keeps food fresh up to 24 hours. You can use the bento box to take your homemade food with you. Their customers could enjoy their healthy food storage container without worry because of their food grade material. Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars. Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars.

Brand: Maxso

👤I don't write reviews. This is my first one. I am in the construction trade and there is not always a place to get hot food close by. The reviews made me choose this set. I live and work in the sierra mountains and it is cold in December. I put the soup in the thermos at around 630 in the morning. I was going to finish early so I decided to skip the lunch break. In the afternoon, I arrived home. The soup was piping hot when opened. I could not eat it because it was piping hot. I was impressed by the fact that I left it on the seat of my truck all day. temp. There are two things that I noticed on my first day using it. The spoon doesn't stay clipped into the cap so I can see it fall off at one point. It was easy to put it back on after the gasket fell off. I can see that going away very easily. They are awesome other than that. Get them and do yourself a favor. The price is correct. Glenn is a person.

👤The order came with two different sizes of food jar, they fit for different occasions and work great for both hot and cold food. If you want to keep food hot for longer, prime the jar with hot water a few minutes before using and dumping before filling it. I tried to cook steel cut oats overnight, and it worked well for me. The design is easy to clean and they have folding spoons that are convenient. I am satisfied with my purchase.

👤Finally. My husband is in the field almost daily. I leave overs. I want him to have a hot lunch. This is the fourth container we have tried. All have leaked, some haven't held the heat. This one is great. Food is kept warm for hours and no one leaves. He said that it is easy to eat out and that it is easy to wash. I don't put it in the dishwasher. I like that it has a pressure release button, we don't have to worry about a blow out.

👤I bought these 3 months ago for my boyfriend and I since there is no fast food open for lunch. It keeps food hot for about four hours. They only started leaking a TINY bit recently. The metal spork for the larger container was loose, so it made eating a little difficult. Would have been four or five stars other than that.

👤I bought these containers for my son. The food is kept warm in the container. It helps if you put boiling water into the container. Remove the water and replace it with hot contents. There are 2 challenges with this container. When opening a container, the plastic ring pops off easily. My son hasn't lost it yet. The container may leak if there is no plastic ring. 2. The outer lid is tight and difficult for my son to open, which is why I like the 2 lid closure. Overall, a good product, just wish the ring wouldn't pop off.

5. Lille Home Insulated Stackable Stainless

Lille Home Insulated Stackable Stainless

The jar has been sealed to prevent spills. The jar has a lid. The outer lid can be used as a bowl and the inner lid enhances insulation. The insulated bag and vacuum insulation give up to 3-6 hours of warm retention, nearly twice as long as others. No more cold lunches. No more microwaves. The vacuum insulation keeps food warm and healthy. The top layer is 10oz and the bottom layer is 22oz. Convenient for you to make your own food at work or school. The interior and exterior are made from a high quality food grade 304 steel which will never rust and is naturallyBPA-free. You can use it over and over again because it doesn't retain flavors or scents. Food grade plastic is used to make the handle and divider. It can't be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Silicone seals are placed between the insulated compartment to keep it leak and spill proof. Thecoupling between layers is tight to prevent leak and spill. It will become smooth after using it a few times. Lunch Bag Included is made of felt fabric and food grade aluminum foil lined interior, it can enhance the insulation, but also make it easier to be carried around. Wrap it with ribbons and give it to someone you love so they can enjoy home made delicacy for a healthier eating style.

Brand: Lille Home

👤I had a lot of hope for this container. I preheat the container to either hot or cold depending on what is being used for. I made sure the food was cold or hot before putting it in the prepared cavity. The food was not kept hot or cold for the time specified. If the container was leakproof, I wouldn't mind it. It's over! Doesn't matter if you taught you to twist the containers or not. The rounded lips at the opening of each cavity allow liquid to escape. The opening of the mouth should not be too wide. I don't have the packaging to return the container, so I regret purchasing it. My fault.

👤It is very difficult to open. The plastic screw on the mechanism sticks is unwieldy. The lid for the top container and the lid for the bottom container are both hollow with a small opening covered by a washer. Food will get into this hollow gap and will be hard to clean. Good luck with keeping track of a poorly fitted transparent washer. Returned without using and did not check for heat retention but considering the quality of the lids, it is probably poor. Did not check for leaks.

👤I love my new lunch box. I wanted to bring my own soup for lunch, so I bought this. The two compartments of this lunch box are perfect for the purpose. The food is kept at its temperature for a long time because of the quality. The lunch box is large enough for me. A great purchase.

👤I brought it for my daughter. She likes it. It is very good quality. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Good quality, easy to clean and keep food warm. My daughter can eat hot lunch.

👤This is a good looking lunch box. It's pretty good so far, I didn't put hot lunch in it, just cold sandwiches and salad.

👤The lunch box is large enough for my son. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556

👤My child loves it. Insulate until lunch.

👤Don't waste your money on this product. One of the reviews I saw said that it did not keep food warm. I ignored the review and bought it. I wasted my money on this. I don't keep my food warm when I go to work. I have to find a new one. The product doesn't keep food warm long enough, so I'm not happy with it.

👤No mantiene la comida caliente por ms de 2 horas.

👤Les 3 thermos ne visent pas ils ne sont pas et ils coulent!

👤I bought two for my kids to bring to school because I was really excited about this product. They don't keep the food warm. I was not happy to think I spent $70 on these.

👤I made pan fry rice for my son. It was cold when my son had it.

6. THERMOS FUNTAINER Stainless Insulated Folding

THERMOS FUNTAINER Stainless Insulated Folding

Simple Modern is built on serving you, offering remarkable value, and giving more than 10% of profit. All products have a limited lifetime warranty. Stays hot or cold. TheTHERMOS vacuum insulation technology keeps the temperature of hot or cold meals. Send them to school with a cold snack. The food jar can keep food hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 9 hours. The 18/8 steel construction is built to handle drops, ding and roughhousing. Kid-friendly design. It is easy to carry and open with a push button lid. The wide mouth is easy to eat from and clean. It is possible to pop your food jar in the dishwasher. There is a soda included. There is no need to pack a spoon. The jar has a folds for storing inside it. Protect what you love. The THERMOS KIDS gear is dishwasher safe and meant to keep lunch and drinks flowing. The lunchtime puzzle has been solved.

Brand: Thermos

👤My 14-yr-old took this to school and reported that the chili was so hot at lunch time that he couldn't eat it. He was able to eat half of it before lunch, and when I opened the thermos at home 10 hours later, the remains were still warm. I'll have to let the food cool before I fill the thermos.

👤When my husband's new job required him to go to the hospital, I was afraid. It's not easy to pack healthy options to last 11 hours. TheTHERMOS was just perfect, it included a spoon and no plastic destroying the environment. I've sent everything from soup to BBQ to even cold items. I tried to order an extra one but it was sold out. I will choose a different color.

👤Food is hot all day. I made soup for my kid at 5 am and it was still warm when I took it out of his backpack. It didn't leak, that's the best part!

👤These are great. I buy these for our kids' school lunches. I got him this one, perfect size, and I love the gray color, which was not available a few years ago. They keep their lunch warm.

👤I wanted to take a small serving of soup with me to work on my lunch. I warm the soup up at 7am and it is piping hot by lunch. The spoon is nice. Before you put food in the thermos, make sure it's hot. It makes a difference. It is easy to clean.

👤I used to have a capsule thermos. This one wasn't very good. My food is not warm. It's hard to eat soup out of a spoon. The mouth is small and it's too tall. I don't recommend this one because it would stay piping hot for 5 and 6 hours.

👤I needed an item that would allow me to pack hot lunches for my son. This was what I was looking for. We have not experienced any leaks because it keeps foods hot. The spoon on the top lid makes it easy to clean.

👤The thermos is fine, but the spoon is hard to put away. I bought this for my daughter but she can't use it. It is frustrating.

👤I bought it for my girlfriend and I saw it was larger in pictures than it really is and it broke on the first use, but I couldn't fit a regular spoon inside.

👤I like the thermos. I use it to take soup and it never leaks. When you put it in, it stays as hot as when you put it out. The folding spoon inside the lid is useful but I wish it had a silicone end as the metal on metal scratching sound is not pleasant. This thermos is a great buy. I'm happy I got it. I tried many brands and they all leak. It's nothing compared to genuine thermos.

👤It's perfect for my kids lunch. The size of his lunch bag was right. It's easy to open for a young child. He likes the fork in the top. Food can be kept hot or cold. It was a good purchase and reasonably priced. Top quality.

7. MAXSO Thermos Insulated Container Stainless

MAXSO Thermos Insulated Container Stainless

We include a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects because Hydrapeak products are made to last a lifetime. They will replace any products that are found to be faulty. They attach great importance to consumer's health, so please feel assured to purchase their hot food container. It's not an annoyance to forget to bring the spoon. The thermos lunch container has a folding spoon inside and a rubber belt handle on the top. It is easy to fill, take food and clean. The design is leak-proof. The screw-up lid is designed for leak proof. The top lid can be used as a mini container. A good travel companion and a warm gift is the insulated thermos. Vacuum insulation tech. - The insulated lunch container is made of double wall steel and has copper coated insulation and seamless welding technology. Keep food fresh for 24 hours. Before filling hot food, please pour hot water for a few minutes to preheat. Before filling cold foods such as yogurt and salad, you should put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Brand: Maxso

👤Large capacity. I thought it was a mistake and used my measuring cup to confirm that the jar holds 17 ounces, as it doesn't look like it would. Very impressive. It will keep food hot for hours. I am giving this item 4 starts because it is hard to open. I have to use a large rubber band to get a grip on the lid because my hands are small. The inside cap tends to hold water inside, and the spring mechanism needs to be pressed down at a specific angle in order to drain the water. It's a good item to have for school or work. Not disappointed.

👤I like my new container. I was not sure. The 17oz is the same size as a regular food container and is perfect for me. The food is still hot when I eat it five hours later. Is portable, leak proof and easy to clean. I like the way it looks.

👤I used it to pack my food. It kept my food warm. It's not necessary to use a microwave anymore.

👤Picked up a person hoping to go on a hiking trip and decided to test how long it will keep food warm. I checked the heat loss and leak-resistance before the heat. When the temp was 150F, the bottle was warm and the temp was 115F 13 hours later. The bottle has a convenient wide mouth and seems leak proof. I'll be sending back because the inability to insulate is a deal killer. The vendor was attentive and very attentive. I was persistent in asking about the issue, refunding my purchase, and trying a different food jar. Their customer service is excellent. They are one of the most attentive and responsive vendors I have ever encountered. The replacement food jar performed better than the first one I received, it held heat longer and the outsides were not losing as much heat. It went from a temperature of 198F to 112F in just 18 hours. It lost 37F at 5 hours and 60F at 9 hours, so prewarming the jar will help, but most people are going to be looking for 7 hours from this jar so the heat loss may be acceptable. I still think it is losing more heat than desirable. I feel that this will work well for most applications because of the price and no leakage.

👤It doesn't last very long for hot. It could be up to 2 hours. It will stayluke warm for a good 8 to 10 hours. My job doesn't have a microwave and the lid as a bowl and spoon is very convenient, so I'll deal with it. I prefer warm to cold. It lasts way longer than thermos containers. I put boiling water in it for 10 minutes before my food.

👤The spoon that fits into the lid is cute. It is a good job of keeping things warm. The inner lid is difficult to screw on and off. You have to get it to the right level before you attempt to close it. The handle can be used to open and close the outer lid. There is an air pocket between the layers and the inner lid has a vacuum release. Water gets into this pocket when it's time to wash, so it takes time to get all the water out by releasing the vacuum button. It can never fully dry out and poses a risk of a disease.

8. Lunch Pinnacle Insulated Proof Adults

Lunch Pinnacle Insulated Proof Adults

Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars. The thermal lunch box is perfect for all ages and is suitable for kids and adults. It is light and robust so you can eat wherever you please. The wide bowl shaped design features an 18/8 steel interior which will keep food warm for up to 4 hours and cold for up to 6 hours. You don't need to cool your food in the fridge or microwave it. The bestselling insulated lunch box design has been upgraded and now features a vacuum knob heat release valve. Lift the easy to access latch so heat can escape so you can enjoy your meal. Kids love it! They designed their lunch box to be leak proof so that it would be easy to open. The easy to access clips secure the lid on tight to prevent leaks and spills. It's the best way to enjoy your favorite meal on the go, without mess, and you can even stand the box on the lid. Light weight for your convenience is perfect for adults to carry to the office or for kids to take to school. The sleek design keeps your food warm until lunch. Even though there is warm food inside, the lunch box will always feel cool.

Brand: Pinnacle Thermoware

👤I like the shape of this container and we decided to try it. I compared the Pottery barn thermos with the thermos from the Thermos brand. In one of my tests, I tried this with hot water from the Keurig. The hot water was not hot after 3 hours. It was still hot in the other 2 containers after 7 hours. I put this away in the cabinet because my son accidentally knocked one down and it broke before we could do anything. The metal insert and plastic shell are separated.

👤I think this product is great for people who love hand washing. I don't have time to hand wash things because I have 3 kids, so I hand wash dishes like a champ. I adore you. That is not me. I saw the sticker that said they were not dishwasher safe but I was worried that it would cause them to fade in color. I have bucked this system many times before. No. It was similar to putting a dry clean only sweater in the washing machine. I used my school lunch budget to buy these and now my children will never know the pleasure of warm food at lunch time. I have learned more about plastic and myself in the process which is priceless. I want to know why the thin, soft plastic sippy cups my son uses don't melt in the dishwasher, but the thick hard plastic thermoses do.

👤The product is not very good. The plastic tabs that help secure the lid to the bowl are very easy to break. I bought 4 of the lunch boxes even though I have 3 kids and all but one of them still have the tabs intact in one month. I am careful with them but they break off easily. The heat escapes from the side that is not latched down when one tab breaks. Unless the design is changed to a more sturdy design, I don't recommend buying this container.

👤I waited 2 months to write a review so that I could see how the product would hold up, and my daughter could use it for her school lunch. The plastic part started coming apart from the metal part in 8 weeks. She can't use it because the latch won't reach the notch where it's suppose to hold on to. We only wash this unit once a week and she uses it for about 3 days a week. My daughter said her food is cold by lunch. We put hot water in the box. She said the food temp was like it was never hot at all when she ate her lunch at noon. The square shape of the THERMOS brand container attracted us to her. I wouldn't recommend buying this because it's shown with poor quality after only 8 weeks.

👤The product was awful. The seal broke on one after one week, and these do not keep the food warm. Unless you want cold food and want to buy an actual thermos that works a few weeks later from a different manufacturer, don't buy these.

9. THERMOS FUNTAINER Stainless Vacuum Insulated

THERMOS FUNTAINER Stainless Vacuum Insulated

Since 1904. Every time,THERMOS brand products have made life better. It stays hot. Cold stays cold. Food and drinks are fresh. The little things go a long way. TheTHERMOS vacuum insulation technology can be used for hot or cold temperatures. The interior and exterior are made of steel. Wide mouth is easy to serve. It stays cold for 7 hours and hot for 5. Hand washing is recommended.

Brand: Thermos

👤This is the best invention I have ever seen. My kids don't like the foods they eat. I have been trying to figure out how to get mac-n-cheese to school for years. The answer to all my problems is this food jar. It keeps food hot for a long time. Enough time for me to heat my child's meal in the morning and have it hot for lunch. Cold items stay cold for 7 hours. The thermos is very strong. The price seems high at first, but when you realize how much of a lifesaver it is, you won't bat an eyelid. I would recommend this to anyone with children in school. I have bought more for family and friends. I rely on reviews to make informed purchases and I hope you found this helpful. If this review helped you make up your mind, please click the yes button.

👤Doesn't leak. Food is still warm at 1pm as I pack. The color seems a little darker than in the picture, but it's not a big deal for me. We wanted something small to fit in the back pack. A little bigger than a can of pop.

👤I bought this thermos for my daughter, she is a picky eater. It's perfect. It's perfect, not too big, not too small, not too wide. It fits inside her lunch bag. She has a hard time opening it but the teacher or her classmates help her out. If you follow the directions, it will keep her food hot if you fill it with hot water and add your food. It's easy to clean, I just wash it with soap and water.

👤My son likes the design. It holds enough food for him to eat for his lunch, even though he is 6. I fill the thermos with hot water and make the rest of his lunch, but dump the water and the thermos keeps his food hot until lunch time, based on a review. We haven't had any leaks, but I am sure his backpack gets thrown around after he leaves. It is easy to clean and fits in a standard size lunch box. A picture next to a can.

👤I bought two of these for my two boys and they are a hit. I've been making mac n cheese in the morning and we've been boiling the thermoses for a few minutes to make sure it's warm by lunchtime. Would purchase again.

👤They sent me a new one of the same color after I mailed it back. I didn't get a reimbursement for postage or throwing in a second one. There was no acknowledging receipt or that a new one was shipped. The "violet" version seems to have more people complaining about the manufacturing problem. I bought two of these at the same time. I discovered through a test that one of them lost their vacuum seal. I filled them both with the same food at the same temperature and then 4 hours later one was piping hot and the other was room temp. I retested with hot water. I received a warranty return form from thermos the next day, but I need to mail it in for a new one. The economics of shipping aren't ideal, but the five year warranty is nice. I had a warranty claim on an Oxo product and they just mailed me a new one after I sent them pictures. The wide mouths are perfect for kids and I like the design. For an adult, buy bigger. It holds about 1.5 cups. I don't like the rubber seal in the lid, it's hard to remove without a butter knife, and it gets dirty every time. The jars are easy to clean, but the lids are hard to clean. Well-ish.

10. Thermos FUNtainer Lunch Bottle Dishwasher

Thermos FUNtainer Lunch Bottle Dishwasher

The insulated lunch bag is made of fashionable denim fabric exterior and food grade aluminum foil interior, which not only enhances the heat preservation time of the lunch box, but also makes it easy to carry. You don't need to spend a lot of time choosing the right cutlery if you put a free portable set into the lunch bag with the lunch box. It's easy for you to take it with you if you have everything you need. Carry loop. The double wall vacuum is insulated. Push button lid is convenient. The inner and outer walls are made of steel.

Brand: Thermos

👤The gift set is great. I love that these are dishwasher safe. Funtainers are easy to clean and my kids love using them for school. I personalized the gift sets for my cousins and nieces because we love them so much. The set is a great value.

👤The set is perfect for school lunch. We've used thermos for a while and this set is up to par. If you are using the food jar lid for warm food, I would not advise you to tighten it too much because it will make it hard to open. The set is perfect for a kids lunch box and will keep drinks and food warm. It is very sturdy and resistant to being dropped, and can handle dishwashing without colors fading. It's difficult to open the food jar when the vacuum seal is created. My kid's teacher sent a note to me saying my kid hadn't had lunch because they couldn't open the jar. If you close the lid and turn it back a little, this can be prevented. It's difficult to find a spot where the food won't leak and can be opened by a child. Younger kids have a good size. They would need help opening the jar.

👤My 3 year old loves drinking from this. We haven't had any spills in his carseat, or in my bag. The bottle has to be hand washed. The insulated food container is useful for picnics and the 2 piece set is slightly more expensive than the straw cup. The insulated container proved to be leak-proof when I tested it.

👤My 1 year old has a thermal water bottle. It keeps his milk cold. It does leak a little. It is easy to clean, which is important to me when I am considering water bottles with straw functions. The thermal food box is pretty good.

👤I got this for my daughter to use for lunch, but as of day 3 the water bottle just leaks from the lid when it's standing up leaving a puddle of water! I'm not sure why it's doing that, but I don't feel like I can put this in her lunch pail, because that's all we'll be able to use now!

👤These are good for school lunches. My daughter can bring chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Instead of a sandwich every day. They have been used every day.

👤My child is using this for lunch daily. Excellent quality, no issues!

👤We have used this duo kit for a long time. It is a good idea to heat homemade food just a little bit hotter, pack it in the shorter thermos, and by lunchtime it is the perfect temperature for the kids to have a nice hot meal. It stays cold if you put cold water or milk in taller thermos. It works great in lunch bags. It is easy to clean, soak and wash.

11. YQHCZ Thermos Containers Insulated Container

YQHCZ Thermos Containers Insulated Container

Life style. Zak designs make it fun for kids. With bold Mickey Mouse artwork, even picky eaters will love bringing lunch on the go. The thermal food jar is non-toxic and ideal for packed lunches or travel. It is resistant to heat and corrosion. The lid is leak proof and has a scratch resistant base. The insulation time of the food cans is 1-2 hours. EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP The wide mouth makes it easy to fill in. The jar is great for holding breakfast, lunch, and even a spoon. Their vacuum insulated food flasks are the best for taking food to go. Pack this sweat proof and leak proof food thermos in a child's lunch box or adult lunch bag without having to store meals. The jar is great for packing meals for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. You can use your jar at work or school. You can eat healthy homemade meals with your insulated food flask. It makes it easy to pack a breakfast or lunch for you and your family. It takes about 1-2 hours to hold it. It is loved by children and does not last long. The exterior is cool and sweat-free even if the contents are hot or cold. The food jar they designed to appeal to kids is tough and durable enough to handle the demands of grown-ups.

Brand: Agratu

👤My daughter uses it in school for lunch. It's made of plastic and staneless steel. After 3 hours her food is not warm.

👤My daughter takes this for lunch. I love that I can make her soup that is still hot for lunch. It has not leaked out of the inside at all and is made of plastic. I've put soup, ravoli, spaghetti, and pieces of fruit in it. It has served me well. I bought her a pink one and it has a small rubber holder so you can carry it. The small spoon is a perfect size for a lunch bag as it doesn't take up much space.

👤It keeps food warm for about an hour. I added my hot food after boiling it. It was barely warm when I returned in an hour and a half.

👤Me encan, justo atiempo y amo hija le encanto mucho grasias.

👤The product looks great. It doesn't keep food warm long after it's been boiled. It seems to leak.

👤La comida me gusta.

👤The seal and portable are excellent. It doesn't keep food warm for very long. This product was disappointing. I paid fifteen dollars for a storage container.


What is the best product for food flask for hot food for kids?

Food flask for hot food for kids products from Stanley. In this article about food flask for hot food for kids you can see why people choose the product. Zak Designs and Thermos are also good brands to look for when you are finding food flask for hot food for kids.

What are the best brands for food flask for hot food for kids?

Stanley, Zak Designs and Thermos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food flask for hot food for kids. Find the detail in this article. Maxso, Lille Home and Thermos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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