Best Food Funnel for Bottles

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1. Hutzler 3832 WN Plastic Funnel Natural

Hutzler 3832 WN Plastic Funnel Natural

The Longzon funnel set are made of food grade pp material. If you have an issue with their funnel, just send them a message and their after-sale team will help you solve it. It is designed for home or commercial use. Air escapes when pouring from the side ribbing. Extra wide bottom, 32 ounces. There is capacity. Food and dishwasher safe.

Brand: Hutzler

👤I was able to use this to make a plastic jug with an opening of 1 and 1/2 inches. Since someone answered a question about the size of the hole, it has gotten larger. I thought it would fit in the bowl. The size is not the same as the one at the bottom of the hole, but it is the same as the one at the outside of the hole. It is a small toy with a little toy and a plastic screen. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I need a funnel to pour water into a container. Target, Walmart, and other stores do not have enough space for all of them to fit. Transfer is less than 30 seconds.

👤I haven't used them yet but they look great. There is an outside dia at the large end of the canning funnel. The smaller end of the funnel has an outside dia. Of 1.96. The funnel is 2 7/8" tall. There is a hole in the handles to hang them up. After using them, I discovered that having 2 of them was important, each came with a strainer at the bottom that was not very secure, and the other one I glue in place for straining kefir. It all goes smoothly. One reviewer complained about a lip inside the bottom of the funnel, but I didn't want the strainer in, so I easily removed the lip with a rat-tail file.

👤This funnel is dishwasher safe and makes my morning prep for work go fast. I shaved a quarter inch off the thin end and a couple of inches off the broad end to make it easier to store in a smaller space. It's large for household use. It allows me to get my dehydrated coconut milk into my kleenkanteen classic with ease. It has plenty of room at the top for quick work, even with my modifications, as it still avoids getting powder of the threads of the bottle. When the time is right, I add hot water from my thermos, shake it up, and then add the rest of the hot water and have 500 calories of high quality keto goodness.

👤The funnel is perfect for pouring coffee into my AeroPress, Moka Pot, or V60 without making a mess. The spout is small. The funnel has a screen to strain out the solids. If you need that, there's a shoulder and 3 small ribs inside the spout. If you don't need the screen, the shoulder and ribs can make a mess. I didn't pay attention to the reviews that mentioned this. I used a rat-tail file to remove the shoulder. It's a small issue on an inexpensive product like this.

👤I used this to fill the base of a boxing bag. We had to fill it with sand but the cat litter was heavier. I knew it would take a long time to fill the large base and that it would take a long time to pour into the mouth of the base. The funnel was perfect and it sped the job up. My daughter will use it in her kitchen adventures next summer.

2. KongNai Silicone Collapsible Foldable Transfer

KongNai Silicone Collapsible Foldable Transfer

The dishwasher is on top rack. Food grade kitchens. The silicone funnel is free of the harmful substance, BPA. No need to worry that the old plastic funnel may damage the health of your families, it is heat resistant -40C to 250C. The sizes and colors are sorted. There are two different types of funnel in different colors. Silicone collapsible funnel large and mini are must have kitchen tool accessories for mom. Save the kitchen room. Collapse to store the rubber funnels with the collapsible design. You can put it in a drawer or hang it on the wall. The Silicone Folding Funnels take up less room than regular ones. It is easy to clean and easy to store small kitchen gadgets and tools for cooking and baking. It's easy to keep clean even from oil, just wash it with warm water and add a little soap or put it in the dishwasher and let the machine do the work for you. Service Satisfaction Their ultimate goal is your satisfaction. If you don't like this set, please let them know so they can make it right.

Brand: Kongnai

👤The seller did everything they could to make it better. I changed my review. The idea of the funnels was good, they would take up less space when not in use, and overall they did a good job. The silicone is a little flimsy but it's not a big deal as it's just a funnel and doesn't need to be sturdy. The bottle was filled with it and it was a glaring flaw; the silicone was so flimsy and bendable that it made the seal between the bottle and the funnel impossible. The liquid doesn't flow into the container without bubbles coming up and splashing it on you. It makes the funnel much slower than it should be and if you're dealing with anything hot you're probably going to get burned. The little imperfections in the funnel allow air to pass through much more easily than hard side funnels. I wanted to like them. I can't use something that is only going to do a small part of what it was made for.

👤I was expecting the large to be larger than the small. They will work well for my needs. I took a picture with each size next to a coffee mug to give perspective. Would buy again.

👤I wonder if I can use them with boiling water because they came with a strong smell. I immediately look for ways to verify whether or not they are real food grade silicone and found they are not, most likely made with slilcone and chemical filler. They don't turn white when they are food grade, but they turn white when pulled hard. 2. They came with a strong smell, but food grade silicone does not. It might be the reason why they are so cheap, but I will never buy a cookware that is made out of cheap and food grade material. When I see the price, I should get that. Please be aware.

👤It seems like you have many sizes. You don't. They are the same size. The issue is not that they are different sizes. Some are taller than others. The size of the funnel end is the same on all of them. It's tiny. The other issue is the distributor. They have asked if I wanted money back and if I wanted my review changed. It was kind of stocking me. I did not ask for my money back. I don't want to be associated with them. I would not INRDeals I still don't think the funnels are smart. They are all different heights with a small opening.

👤This final is great for things that are liquid, but if it is a spice or something like that, you have to shake it off. When I bought it, I didn't know they were only two different sizes. The large funnel is small. If you want to use this funnel for things that are liquid, you have to shake it through, but if you want to use it for things like spices, you have to sit it down. When I bought it, I didn't know they were only two different sizes. I think the large funnel is small.

3. Stainless Kitchen Spilling Transferring Ingredients

Stainless Kitchen Spilling Transferring Ingredients

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY The collapsible canning funnel is great for wide-mouth containers. You can use one funnel in the kitchen for food if you have a 2 piece pack. One can use gasoline in home or travel for pet food. Both indoor and outdoor are ok. It can handle a variety of use with a perfectly designed narrow stem. Large Mouth: 2.95", stem: 0.47", Medium Mouth: 2.16", stem: 0.35", Small Mouth: 1.77", stem 0.23" Food grade material. Their metal funnel is made of food grade 304stainless steel and is rust proof. Premium material makes these kitchen funnels very durable and safe through many years of use, it can also resist breaking, bending, scratching and rusting. It can be washed in a dishwasher, easy draining, and come with a hanging-ring for easy storing in kitchen or just stacked together to save space. A must-have kitchen tool is the Perfectly narrow stem, which is ideal for filling small bottles and containers. It can be used for salt, pepper, spices, transfer liquid to bottle, jars or containers, and much more.

Brand: Marvelity

👤There is a small lip around the drainage hole that catches powder and liquid, but these are great sizes and feel sturdy. I wanted a smooth funnel that wouldn't cause loss of ingredients, but unfortunately this product doesn't work for exactness. I wouldn't recommend for powder or anything that requires precise measurements.

👤There are some complaints about the item because it doesn't work well with powders. None of the jars and bottles in which I keep powders are so small that I would ever use them for that purpose. I got these with my 12-oz. container. The wooden knob on the lid of the cholula hot sauce bottle is something that should be considered. I wanted to be able to refill the glass bottle that I bought, which is lovely. It worked well. I thought I wouldn't get anything that would allow me to refill that bottle. I have bottles that have bigger openings. I know these will work with the cholula bottle. The better to not lose any of them is how they are all connected.

👤They are what the description says. The lip of the funnel catches powder and you have to tap the funnel to get the rest out, according to one review. The top edges of the funnela were so sharp that I had to use a knife on 2 of them. I threw them away.

👤This is a good quality product, but it is much smaller than expected. My fault. I didn't read the measurement. It works well for filling salt shakers or putting essential oils in smaller bottles. I found a use for them, but not what I had intended.

👤The little funnel was perfect. It's more than I wanted, but now I realize I need them.

👤I had to tap on the funnels to get the salt out of the little shoot. As much salt ended up on the counter as it did in the shaker, you've got it. It's difficult to use and substances don't pass smoothly through the funnels.

👤I love these. I'm happy they are made of steel. I love them, they are very sturdy.

👤The pattern, shipping and delivery are described.

4. Metal Funnels Set Transferring Ingredients

Metal Funnels Set Transferring Ingredients

We are committed to providing customers with higher quality products and a comfortable customer experience. Please let them know if you have any problems with the funnel set, they will try to make it right. Three sizes of the funnels are easy to clean. Put it in the dishwasher or wash it with soapy water. The kitchen funnel set can be used to transfer canned food, juice, essential oil, beans, salt, and fill narrow jars, bottles, flask, canning, water bottle, pepper and other dry ingredients and powder. The contents will flow down more smoothly and the air will escape if the stem is grooves. Hot soup and other liquid can be handled with handles that are designed to avoid swerving hands. The premium funnel set is easy to store with a clip-ring. The non- same size makes it easy to stack up and save space in the kitchen. The large funnel is 7.5 cm in diameter with a 0.55 cm wide stem. The Funnels in 3 size are great for filling jars, bottles, and flasks.

Brand: Yevior

👤The biggest funnel is supposed to be 3 inches. It is close, but not quite 3 inches. If you think 3 inches is big, you should look at a ruler. The pictures here are deceiving and I thought my funnel was 3 inches. They are either using small people with small hands to make the funnels look big or they are just using larger ones. I'm not sure if they are made of steel. Most of the steel is stamped with the words "stainless steel", but these are not. The handles are very flimsy and bend easily. The metal is magnetic, so it could be something else. I think it's probably not, but it could be. I don't have any of that lying around so I'm not going to do a muriatic acid test on it. I could put it in the fridge for a while to see if it tastes metallic, but I don't think it's worth the trouble. I wanted to replace the plastic funnel I was using to pour hot liquid into bottles with the $8 funnels, they will do the job. It has to be better than plastic. Most of the cheap percolators I see in corner stores are made of aluminum. They probably die of cancer, but I would rather spend $12 on a single larger funnel just because they are so small. I don't think I'd use the smaller funnel for anything. I thought the larger funnel might be good for essential oils, but the smaller one is useless for me, because it will fit all those bottles just fine.

👤This is very disappointing, thin metal andstainless steel, has a small scratch on the tube part of one of the drainers, never got my refund, returned more than a month ago. Most of the products on the Amazon market are very satisfied and I rarely give a negative review.

👤I don't know how these funnels got such positive reviews. I am returning mine because of the poor quality. The handles are welded into the funnel and then there is a discolored area on the inside of the funnel. The neck is loose. The ring holding them together won't close. All garbage.

👤The handle connects to the funnel. It is sharp enough to scratch. The handles are not comfortable. The ring holder was not shown in the picture. Not well balanced. Still usable. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I was going through my purchases and realized three months later. I did not receive the item advertised. I got a funnel. There was no way to handle it. I would call it small. I remember receiving it and thinking I had ordered something else, but it was not what I received. I never checked. The whole set would have been nice to have, but what I got works for what I need.

👤The first set had a spot welded handle. The second set did too. I hadn't returned the first set yet. Different funnels had broken handles. I got a good set from the two bad sets. The funnels are nice. The chinese welder can't read the manual that came with his welding unit.

5. Kitchen Filling Stainless Strainer Transferring

Kitchen Filling Stainless Strainer Transferring

A small cleaning brush and a set of kitchen funnels are included in the 30 day warranty. Within 30 days, they give a replacement or refund for product problems. Please contact them if you have a question. Before purchasing, please check the sizes. The kitchen funnel is made from high quality 304 steel. The professional metal funnel is safe and strong and will stay that way for a long time. The bottle funnel set is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. It's easy to get, it's space saving, and it's practical with a handle. The filter is detachable. A straining filter is included. The fine mesh filters nylon + PP frame are ideal for filtering juice, wine, milk, and soy milk. Adding salt, pepper, herbs or spices into jars or bottles is one of the multi- applications. Their combo set includes a cleaning brush, a strainer, and a funnel, which is perfect for daily use. They are very competitive.

Brand: Hawowz

👤This funnel is not a plastic one. My praise ends there. This funnel is not the best on the market. I wouldn't buy it again. The strainer is cheap and thin. I will never use it because it is so cheap. I don't know if I was angry or embarrassed when I found out I had bought cheap junk. Another reviewer pointed out that the bottom of the funnel tube is raspy and not smooth and is a mark of poor workmanship. I can't believe it! Unfortunately, I INRDeals

👤The funnel works well. I saw on some reviews that it was damaged, but it was not damage to the air channel, it was damage to the funnel. I use the strainer a lot for straining tea leaves. I clean it immediately after using the strainer.

👤I will say that... I had an airhead moment and used the mesh to drain the oil, however the way I was still hot and ruined my mesh, I wish I could find a replacement for my mesh part.

👤The funnel has two design flaws. The funnel flattens out as it approaches the tube, leaving a 3/16” ledge for things to get caught on. The tube is a piece of rolled metal that sits flush with the edge of the funnel, so things can get caught in the joint between the two. I can see how that would work. It's not worth sending back or recommending it.

👤There are a couple of superficial rust spots on the lip that have developed after 2 uses. My other SUS 304 funnel did not do this, and was treated the same way.

👤This product is not good, the drain pipe on the funnel is damaged, and this is the second one. If you can't check the product before you ship it out, you're selling damaged goods. Very unhappy.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. Air can escape from the funnel. I had a previous funnel that didn't have this, so I had to hold it up or it would take forever to drain. The filter keeps my fry oil clean. The old one was made of metal and I would have a mess at the bottom after straining. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

👤I love it. I found the product on Amazon and bought it after seeing a video of a smoothie strainer being used. It took a while to strain the smoothie but it was worth it. All the other stuff was removed. You will be amazed. I will buy it if you don't. I used it to drain the oil and cooled the broths.

👤Necesitaba yo colar aceite comestible usado para en freidora eléctrica. There is a Amigos, lo recomiendo.

6. VOPTON Stainless Funnels Kitchen Cleaning

VOPTON Stainless Funnels Kitchen Cleaning

Transfer oils, gels, liquid soaps are other uses. Transfer from large to small bottles. Transfer small items into bottles. Transfer sauces and liquids from larger to smaller containers is a food service activity. The set includes a large funnel set of 3, a ring and 2 cleaning brushes. Their mini funnel is made of food grade 304stainless steel, strong and durable, safe to use, metal cooking powder food grade flask funnels for filling bottles liquor water spice The store is easy to use and clean. A clip-ring keeps the mini funnels together for storage, and they can be cleaned with 2 free cleaning brushes. The metal cooking powder food grade flask funnels are widely used to fill bottles of liquor. Adding powdered drink mixes to water bottles. If there are any problems with their mini funnel set of 3, please contact them and they would be happy to help.

Brand: Vopton

👤There is a crevasse where the spout connects to the rest of the funnel. It's a no-go to make powdery ingredients.

👤I was looking for a small container. This isn't that. Are they small? Yes, they are. I measured the part against a kitchen funnel and it was the same diameter. What is the point of mini? It makes no sense. They are the same size as pictured. The junk drawer has another useless tool.

👤These are too small to be useful. The larger of the three might not be used for filling small bottles with a free-flowing liquid, but a thick liquid would try your patience. The other ones are useless. I would have to return them than keep them. The spouts are so short that the cleaning brushes are useless.

👤I think the design flaw is. There is a lip between the funnel and tube. If you are funneling liquid, it's not an issue, but if you are funneling powder, it's. I use a toothpick or brush to make sure everything goes down. I use a toothpick to poke a hole in the powder to help it go down. You can jiggle or tap the funnel, but sometimes it will geyser powder into the air. A good product and a good price for it.

👤I haven't used them yet. The three sizes seem to be useful. The brushes should be easy to clean. What can you say about funnels? They funnel liquids and powders. I can't say what makes a funnel better than another. The price is right, so go for it.

👤The 2 piece funnel is pressed together. I wanted to use this to pour my workout into a bottle. It holds powder at the bottom of the funnel because it's not a smooth transition. I trashed them after the first use.

👤These are very small. I didn't pay enough attention to the sizes. They are described in the pictures. The measurement on top of the picture includes the handle, so it's almost 3 inches. They have a lip inside the funnel, also shown in the pictures. I haven't used them yet so I hope that doesn't be a problem.

7. Kitchen Funnels Filling Deformed Suitable

Kitchen Funnels Filling Deformed Suitable

It fits into RV Softener. Excellent quality. Their products are made of food grade plastic. They are not easy to break and deform, and there are no problems with rust or corrosion. Their products are available in three colors and sizes to meet the needs of daily use. The product has a mature craftsmanship and an excellent appearance, and has no safety hazard compared to metal products. It can be used to fill liquids, as well as fill various solid particles, such as spices, rice, beans, feed, powder, etc. They can satisfy daily kitchen use. All three sizes of the kit can be used with the filters. When you need to deal with more complicated situations, you can put the filter into the funnel slot. Convenient storage and cleaning. The dishwasher can clean the funnels. It is easy to clean and has good oil resistance. The design of the intimate hook makes it easy to store.

Brand: Finding V

👤This was a good purchase. The strainer will fit all three and the funnels will nest securely inside one another. My wife and mother-in-law refill their plastic juice bottles with ground coffee and use the large funnel to fill the bottles with small openings.

👤The set was even better than I expected. The material is very strong. Some people might want more capacity, but these work for me. The wide tubes are appealing to me.

👤You can transfer liquid from one bottle to another in the kitchen with these three funnels. They're the right size for storing. I really like them!

👤The strainer piece was missing from my initial order. The replacement package seems to suggest that my first shipment was a previous return. The strainers were packed in a plastic bag. The first shipment was not packed the same way. The funnels are sturdy. The strainer fits inside nicely.

👤I like the opening at the bottom. Quite strong.

👤The reason I chose this one is because I did not receive the filter.

👤I love these so far. They all snap together so you don't have to store as much. The strainer can be used in each funnel. The engineers of these are very deserving.

👤They are helpful for me because I am developing hand tremors. I love the screen that comes with it, but I didn't know how useful it would be.

8. OXO 3 Piece Secure Funnel Strainer

OXO 3 Piece Secure Funnel Strainer

A clip-ring keeps them together for storage and the three sizes are easy to clean. A secure fit in bottle openings is created by non-slip ridges. It was designed to prevent splashing. The set includes a funnel and strainer. The strainer snaps inside the Funnels. The construction is safe for hot liquids. Pieces nest for compact storage.

Brand: Oxo

👤A good set of funnels. Almond milk and berry seeds won't be strained with the "filter" because it has big holes. I like the non-slip grips on the outside that keep them in the vessel that you're pouring in. The tips of the funnel need to be cleaned. Most drawers are not deep enough to hold these so they have to be stored in a cupboard. I'm happy with them and feel like I'm studying. Click Yes if you found my review helpful. It's a good thing.

👤I have given these funnels a five star rating, not because they are the greatest things in the world, but because they are the best ones I have ever owned. The ribs that allow air to vent from the destination container are advertised as a feature, but they don't provide a large amount of space between the funnel and the inside of what you are using for a destination. The space they give is adequate for the purpose. They balance well on the top of a container as they don't have a large handle on one side that would cause them to fall down. The small thumb-hold and the ribs for ventilating are made of a substance that is more rubber than plastic. It makes them easier to deal with. No fumbling with these babies! The inside of the funnels are very smooth and slick, and the textured plastic on the outside gives them more traction for handling them. I was confused about where the strainer was supposed to go and how it was supposed to work, but I discovered that in the larger of the two funnels are three small nubs that allow you to "snap" the strainer into place. The smaller unit does not have these "nubs". The strainer is useful for straining french fries from the oil they were fried in, although the holes in the strainer are large enough that small particles can pass through. It wouldn't work for loose leaf tea. rounded to a single decimal point, the dimensions below were made with an electronic caliper. ID is Inside Diameter and OD is Outside Diameter. Small end at the tip. The small end is back from the tip. I think that I am very satisfied with these funnels, as I think they are. The people who are not satisfied with the funnels are too picky to live.

👤The perfect material for my process, the funnel is great. I use both sizes of this package for different reasons. The only reason this is a 3-star review and not a 5-star review is because of the strainer, which was a key reason why I purchased this product in the first place. The strainer is supposed to be stuck into the end of the funnel, but I have noticed that if you put it straight on, it will block the liquid from passing. The strainer only strains half of what I want it to because it has large holes. I don't mean to be overly picky, but it just doesn't work well for straining fruit jucies and kombucha tea.

9. Funnel AAB Set Long Handle

Funnel AAB Set Long Handle

LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, they will replace or refund your order if you are not satisfied. Their small funnel is light weight but very study and well made. These are better than plastic or silicone. There were no stains, nicks or stuck on product. The metal funnel is dishwasher safe and will last a long time. The mini funnel is perfect for filling small bottles, flasks, and other narrow opening containers. You can use the smaller sized funnels to transfer essential oil. They're perfect for filling small bottles of oil, pepper, water bottle, and other dry ingredients and powder. Great for kitchen use. Their tiny funnels are easy to clean with a small brush. The funnel has a stem that allows contents to flow. The long handle is cool and can keep you from burning your hands when filling up. Great for filling bottles. You can hang them up or put them in a drawer if you prefer. The smaller ones fit inside the large one if the ring is removed. A small cleaning brush and a set of kitchen funnels are included in the 30 day warranty. Within 30 days, they give a replacement or refund for product problems. Please contact them if you have a question. Before purchasing, please check the sizes.

Brand: Aab

👤Love these Funnels! There is nothing to dislike. They are as advertised. They're easy to clean and use. I ordered several to give as gifts for the Wine Btl Lanterns. They will love them as I do. And! They are great for my essential oil mixes. No regrets! Thanks AAB directly for these! Karen

👤The funnels are just what we needed, they are a great price for a super funnel, and the ring to hold them together is a nice touch.

👤It is easier to get powdered supplements into water bottles. The powdered from flowing into bottles is slower than the silicone funnel.

👤The quality of the funnels is very good.

👤These are very nice. They were very useful having them on the ring. They are of good quality. I am glad I bought them.

👤They aren't kidding when they say "small". I tried to use the largest one to transfer the lotion from one bottle to another, but it sat there. They were shipped in a barely-padded plastic envelope and only one funnel was bent.

👤A helpful tool. I want my bottle to not leak.

👤I use these funnels to pour boiling vinegar into small bottles to make my hot sauce. The handle makes me feel less afraid of pouring hot liquid onto my fingers.

10. Stainless Transferring Essential Ingredients Dishwash

Stainless Transferring Essential Ingredients Dishwash

A clip-ring keeps them together for storage and the three sizes are easy to clean. The large mouth is 2.95", medium mouth is 2.24" and small mouth is 1.77". The kitchen Funnels are made of food grade STAINLESS STEEL. Premium material makes these small funnels last a long time. The narrow stem of the funnel makes it ideal for filling small bottles and containers while keeping the kitchen counter free from spills. The air release channel on each funnel's stem allows it to vent and allow contents to flow better. Adding salt, pepper, herbs, or spices into jars, cruets, and bottles is one of the things that can be done with the help of a kitchen Funnels. A clip-ring keeps them together for storage and the three sizes are easy to clean.

Brand: Lakatay

👤I did not use the product, but I did wash the funnels in the sink before using it. There is a sharp metal poking out in the picture, I had no idea it was there. My finger is covered in blood.

👤There are three things. The biggest funnel was slightly damaged, but not to the extent that it can't be used. There is an overlap between the inside wall of the funnel and the center tube. It causes items to get stuck and not go in. Some of it will get stuck and only come out when you wash it. After a few uses, I can see this leading to build-up. After the first use, it started to rust. I would return it, but it's not worth the effort. You can save and buy another funnel.

👤I wanted to dump hot water into my bottles. I didn't want to use a plastic funnel because it didn't say no BPA. I got a metallic funnel to do that. It worked well at first. The pins that secure the handle to the funnel were rusty after a couple of weeks. I scrubbed with a metal scrub and it didn't show the rust. I took 3 stars off because I don't think food grade STAINLESS STEEL should have metallic rust issues.

👤This is made from real steel, but it's useless. The manufacture leaves a rough "lip" where the spout joins the funnel body. This is problematic because it's not a good detail, it's unlikely to be cleaned properly, and it prevents complete emptying of the funnel, so you can't use it for food, beverage, or anything in a lab. Absolutely terrible product.

👤I knew I had to do something to keep it from happening again after my sink backed up. This is a big help. When I transfer hot fluids to a container, I use the wide and thick STAINLESS STEEL. There are no spills when pouring from a heavy cast iron skillet. The neck of the container allows air to pass without splashing or burping. I like it.

👤I am almost completely blind and I was getting to be a nightmare when I put the water in the coffee pot. I ordered this final online. It has a strainer feature in case something fell into the final and didn't make it into the coffee pot. It feels like heavy duty construction. I am sure that it is very strong. I just put the funnel into the back and fill it with water and then rinse it out and use the final transfer to put half and half into my coffee pot or something like that. I hope the review helped you enjoy your coffee.

👤The metal has sharp edges. You should be very careful with washing, holding and using this funnel. You might cut yourself if you don't. I wanted to return it and get a refund, but I needed it so I just used it. It was poorly made. The hole of the funnel is easy for food to get stuck in, so it gets contaminated over time. It does the work of transferring liquid, but it doesn't stay in place. The liquid does not hold but keeps moving. I would rather spend more money to get a better product.

11. Kitchen Funnels Silicone Collapsible Transfer

Kitchen Funnels Silicone Collapsible Transfer

Their large funnel can be used to pour fresh fruit jars, coffee, sweet candy, or both. The mouth is large enough to hold most food. Their kitchen funnel set is made of premium quality Silicone and is 100% food grade safe. It's more durable than plastic or metal and it's cold and heat resistant. Their large/ medium/ small/ mini funnel set is great for filling bottles, transferring liquids, essential oil, beans, salt, dry ingredients to narrow jars, canning or flasks, adding powdered drink mixes into water bottle. Your kitchen and work areas will remain clean and tidy because they will meet all your filling needs. The kitchen funnel is easy to keep clean, just wash it with warm water, or add a small amount of soap, and put it in the dishwasher. The collapsible funnel with hanging holes can be hung up and stacked together, saving 80% of the space compared to the traditional funnel.

Brand: Cadavo

👤There are four sizes: red, blue, orange, and green. The larger sizes are more sturdy than the smaller ones as they are red and blue. Possibly larger. You definitely feel the difference. The orange and green one I received was quite flimsy and may become faulty after use, as I can see from the orange one I received. The orange one wanted to tip over when I tried to refill my spray bottle, not the one in the picture. The red is good for refilling large items. There are many applications for the blue one. You will have to partially open the blue funnel in order to fit the orange one. You are only getting 2 good funnels from this set.

👤I like collapsible funnels. They are all bright colors. The set came with a small brush. It's great for cleaning them out. They can be hung on hooks. They are perfect for hanging right where you need them. Excellent quality material. They will last a long time. Awesome product.

👤The different sizes of the funnels have small tips. It's perfect for liquid or sugar. Something will move through the spout. This is not a complaint as the reason I bought them was obvious. I didn't want people to think that they graduated too much with the size of the top opening, because the spouts might be as small. It's easy to store and clean. It was used to pour oil in a bottle. The funnel came out as clean as could be if put on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

👤I love that these are collapsible, they don't take up a lot of room. They are flimsy where you have to hold the funnel up and raise it up to let the liquid out. The large red one is the only one that is larger than I expected. I was disappointed in my purchase.

👤It's easy to find bright colors. They fold nicely and take up less space than the plastic ones. I've used each of them for different purposes, dry goods, liquids, and each pour really nicely.

👤I should have investigated more. The picture made it seem that the largest funnel was much larger. They collapse like that. They don't nestle together.

👤They don't work, it's too bad. I was pouring a liquid into a bottle when one of the larger funnels collapsed, leaving a mess on my counter.

👤Being able to store these in crowded drawers is my favorite feature. I keep a small one in the master bathroom for those quick transfer jobs.

👤Perfect cups! It's really easy to find the size you need with different colour. Good made material.

👤Me gusto mucho, fueran de Silicon, se lavan.


What is the best product for food funnel for bottles?

Food funnel for bottles products from Hutzler. In this article about food funnel for bottles you can see why people choose the product. Kongnai and Marvelity are also good brands to look for when you are finding food funnel for bottles.

What are the best brands for food funnel for bottles?

Hutzler, Kongnai and Marvelity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food funnel for bottles. Find the detail in this article. Yevior, Hawowz and Vopton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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