Best Food Funnel / Mylar Bag Filler

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1. Holder Plastic Freezer Planning Holders

Holder Plastic Freezer Planning Holders

If you are not satisfied with their product, please let them know and they will make it right for you. Measure Frame Size is 8. 75 Inches X 3. The height to stand larger plastic bags is 5 inches. Storage of food should be easier. The non-slip rubber bases of the hands free rack clip and safe ensure that food does not spill into bags. Using it, Gadget Folding is done. Save space with this bag holder stand. It is easy to Flat For Easy Storage. Saving money is possible by using your storage bags or dry rags inside-out for quick drying. It's like having an extra set of hands with your personal kitchen assistant. In the kitchen, never worry about putting food in a storage bag.

Brand: Ruibo

👤These are a great idea. I was disappointed when they didn't work. 2 of them wouldn't stay up because the sliders on one side wouldn't stay up. The seller responded quickly to the fact that 2 holders were defected. Replacements and a bonus one were quickly sent out. Customer service was excellent. Customer service reached out to make sure they got there.

👤Works well. The trick is to make sure the bottom of the bag is resting on the counter. The zip portion will come loose if the bag is floating. The zip portion of the bag should be fully gripped. A little common sense can go a long way. Think of them as helping hands. They are not made for weight lifting, they open wide enough to add all the food I need to seal them up. They fold flat for easy storage.

👤I wanted to be able to run the bags through the dishwasher, so I bought the holders. I needed something to prop them open so that I could dry them out, and these holders are perfect for the job. They are sturdy on the counter top. I don't use the function. The levers fold down for easy storage.

👤I've used the bag holders 3 times. I absolutely love them and recommend them. Couldn't have been simpler to transfer greens and ham hocks to plastic bags. Yesterday I got them. I haven't had the chance to use them yet, but they're going to make the job so much easier. I had to wash my hands after I put some chili in large plastic bags and put it in the freezer. I showed my husband how it would make the job much easier and he was very impressed. I can't wait to use them. The arms extend, which makes it easy to hold different sized bags, including the gallon size, which is what I use most often. I was testing them and the suction kept them in place as I moved the arms and bags. They store nicely. I bought 3 more sets to give as Christmas gifts.

👤Where has this been throughout my life? I didn't like trying to open the bag to put the chicken in. It is easy to use and solve the problem. A very simple concept that works well. I no longer have to beg my husband to hold the bags. Since there are multiple in a set, one of ours doesn't stand up as well when you slide the green piece that holds the bag up. I have not had any issues with the bottoms sliding around on my counter. There is a rubber edge that keeps it from sliding.

👤This was ordered to help with the filling of the icing bags. My son and I both have fine motor skill issues, so this would be a very messy step. There is a I prepared the bags for it, even though I haven't filled them yet. These are very light. One flew out of its spot completely. It was easy to return to orig position. The bags arefolded down and they hold them well. The breakdown and cleaning look like they will be easy. Storage and as well. I am excited to try out some baking today and fill the bags. I'm very hopeful that it will live up to the good reviews I've read. I will update after I put them to the test.

2. 50 Mylar Bags QUART Resistant

50 Mylar Bags QUART Resistant

The Mylar foil bags are produced with high food grade quality material to ensure food safety and your health, and they are not only safe from outside environment, but also keep in view the food standards. The first quarter had 7.4 mil husky bags. The PROPREMIUM mylar bags are of the highest quality. Premium quality aluminum foil in a silver color has a thickness of 7.44 mil. The bags are 7" x 10" Don't waste money on cheap bags that will fail and cause your food to go to waste. Ultra thick 7.4 mil walls are designed for long term food storage and protect goods from light exposure, insects, and degradation. Expel air from the bag and seal with a household iron or hair straightener, creating a total oxygen barrier to store spices, baking powders, salts, dehydrated meats, seeds, rice, pasta, oats, dry beans, sugar and There is a set of guidelines for better organization. The 1 QUART bags are designed with a 3.21" gusset that expands to allow them to stand upright. You can maximize storage space by shuffling through labeled bags to find what you need. The temperature was 0F - 176F. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride ourselves in the quality and resilience of their bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride ourselves in the quality and resilience of their bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team.

Brand: Propremium Mylar

👤These are very small. I bought a few from another dealer that is 7 mil and they are at least twice as thick as these.

👤These aren't 7 mil like advertised. It was very thin walled. I bought a few from another that was the true 7mil. Is that what they said? I will be coming back.

👤The purchased product is in the left bag. The bag on the right is the real 7 mil Mylar bags. I had two batches of food that were bad because of the bags cracking. There are no dimples on the right bag. The right bag has more product. Oatmeal and almonds are in the bags. The food was spoiled when the bags were cracked and the air was allowed into them.

👤They act like 4-5 mil bags when compared to other brands that I use. I wonder if they were mismarked. I ordered again, but the new ones were the same as the old ones. They seem to be ok for now, but I worry because I want them to last for a long time and I am using them for freeze dried foods.

👤These were bought to hold some meals for a backpacking trip. Well done! The thickness allowed it to stand up in its own while it rehydrated our meals. Will buy again.

👤I have to change my opinion of these bags. The bags I received are not the same thickness as advertised. I have been drying food for 3 years. These are less than 7.4 liters. When compared to other mylar bag providers. I didn't realize the thinness of the bags I had run out of. I am not sure if they are 5ml or 7.4. They are adequate, have performed well, but have had two failures to vacuum. Again, it seems like you get what you pay for, as the bags were less expensive than the bags I usually get from another company. Will return to that company. I have never had a failure or a problem with two other companies. They also sell on Amazon and pay an extra dollar for reviews.

👤I'm not happy that these guys are still able to sell here after so many reviews saying the same thing. Not 7.4 mil by a long shot. I have a freeze dryer with 7.4 mil bags and they are much heavier than these. All their food was spoiled here. All of my food from my freeze dryer failed and had holes in them. I had to throw out a lot of food. It's sad and costly. If you want to store food with them, stay away.

👤The bags had defects, like someone ripped each bag with scissors.

3. KongNai Silicone Collapsible Foldable Transfer

KongNai Silicone Collapsible Foldable Transfer

The dishwasher is on top rack. Food grade kitchens. The silicone funnel is free of the harmful substance, BPA. No need to worry that the old plastic funnel may damage the health of your families, it is heat resistant -40C to 250C. The sizes and colors are sorted. There are two different types of funnel in different colors. Silicone collapsible funnel large and mini are must have kitchen tool accessories for mom. Save the kitchen room. Collapse to store the rubber funnels with the collapsible design. You can put it in a drawer or hang it on the wall. The Silicone Folding Funnels take up less room than regular ones. It is easy to clean and easy to store small kitchen gadgets and tools for cooking and baking. It's easy to keep clean even from oil, just wash it with warm water and add a little soap or put it in the dishwasher and let the machine do the work for you. Service Satisfaction Their ultimate goal is your satisfaction. If you don't like this set, please let them know so they can make it right.

Brand: Kongnai

👤The seller did everything they could to make it better. I changed my review. The idea of the funnels was good, they would take up less space when not in use, and overall they did a good job. The silicone is a little flimsy but it's not a big deal as it's just a funnel and doesn't need to be sturdy. The bottle was filled with it and it was a glaring flaw; the silicone was so flimsy and bendable that it made the seal between the bottle and the funnel impossible. The liquid doesn't flow into the container without bubbles coming up and splashing it on you. It makes the funnel much slower than it should be and if you're dealing with anything hot you're probably going to get burned. The little imperfections in the funnel allow air to pass through much more easily than hard side funnels. I wanted to like them. I can't use something that is only going to do a small part of what it was made for.

👤I was expecting the large to be larger than the small. They will work well for my needs. I took a picture with each size next to a coffee mug to give perspective. Would buy again.

👤I wonder if I can use them with boiling water because they came with a strong smell. I immediately look for ways to verify whether or not they are real food grade silicone and found they are not, most likely made with slilcone and chemical filler. They don't turn white when they are food grade, but they turn white when pulled hard. 2. They came with a strong smell, but food grade silicone does not. It might be the reason why they are so cheap, but I will never buy a cookware that is made out of cheap and food grade material. When I see the price, I should get that. Please be aware.

👤It seems like you have many sizes. You don't. They are the same size. The issue is not that they are different sizes. Some are taller than others. The size of the funnel end is the same on all of them. It's tiny. The other issue is the distributor. They have asked if I wanted money back and if I wanted my review changed. It was kind of stocking me. I did not ask for my money back. I don't want to be associated with them. I would not INRDeals I still don't think the funnels are smart. They are all different heights with a small opening.

👤This final is great for things that are liquid, but if it is a spice or something like that, you have to shake it off. When I bought it, I didn't know they were only two different sizes. The large funnel is small. If you want to use this funnel for things that are liquid, you have to shake it through, but if you want to use it for things like spices, you have to sit it down. When I bought it, I didn't know they were only two different sizes. I think the large funnel is small.

4. Sealable Stand Up Pouches Resealable Storage

Sealable Stand Up Pouches Resealable Storage

Their mylar bags are made with food grade materials that are safe and eco-friendly. The thickness is as thick as It has an internal layer of aluminum foil that prevents light and air permeation to keep your food safe, and it also has an added layer of aluminum foil that provides excellent durability, puncture resistance, and prevents light and air permeation to keep your food safe for a longer period. It is convenient for foods that are often eaten to have asealable bag. The standing type makes it easier to store the cabinet. Sealable with a hot iron or heat-sealing machine for long-term food storage is easy to use. Your food should not be exposed to air, light, odors, and humidity. Grains, beans, oats, dried fruit, candies, coffee beans, tea, and other items are dehydrate for storage.

Brand: Shxwell

👤It was horrible quality. The seals around the bag are not great and the thickness is not accurate.

👤These bags are barely over 4 mil in total and not 4.75 per side. These are described and priced as high quality. The bag they arrived in was larger. I have been buying these types of bags for a while now. Most of the sellers are simply selling bags from China and they are taking their vendors at their word on quality. They don't know that the products they're selling are not as good. If you can't trust the quality from Amazon, you should just go straight to direct ordering from China.

👤Great idea to have a bottom. The pouch is full of holes and the seam that it creates is full of holes. I had to seal the bottom of the bags to make them work. Time and space are wasted.

👤As they advertise, not extra think. I've noticed a lot of reviews on Amazon of people complaining about false advertising and they aren't doing anything about it. This was my first time buying from this seller and I needed them immediately. Maybe these are not 7mil. I opened the bag to see if they blocked all the light and the pin holes of light coming through it. They will fail over time. I'm not happy with the false advertising on Amazon.

👤I was able to store some grains and beans for a long time. It is easy to seal with a flat iron.

👤I have used mylar bags to package dry food. I was able to get 5lb of rice in each bag, the bags are easy to fil and hold a lot. I sealed the bag using an iron after the Zipper seal closed it and kept the contents inside. I was shocked that it was so easy.

👤It was easy to use. The seals are perfect with the iron.

👤Many of my bags had holes.

5. INMAKER Collapsible Funnel Silicone Foldable

INMAKER Collapsible Funnel Silicone Foldable

20 bottles of drinks flasks and a free bonus funnel are an amazing value. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you'll get your money back. The innovative collapsible design collapses to store. It's easy to store less kitchen space after folding. Your kitchen will be cleaner. Food grade silicone is the high quality material. There is no need to worry that the funnel will hurt your family's health. Health and safety. The funnel can be used at -40 to 250 degrees Celsius. Good Bye Flimsy, the technology makes the funnel moredurable. It is easy to clean and dry a dishwasher. There are two sizes and two colors to choose from. Different specifications are free to use.

Brand: Inmaker

👤These are good. I use them to put powders into water bottles. They do a good job. I have a funnel from walmart that does the job for a buck, but it doesn't collapse like these do. It takes up more space. I use them for what I want, which is pretty big. They're good but not perfect. I would buy them again.

👤I bought these to use for my sports drinks. I use a 60 ounce water bottle. It has always been difficult to get the powders in the bottle. I used to roll up a piece of paper and make my own funnel, but that has it's own set of issues. The powder doesn't stick to the funnels like plastic does. It is easy to squeeze them and force the powder down if it gets stuck. I have nothing bad to say about these.

👤They work as advertised. I cut them in half with scissors and used the bottom half now because they're bigger than I thought. They're flimsy, which makes it difficult to collapse, but not too difficult.

👤The walls are too thin and the funnels will fall apart eventually. It works as a funnel. I think I should have spent more money to get a better funnel.

👤I ordered the Zipzicle Ice Pop sleeves. I was so glad I did. The ice pop bags are easy to fill. The kids and I make fruit smoothie together. The thick mixture is easy to pour through the funnel. The collapsible feature makes it easy to store in the utensil drawer. Delivery was on time. This product and the seller are recommended by me.

👤She uses hers in the kitchen and I use mine to fill my flask. They are easy to clean and collapse for storage. Silicone products tend to attract dust and hair.

👤I end up with a spill over when I use this funnel to pour liquid because it is so soft. I held it up a bit so that the sides of the bottle wouldn't touch the funnel. I will buy a metal one next time.

👤The opening is too small for the powder to get stuck in the bottles. It works well for liquid.

👤It looks like it will cost me the same amount to buy these as it will to return them, a bit of a cheek! If you're sure you need them, buy them.

👤The job was smaller than expected but it was done well. I can add things without soaking the engine.

👤The funnel folds up to a small size for easy storage. It is easy to clean. Very pleased!

👤I wanted them for something. They are easy to store. Customer service even sent me an email to make sure I was happy.

👤The funnels arrived in good time. Are good. I have already used them. They were able to hold up against the boiling oil. Excellent quality.

6. 25 Mylar Bags Gallon Resistant

25 Mylar Bags Gallon Resistant

There are two sizes and two colors to choose from. Different specifications are free to use. The bags are extremely thick. ProPremium mylar bags are the best on the market. Premium quality aluminum foil in a silver color has a thickness of 7.44 mil. There are 10 bags in volume. Don't waste money on bags that won't work, because your food will go to waste. Ultra thick 7.4 mil walls are designed for long term food storage and protect goods from light exposure, insects, and degradation. Expel air from the bag and seal it with a household iron or hair straightener, creating a total oxygen barrier to store spices, baking powders, salts, dehydrated meats, seeds, rice, pasta, oats, dry beans, sugar and more. Standup bags are designed with a 3.98 inch gusset that expands to allow them to stand upright. You can maximize storage space by shuffling through labeled bags to find what you need. The temperature was 0F - 176F. They take pride in the superior quality and resilience of their mylar bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team. They take pride in the superior quality and resilience of their mylar bags. Do you have a problem with your order? If you have an issue, please contact their Customer Assistance Team.

Brand: Propremium Mylar

👤These are not 7 mils thick. Maybe less than 4. There is false advertising. They are very small. They have a lot of positive reviews. Don't be fooled.

👤These are not 7mil. It's not a good idea to have super thin bags for long term storage.

👤They were very light. I have bags that are bigger than these, and they are not air tight.

👤Mylar bags have been used for storage. The bags did not seal. I could see small holes in some of them. Others looked fine, but were hit or missed. Only one would seal if I used 10 bags. Will not be buying them again.

👤I didn't realize that they wouldn't work with my "Food Saver" brand vacuum sealer, even though they were sturdy and had a zip-lock style closure. I can't send them back because I tried to make one of the bags work by cutting off the zip-lock feature, but it didn't work. I suppose I could use them with absorbers and seal them with an iron, but that's a lot more work than using my vacuum sealer machine. I ordered others that said they were compatible with all brands of vacuum sealers. You learn from a mistake. After I got these in, I figured out what to order. If you are using a vacuum, do not order these. Oxygen absorbers should be fine if you want to add stuff inside.

👤The bag is puncture proof because it is very thick. I liked the size of the bag, it is a tad wider than others I have bought, and the tray slides in much better. The bag has an extendable bottom which makes it easier to pack food. When it is opened, it can be zip closed. I will buy this bag again.

👤It is thick and works great with oxygen absorbers and freeze dried food. Highly recommended. I wish they came in other sizes.

👤The price and that they will stand, but they don't seem to be 9.4 mils thick any feed back would be great, also being able to reseal after it has been opened is great.

👤There is false advertising. There are 4-5 mil bags at a 7 mil price. Not a deal at all. The bags delivered weigh 27.8g. My legitimate 5mil bags weigh 28.2g. A bag should weigh over 50g. It doesn't matter how inaccurate your scale is. It is either 1 ounce or 2 ounces. There is no mistake. Fraud like this needs to be stopped.

👤They are not as advertised. A good bag for its purpose.

👤I started the process with a dehydrator. I learned that food shrinks when you take the water out. I am going to use this gallon size for bulkier dried food that I will store for a long time. I will use the canning jars for my home dehydrated food until I find half gallons size bags. The thickness is very thick. I will use an oxygen absorber and some gel to keep my food fresh. I like the resealed zip up. Don't forget to buy a tin garbage can with a lid to keep pests out of your Mylar storage. The delivery was fast and I was happy with it.

7. Resealable Aluminum Plastic Packaging 3 5x5 5

Resealable Aluminum Plastic Packaging 3 5x5 5

Resealable zip bags are made to be odorless and non toxic. It's perfect for jewelry, screws, spices, candy corns, nuts, seeds, vitamins, resistors, earring backs, electronic components, crafts, small parts, sewing, safety pins, etc. 9x14 cm is 3.5x5 inch. 100 Pieces is the quantity. This size can pack coffee beans and ground coffee. The material is aluminum foil back and plastic front. Stand up, zip lock, heat sealable, and re-useable. It's perfect for coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookie, nuts, snack and more.

Brand: Ferenli

👤These were not as tinier than I expected. They are cute and would be good for small gifts, but only fit about 2oz of food, so it was too small for what I needed. I like that you can heat seal the bag. I use my hair straightened on the lowest setting, even though I don't know what you're supposed to do.

👤The bags in the picture are not what I got. The ones I got were a little larger. They are very small. The seal is busts. The bottoms fall out. They are easy towrinkle. I have had to replace and reship products from multiple customers. I would like to wipe my butt with them and send them back to the seller.

👤I use a lot of these for vacuum-sealing. Most can't hold vacuum. I discovered that seals on the sides solved the problem in most cases after I discarded many when the vacuum was lost. A single seal above the notch at the top is sufficient to achieve a durable vacuum, while preserving the "re-seal" feature. Also, note: I put a piece of duct tape over the hose from my vacuum pump and use an "inflation needle" to punch it into the bag. I put pressure on the tape while I withdrew the needle. I file a point on the inflation needles to make it easier to puncture them. It is important that powdery content is avoided to avoid getting stuck in the source. I put a piece of thread-type gauze into the hose and attach it to the pump. The process is slower, but it doesn't cause damage to the pump. These bags are suitable and easy to use.

👤Can fit a 1/2oz of flowers into it. It's definitely large enough for an ounce of the fluffy stuff, but might have to be packed a little tighter.

👤The leak occurs on the right hand side of the pouch when the lock on the pouch is closed. I tried it for three of the bags and they all leak at the same side. I have sealed the bag at the top with a hot seal, but it leaks at the side of the bag where the zip is. What can I do? This isn't usable. The cost of posting it back to the sender is too expensive for me to afford. Very disappointed.

👤The bags are a great value. They work great because they open up and can stand up. They worked great when I used a heat seal. They do the job without any problems. You can seal them to keep them fresh. You can see the contents on one side. I have purchased these many times and will continue to do so.

👤I'm familiar with mylar bags. You have to pay attention to the internal and external size. The measurements are not correct. I double checked the size of the ad to make sure it was the same as the brand I normally order. I have received them and they are off. The flap to seal the bags is small. Don't buy them.

8. Funnel Replacement Mobile Soft Water Softener Ion Exchanger

Funnel Replacement Mobile Soft Water Softener Ion Exchanger

It's like having an extra set of hands with your personal kitchen assistant. In the kitchen, never worry about putting food in a storage bag. It fits into RV Softener.

Brand: Hydrotec Systems

👤This is a large funnel for filling freeze dry bags. It doesn't fit inside regular mouth jar openings, but works with wide mouth quart jars. It's very handy when you're rushing to get things packed up.

👤I received a round one error when I ordered your product from Amazon. Oh my! I wanted to try it because it appears it would do an easier/faster loading job, but I'm disappointed because I researched extensively and carefully selected yours from the widely available round ones. Amazon picked the wrong one out of their stock. A different color might make your product look different from the typical blue ones. I rate the correct product 5 because I think it's the best one I could find. The rest of my comments are related to the description. There is a The description on Amazon is not accurate. This detailed Chemical Engineer thought you would like to know that, because it could cause a loss of sales. If the description is incorrect, what does that say about the product's manufacturing quality? The material Styrene is called first 888-609- Styrene is a liquid at atmospheric conditions, but that is not the same as polystyrene. It's a good thing. Which is it? I remember back to my children's toys, polystyrene is a stronger material in the thickness. The Sears tank is a standard one used in the industry. If it did, that would prevent the funnel from moving up and down, unless the design eliminates the need to laugh at it. I think a snap in design would allow for one person to pour it. I'm not sure. The different style oval rim has no handles. Is there a need for handles for loading? There is a The neck of the funnel has been carefully designed. Not to be picky, but it's just a wide mouth funnel. I think this refers to the rim which is an oval one, which is better than the typical round ones. I don't know what that means. I see that you mean for use in RV's, but more importantly, it fits most of the tanks used to make water softer. The funnel appears to be made in the US, so you could advertise that. You can get references from Amazon. Competition: Good luck! Big Lou.

👤I use a smaller container to scoop out the daily dose of dog food when I transfer it from a 50lb bag. It was a hassle and spilling was common. Not anymore! There is no more spilling with this funnel and scoop. I used to dread transfer day, but now I look forward to it.

👤The funnel is functional. I was really disappointed when it cracked. It was less than a year old when it hit the counter and split. There is no easy way to contact a seller on Amazon.

9. Norpro Mouth Plastic Funnel Green

Norpro Mouth Plastic Funnel Green

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Re-use your jars and bottles. The new canning funnel is great for all your mason jar funnel projects. This collapsible funnel is your new favorite for kitchen, art space, garage and garden. It works perfectly as a food funnel, ice funnel, powder funnel, grain funnel, spice funnel,protein funnel, or even filling your smoothie jar. Heavy-duty plastic. Extra wide mouth funnel transfers large quantities of liquids or dry ingredients with less mess. The measures are: mouth, 12 cm, stem, 2 cm. It's perfect for canning. The funnel is for standard and wide mouth mason jars. A mesh strainer is placed on the top to reuse cooking oils. The design was Vented for fast flow.

Brand: Norpro

👤This product description is not accurate. It says it's for wide mouth jars. It fits standard jars. Does it fit in a wide mouth? It makes it difficult to get things like lettuce because the opening is so narrow. I have wide mouth jars for the whole purpose. It can't be returned.

👤When filling my food containers with hot food, I use this funnel. If you have a thermos hot food container, this is a must have. It makes filling them easy.

👤My new kitchen superhero! I use mason jars for most of my food storage. It takes a long time to get fresh-ground coffee into a jar with a regular funnel, so the angst of having to keep tapping the narrow spout of a regular funnel was nearly a major event. A little bird told me that there were wide-mouth funnels as I cried over the direction my life was taking. I have this. I use a jar for everything else. Home-made date syrup? A few drips on the inside of this guy that is on my block! Is it dried beans? Pffft, no problems. Is there any Raisins? What are you talking about? Oats? What about olives? I win! I use a cafetiere, so beans are ground, and all that sticks to this is the powder that any grinder produces as a by-product. It works for me, and it should work well for espresso or any other grind, since the interior is very slick. Not much sticks to it. I am very happy that I bought this product. Less time wasted and more life.

👤I would have liked to have bought the steel one. I would not use this plastic for canning because I am pretty sure it will add a substance to hot stuff. I didn't buy it for that. I like to measure things like flour and baking mixes in glass jars. The box takes up too much room in the fridge so I put it there. Those items can't be gotten through a normal funnel. It's fine for my limited purposes. It is cheap plastic.

👤I was looking for a wide-mouthed funnel that I could use to pour from the cooking/fermenting container into the Mason jars. The little beauty is in the winner's circle. It is wide so that if you put some sauce into a jar or container, it will fit in the opening. I didn't have to worry about the funnel overbalancing or having too long of a handle to tip out. The wide mouth of the funnel makes it easy to clean. The drawer is easy to store in due to the short handle. Would recommend!

👤The two main things I like about this funnel are that it is made of plastic and that the "outlet" part is large. We used to use a glass funnel for canning and other needs. It broke. I was sad. If accidentally dropped, this funnel is much better in terms of resilience. I use it for sourdough starter feeding and transfer and prefer plastic over metal.

10. Stainless Canning Regular 5 5 Inch HOXHA

Stainless Canning Regular 5 5 Inch HOXHA

The canning funnel is lightweight and convenient to use for kitchen canning supplies. Premium quality kitchen helpers. Food grade 304stainless steel is used in the making of funnel kits. The food funnel is made of professional steel and resists breaking, bending, scratching, and rusting. You can save storage space with a new design stem. Works great with wide mouth canning jars. Large food items can easily pass through the wide stem opening. The handle of the funnel is designed to hold it over a jar or pot, which is ideal for filling small bottles and containers, and keeping the kitchen counter free from spills. HOXHA's high quality funnel can transfer both liquid and solid between containers. It's wide mouth is large enough for sugar, flour, and grains to pass through. A person in the kitchen. The Hoxha mini funnel kits are easy to clean and hold together with a simple ring clasp so you are never left searching for the perfect pourer.

Brand: Hoxha

👤I love the funnel, but I can't believe I'm reviewing it. I've been meal prepping for a while now, and I've recently added overnight oats and other mason jar items to the rotation. The big bowl is an easy target when I am trying to rip through a bunch of prep in a hurry because the wide mouth fits perfectly. I don't have to pour anymore and the prep time was cut in half or better. It's a game change for under $10!

👤I don't understand the reviews. There are complaints about sharp edges. Maybe the issues were fixed. The one I received has a smooth edge. The bottom edge is not as smooth and rounded as the top, so it is not sharp enough to cut you if you put a lot of pressure on it. The handle is strong enough to hold its shape without breaking. I like that it fits jars of different sizes. A really useful funnel.

👤The seller failed to warn the consumer about sharp edges. Children and the elderly should not be near them. The edges are not raw metal, but they are sharp enough to hurt someone on blood thinners. It needs to be kept out of the reach of children under the age of 14. It should require adult supervision. I have been canning for over 45 years and wish I had this wide mouth product. The jar mouth is 2-1/8" O.D. on the mark and the top of the mouth is 146.05mm. The side of the finger ring or finger hold is the same size as the Inner Dimension. The finger ring was "spot welded" onto the funnel and the width was exactly 11.1125mm. It is common practice in the industry.

👤People use wide mouth jars because they need a wider opening to load the contents. The mouth of a standard mason jar is small enough to make this funnel usable. I found another one with a 2 3/4" opening after submitting it for return.

👤One of the best purchases we have made is this one. It's much easier to transfer things from cloth bags into jars/containers upon returning from the grocery store with the help of this funnel. It's also great for storing leftovers and avoiding messes when making overnight oats in mason jars. I'm not worried about toxins getting into our food or the dishwasher because it's made of STAINLESS STEEL, and we use it daily. Who knew that a small item could make a difference?

👤It's very strong and should last a long time. Food doesn't stick in it because of the large throat. It can be thrown in the dishwasher. It was very low priced compared to the others. I've used it several times and it has no negatives. It would be great for drinks to be transferred into glasses. The handle is cool to keep from burning your hands when canning hot food.

👤The canning funnel has a loop handle. The edges are a bit sharp. If you were rough with it, it could cut your skin or dishcloth. It's not as if they're describing it. The picture says the narrow end is 1.65 inches. The narrow end of the one I received is about 2.03 inches in diameter. Some reviewers say it's not wide enough, but other reviewers complain about the same problem. Some of the questions say it's about 2 inches. What diameter you'll get is not a good idea. The narrow end of the jars made it difficult for me to balance on them. If you can measure exactly what you want, you should go to a store with a ruler.

11. Bean Bag Filler Foam Shredded

Bean Bag Filler Foam Shredded

The 8-In-1 food grade funnel set contains a funnel, stainer, cleaning brush, and oil strainer. Their warranty is worry-free and they have great customer service. This funnel with strainer set is great for value and practical and can solve the storage and cleaning problem. Jade Active premium memory foam is the perfect fill for bean bags, cushions, throw pillows, pet beds, stuffed animals, and other crafts projects. Jade Active premium grade memory foam creates a superior filling that is very durable and comfortable. A bean bag fillinger is a shredded memory foam that can be used to refill, renew, or re-fluff your bean bags, pillows, dog beds, stuffed animals, and cushions. New memory foam is soft and high quality. Dog bed filling is more comfortable and lasts longer than traditional beads and styrofoam. Premium quality foam is used to ensure maximum comfort. Jade Active premium memory foam is compressed and vacuum-packed. It is important to open in a contained environment. The foam should be warm for 48 hours to unfold.

Brand: Jade Active

👤The two Big Joe chairs were filled with 10 lbs of foam. I have refilled them with the beads that Big Joe sells for them, but as you can see they were flat as can be. The bag was enough to fit both chairs.

👤When we filled our bean bag with 10lb of shredded foam, it looked promising: the bag was heavy and nicely filled. We tried to sit on it but were disappointed. You sink to the floor, no support. I didn't think it was possible. When we used bean fillers, their problem was that they got flat pretty quickly, but at least when you filled them, you had support for a while. The bean bag looks fluffy when you get up because the foam is too soft. You can't use it for sitting unless you enjoy lying flat and watching the ceiling. It costs $50. Disappointed. We will return it.

👤I used it to refill my bean bag chair. It was easy to fill it with the expected overflow and static cling messes, but it wasn't easy to clean it up. If you want to pour the plastic bag into your filling up, you should cut the bag at the top and use your hands to work it out. My chair is now usable and comfortable, and I can sit in it and enjoy myself. Thank you.

👤If you are using it for a delicate thing you might have a spot that you can feel poking out from, because the product had a harder plastic type layer on the outside which got shredded up in the mix. Can toss those pieces.

👤The bean bag ordered 20 pounds of stuffing and needs to buy more.

👤The bag was filled by the fill from this. It is a foam that does not support weight. The bean bag is comfortable to lay on. The child that is using it doesn't mind that it's the same as before. Other buyers should be aware. 10 pounds fills a lot of space, but is easier than the stupid beans of old.

👤The foam is not a good choice for puffs. You almost get the floor when you sit down on it. I think it's a good product for pillows. I have to buy beans. I can't return it because it's so complicated to move.

👤I ordered this because some of my pillows had become saggy. I received a lot of things. The bag was put in an extra large box and let it sit for 48 hours to fluff up. It fluffed up a bit, but still had a lot of large pieces. I thought I could break it up by tossing it. I had to sift through the whole thing and break them up by pulling pieces together. Some pieces had melted foam in the center. Not all of the foam was the same color as advertised and I would have read more carefully to see if different foam types made a difference in the texture and softness of the pillow. It looks like recycled foam, so it can be used again. I would have given it 5 stars if it was possible to pull apart the clumps.


What is the best product for food funnel / mylar bag filler?

Food funnel / mylar bag filler products from Ruibo. In this article about food funnel / mylar bag filler you can see why people choose the product. Propremium Mylar and Kongnai are also good brands to look for when you are finding food funnel / mylar bag filler.

What are the best brands for food funnel / mylar bag filler?

Ruibo, Propremium Mylar and Kongnai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food funnel / mylar bag filler. Find the detail in this article. Shxwell, Inmaker and Propremium Mylar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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