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1. Kraft Original Macaroni Microwaveable Packets

Kraft Original Macaroni Microwaveable Packets

A box of macaroni and cheese single serve pouches. Easy food options that are ready in less than 3 minutes are available from the Easy Mac line. Mac and cheese pouches include a sauce mix. There are no artificial flavors or dyes in the Easy Mac. One pouch is enough to serve a single serving. Easy macaroni and cheese can be microwaved. Individually sealed macaroni pasta and cheese sauce mix.

Brand: Kraft

👤Don't follow the directions. I use a thick plastic bowl to make ours. A cup of water. The microwave needs to be set to 2 minutes on high. The water is too thick. A half cup is all it takes. The water is bubbling over and making a huge mess in the microwave if it is more than 2:30. The noodles are too large and too heavy when you do them. 2 minutes is perfect. The portion size is the same as the adult size. One of the cups is larger. The cups are a better value. You are saving on milk and butter by comparing it to a box of Mac n cheese. I think it's the same price per serving. I was not happy with the way I made this. I was going to complain to the seller. I came up with 1/2cup of water and 2 minutes to cook after fiddling with the directions. You are welcome.

👤I bought the individual packs of Easy Mac 18. This is the right size for a side item. I am using a home microwave to heat up the product in a bowl. The package says to use 1/3 cup of water and heat for 3 1/2 minutes. Two minutes with a microwave of 1100 watt is plenty. If you don't use a large bowl you will need to watch for the water to keep it from bowling over in the microwave. At the 1:45 mark, I need to stop the process and stir. I will need to stop again before I finish, but I will continue to heat. I followed the instructions for 3 12 minutes, but did not watch. There was no water left in the container to make the cheese mixture. 2 minutes seems to be the perfect time, noodles are tender, and there is plenty of water to make the cheese mixture.

👤I will be honest. I like these things. When you're lazy, hungry, and want something, easy mac is there. These clock in are a lot cheaper than the cups and you will generate a lot less trash. They taste the same to me. Add water. If I have it, I'll fill the 1/3c measuring cup with 1/3c water and 1/3c milk, then the rest with half and half. It's a bit richer that way. I nuked for 4 minutes in my microwave. After it cools a bit, I add in a small amount of salt, black pepper, and chow down. If you want it to be ultra cheesey, you could add a little shredded cheese after it's done microwaving, or even tear up a single and mix it in with the melted cheese. I usually just eat it with salt and pepper. Sometimes I make it for a snack or a light meal and sometimes I use it as a side to a meal. If you have leftover cooked chicken or bacon, you can use it to make something. Chicken with sundried tomatoes is good. My mother made mac n cheese with canned tuna and sweet green peas when I was a child. You could add more. If you like tuna, it's cheap and easy to make, and can make a meal out of it.

2. WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

There are 40 single serving bags. There are delicious fruit snacks. 25% Vitamins A&E and 100% Vitamins C are included. Fat free, preservative free, andGluten free. It's a great snack for school lunches, sporting games, the office and more.

Brand: Welch's

👤Possibly the most addictive substance a man has ever produced. It is impossible to eat just one pouch. I can tell you from my experience that eating multiple bags in one sitting is not easy on your stomach or general health. The front of the box has many bright colors that draw the eye, and are just full of vitamins, which is what they are marketed as. Fruit juice and sugar are the main ingredients in the box. There are many types of sugar. Purchase away if you know these are not fruit snacks and should be treated as fruit candy.

👤These were perfect for many reasons. 1st When I quit smoking, these were helpful and my son loves them. I found a 40 pack box and later realized they had other varieties as well. We like to blend the berries and cherries every month. Being able to have them sent on a specific date each month is wonderful. You can have them shipped whenever you want, just subscribe and save. These and the Cherries are also recommended by me.

👤I used to buy them at work. This doesn't taste the same. At all. They are either old or expired.

👤The delivery was fast and it was delivered as requested. Which is appreciated by me... It's a small snack for the entire day that's juicy and portioned well... I would recommend this product to a mom who has children.

👤Normally I love these things, but I bought them as subscribe and save. Half of the packs are not good. When I get them from the store, I don't have this problem. They like it, but it's not expired. They have a powdery coat and taste funny. Some are okay and some are what I was expecting. I'm throwing at least half of it. This is not saving me any money. Very disappointing.

👤These are really good and you can taste the fruit in them. I like the packing because it's great to know. How many calories you get and what they are. Kids should like them. My dogs aren't much of a fan of them.

👤I bought this on the daily deal. Excellent pick up. Not just for adults. I have been helped by adults trying to kick their daily sugar intake. A pack of ice cream was a good substitute. Enjoy. Things can get hot when they are delivered at the wrong time.

👤The product is correct. The best by date is 10/11/2018. 190 days/ 27 weeks. I assume the problem is where the boxes are stored. I usually pick these up at the local store. I think that's correct.

👤bolsitas pequeas perfectas para snack. Producto por bolsita!

👤Me encantan es gomitas, llegaron en tiempo. Recomiendo al vendedor.

👤This candy is delicious. I took a star away from it because I feel like I may get diabetes because I am the only person at home eating this.

👤Son unas gomitas deliciosas.

3. Jack Links Teriyaki Protein 5 0 625oz

Jack Links Teriyaki Protein 5 0 625oz

A good source of protein. Jack Link's Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a delicious way to get more of the essential part of a balanced diet. It's a snack that the whole family will enjoy. There are 5 count multipacks. You always have a meat snack on hand with this pack. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for an after school snack. It is made with 100% beef. Their teriyaki beef is made from lean cuts of premium beef. It is fat free and has no added nitrates or nitrites. Each strip of Teriyaki Beef Jerky is made with a special blend of soy, garlic, ginger and brown sugar. It's slow cooked over hardwood smoke for a smoky flavor. The entire family will love it. LUNCHBOX READY: Ready to eat packs are a great way to get your kids' lunch ready. No leftovers. They wouldn't be surprised if they asked for two bags.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤We received them yesterday. I bought 3 boxes. 3 packs out of one box looks like this. Is it very moldy? It smells like death. My 11 year old opened the pack and smelled them before eating. They are not dead.

👤Truth: There were 4 packs in the box. The amount in the pack and the size of the pack were shocking. The amount of Triscuit crackers you could fit is two.

👤I am a faithful customer of jack links and will continue to do so, however, this product was pointless. I realized that I paid for packaging, not for jerky. Each snack pack contained less than an ounce of jerky. There were two bags in the box that had less than two pieces per bag. They are not big pieces. The bag was full of crumbles. The whole purpose of buying individual snack bags was defeated when my husband ate three or four bags as a snack. I thought having a single serving size would be beneficial, but it was a complete waste of money. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤Beware! There are missing and moldy Jerky. I ordered 2 boxes of Jack Links Teriyaki Beef Jerky and when I opened the other box, there was only one pack in the whole box, instead of the 5 that was advertised. I should have asked for a refund when I contacted Amazon to get a replacement box, I tear open the box to make sure all the packs are in it. I immediately spit out the piece I was chewing and open another bag, the second bag seems fine but by this point I am disgusted and trying to get the taste of the moldy pieces off my tongue. I won't be buying this brand again because of the two big problems the company has.

👤There is a small package of desiccant in the Jack Links Jerky. It is the same size as the jerky. Before eating the product, be sure to remove it. There is no warning on the bag. I have never seen food like this before.

👤I am not sure where I can send a message except as a review.

👤The jerky tastes great. I didn't know how small each packet was. You can get 1 mouthful of jerky for a buck. I will not be buying this product again. I bought it for a child. I brought it to work because it wasn't needed. If this brand is in this packaging, I will buy more.

👤My son is a senior. The coaches recommend snacks. I had been looking for something new to change things up and this was my first purchase. He gave me a thumbs up when he brought the empty teriyaki box to me. He said that if there is a big bag that it would be better than having individual packages. I have to check the pantry to see if things are eaten. I know if I should add them to my list. They're on the way after I ordered a big bag. There is a He liked the JL Tener Cuts if you were looking to try something new. I'm ordering more today.

4. AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio

Collapses into a thin, portable, and durable portfolio case with no assembly required. The product measures 25'' x 30'' x 25'' and includes a power supply, user manual, and a bright-white backdrop. High output built-in lights for handheld photography. The lights are positioned for optimum contrast and provide 5600k daylight balanced LEDs. An extra light gives better highlights, contrast, and shape to product images. A front 3-door system maximizes image angles while reducing outside reflections. Shoot, edit, and directly upload catalog images to Amazon are compatible with the Amazon Seller app.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Clean background in your product images is the whole point. The hard crease in the background is terrible. One more step in the process is necessary. The solution would be to package the backdrop in a rolled tube and install it after un-boxing the product. The one time install step is more convenient than the edit steps.

👤I love it! I run a rescue and have been looking for a camera to take pictures of cats and kittens. The animal would be contained while I take pictures. The cats and kittens look great. I added a white shag rug. We use the hole at the top to distract them. The three windows are the only things I would change. I would have liked to have secured them better. I understand that this is used more for objects that are still in motion. It's fun and I love it.

👤The look and feel of the package was excellent. My first impressions were very good. For a few reasons, I am dropping my rating from 5 to 4 stars. 1. There is no switch to turn off the lights; the light box must be unplugged or collapsed to turn off the lighting. If your outlet is accessible, it's not a huge deal, but flipping a switch is still less convenient. 2. There are lights in the center and left. It isn't perfectly even because of the slight shadow cast. 3. The white backdrop has a crease in it. It can be edited out, very easily, depending on the app or software you use. The light box can be set up on a table, but the electric cord is not long enough to plug in a wall outlet at the standard height. It is very convenient to position your camera at different heights because of the three flaps in the front that are held open or shut with magnets. The opening at the top is good, but it would be better if there was a magnet to hold that flap open. I'm very happy with this purchase. It's portable and easy to store. I kept the item for home use and light business use.

👤You have to use the portable studio correctly. People are not following directions when they complain about the crease in the backdrop. Manual setup of ISO and shutter speed are recommended for your camera profile. That is listed on the website but not in the instructions booklet. This gives the best amount of light to white out the background and expose the subject. The example pics show a muddy off-white/grey background and a shadow of the backdrop fold because people are shooting with an automatic camera profile. I agree with all of the pros of this photo studio, but I think there are some drawbacks. I think the LEDs offer adequate illumination, but would love the ability to buy additional strips to attach separately, opaque sides, and for the price, throw in a cheap reflector to help bounce some of the light around inside. It's simple and convenient, especially if it's portable.

5. Electric Portable Microwave Stainless Container

Electric Portable Microwave Stainless Container

Important delivery information can be seen at a glance. The electric lunch box is 1.5L in size and made of PP plastic and 304 steel. No microwave is required. It supports both car and truck use. Are you always on the go and tired of fast food? Plug in and heat up your food with the lunch box. Enjoy your homemade food. The food warmer lunch box upgrade from 40W to 60W heating chip uses a more safe and heat insulation dual function. The heating process takes about 15-40 minutes. If you add liquld to the lunch box, it will cause a short circuit. 3 in 1 The food warmer lunch box kit includes a lunch box, spoon and fork, high quality thermal insulated carry bag, and a power cord for cars and trucks. Students and office workers can enjoy a hot meal at school or office if they choose. The travel portable lunch box is portable and light-weight, and it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Please do not wash the external lunch box. The spoon & fork storage box at the top of the lunch box can be used as a mobile phone holder. You can watch a movie while eating. Premium quality, fastening buckles design, leak-proof seal, portable and foldable handles... This thermal lunch box is the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, family and friends, or for yourself while on the go.

Brand: Aynaxcol

👤The portion is large enough for my son. The cute fork and spoon in the lid enclosure makes this lunch box easy to clean. Since I got it, we have been using it every day. My son puts the box in the car for 20 minutes. It would take longer for it to be hot. His coworker asked for a link to buy one of his own. It is easy to use and I can recommend it.

👤Lamentablemente es unos 25 a 35 minutos, solo est templada. El tamao tienen pequeos, pero lo necesitamos.

👤My food is very hot. So far, so good. The carry bag design is the only thing I would change. I have to tilt the box to get the food in the bag.

👤This is great. I love it. I don't have to worry that we don't have a microwave because I can have warm food at work. The food is warm for a while.

👤I will give this to my mother-in-law for Christmas so she can use it at work. It will hold a good portion for lunch. A novel idea! Will update the review after she uses it a few times.

👤It's a great way to get a hot meal while traveling. It was a way to avoid eating fast food on the road trip. You can heat up shredded chicken, tater tots and green beans for a hot lunch on the road. It was nice to get a hot meal without having to go to a restaurant.

👤The plate part turns colors when you wash it, but it needs work.

👤This thing is amazing. My food is ready when I keep it hot.

👤It is an amazing product. It is easy to clean. It is not leak proof when you carry oily food. You can get over this problem if you carry it horizontally. I would recommend it.

👤No ped, me lleg una fiambrera de las dos.

👤Tarda un poco.

6. Containers Microwaveable Kraft Grease Resistant

Containers Microwaveable Kraft Grease Resistant

You can order your pantyhose today. The bag is made from natural paper stock and has integrated soy blend eco-wax. The bag is made from natural paper stock and has integrated soy blend eco-wax. The stock your home brown take out boxes are perfect for keeping your food fresh as well as refrigerating and microwaving. They are an alternative to lunch boxes. These large boxes were designed to hold greasy foods without having liquids leak through. These travel containers are large enough to hold your meals. They can also be microwaved. These containers are perfect for serving both cold and hot dishes at a party. The pack contains 50 boxes. The boxes can hold up to 30 ounces. Product dimensions are 4 3/8 Inches, 4 1/2 Inches, 4 1/2 Inches, and 3 1/2 Inches.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤I wanted to give our guests leftovers from Thanksgiving. I used some myself after I ran out of glass containers. I put tape over the top of the boxes and labeled them with a sharpie. Lots of people said how smart this was. I was concerned about the liquid being in the boxes, but was surprised to find no leaks in the box after 4 days of holding a salad with dressing. You would have never guessed that there was liquid at the bottom of the box. I will keep them on hand because I am happy with this product.

👤It's great to find something compact, disposable, and leak-proof when packing lunch. I like that I can write on the outside and inside. I put meatballs and sauce in large quantities. I was impressed. You need to be careful that they sit on their bottom, but these are great for storing, transporting, or re-thawing. There was no guilt throwing them out. Highly recommended.

👤They worked out great because they were bought for guests to take home for Thanksgiving leftovers. It can be difficult to get away from plastic, but with these you can write on them, meaning you can add the date as well. The best part about this purchase is the dual purpose, I surfed Amazon for cute stickers and they now double as holiday treat boxes!

👤I let people take leftovers after the party. These even had soup! People actually said that. Who wants to keep leftover food that people are consuming? Not me! I give it away.

👤I wanted to host a drive by party. They were perfect as they were assembled. Put your things in and close the lid. Some of them were a little bent from delivery, but most were good to go! I have a lot of extra and have been using it for things other than teacher appreciation week. If I need more, I will buy them again.

👤We bought two sizes of Craft Paper. A friend who also uses them recommended these because we are trying to use less plastic. The product is very good. The two different sizes will allow us to send food home from parties with a container that doesn't leak and seals very well. A great product from an American company.

👤Since my husband and I still have to go to work, he and I decided to take our own breakfast and lunch to work and dispose of the container so we don't bring anything back home to our children. We were only able to receive this item quicker as many stores sold out of disposable food containers, however, I am very pleased with this product. It doesn't leak because there is enough space for the right portions. Since my job requires me to be mobile, I put a piece of tape on the top to make sure. I have heated my food in the microwave and did not experience any problems. This was a plus because it was also eco-friendly. I recommend this item for those who want to save money and meal prep.

7. Bazooka Lollipop Variety Assorted Flavors

Bazooka Lollipop Variety Assorted Flavors

A candy box contains 6 ring pop, 4 push pop, 4 baby bottle pop, and 4 lollipops. There are Easter treats. Great for kids to have Easter basket candy and Easter egg hunt surprises. This Easter, everyone can have their favorite fruity flavor with the newSORTED CANDY FLAVORS. There is an Easter party pack. Bazooka Candy Brands variety lollipops are fun for kids. You can use it as party favors or as a gift for your next Easter celebration. There are squirrel-stable treats. The treats are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Ring Pop, Push Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, and Juicy Drop are some of the most popular candy brands.

Brand: Bazooka Candy Brands

👤Drop pops, baby bottle pops, push pops, and ring pops are all included. This is great because it will last a while. With so many choices! I bought this because it was cheaper than buying individually.

👤I didn't have a chance to think about taking a picture if I wanted to. My kids were ecstatic when they saw this. Immediately asked if they could open it. The price was definitely worth it, not to mention my children's faces when they opened the package. With Covid-19 going on, I was not putting my family at risk by not taking proper precautions. We decided to celebrate at home with fun family things like making up halloween games and I bought them a bunch of candy so that was one halloween tradition. This was a favorite of all three of them. It's not often that 3 kids agree on something. Hope. Everyone had a fun Halloween.

👤For most of the time, it's as described. The product was fresh and shipped quickly and safely. There was not as much variety in the flavors as shown in the picture. This wasn't enough to make up for the disappointment of removing a star. The box contained 6 ring pops, 2 strawberry, 1 blue raspberry, 1 cotton candy, and 4 baby bottle pops.

👤Very good suckers at a great price.

👤I like Push Pop and Baby Bottle Pop so it's nice to be able to get them in a variety pack with other products. The value is great.

👤I have 4 kids, and whenever we go to a little store, the kids always want to purchase a baby bottle pop or ring pop, and they rip you off and jack the prices up at the store. This was a good deal to keep at home.

👤I gave these away for Halloween and the kids loved them, it was a big hit.

👤I wanted to buy my niece a box of candy and it was cheaper than buying everything separately and putting it together. Everything was as expected.

8. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

There are 10 single-serving packs of Goldfish colors and 12 packs of Goldfish Cheddar. It is always fake, never real. Goldfish crackers are always baked with no artificial flavors. Goldfish should be kept within reach. You can have all your favorite Goldfish flavors with you. It's perfect for socializing or enjoying the company of others. The delicious flavors of Goldfish crackers are great for sharing with friends or family. You should add excitement to your memoirs. Add Goldfish crackers to soups, sprinkle them on salads, or serve them as a side to your lunchtime sandwich. There is always a variety on hand and ready to enjoy.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

👤The person at the warehouse thought it was a good idea to include a case of coconut water in the box. Goldfish crackers are in open packages. Who trains these people to package? The slip of paper will provide padding. I am canceling Prime as soon as my youngest is old enough to drink. I have adjusted my orders to try and minimize items being grouped like this and damaged in-transit. I wasn't good enough this month.

👤I bought this box of cheese gold fish because I forgot what it tasted like. If you like snacks that are salty and dried... Go for it. It's good for my friend to give her students that didn't bring snacks because I end up giving this whole box to her.

👤I buy a few items for my son's lunch. He is picky like most kids. He likes something one day and doesn't the next. We have had these for a month. I am impressed with how fresh they are. Each package has a different size. I have these for myself as well. Scan is easy for my weight watchers points. They are not too salty and provide a quick snack. My son likes them and I am very happy with them. A snack that stays fresh.

👤The opened box had been re- closed with a clear piece of tape and there were 4 packages missing from it. Ripoff.

👤There are cheese fish, pretzel fish and multicolored fish in this box. They are very good. My mom received all but two pretzel bags. My sister and I shared some of the others, which made me lose a lot of my appetite. I'll probably order more when appetite returns.

👤Even though they are wrapped individually, the product became very old very quickly.

👤I called Amazon after buying one boxe and they fixed the problem. The product was simple and fast. Dated 3.3. I would recommend buying them for my grandson class. I think so.

👤I got this product about a month and a half ago. It is ridiculous that this product is close to being finished.

👤The amount of each kind of Goldfish crackers could have been better if my littles had the pretzel kind. It was great, except for that. I was impressed with how much was in each baggie. Well done!

👤The variety pack is good and kids like it. I think it's a good idea.

9. Kelloggs Breakfast Cereal Single Serve Variety

Kelloggs Breakfast Cereal Single Serve Variety

A variety pack contains a selection of breakfast cereals, including Rice Krispies, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, and Frosted Mini Wheats. Family-favorite cereals are perfect for kids and adults and are sweetened to help bring energy and smiles to busy mornings. A fun part of a balanced breakfast. A travel-ready food, makes a tasty snack at work, afternoon pick me up at school, or late-night treat, carry my lunch in my backpack. There are 48 individually sized boxes of ready-to- eat cereals.

Brand: Kellogg's

👤I love it! When I buy cereals at the grocery store, my kids go through a lot of boxes if I don't watch them. This way I am able to tell them that it's a great price, and I also get oatmeal in bulk so they are learning how to do breakfast on their own. My kids are between the ages of 8 and 6. Any help with breakfast is great.

👤That should not be a problem for anyone. I have a specific way for storing them. The sexond one was fine despite the first order being stalether. I paid 18 dollars but they are 23 dollars. Variety is good. Don't like the frosted ones. It's good, except for that. Would do it again.

👤The kids don't have to dig for what they want because the box is well organized. The bags inside of the boxes seem small but the presentation and quality is okay.

👤It was perfect for the price. My family doesn't waste standard boxes of cereals, the box is always left open. These boxes are great for 1 serving and will be cheaper in the long run. We don't eat cereals for breakfast so they last longer.

👤This balanced mix was a wonderful treat for my little ones and I generally do not buy cereals with sugar in them. The box was a kellogs case with the cereals inside, unlike the orange box packaging in the picture. The value was a small savings, but it was worth it for my kids, who are on the go. We will mostly use these on the go because I don't like creating waste from the packaging. I recommend this for a college student that wants to have a variety of things to eat. I'm giving a case to the Ronald McDonald house.

👤Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I bought these for my workplace. I've been asked to buy another set when this one runs out because it was a huge hit with my co-workers. We use plastic spoons to make bowls out of the boxes. It's easy to get the milk in our parking lot. I would recommend this product to anyone in a business setting.

👤I remember when I was in elementary school. The good old days were there. For the past month, I have been eating lunch and breakfast at work. I'm not a child so it's more like 3 boxes at a time. This is less expensive than if I ordered out. That's correct... Don't think that you will get the same amount of cereals. There is not enough of both corn Pops and Raisin Bran. I like corn pops more than frosted flaches, but I do like them. I'm happy with my purchase. Thank you Amazon! You can subscribe and save.

👤I don't buy sugar cereals for my kids. I buy a big pack at the beginning of summer for our camping trips and the kids think they hit the big one.

10. Planters Pistachio Lovers Salted Canister

Planters Pistachio Lovers Salted Canister

The Pistachio Lovers Mix is a snack that is smart. The snack has a rich taste and is made with cashews, almonds, and pistachios. Plants nuts. The 18 1 ounce serving of PLANTERS Deluxe Pistachio Mix is contained in a 18.5 ounce canister and has a sealed lid to keep it fresh. There are roasted nuts. The nuts have been roasted in peanut oil. There are mixed nuts. Sea salt is used to bring out the nuts' nutty flavor. There are neural dissections. This mix is a good source of vitamins and minerals and a good source of fiber with 13 grams of total fat per serving. The cashews are certified mixed nuts. Those keeping Kosher can enjoy the delicious snack from PLANTERS. Plants were mixed with nuts. Nuttin' beats Planters. Enjoy at home as movie snacks or game day snacks, packed in your lunch or as a quick and satisfying snack when you're on the go, they are a great holiday gift, birthday gift or stocking stuffer.

Brand: Planters

👤I bought some nuts. I expected more pistachios since it's listed as the first ingredient in the packaging. The first can had 70% almonds. I can see that it's a problem. The pistachios in my can were hard to eat. I began throwing cashews away because they looked like they had been eaten. Cashews were often eaten by bugs. I decided to take a picture of them. I paid for a premium product and it looks like I got 2nds or 3rds. I don't know what a good alternative would be and I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. I will call this week to see if this can be solved, because there is a number on the can. I will update more once I know.

👤I am a nut lover. Cashews, almonds, pistachios, and even peanuts are included. I couldn't wait to try them. My smile turned to disbelief after I opened the can. Cashews are good. Almonds are good, but the pistachios were roasted to the point that some were burnt. Not a good experience. I will never buy Planters again. If you like these, please buy a bag of Fiddymans Pistachios and see what they taste like.

👤I love this mix so much that I subscribe to it on Amazon. I have it for breakfast every morning, and I pack a little bit the night before. It's a great mix to snack on at the desk. The nuts always arrive fresh and the container always arrives sealed. The right amount is not overly-salted. I would definitely recommend this mix.

👤The contents of the can appear to be mostly almonds, rather than the photo on the can. The cashews are few and far between. Almonds, Pistachios, and Cashews are the proportions in my can, after eating a few ounces off the top. Not much "Delux" and very mixed sizes and quality. "Discards" is more like that. Misleading and disappointing.

👤The pistachios were old and spoiled. The cashews and almonds were ok, but the pistachios ruined them. I really wanted to try this mix, but it was a huge disappointment. These are expensive to have spoiled nuts in, so I will not be ordering them again.

👤We used to purchase them in bulk from Sam's, but they stopped carrying them and we had to go to the local store. Fortunately, Planters offers them through Amazon for a similar price and it saves me a trip to the old brick and mortar. Being mostly vegan, I eat a lot of nuts, which are a good source of fat and calories. I've worked my way through most retail nut options, but none comes close to quality and quantity of high quality nuts and is a great value.

👤These are not good for pistachios. Period. The can was full of nuts that were completely saturated in peanut oil. I understand that this is Planters, but did they really need to drown the pistachios in oil? It makes the nuts taste the same. They are dark and oily. A simple roasting and salting would have made this product better. I love to find high quality pistachios in the stores here, but due to the swine flu, I started to order some food items online. This was one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I'm sorry but you are missing out on the real deal if you think these are great.

11. Carnivore Club Gift Gourmet Food

Carnivore Club Gift Gourmet Food

The beef is seasoned with fresh black peppercorns and cabernet. Pepperoni andSpreadable Salami. Chorizo has classic flavors of smoked Spanish pimenton, Rioja wine, and garlic. The Sopressata Dolce uses a sweet, subtle combination of spices that allow the amazing pork flavor to shine. This is a perfect gift for any occasion because the foods are shelf stable and ready to eat. A Premium Gift Box contains 1.5 lbs of meat.

Brand: Carnivore Club

👤The meat tastes the same. Spoiled rotten. Agent smell. It's not like a strong smell. It's like a death smell. I think some people like that. I'm used to fresh ham, smoked sausages, and pepperoni sticks.

👤The pepper salami was good, the waygu beef was good, and the salumi was terrible. The other two were not that bad. There is a large portion of Pepperoni and a small portion of chorizo. It was a waste of money because of our taste. Over the years, we have tried many different salamis in our house. We were very disappointed with what we received. Would not recommend.

👤I gave this as a gift. There was a red box with the items. The red box was damaged so it was not a nice gift. One end was torn and the other was out of shape. I don't have time to return a gift before the gift giving date. 4 of the things were basically sausage. I was expecting an assortment of different meats, not the same meat.

👤It was not what was pictured or described, so I am giving it a lower rating. I expect to get what I ordered if I pay for it. The box didn't have the spreadable salami.

👤I was dissatisfied with this order. The goods inside are terrible. Don't buy this item! I am not happy. There was no way to keep items out of the box. I will never use this company again. I will tell my friend about this terrible product.

👤Good variety of meats. All of the products were delicious. A nice looking gift is a large box. I didn't like the inner packaging, especially if you gift this. The picture shows a classy looking butcher paper style wrap, but I came in clear plastic vacuum wraps with sticker labels. Not as classy. I had to eat these before they expired. I think I am ok with the not so awesome inner packaging.

👤Good quality meats, but it's a bit pricey for the amount of stuff you get.

👤It was a fun gift because of the variety. He ate it.


What is the best product for food in bulk big box of food?

Food in bulk big box of food products from Kraft. In this article about food in bulk big box of food you can see why people choose the product. Welch's and Jack Link's are also good brands to look for when you are finding food in bulk big box of food.

What are the best brands for food in bulk big box of food?

Kraft, Welch's and Jack Link's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food in bulk big box of food. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Aynaxcol and Stock Your Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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