Best Food In Bulk Wholesale

Bulk 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

There are 10 single-serving packs of Goldfish colors and 12 packs of Goldfish Cheddar. It is always fake, never real. Goldfish crackers are always baked with no artificial flavors. Goldfish should be kept within reach. You can have all your favorite Goldfish flavors with you. It's perfect for socializing or enjoying the company of others. The delicious flavors of Goldfish crackers are great for sharing with friends or family. You should add excitement to your memoirs. Add Goldfish crackers to soups, sprinkle them on salads, or serve them as a side to your lunchtime sandwich. There is always a variety on hand and ready to enjoy.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

👤The person at the warehouse thought it was a good idea to include a case of coconut water in the box. Goldfish crackers are in open packages. Who trains these people to package? The slip of paper will provide padding. I am canceling Prime as soon as my youngest is old enough to drink. I have adjusted my orders to try and minimize items being grouped like this and damaged in-transit. I wasn't good enough this month.

👤I bought this box of cheese gold fish because I forgot what it tasted like. If you like snacks that are salty and dried... Go for it. It's good for my friend to give her students that didn't bring snacks because I end up giving this whole box to her.

👤I buy a few items for my son's lunch. He is picky like most kids. He likes something one day and doesn't the next. We have had these for a month. I am impressed with how fresh they are. Each package has a different size. I have these for myself as well. Scan is easy for my weight watchers points. They are not too salty and provide a quick snack. My son likes them and I am very happy with them. A snack that stays fresh.

👤The opened box had been re- closed with a clear piece of tape and there were 4 packages missing from it. Ripoff.

👤There are cheese fish, pretzel fish and multicolored fish in this box. They are very good. My mom received all but two pretzel bags. My sister and I shared some of the others, which made me lose a lot of my appetite. I'll probably order more when appetite returns.

👤Even though they are wrapped individually, the product became very old very quickly.

👤I called Amazon after buying one boxe and they fixed the problem. The product was simple and fast. Dated 3.3. I would recommend buying them for my grandson class. I think so.

👤I got this product about a month and a half ago. It is ridiculous that this product is close to being finished.

👤The amount of each kind of Goldfish crackers could have been better if my littles had the pretzel kind. It was great, except for that. I was impressed with how much was in each baggie. Well done!

👤The variety pack is good and kids like it. I think it's a good idea.

2. Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder

Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder

Orgain Organic Berry Superfoods All-In-One Super Nutrition Powder is included. Each scoop of Orgain's original organic super sprout contains 50 superfoods. 6 grams of organic fiber is high in anti-oxidants. There are no added sugar or artificial ingredients in USDA organic, vegan, and non dairy products. Enhancing your diet with supplements will help support your gut health. This powder has many different types of vitamins and minerals in it. It's ideal for men, women, and kids. This is a great addition to your meal replacement shakes or pre and post workout drinks if you are a busy professional, mom, dad, athlete or student. You can mix it into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie recipe. It's great for overnight oats.

Brand: Orgain

👤My husband wanted to get a very expensive version of this for our daughter who has special needs. With seven kids, I can't spend more than $50 on this type of thing. I did my research and found this. We love the brand and want to try it. It is amazing! My daughter lost her hair due to her meds, but since starting this, she has no more hair loss! She had very dry skin. I halved the scoop and added it to 4oz of water and 4oz of her Bolthouse multi vitamins juice because it doesn't give a dose for kids. I started to take it as well. My skin was dry. My lack of energy... You guessed it was gone! I love it. This product will continue to be used.

👤I only took the powder for a couple of days so my review is based on ingredients and taste. I bought the book on Amazon. The author states that there are 60 different strains of the disease. I was inspired to follow his protocol because I could identify with his descriptions. Twenty different fruits and vegetables are recommended to assist the body in moving the virus out of the system. There are 11 of them in this powder. None of the other powders had as many as this mix. If I thought I could eat all of them, I would be crazy. I eat a lot of them, but I have to think about which ones I still need to eat in order to get all of the items on the list. Orgain Organic Superfoods is all-in-one super nutrition. It's like Apple Jacks cereals. I was taken back to my childhood when I opened the can to get a sample of the powder. You never forget some things. I like one of my favorite breakfast cereals. There is a I used almond milk and a banana in my shake. It tasted pretty good after being mixed in the blender. I wanted to try this with almond milk because it wasn't as thick as my other vegetables. I was happy with it. There is a Put it in a bottle with 8 ounces of water and shake it. It tasted good. I like it better with water than I do with milk. There is a The last time I mixed it up, I put the scoop in a glass and poured the water over it, then mixed it with a spoon. It didn't mix up as well. It tastes pretty good despite being a little clumpy and requiring more vigorous stirring. There is room for improvement and I say it's pretty good. I am sure that there is a can of Stevia. The ingredient list is called "Natural flavor". When it hits my mouth, I know about it. I don't like it. I have never been a fan of the product because it is not pleasant and it is just a little sweet. It is a false sweet to me. I will take raw, cane sugar or honey on any day of the week. I like this drink. I get all of the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy greens and grains. I can drink it on the go, drink it for a snack and fill in the gaps in my diet. If it supports me in clearing out any pathogens and detoxing the body without having to create a new diet, then it is a winner for me.

3. Wonderful Pistachios Multipack Roasted Salted

Wonderful Pistachios Multipack Roasted Salted

The packs of 9 are 1.5 Ounce bags. It's flaVOR: They were roasted and salted. Their best-selling flavor is perfect for snacking. It's perfect for the car, the office, and for snacking on the go. Kosher. California grows: They cultivate and harvest more than 75,000 acres of pistachios and almonds in California, using the latest sustainable practices. There is a non-GMO project.

Brand: Wonderful Pistachios

👤They are nuts. Either you like them or you don't. Why are you looking at this item listing if you don't? While we are talking about your questionable life choices, why are you reading the reviews for nuts you don't like? Who reads reviews about nuts? Who writes about nuts? Why are we asking these questions when you only want nuts? If you think the price is worth it, they are actually pistachios.

👤I found a bag of nuts, not the bag but the nuts. I looked at it before eating. I understand that there is a margin of error in the way that food is inspected and that bugs are present in a lot of the food we eat, but I think that this is disgusting and horrifying and should have been inspected better. Don't buy these again. Before you eat it, make sure to examine each nut.

👤A great snack. Portions are small but good if you are watching your calories and looking for a snack alternative.

👤My first red one of pistachios was when I was a kid. When I discovered the flavor of ice cream that I could not get enough of, it was pistachio. I looked at the packaging images and thought that the nuts were in the bags. My bad. The images of nuts are not the same as the images of nuts. These tasted pretty good, even better than that, but not a single one resembled the images on the bags. The portion is a good size, even if you don't want to share it, but they are not uniformly sized and they are not roasted consistently. I'm happy to have purchased this box of 9 individually portioned bags, but I'll probably not buy more of them, and I'll get pistachios which I can actually see to check the quality.

👤I had to make a bag just to hold on to the pistachios. I can try to open them by hand. You can't open half the pistachios with a travel pack.

👤I like to eat pistachios. Getting them out of their shells can be a challenge, but it's worth it for the flavor. Preshelled bags are worth it to avoid all that labor. I realized immediately. I could eat the whole thing. Too much of a good thing. This product has been discovered by me. It's convenient! I keep a small bag of pistachios in my house. I have a lot of single serve nuts. My bag has a glove compartment. It's easy to get quick bursts of food with drive-throughs and impulse buy snacks. The foil packs are easy to open. I'm hooked. I'm waiting on bigger boxes. I would like a pack of 20 or 30. I don't have to order a lot of 9packs to get us through the month.

👤As a college student, I like to snack on plichos during class because they are convenient and best value. It is a bit salty for my taste, but it is delicious. It takes a lot of work to mess with pistachios. It's easy to open the packaging. Good price and a healthy snack.

4. Peanut Sandwich Cracker Crackers Variety

Peanut Sandwich Cracker Crackers Variety

The variety pack contains 32 snack packs. There are smooth, creamy cheese or peanut butter between the two crackers. snack packs are portable and can be used at home, work or school. Packable bulk sandwich cracker snacks are convenient. The filling on cracker sandwiches are made with cheese or peanut butter.

Brand: Ritz (rium9)

👤First package, cracker pack. I received 5 total crackers instead of 6. One of the SAMMICHES was a triple decker. If you buy again, you will get a potential, exciting snack.

👤I used to subscribe to and save on the Keebler brand of sandwich crackers on Amazon. The taste of peanut butter has changed since the brand cut back on it. The crackers became unavailable on Amazon. I think others became unhappy with them as well. I decided to try the Ritz version of the cheese and peanut butter sandwich as I was still missing my daily snack. I ordered something. There's barely any peanut butter at all. They are tasteless and dry. It was a disappointment. If only one of the two companies would make a peanut butter cracker that tasted like peanut butter.

👤The cheese filled crackers were better than the peanut ones. Both were fresh. They taste like Ritz crackers. I think these would be great at Christmas. There are colored sugar crystals before chocolate sets. If the price doesn't go up, I would buy again. Many food prices have gone up due to Covid-19. They rarely return to pre-pandemic prices. They used to sell 1 Reeses peanut disc in a pack for 5 cents. You can buy a twin pack for up to 1.79. If only they raised paychecks and retirement checks to keep us from falling backwards. They need to raise poverty amount. They think the rate is not comparable to what it costs to live. It needs to be adjusted to reality.

👤I used to buy them for my daughters lunch boxes when I was younger, and it was just as delicious as it was back then. The same quality and flavor. I don't have any photos of the family, but they vanished very fast. I will buy them again. Buying them off Amazon is a great value. Next time, I will buy two boxes. I enjoy writing honest reviews. I hope this review helps you. They are cheering!

👤I got 2peanut butter and 2 cheese. Not very happy.

👤If my blood sugar gets too low, I will take them with me.

👤I purchased the peanut butter ones before and they were great, this was the mix of cheese and peanut butter. I got a cheese/peanut butter flavor cracker on one side and a dry cheese/peanut butter and a cracker on the other side because the crackers didn't stay together.

👤During the lock down, I sent a package to my Grandchildren. The favorite is the one by Elijahs.

5. Chef Boyardee Ravioli 7 5 Ounce Microwavable

Chef Boyardee Ravioli 7 5 Ounce Microwavable

Chef Boyardee has a fun meal for the kids that is ready to serve in less than one minute. There are six grams ofProtein per serving. There is no MSG and noPreservative. It's a low-cholesterol lifestyle with 25 grams net carbs per serving.

Brand: Chef Boyardee

👤My son is quarantining in his apartment and I ordered this for him. ABC pasta with meatballs was what he received. He said they tasted good. I was not happy with the switch as he already knew his ABCs and it did not go past C. What is that good for? I think he could have done without the 1,2,3s and the Applied Mathematics Degree from GA Tech. Any port in a storm. Bon Appetit!

👤I bought some beef raviolis a month ago. I like the taste, but my girls weren't crazy about it. I was trying to purchase it again and it went from $11.76 to $49.99. That doesn't make sense to me. Companies are ripping people off instead of being nice and keeping in mind that many families are struggling financially right now. I will not pay $49.99 for a box of 12 small raviolis that I only paid $11.76 for a month ago. No way. I have to be very careful with my money.

👤It's easy to make Tasty. You don't know you're eating beef until you taste it or read the ingredients. I don't think I need to double-check the ingredients of the food I am buying to make sure I am getting cheese ravioli. The product is good and delicious, but I would have liked to be more transparent on the packaging because I don't like beef. I just want cheese.

👤Half of what you get is a very watery sauce. The sauce was more of a soup than a consistency. The quality of the sauce is not as good as you would get from a store-brand spaghetti sauce. It's not a very good product.

👤I bought these for the school to give away free lunches. The school says that kids love them, and they are the first item to go, so that's all I need to know when deciding what to donate. At least there is more than fat. There are no comments The second order from Amazon increased in price by nearly two dollars. Why should I order from Amazon when the warehouse store sells it for less without coupons? There are many recent comments about poor quality control. That's nice. I don't want to give it to the school now, after reading some of the recent reviews. ;(

👤I like the Chef Boyardee. I was happy when I found it in this small size. It is an ideal snack when you are busy. It takes less than a minute to heat the container in the microwave. It is really good. I plan to order it again when we run low.

👤It is ok if you are starving or down to eating tree bark. My kids would rather eat tree bark. I licked the lid and gagged it. Adding anything to it doesn't help. If you have it, yeeting at a zombie or hungry bear could make it worth it, but it might upset a bear if you have it. I was surprised that the date was not outdated. It had more than a year left. I now know why it was cheap. I tried to return it, but Amazon doesn't want it back. They told me to keep it. I don't know what to do with what I have. Santa has a naughty list and you can give a gift to him. Coal would be a great gift. I would give you the whole case of what you wanted. You have to promise not to bring it back to me. I didn't think kids wouldn't eat Mac and cheese until I bought it. Sorry, but not sorry. I really wanted to send this back. I got my money back and was told to keep it. They know it is gross. If you hate the person you buying it for, you wouldn't recommend it. My dog wouldn't eat it and he eats everything. That says a lot.

6. Nabisco Team Favorites Mix Crackers

Nabisco Team Favorites Mix Crackers

The Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack has 30 count. Mini, 7 Teddy Grahams, 7 Honey and Barnum's Animal Crackers. Bite-sized versions of your favorite sweet snacks are available. Packable snack packs contain snack size cookies and crackers. OrEO cookies and CHIPS are popular. Cookies and cracker variety packs are great after a game. Individually packaged snack variety pack for on the go snacking, trick or treating, stocking stuffers and school snacks.

Brand: Nabisco

👤The package was sealed in a cardboard box on the porch. The note was taped to the box when we opened it. It seems kind of weird. When I contacted Amazon, they said it was a riddle from the manufacturer and they would pass on our concerns. I don't know what it means or why they would attach it to the box. A regular sheet of paper has been torn in half. It seems very strange and alarming. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.

👤I am not happy with the delivery. I have read reviews where customers are complaining of receiving unboxed items and can't understand why this is a recurring issue.

👤One of the packages was open and the crackers were all over the place. Guessing that Nabisco machines weren't correctly packaging... My loss.

👤If I open a box of cookies at home I have to stop eating them because they are a small size and I have to order another package so that I know I am eating another package. They are fast, easy to use, and I enjoy it. When we can all go back to work, I will enjoy it more. A coffee break at home doesn't seem to have the same level of fun. Be well, take care.

👤The small portions are my only complaint. It is great for the kids. I like these snacks as well. It feels like it's small. It is good for portion control, but I will not eat as much. It is a better price than some grocery stores.

👤This is a great variety pack of all time favorites. They are all individually packaged small packs of cookies and crackers with the original look but in a bag. You get a lot in that small bag for a quick pick me up or a snack for a child, all in mini size. The serving size is small so it's not a big issue for people with high blood pressure or diabetes, and the bags are easy to take along with you. They're great for kid's outings and for groups to have a snack. I usually order items like this for my church's Summer Children's Bible School, but it won't be happening this year. I kept the rest for my nephew when he visits and sent some to the groups that are still meeting. They are fresh and have a good use date, they will be gone before that date. I was surprised at how many little mini's were in those packages.

👤When you opened the boxes to see the packs of cookies, they were all broken up in pieces. These were bought for a benefit and could not be used for that.

👤I buy these for my kids. It's easier to buy in store and get a better price. There are only 23 in the class. After saving the extra for two months, I have enough for the third month to send without buying. I was buying the other cookie snack box with just the small packs of cookies for the price, but this is way better. The little Oreos are filled with a lot of the cream, the whole cookies in the other snack box, barely anything between them, even if you get more snacks in the package.

7. Wild Planet Skipjack Tuna Light

Wild Planet Skipjack Tuna Light

Wild Planet has just 2 ingredients that will give you rich, delicious tuna. No need to drain or add water or oil. Their tuna is caught in the Central or Northern Pacific Ocean. Pole and line fishing helps maintain fish populations. Their tuna provides you with the top nutrition you need. Each can has a delicious source of Omega 3. Their Wild Skipjack Tuna is Kosher and non-GMO and is perfect for tuna salad or casserole. Wild Planet Foods is dedicated to maintaining the ocean's natural environment while sharing delicious, healthy and sustainable seafood.

Brand: Wild Planet

👤This is the first time I've purchased this and it's the healthiest tuna I can find. After opening 4 cans, I chewed on a piece of plastic. I was horrified. I threw away the rest, and I am not sure if I'm safe eating the rest of the box. I am very disappointed. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but there was something overlooked in the manufacturing process.

👤I'd only eaten Wild Planet's albacore version before this order of skipjack. I decided to try skipjack because of the mercury content. I didn't like the "light" tuna I'd tried before so I'd always been leery of it. I love skipjack now. My husband likes it. Unless it's raw, he hates tuna. There is a lot of flavor. I like the cans of Wild Planet's products. I am a convert from albacore.

👤The brand of tuna I love is worth the price. I thought I'd order in bulk for convenience. It was a big mistake. I opened a can for a sandwich and it was cloudy brine and mushier than cat food. Same as opened another can. I have opened all 12 and they are all bad. I have lost money on this because I can't return them. It's really a shame. Is it the distributor's fault or the brand's? I will not be buying bulk tuna from Amazon again.

👤If you're worried about the environment, over-fishing and mercury, this is the tuna to buy. Smaller fish don't have a chance to build up dangerous chemicals like the big giants do. It was delicious! It makes a great tuna salad.

👤Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli were in the movie "Arthur" and were going to lunch in Central Park. This is the only tuna that I could imagine being happy about eating, even if it cost $750 million. It looks good when you break up the meat with a fork. This is not an ordinary can of tuna.

👤Bigger prices do not always promise better quality. I have come to realize that with some food products, you can get what you pay for, but it is worth it. The lowest mercury levels of all Tuna are found in the species "Skipjack". This one does not have any added water. You don't pay for oil or water with the 5 ounces of tuna. You will find big chunks of tuna meat when you open the can. This little can gives you more tuna flavor in your dishes because you don't drain the juices. It's not worth the risk of buying less than the best quality of this fish, as it's not worth the risk of having a bout of scurvy poisoning with generic brand of tuna.

👤I've always gotten this from Costco, but Covid can't do it now. This stuff is terrible. The way the cans open is great. The tuna is dark-colored, has a bad smell, and is very, very disappointing. I've ordered it twice, thinking the first time was an exception, but the second time was the same disgusting quality.

8. Quaker Chewy Granola Variety Count

Quaker Chewy Granola Variety Count

There are 58 individually wrapped Chewy Granola Bars. There is an oatmeal Raisin. A new look. The taste is the same. The packaging may be different. There are 9-10 grams of 100% whole grains in this chocolate. The bar has 90 to 100 calories per bar. It is made with no artificial colors or preservatives. For every packed lunch, field trip, halftime and snack break, you can count on Quaker Chewy.

Brand: Quaker

👤My son was on a research trip. He came back and didn't eat anything, but was told they were very hard. The best by date was back in April. He didn't return from his trip until August 15th, which was a week past the return date. The sellers should not be allowed to sell out of date food.

👤I bought this in September of last year and my brother ate some of it. I went to my mom's house to see the expired date. I have to warn the rest of you that the return date has already passed.

👤The box expired a month before I received it. I was not given a refund.

👤There is a week left before the box expires. The bars are not very hard. I won't be ordering them again.

👤It was great to be able to order these bars in bulk. I received the most recent shipment a few weeks ago and it became hard. They were very close to expiring when I checked the date. I will have to throw away about half the box.

👤I canceled the subscription after ordering these three times, and each time they were hard. I looked up the date codes and they weren't out of date, for some reason the bars were hard even though the ones I buy in the grocery store are soft. I don't know why Amazon's Chey bars are hard and old, but store bought ones taste good.

👤I bought this to sell at an event because I love this brand and buy the smaller boxes frequently. All of the bars were melted into their packaging. I couldn't sell them because they looked so bad. Maybe your kids won't care if you want them for lunches. That's great. Get them. I would go to the grocery store to get nicer boxes.

👤I usually buy these locally since they are my typical breakfast. They are less expensive on Subscribe and Save. I bought them a few times. They are mangled and smashed in the box and not nearly as fresh as I buy in local stores. All four boxes were the same. I took them off of my list because of the quality.

9. Post Cocoa Pebbles Cereal 2 1 Ounce

Post Cocoa Pebbles Cereal 2 1 Ounce

Each cup has 2 ounces of PEBBLES. There is a convenient to go cup for Fruity PEBBLES. It's a great ingredient to use in yogurt or ice cream. The perfect cup for breakfast, snack, or any time of the day, is a bowl of fruity PEBBLES breakfast cereals. Kosher Pareve is also found in this breakfast cereals.

Brand: Post

👤The price is what it is. The product is fine. The price is too high. I bought them so my son could have breakfast. So sad that people take advantage of the Pandemic.

👤This is my favorite snack for digital learners, but it has a different flavor than boxed cereals. It's extra hard.

👤My daughter is disabled and has a terrible allergy. We are traveling and it is hard to find something for her. These are perfect. They are easy to carry and she can always get her breakfast ready.

👤My child ate one of the two boxes that I bought for her. They are sitting in my pantry.

👤I gusto y accesible.

👤I received my package quickly. I don't have a problem with the seller because everything was supposed to be, but how come no one told me not to buy cereals in cups? The cereals taste like plastic.

👤The portion size is nice. I love not having to wash a dish.

👤I love the cups. Enough to eat at each time.

10. Lays Potato Chips Variety Count

Lays Potato Chips Variety Count

The variety pack of Lay's potato chips has classic flavors in one convenient package. Everyone will love the different varieties. 10 of Lay's favorites are in a 40 count pack in 1 oz bags. These treats are fun to eat at lunch or after school. It's easy to carry, easy to pack, and easy to store. Most of their packages only show the month and day of the last sale, because their snacks have a short shelf life. The snack should be consumed by the date on the package.

Brand: Lay's

👤Wow. I don't know how it got off the factory line. It's pretty bad. I bought old chips for my wife. I asked how to buy old chips. It was sent by Amazon. She said it was not new. Maybe a bag burst and it got old. But no. I opened the whole box. I got 6 out of each box. The bags were sealed poorly. The sour cream and onions caught my attention. All of them had bad seals. How did they allow this to come off the line? They don't notice they're not air tight when they load up the box.

👤I brought my box to the house. I moved the box to see 100 ants. I opened the box to see where they were coming from and there were hundreds more. ants were in a sealed box in the main box I thought about saving some bags, but it wasn't worth the hassle. I am assuming that the ants were attracted to this box in either the warehouse or during shipping, because one bag was opened which I am assuming. I think it came from the box inside which had ants in it. I had to kill ants in my home for an hour to make this happen.

👤I will never order from Amazon again. All 40 bags expired within a month of receiving the package, but no one would eat them because they tasted so old. They tasted like a bag that's been sitting around for a year when I tried to eat some. I'm pretty sure that's why they were on sale in the first place. I had to throw away 30 bags of chips. No one would touch them, even my chip loving teenagers, or the garbage disposal of a husband who usually eats anything.

👤I might not keep this subscription. On July 30th, it was delivered. The freshness date is August 14th. 40 count is a little extreme to be this short dated and still be sent to regular sale/subscription customers. I got a second star because it wasn't crushed like other reviews. There is a box. The box was not damaged in transit by outside force.

👤I was happy to find these small snack sizes so I could limit how much I ate. I have always liked them, but the last 3 batches of 40 chips contained 4 or 5 very old packs. It is very unpleasant to have that feeling where you think you are going to eat a crisp fresh chip and then you bite into a soggy wafer. Someone needs to step up quality control. I will still like kettle chips, but I don't like the old fashioned kind.

👤A number of them were under filled after being bought for a party. It is cheaper because it is about two months from expiration, but not including product makes that a point. I would like to apologize in front of my friends. Go to a warehouse store of the super market and buy this.

11. ACCUTECK W 8250 50bs Digital Adapter Silver

ACCUTECK W 8250 50bs Digital Adapter Silver

The weighing platform is finished in chrome and has 2 large buttons that can be used to confirm a click. Cleans and stores are easy to find. Stand upright for rolling tubes and irregular packages. The capacity is up to 50 lbs, sensitivity is 0.1oz, reading mode is pounds/ounces, ounces, kilograms, grams. Tare allows you to reset the display to 0.0 and hold for weighing an over-sized item. You can choose any weight starting from 5 lbs with self-calibration technology. Calibration purpose. The power can be run on 3 x batteries or a 5v adapter.

Brand: Accuteck

👤I have nothing bad to say about this product. I have had it for a while now and it works great. I use it to sell stuff on Ebay. I spend a lot of time writing reviews to make sure your money is spent on reliable merchandise.

👤I use the Accuteck All-in-One Digital Scale to calculate the cost of postage for the many small parcels I mail out each week. Before I had this scale, I was estimating the weight of my parcels, and it didn't take me long to discover that my estimates were often wrong. I was spending a lot of money on postage. I was surprised by two things when I opened the box with my new scale. How well constructed this item is. Considering its ability to weigh items up to 50 pounds, how compact it is. The Accuteck digital scale has some things I like best. It is well built and small. It can be put into a small space on a desktop. 2. The display is large and easy to read. 3. It works on both battery and AC power and has an AC adapter and threeAAA batteries. 4. The scale is accurate. I checked its precision using a few items of known weight, and it weighed each item to within 0.01 ounce of its stated weight. The scale did not need to be adjusted. It was in the box and ready to leave. 5. It is a good value. I have used my new Accuteck digital scale frequently and it has already helped me save money on postage for items I've mailed. This is an essential tool for any small online retail business. Highly recommended. .

👤This little guys are still going strong five years later. This purchase was still very happy with. The scale has been a lifesaver. I bought this product for my business and for personal use. I used to wait in line at the post office to ship packages, but it wasn't working for me. The product has an on/off switch. It comes with batteries and the ability to use them, but I prefer to use the jack. It could be useful for travel. I'm happy that it has options. It's perfect for me because I mostly ship small objects. The scale is a great price and works well. The scale is accurate, great price, and compact. Would recommend!

👤I ship a lot of packages. I looked for a postal scale to weigh my packages. It does not weigh consistently. I don't like it. I contacted the seller who was not helpful. I was told to use coins to test it. I explained that the coins seemed to measure up. I still got inconsistent measurements. I used to have a quality scale that lasted a long time. I threw the wire away because my cat chewed it. I would have checked to see if someone would fix it. The scale had the best reviews when I was researching. The difference to the tenth of an ounce is not noticed by anyone. I need to know what's going on. A tenth of an ounce costs me more money. I contacted the seller again after leaving a negative review. I did not get a response. A postal scale should be accurate. I don't know what scale to use. I can't afford to buy items that don't work for the stated purchase because selling online is my only source of income. I don't like leaving one-star reviews, but it should work.


What is the best product for food in bulk wholesale?

Food in bulk wholesale products from Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. In this article about food in bulk wholesale you can see why people choose the product. Orgain and Wonderful Pistachios are also good brands to look for when you are finding food in bulk wholesale.

What are the best brands for food in bulk wholesale?

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Orgain and Wonderful Pistachios are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food in bulk wholesale. Find the detail in this article. Ritz (rium9), Chef Boyardee and Nabisco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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