Best Food Items Under 3 Dollars

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1. Duncan Hines Perfect Brownie Individual

Duncan Hines Perfect Brownie Individual

A single-serving dessert is offered. The chocolate mug brownie has caramel flavor. For a simple dessert or celebratory treat, mix and microwave the caramel brownie. The mug dessert can be microwaved on high for 55 seconds.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤You will not get what the description says you will get. Pricing that is too high for what you get is a result of the description being beyond misleading. There are 4 sizes to choose from. There are 4 count, 2 count, 3 count, and 10 count. The Count options the seller listed are very deceptive since each box clearly contains 4 pouches. 2 If you count, you get two boxes, each containing four pouches, because Duncan Hines doesn't make a box with only two pouches in it. The seller said I should get 4 boxes each containing 4 pouches. I received one box that said it was a set. Really? There are 4 pouches in the boxes of this product. That's not a set, that's deceptive quantity labeling, so you pay more here for the same product you can get cheaper at the grocery store. The product is wonderful, but if you want to get it at the grocery store, you should know that the quantities in this listing are not real.

👤The brownie is not bad. Light caramel taste, but don't expect a lot of caramel. It's like a little bit of dense cake. Okay seriously, PortION? The recommended mug is the size I put in. It's like six bites. I put two packets in a mug. That's a small serving. For a package of four, the cost is not bad. Not worth more than that. They have a pack of ten cupcakes for under 6 dollars. Great deal! I stress a little, warm choc cake, fast, easy, this is it. I will give it a fourth. Four packets of caramel brownies are like two small serving sizes, because they are more like four bites of chocolate cake. CONVENIENCE is a challenge. This works when you really want warm, chocolate goods fast. I just ordered a bunch of doughnuts and am looking forward to them.

👤I love the Perfect Size cakes and muffins. They are easy to make and convenient. The favor is good. I add butter to my food to make it taste better. I have given to others and they love it. You can mix milk or water in a cup or small bowl. I have doubled. I admit. I gifted pthers a mug, spoon, mix, and packaged it together. Put the mix and spoon in the mug and place it in a gift bag with instructions. The bow and other decorations are important for the occasion. Makes a great gift for a teacher or co-worker.

👤If you want to make it better, mix up a little bit of powdered sugar, lemon juice, and dash of milk and pour it over it after it's cooked but still warm. It gives it something extra that it needs.

👤I wanted a quick and easy dessert to eat so I bought this product. The instructions are very easy to follow: pour one pack into a mug and add water and milk. When I first poured the mix into the mug, the portion size appeared to be small, but when I added the liquid, it filled about 1/3 of the mug, which was an average mug. I microwaved the mix for 50 seconds and it came out 1/3 of the way up, but it wasn't really a rise. There were a lot of chocolate chips in the mug cake. The cake is sweeter for me because I'm looking for a dessert that is sweeter. When you bite into the chocolate and cake, it tastes like a chocolate cookie chip. If you prefer a more cakey texture, you can microwave for longer, but be careful about drying out the mixture because it can still be a little wet. The dessert is pretty good, but it's a little small in portion size, so that might be a good thing since I'm not getting much exercise in thisQuarantine either way. It's a good recommendation!

2. Gardettos Special Request Roasted Garlic

Gardettos Special Request Roasted Garlic

RYE CHIPS. An irresistible snack with a big, bold taste and a whole bag of delicious chips. Gardetto's signature recipe is used to seasoned the exclusive rye chip they bring you. The party favorite is. It's the perfect party mix snack for all shapes and sizes, not your standard pub mix, trail mix, or bar snack. Gardetto's speciality is. A snack made with only your favorite garlic pieces.

Brand: Gardetto's

👤I usually enjoy your product. When I got the product, it was 1/3 of an inch thick, and every single chip inside was smashed and broken into a product that now looks like a bowl of dust. I will order it through Amazon the last time.

👤We got three big bags this time and all of them were burnt and flavorless, which I can overlook because they're so delicious and a great addition to homemade Chex Mix. They can't be Gardetto's because they didn't survive the Pandemic well. There is a If they're not, the bigger issue that needs attention is the amount of fake, cheaply made, and possibly dangerous products Amazon sells or allows to be sold as the real thing in their name.

👤The bag that arrived had a 6 inch slit from the top to the bottom. There was damage to that bag that was visible without opening it. The chips were crushed. The chips can't be returned.

👤Sooo good! I don't have to root through the mixed bags anymore. I ended up mixing some of these flats with some original gardettos to make it. I want more of that, but not just eating the flats. It's like a gardettos hack for me. I love these!

👤I like eating this product. The first time I ordered it, it was packed well and no problems. Almost every chip was broken into many many pieces when it was by itself in a box. I don't want to eat them that way. I have to spend more money to get them in a store.

👤These are not ideal to buy online. It is most likely to be shattered into pieces. You buy these because you want the garlic chips in a gardetto's bag, but don't want all the other pretzels or other pieces that aren't the rye chips. The standard bag is still the winner in my opinion. The best thing to do is get both bags and mix them together because the standard bag never has enough of these chips inside. Enjoy! 5 out of 5 is still a good score.

👤I'm usually good at avoiding snacks, but if they are in the house, I have to have them. I try to wrap them up and promise myself I won't eat anymore. I can't stay away. They're so good. chips of bliss

👤I don't think it's Amazon's fault that they always arrive in such bad condition, but I think it's the fault of the numbnuts who ship them alone. I can't stop eating them, they are delicious.

3. Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

America's favorite Hamburger Helper in a stroganoff entree blends pasta and sauce. There are ingredients. There are no artificial flavors or colors in the food. Making Hamburger Helper in three easy steps is quick and easy. The options are limited. You can add your own twist to the recipes on the Betty Crocker website.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤I cooked this as a ten year old girl. Easy to follow instructions, thick and satisfying ingredients, and full of flavor. Hot dogs and ground beef were boring all day. The helpers made dinner special. I was the oldest of four kids in a poor family and I was proud to cook a fancy meal. I've come a long way since then, and it still brings a smile to my face.

👤Anyone who's watched National Lampoons knows what I'm talking about. It's quick and easy and my husband likes it. This is the go-too dinner choice when there's no time for anything.

👤I searched for a replacement for Zatarain's Southern Stroganoff after it went off the market. This is not a good replacement. The noodles were gummy after being cooked according to the directions.

👤I know I'll like the taste of this, it's close to homemade. I had some stuff to make it taste better. I don't like that one of the ends of the box was open, but the contents were all intact.

👤This is not the best flavor, but it is easy to make and even kids can do it. The flavor reminds me of something my grandma would make. The double pack is perfect for larger families.

👤I would have eaten the meal even if the noodles had not been eaten. It wasn't worth asking for a replacement so it was thrown away.

👤The price is better in stores. The price of these has gone up. I don't use them very often. I am disgusted. I bought these on Amazon for a decent price. I recommend.

👤This product contains a type of powdered freeze dried cheese that is not found in processed cheese, so extra ingredients are required, 2 cups of milk and a cup of water if I remember correctly. Tasty, relatively cheap, bit a lot on the carbs.

4. StarKist Chunk Light Tuna Water

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna Water

A delicious, sweetened beverage. StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water has a naturally mild flavor and is dolphin safe. Try it in salads and casseroles. Product may contain bones. Their Chunk Light Tuna has 20g of Omega 3s and 90 calories per can, making it an excellent source of protein. It works well with many diet plans, including the Paleo, Mediterranean, and Weight Watchers. It's a good idea to add vegetable to your diet. For a snack or meal, tuna is a good choice. Adding seafood to your diet is easy with StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water. It'sTILE: StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water can be used to liven up a meal. This canned tuna can be used in salads, hot casseroles, on sandwiches, and even eaten on its own as a snack or meal. It is easy to store this tuna in the water can and it is great to have handy for when you need it.

Brand: Starkist

👤This isn't 'Chunk' tuna. It's hard to describe. It's like parts of the fish that are left over after the chunks have been removed, thrown into an industrial grinder and squirted into a can with skin and bones still visible. It's like bits of fish trash that don't look like tuna. It's the most disgusting product I've ever bought and there's a lot of competition for the top spot. The stuff doesn't taste like tuna. It has an unpleasant fish taste that lasts after you've eaten it. I wouldn't give this to my cat as it might make her sick. It's terrible. Shame on StarKist for selling garbage as tuna. The whole lot has been thrown away. I wouldn't put this in a food bank barrel because it would be cruel to the poor.

👤We used to have StarKist Tuna in the house. There were big chunks of tuna in the can. The last few times I bought StarKist, it wasn't the case. It was like ground up tuna. It was a good price when I saw it. I thought I would try again. It will be the last time. The store brand from our local store is cheaper and superior. The Great Value brand from Wal-mart is better than this. StarKist won't see my money again.

👤This is not the place to look for Chunk Light Tuna. What's in the can is not packaging. The can has the scrap remains of the canning process in it. It's mostly water with some red tuna and tuna skin. I have been disappointed by StarKist in the past but this has turned me off the brand.

👤The taste is close to a cat food. Cans were damaged, but no chuncks. The main issue is that there is no way to know what kind of controls are placed on the making of this and what is in the fish. Please be careful and look up the problems with the fish that is not monitored and made.

👤I received it today, March 19 after ordering it on February 16th. The package was covered in tape and still falling apart. There were things I didn't order in the box. A single coffee Pod, some kind of crock pot sauce, and ballet slippers for a giant. What the hell?

👤Starkist Tuna is the worst. I bought this for our cat because Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee had no Prime availability, and the prices were insane. Our cat is an Olympic class ratter and has to have wormer regularly, so I needed something in the crushed wormer tablets. It's nearly impossible to disguise the crushed tablet because she is smart and finnicky. In Bumble Bee tuna, it worked great, but with this crappy Starkist, it turned a yellow color. Our cat knows it's been drugged. The tuna with Bumble Bee is so delicious she takes it down before realizing it is contaminated. Starkist's product is terrible in every catagory they've been in over the last 30 years, and its even worse now. Every major grocery store chain has its own brand of tuna. When you get to the least desirable tuna left to process, you are getting tuna that has the highest levels of toxins in it as well as a much higher risk of contamination by germs. It makes your stomach turn when you look at it. I am ashamed to give it to our cat.

5. Zatarains Red Beans Rice Original

Zatarains Red Beans Rice Original

A New Orleans Tradition since 1889. Dinner for Less is a great way to jazz up a meal.

Brand: Zatarain's

👤I used to buy a Zatarains mix and use it as a base for my own red beans, sausage and rice and thought that was it. I was going to have red beans and sausage rice when the order arrived. This isn't it. This is a box of parboiled rice with a dozen or so dried beans and some spices, and it cooks up to be so disappointing. Zatarains is a popular brand in Louisiana, but this stuff is terrible. This is the place to go if you want some spicy rice. Red beans and rice are not something you want. How do you use the name red beans for a box of rice? It's poor quality rice adds insult to injury. I'm not giving a bad review because I ordered the wrong thing. That's my fault. I'm trying to wave you off of a disappointing food product.

👤I have ordered this product before. It is a good product. The second order was $9.10 per1-8oz box and I thought I was getting 3 boxes. First order was $1.67 per box. Will be complaining to Amazon.

👤I use this a lot when I travel, just add water and add whatever you want. When I have to eat in my room, I bring salt and pepper and hot sauce. I fix rice and beans from scratch weekly but this is just as good for a quick meal and for the price. Zatarains products are delicious.

👤If you are looking for the seasoning mix, this is not it. I thought I had read it carefully, but not. This is the place where you just add water and meat and you have red beans and rice. It is not the worst thing, but it is also not red beans and rice.

👤Zatarain's boxed products are affordable, even if they aren't price leaders. A rich, filling result that had me admiring the combination of both rice and beans, which usually requires very different cooking times. It's easy to prepare, but you need a way to measure a few cups of water. This box can be used to make a meal. Adding a generous amount of tabasco sauce as the final step adds a lot of kick and flavor.

👤The package suggests making a meal out of this dish. I add kielbasa sausage, but you can choose what you want! It is too thick unless I add some tomato juice. The price is good, but consider the addition of a meat product. My husband and I get it twice a month, using creative variations to make it new again.

👤Red Beans and Rice and Zatarain's is a quick and easy way to have a delicious meal. I like that you can add any kind of meat and have a good meal in 30 minutes. I don't eat tofu. If you have a hamburg meal one week, you can have shrimp the next or mix it up. Before doing hamburg, I have several different types of Red Beans and Rice meals. Cajun Style Andouille is my favorite. Extra salt and Tapatio sauce are added to it.

6. Archway Cookies Iced Molasses Ounce

Archway Cookies Iced Molasses Ounce

The cookies have a touch of cinnamon and a creamy icing. A rich cookie with a soft texture. Warm cookies in the oven for 5 minutes for a fresh-baked taste. 0g trans fat per serving. There are only 43 calories per cookie. Archway cookies have a homemade taste.

Brand: Archway

👤The cookies are perfect. It was soft, tender, and had spices and sugar in it. I could eat a lot of them. But the price? It is outrageous. Is it over $16.00 for a bag of cookies? The amount is not referring to multiple bags. The number of cookies inside the bag is referred to. I don't care how good the cookies taste, it's an insane price for one package.

👤I was banned from buying cookies. There was no joke. I can't buy any more bags from Amazon. You can only buy a few bags before they slap your hand. No more. Customer service is what it is called. They didn't understand why. I was told that these are limited edition, priced low, so their system is probably blocking me from purchasing them so that everyone can have a chance to buy them. They see me as The Cookie Monster because of the cookies. If I was trying to buy 100 bags every day, I could see it. I bought two bags and was trying to buy 3 more. There are no stores in my area that sell this flavor. I wanted to have a few bags on hand because they are so addicting. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. It's a weird position to be in. All and all. It's ridiculous. I would have treated those bags better if I had known they were going to be my last bags. They were made aware of how much they loved them. Maybe I was given the last cookie and whispered "I love" before shoving it in my gob. My one star review is not about the taste of the cookies. If you like this kind of snack, they are great. The bags I've bought have always been fresh.

👤The first two bags disappeared in about 3 days even though my fiancĂ©e said they weren't that good and he was eating more of them. These are the cookies my grandparents used to always have around, or they'd make something similar from scratch. I can't get enough of these cookies. You get a lot with one bag. They're soft and delicious. They don't have as much frosting as I remember from when I was younger, but still irresistible. I've bought these many times off of Amazon and they are the best. Soft and delicious!

👤Archway Cookies were Short Bread and Molasses. The packages were shipped together. The Short Bread is in a box with pockets and the Molasses is in a blue and white envelope. The Short Bread was fine but the Molasses ones were crunched together. You should use a box for all cookies. They still taste good, but are not very attractive. We have to pull them apart. Thanks for the work. Hope you have a relaxing day with no complaints. God loves you. There is a person named Billie.

👤These cookies are not very sweet. The cookie has more depth thanks to the creamy icing. Even though it was a multi-item purchase order, they were sent alone. They were alone in the blue and white envelope, and they arrived together in a hard ball. There is a A very Tasty Ball, but a clump. There was no way to separate them. There are ginger notes to the icing. The flavor is brought out by heating for a few seconds.

7. Kraft Deluxe Cheddar Macaroni Cheese

Kraft Deluxe Cheddar Macaroni Cheese

A quick and easy meal is the Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. The box contains bacon, white cheddar cheese sauce and elbow macaroni noodles. There are no artificial flavors or dyes. Add chopped cooked chicken and ranch dressing to the dish.

Brand: Kraft

👤I love eating macaroni and cheese. I still don't like boxed macaroni and cheese. My grandma's homemade macaroni is one of the best I've ever tasted. I crave more. It is creamy and rich. The sauce pouch and bacon pouch are required. You don't need anything. You only need a box, water, a pot, a spoon, and a heat source to cook noodles. Simple and easy.

👤The ingredients in the box don't need milk or butter. If you can boil some water for the pasta then you can make this. I was craving a snack. I don't want to go to the grocery stores during the Pandemic. I am very happy that I can get this on Amazon.

👤One of the boxes came with 2 bacon bit packets, and it was lucky that it was one of the two boxes. Half a cup of sharp cheddar cheese, 3 bacon bit packets, 2 white cheese sauce packets, and half a cup of shredded sharp sheddar was added to the mix. If you like mac and cheese as a side dish, it will definitely do you justice, but if you want to make a meal out of it, I think there are better straight "mac and cheese" flavors out there. Is it possible to have steak and potatoes for dinner? It's great to whip a box of this and throw it on the side. Try something else.

👤It's ok. It's not bad, I didn't like it as much as the regular kind. I want to try it, but I probably won't buy it again. You might like garlic and white cheddar. It didn't make me feel bad or sick, just not crazy about the flavor combination.

👤Not enough noodles in the box made the flavor really good. 3 grown adults won't be fed by it. There are 2 boxes that need to be used. It's pretty good.

👤This is one of our favorites to avoid cooking at all costs. It is on point. It could be packaged in a safer way. The pasta touches the cardboard. We would hope for higher standards to food safety as there are areas of the folds and corners of cardboard that allow air/bugs to go in, as we have a Pandemic. A similar approach to the snacks with metallic inner lining and a paper exterior to preserve freshness would do.

👤Inexpensive food is great for emergency stores. It will last a long time. The version that comes in single-serve cups is not enough for an adult to eat. Do pay attention to the nutrition label. This food is high in calories and fat, which is fine in an emergency food. Emergency food should be easy to store, light to carry and calorific.

👤I love this stuff. Grocers in my area are very good. I'm thankful I can get it on Amazon. Adding broccoli to it will make it taste better.

8. Duncan Hines Perfect Chocolate Cookie

Duncan Hines Perfect Chocolate Cookie

A dessert inspired by chocolate chip cookies hasChunks of semi sweet chocolate and a tender crumb. Perfect chocolate dessert for small gatherings. A microwave dessert is included in the cake pan. Add melted butter and an egg to your food.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤Stores can't find Duncan Hines golden fudge perfect size cake mixes. I bought this item from for a reasonable price. My order receipt states that there are 8 8.4 oz boxes. I received an incredibly expensive box of cake mix. The box was shipped alone with the shipping label covering the instructions. The cake was ready. Our family preferred the prior version with the punch-out baking pan and icing prepared with butter, rather than the new version with the packaged icing. The cake mix has two stars. I called Amazon to get customer service since my order wasn't filled as listed. I hope they stop covering the baking instructions.

👤This was listed for 8 cookies when I placed the order. I got a cookie. I don't mind paying $8 for 8 cookies but $8 for 1 cookie is highway robbery. It's not acceptable to change the product listing after people order it because of the high order volume. This might be the last time I place a save order with Amazon because I'm very dissatisfied.

👤The taste is off, but it's easy to make. It's like mug cakes have a weird taste. I think I will stick to the regular cake mix.

👤I was also misled by the listing. I received one of the boxes, but when I called to fix the issue, they said that it didn't say that, or at least that's not true. I'm still disappointed and feel cheated, even though they gave me a refund.

👤I can make a 9in cheese cake with no problem. I am a retired soux chef and was born into the resturant business. My couriosity got the best of me so I had to purchase this. It does call for an egg and 8oz c cheese which is a good thing. It's a dry mix that you can add to the cheese, but it's only sugar and lemon flavors that are terrible. It falls flat but kids will love it. If you want it to be correct, add your own sugar, lemon juice, and a bit of vanilla extract to the dry mix. It's just the years of being hounded by the Excecutive Chef that you don't get to add a little sugar and cinnamon to your food.

👤The flavor is ok. I could not get past the consistency. Think of chocolate chip cookie bread. Just not for me.

👤The kit is perfect. Do you not have a pan? Don't have a lot of money to spend on ingredients? No problem! You need butter, egg, and cream cheese for the kit. The kit to make costs about 2$. It is absolutely delicious. I bought them because it's difficult to make a cheesecake from scratch. I don't want to spend that time. The kit has an alternative perfectION.

👤The double fudge brownie mix was baked. The chocolate flavor was off but it was dry. I will not buy this item again. It's not worth it if you don't like it.

9. Glade Solid Freshener Lavender Blossom

Glade Solid Freshener Lavender Blossom

There is a wide variety of rich fragrances. It can be placed anywhere in the home. Simple to use a solid air freshener. It was made without paraben. The cone allows you to release just the right amount of scent.

Brand: Glade

👤The description only says one piece. I wouldn't have paid $9 for one if they were cheaper in the store. It seems that the description is misleading.

👤I noticed the date written on the item when I received 4 of them. It's not clear if this is the date of manufacture or the date of expiration. I could smell the odor left on your finger after squashing an ant when I opened the air freshener. The smell is awful! I would rather buy glade plug in than these.

👤I received two air fresheners that were already expired. I read other reviews and thought I would give it a try. I thought it might not make a difference since it was expired, but these didn't smell as strong and dried out quickly as the one I had just purchased. I didn't feel like I had to return them because of the price. I will definitely not be buying again. It didn't work out because the lavender and peach smell is amazing, and I would've ordered it forever.

👤I opened the first 2 of the 12 pack, and it was fine. I put the rest in the pantry because they smelled bad and had an expired date on them. What? It was just a few days past the return date, which I wouldn't have done anyways. I'm not going to pay for something that isn't my fault. I contacted S.C. Johnson, the maker of the product, but realized they do not apply to many other products as well. You can't use the remaining coupons online because the store doesn't carry products that you can. I just got out the cost of this product. My last name is not Bezos.

👤The "Solid pull-up Air Freshener" is one of the products that "Glade" has. It has a pleasant smell to the bathroom, bedroom, closets, and anywhere else that needs a fresh scent. I'll be buying them again and again. Thanks!

👤I had previously purchased a lemon scent at Dollar General and it was very pleasant. The scent in the 12 count case was weak and almost non-existent. I looked over the product to see if I could see anything that was younger than its age, but I couldn't tell how old it was because it had expired.

👤I have this in a small kitchen cabinet. You can't tell it's there even with the air freshener open. This wouldn't make a difference in a wide open space. It's cheap. If it doesn't do anything, it's still a waste of money. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤I've purchased these before, but my most recent purchase doesn't have a scent.

👤Its just terrible... The pack was broken. Neither can it be used nor replaced. I am a prime client and have been using products here for more than two years. I am writing this here for the first time.

👤I bought both of them together for comparison. The smell is refreshing and welcoming. See the pic after using for 1mth. The product was in my office for a month. The gel core dried out to a hardened core after it had smelled great for the entire time. The next one will come out. V happy with the product.

10. Sharpie 30162PP Permanent Markers Point

Sharpie 30162PP Permanent Markers Point

Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit! There are permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces. Bright colors create eye-catching impressions. Remarkably resilient ink dries quickly and resists fading. The fine point is perfect for many uses. There are two Black Sharpie permanent markers included.

Brand: Sharpie

👤You end up with a "Skerpie" when you buy a sharpie at your local store. Is that a word? When it dried up at lightening speed, I was confused. I wanted to show you what I was dealing with, but my personal photograph was thrown out in a fit of frustration. This is an example of why I love Amazon, you know you're getting the real deal. Buying a Sharpie off of Amazon means that you won't be left searching for a crayon to label your moving box full of dog toys, because the markers are different and the packaging is not the same. At the end of the day, markers are just markers and you just need to work on them. I like the fine point variety because it makes my handwriting clearer and can double as a correction pen when someone needs to see my notes over writing. It's good for container labeling. There are pros and cons. It lasts a long time, inexpensive, and not a "Skerpie" It's an add-on item. It needs to be ordered with a larger order. Apparently there are a lot of Sharpie fakes out there. Read that carefully.

👤These are your standard "Fine Point" Sharpie, in a two pack for under $2. I'm pretty sure that everyone on the planet has used Sharpies before, so I don't need to explain anything. I will give 2 tips, one of which is to keep your markers, pens, and dry-erase markers in a safe place. You'll get max life out of yourpens if you run the ink down to the tip. They won't last very long if you store them point up. Tip 2. Before writing on the surface, rub alcohol on it. It will work better than it does, like how you have more grip running on dry ground. Allow the alcohol to dry before marking, or it will run and ruin the ink. I received genuine Sharpies, not generic Sharpies, I think some people received generic Sharpies. If you found this review helpful, press the "helpful" button to let others see it.

👤I use Sharpie markers to color my hair. Move the long hair out of the way so that it can be smeared on the spots. It works well for spots up to a quarter inch, but I have found that larger spots tend to look like someone put a magic marker on my head. I've tried eyebrow pencils and Marks-A-Lot brand, but they don't work in the rain. I have streaks of black mascara on my neck when it rains. The Sharpie doesn't ruin my neck or my clothes. When you first put this on, smudge it around with a paper towel and it will not blend on your skin. If I have a nasty outbreak of "pecia", which we call it, I will have my wife apply to the back of my squash because there are so many spots that I can't see. I will note that there is a faint smell of magic marker from this product for about an hour or so after applying it to their head skin. If there are plans for a dinner party, you might want to apply the Sharpie before you leave the house to make sure the hosts don't think you're wearing an advertising sandwich board all day. The marker is slightly mobile when I sweat. What do I mean? It will stain the pillow if I lay back on it. This is important at the dinner party again. You should avoid chairs with high backs. I have never had a lack of hair regrowth from this product. The hairs are typically white in color and do not mind the daily bath of Sharpie. I have not experienced any ill effects such as loss of memory or dulled ability for computations yet, but I will update this review if that happens.

11. Armour Potted Meat Chicken Ounce

Armour Potted Meat Chicken Ounce

There are six cans of Star Potted Meat. Ready to eat potted meat is versatile. Pork and chicken are made with cans of meat. Spread the canned food on crackers. Chicken and pork meat can be eaten ready to eat.

Brand: Armour

👤Potted meat! What a treat! If you've never had the pleasure of this particular potted meat, let me tell you that the taste is unique and not like Vienna sausage paste. In a can! Very nice! The food was laden with MSG. It's addictive and delicious for the first half of the can, but it's a struggle after that. Will make you repeat like a Howitzer before giving your gut microflora a wakey wakey. Don't consume this before a long car or bus ride because you don't want to make lifelong enemies. You have been warned.

👤This stuff is very bad. It's like if you took Spam, added some water, put it in a blender, and then put it in a can. If you need a meat product to stock up on food, you should look at Spam. I would take MREs over this. I'll probably donate the rest of this to a food drive if things get too desperate.

👤Springer has been taking a thyroid pill for a few years and we have been using this to make a small meatballs around it, just put the pill in the middle and it will go down.

👤I didn't have a miracle whip sandwich in years. The flavor is still the same as before. I can't recommend them for someone on a diet, but if you want to, go for it.

👤If I pay for 48, I want 48, not 46. The inner box of the products factory box for 48 three ounce cans was popped open on one end. There were two cans that were missing. There were 46, not 48. There was no evidence that the package was dropped because the remaining cans were in perfect condition and the boxes were not bashed in.

👤It's far from appetizing. It was too salty and watery. I remember eating this when I was a kid. Either the recipe changed or I did. I didn't mind eating substandard food as a child. My tastebuds can discern quality with an expanded palette. There is no that here. I didn't like this mush very much. It's like pureeing Vienna Sausage with 50 times more salt. Both my dog and cat turned their noses up. It isn't fit for humans or animals. It's 6 cans for less than 3 bucks, that's the only positive. Good as a survival bag or emergency food.

👤It wasn't bad when I used to eat it. Now? It is so salty that it is inedible. Also less runnier than I remember. Are you guys even tasting your own product? The potted meats from the UK and Croatian countries are better than ours because of how Armour has changed. Pass up this inedible slop and buy the European stuff, it is more expensive, but not when you consider the product of Armour. It is time for someone at the company to be fired.

👤When I accidentally bought 39 pounds of Cheez Whiz, I bought a 24 pack of these to complement it. I haven't had it in a while, but it's way more watery and salty than I remember. I like the flavor. It's barely thick enough to stay on a cracker.


What is the best product for food items under 3 dollars?

Food items under 3 dollars products from Duncan Hines. In this article about food items under 3 dollars you can see why people choose the product. Gardetto's and Betty Crocker are also good brands to look for when you are finding food items under 3 dollars.

What are the best brands for food items under 3 dollars?

Duncan Hines, Gardetto's and Betty Crocker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food items under 3 dollars. Find the detail in this article. Starkist, Zatarain's and Archway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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