Best Food Items Under 5 Dollars

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1. Cheerios Multi Grain 12

Cheerios Multi Grain 12

The heart healthy cereals contains 3 g of fiber per serving. Whole grain oats are included in a kosher, gluten free cereal. The daily value of vitamins and minerals is 100%. Add this multigrain cereals to cereals bars, serve it as a kids snack or mix it with trail mix.

Brand: Cheerios

👤I thought I would try the multigrain version of the regular Cheerios. It's too sweet. There is more sugar in the mix than any of the other three ingredients. The O's have a coating that makes them shiny and sticky. If you're considering these and like the regular version, I recommend you compare the nutrition information and think about whether you want a more-sugary cereal. I'm not sure I'll finish my first bowl.

👤This should have less sugar than it actually has because it was advertised as a healthy multigrain product. The majority of the calories in this come from sugar. Who do you think is buying this? The person is conscious of their health. Why put 6 times as much sugar as your normal product when the goal is to make it a healthier alternative?

👤I am not a fan of cereals, but I found IRON in fortified cereals when I was looking for a source. 18mg per day... Just what I needed. I decided to try the Amazon system after buying a few boxes from the local store. I get my energy back by having a serving per day, and I am happy. It is what it is, but it was the iron I was after that made it different. I understand. Might be for you as well.

👤I still eat the original Cheerio cereal even though they now have different variations and I have tried most of them. When I saw this product on Amazon for a bargain price, I decided to purchase it, because I have not tried a Multi Gran Cheerios variation before. The delivery service was great, I received it in one day. I just ate a bowl of this delicious multi-Gran Cheerios and I love it. If you enjoy eating healthy and like regular Cheerios, you may want to try this variation. I will probably order it again in the future. The rating was 5 stars. Truncale is the author of Pro-Systems Combatives.

👤Why did I purchase this? 1. I buy this because it is a decent portion size and the mix is good. I am hungry too soon eating some of the cereals in other brands. A good portion for breakfast is 1 and 1.3 cups. 2. You can eat breakfast or a snack. 3. We don't shop every week and this is frustrating because local stores have been experiencing shortages of various items. By the time we get to the store, our supply is low. The flavor profile is mild and not overly sweet. I ordered one box and it was thrown in an Amazon bag. Cheerios were fine, thank heaven, it's hard to destroy them.

👤It was sweet with a lot of flavor. My go to breakfast is always the same. I like to top it with fruit, like bananas or blueberries, because it is great by itself. There is a The price of the 18 ounce family size on Amazon is less than at the grocery store. I'll be happy if it stays at a reasonable price. I bought a couple of boxes in February and the best by date is October, it tastes fresh and there's plenty of time to use it. It's free of the wheat allergy and has a small amount of the good stuff. A great breakfast.

2. Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli Pack

Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli Pack

Chef Boyardee has 15 ounce cans. The beef is in the sauce. There are no artificial flavors or colors. It's perfect for a snack or lunch. Add canned food to your emergency kit.

Brand: Chef Boyardee

👤Don't put your health at risk. There is a Don't waste your time and money. I was worried that the seal may have been violated because of the damage to the cans. I was surprised that would sell and ship badly damaged merchandise without warning.

👤They are both good and bad for you. I loved them when I was a kid. I could eat it and not complain. I don't dare to eat too much because of the high levels of sodium. They are good for emergency food. You don't need a can opener. If I ever get stuck on the side of the road because of a broken down car. I would warm it up with a can. Enjoy until somone rescues me.

👤The red color of the pasta was not as bad as it usually is. My cans had a brownish color. They tasted very old. They were not spoiled or rotten. The date is still valid. I bought 4 packs of this terrible product. I usually eat Chef Boyardee's pasta two or three times a week, but I have never seen a can with sauce like this brown or that tasted bad.

👤I don't get that these are not good for you. Don't expect it to be good. Don't expect to find any meat or taste of meat in it. The amount of meat in this product is legal minimum so that angry customer can not file a lawsuit for missing advertised meat. Some absolutely tasteless brown powder is what "meat" is. Ketchup and salt are the only ingredients that taste good here. Don't try to eat it, just keep it for emergencies. There is a real emergency. Like dying from hunger.

👤I'll let you decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I would say 5 stars because that is what it is. The Big Mac is sort of like that. You could buy a burger that is better. Better ingredients. There is a Sometimes, you just want a big mac. If you haven't had this before, I would say keep walking. It would get a solid 1 if I tasted it for the first time. If it was allowed by Amazon. The sauce is not great. It's not sure if it's from the can or just because of their sauce. The pasta is not good. The meat inside? It is hard to tell if it is meat or not. Maybe has more pasta.

👤Something to coat the stomach is ok. It could use a bolder flavor. Chef Boy Ardee could use pasta with fiber added. I've eaten pasta with fiber and it tastes good. It is not noticeable that oats can be added. People used to cook at home. People have been spoiled with canned products, where they are cheap. They don't care about your health unless it's profitable. If Chef Boy Ardee had a good amount of fiber, many would be attracted to him. Adding bell pepper, onion, and celery to the sauce will give it a bit of a kick. You need your vegetables. The sauce could be made with oats, which would make it more healthy. There is a It's suitable for everyone. There is an industry to make money when you get cancer.

3. Fiber One Cookies Chocolate Pouches

Fiber One Cookies Chocolate Pouches

Soft-BAKED COOKIES. Fiber One Soft-Baked Chococlate Chunk Cookies are soft and delicious. There are healthy vegetable skewers. They baked in 20% of your daily value of fiber so you'll feel like a smart cookie when you say 'yes'. The irresistable taste of chocolate chunks in these Fiber One Soft-Baked Cookies makes them a great choice for chocolate lovers. The potties are favorite. It's perfect for an office snack, lunch box, dessert, or on-the-go treat. 6 ct is contained in 6.6 oz.

Brand: Fiber One

👤The deal is here. I used to enjoy eating these cookies, but they felt very decadent. They used to measure 3 inches across. If you're lucky, you'll get a cookie that's 2 inches, but sometimes smaller. The amount of cookie you get for your money has not been reduced. It's not just these cookies that are upsetting me. I buy everything. My cat food used to fill the cans, and again, manufacturers are putting less in the can than what I used to pay. I would give Fiber One a 5-star rating for having a great tasting product that kept me regular, but the cookie no longer fills me up and I find myself having to eat 2 or more, so I wouldn't give them a 5-star rating. I have to spend more to feel full because there are only 6 in a box. No. I'm done. I will never buy any product that reduces the portion size without reducing the cost.

👤I bought Fiber One items that have sugar instead of artificial sweeteners which have their own negative effects so I am happy that they are available. These are good for a lower calories product. I don't get heartburn. I eat fiber on a regular basis and am used to it. The inuli is the type of fiber they use. Is it terrible? It burns my entire stomach in a very short time and lasts for at least six hours. I don't like using non-nutritive fiber from trees and non-edible plants to say there is fiber in the food. We have a lot of issues with the colon.

👤These cookies are good. They taste the same as regular cookies. They have a lot of chocolate in them. A small snack that I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth. They are 120 calories with 5 grams of fiber, which is better than regular cookies. They are wrapped individually so they can go where I go. I can also, when people are having desert. A 120 calories cookie is in line with my plan. The added fiver is a big plus. It was delicious.

👤I am sure I didn't get an old box as they were soft and tacky. Exactly like homemade? It depends on the homemade! I put them in the microwave for about 5 seconds and they were out of the oven. It's not so bad for you! It's not like a cookie should be a health food, but less calories and more fiber than regular cookies. The con is that it is not a big cookie, smaller than the Pepperidge Farm Choc Chip, but a regular size cookie. It wasn't bad, but not quite like homemade. Not going to try to figure out which ingredient makes it taste different.

👤When I looked at the price, I was almost sketical. I decided to grab a box to see if they're as good as the rating suggests. I can confirm that they're a steal for the price after trying one. They are large in size. The flavor packed into these cookies is insane. They taste great and blow regular store cookies out of the water. I can't complain about the fact that there's only 6 cookies per box, but I can complain about the fact that I have to order more than one box next time. I've tried a lot of Fiber One products over the years, and I'm pretty sure that they're still one of the best products out there. They like to be health-conscious.

4. Honey Bunches Oats Crispy Almonds

Honey Bunches Oats Crispy Almonds

A delicious, low fat, cholesterol free breakfast cereals, Honey Bunches of Oats cereals has just the right amount of crunch, flavor, and the nutrition you need to nourish every smile. Is a heart healthy breakfast consisting of 0g trans fat, 0g saturated fat, and 0mg cholesterol per serving. 10g of whole grains per serving is a great option. Whole grain foods should be eaten 3 or more times per day. At least 48g of whole grain per day is required. There are 9 essential vitamins and minerals. A bowl of Oats with Almonds can turn anyone into a morning person. You can get a satisfying breakfast with the snack clusters and almonds.

Brand: Post

👤Is there honey Bunches of Oats? Corn, Whole Grain Wheat and Sugar are the main ingredients. The cereals list oats as the fourth ingredient, but they probably contain less than 25% Oats. Sugar, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Canola Oil and other ingredients are the main ingredients for honey. The name Honey Bunches of Oats is not as healthy as it appears. It's probably more healthy than other cereals like Froot loops or Capn crunch. The name of the cereals doesn't match the ingredients so I took away 2 stars.

👤The box had expired dates on it. It is very likely that this box was expired. Will not purchase again.

👤I have been using the same brand of cereals for 30 years. The quality of the product is not the same as what I am used to buying from Warehouse, so I opted for prime subscription. It doesn't taste the same. Sometimes I got half baked flakes and sometimes I got rock and sometimes there was a lot of crumbs at the bottom. I had to order through Warehouse using Instacart. The product quality is not a question of pricing. I think that Amazon is being tricked by suppliers into rejecting batches which can't be sold elsewhere.

👤We like the cereals, but they came in a crushed box. I will put it in a bag or container around the house. Please return to shipping cereals in boxes and not in the plastic bags. Thanks!

👤The almonds are fresh and cruchy, and this is my favorite cereals, not too sweet. Some flavors have too much honey or cinnamon for my taste. I think this is the most balanced. The package arrived on time, I included other products in the purchase. Absolutely recommended.

👤I gave this cereal 4 stars because of the tiny bits. Maybe it's good for people who want their cereals already pretty fine/small pieces, but I would prefer the corn flakes were a little thicker and larger. It would be great if the almonds were less finely cut. The sweetness is right, not too sweet and not bland. It makes it a great way to start my day. The 18oz box of cereals I paid for was a pretty good deal, thanks to the subscribe and save discounts. I might buy the store brand instead of the normal price because I'm not sure I'd pay that much for it. A decent breakfast that tastes good.

👤It is definitely misleading. There are buns. Of OATS. Is that what you mean? oats and honey are in the top three ingredients. There is a lot of junk and bad ingredients listed. I like it for its taste, but it is a junk food. Lucky charms taste good, but that is more obvious junk food. Two of the boxes I got were old and I can't find the dates for them. Weird. I might try it again, since my son loves the flavor, and mix it with a type of cereals that he likes, and let him eat it occasionally. The ingredients are less desirable.

5. Wilton Primary Icing Colors 4 Piece

Wilton Primary Icing Colors 4 Piece

You can achieve the shade you want without watering down your product by adding just a small amount of this concentrated formula. It is possible to tint cake batter, buttercream, or royal icing with highly concentrated gel icing color. The color is yellow, red, green and blue. Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat products.

Brand: Wilton

👤They are actually LIQUID, but they say "gel" everywhere. This is not true advertising.

👤The 4 pack of primary icing colors is perfect for my baking and decorating needs. I wanted a set of gel coloring that I could use for other things, when I get around to making macarons. The colors are intense and bold. It is better than the typical food coloring I have seen. A little goes a long way and I can achieve a bright color. I mixed different colors to make different variations of the same color. I made frosted sugar cookies at Christmas. I decided to make a few different shades of green frosting. There are three types of green: kelly green, a yellow based green, and a blue based green. The green themed palette looked great. It's not as thick as the little pots of color, but it's still thicker than a typical liquid. I don't like these because I need less to make a strong color. I have no problem with getting a red, green, blue, or yellow. Nothing looks off to me? It was a worthwhile item to try.

👤The colors are vibrant. They are not the same as red, yellow, green, and blue. If the yellow turned orange or light yellow, it wouldn't be as rich. The forest green is not a Kelly green. Blue is more than that. Navy blue is better than royal blue. I haven't used red yet.

👤I bought this for my daughter and her friend because they were going to decorate cookies. I agree that gel makes the icing colors more vibrant. It was easy to use and not as messy as regular food dye. Will use again.

👤The bottles are small but they did everything I needed them to do with just a few drops. I was surprised that it took so little to get such a beautiful color. I'll be able to use it again because I have a lot left over. Another bonus, no weird aftertaste. The color remained the same after cakes were baked. I'm very happy! I will purchase this product again.

👤I use alcohol to color wood. Excellent colors. The price is also great.

👤Wow. I can't say anything more. These are great colors. I used them to make dough. The shade of color and brightness can be controlled by the quantity added. The set of primary colors was perfect. You can make more secondary colors.

👤Rich colors for icing. Don't add too much, the red will develop. If you add enough red, it will turn into a rich dark pink. A little goes a long way.

👤I am very happy with these. I don't seem to get them in England.

👤It took me a long time to receive the delivery. Adding just a drop gives these colors a bright hue. Be your own judge by looking at the photo.

👤It is clear that it is a liquid. It makes icing too soft and you have to use more than the gel.

6. Three Lollies Preggie Assorted Sickness

Three Lollies Preggie Assorted Sickness

The natural and organic way is how you should handle morning sickness and a queasy tummy. Powerful USDA certified organic essential oils and plant botanicals are proven to relieve nausea. Drug free and safe for mom and baby. Each piece is individually wrapped and 888-270-6611 It is a great gift for your wife, sister, daughter-in­law, co­worker, neighbor or anyone you know who is pregnant.

Brand: Three Lollies

👤Sometimes they help with my morning sickness, but other times they don't. When I told my friend I was using them, she said they worked for her. I took a closer look at the ingredients. These are just hard candy. They are worth just $4.48 for 21 pieces of candy. I've already used a few Pop Drops, I wish I could return them. I'll be trying some of the ginger candy or the Jolly Ranchers once this pack is done. Try something else before these. They are too expensive.

👤I don't know of any ingredients that are used for treating morning sickness. I wish they wouldn't market these to pregnant women who think it helps with nausea. There are ginger drops on Amazon that work well and are proven effective for morning sickness. I don't think you should spend your money on the "Preggie Pops". If your morning sickness gets worse, I recommend taking vitamins B6 and B6. I don't think you need a prescription for that.

👤I've had very minor nausea the whole time I'm pregnant. These help when I'm sitting at work and feeling a little queasy. They are sour. I'm not sure if they cure the nausea or distract me with the sourness until it goes away. We would love to get some peppermint ones.

👤They work well for nausea and vomiting. They like it when they taste good. I'm limiting myself to two per day because my teeth ache from the sugar in these. I'm eating them in moderation. The yellow candy turned my teeth yellow. It feels like there's something on my tongue. I can't brush it off because it turned my tooth brush bright yellow after 15 minutes. That's gross. I'll throw out the yellow candies immediately and not buy this brand again.

👤It was really helpful even while not pregnant. I was one of the lucky people who didn't suffer from nausea during my pregnancies. Popping these as needed took the edge off for me. I've given these to many of my friends who love them.

👤Do they like it? Yes. Is it possible that I forget about my morning sickness when I'm sucking on one? Absolutely. Does it cure my nausea? Not even close. I got these today and was excited to try them and hope for some relief. I have been having a hard time talking with patients all day. While you have these in your mouth, it may help with nausea. It made me forget that the nausea was there. It is made up of mostly sugar after looking at the ingredients. There is 6g of sugar in one piece. Theproprietary blend that is made with essential oils is only 4% of the 1 piece serving. The product listing states that there are 3 pieces. I received a product that stated that 1 piece was 1 serving. That is a bit confusing. This product is just hard candy. Don't waste your money.

👤These are the best... I can't believe how good they are. I would like to buy them in bulk. The "anti-nausea" candies taste like ginger. Don't get me wrong... I like ginger. I eat ginger dressing and drink ginger beer. Also, etc. One of my favorites is ginger. It's perfect if you have something sweet in your mouth. I keep them in my purse, at my desk, and in my car. I would buy this post-pregnancy if they were cheaper.

7. Natures Path Organic Chocolate Macaroon

Natures Path Organic Chocolate Macaroon

There is a pouch of Love Crunch Organic Dark Chocolate Macaroon Granola. Their dark chocolate macaroon is made with Fair Trade dark chocolate chunks, dried coconut and rolled oats. When on the go, their organic granola is a great snack, but it also allows you to top your ice cream, acai bowls and yogurt with the good stuff. 13g of whole grains is offered by each serving. Their premium granola is certified by the Non-GMO Project and includes wholesome and 100% organic ingredients. They will donate an equal amount to food banks in food or cash for every Love Crunch product purchased. They are sharing the love.

Brand: Love Crunch

👤I have been eating this for a long time. Never bought it from Amazon before. A box of six packages was purchased by me. They must have been sitting in a warm warehouse or truck because the chocolate was melted against the plastic packaging. I would have returned them but opened them to see if the problem was the same. I won't order from Amazon again.

👤This cereals is really good. It was almost scary. It tastes great at breakfast. I've eaten it a few times in the evening as a desert-type treat. It has real chocolate and peanut butter. This is not a fake flavor enhancer stuff. It's not too sickly. It's not for me, stuff that is too sweet.

👤For the past 15 years, I have tried every brand of granola. I tried to make my own from scratch a few times, but I stopped trying. A couple of weeks ago I was at my local Walmart and came across Love Crunch! The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, but after reading all the healthy ingredients and benefits, I realized it was not the first thing that caught my eye. I made a good decision and bought a bag. I couldn't wait to open it for the taste. I can only say that with one word. I looked up the product on Amazon to see if it was available with the subscription and save option, but sadly it wasn't an option, though the amount you pay for a six count on here is. If you are looking for a very healthy snack, l guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. It is very filling unlike other cereals. Keep up the great work! You have made a phenomenal product.

👤We love this food. I've been eating it since it was no longer sold at the store. The grocery store prices were terrible. I bought the case of 6 on a subscription service. I read the reviews. 1. I have never received a case of spoiled product 2. I've never had chocolate melt or delivered melted on warm days. 3. There is no difference between what I buy at the store and what I deliver. Since I need to purchase a bag to get us in the last couple of days before the subscription is delivered, I always buy the store and have it delivered to compare. No difference. 4. My bags have never been damaged. The best granola is available. It is a hit with the whole family because of the mix of yogurt and fruit. The only flavor we eat is dark chocolate.

👤The biggest issues I face when I go on a hunt for some oats are finding something that's made from wholesome ingredients and not packed with sugar. I was convinced that I should give it a try after reading some of the reviews. There are little clusters of dark chocolate and whole rolled oats in the granola. The sharpness of the dark chocolate balanced out the sweetness of it. It's my new favorite treat. I used it in my bowls this week and it was a hit. My product arrived perfectly fine and was sealed in its packaging ready for consumption, unlike some of the other reviews.

8. Plackers Micro Dental Floss Travel

Plackers Micro Dental Floss Travel

Plackers Micro mint flossers with travel case make flossing easy. The world's strongest dental floss, super Tuffloss, is designed to not shred, break, or even stretch. It is possible to remove food debris between teeth. Removes plaque and food debris from hard to reach areas with a protected tartar pick. Minty flavor leaves your mouth and teeth clean. It's great for at home or on the go. Make flossing easy.

Brand: Plackers

👤This is the worst floss you can buy. I bought this kind before and loved it. I ordered from Amazon and it is not good. I wasted $10. The floss is in pieces. The thread shreds so bad that it gets into my teeth and I have more gunk in there than before. I was disappointed.

👤I feel bad, but every night I think to myself, "you really need to update your five-star review for these flossers because all of them stink!" They don't completely suck, some of them are still good, but after writing a positive review and re-ordering these flossers multiple times, they keep coming apart on me! At first I thought my teeth were too close together and that the flossers were getting damaged, but then my husband mentioned that the floss quality was not as good as it used to be. I was not going to let this one go because I am a believer in honest reviews. We have had better results with flossers we have gotten from the dollar store. I used to dislike flossing. It took so much work to pull out the string and wrap it around my fingers that I felt wet food juice on my fingers. I didn't purchase these kinds of flossers because I thought they were frivolous, something a rich tooth snob would buy. I got married to a tooth snob. I used one for the first time and had a hard time justifying it. I also became a tooth snob. They are quite affordable. You actually use them because of the ease. I have to floss my teeth at night, so I have to tell my dentist. Or don't. He doesn't remember me because I haven't had tooth issues since using these. It is easy for my toddlers to use them. I don't have to wrap a string around my fingers to get food juice on me. They can do it on their own. It makes them feel like real men. That's important for their emotional and gum health.

👤I like to be prepared in case of emergencies. I like to have flossers on hand for those days when you might accidentally have some spinach in your teeth after a lunch date. I used to have a snack baggie full of these in my purse, but they now have a carrying case. It is a must have in my bags. The bright color of the case makes it easier to spot when I need a placker, so I don't care about the colors of the case at all. I will be buying more just so I can have them in multiple bags and not worry about transferring them when I want to switch bags.

👤I've ordered these before and sometimes it's a toss up whether you get the real ones or the imposters. The imposters will break easily. I got the real ones this time. Unless you have a jaw that's crazy or a magic hand, flossing is the only way to get every part of your mouth out. A pack of 4 with 150 each. These should last a long time. I do not make them use only. Is that gross to some people? Yes, whatever. I use them about 3-4 times before throwing them out, so I get more use out of the package. The bag is resealable. I take a few and put them in a small bag and have them in my car, work bag, sports bag, etc. When you need floss or a toothpick, you never know. These are always there to help. The mint flavor doesn't last very long. I won't complain once it is there. If you want a strong mint flavor, just chew gum. I have a problem with how much plastic trash they create. Plastic is going to end up somewhere. But. Yeah. I don't have a solution to it. Despite the fact that they are easy to use, I feel bad for throwing them out.

9. Utz Potato Stix 15 Canister

Utz Potato Stix 15 Canister

The Utz Original Potato Stix are made from fresh potatoes. The crunch is topped off with just the right amount of salt to make this a satisfying snack. The combination of the classic potato chip flavor in a small, bite-size stick form makes this the ultimate quick party snack. Utz Potato Stix are easy to prepare and you can eat them in a bowl. The Utz Original Potato Stix come in a convenient canister so you can snack as you please. Press the lid on tightly to maintain freshness. Potato sticks are a great lunch snack. These potato sticks are free of guilt. The Utz Original Potato Stix are free of cholesterol, trans-fat, and wheat. Kosher is certified. Utz has been making and selling quality pretzels and other delicious snacks in the town of Hanover, PA, since 1921. They provide snacks that are crunchier, lighter, fresher and simply better.

Brand: Utz

👤When I tasted the potato sticks, I became a 10 year old and a 9 year old. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this joyride. I'm having fun.

👤I saw them on Amazon and grabbed a few cans, I'll probably order more soon. They are the best potato sticks around. Love them.

👤I remember the first time I had a snack. I was babysitting for the first time. The parents left a canister on the counter that was half the size of this. I ate the whole thing. I couldn't stop watching them. I put my finger up to my lips when I bent down. I haven't had shoe string sticks in a while. I never thought about them as an adult until I saw these, but my parents never bought them. I had to grab some. It was as good as I remembered. It was a perfect crunch and salting. When you find the long sticks and eat them like a rabbit, they are addictive. There is a Do not touch them if you see them while babysitting. You will not be hired by them again.

👤We bought them for the first time and it won't be the last, as long as the prices don't go to nUTZ. The only brands available in the area are Pik-Nik and the others cost more. The Utz brand has more salt than the Pik-nic brand, but it's worth the increase in blood pressure. Utz has less saturated fat. Ours was almost a full year to go until the Best By date - May 29, 2021.

👤These are the best knives I have found in a long time. They send me to the ER with elevated blood pressure, but they are not so salty. I use them as a replacement for chow mein noodles, and they are very close to the original ones. They are not hard and unchewable like those other GF subs. I buy 3-6 cans a month. They are better for me than potato chips. It was great! You should treat yourself.

👤These are very, very tasty and I MzE Went over well at Christmas. The kids called them fries.

👤The product was fresh, the can was full, and the out date was a year from now. I was back in the backseat of our car. I can tolerate a lot of nonsense with some potato stix and a thermos of Kool-Aid and string cheese, and I will make direct, pointed, eye contact with you as I type this, 2020 I don't try to eat the whole can in one sitting because I find these to be more dangerous than ever. Good for the soul and the diet.

👤The utz potato chips and their original potato chips are my go-to snack. I had never seen their potato sticks before, so what was I waiting for? I got two for myself and one for my partner. The sticks were smaller and thinner than I thought, and the canister was bigger than I thought. The flavor was amazing. The utz original potato chip is in sticks. I was immediately in love with this Crispier, with its size and shape. When I received the package, I tasted a few of them, but I didn't think about it for the rest of my shift. Sticks are great to eat and are filled to the top. They are in a closed canister so they will stay longer. I will order them again. It is amazing! I wish the barbeque one was less expensive.

10. Petmate 24087 Food Scoop Microban

Petmate 24087 Food Scoop Microban

Measure while you scoop to make it easier to portion your pet food without a separate measuring cup. It is easy to clean a dishwasher. Help protect your dog or cat from harmful plastic chemicals. 25% recycled plastic is used to make 25% recycled content. Made in the USA. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!

Brand: Petmate

👤I said what I said. The best scoop I have had the pleasure of holding. I use it for dog food, but I am sure you could use it for cat food, garden soil, ice cream, even if you broke up with him. The scoop is so sturdy that you could probably use it as a weapon in the zombie apocalypse. I ordered another one for my roommates because I liked it so much. This measuring scoop is recommended by 10/10.

👤This is not a measured scoop. It's difficult to interpret the measurements. The numbers are stamped between two lines. The measurement matches the line below. The top of the scoop should be at least 2 cups. The scoop is bigger than you would think. The lines are off. I used a dry measuring cup to measure the scoop. You can see a pink line next to the scoop in the picture, and then the amount of dog food corresponding to that marking. If I filled the scoop to the mark, I would end up with over 1.5 cups. The second picture shows the 2-cup line. It takes about 2 1/3 cups to fill it. If you are trying to manage your pet's diet, that one would result in significant over feeding. The construction is just alright. I have a smaller scoop that is thicker. This one is a bit flimsy. The handle is hollow, which means that your hand is gripping plastic edges. This is an issue for a scoop that can hold so much and end up being so heavy in your hand when full. It is a great deal if you only need to scoop kitty litter. I will stick with kitchen measuring cups when it comes to measuring out food.

👤I wanted to add litter to the litterbox for the cat, rather than measure out pet food. I didn't care about the accuracy of the measurement. There are two issues with this scoop, which is a lot for a simple tool. The handle is long. I don't know why it is so long. It makes it hard to scoop. The design of the scoop makes filling it hard. I can't fill it up completely without litter spilling. A lot to be desired from this scoop.

👤The size is bigger than it says. It is advertised as a 2 cup scoop, but it is actually a 3 cup scoop. The cup doesn't measure as well as I would like it to. It's more like one and a half cup where they say it's one cup. I would be over feeding my dog. The scoop is too big for my container and makes it hard to scoop my dog food.

👤I ordered this scoop to get my dog's food out of her food tin. I need the measuring cups for cooking so it wasn't working out when I bought this. You can see how much you are giving as a serving with the cup measurement inside of the scoop. The plastic is strong and perfect. I am happy with my purchase.

11. BUMBLE Crackers Protein Multi Pack Healthy

BUMBLE Crackers Protein Multi Pack Healthy

A creamy tuna salad is ready to eat. Quality in every snack kit. The snack kits are 3.5 ounces and will satisfy you and your family whenever you want a snack or meal. Bee swarms on the run kits, enjoy whenever and wherever you please. This is a perfect solution for on the go meals. BUMBLE BEE snack kits are great for adults who want a snack that is good for them. It is convenient and portable. The perfect snack to keep you going. These snack kits can be used to support an active lifestyle. The high protein knives are used. An alternative to canned meat and fish, including beef jerky, canned herring, canned mackerel, canned kipper snacks, canned tuna, tuna pouch, canned salmon, salmon pouch and other canned seafood and canned meats.

Brand: Bumble Bee

👤I love these kits. They have a canned clam chowder taste to them. Migraines and depression are good to have along with your medication. Just enough to keep you hydrated until you feel like functioning. Unless you want to save some, you don't need a refridgeration. Thanks to Amazon.

👤I'm the only person in our house who likes tuna and opening a can of it means some of it goes to waste. The small can of tuna salad is already prepared, so it makes one perfect sandwich, which ends up being a full meal for me. I put the can of tuna salad on the bread. There is enough tuna for one sandwich. You can add it to your collection. The tuna is very tasty. It's more beneficial to me as a sandwich than it was as a snack. My kids like the crackers as a snack.

👤If you've ever tried this product, it's usually cheaper on Amazon than at grocery store or Walmart, and it's also more popular among FL residents. I don't comment much on the rating of the product. It has some crunch to it that I enjoy, not too salty or spiced up, and it is a most subjective experience. I enjoy it. If my blood sugar is low, it's a perfect small portion for me. I can talk myself into eating a small amount of crackers. The little can is about the size of a palm of a hand, has an easy pull tab, and a package of crackers and a spoon. Is this good? Is it convenient, portable, small space requiring, tasty, and decent all-in-one snack? Definitely! I keep a box in my purse when I buy a case of these at under $1.25 a month. There's one in my elderly mother's purse as well. I prefer the tuna version of the product, it's very similar to the chicken version.

👤I have bought these many times. They are great for a snack or a pinch. Not the healthiest, but not terrible. It is a tuna salad. I was shopping at my local grocery store and saw a competitor's brand of snack. I don't know how they got it wrong after trying it. The taste on this is better than the other one. Everything is better because the crackers are better. This brand is what you should stick to. I will never stray again.

👤Some items seem to be obsolete. A product called "Spreadables" used to have tuna salad, ham salad, and chicken salad in a large flat can with a pull top lid and plastic overlid. I like tuna salad, but don't like to spend time making it, and I make too much at once for just me. The product I mentioned was chicken salad only and went off the market completely. The inexpensive Bumble Bee product will make two tuna salad sandwiches. You can make a good sandwich with leaf lettuce and a slice of swiss cheese. If you miss your lunch, keep a few of these at the office. It is best to chill them in the fridge. If you don't have bread, you can use the crackers to make a sandwich. It's hard to beat the price for a snack or quick lunch.


What is the best product for food items under 5 dollars?

Food items under 5 dollars products from Cheerios. In this article about food items under 5 dollars you can see why people choose the product. Chef Boyardee and Fiber One are also good brands to look for when you are finding food items under 5 dollars.

What are the best brands for food items under 5 dollars?

Cheerios, Chef Boyardee and Fiber One are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food items under 5 dollars. Find the detail in this article. Post, Wilton and Three Lollies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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