Best Food Items Under 5

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1. Planters NUT Rition Vitality Blend Ounce

Planters NUT Rition Vitality Blend Ounce

Almonds, Blueberries, Peaches, Pistachios have a touch of Sea Salt.

Brand: Planters

👤The combinations of fruit and nut are perfect. It is always fresh and crisp. They are not as salty as other mixes. The mixes from Planters are amazing, but the energy mix and the Vitality blend are my favorites. They make great healthy snacks. Please let me know if you found my review helpful, as a mom trying to keep up with life and little ones these are perfect to have in my bag for when I need a little more fuel.

👤The blend is supposed to be made with almonds, fruit, and nuts. It isn't. The package I received was mostly almonds. It looks like there may be something else on the bottom of the bag.

👤The dried fruit tastes like rancid oil, but I don't know what they use to make it. Other brands are the same. I don't know what type of treatment is used in the process, but the companies need to stop.

👤I like the snack nuts mix. It's still really good, even though it's overpriced. This is a good snack if you are watching sugar intake. I mix it with the Planters Salted Pistachio Lovers Mix. I'm hoping that the company does a bigger package that is cheaper by ounce.

👤These and the bag are my favorite add ins when I need to fill my box up to get free shipping or same day delivery. The vitamins and minerals are great for my health and the taste is natural and simple. The bag should be larger.

👤The packet contained roasted almonds, a few dry blueberries, and some pistachios. The bag is overpriced.

👤I ate a whole bag in one sitting. It made me fall and feel ok most of the day, I have a lot of food sensitivities.

👤I ate two bags of herbal schmeed and ate nuts for 3 days in a row.

2. BUMBLE Chicken Crackers Protein Groceries

BUMBLE Chicken Crackers Protein Groceries

Chicken salad with crackers is a premium, fresh-tasting chicken salad that includes canned chicken salad, six crackers and spoon. Chicken teriyaki with crackers is delicious. There is a pack of 3.5 ounce Bumble Bee snack on the run. Chicken Salad with Crackers Kit will satisfy you and your family whenever you want a snack or quick lunch. There are protein knives. The Bumble Bee chicken salad with crackers kit is a good source of calories. There is a sheath kit for chickens. The Bumble Bee snacked on the run. Chicken salad with crackers kits are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping and sports, they are already mixed and ready-to-go wherever you go. There are conveyor belts. Enjoy the snack on the run. Perfectly sized for your lunch box or lunch bag, the chicken salad with crackers kits are a great-tasting snack. There are conveyor belts. Enjoy the snack on the run. Perfectly sized for your lunch box or lunch bag, the chicken salad with crackers kits are a great-tasting snack.

Brand: Bumble Bee

👤The chicken salad snack kits were for $3. The white cushion pack was sealed together with a plastic wrap. The boxes looked bent, but I thought they were inside the package. I didn't find out about the damage until I was at work for two days in a row. The salad had black mold around the top of the can and the seal was open. I live in Florida and things don't go well there, but I'm sure the heat didn't help it when the packages got damaged. I've ordered the tuna salad kits before and have not had any problems. I have bought this product before at the grocery store and thought it was an easy purchase. Thankfully the crackers were good, so I got to eat something for lunch, even though it was disappointing. I was not happy with the purchase.

👤I don't know how to describe this salad. Not eaten. Avoid at all costs. People with intact taste buds are needed to taste new products. I like sour foods, but this one is not like drinking salty vinegar. My mouth tastes bad only when I think about it. Too much hustle to leave. I will add olive oil to the salad and mix it with potato salad.

👤My husband has diabetes and needs to eat something small throughout the day so he can stay stable and not get sick between meals. The taste is better than the tuna, the recipe is nice and thick, but it can get really annoying if you mix a bunch before you eat. I am happy with the quality of these. I am not allergic to them and I hope they never change the recipe on me. I love the fact that they aren't watery or like a star kiss. I keep 2 in my purse in case they are a life saver for people with diabetes. burpless cucumbers would be the only improvement I could suggest.

👤If I were on a desert island and a box washed up on shore, I would want it to be filled with boxes of these snacks. I could live forever. It's funny. I'm almost addicted to them. I like the flavor, the convenience and the fact that I can't think of anything to eat. I go to the cupboard to get a gem. Don't run out! These are my go-to snack and I never get tired of them. They can be added to any diet with 300 calories or less. My favorite snack ever!

👤If you are going on a road trip and need to take something with you, these little cans are a good choice as they are easy to open and have a spreader for Chicken salad and 6 crackers. I don't like the fact that there is more relish than Chicken, there is barely enough Chicken to know that you're eating Chicken salad. These would be good if they added more chicken. They aren't that great tasting. I wouldn't order them again. I ordered them as an add on and will try the tuna salad ones.

3. Utz Potato Stix 15 Canister

Utz Potato Stix 15 Canister

The Utz Original Potato Stix are made from fresh potatoes. The crunch is topped off with just the right amount of salt to make this a satisfying snack. The combination of the classic potato chip flavor in a small, bite-size stick form makes this the ultimate quick party snack. Utz Potato Stix are easy to prepare and you can eat them in a bowl. The Utz Original Potato Stix come in a convenient canister so you can snack as you please. Press the lid on tightly to maintain freshness. Potato sticks are a great lunch snack. These potato sticks are free of guilt. The Utz Original Potato Stix are free of cholesterol, trans-fat, and wheat. Kosher is certified. Utz has been making and selling quality pretzels and other delicious snacks in the town of Hanover, PA, since 1921. They provide snacks that are crunchier, lighter, fresher and simply better.

Brand: Utz

👤When I tasted the potato sticks, I became a 10 year old and a 9 year old. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this joyride. I'm having fun.

👤I saw them on Amazon and grabbed a few cans, I'll probably order more soon. They are the best potato sticks around. Love them.

👤I remember the first time I had a snack. I was babysitting for the first time. The parents left a canister on the counter that was half the size of this. I ate the whole thing. I couldn't stop watching them. I put my finger up to my lips when I bent down. I haven't had shoe string sticks in a while. I never thought about them as an adult until I saw these, but my parents never bought them. I had to grab some. It was as good as I remembered. It was a perfect crunch and salting. When you find the long sticks and eat them like a rabbit, they are addictive. There is a Do not touch them if you see them while babysitting. You will not be hired by them again.

👤We bought them for the first time and it won't be the last, as long as the prices don't go to nUTZ. The only brands available in the area are Pik-Nik and the others cost more. The Utz brand has more salt than the Pik-nic brand, but it's worth the increase in blood pressure. Utz has less saturated fat. Ours was almost a full year to go until the Best By date - May 29, 2021.

👤These are the best knives I have found in a long time. They send me to the ER with elevated blood pressure, but they are not so salty. I use them as a replacement for chow mein noodles, and they are very close to the original ones. They are not hard and unchewable like those other GF subs. I buy 3-6 cans a month. They are better for me than potato chips. It was great! You should treat yourself.

👤These are very, very tasty and I MzE Went over well at Christmas. The kids called them fries.

👤The product was fresh, the can was full, and the out date was a year from now. I was back in the backseat of our car. I can tolerate a lot of nonsense with some potato stix and a thermos of Kool-Aid and string cheese, and I will make direct, pointed, eye contact with you as I type this, 2020 I don't try to eat the whole can in one sitting because I find these to be more dangerous than ever. Good for the soul and the diet.

👤The utz potato chips and their original potato chips are my go-to snack. I had never seen their potato sticks before, so what was I waiting for? I got two for myself and one for my partner. The sticks were smaller and thinner than I thought, and the canister was bigger than I thought. The flavor was amazing. The utz original potato chip is in sticks. I was immediately in love with this Crispier, with its size and shape. When I received the package, I tasted a few of them, but I didn't think about it for the rest of my shift. Sticks are great to eat and are filled to the top. They are in a closed canister so they will stay longer. I will order them again. It is amazing! I wish the barbeque one was less expensive.

4. StarKist Chunk Light Tuna Water

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna Water

A delicious, sweetened beverage. The StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water is dolphin safe. Each of their convenient, nutrition dense tuna pouch contains 100% all-natural chunk light tuna that is perfect for quick snacks or meals on the go. Excellent source of protein. Their tuna has 17g of Omega 3s and 70 calories per serving. It works well with Weight Watchers diet plans. It's a good idea to add vegetable to your diet. Adding StarKist tuna to your diet is a great way to add seafood to your diet and fit in with your active lifestyle. It is perfect to eat in a tuna salad sandwich. It is always delicious and ready when you are, because their flavor fresh tuna pouch preserves the freshness of your favorite meal or snack. There is no need for a can opener or draining. The StarKist 4-Pack is the best way to buy tuna in bulk. These tuna pouches are great to have handy for when hunger strikes, they are easy to store and are great to have when you are on the go.

Brand: Starkist

👤My cat is a picky eater and we found something he liked to eat. I ordered 20 boxes from this seller. There are 3 orders in total. I found one of the boxes missing a pouch in my last order. I check my shipments when they arrive more often than not because I find errors. I don't like having to count every time to see if I got what I paid for. It wasn't 12 missing pouches. I let it go. If you haven't received your complete order, you should check it.

👤I've ordered this before and have been pleased. I received a box of tuna packets. I don't know how I knew it was returned. It was not properly sealed. The top of the box was not sealed with tape. The box was closed by folding the cardboard flaps. I found out why the box was returned when I opened it. The entire box was perfumed with home-made fish sauce because one of the packets was not sealed.

👤It's shark week and you have a chance to prove that you're the sharkist of sharks by being followed around by a camera man while the other sharks don't. You made a deal with a pucker fish who was impressed by your sharkiness to reside in the dolphins blower hole so you can have the last laugh.

👤I've made several purchases of the large packs in the past, so, when I saw these little single-serving packs for such a reasonable price, I ordered them! I don't have to stand and drain the cans because I have the pouch, and I don't have to worry about losing the tuna bits. Since I can't stand for more than a couple minutes at a time, the ability to just sit at the counter to do all of the preparation of any meal, including lunch, gives me that much more independence, and lets me have more nutrition. I would like mylar packaging to be recycled, like the cans are, but hopefully someone will figure that out. I think the Star Kist soft-pack tuna has a great flavor and makes my life easier.

👤The package came all beat up, but I love the tuna. You can see how my tuna pouch fell out of the box. The pouches were all different ways as shown in the pics, it looks like someone put them back in the factory box. The factory box opened as I attached it.

👤I use these for lunch every few days with tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, salt and spices and a broad guide. I've been experimenting with the spices and so far find that Italian spices, cumin, garlic, paprika, chili pepper, and Himalayan salt works well to counteract the tuna flavor with 5 minutes of simmering in a 2 quart lidded saucepan followed with addition of lemon juice and the tuna that are The tuna can be added quickly by tearing open a pouch, squeezing all of it into a saucepan and mashing it into small pieces with a fork. I use the 2 quart saucepan to reduce the amount of liquid compared to the recipe so that it can be consumed easily at once and do not bother tasting the mix before the tuna has been added. This could serve 2 people with 20 grams of food.

5. Knorr Rice Cheddar Broccoli Ounce

Knorr Rice Cheddar Broccoli Ounce

The creamy goodness of cheddar cheese sauce is combined with broccoli florets in the Cheddar Broccoli Rice Sides. There are no artificial flavors. Cooks in 7 minutes. Microwave cooking or stove top cooking. The side dish is a rice and pasta blend that enhances meals with amazing flavor.

Brand: Knorr

👤There is a false advertisement. The item was listed as a pack of four but it is actually a pack of one. I think I missed the fine print or should have made sure it was 4 packs. It's price was the same as others advertised. I assumed it was the same. The shipping weight was 1.7 pounds. That's 28 ounces. If each pack was 5.8 ounces, there should be 4 separate packs and a few more for packaging weight.

👤It's better than Rice-a-Roni side dish mixes. We love all of the Knorr rice, pastas and soups, but this is one of our favorites. We love gravy mixes. It's great to have in the pantry on those nights when you can't think of anything to make. This is great. I usually add left over chicken to this the next day. Or shrimp? Can't go wrong with anything Knorr makes. I have been a fan for a long time. It is always in my pantry. Try it. It is good. You can make fried rice at home.

👤The pack of four is one pack that has four calories in it. I feel cheated by this false advertisting.

👤I haven't had this in a while. It was one of my favorites. Like many of today's products, it seems to have changed to not as good. The color used to be yellow but is now orange. It doesn't have the same cheese taste as it used to. Shame companies always go cheaper rather than improve their products. It could be better. Lipton knows how to make dry powdered flavors. It was great when it was owned by Lipton, but it has been a while since. It could be better. Put some real taste into it, and make it 20 more cents.

👤A waste of money. There was no broccoli or cheese. The rice is precooked and has a lot of salt.

👤I don't like coming home to cook for over an hour. It only takes 20 minutes with Knor to make a great meal, with chicken, shrimp, and fresh broccolli, it's done in one pot. I don't use it all the time but once a week it's delicious and I don't use it all the time. A bag that feeds two. It's easy on the wallet.

👤The product is regular dry rice. When you cook the sauce, you have to add milk and margarine. It is rice with cheese. Many reviews talk about having to add broccoli on their own. It takes a lot of effort to cook regular rice. What a waste. Once you add the other ingredients, it's very high in calories.

👤This rice is a great price. My family eats this as a side dish to dinner, a quick lunch, or doctored up to make a meal. Adding fresh broccoli and chicken to it and topping it with cheese and breadcrumbs makes for a wonderful casserole. You can't go wrong with the price.

6. WISCONSIN Turkey Protein Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Turkey Protein Resealable Package

Old Wisconsin turkey snack sticks are made from high quality turkey meat. Turkey sausage snack sticks are high in calories and low in fat. Turkey sticks are snack on-the-go. No bad things. The snack sticks are made in the USA. Turkey snack sticks are a great alternative to dried meat snacks.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤The beef sticks were partially turned white and black and were in the packaging. I was afraid to touch it. I only counted 10 sticks in the package, while the packages I purchased at a number of local grocery stores always contained 13 sticks. I felt cheated even more. Do not buy.

👤The bag is puffed up like a balloon, making me question if they are safe to eat. Have never been opened.

👤I usually buy a different brand of these in my local grocery store. I used social media to find something similar. I ordered one bag and thought they were good, so I bought three more. There were three bags, one with 12 sticks and two with 10 sticks. It's enough of a deficit in the bag that makes you wonder if someone has opened the bag and taken sticks out. I would recommend that you tell the package how many sticks you are getting. I may have gotten 10 sticks with my first order, but I was supposed to get 12. It's not consistent.

👤I ordered 3 packages. The packages arrived on Monday. I spit out the snack stick when I opened it. It tastes like dog food. I gave everyone in my family a snack stick to make sure they didn't like it. They all agree that it is bad. One package was thrown away. The other package has not been opened. I received my third package on Wednesday. I saw a change in the color. The 3rd package is fresh. I open it and let my son try it. It is good. I try it and it is good. The first two packages I received were rotten and shouldn't be fed to dogs. The picture was used to compare the good and bad ones. Notice the difference? I will leave a great review for my 3rd package.

👤I ordered 3 more because I loved the first bag so much. Some sticks were missing from one of the bags when it was opened. The other 2 bags were okay. I'm keeping them. The package was fresh and the snack was not too salty. This is a good candidate for low-fat snacking if you're on the diet.

👤You will either love or hate them. I really like them. Years ago, I found this product when I was trying to find snacky things. I like the Sticks. The flavor is best when it's cold. A great snack without calories. I will have two sticks with a stick of cheese. The package is for 6oz and not the 8oz you get in the grocery store. These are priced better than the store. I suffer from Migraines and do not find nitrates to affect me. I have purchased several times from Amazon and have never had a bad package, as other reviewers have mentioned. The package I received today expires in December 2020.

👤I used to buy these for my kids when they were younger. The quality has changed recently. Several other reviewers had a sealed bag that developed mold on the ends of the sticks. The meat sticks have become tougher and more dry, as if they have more meat. The bags that are purchased through Amazon have fewer than 12 sticks. I am sorry that I may have sent something gross to others.

7. Jif Natural Peanut Butter Spread

Jif Natural Peanut Butter Spread

A touch of honey and 80% peanuts. The serving has 7g ofProtein. The peanut butter spread is free of harmful substances. Every jar has a peanut taste. Open and spread to make something delicious for your family.

Brand: Jif

👤It is difficult to find a pound of all natural honey peanut butter nowadays. The price of a jar is sickening if you are blessed. This jar of honey roasted peanut butter is on sale for a little over two bucks on Amazon. Being a Prime member in the Northeast makes it hard to find Honey Nut peanut butter, so I bought a bunch of these to share with my family and friends. I was surprised how good the chip was. The amount of left in the first jar is shown in the pictures. It is just the way it is these days, so go for it, and who knows when we'll see it again. Thank you Amazon! PJ S2.

👤I was looking for a peanut butter that would taste interesting after I ran across a recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies. I used peanut butter to make cookies. Surprisingly good, actually. They're very easy to make and there's no flour in them. Here's the recipe for a smooth peanut butter, brown sugar, egg, baking soda, and kosher salt. The oven should be heated to 350 degrees F with the oven racks in the upper-middle and lower-middle positions. Line the pans with paper. 2. The peanut butter and sugars should be in a large bowl. If you want to incorporate the sugar, use a wooden spoon to stir together and then smush the mixture on the sides of the bowl. 3. The egg, baking soda, and salt should be added. Wait until it is really smooth. If you want to make the dough ahead of time, you can cover the bowl with plastic and chill it for up to 24 hours. 4. Use a 1 1/2 table spoon-sized disher to scoop the dough out into 16 rounds, evenly spacing 8 dough rounds per sheet. Cross-hatch patterns can be made using a fork in a mash-and-swipe motion. Each cookie should be about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. If you want perfectly smooth cookies, you can roll the dough rounds between your hands into balls. Me? I like rustic things. 5. After about 5 minutes, bake until just set, then spread the baking sheets between the racks. Allow the cookies to cool on the sheet pans for at least 10 minutes before eating.

👤My Blood Sugars don't go as high because of the hooey. The fats have to be included. They are good for the person, and also have penicillin. NUM! Also... It's the cheapest I've seen.

👤The peanut butter is all natural. The only problem we have is that it separated during shipping. We have to put them in a cold room or the refrigerator before we can use them. The seller needs a cold storage box. Dry Ice could be used to ship it. This shouldn't be a problem if you order in the winter.

👤I like peanut butter. I used it to make peanut butter fudge for christmas. I spread it on my pancakes, waffles, and now need another jar. I never liked the original peanut butter, but I like the new natural peanut butter that tastes like peanuts, and I grew up with smuckers natural peanut butter that tasted like peanut, but was too rancid to keep refrigerated. It's not as smooth as regular peanut butter, but it's not as hot as summer, as all natural butters are the same with this. It says on the jar that you do not have to stir it, but fully expect to do so with any natural peanut butter, even if it is new and well within date. This will happen after the first day. If you don't know, or aren't well versed in organic peanut butter, you will have to stir it. There is no way to get around that, it speaks nothing of its quality, and not something in life that effects me negatively, or something I would ever choose to complain about as a 30 year old adult, as this is something I am used to. If it does not mean serious health problems later on from cottonseed oil, chemical leaveners, and processed sugars, I will do it happily. This peanut butter is spreadable and smooth and I love it. Most other peanut butters contain cottonseed oil that is harmful. I switched from skippy for this reason. This peanut butter's perfect, decadent cake batter type consistency is what you think of when you think of skippy. I'm sensitive to sugars due to my blood pressure, and I'm happy that they chose to use a healthier honey alternative, but still not make it taste like a honey roasted peanut, which I feel would have been a huge mistake. I am very happy with the quality I purchased. If you have knowledge with organic peanut butters, it will be thicker if you keep it out of the fridge. If you keep a hot household, or your cupboard and shelving get hot during the winter, it's an option. Its very good. I will happily buy again.

8. Mentos Chewy Candy Melting Pieces

Mentos Chewy Candy Melting Pieces

Mentos candy rolls are included. candy mints per roll Other flavors include Cinnamon, Fruit, Green Apple, Grape, Mint, Peppermint, Rainbow, Spearmint, and Strawberry.

Brand: Mentos

👤I don't understand why there are so many complaints. The mentos I received were fresh and good. Can't beat the price. It arrived intact. There were too many of the same flavors. Mentos that have too many of one flavor are good in my opinion. I am happy with my purchase and will buy again.

👤These are my favorite Mentos. The product is old. They are supposed to be soft, but most of the shipment was hard. Many were very hard to break. Someone opened a jar at my desk and spilled a number onto the floor. Several of them fell from a two foot fall. I don't think it's too much to ask that the product be fresh.

👤I had to throw them out because most were damaged. Don't buy.

👤The package is mostly lemon. At least half lemon is in every roll. It's so annoying. Then you get some fruit. That is it! I opened many rolls and they were the same. You can buy the strawberry only rolls. I don't like the fruit selection.

👤I love mentos. I ate a pack every day in middle school. I added these to my order for a little nostalgia. I was disappointed to open a pack and only get orange and yellow ones. Nothing else. 2 pink and the rest yellow and orange are in the second pack. 3rd thing the same. The flavor distribution is so sad, I just need to open more of it. They don't taste like they're old, just a little harder than normal, because of how cold it is. I don't think I'll be buying any more on here, but the nostalgia was nice. If you like strawberry, buy a pack of only strawberry.

👤This candy is delicious. 6 rolls are in this package. You don't have to eat them in a hurry because the candy lasts for a long time. The candy was fresh and delicious. There is something for everyone in every roll. This would make a good gift for someone. The rolls can be carried in a purse or book bag. The price is comparable to buying individual rolls at the store. Within a few days of ordering, it arrived in good condition. I will purchase this again. Would recommend to others.

👤My dad is very happy with them. I am happy with the price and shipping. My dad likes them. The outer shell coating is hard to chew, but my dad likes it. I think that's a personal preference. I am giving 5 stars because I bought these for my dad and he is very happy with them.

👤The mentos that I received were fresh and tasty, with an expiration date more than 2 years after delivery. There is no consistency in the flavor variety of these tubes. Not sure what is going on at the mentos factory, but none of them have been evenly mixed. I will include a picture of the tube, which had 8 berry, 3 orange and 3 lemon. One tube only had one orange. The packaging process at the mentos factory needs to be improved. The candy tastes good. My kids wanted to try the mint flavor, but I preferred the other one. If we have a craving, I might buy these again. The price was reasonable.

9. Combos Variety Snacks 0 93 Ounce 12 Count

Combos Variety Snacks 0 93 Ounce 12 Count

There is a box of bags of fun size baked snacks. There are a variety of snacks to satisfy any mood. Each pouch is a great snack to take on the road. You can pack a bag of snacks for lunch. You can share this combo of flavors with guests.

Brand: Combos

👤I didn't know these would be so small, so I should have read reviews first. A picture has been included for reference. These are great for portion control and easy calories to track. They're not a great value in terms of quantity, but they're a great time-saver. They get five stars from me.

👤My adult children say, "who doesn't love combos?" There are baked crackers and pretzels. My only complaint is that these bags are so small that they are not even a serving size of chips and snacks. It seemed like a good deal to me, so I used it to fill my Prime Pantry box. I don't buy combos on a regular basis nor do I buy kids lunch size snacks, so my price radar may be off, but at almost $4 for a box of 12 tiny packages it seems pricey. These bags are good for kids lunches but won't quench an adult hunger attack. If you are monitoring your nutrition, keep in mind that combos has a lot of calories and a lot of carbs.

👤If this is the 5th or 6th time I have purchased a snack size box of combo from Amazon, I forget. A new box arrived today and they are old. The best by date on the box is July 2022, which is far into the future. It's disappointing. The product is not the vendor's fault. When they've arrived closer to the best by date, none of the ones I've ever ordered have been old. These should not be new. They should be able to eat past the best by date. The last date a product will be at its peak freshness is a best by date. A best buy date is not an expiration date so they should not be used up already. I'm not going to ask for a refund. I will inform the company that their product was not up to date. It's great when the product is fresh. It's a small number of the combo in a snack size package that keeps me from eating an entire regular size package at once. Pizza flavoured combos are my favorite combo. What about pretzels and pizza? Yes, please!

👤I like combos. I've loved them for a long time. Great snack without being full of stuff. These are a good snack when you need one. Not much, but not much. When you get the box, you'll find that one of the snack bags is only filled with air. It's very disappointing to say the least. It was worse because it was one of my favorite pretzels. Can you make a bigger box? I don't like having to order every week.

👤We liked most of them. My husband's favorite was the pizza flavor. The cracker cheddar was dry and bland. There were 9 pieces in each bag. It's not really satisfying for an adult to be fine for children.

👤These are small bags, but they're a great size for younger children's lunch boxes or for adults who can't seem to have enough from a larger bag. The ones we've eaten so far are fresh and delicious. The total amount seems a tad pricey.

10. Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

America's favorite Hamburger Helper in a stroganoff entree blends pasta and sauce. There are ingredients. There are no artificial flavors or colors in the food. Making Hamburger Helper in three easy steps is quick and easy. The options are limited. You can add your own twist to the recipes on the Betty Crocker website.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤I cooked this as a ten year old girl. Easy to follow instructions, thick and satisfying ingredients, and full of flavor. Hot dogs and ground beef were boring all day. The helpers made dinner special. I was the oldest of four kids in a poor family and I was proud to cook a fancy meal. I've come a long way since then, and it still brings a smile to my face.

👤Anyone who's watched National Lampoons knows what I'm talking about. It's quick and easy and my husband likes it. This is the go-too dinner choice when there's no time for anything.

👤I searched for a replacement for Zatarain's Southern Stroganoff after it went off the market. This is not a good replacement. The noodles were gummy after being cooked according to the directions.

👤I know I'll like the taste of this, it's close to homemade. I had some stuff to make it taste better. I don't like that one of the ends of the box was open, but the contents were all intact.

👤This is not the best flavor, but it is easy to make and even kids can do it. The flavor reminds me of something my grandma would make. The double pack is perfect for larger families.

👤I would have eaten the meal even if the noodles had not been eaten. It wasn't worth asking for a replacement so it was thrown away.

👤The price is better in stores. The price of these has gone up. I don't use them very often. I am disgusted. I bought these on Amazon for a decent price. I recommend.

👤This product contains a type of powdered freeze dried cheese that is not found in processed cheese, so extra ingredients are required, 2 cups of milk and a cup of water if I remember correctly. Tasty, relatively cheap, bit a lot on the carbs.

11. Wilton Primary Icing Colors 4 Piece

Wilton Primary Icing Colors 4 Piece

You can achieve the shade you want without watering down your product by adding just a small amount of this concentrated formula. It is possible to tint cake batter, buttercream, or royal icing with highly concentrated gel icing color. The color is yellow, red, green and blue. Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat products.

Brand: Wilton

👤They are actually LIQUID, but they say "gel" everywhere. This is not true advertising.

👤The 4 pack of primary icing colors is perfect for my baking and decorating needs. I wanted a set of gel coloring that I could use for other things, when I get around to making macarons. The colors are intense and bold. It is better than the typical food coloring I have seen. A little goes a long way and I can achieve a bright color. I mixed different colors to make different variations of the same color. I made frosted sugar cookies at Christmas. I decided to make a few different shades of green frosting. There are three types of green: kelly green, a yellow based green, and a blue based green. The green themed palette looked great. It's not as thick as the little pots of color, but it's still thicker than a typical liquid. I don't like these because I need less to make a strong color. I have no problem with getting a red, green, blue, or yellow. Nothing looks off to me? It was a worthwhile item to try.

👤The colors are vibrant. They are not the same as red, yellow, green, and blue. If the yellow turned orange or light yellow, it wouldn't be as rich. The forest green is not a Kelly green. Blue is more than that. Navy blue is better than royal blue. I haven't used red yet.

👤I bought this for my daughter and her friend because they were going to decorate cookies. I agree that gel makes the icing colors more vibrant. It was easy to use and not as messy as regular food dye. Will use again.

👤The bottles are small but they did everything I needed them to do with just a few drops. I was surprised that it took so little to get such a beautiful color. I'll be able to use it again because I have a lot left over. Another bonus, no weird aftertaste. The color remained the same after cakes were baked. I'm very happy! I will purchase this product again.

👤I use alcohol to color wood. Excellent colors. The price is also great.

👤Wow. I can't say anything more. These are great colors. I used them to make dough. The shade of color and brightness can be controlled by the quantity added. The set of primary colors was perfect. You can make more secondary colors.

👤Rich colors for icing. Don't add too much, the red will develop. If you add enough red, it will turn into a rich dark pink. A little goes a long way.

👤I am very happy with these. I don't seem to get them in England.

👤It took me a long time to receive the delivery. Adding just a drop gives these colors a bright hue. Be your own judge by looking at the photo.

👤It is clear that it is a liquid. It makes icing too soft and you have to use more than the gel.


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What are the best brands for food items under 5?

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