Best Food Keeper Warmer

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1. LUNCIA Insulated Casserole Carrier Cookouts

LUNCIA Insulated Casserole Carrier Cookouts

Promoting health is important. These environment-friendly lunch bags are great for bringing homemade meals. A great gift for your friends. You can order yours today. The measured dimensions are 15.7 x 11.4 x 4.7inch. It can fit up to 11 x 15inch casserole and baking dishes. Food should be kept hot or cold. The interior lining is made of food grade aluminum foil and padded with 8mm foam for great thermal resistance. The Casserole Carrier's exterior is made of Oxford fabric that is 600D water-resistant and dirt-proof, making it easy to clean. It's ideal for storing food to take to take to parties, picnics, tailgates, BBQ and cook-outs because of its large capacity, simple design and lightweight construction. It is convenient to use because of the wide opening and zip up. Two carry handles with padded velcro are easy to use. The large exterior pocket is great for holding knives, forks, spoons, condiments and napkin, keeping them close to hand.

Brand: Luncia

👤You don't realize you need this until you have it. We were having lunch with a family member who had an oven that was broken. I wrapped the green beans in towels and put them in a container of water. The items were still warm two and a half hours later, and we had lunch. This seems to work well for warm foods. I will most likely use it to keep heat in, even though I haven't tried it on cold food. It has two large compartments. It's easy to fit the pan and container. Grey is very nice. I recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Let me know what you think!

👤I am not happy with this product. I received it a few weeks ago. There was a plastic fork and Tupperware dish in the mesh bag that I opened, and it said HEB on it. I thought to myself that maybe they were showing what it could hold. I took out the bag that was molded inside, but I noticed it was different. I realized it was someone else's dirty Tupperware dish. I realized I got a used product when I saw it. I am very grossed out right now.

👤After a year of not seeing a close friend who lives over an hour away and is disabled by a stroke, I decided to make a big lasagna for our lunch instead of going to a restaurant. I baked the lasagna and then baked some bread sticks. The suggestion was to line the carrier with a kitchen towel and keep the inside of the case free of stains. I put the bread sticks in the case and wrapped them in foil and kitchen towels and put it under the carrier so I could start my journey. The lunch was great. The bread sticks as well as the lasagna was very hot. I am so happy I made this purchase.

👤I got this one because the strap went all the way down the case. There is a strsp on the place where the zippers are. I was worried that the weight of the dishes would damage the teeth on the zippers. It would happen when you have a dish in that container. The straps are supporting the item. It's much better. The wife likes this.

👤This is a carrier that I love. It is roomy and does what it says. I can fit 2 casserole dishes with room to spare because my church has a lot of them. The pocket is great for storing napkins, serving spoons, etc. A great purchase!

👤I got a casserole carrier for a school event. The colors are portable and bright. After heating the food for lunch, it kept warm for a long time. I received a lot of praise for my carrier.

👤It was difficult to get my dish in. I had to use a smaller one. It was easy to carry and kept my casserole hot.

👤I decided to give it a try after I realized my casserole dish was going to be too large. You can see that the dish is snug but it still zips up easily. Both dishes fit in the third picture and are zip up. The bag could carry the cast irons easily. I love this bag!

2. MIER Insulated Casserole Carrier Thermal

MIER Insulated Casserole Carrier Thermal

The bag is portable. Order to have a worry free experience. Customer support and a lifetime warranty are offered by them. If you're tired of cold lunch, click "add to cart" and order their bento box. If you have a problem with the lunch box, please contact them for a replacement and use their Warranty tips: do not wash the lunch box in water. The cable plug needs to be dry. The MIER lunch bag has two large compartments and can be expanded to fit most baking dishes. The bag technology is ultra performance. The interior lining is filled with foam to keep your food cold or warm. You can put a hot item in one layer and a cold item in the other in the expandable carrier. It makes your life easier. A large exterior pocket is great for carrying things like utensils, napkins, and BBQ tongs. This is important information. The lunch bag should be made of durable "MIER" zippers, which are more smooth and durable than normal ones. The bag is perfect for taking food to friends house, a large family heading out for a picnic, camping, beach, or for the holidays party. The MIER Double Casserole Carrier Lunch Tote has a two-year manufacturer's warranty. They are behind their products. If a product fails because of a defect in material or the quality of workmanship, they will repair or replace it for free. The materials and workmanship of their products will be free of any defects, as MIER takes pride in the quality of their products. If a problem develops, please contact them.

Brand: Mier

👤I like the product a lot. I waited until I had used it many times to write this review. I like this product. I have been wanting a carrying case for more than I can remember. I read every one of the reviews before I decided on the product. There is a lot of fabric to zip up, but everything is made well and you can't imagine how versatile this case is. I can fit two deep lasagna pans 13 14 by 9 58 with aluminum foil to cover because the top section can be expanded and the bottom section is large to begin with. I can fit a casserole dish in the bottom of the oven, a plate of brownies, and a bunch of plates in the top section. I put a hot dish of food in the bottom, a cold white wine in the top, a box of tooth picks, hot oven mitts, and a large serving of food in the bottom. The handles keep the case level. Everyone always says how much fun the colors are when I get the orange and turqoise case. I used to wrap hot foods in lots of towels and put them in my car trunk to hold them in place. I kept the wrapped up food between my feet so I didn't get burned. I put the food in the case, zip it up, and then take it out of the oven. This would make a great birthday present for a lady who loves to bring good food to parties. Hey...that is me.

👤This thermal carrier is awesome! When I bought it, I wasn't sure about the color, but it is very pretty. This carrier is very useful. I was able to put two pans in the bottom section and one in the top section. The hot pans were on the bottom and these containers were hot for 2 hours without the top dessert pan being warmed. I'm happy with the purchase and will use it frequently.

👤Excellent carrier. It kept my food warm. To make the top compartment a little more stiff, we cut a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil on it. We did it for peace of mind, but you don't have to. Highly recommend this carrier. Several people inquired about it at our gathering.

👤Better than the best! The beginning of parents weekend is tonight. I like to bring dinner for my son. I put four pounds of beef stew, one container of homemade mashed potatoes, and an apple pie at 3pm. Things were not warm when my son met us. When I cleared the table, my mother commented that it was warm from the containers. Thanks for making a reliable product that my family were able to enjoy at home.

👤It worked out well for a planned dinner with my husband. There was a lot of room for a large dish and an extra section for spoons and napkins. The heat packs were purchased by us. Our food was kept nice and warm. Love the color. A must!

3. Insulated Container DaCool Stainless Outdoors

Insulated Container DaCool Stainless Outdoors

No more waiting in line for food, no more eating in frozen centers, and no more having to deal with splattered food. The food Jar is made of 304stainless steel and is safe for food. Enjoy this hot food jar without worry. Double wall insulated steel, great copper coated insulation, and seamless welding technology, are some of the things that make vacuum insulation technology great. Before packing food, please pour in hot & cold water to preheat and pre-cool for 510 minutes. It keeps liquids hot and cold for 12 hours. Enjoy your food outside. Wide mouth with spoon. The extra wide mouth can help you eat easier with the shipping spoon, it's easy to fill the food jar and clean after use. The food grade material outer lid can be used to hold food, also be greater for insulation and leak proof, you will like the food jar with convenient leak proof double lids.

Brand: Dacool

👤Every day I have to pack lunch. I don't like salads and cold lunches in the winter, which is not really that bad here in Southern California. I got a little thermos. It holds about 2 cups of soup or lentils. I pour hot or boiling water into it and let it sit for a few minutes, dump out the water and then add my food. The food is piping hot when I sit down to eat. I don't like the spoon that comes with it. I use my own spoon. I don't think that is a problem with the product. The thermos top could use a folding spoon. I don't need it. The color is pretty. I get a lot of praise from my coworkers.

👤My husband liked this container. I bought this because I felt bad sending him cold lunches. I usually heat up pozole, albondigas, birria, foods that need to be heated in order to eat. I pack it at 5.20 am and by noon. It's still very hot. I sent him mini burritos that were wrapped in foil and they were warm by lunch.

👤This was great to pack in my daughter's lunch. She kept her food warm. When we first got hot water, it was still hot seven hours later, but we lost a few degrees. We haven't put anything cold in it yet, but will update once we do.

👤The only thing I have tried in the container is soup, but it works well for that purpose. I usually take a lunch break around 5 hours into my workday. When I open the container, the soup is still warm even after 6 hours, because it is usually in the container. If you don't prime it with hot water for at least 10 minutes, the warmer it stays, so leave it in the tea kettle.

👤My daughter was able to take warm items in her lunch. She loves it and tells me that her spaghetti is always hot at lunch time. If needed, I would purchase again. She likes the color and the spoon that is foldable.

👤My wife takes her lunch to work. She only gets 30 minutes for lunch and the microwaves are too far to walk to. I fill it with hot water and prepare her lunch. I cook her vegetables or meat and fill her container with rice from the rice cooker. After 10 minutes, I put the hot water into my coffee cup. I put her food in a container and sealed it. She opens the rice container at lunch and it is still warm. The food is cold when she opens it. A vacuum jar is what the rice container is. I will be testing your container to see how long it lasts. Each time I will use a clock and a thermometer to start with some fresh water. The results will be posted here in an updated review.

👤The insulated lunch container Da Cool Hot Food Jar Vacuum is 16 Ounces and has a spoon leak proof feature. Cyan is outdoors. Blue is a great thermos to carry soup, oatmeal, stew, anything you would like to take for lunch. The blue color is beautiful. Quality materials made it very sturdy. The perfect size is also what it is. The spoon on the top is heavy and will last a long time. The idea of keeping the spoon on the top is a great one. It is easy to screw and remove the top. The food is easily contained in the two lids, so you can fill it, toss it in your purse, and not worry about it leaking. I highly recommend this item for students and workers who take their own lunch.

4. Insulated Expandable Casserole Carrier Lasagna

Insulated Expandable Casserole Carrier Lasagna

It's perfect for any Occasion. The lunch pale is suitable for all kinds of people, it can be used as a lunch box, picnic bag, sundry bag and insulated lunch tote bag, providing the best experience in your work place, office, school, nursing, beach, outdoor activities, gym, picnic, travel, etc The insulated bag has a large main compartment on the bottom and an expanded top compartment. The inside of each compartment is 16 x 11 x 3 and can hold a baking dish. The dish is not included. RETAINS TEMPERATURE LONGER is made with premium polyester material and double insulated inside to keep food hot or cold longer. The bag is easy to clean. The Large Extension Pocket is perfect for carrying additional accessories. The padded handle is convenient for carrying the bag to picnic, tailgating, camping, barbeque with friends, hiking, day trip, beach, office potluck, etc. There is safety. The product is FDA compliant. 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like your product for any reason, send it back and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Stack Store Plus More

👤I was considering buying two more, but I think this was the bigger one. I am happy I chose this one. My 9x13's fit well. I used this for the first time on Easter Sunday. There are two sections for the ham and mashed potatoes. When I arrived at my daughter's house, my food was hot and my casserole dishes fit perfectly. It was in the carrier for about 90 minutes, so that might not be the best test of time. It was a good start. I probably won't need to keep anything cold or hot for long. This product was recommended by me.

👤I have never heard of people using pot holders to handle a dish when removing it from a carrier. The dishes were placed in the carrier from the oven. They were so hot that I was worried about melting the insulated interior of the carrier. I wondered if anyone would want to eat in the heat when I took the carrier to the outdoor event. The dishes were warm when I pulled them out. It was just warm. I used to wrap my hot casseroles in a thick towel and put them in an insulated shopping bag, but I was excited to have an actual carrier. My wrapped towel in an insulated bag method kept it warmer than this carrier. It was easier to carry my hot Pyrex inside the carrier than it was to carry it outside, but it was not the heat retaining wonder I'd read about. I don't regret the purchase as I'm sure I will use it to transport food that I may then rewarm at my arrival, and it wasn't expensive, but it sadly lacks the heat retaining properties for which it was purchased. If you're transporting food a short distance or taking something cold to heat it at your destination, I think it works well.

👤I bought this as a present for our friend who was celebrating her birthday. It is well made and lasts a long time. I think it will last for a long time. I like that it has two separate areas for your dishes. There is a bonus pocket where you could put condiments. I like the color. Other brands had strange colors or color combinations. I also bought a couple of Pyrex dishes with lids. I thought it would work best for stacking items in the carrier. I bought a hot/cold pack to go inside. The hot/cold pack kicks it up a notch when the carrier keeps things cold. I would recommend this carrier to anyone. My friend is very happy with it. Anyone who sees it stops and asks her where she got it. Great purchase!

👤The quality is good, but the description is incorrect. If you use the Pyrex lids for the casserole dishes, they don't fit in the carrier. If you can't use the lid because the carrier won't hold the dish, what is the point of having a carrier? Don't buy this product if you like to use a corresponding lid.

5. Casserole Dish Carrier Rectangle Insulated

Casserole Dish Carrier Rectangle Insulated

Food warm and carry solution is Automatic temperature control. The casserole carrier is insulated. The blue casserole travel bag is perfect for commuters and those who are always on the go because it has a closed top for easy access to food. Use the thermal bags for hot food to carry your favorite dishes to tailgate parties, pot lucks, camping trips, house warming parties, and gatherings. The casserole dish carrier is made with high-quality aluminum foil and padded with 2mm foam to keep meals hot or cold. The insulated food carrier has a snap-together handle that is convenient for easy carry and a clear compartment that is perfect for ID cards or name tags. The casserole carrier is 16 x 10 x 4 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤We haven't eaten in restaurants since the Pandemic. We do takeout to support them. We have insulated bags for groceries, but they are not the right shape for the kind of containers that are often used for breakfast foods or full meals. Egg-based meals tend to cool off quickly and come in those more rectangular takeout containers. I was looking for something that would keep our food warmer, and I found this which was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would fit those takeout containers. It was a huge plus to find something collapsible. The handles are another selling point. Most of the ones I looked at had narrow straps. I felt they would be stronger and last longer because they are sewn into the bottom seam. The quality and design of this carrier is very good. It keeps the food warm. We use it at least once or twice a week. We keep a plastic bag in the trunk of our car so we never forget to have it with us when we do an order. We put the food in the bag in case it leaks, and then put it in the carrier. This has kept the carrier clean. We reuse the plastic bag to be kind to the environment. I would highly recommend this if you like to support your favorite restaurants in these trying times.

👤This is great! It's extra useful because it's very sturdy and keeps its shape. In addition to carrying larger casseroles, I have also carried a smaller pie in a glass dish, which keeps it's shape, and which is more flexible than other casserole carriers. It's insulated to keep it warm.

👤I bought two of these to take to the party. Initially, they looked nice and sturdy. There was sauce leaking out of the baking dish. A lot of sauce got inside the insulation lining and seeped out through the bag and onto the outside of the second bag. It wouldn't remove stains from the outside of the bags. I noticed that one of the bags was torn around the stitching and the cardboard inside was wet and crumbling apart making it very flimsy. I am embarrassed to take them to another event. I bought replacements today.

👤The casserole dish carrier can be used to carry hot or cold dishes. The handles help someone with a cane. I like the idea of not having to jam a hot dish into a duffel bag and then wrap it in towels.

👤I was looking for a way to transport dishes to a gathering. It will fit different types of dishes. The color folds down when not in use. It's perfect for transporting my favorite dishes.

👤We put a pan, cooking spray and small tongs in the carry case to take to the community grill. We put the meat in the pan with the aluminum foil on top of it, after we removed the plastic wrap from the pan. This is a great way to bring the meat back to the apartment. It's high quality and sturdy.

6. Eocolz Removable Stainless Container Compartments

Eocolz Removable Stainless Container Compartments

If you have a question about the food warmer container, please feel free to contact them, they will reply within 12 hours. The lunch box has two plugs, one for home and one for car, so it can be used both ways. You can heat meals in different places with the portable lunch heating storage box. Say goodbye to fast food. Food grade material is safe. The bento box is made of plastic and 304 steel. Their food container has strong heat resistance and is safe. Fast heating is using energy-saving heating components. The heat cycle can be used to keep the food at a suitable temperature and keep it moist. Plug in the cable and you can have a warm meal sitting in your seat at school, in office, or on the road, without having to look for a microwave or wait in line. You can clean the lunch box easily because it has a tray. It is dishwasher friendly. The waterproof design of the plug port can keep it out of the water. It has two compartments, so you can't mix your food. If you want to separate different types of food, they have included a plastic compartment. They have included a spoon and fork for you.

Brand: Eocolz

👤I received the product. I was not sure about the quality. The outter box was a mess and there was a stain on it. I have been eating sandwiches for lunch for a long time and got very excited to try this new toy. The instruction manual is very easy to read and doesn't have much information about how to use the lunch box. I put a little water in the metal container to make sure it was dry. After half an hour. It was warm enough. 45 minutes would be ideal. I should have been looking for this a long time ago. It's safe and easy to use and there's a container for sauce.

👤My husband always takes leftovers for lunch the next day and I bought this for him. He used it this morning and said his food was great for lunch and he loved it! The seal came off when he took the lid off, and he couldn't get it back on. Will contact the seller if it is no longer spill proof. He loves it. I contacted the seller about the seal coming off and they replied to me the same day and shipped off a replacement the next day. That is awesome customer service.

👤This is a good product if you bring lunch a lot. This will warm up your food. It has a jack for both cars and trucks. Highly recommended.

👤Es un producto, a la hora de dar una opinion. Ahora antes lo enchuf en el carro, quien tienes sper Felices.

👤For Christmas, I bought a similar item for my brother. I bought this version because I realized how beneficial it would be for me. I like the idea of warming my food line while I work in a factory. I have to walk a long way to get to the cafeteria. I agree with the manufacturer that adding a little bit of water helps warm the food better. The warmer should be started approximately one hour before needed. I feel as if the lid clippers or snappers that secure the lid to the base could have been better. The closing tab is very short. I sometimes feel like I have to press them very hard to close the device. I think that overtime will wear out. It is a good device and I would recommend it to someone.

👤Plug in and it will heat automatically. The design of the compartment makes it easy to put your spoon in it. This is wonderful! The instructions say to put some water in the box, but they don't know if it means the outer box or the food container. I put water for them. The box is not a big deal because it is hard to clip in. The time it takes for heating is long. It takes 25 minutes to heat the food. I tested it with dinner. I didn't put a lot of rice. It takes 30 min to heat the food to 145F, but it's helpful when you're outside. There is a plastic smell after heating. I think this is going to go away after a while. When I go hiking in the summer, I will use this food heating device.

7. Electric Portable Removable Stainless Container

Electric Portable Removable Stainless Container

It's easy to store. 3 in 1 electrical punch box with 12V and 24V for cars and trucks, and 110V for work and home use. The electric heating lunch box has a three-compartment design for separating your favorite foods, such as stew, lasagna, spaghetti, meatballs, mac & cheese, or even leftovers, home-cooked meals, ready to go! It's suitable for students, construction workers, drivers, company office employees who want to carry lunch by themselves. Are you getting sick of eating cold lunches? Plug in and heat. It is using 40WPTC constant heating for preventing overheating, it is safer, and it is more energy-saving. The time for heating will be 30 minutes. You will be happy with how it warms the food while keeping it moist, not like warming it up in the microwave. The electric lunch box food heater is made of food grade thick PP material. The container is made of grade 304stainless steel, which is high-temperature resistant, durable, eco-friendly, and safe to use, it is easy to take out and clean. The container is dishwasher safe. Are you still worried about the soup leaking from the lunch box? This lunch box is leak-proof, keeps meals and snacks fresh, and is mess-free with the upgraded design and craft. There are unique gift ideas. This lunch box warmer has a heating lunch box, insulated lunch bag, and home-use charging cable. The Punup lunch warmer portable is a great choice if you are looking for a portable lunch box.

Brand: Punup

👤When I received the product, I was so excited to try it out. The food is a little warmer than cold after an hour and 30 minutes. Absolutely do not approve it. The picture posted is not accurate. There is a switch at the indicator. I can't find the switch. The indicator seems to be malfunctioning. There are two lights, but only one is on. I am not sure how this thing gets good reviews. I don't think a container is better than a poorly made one. I would like to add one more thing. The edge of the tray is very sharp. The cut is not horrible. It was not a small cut. The tissue was cut under the skin.

👤He comprado una y otra, y ninguna calienta en 25 minuto.

👤There was a review that said this would work without the food tray. I wanted a dual unit so that I could use it in the office and in the vehicle without the need for an inverter. The lunch box needs the food tray to be sealed. The lid is loose without it. If you want to carry it without the tray, you might drop the bottom half. It won't be wet. The photo shows the dimensions and it shows the bottom is just over 4 inches. The top, food tray, and bottom are all about 4 inches. If you want to cook a frozen pot pie, it might not fit in the big pocket for the silverware. I think I'll be using a different lunch box.

👤La verdad! An no la USA en el camin. Agregue una vianda extra y cerro!

👤I have always wanted this. It is amazing. Thank you so much! It is the best invention.

👤Some hotels don't have microwaves if there are restaurants on site. I warm my food in the middle of the night. I wanted a warmer that I could use in the car when people were stranded on I- . My other warmers aren't as good as the car charging one. I wanted to be able to use it in my car and hotel. I'm glad I tried it. I was going to save it for the winter. I didn't work. The light wouldn't come on when plugged in. I had food, but it was too cold to warm it. I sent it back. Very disappointed.

👤You can only eat so many cold lunches in the microwave where I work. It takes 45 minutes to fully heat the food. This was a good purchase for the low cost. It's very high quality.

👤No trae instructiva para el uso correcto de los alimentos.

👤Producto de buena calidad has a capacidad.

8. Portable Personal Prepared Reheating Cooking

Portable Personal Prepared Reheating Cooking

Come with a portable bag. Order from A-1UX for a worry-free experience. Customer support and lifetime warranty are provided by them. If you're tired of eating the cold lunch, click "add to cart" and order their lunch box. If the lunch box has a problem, contact them for a replacement and take advantage of their warranty. The lunch box should not be washed into the water. The cable plug needs to be dry. ThePortable Oven Personal Food Warmer can cook the raw food and also re-warm the leftovers. The portable microwave oven warms most meals in about 3 hours. You can take it anywhere. MULTI-PURPOSE: It is a mini portable oven that can be inserted into car cigarette light plugs and household sockets, so it's a good idea to have two different heating plates. Whether you are a truck driver, delivery person, business traveler, or off-site work crew. Take one and you will love this portable oven. Poly canvas material construction is built to last. The insulation lining is made of aluminum. Water Vapor can affect the safety of the power supply and the spread of food. A new fabric design and aluminum foil. The upgraded designs are 11inch x 8inch. The package can be large enough for your requirement in the most environment. Extra space is provided for phone keys in one side pocket. The soft carry handle makes carrying this lunch cooler easy. You will be able to open and close the bag. Automatic temperature control system, preserving moisture and enhancing flavor, make food safe to eat. This portable mini oven can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Terrassta

👤My husband works in construction. This is a perfect place to warm up the food at the site. There have been no complaints so far.

👤The product has not been used yet. There are no instructions. There is a small hole in the bag that the 12v cord can slip through to the outside. The only option is to modify the bag so that the plug for the 120v cord can fit through the hole. The insulated cord might be in danger of melting if the heat inside the bag weakens. It seems like they just added the extra hotplate. The last immediate issue was that the hotplates had a rigid side and a slightly padded side, not certain which side goes down. The hole for the 12v is aligned with one corner of the hot plate, so it makes sense that the rigid side would go up. Hopefully this is true for both hotplates. We never heard of this product until last week, but we're really excited to see how it works. If there is anything significant to report, we will update this review.

👤It cooks food fast. He couldn't believe it. We use thermos but not enough food or it's cold within 2 hours. If you are a truck driver that works long hours and would rather have home cooked meals to eat than fast food, this is the product for you. Once you plug in, the food will be cooked up in less than 40 minutes. You can use either glass or aluminum. I bought it for him after I found it.

👤I love it. I don't own a microwave and I don't use it. I had to pack a lunch when I went back to work after being laid off. The only way to cook my lunch was with a microwave. I died from using the microwave or going out for lunch. My wife told me that my mom has a lunch bag that she uses to heat food. I did some research and found that this was the best one for size and also comes with a car adaptor, which is great for long trips. Plug it in, the only thing you have to do is. I heat everything up in a glass dish. You need 1.5 to 2 hours to heat your food and it doesn't come with it's own container. You need a potholder because the container holding your food becomes very hot when it's done. Your food will be very hot and it will look like you just cooked it. Great purchase.

👤The warmer. My husband is always on the road for work, so I ordered this warmer for him. He was eating cold food. He can use the light port of the truck. He uses the lighter outlet in the car since most jobs are new. His co-workers are amazed at how well it works. I share the link so they can order one.

👤The item says a dual voltage, but where is the adjustment of the voltage? There is no brochure to read the instructions. Is it okay to use plastic container, cardboard or any container to warm food?

9. BriSunshine Stainless Complete Weddings Banquets

BriSunshine Stainless Complete Weddings Banquets

Perfect for professional and at- home use. The party tray is a popular choice for many occasions. The chafing dish is made of high quality food gradestainless steel and mirror satin with a smooth surface. It is easy to clean, beautiful and sturdy. The temperature can be kept by the chafing dish. If you want to keep it warm, add hot water to the water pan and light the fondue fuel can; if you need to lower the temperature, add enough ice to the water pan. Make sure your food is warm for buffet or events. The glass lid with air holes makes it easy to keep an eye on the food while keeping it warm, thus presenting the best food for you. The buffet warmer has a lid that can be removed to keep it clean and safe. This type of dish is easy to clean and should be washed with hot soapy water. After washing, dry immediately. To maintain the finish, avoid salt solutions or acidic foods. The 430 food grade STAINLESS steel 4-quart chafing dish is a superior choice for buffets, hotel breakfast areas, lunches, Catering, parties, wedding reception and self-service environments that will showcase the cuisine in a professional manner. If you received a wrong amount of products, please contact them. They are happy to help. This product is shipped from an Amazon warehouse. If you have any questions about the product or the quantity, please contact them as soon as possible, and they will arrange additional shipments for you.

Brand: Brisunshine

👤Returned the item. Very overpriced. The picture shows two dishes. It is one for that price. The dish was bought from Wayfair for $33. I bought 4.

👤There were only two received. I will be reporting you. Law firm don't take false advertising lightly.

👤We ordered it even though it was priced higher than a set of 2. There was only one dish in the box when it arrived. Misleading, money, and effort are some of the things that can happen.

👤I received one of the two products that should be in one order. The set of two is mentioned in the product details. I received one.

👤Only one dish was received.

👤I am anuncio de el producto dice, son 2, solo te llega 1

👤I received both sets on time. I hosted a last minute dinner and the pans made it easy to prepare it.

👤Terrible. Next day of wedding. The description says that it was ordered qty 2. Don't buy. Karen.

👤It was great to shop. The piece for the warmer was the only thing I didn't like. It was hard to open.

👤No llego, pero describia la publicacio.

10. Electric Lunch Box Home Office

Electric Lunch Box Home Office

"Corot" Professional Electric Lunch Box Food Heater is easy to carry. Easy to carry leak proof car food warmer. Save money on lunch bags. The portable lunch box has 12V and 24V car/truck use plugs and home/work use plugs. You can heat up your food on the go with the electric heating lunch box. All day keep lunch warm. It's suitable for truck taxi drivers who have to drive for a long time. Perfect gifts for a husband. Food grade PP material and STAINLESS steel are used in the portable food heater, it has strong heat resistance and meets the safety standards. Safer & Faster heating uses the original temperature heating and low-consumption heat cycle to keep the food safe and moist. The microwave is not used at lunch time. You can eat warm home cooked meals at school, office, travel, or in the field if you plug it in to hot food. Portable Design The lunch box food warmer is easy to carry. The lunch box's dimensions are : 9.37 x 6.69 x 4.25 inch. The container is easy to clean. The extra plastic vegetables box has a capacity of 0.45L. Perfect accessories. The portable lunch heater has plastic spoons. You can keep breads, fruits and vegetables in a plastic compartment for convenience. They can send you a free replacement for the handles broken during the transportation, if you contact them.

Brand: Asfrost

👤I've been trying to avoid using the microwave due to COVID-19. This was very useful for work. The night before, I would put everything in the lunch box. Lunch will be ready in 30 minutes if you plug it in before lunch. It's easy to clean with warm water and soap. It does not stick to the bottom. Love it. If you're trying to reduce contact with common areas, it's a good idea. I returned the brand I purchased because it wouldn't click close. The metal fork doesn't fit in the slot for the utensil.

👤I don't usually write reviews, but this really disappointed me. I've never used soup before and it leaked all over my car seat while I was driving to work, but I have a rubber seal on it.

👤I like having a warm meal in the winter because I work all day. Warms up my lunch in the car. It's great for cold days. It's important to not heat up food on your auxiliary power. It will kill your battery. You should always turn your car on. After 40 minutes, the sandwich was nice and toasty. It is easy to clean. Time will tell who is durable. So far, so good.

👤I bought this for my husband, and he loves it. He doesn't have access to a microwave because he is a truck driver. He was stuck taking cold food all the time, but now he can take leftovers, which is a win for all. He likes it. He takes his food with him in the morning and turns it on before he eats. Everything has been well heated so far. He took a thick pasta dish that was cold in the center, but he mixed it up and it was perfect. I am very happy with this purchase. If you know a truck driver, delivery driver or anyone else that wants a hot meal for lunch but doesn't have a microwave, you need this. It's small enough to take to work, but large enough to carry a meal for a man.

👤I bought this to warm up my lunch. My daughter is a vegetarian and it's hard to find food she likes. I liked the way it was done. It would be great if it came with a warming container. I used foil to line the bottom and put her food on it. The instructions said 25 minutes. It took about an hour to cook through. It worked and was a great value.

👤I use this for travel. The airlines are giving out limited food on flights during the current crisis. I can either buy food or bring it. Plug in when you're in the waiting area. Not on the plane. It keeps food warm for lunch.

👤One of the great products is this one. It is easy to use and clean and works consistently. I put my lunch in this handy lunch box about 2 hours before my lunch and it will be piping hot by the time I get to work. It beats standing in the office break room. I have yet to use the 12V automotive feature. I probably will one day. A very useful tool for money.

11. COCOBELA Compartments Removable Stainless Container

COCOBELA Compartments Removable Stainless Container

Perfect accessories. The portable lunch heater has plastic spoons. You can keep breads, fruits and vegetables in a plastic compartment for convenience. They can send you a free replacement for the handles broken during the transportation, if you contact them. The lunch box is electric. If there is a product problem such as handles broken or not heating, they can send you a new free replacement. 304stainless steel is a food grade material. Please enjoy this food heating device, it has strong heat resistance. The new food warmer is 55W and can help you warm food quicker than other lunch boxes. Plug it in and you can have a warm meal sitting in your seat. It is possible to make your heating time longer by refrigerated, frozen food. The electric food warmer has two different plugs, one for work and one for cars and trucks. They provide a spoon, fork, and a plastic compartment that can be removed, so you can eat your healthy food everywhere. It is easy to clean because it has a 304 steel tray. There are no leaks. The container has an anti-scalding handle to make it easy to carry the box. Don't turn it upside down or it will leak out the steam port, just don't do it. The portable design of the food warmer is very easy to carry. The size is 8.25 x 6.69 x 4.25 inch. The capacity of the inner is 1.5L. The extra plastic box has a capacity of 0.45L.

Brand: Cocobela

👤This is the sweetest little food warmer I have ever seen. If there was a way to plug it in, I would recommend it to your kids. It is amazing! It is so light and portable, it is a perfect lunch option, it is fast and it has all the essentials. The temperature on the bottom is not too hot to hold or put on a towel, but it does get warmer than warm, so be careful and unplugged before eating. If you need a food warmer for on the go or something quick to eat at home, this is a must have!

👤Food is warm in 20 minutes and piping hot in 45 minutes from room temperature. If it's out of the fridge, double those times. No stirring needed. It gets the food hot quickly and then keeps it at the right temperature for consumption. The heating element enclosure under the pan is too hot to touch within 2 to 3 minutes. The food pan doesn't touch that part. Once you put the food pan inside the unit, the pan will heat up quickly and evenly on all sides and bottom without burning the food. It was perfect. It is not like a slow cooker that keeps your food warm for any length of time if you unplugged it. You need to eat your food after you've unplugged it. There is no insulation in the plastic housing. Even though it's true, you can still hold the unit on the sides and bottom with your hands, even if it's just for a second. The unit cools in 15 minutes with the cover off, which makes cleaning easy. The pan is made of aluminum. It is not non-stick, but food can loosen from the surface when soaked in water for a few minutes. It is very easy to clean, even without a dishwasher. While the unit is powered on, the vent on the top of the cover can stay in place. It lets steam out to prevent pressure from building up when the cover is locked. I always leave it in place when plugged in, even though the instructions say to remove it before power is restored. The underside of the unit's cover is hard to clean and has too many grooves. It takes a brush to get into the grooves. I have learned to keep the unit upright to prevent food from getting into those grooves. The area should beMOOTH to make it easier to clean. I am not sure what they were thinking when they designed that part. I had to peel off the thin blue plastic film covering the bottom of the heating element area after unboxing the unit. It seemed like it was part of the unit, because there was no instructions for removing it. It's a good thing that I stuck my finger in it to make sure. It would have melted if it wasn't for the chemical smell other reviewers have mentioned. It's worth 24 dollars. I have been using it for 5 days and it has not been a problem. The food did not burn even after being plugged in for two hours.


What is the best product for food keeper warmer?

Food keeper warmer products from Luncia. In this article about food keeper warmer you can see why people choose the product. Mier and Dacool are also good brands to look for when you are finding food keeper warmer.

What are the best brands for food keeper warmer?

Luncia, Mier and Dacool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food keeper warmer. Find the detail in this article. Stack Store Plus More, Juvale and Eocolz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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