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1. Cossac Fitness Journal Workout Planner

Cossac Fitness Journal Workout Planner

Below are promotions. Well-designed. There is plenty of space for personal records in the fitness planner, such as sets, types of exercise, rating, body measurements, progress, and diet preferences. Daily motivation. You can set a goal and a deadline with their fitness planner. It was well- planned. 140 days for exercise tracking is provided by this workoutplanner. The diary shows your progress in the gym. It is stylish. The log is not flimsy. The notebook is made from high-quality paper and has a protective layer. The pages are joined with wire so they won't fall apart. Based on experience. The feedback and comments from customers have helped them design an exercise log book that is easy to use. Key points are covered in their fitness planner.

Brand: Cossac

👤It's a great buy! I searched for all of the workout/fitness journal/logs on Amazon and found this one. I had a previous one that was ruined by a spilled water bottle. I liked it. It taught me what I wanted in a new log. The guy is checking the boxes. It's large enough for my large hand writing. I can write both lbs and reps on their own. I like that there is plenty of notes and the black is chill enough to carry along with me as I work out. I keep the measurement stuff in my bullet journal, but I don't use it. I was tempted to buy a second one when I ran out.

👤It was becoming a lot of work to figure out workouts each day. It was a life changing discovery when I found this workoutplanner. I started to plan my workouts for the week on Sunday, and can get into them each day without having to look for workouts. It is worth purchasing. You can keep a record of your workouts and progress. I like this planners.

👤I bought this for the guy that has everything. My friend is a fitness and health buff who owns a lot of equipment but doesn't track his progress. This is a notebook. I was surprised when I received the item, it was a flimsy notebook like the ones you find in TJ Maxx. There was no well-organized tracker. If there is a market for something, companies should be free to charge what the market will bear, but the price of one notebook of this quality is ridiculous. Pass!

👤This is the second time I have bought this fitness log and I am disappointed that it no longer has the same hard cover. The new one seems to be made out of flexible card stock. I thought it would be more convenient to store it in a gym bag. I hope they change it back to the hard cover.

👤This book is great. I have owned other ones and they don't have enough space for writing workouts, but this one is great. There is a goals section that is more than just your weight. If you want to measure your weight loss, you can. I highly recommend this product because it has about 6 months worth of space.

👤2nd update... The team sent me some more, and they have the pages described in them. Thanks for the support. They saw the review and sent me another one to make up for the reason listed below, but the problem is still the same and page still missing. The same page is missing from 2 logs now. One option and one thing I really wanted is the reason why I gave it a 2. The log book and the body tape measures page are missing. I don't know if it was an error printing, but the rest of the book is exactly what I wanted, and I can use the note page in the back to track body measurements.

2. BookFactory Food Journal Notebook JOU 120 M3CW

BookFactory Food Journal Notebook JOU 120 M3CW

The perfect gift is a premium white gift box. The durable cover of the journal has spaces to record food. Keep track of water consumption by entering up to 5 meals. The log pages contain a place to calculate your daily calories, Carbohydrates, Fat andProtein. The notebook is side bound. User data page to help keep it personal. The page dimensions are 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. The VA certified BookFactory as a Veteran-Owned Firm. Their books are produced in Ohio, USA.

Brand: Bookfactory

👤It's a good journal for people who want to keep track of calories, but don't care about the details, and for people who don't care about the details, but want to watch their eating habits. It's small and convenient to carry around in a purse or pocket, because it's about the size of my hand. I wish it had an elastic band to keep it closed, that would be perfect. I use this diary to keep track of my daily eating and drinking habits. I don't keep a log of calories or anything. My goal is to see how balanced my diet is over a full week, instead of day by day: enough fruits and vegetables, too much meat, ample water? Since I write everything down in a journal, I'm more aware of mindless snacking. The last section of the page has a note about physical activity. I prefer the paper version of my food diary. It's easy to make entries and flip through and see what's happening. Sometimes the "throwback" methods are the best.

👤Beyond upset. This is ridiculous and I might have read the details more thoroughly. The money was wasted. It was too small. I can't write about this. It can fit in my purse, that is the only good thing about it. Very disappointed. Never again.

👤I have begun the diet. The book has helped to keep track of the two. Don't eat too much. There is not a lot of room on these pages. It is small and portable so you can carry it with you wherever you go. The book is small and sturdy and the pages are thick. It's easy to keep track of basic meals. The bottom notes section is where I put activities mood energy levels.

👤I really like this food journal. It's 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. I use the activity section at the bottom of the notes for supplements. I put those in with my own check boxes. I purchase food journal books to make sure I eat the right amount and drink the right amount. I like that the 8 glasses of water are listed at the top of the page. It encourages me to remember what day it is and the date. I was not happy with how large and cumbersome many of the similar journals were, but this one is perfect size. This may work for a person with large handwriting who wants to write a lot of information about what they ate. It works well for a short, blunt, jot down that helps keep track. I will be buying this one regularly.

👤I like this journal. I like how it fits in my purse and it has meal times instead of breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. You can check off how much water you drink in a day. You only log calories, calories. I want to log things. I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it is too small, which is the only thing I don't like about it. You can enter your food on 3 lines. Milk, egg whites, toast, butter, and other things are listed individually, but only 3 lines are needed to enter them. I don't like how small the spaces are to record your food and nutrition values. I don't write that small. I would give it 5 stars if it were just a little bit bigger and with more lines to log your food in.

3. Clever Fox Food Journal Nutrient

Clever Fox Food Journal Nutrient

Guarantee and return. If Clever Fox calendar works, they will give you your money back. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your tracker, they will exchange or refund your fitness journal and planner. If you want a hassle-free refund, reach out to them via an Amazon message. The Clever Fox Food Journal Pocket Edition is a small journal that can fit in a pocket. It is perfect for tracking your food intake wherever you go as it will not take up much space in your purse. This pocketplanner for purse will help you form healthy eating habits and achieve your goals. Clever Fox is a daily food journal. The food plan allows you to create a plan and take pictures for each of the next 3 months to evaluate your progress, it was created with fitness and nutrition experts to help you reach desired goals. 3 months is the perfect amount of time to make a difference, get used to new eating and exercise habits, and start seeing results. You can start tracking your food intake or take a break from monitoring nutrition when you need to, since this nutrition journal and food tracker journal for weight loss is not new. This is a premium quality food planners with a beautifully engraved hardcover of extra soft PU-leather. The diet planner is accompanied by 120 gsm bleed-proof paper, a bookmark, an elastic pen holder, and 6 sheets of complimentary stickers and a quickstart guide. They will give you your money back if Clever Fox food log journal is not able to work. If you experience any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your diet journal or food diary for weight loss, they will exchange it for a new one. Reach out to them via an Amazon message for a hassle-free refund of your diet notebook and meal tracker.

Brand: Clever Fox

👤Its so cute! I would love to get a new color but it's not in stock.

👤I can't write out my food because the sections are so small. I end up writing over the line and into the sections since I'm not calculating all the macro nutrients. I got the golden color. It is pretty. I will probably start again with a larger notebook or weeklyplanner after I use it up for 3 months. I want to use it to log my food for my own accountability and not bother with the grams and calories, so a very simple planners will work better for me.

👤There is a lot of pages in this planner. I used a fine line marker to write in my days and months, but it bled through to the back of the pages. I am not a fan of seeing ink on the back of the pages, so having done the first month like this, it is very disappointing.

👤It looks like a good way to track, but it's a tiny thing. I don't have neat, tidy, small handwriting. This will be hard to fill out. Other than that. If you have better handwriting than me.

👤I picked up a food journal after seeing my sister. I like the idea of tracking food for both weight loss and food allergy/discomfort reasons, and figured this journal was set up in a way that made that easy. The layout of the pages is good, but I wish I could have gotten the standard-sized journal. It's a bit harder to write in because it's a pocket size. My journal came printed backwards, so this is probably a complete fluke. The pages start at the end and are upside down if you open the cover. That makes it more difficult to use.

👤The small version is not as big as I expected. I was initially disappointed in the size but it turns out to be a positive because I can slip the journal in my pocket or bag so I can track more consistently. The journal pages are colorful and the stickers are fun. This is a very useful tool.

👤I use an app to track my food, but it got to my head. I started to think about all the values. I'm loving the pocket size so far. It's perfect in my bags. The pages are large enough for me to write. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to try a different method of tracking.

👤The journal is a tad bigger than my phone. It is easy to use and there is a spot to keep track of everything. It comes with stickers to place wherever you need encouragement. I was able to place photos before and after, and there are places to post them again each month. I wish the journal lasted more than 3 months, but it wouldn't be the size of my phone. I will have to order another one.

👤I like reading a book. Been following it for a while now. It has been great. It stalls like everything else. I reverted to an old school journal approach and kept an eye on my intake as well. The book is lovely. It has space for thoughts and observations. There are three months worth of entries. It feels expensive. There are stickers. What is not to love?

4. Clever Fox Wellness Journal Condition

Clever Fox Wellness Journal Condition

We care about the environment. Their paper is from forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Use The Lamare minute journal to support the environment. Become a healthier and achieve better health goals. Clever Fox will help you start your journey to a better life by helping you with everything from diet to physical and mental health. The journal was created with the help of health, fitness and nutrition experts to help you reach your wellbeing goals: track activities, water and food intake, set daily priorities, and fill in the planner according to your personal health needs. Positive psychology techniques can help you feel strong, lose weight, and have more energy. The layout has everything you need to succeed: a top goals page, monthly calendars, weekly sections for setting goals and habit tracking, daily food logs with wellness and activity trackers, a results page and dot-grid pages for additional health tracking. The Clever Fox health plan will last the whole 6 months of meal and activity tracking, which is sufficient for not only seeing the desired results but also for turning your life around and making impressive progress! The layout of the weekly notebook allows you to start on the journal right away, without having to wait for a specific date. The Clever Fox health and fitness tracker planner is a premium quality journal with beautifully printed colorful layouts, a soft-touch hardcover and 120 gsm thick paper that will last a long time. It comes with a penholder and a band, 3 bookmarks, a pocket for notes, and a quick start guide. Guarantee and return. If Clever Fox calendar works, they will give you your money back. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your tracker, they will exchange or refund your fitness journal and planner. If you want a hassle-free refund, reach out to them via an Amazon message.

Brand: Clever Fox

👤This isn't a journal for people who like to eat and it also assumes you'll eat daily which is silly for people who like to not eat. This is a journal for people who eat breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. It is large. There is almost no space to address health goals, health habits, routines, nothing on sleep or other things, small exercise options which wouldn't allow sets/reps recording. It is advertised as a journal for people who are committed to eating a lot, but it is actually a food journal for people who are committed to eating a lot. Went to the trash can.

👤This is a diary of food. There is a place for exercise and medicine. Your thoughts about your health. Those are in the Medical Journal, and someone wants another journal. The Habits/Skills sections could be replaced with appts. There is a section for exercise. The journal is the same dull formula as the other Clever Fox products.

👤Clever Fox wrote a food journal. I felt like I needed to have some space for fitness and mental health notes. I bought the journal. The only things I wish it had are the caffeine count box and the fruit/veggie counters that are in the food journal, but that is personal preference and it may not matter to some. I don't want to take any stars away. I like that it's a year away so you can start whenever you want. The stickers are a nice addition.

👤I am very happy with this journal. It is a quality product. The paper is very thick. The stickers are beautiful and I love the variety. Some have gold foil. The book is large and extensive. It doesn't feel cheap. The simplicity of the cover color is beautiful. I didn't want a lot of phrases on the cover, but still something pretty. I am very happy with this journal. The content is what I was looking for. I'm trying to identify the causes of my migraines and take better care of myself. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤Clever Fox always has a good layout for their planners. This one is focused on health and fitness. It's great for tracking food and workouts and comes with a quick start guide to help you get used to it. The purple cover is sturdy and vibrant. This is my third purchase from the company. The pages are great to write on and do not bleed. This layout was not for me. I wanted to keep a record of my mental health issues. The seller was great when I contacted them, and offered to replace the journal with something else. The monthly/weekly will be more effective for me. It is still a great product, and I would highly recommend it.

👤I work in the health and wellbeing industry. This isn't a journal for well being. People are assumed to eat 3 meals and a snack. A little box with 3 lines is an important part of the bottom of page exercise. The start has a space for 5 or 6 goals, but it wants you to list 4 you want to focus on, and you have to enter them in little boxes. The baseline page for the measurement fails to include other base measures that are listed at the end of the month review. I don't know what these stickers are useful for. The design was very poor.

5. Sober Dolphin Fitness Planners Training

Sober Dolphin Fitness Planners Training

Guarantee and return. They will give you a money back if the legend diet and fitness planner and tracker doesn't work. If you have any quality issues with your food and fitness journal, they will exchange it for a new one. Reach out to them via an Amazon message for an easy refund of your healthy journal and exerciseplanner. Set your goals. Writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. This workout journal will give you the best start on your fitness journey by setting you fitness goals and target dates. Track workout and food with a whole page per day. There is plenty of room to record your exercise, diet, sleep, and notes in their fitness planner. Ensuring that you capture every detail of your training. The program is for 12 weeks. A useful and easy to follow page layout, weekly meal plan and shopping list, weekly goals and challenges, as well as room for motivational and inspirational messages are included in this workout log book. A fitness journal for all men and women. Speak to your lawyer. You can look back and be proud of how much you've achieved with 2 pages dedicated to recording your body measurements and personal bests. This is a great way to boost your motivation and ensure that you are making the right kind of changes to keep your training and nutrition in tip top shape. BASED on experience. The feedback and comments from customers have helped them design an exercise log book that is easy to use. Key points are covered in their workout planner.

Brand: Sober Dolphin

👤It is really durable and helps my wife get more in shape.

👤It is an easy journal. I loved it.

6. Tiny Expressions Wellness Exercise Notebook

Tiny Expressions Wellness Exercise Notebook

If this food journal for tracking meals and exercise doesn't work, they will give you your money back. If you are not completely satisfied with your food journal for weight loss or if you experience any quality issues, they will exchange or refund your journal and tracker. If you want to get a hassle-free refund of the weight loss planner, reach out to them via an Amazon message. This 55 page weekly notepad habit planner will give you a full year's worth of health and wellbeing tracking. Each page has a blank space for you to fill out the date in the top right, making it easy to personalize no matter when you order. Food, work, and water are included. The core daily health and wellbeing activities are what this tear away notepad sticks to. You can track your meals, fitness workouts, and hydration intake with a computer. The simple act of recording and tracking your health and wellbeing activities makes you more likely to stick with them. The health success weekly notepad helps you stay on track. All Tiny Expressions stationery products are designed in the USA with premium paper and materials that are easy to write on. The tear away sheets are sturdy so you can take your individual sheets with you to work. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their health and wellbeing tracker notepads. Join thousands of people who are healthy. Click Add-to-Cart to place your order.

Brand: Tiny Expressions

👤The tracker is straight forward and easy to use. I want it to be on a spiral bound.

👤This is what I need to record the things I want to.

👤I recommend this app if you want to track diet progress.

👤Exactly what I needed to know about my food.

👤I try to use a food tracking app, but it is more effective to write down your food in a notebook. I think it is because I can put this on the fridge and it will be in my face, whereas my phone only shows my progress when I open it. Both methods work well together. The sheets are more of a constant reminder about what I eat, while the app is great for calculating details and showing me my macros. I am so grateful to have these tracking sheets because they are the missing piece to my success. They're very nicely made, and it's basically one big pad of connected sheets that you can either flip the old sheets over as you continue tracking, or tear individual sheets off to hang up. The design is modern and easy to follow. I think it would be better to have these in a spiral pad with tear-away lines for those who want to keep the pad connected as they make weekly progress. These sheets are great for keeping you on track.

👤It's a great way to stay on track. Every time I download an app to track my eating and drinking habits, I never use it. I am just like the good old fashioned pen and paper. The print is large and easy to read. It is a thick journal. Look at my photos. The layout is thought out. Most journals have a cover and a top page. I like that because it is easy to write something down quickly. If you want to track your health habits, it is definitely recommended. Definitely recommend.

👤I love to use this to keep myself in check, as I want to become more conscious of my health. I love filling in my meals, my workouts, and how much water I've been drinking from it. It has been great to see my habits and be able to change them using this notepad.

👤I wanted to keep track of my health habits. I use this pad to keep track of my health as I try to get into shape. I'm excited to use this tomorrow. There is enough room to write in every section.

7. Fitness Journal Wellness Nutrition Tracking

Fitness Journal Wellness Nutrition Tracking

There are over 200 days of tracking your fitness and workouts in each notebook. Set a goal weight, a workout target, or any other wellness goals and challenge yourself over a quarter year with four months of day-to-day log pages. It gives you the perfect motivation to keep going even after a new day off. Thewellnessplanner The food tracker journal can be used to keep track of calories, fat, andProtein in your diet. Log specific data, such as daily weight, nutrition, sleep, and water intake. After each month in the four-month block, you will find two pages to check your progress and determine where more focus is needed, then plan your next workout. It will help you to keep track of your eating habits. There are two Sticker Sheets with additional full-color stickers to indicate specific workouts in your log, where you need extra focus in your plan. One with one-day status, get a better visual assessment of your status, inspire you all the time. The design in A5 size with an elastic pen holder is portable and durable, and is great for taking on the go and keeping track of workouts. The cover and band are made of PU leather.

Brand: Soligt

👤My wife told me I had to do a review. I would give this more stars. I bought this for my wife so she can log her workouts and eat better, and she will keep talking about how amazing it is, how perfectly laid out it is, and how it makes her look forward to getting her workouts done and eating better just so she can log it! I will buy another one for her once this one is complete. She won't stop talking about it because they send a thank you card with a coupon inside along with awesome stickers to add. I had to do a review. Try it for yourself.

👤They spelled it wrong and did not proofread very well.

👤This is a nice journal. Each day is a single page and not a full spread. It's simple and works well for me. I think this is the best way to track food and physical activity, though there is a little space at the bottom of the page to record physical activity. It's a well made book and sturdy. There are some issues that will likely keep me from buying this again. There are only 28 days for each month to reach the review page. 31 days would have made more sense. There are some spelling errors and awkward language. I think the journal is a good way to start food tracking, but I hope the reviewers get some of the issues fixed.

👤There are only 29 days allotted for each month before you hit the monthly progress page, which is not a big deal.

👤This is a simple notebook to keep track of your meals. There is a place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is a small space to write your exercises. It does the job and is not bad. It is easy to find in the bright color. Before I spend my hard money on one of the other trackers, I like to learn the habit of writing a daily letter with this one, and then transfer it to a more fancy notebook.

👤This is a great journal. I like that it is colorful. There is plenty of room to write. Monthly check-ins allow you to document your weight and measurements. There are a few blank pages at the end of the journal. The date, weight, amount of sleep and water are written on the top of the page. I like the section at the bottom where I can write out my exercise and other notes, there is a decent amount of room. It's very handy. I like it, I recommend it and I will buy it again.

👤I like this journal. It is easy to navigate and has what I need. I am back on the diet and it keeps me accountable for what I eat. I highly recommend that if you need to succeed.

👤I didn't want to spend the money on a clever fox journal. This was a good alternative. There is a spot for water and sleep, as well as food and exercise. Every month, you should put in your measurements. It had cute stickers as well.

8. RBD Workout Wellness Stickers Progress

RBD Workout Wellness Stickers Progress

4 x 8 Inches are not binding. Get fit faster. One of the simplest and most effective ways to track your exercise routine is to log a workout journal. The exercise log book was designed by experts who know the science of working out. Personal trainers and military fitness experts endorsed it. Tracking progress and workout frequencies is a deficiency. Graphics show which exercises target which muscles and a guide for measuring body fat. Quality construction is a priority. Sturdy spiral bound workout log book made with a sturdy wire binding, thick pages that won't tear, and a thick cover. If you want to lose weight or just want to be aware of your workouts, this workout diary is for you.

Brand: Rbd Health

👤This is my first fitness journal, and I am very happy to have found it. There is a space for a before and after picture. It has a weekly sheet to record your progress. It tells you how to calculate your body fat and has space for your body measurements. I am enjoying my journal very much, I started it a few days ago. I will be writing everything down.

👤I'm very happy with this journal. I use it to record my workouts and food intake. The layout is great. I like the measurement tool that came with it.

👤If you are a person who likes to track fitness, it has everything you need. It doesn't have a section for nutrition, but other than that it's nice.

👤This comes with a tape measurer. The book is easy to use. I'm very excited to use it to record my progress. It's a good thing.

👤I keep my workouts in this journal. There isn't a place to log food.

👤It's great for organization of workouts.

9. Boxclever Press Journal Healthier Lifestyle

Boxclever Press Journal Healthier Lifestyle

It is large enough to keep track of your daily routine, yet small and portable enough to take with you to the gym. Make positive changes today. Food journals for tracking calories and calories burned. Track your progress over 13 weeks. To achieve a healthier lifestyle, a journal and aplanner are needed. Start your journey with a plan to lose weight. Food log journal with expert nutrition advice to keep you focused on your goals Log all meals, snacks and values in the daily diet journal. Positive food choices can help you stay within your allowance. There is space for exercise and water intake. Track your performance with weekly summary pages that reflect on your gains and losses. Stay motivated by tracking weight loss and body measurement. The Food Journal for you is a lightweight diary that is perfect for keeping track of your food intake while out and about. The wipe clean cover is stylish and flexible.

Brand: Boxclever Press

👤This journal is perfect for me because I just started counting points with my weight loss program. The first page has goals and rewards to help keep you on track. I know there are apps for this. I am better at holding myself accountable when I write things down. The cover and pages are strong.

👤I was excited to find a journal. Before ordering, I should have looked at the pages more closely. I like to call my eating plan a food journal because of the title on the front cover. On every entry page, it says "Diet" The word diet has a subliminal message. I couldn't use it. This book should not have the word "Diet" in it. I had high hopes but had to throw it away.

👤I keep a journal of my food. I have purchased 3 more to have ready for use. I like using paper and pen in addition to the computer to track my food, water, and exercise, because I belong to Weight Watchers. The covers have held up well and are small enough to fit in my purse or backpack. I can record 3 months of entries in each journal. Highly!

👤This food journal is wonderful. Tracking points are easier on paper than on the app. This journal allows me to track calories, weight watcher points, or both. I used the FitBook for a long time, but found that I was not using half the book due to not planning out workouts or doing weekly reviews. I use this book more often because I don't waste a page like I would with the Fitbook if I miss a day. I highly recommend this book if you are just starting to track your food and water intake.

👤I'm very happy with this journal. I got the mixed fruit on the cover. There's a page for each day with plenty of room for meals and not a lot of extra fields. The goals and weight tracking pages are simple to use and work well, that's one of the main reasons I bought this journal. The layout of the pages is weird. The daily journal pages are separated by week. There is a two-page weekly summary thread in the middle of the book. It's weird because you have to keep track of what day and week you are on, and then you have to write it down in the middle of the book. It would be better to have a single page at the end of every week where you could reflect on the week that just ended and set goals for the coming week. There is only a single page at the end of the book and I wish there were more pages to write down. The goal setting page is a bit annoying and the first thing it asks you to answer is "Why do I want to lose weight?" There are many reasons to keep a food journal, but not everyone wants to lose weight or use the journal to focus on food. It's not a big deal, but it's weird because the rest of the journal isn't in-your-face about weight loss.

10. Food Exercise Journal Nutrition Inspirational

Food Exercise Journal Nutrition Inspirational

Keeping their customers happy is their priority. If you don't like the purchase of their workout journal and food journal, they will give you a full refund. Their professional fitness and nutrition journals are of a high-quality with no upside-down or stuck together pages; sturdy spiral binding and a laminated cover ensure extra durability; Throw it in your gym bag without the worry of it breaking. There is aLAYOUT with a lot of space. Their layout allows you to keep track of your diet and exercise, with a review page every two weeks for planning and reflection, and each section provides plenty of space to write in. Motivational quotes. Their journals are practical and uplifting, helping you to stay inspired and excited for your daily workout, and each day contains a carefully chosen quote to help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. It's in your gym bag or purse. Their notebooks are the perfect size to fit in your gym bag or purse without being too bulky, and you can discreetly take your notebook with you to the gym or anywhere else you work out. If you feel unhappy in any way, they will replace your diary for free.

Brand: Fitterme

👤I bought this journal as a gift for one of my clients and I am a personal trainer, nutrition and health coach. I'm going to have to look for something else because the pages that I was looking for are nowhere to be found. I'm sorry. I can't give this to my clients. I'll look elsewhere if this is your level of professionalism.

👤The journal is good for keeping track of goals and nutrition. The two week review pages are good. I have gotten used to writing in class for the past few months. There is a 2 week review for homework. It is a good practice to reflect and write it down. I like this journal. I like to write down the exercises and additional notes in the back.

👤This is a small tool that can be used to hold yourself accountable. I needed something to get my eating back on track and the overpriced apps just weren't doing it anymore. This is a quality notebook and has helped me meet my fitness goals.

👤I like this book. It is very easy to use. The two week review was pleasant. A place to track weight is the only thing I would ask for. I use the notes section since there is not a specific place.

👤The pages are not straight. Don't waste your money on this.

👤The set-up of the fitness and nutrition book is going to work out great for me because I ordered it. There are about 12 pages that are torn away from the spiral and that is very disappointing. There is no way to fix this problem. Thank you.

👤The sets section could be written differently.

👤It's similar to one I had a long time ago. I was unable to find one like that until now. This one is easy to use and has a lot of room to write in. It doesn't have any unnecessary information.

11. Evolway Fitness Journal Planner Laminated

Evolway Fitness Journal Planner Laminated

Set SMART goals with step by step instructions. Evolway has workout accessories for both men and women. Having gym equipment helps you be recorded. The first page is used to record your current physical indicators, then there is a calendar page to help you stick to your goals. They designed a page of goals and a page of progress tracking to help you reach your goals. If you don't find your food on the table, you can use your phone to find it on the website if you have a mobile device. The inner pages use 100g paper, and the cover is thick, so you can always keep the style. There are two types of coil. The coil type has 50 pages while the normal type has 100.

Brand: Evolway

👤There are some errors. They need to do a better job. There are only 50 days, not 100. There is a place to track on the front and back, but one side of the page is food. One day is one page. The concept is intriguing. The layout is not worth it for me. I won't be buying it again, but I will keep it and use it.

👤The design of the charts/space and the binding of the book are all great. The book doesn't have a strap to hold the book tight and together like most moleskin journals do. The book does not have a strap for a pen. If they get a pen loop and a strap that wraps around the right side of the book, they will have a 5 star workout journal. More water resistant pages would be considered. This book is exposed to a lot of things that can stain and damage it. The strap problem is more important.

👤I like to journal. I get a little crazy with the stickers and also buy them. It is a great journal to keep track of your goals. It doesn't hurt to make your own as well. I have been trying to stay consistent with my writing in this journal. It is nice to read back on the things you have written. I think it helps you stay accountable and motivated. The journal was great.

👤The book was created with good intentions, however there are some errors in it. The first page says emall instead of email. It recommends 40% of the total amount of calories to be made up of 40% of the total amount of calories to be made up of 40% of the total amount of calories to be made up of 40% of the total amount of calories to be made up of 40% of the total amount of calories to The organization of goals setting and tracking is nice, but I don't know if the data in this book is legit.

👤I used the whole thing, even though I loved the 2.0 book. I saw the 3.0 when I replaced it. I was not a fan of the stupid slogan on the front, but figured I would give it a try since it was the only one on Prime. I needed it quickly. The 3.0 book costs almost the same as the 2.0 book, but has less pages, and is less expensive. Unless they return to the 2.0.

👤The exercise journal has the look and feel of a book on both the outside and inside. The paper is of good quality. Each day has a page for fitness and diet. There are some translation gaps, "email" isemall and "warm-up" is wake-up. If you use exercise journals and want to try something different, I would give it a try. I have been using it for a while and like it.

👤So far, so good! On the 13th day, it was going strong. It helps to write things down and see them without scrolling through an app.


What is the best product for food log notebook?

Food log notebook products from Cossac. In this article about food log notebook you can see why people choose the product. Bookfactory and Clever Fox are also good brands to look for when you are finding food log notebook.

What are the best brands for food log notebook?

Cossac, Bookfactory and Clever Fox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food log notebook. Find the detail in this article. Sober Dolphin, Tiny Expressions and Soligt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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