Best Food Measuring Scale for Weight Loss

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1. Nicewell Digital Stainless Graduation Tempered

Nicewell Digital Stainless Graduation Tempered

There are multi-functions. Satisfy all your measuring needs from large meat, beef, pet, cat/dog food, hair color to small coffee, mail, postage, letter, jewelry, seed, drug, and more. The digital food scale has 5 unit conversions and can measure up to 10 kilogrammes. The large display is easy to read. The Nicewell kitchen scale has enough platform to weigh food, which is better than other small scale. The hook design is easy to store. The food scale has a separate tare button for calculation, you can easily subtract the weight of the plate or container and get the net weight. Don't wash the scale in water or wet the display screen to prevent malfunction. The design of the food scale makes it easy to clean. Try not to use metal containers for weighing. The digital kitchen scale requires two batteries to power it. If it isn't operated for 120 seconds, it will auto off. If there is a problem with the scale, please contact them.

Brand: Nicewell

👤I reached out to customer service because the scale I received would sometimes vary the weight measurement by up to 2 grams. I gave them a video I took from my phone. They apologized and asked me if I wanted a replacement or a refund for the hassle. I received a replacement two days after I asked for it. Completely free of cost. I didn't have to return my first purchase. The best customer care I have received has been provided by the customer service representative. If there is a flaw or issue with the product, they will send a new scale for no extra cost. If it is preferred, they will give a refund. The scale is great. Absolutely worth it.

👤The scale is nice. The company is very deceptive. Nicewell is a front trademark for a Chinese company. Amazon should be ashamed of itself. I researched the best made in America. I paid more for this than other products. Nicewell is an American made company.

👤It's perfect for the kitchen or eBay. The scale has bright blue numbers that are easy to read. The shiny white face is similar to an Apple product. I have a scale that is perfect for measuring coffee at an accuracy of.10 gram. This one is equally impressive for a larger scale, reading to.10 ounce. It is thin and easy to store. It can read up to 22 pounds. If I decide to go on a diet, I might just hop on for a ride. It is a high five rating.

👤I like the solid glass top and the fact that there is no food in the working controls. The light stays on for a long time. I am happy that the ounces only go to tenths of ounces, instead of hundredths of ounces, because I want to control my weight. I only had one time when I put something on the scale and it turned off a second later. I bought some scales. I only used these for one day, but I am happy. I was happy to know that there is a lifetime warranty. There is an update. I've been using these for about a week now. I love them! Great purchase. They work well. It's easy to clean. Couldn't be happier. I'm telling them to friends already. This scale is for sale! There is an update. I've been using this since the fall of 2020. I could not be happier. I've never used a scale like this before and I've bought five or six. I bought a third one just in case.

👤In January it started acting up and wouldn't weigh, tare, turn off, etc. The batteries were changed per other reviews. Send an email to the service department with the order ID and a picture of what it was doing. They responded within hours and shipped a new scale. It is working perfectly after it was received a day later. They made it right with the service.

👤My scale broke. A new one was needed quickly. The scale is easy to use. It has a separate tare button. I was looking for a scale that would do the weight of the liquid and this one has that option. Very happy with the purchase.

2. Food Weight Scale Bowl Custom Built

Food Weight Scale Bowl Custom Built

The package includes a digital kitchen scale, a cable and batteries. They take full responsibility for loss or damage of the product during transportation and defects in materials and workmanship. The most accurate digital kitchen scale from Greater Goods is now in its most premium form with a slick, STAINLESS steel weighing platform, a cool, backlit color screen, and a stacking bowl! The scale they have created is perfect for building single-serve meals and makes bulk prep work even easier, because it is a single sensor model. The Freshest Features include: readings down to the gram; an eleven pound capacity; high contrast, color display; easy-to-clean, food grade weighing platform; four different units of measure; and super accurate single sensor. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The sleek design of the prep scale fits in with the decor of thetrendiest space. They have combined the best of both worlds, slim and easy to store, as well as their best-selling kitchen scale and more accurate. The bowl is designed to stack on the scale so it doesn't take up any extra space in your cabinet. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your digital kitchen scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work. They design and produce high functioning, slick looking food scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤I received this as part of the Greater Goods promotion. I wanted to see what the scale was like. I already own a AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale, so I had something to compare it to. The scale has a shallow bowl that works well. It has a slightly larger footprint on the counter than the AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale. I put the freezer bag into the bowl, rather than weigh it in a different bowl and transfer it to the freezer bag, because I usually weigh it in the freezer. The AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale only weighed ounces or grams. I had to divide ounces by 16. The scale measures ounces, pounds, and grams. They both weigh the product exactly the same. The AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale works well, but not measuring pounds, and not being able to stand a freezer bag on it. I'm giving it to someone else. The scale gives me metrics in pounds and a shallow bowl. The scales measure the same.

👤This is a great scale. The plastic bowl and display are features that I love. The bowl is perfect because it serves as a container for weighing items and it also acts as a cover for the scale. The bottom of the bowl is designed to fit over the scale platform so it doesn't move around while on the platform. The scale is very easy to use and the display is large and bright, which makes it easy to see. Great product!

👤I wanted to measure mail. I have an old scale that I use to measure letters and packages. It maxed out at 3 pounds, which was not good for larger packages. The new one maxes out at 12 pounds. I have also used it for items in the kitchen. The scale part is metal. If you're looking for a nice scale, this one is perfect.

👤I have the best kitchen scale. The display is large and bright and works very well. Increasing time before auto turns off is a really useful thing. It's easy to move around. It's nice looking. I am very happy with this purchase, I think you understand. It is worth more than what they are charging.

👤The scale is easy to use and has a bowl for adjusting it. I've always had an interest in measuring my coffee grounds, but never felt like I could justify the purchase. Greater Goods is the one to come to the rescue. I'm glad I waited as long as I did because the scale is exactly what I've always wanted.

👤Greater Goods delivers again, from the easy-to-open recyclable packaging to the ease of register for the 5-year warranty. I got this scale to replace a scale that I thought was an inaccurate "no-name" scale of about the same size. The old scale, the GG pocket scale, and the new GG one have been used to weigh items. The GG scales read the same weight, but the old one was off a bit. I'm assuming the two GGs are correct. The display is large and easy to read. Touch lightly to turn on, then longer to turn off. The bowl is handy for dry measurements and the scale is upside down when not in use. I received a manufacturer's rebate for answering some research questions about the scale I bought. GG products have been purchased by me in the past and all of them are still in use. The company is behind its products and partners with charities to make lives better.

3. MegaWise Rechargeable Graduation Conversion Waterproof

MegaWise Rechargeable Graduation Conversion Waterproof

It's easy to zero. The food scale has a tare button that will subtract the weight of a bowl, you could use it to read ingredients. Live chat support, free upgrade to full-replacement Guarantee, no need to return. They want you to be happy, and they treat you like a family. They will simply refund your money if you are not satisfied. Weighing at the left, operation and display on the right, very and special on the market, is the Mega UniqueHorizontal screen design. You can read the measurement and change the unit more quickly. Be the great chief easily! The kitchen scale has four built-in high-precision load sensors that can weigh food in 0.04oz/1g. Whether you want to control the amount of seasonings or the amount of cake ingredients, it's perfect! Two power supply methods are used to facilitate your daily life. You can use it every day, but it will last for 2 months. After 120 seconds, it switches off, saving energy and eco-friendly. They provide lifelong consultation and customer service for this food kitchen scale, which is based on their stringent quality system.

Brand: Megawise

👤It looks nice and is solid in its construction. It's easy to store. The touch screen is easy to use. The accuracy at the gram level is something that I don't like. It will always be between 1 and 3 grams. This issue is not found in larger units of measure. I've tried a lot of surfaces and they are all clean. I compared it to my previous scale for the same units of measurement. I received this scale, or at least the one that I received. I measure in grams. I gave this three stars because the other units are good in all of my tests, but I need grams to be accurate on my scales.

👤This sleek digital kitchen scale from Megawise has a nice glass top, fits neatly in a cabinet or drawer, and is accurate. I compared the measurements with an expensive scale I already own that only handles up to 6 lbs, and both measured the same items. When I had to roast a large turkey that had no tag, I used the Megawise scale to measure weights up to 33 lbs. The scale is on the side so it isn't likely to block the view of the readout, which glows when it'silluminated. I am testing this item for free. I just got it and I love it! If there are any issues that arise, I will update. The scale is in action in the video. You will need a plug-in cube for the outlet, it has a built in battery and charging cord. Should the built on battery fail, I had a pair ofAAA batteries to insert. I am not sure why you would need that.

👤When we found a kitchen scale, we were a little unsure but we were very pleased with the box we opened. It feels sleek and solid, with a sturdy glass top and rubber feet on the bottom. It's slim enough to be easily stored or hung out of the way thanks to a slot in the back, yet it's adequate for most kitchen uses. The scale has a battery compartment for back-up batteries, but also comes with a charging cable. The display is bright and crisp and easy to read, with options of using grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters. Our cooking doesn't require a lot of weighing, but we are starting to get into making our own sausage blends, and being able to weigh portions of meat and other ingredients is becoming more important. The scale will handle it with care. The tare function allows the user to factor out the weight of any container being used so that an accurate picture of only the ingredients can be determined. If I wanted to weigh out 5 ounces of rice, I could use the Tare function to zero out the scale, then add the rice and know that the final weight is just rice, and not the bowl as well. It looks good, it is easy to use, it is accurate, it has a small storage footprint, and it can take a lot of the guesswork out of your kitchen work. It has been more than a year since we bought the scale. I realized how often I pull it off the wall when I realized we needed a scale. Prepare portions for freezer and vacuum packing. We made our own breakfast sausage and used it to figure out how much spice was needed for the meat. It's wonderful to have this little workhorse.

4. THINKSCALE Digital Accurate Features Back Lit

THINKSCALE Digital Accurate Features Back Lit

Make it compulsory. There are mammals. It's ideal for diet control and measuring calories. The digital food scale has multiple high precision sensors, which help you measure baking, cooking, milk, and ingredients with refined accuracy. Max. Weighing: 11 lbs 5 lbs, Increments: 0.1oz/1g, Min. weight recommendation: 3 g. The cooking scale has a bowl with pouring spout and graduated scale that can be used for accurate measurement of water, milk and solid foods. It is easy to store and flips up and down to save space. The tare button allows you to subtract the weight of the bowl to get the net weight of what you are weighing or clear all of them. The food scales for kitchen have a calibration feature. The digital scale grams and ounces can be changed from kilogram to ounce by pressing the switch on the back. There is a large back-lit display that can show numbers. There is a 2 year warranty and lifetime support provided by Thincline. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem with your food weight scale. You can get compensation if you're dissatisfied within 30 days.

Brand: Thinkscale

👤I need an electronic scale. It is able to control the dosage accurately. The dessert will not fail because of the incorrect dosage. This product is very cheap, and it also has a bowl. You don't have to buy batteries. As soon as you receive it, you can start using it. It's cheap and worth it.

👤This helps me measure the weight I need. It is very easy to use and I can easily clean it up.

👤I bought this scale for the top tray design. I don't need to use another bowl to hold things because it can hold most of the food I need to scale. It's very convenient. It can scale a range of 5 kilogram things. It can hold a large glass bowl, and I use it for bakery. The top tray is plastic, which is a concern. If you have concerns, please note.

👤I use this product to make some snacks. The scale is small so it is easy to store in my kitchen.

👤The product is good for people who want to excise. I have been trying to control my diet by calculating my food and calories. I feel great about myself. I can probably get fit in two months.

👤I bought this scale as a must have for baking and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The scale is easy to use and the material is easy to clean. I have used it for two weeks and no one has complained.

👤So far, it's pretty good. It is easy to turn it on or off. To change units, press tare. It has batteries and a bowl. The scale is made of plastic. Baking and cooking are normal in the kitchen. It can take up to 11 lbs so it's good for me.

👤I have a different amount of weight.

5. Bowl Gifts Baking Cooking Weight

Bowl Gifts Baking Cooking Weight

The blue backlit display is clear in any light setting with a low battery and overload indication. The minimum measurement is 1g. 1000g, 0.1g, and 1000-5000g are unique dual Increments. The bowl has a flip up and down mechanism. A space saving protective cover can be used to measure without the bowl, and easy storage in small size can be used to store free mix ingredients. There are various unit options that weigh up to 11 lbs and 5 lbs across 5 units of measurement. Clear Results: The large back-lit display offers increased visibility, so you can read your results more easily. There are multi-functions. Satisfy all your measuring needs from large meat, beef, pet, cat/dog food, hair color to small coffee, mail, postage, letter, jewelry, seed, drug, and more.

Brand: Etekcity

👤The scale is more accurate than I expected. Wow! I was completely frustrated with the Polder scale that we bought. Baking can make a big difference when the scale is less than 2 grams. The old was slow to register and expensive. Wow, this new scale. It's cheap, it's fast, and it's accurate. How accurate? A member of our family works in a lab and has access to reference weights. The scale was tested with 1 g dead on, 2 g dead on, 10 g dead on, 20 g dead on, and 50 g dead on. The scale that costs less than $20 is unbelieveably accurate. If I could, I would give this scale more than 5 stars.

👤The scale is malfunctioning, the batteries are dead when I use it again, and the scale is turned off. This has happened three times now and it has eaten 6 batteries. I replaced the batteries because I thought they were the ones that came with the scale. It happened again. I took the batteries out after each use, but it got old quick. I was hoping that it would be okay to leave them in once. Dead again. I don't know if that scale is turning on somehow, or if it's just a weird issue that causes it to drain the batteries even when it's off, but whatever. I am not sure if others have had this issue or if I am just the lucky one, but either way you have been warned to buy at your own risk.

👤I received a kitchen scale a few days ago to replace the one that had been there for 14 years. My old scale weighed in at 1g up. I wanted a scale that could do what my old scale did, so I tried a few other scales. The scale does a better job than I anticipated. It weighs from 1g to 0.1 gram, but there is a catch, as you can see in the pictures. If you have something on it that already weighs 1g, it will be 0.1g better. In one of the pictures, it reads 299.9, and in the next one, it reads 300.2 after I added yeast. I made a poolish for may artisan bread and only needed a small amount of yeast, so this was perfect. This scale is recommended by me. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the scale around the two buttons is not "sealed" as it should be. If you drop flour, you can clean the cracks with a brush. Some always get stuck there. I put cling film on that spot. You can still use the buttons, but wipe off any ingredients that might fall on them. The manufacturer should look into this issue. It would be 5 stars to me.

👤If you are looking for a scale that is precise, I tested it with a 500g calibration weight and it weighed in at 501.2g, which is close to what you would get from the box. You can't calibrate the scale because it's not exact. It is easy to use, but I wish you could calibrate it to make sure it is accurate.

6. Nicewell Graduation Waterproof Tempered Platform

Nicewell Graduation Waterproof Tempered Platform

CROWNFUL offers a 12 months warranty for quality issues. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. This kitchen scale is FCC/CE/RoHS certified. It's easy to use. The digital food scale has built-in four high-precision load sensors, an accurate 0.1oz/1g increment, 0.1oz to 22 lbs measurement range, and high sensitive touch switch units to easily access and display measurements within a second. A large lcd display and a 9x6 platform make it easy to read in g, kg, lb, oz, and FL.oz. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The design is called a progressive design. The food scale has a sleek surface for easy clean up and is water resistant, making it easy to wipe off spills. It's easy. tare calculation can be accomplished with a tare button that allows you to subtract the weight of the plate or container. Great support. If you reach out to them for a product problem, they will solve it to the end.

Brand: Nicewell

👤I've used it for many things. I have diabetes and it helps me to weigh certain foods to determine their nutrition characteristics. I've used it to determine the amount of water in odd containers. I used it to determine the weight of the battery operated leaf-blower my wife uses on our porches. She likes the light weight of this one and it needs to be replaced. I got the black one. It fits on top of the microwave. It wouldn't be known unless one made a concerted look. I just need to wipe it now and then, because I haven't wet the whole thing. The worst culprit is fingerprints. I can say that it gives consistent readings, even though I haven't tested for accuracy per se. The tare function and the button to change units of measure work well together. It is very convenient. I can read the numbers with my eyes. It seems sturdy. The auto shut off in 90 seconds. I haven't had it shut off in the middle of anything I've been doing. I can say that I can positively comment on accuracy after using this for a while. The readings I get are very consistent with what I get when I weigh meat at the butcher shop. Thumbs up for accuracy. I thought it would be helpful.

👤The scale is an excellent value despite a few misleading specifications and some unhappy users. You have to realize that a scale that can weigh anything from 1 gram to 22 lbs cannot possibly be accurate for 1 gram or more. The measurement mechanics need a little runway to start working, so no scale works accurately at its lower limit. A high-powered race car built for 300 mph cannot operate at 0.1 mpg when it's scaled. Ditto for this scale. If you add a weight to it, it can read down to 1 gram. I hit TARE to zero the scale after adding a small object weighing 20 grams. I added a 1 gram lab weight and it read 1 gram. There were comments about the sensitivity across the surface. It will. It is not a $1,000 scale. When operating above its lower scale end, the unevenly distributedness disappears. How often do you measure something of little weight without a container? One usually uses a container or cup. I did a few un-tared weight tests and it was always within 2g. There is a Adding a container and using TARE to zero, it was measured from 1g. This scale is not the one you should use if you plan on making very light weights like mixing powders of a few grams or less. A low cost balance beam scale will set you back more than $100. This is a good scale for cooking. It comes with a LIFETIME warranty. I only took off one star because of the lack of information, the extremely minimal manual, and some misleading promotional videos. What more can you expect from such a low cost? I will be testing their other products when I get a hold of them.

7. Geekclick Kitchen Measuring Graduation Stainless

Geekclick Kitchen Measuring Graduation Stainless

The digital kitchen scale has a convenient size that makes it easy to store, and it takes up little storage space in a kitchen drawer, cabinet, or travel bag. CR2032 coin batteries are included if there is no operations within 2 minutes. The digital food scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of 22 lbs and accurate weight graduation to 1g/0.05oz. The range is between 0.05oz to 22 lbs. Every time, the digital kitchen scale has high precision load sensors that ensure accurate food portion measurement. The food weight scale has easy touch buttons, a large blue backlight display, and 4 unit options. You can use the baking scale to weigh food, small items, and liquids on the kitchen scale by converting it between the 4 units with a touch-sensitive button. The tare feature resets the scale to zero and will subtract the weight of a bowl or plate from your measurement. The auto-off feature turns the grams scale off after 2 minutes, saving energy and prolonging the battery lifespan. The food scale comes with two batteries so that you can use it immediately. The new platform food measuring scale is more durable and easy to clean than other scales. The new kitchen food scales are covered with a blue protective film to protect them from the elements.

Brand: Geekclick

👤Really like the scale. I can put a plate or large skein of yarn on the large size so I can still see the display. I like the responsiveness of the keys. I'm really happy I got this scale.

👤The scale is great. This is my favorite of the many that I've had. It's easy to use and works well. You can watch my video to learn more about it. I used it to make a homemade sauce. It looks like a new one. I learned after making the video that a long press on the power button turns it off. It comes with batteries and an instruction sheet so you can get started. You can use it in a minute. I still haven't read the instructions, but I love them. You can use the card inside to get a lifetime warranty as well. The weight is in lbs/oz, ml, and grams. This is a victory. I highly recommend it.

👤Excellent value for the price, a small food scale. It is easy to use and accurate. The weigh in is different as well. Highly recommended.

👤The design of the scale makes it easy to keep it in a safe place. It is accurate. I knew how much I had to see if the scaled was accurate. It is easy to use and read.

👤The scale is perfect for all your weighing needs. I was surprised by the quality and accuracy of the scale. The scale has a sleek design. It is easy to clean. I use weight watches to weigh everything. There is a The numbers on the display are small. It has a large surface. I like the Tate Button because it takes the weight of my bowl or dish into account. I like that it only uses two batteries. The weight of the food on the scale is not affected by it. The food is measured in ounces, grams, and liters. I want to change the display to show how much I have eaten. The scale will shut off if I don't turn it off. I am very happy with the performance of the scale. The scale is an excellent value. It is small, sleek and accurate.

👤I was looking for a scale like this. I use metric unit instructions when baking and this is a big help. It saves me a lot of time if I don't have to search for conversions. It also measures liters. Wow! The batteries are included.

👤The basic functions of a kitchen scale are performed on the great scale. It holds up to 22 lbs, which is great for shipping. The units of measurement are grams, milliliters, and pounds/ounces. Even with one hand, the on/off switch is easy to use. The scale is easy to use and bright. 2AAA batteries are used. I have measured a few things and it is very accurate. If you put a dish on there first, it will calculate the weight of the dish to give you an accurate food weight. I would buy it again.

8. Taylor Stainless Analog Kitchen Capacity

Taylor Stainless Analog Kitchen Capacity

2 xAAA batteries are included. Enjoy lifetime support. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them at any time. Taylor has been making precision products for kitchen measurement for over 150 years, using the highest quality components for accurate weights. You can measure in pounds, ounces, kilogram, or grams up to 11 lbs (5 kilogram) with 1-ounce and 50-gram increments. The red and black graphics are easy to read on the large 5 inch dial. The traditional design blends into any kitchen d├ęcor, while the polishedstainless steel finish looks sophisticated. The scale can be adjusted by using the adjustment knob at the base of the unit. Remove and clean the weighing bowl with warm soapy water. This kitchen scale is backed by a 1-year so you can make your purchase with confidence.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤There is another piece of garbage. The clear plastic face went flying when the litteraly fell off. I was unsuccessful in getting it back on. The weighing mechanism felt very stiff when weight is added to the scale, and the needle didn't move until after 1lb was added.

👤For example, if I put a 2 pound weight on it, it would be registered as 1 pound.

👤The quality was not good and was made in China.

👤I read reviews for many different scales. Most everything is junk these days. I bet that I would get one that worked properly, so I ordered this one. The product box had no damage. The scale was wrapped with cardboard and plastic to prevent damage inside the box. The base was manufactured out of alignment and is very flimsy. I twisted the base as much as I could to make it level, so now it only rocks if you put too much pressure on it. I tried to push the bowl out with my hands, but it was too late. The large one left two smaller dents where the correct one used to be. The scale seems to record accurately the items I weighed. We'll see how long it lasts, but based on the build quality, I'm not optimistic.

👤I wish I hadn't bought this scale. I weigh various amounts of clay from 1/2 pound to 10 pounds. I put something on the scale and it always came back to a different starting point. Maybe this would work if you're weighing heavier items. Maybe you could put the money towards a scale that works. There was no physical damage. I know how to adjust and zero the scale. I tried some wd-40, but it was not successful. I called the company because my return had expired. I only had to explain what happened and they would initiate the return. I'm changing my rating to 3 and hope the next one works better. Will let you know.

👤I work in a restaurant and it's important to portion food in order to control food cost but our scales broke and we couldn't use them. I thought to give it a try after finding this one. Everyone seems to be very pleased with the new scale and the bowl tray. It was difficult to keep portion bags in the flat service because our scales were flat. The new scale is easy to use and will allow us to get our work done faster. I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow.

👤The style and function of this product are very pleasing to me. When my dad and I butchered our deer, I bought it for weighing venison. I have tried digital scales, but they turn themselves off after a while, and it's hard to see the reading on top of the scale. Not with this scale. The numbers are easy to read. The dial under the bowl makes adjusting for additional weight on the scale easy. You don't need to hold down buttons or switch between units of measure. It's always on and ready to go. My mom said that I should keep it at her house.

9. Forcefree Calculate Calories Stainless Multifunction

Forcefree Calculate Calories Stainless Multifunction

The kitchen scale is powered by 2 xAAA batteries and comes with a 15-year warranty and friendly customer service. The Smart food scale can be used to calculate calories, fat, andProtein in food, it can be used to display the scale data in real time, and you can call up a large database of food to calculate calories, fat, andProtein. The total amount of ingredients in your food can be analyzed by the smart app. Data recording and analysis. You can set a healthy diet plan, check the accurate nutrition of the food you eat, save the intake history data of various food ingredients, the APP will automatically record and organize the data in the form of graphs and charts to help you control your food intake. A food scale for loss built-in high precision load sensor with minimum weight measurement unit of 1g/1oz is capable of measuring up to 5000g. Scales are available to meet the needs of different food uses. The tare function allows you to put the food into a bowl or kitchen utensil for weighing, giving the food an accurate weighing while ensuring the food is clean. The backlit screen on the food weight scale allows you to read the weighing data in low light conditions. The clean design is made of clean steel and easy to clean. It has hanging holes on the back that make it easy to hang the scales on a hook. A service called an aperitif-sales service. If you don't like the food scales for kitchen, they will give you a full refund. If there is a quality problem with the food scale grams within 18 months, they are willing to provide you with satisfactory after-sales service or return service. If you don't like the food weight scale, please contact them in time and they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Forcefree+

👤I use it to measure weight for small things. It's easy to use and help to get different units.

👤The scale and app are easy to use. The scale can show even light weighted things, for example 2 or 3 grams. The app helps me to know the calories I take daily.

👤It is portable and accurate.

👤We decided to use this product because my wife is very conscious about diet plan. It is an amazing scale to keep a track of your diet plan. Highly recommended.

👤The app was confusing and had no help with tech support. Returning.

👤The Forcefree+ Food Scale is arriving at the right time. You need to know how much food you are consuming in order to count calories. The scale is easy to use. There are two buttons and two AA batteries. One to change the type of weight you want and on/off button. Gram, etc. Tare is a very handy tool because it zeroes out the scale with a container on it. The "SmartApple" app allows you to choose the type of food you are weighing, and it will tell you how many calories and fat it contains. I'm using a different app to keep track of my food intake, but there are some additional diet management components to the app. The device is small and doesn't take up a lot of counter space. It is easy to keep clean. The instructions are limited and not much help. This is offset by the fact that you should be able to use it once it is in the app. I will be using this daily.

👤The scale is thin and lightweight. It shows that all weights are accurate, because I measured it against their bags. A kitchen scale is a great tool for baking, or for those European recipes that use grams of noodles or weights of vegetables rather than cups or sizes. This is helpful for identifying a medium onion. I would recommend this scale.

👤It works perfectly, the scale was needed for cooking. The batteries were very nice.

10. Ozeri ZK14 S Digital Multifunction Kitchen

Ozeri ZK14 S Digital Multifunction Kitchen

The platform is food safe. Their team in California Anaheim is ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale. Accurate, elegant, easy-to-use digital kitchen scale for your largest and smallest cooking projects - weighs up to 11.94 lbs (5000 grams) with precise graduations of 0.05 oz (1 gram) and is easy to use. The Automatic Unit Button instantly converts between 5 units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read screen. The net weight of your ingredients is calculated by subtracting the weight of any bowl or container. The weighing platform is finished in chrome and has 2 large buttons that can be used to confirm a click. Cleans and stores are easy to find.

Brand: Ozeri

👤It worked out great. I loved it. That lasted two weeks. After two weeks, it broke and is useless. I left a negative review because there was no way to return it. The seller contacted me and asked me to remove my review. He explained that he switched manufacturers because of the issues with the scales. He seemed genuine. The review was removed 9 days ago. I contacted him twice but didn't see a refund. He gets a review again. The product is a bad one and comes from a seller who doesn't hold up his word.

👤I bake bread at least once every two weeks, sometimes a little more frequently based on consumption, and always got frustrated with the difference in the size of the loaves and boules. We put off buying a kitchen scale because of the small space in our kitchen. I decided to look for a scale that would be small enough for storage, but still have the ability to measure the weights as precise as possible, after baking bread the last time. I was not interested in getting a scale with a watch battery and also one that didn't round the numbers up, so I looked at a few different scales on Amazon. The Ozeri Pronto has a small profile, uses twoAAA batteries, and is precise within.1%, based on the testing that another review for this product was able to determine. English muffin and Black Canyon sourdough breads were made using the Ozeri Pronto food scale. The English muffin bread was broken into two loaves and the Black Canyon bread was broken into six parts. I made three loaves using our new cooker.

👤I have been using this daily to weigh coffee beans. It worked well for a while, then it started showing negative weight on the scale a few seconds after you turned it on, and for as long as you wanted. If you zero it out, it just does the same thing over and over again, so you can't trust what it says when you actually start weighing something. I tried changing out the batteries with new ones, but they still work the same way. Shame on me for not checking the reviews before buying, I'm not the first person to have this issue with this scale.

👤I've had this scale for a while now. I use it daily to measure out my food. The scale seemed to be working well at first. It has started giving me problems in the last few weeks. Within a second or two, the scale reading will change from zero to two and then back to zero. Even though the surface I was using was the exact same as from the beginning, I tried several different surfaces to make sure it was set on a level surface. I tried it with different containers and items to make sure it wouldn't cause an issue. I'm not happy with the quality and longevity of this scale.

👤A small food scale for the price. There is a The seller didn't list accuracy specifications. There are pictures included. I did a simple test with 4 test points, 1000, 2500, 4000 and 5000 grams, and the readings were 1000, 2500, 4001, and 5004 grams. This price is pretty amazing.

11. AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

The digital kitchen scale has a screen. Minimum of 2 grams of food is weighed. The advanced sensor technology can deliver quick and accurate responses. The results are displayed in ounces, grams, and pounds. The tare button subtracts container weight from the scale so you only measure what you want. It is approximately 8.7x7.1x1.6 inches. Two batteries from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I've owned scales that were designed to do things that would drive you crazy, but this one has been designed to do things that will not drive you crazy. It can be turned on with something on the scale. - It's not annoying to have a delay before automatic shutoff. - The tare function has a history function so you can work backwards if you need to. When weighing large objects, like plates, the readout sticks out far enough that you can still read it. It doesn't use hard-to- find batteries. Reliable, intuitive, and inexpensive. The only way to improve this scale is to increase its accuracy.

👤The scale is a bargain. I set my weight on it and it was spot on. It is easy to tare and switch to other measures. It's a nice, small size. It is well made and can be used for a long time since it is pretty new. I have other scales that seem better built. Highly recommended.

👤I was very happy with the scale and its performance. After two uses, it shut down mid-use. It takes about 3 minutes to make pour over coffee. If the scale balance doesn't change, the automatic shutoff feature in this scale will only be used for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This seems to be faulty as it will shut off automatically when I am pouring coffee. It doesn't happen at 2 min, 15 min but sooner.

👤I wanted to make pour over coffee. Even if the weight on the scale is changing, the scale can't be relied on to stay on for 3 minutes at a time. Sometimes it would stay on for a while, sometimes it would turn off. Sometimes the reading would drift by a few grams. It wouldn't stabilizing. I'm pretty disappointed in this scale.

👤The item does not fit in a container. We thought the weights looked low for the amount of food. We found that the low weights given by the scale were consistent when we weighed items with weights on the packaging. You can see the weights on the products if you zoom in.

👤These suckers are very cute. They die quickly when water gets in them. I just order a new one because they are so cheap. The display is easy to read. The scale is accurate and has some nifty functions like being able to show the weight of what was added and then show the whole. It's easy to do.

👤The scale didn't read any weight being added. I was trying to add an additional 8 grams of ingredients, but the scale was still in place and suddenly changed to a 15 gram increase. In the middle of using it, the scale shuts down. The auto shutdown is one of the longest delays that I have seen, but it's 2 and a half minutes no matter if you are adding weight or not. During the addition of ingredients, the scale has shut down 3 times. That is a good way to ruin a recipe.


What is the best product for food measuring scale for weight loss?

Food measuring scale for weight loss products from Nicewell. In this article about food measuring scale for weight loss you can see why people choose the product. Greater Goods and Megawise are also good brands to look for when you are finding food measuring scale for weight loss.

What are the best brands for food measuring scale for weight loss?

Nicewell, Greater Goods and Megawise are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food measuring scale for weight loss. Find the detail in this article. Thinkscale, Etekcity and Geekclick are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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