Best Food Organizer for Pantry Cereal

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1. Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

If the product isn't working out or worth the money, they will give back all the cash with no questions asked. You can keep the great products. The topnotch kitchen organization has food containers. These organizers will keep your pantry cabinets neat, organized, and ready for anything you need. 2 extra large containers, 4 large containers, 4 medium containers, and 4 small containers are included. The containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The 4-hinge locking system of these food storage containers with snap lids forms an airtight, watertight seal between container and lid to ensure no spilling! The Superior bundle is a good one. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 14 premium Tupperware canisters and chalkboard markers will help keep everything organized. chalkboard labels are an extra bonus. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤These are nice quality and can hold a lot of food. The picture shown makes them appear to be clear plastic, but it is not as clear as the photo. That makes sense. It is not clear if the plastic is clear or white. I am just being picky and they are fine. The quality is great and they work for what I need.

👤The ROLLS ROYCE of food storage. Absolutely love these containers from Chef. I have been looking for a good set for a long time and am happy I found them. The containers are of a higher quality than others and the price is more affordable. I like the fact that the lid handles are made of plastic and that they are easy to stack on top of each other. The locking mechanism works well and is not difficult to open. The pen, chalkboard, and measuring spoon set are great additions to the set. Everything you might need for organization has been provided. The sizes of the containers are perfect for my needs. I like the fact that the company contacts you by email after purchase to make sure you're happy, and I feel like these are going to hold up well over time and serve as great staple pieces in my pantry. I would definitely buy this again, and am already thinking about ordering more to make my pantry even more organized.

👤Absolutely love these containers. I like the smell of plastic. They don't have a smell, and are keeping everything fresh. The box they can in was very organized. Highly recommended and will definitely order again.

👤I would give this a zero rating. They had more good reviews than bad. I should have listened to the reviewers that were bad. I was excited to use these after cleaning my pantry. These are all small containers. There is a photo of Pasta in ContatIner. I don't know how to get the lid on without breaking the pasta. I'm out $45 because they can't be returned. They smell and are hard to close. I think that's the reason they have a no return policy. My husband told me to make sure that I return it before I buy it. You can get some from the dollar store for less.

👤They do not have a full bag of flour or sugar.

👤The company and the customer service are great. The containers are of high quality. The kids fit well. It is a great value for your money. We looked at several containers online and thought they were the best value. We were a little worried about what we would get but we could return them if we didn't like them. What a pleasant surprise! The containers are perfect in size and thickness. We love them. This company's customer service is off the charts. They pride themselves on their customer service. We received a message from the Co-Founder assuring us that everything was good and that we loved our containers. He promptly answered our questions when we replied back. I thought we didn't get what we ordered because my wife ran off with containers. The Co-Founder went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. There is a place on the home page of the company to send messages. They welcome your comments and their contact info is right there, no digging through pages or searching for it. Many companies could learn from their customer service. I highly recommend their products.

2. Airtight Container Set CINEYO 7 Canisters Organization

Airtight Container Set CINEYO 7 Canisters Organization

School and working lunch box. Portion control. Meal preparation. A healthy diet. The Durable Square Containers are STACKABLE and will fit into your refrigerator, freezer, which will allow you to get the kitchen organized and free up space in the pantry. These clear containers are easy to clean and ready to use. There are 7 PIECES SET CONTAINERS - 1 tall container (1.9 liters), 2 medium containers (1.2 liters), 2 small containers (0.8 liters), 2 mini containers (0.5 liters) and full range of sizes to satisfy your storage requirements! It's perfect for storing solid foods such as flour, grains, beans, nuts, sugar, snacks, noodles, coffee beans and tea, and also for holding liquids such as water, drinks, soup, and so on. The sealed food storage containers are made of high-quality plastic material and the lid is made of high-quality silicone. Their containers are drop- resistant. The plastic of these containers is very clear, so you can identify the contents without opening them. To keep food fresh, you can open or close their plastic containers with only two fingers. Simply flip the ring to open or close. There are free labels and markers. Keep track of what's in each container and never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda.

Brand: Cineyo

👤They're fine. Some reviews have said that the measurements are a bit smaller than advertised. The canisters are flimsy, they feel like plastic will break if you look at them wrong. The chalk marker that I received did not write well, but that's fine. I didn't know why I bought these. The lids are the real issue. They are not good. They are not very sanitary. The soft plastic seals fold over when they close. The locking mechanism causes the lids to close at odd angles. I had to take every lid to dry them because they pooled up with water inside the lid or inside the seal, even though they were not water-tight. I bought them for what I wanted, but I wouldn't recommend them or buy them again.

👤The ounces are not close to reality. I tried to put a 12 ounce box of cereals in a 28 ounce container, but it only took half the box. It is more like 6 to 8 ounces. Remember about half of what they say if you remember the volume. I need to find a use for them and buy ones that are more accurate. I think it's false advertising but I think I can't return them because I put stuff in them. It was brutal!

👤The containers are sturdy. The only reason for a 3 star review is that they are small. I wanted to be able to store larger amounts of dry goods. I keep them because I can store tea, coffee, and maybe some spices. The containers would be perfect if they were bigger. I would pay more for that.

👤The containers are easy to seal. I have arthritis and I can't handle Tupperware's sealed lid because I love it so much.

👤Most of the ingredients that I order come in bags which are hard to store, so I have a pantry, but most of the ingredients I order come in bags. I was looking for storage solutions when I saw this set of containers. The pantry shelf was the perfect size for the containers. I was thrilled with the quality of the product and the fact that the pen and black labels were included. It is much easier to get the ingredients I need now that I know how to open the containers. Great product!

👤DIMENSIONS The lid takes up 1 12 inch of the height, which is down from the top of the container to the top of the lid. I am trying to give a very clear description, hope all these details are understandable. The total height of the space is given since the lid goes down, but they allowed for this in the design so they hold even amounts. Each one is square 3 12 x 3 12 2 that hold 2 cups and measures 4 14 high and 6 14 high. Don't forget to add 1 12 inches to the height measurements. The small container has 2 14 inches of space and 1 12 of height. When a few people said they were easy to open, they weren't kidding. It was a lot more than that. My right hand is weak and hurts to hold a pencil after having surgeries on both thumb joints. With these containers, I can flip the lid open with one hand, which is very sore. They are very strong.

3. Pack Airtight Food Storage Container

Pack Airtight Food Storage Container

The design of the cereal holders has been designed to minimize space. The narrow body of these containers will allow you to maximize and organize space in your kitchen and pantry, while requiring less space and being easy to fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cupboard. The food storage container set keeps your food dry and safe. The airtight lid protects your food from pests. A practical design helps maximize your space and keep items organized. It's great for countertops, pantry shelves, refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, closets, cupboard. And more. It's ideal for storing dry goods in the pantry such as cereals, flour, sugar, coffee, rice, grain, beans, nuts, snacks, pet food, baking supplies and more. Made of high quality plastic that is food safe. It's easy to clean and organizes your kitchen cabinet or pantry. The set includes 6 x-large containers, 6 large containers, 6 medium containers, and 6 small containers. The measuring spoon set and chalk marker have free bonus labels. The set includes 6 x-large containers, 6 large containers, 6 medium containers, and 6 small containers. The measuring spoon set and chalk marker have free bonus labels.

Brand: Seseno

👤These are not clear plastic containers.

👤I opened my package. I don't think I would need to be a body builder to get these things apart. You need someone with strength to pull them apart. Maybe call on Mr. T or even the superhero. It took me 20 minutes to get them out of each other, and I broke one. The kids don't just snap on, these are different and take some getting used to. I am exhausted from the workout and haven't put anything in them yet. So far it's been good.

👤I was excited to receive this and organize our pantry as we redo it. It's only a matter of time before some of them start tearing because 2 of them have flaps that are falling off and at least half of them have small tears on the corner of the lids. I sent a message to the seller asking if they would send replacement lids or where I could get them, but have yet to hear back. It's going to be a huge pain to empty them and send them back, but I'm going to have to replace them soon anyways. Don't recommend!

👤It makes my pantry look organized. One of the containers was shipped around the edge, so I gave it 4 stars. I didn't feel like I had to return it for a new one. I had some issues trying to snap the lids down. Hopefully my 11 year-old doesn't have any problems closing it. I like it, but only if it's not that.

👤The packaging was very good. The product is good.

👤Two of the canisters were damaged and one had a crack. The shipping box was torn and the canisters did not fit to close. It is an awful item.

👤These are amazing. I wish I had seen this deal before buying a smaller set. Food can be kept fresh with these plastic containers. Highly recommend these!

👤Estn prcticos, ciertamente el plstico no es transparente. Lleg empacado y en las condiciones.

👤The tall ones are in the same amount as the rest sizes. The containers are usually 1 or 2 large. The package includes everything in equal numbers, measuring cups, labels and a nice touch.

👤The cantidad de recipientes is very easy to understand. hay un tamao para cada necesidad de almacenaje.

👤Son un caso es un plstico de la tapa, pero se romperan pronto.

👤Buen tamao. Muy resistente. The materiales are excelentes.

4. Cereal Container Storage Set Containers

Cereal Container Storage Set Containers

The attractive design of the deli wrap paper can be used to pack food and also to line the serving plates or baskets. Keep your food fresh and dry with their airtight container storage set. You'll never have an issue again with the four side-locking lids and silicone sealants. The Superior bundle is a good one. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 888-405-7720 chalkboard labels are an extra bonus. You'll be able to find anything stored inside the pantry storage containers set, which will keep cereals fresh, flour silky smooth for baking, and nuts easy access when chopping up dinner. You can pour your food without opening it with their convenient design. These containers are sealed with Silicon so they are odourless. Their grips are comfortable. If the product isn't working out or worth the money, they will give back all the cash with no questions asked. You can keep the great products.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤The pictures are not clear. The plastic is not clear like the canisters in the background of my picture, as others have noted. I was very disappointed to open the box and find the containers. I couldn't fit the pictured box into these. I'm not buying smaller boxes of cereals to fit a set of Tupperware. This is going back today. To the company, just be honest. If you use pictures that reflect the quality, size, and color of your product, you won't have to worry about people like me writing a negative review or returning.

👤My current project is to organize and make it look nice. I researched many sites to find the best containers. The most inexpensive set I found had good reviews. The reviews are the perfect size for me, even though a lot of them were too small. These fit perfectly on the shelf in my pantry. They hold a lot of food. A box of cereals that is a family size almost fits, but I don't mind pouring the rest in once I'm done eating. It would be difficult for my kids to handle a bigger item on my shelf. The problem of cereals going rancid because my 8 year old doesn't store it appropriately is solved by this. The opening is large enough to easily pour cereals for him. The reason for four stars is because there is a rubber seal that allows water around it when it is cleaned, but it does not easily release it. I have had containers with this type of seal that have molded around it. I was able to clean the seal with these. The seal is easy to dry, but the small hole in the lid that allows mold to grow has to be air dried before containers are filled. I am very happy with these seals. The chalk pen was an added bonus. Would definitely recommend.

👤I have five kids, four of them are boys. The food group for school aged boys is cereals. My boys couldn't figure out how to close the cardboard box with the bag of cereals in it. A different boy would search the pantry for his favorite cereals, most likely in a rush to eat them so his brother wouldn't eat them. I'm assuming it was a rush since there would be a lot of pantry debris on the floor. I was sick of the mess. I was sick of wasted food spilling all over the floor and my pantry looked like a starving boy disaster because of it. I ordered the containers in desperation. I've been a mom for a long time and have had containers of cereals before. All the cereals tasted like plastic. They were thrown in the recycle bin. It's time to try again. There is no plastic smell! They were air tight so the cereals stayed fresh. We just dump in a new box or cheaper bags. These have survived crashing from the pantry shelf to the floor without the lid popping off. hung don't want to know about our chip bag problems, so I'm looking into buying more containers. I would recommend them.

5. Vtopmart Airtight Containers Organization Canisters

Vtopmart Airtight Containers Organization Canisters

We offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need. Imagine walking to your kitchen or pantry and finding everything is neatly organized. You can get everything you want quickly now that you're no longer messy. The containers will make use of every inch of your kitchen pantry cabinets. Their kitchen storage container set comes in 4 different sizes. There are 10 Large Containers, 10 Medium Containers, and 10 Small Containers. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts and other dry goods. Storage containers with side-locking lid make them easy to open and keep food fresh. The storage system will keep your food fresh and dry. All of them have the same lids that make it easy to wash and reuse. Vtopmart pantry storage containers are made of plastic which is food grade and has a longer life than other plastic containers. You can easily get what you want without opening every container if you have clear containers. You will receive 32 Reusable Labels, except for the dry food storage containers. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤These were small containers. You would take personal containers for your lunch at work.

👤It was very nice, but hard for arthritic hands.

👤I love this product. I had a pantry and storage bins in that place. I use the smaller ones for open snack bags for cookies, homemade kimchi, candy and dried fruits. Must have!

👤It's perfect for the price, you just have to double check the measurements. My shelves look great with these containers.

👤The covers are not included.

👤Only one of them was broken.

👤The product is sturdy and leaves everything organized.

6. MDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer

MDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer

USER-FRIENDLY The built-in handles make it easy to handle the drawers and take up less space. Store and organize. This bin is great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry, and it's also great for keeping small packages of nuts. There are four divided sections. The built-in dividers make it easy to separate and organize your items, and the container is small enough to fit into a small kitchen cabinet, cupboard and pantry shelves. It works well on the counter, in cabinets, pantry, and more, and it can be used in any room of the house. Quality construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic. Do not place in dishwasher. Each measures 6 x 10 x 3.5 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤This worked perfectly for my kids snack drawer.

👤These are great for the pantry and kitchen shelves. This one works well for rice and quinoa packets and small boxes. Some pre-cooked rice packs don't stand up well. The dividers in this one make it easy to see what you have. Really strong. I have used dollar store containers for many years, and many will droop if you pick them up from one end, but this brand is the best. It's worth it to pay a little more for something that I will have a long time to use.

👤These are the best of all. They are pricey for my need, which is why I gave only four stars, but for other purposes could be a five. It was difficult to find a container that did not have divisions.

👤The material is strong and thick. I chose the larger size for my purpose. It works well. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The bin box is divided into four sections. The dimensions didn't work out for me. They were perfect for holding my remote controls on my coffee table. I'd bought and rejected many remote holders but now have one that works.

👤I love this for organizing packets of seasonings in my cabinet. It feels like it will last longer than others because it is a thicker plastic. I want to organize everything and make it pretty.

👤I bought several mDesign bins to organize my pantry. Very sturdy and well made. Highly recommend! I want more of them in my house.

👤This container was what I wanted in my pantry. I chose to divide it into grab and go and breakfast options, and it's perfect! Very sturdy and well made. I think it will hold up well for a long time, even though it is a bit pricey.

👤Our shelves are shallow and our sauce, rice and soup packets are sorted out, not all mixed up. We can see if we have run out of something. It does what it says it does.

👤I am in fault for an untidy person, but I think a couple more and a better pantry would look better.

👤This is a perfect way to organize bathroom cabinet stuff. There are bits and pieces like slips of painkiller. Highly recommended.

👤This is a great way to organize the cupboard. I have put soup packets in the box that I have removed from the other boxes.

👤The container is sturdy and has sections for packets. Excellent product for organizing. Happy with these.

7. Airtight Storage Containers VERONES Organization

Airtight Storage Containers VERONES Organization

Want to mark your container content with a label? They have you covered. The eighteen high quality waterproof labels were made from superior vinyl and have a crisp clean. Write, peel and stick that! Their food storage container set comes with 10 containers of 3 different sizes, making it a must-have in the kitchen. There are 2 extra large containers, 2 tall containers, 6 medium containers, 2 measuring cups, 20 labels and 1 marker. They are made of food grade material. The pantry storage containers are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean. The transparent body makes it easy to see how much is left. Their food storage containers come with side-locking lids that ensure maximum freshness and prolong food storage. They keep the food fresh by keeping the air out of it. Verones are perfect for storing dry food and baking supplies, such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, chips, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. There are enough openings to reach in with the measuring cup. The space is adequate for storage. The plastic storage containers will make use of every inch of your home kitchen. These stylish containers will help you organize your kitchen and pantry better.

Brand: Verones

👤It was a relief to have containers that fit my pantry. Why are containers rounded? These fit well and stack well as well. I can open and close them with my hands. The price for the number of containers is better than most. The large containers can hold a 5lb bag of flour or sugar. The bag of brown sugar fits nicely in the next size down.

👤I like these because they seem very durable and are high quality. We needed large containers that were large enough to hold a bag of tortilla chips, tall enough to hold spaghetti/linguine, and wide enough to hold a loaf of bread. It's great for beans and flours.

👤I love this product for two reasons. It's great for storage. It has made it easier to keep my food fresh. Excellent customer service is the second reason. The package was broken when it arrived. The company responded to my email immediately. They asked me a few questions and then sent me a replacement lid. It was perfect when it arrived today. The product and service made this a must purchase.

👤The item was ripped to pieces when it arrived. I think it was returned because the contents were already damaged. The set had a torn lid and partially attached lid. It wasn't worth the carbon load on the environment to return the whole set, so I taped it together. I had to remove the seals and dry them with a paper towel after washing them. It's hard to believe that they're not airtight if water is dripping through the seal. Guessing they will be ok for things like chocolate chips that aren't humidity or bug challenged, but am not optimistic about how the different types of flour will fare. Poor marks for reselling damaged goods and Mediocre quality product.

👤My husband said we wouldn't be able to fit them in our pantry because we already had so much. He was amazed at how organized our panty was. I can find everything now that they all fit. I could use a few more. These containers have great snapping lids. I recommend them.

👤The first order arrived with one damaged lid and 5 broken ones, but the video was the only tub missing. There is no support offered by the seller. There is an error on the web page.

👤I read a lot of reviews before placing the order, and I'm surprised at how well it went. It wasn't difficult to get them apart, even though they were in the packaging. Pull gently on opposing sides until it comes loose. I bent the flaps back and forth three times before closing them. The view of what's inside is not blocked by them. The plastic is thick and flexible, so I could see how it would break if a corner hit the floor. I agree with others that if you'll be washing them, take the rubber gasket out. We're using them to store dry goods, and they fit nicely on my lazy susan. The scoops, markers, and labels are bonuses. There were no issues writing with the marker. I haven't tried wiping it off yet, but there are plenty of stickers. So far, so good, can't speak about their longevity yet.

8. Rubbermaid 2108400 Premium Stacking Containers

Rubbermaid 2108400 Premium Stacking Containers

There is a satisfaction guarantee. They want you to be very happy with your rice dispensers, so they are offering you a risk-free purchase. If their set fails to meet or exceed your expectations, you can return it for a full refund. Purchase now and enjoy fresh food every day. Food storage containers are ideal for dry items. The space-saving design takes up less space in your pantry, countertop, or cabinets. Clear bases and see-through lids make it easy to identify content. The graduation marks are easy to measure and portion. The plastic is dishwasher-safe. The set includes two 18-cup cereal keepers and four pieces.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤I was going to buy the expensive ones because I like things that last a long time. These are perfect and half the price. I like that they are clear and not plastic. They are large enough to fit a box of cereals. The lid has a seal. It will be easy for my kids to use these, instead of ripping boxes and bags and half the cereals ending up on the floor. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤I bought this product to make it easier for my children to open and pour their own cereals. The product is easy to open. The open spout is easy to open and has a solid close. The large tab for the open spout is easy to access. The red lid is more difficult to open and reseal for me because I don't want it to pop open and dump the contents. I don't intend to refill it often. The container is too large for my children to wrap their fingers around, and the back of the container is small enough for a hand hold. They would need to hold the container with both hands. The hand hold is easy to use by an adult. The product is rectangular and doesn't waste space in the pantry. It has a flush top and almost flush sides which makes it feel like they are in close proximity to each other. I have included photos of the contents of different size boxes. The product is large enough to hold Family Sized cereals. There are cups on one side of the container and liters on the other side. The stickers were difficult to remove and needed soap, water, and oo to get all the gunk off. I would recommend this product to others. I wish this product came in other colors.

👤I bought these to keep the small animals out of the cereals. They have no value to us because they leak around the lid. I've included a couple pics of my "leak test" to illustrate the point, but you can just squeeze them with the pop-up lid closed, and you'll easily feel the air escaping all around the lid. The 13 Cup Rubbermaid "servin' saver" container was different. Even today, the container seals tightly. They're going back.

👤I love Rubbermaid products and the containers are easy to hold. I don't like having to spend an hour or so trying to take off the labels and clean the container. I had to pull the labels off in pieces and then try to clean the label because it is hard to pull off. Most of it was taken off by hot water and soap. I think the manufacturer could do a better job of making it easy for the consumer to pull the label off and use the product.

👤You can't put a family size bag inside a box of fruit loops. It's not sealed to be air proof and wouldn't recommend pouring it out. I was trying to find a way to store the bags so that the kids could pour out their own cereals and keep them fresh. This isn't it.

9. Airtight Storage Containers Vtopmart Organization

Airtight Storage Containers Vtopmart Organization

The design is odor resistant, stain resistant, and freezer safe. There are three containers, plus lids, for a total of 6 pieces. Help organize your kitchen and pantry. Imagine waking up every morning and walking to the kitchen to make breakfast and everything is neatly organized. You can get everything you want quickly now that you're no longer messy. They will make it easy to organize the pantry. The Super Value Bundle is a bundle. One set contains 20 containers, 1 tall container, 4 medium containers, 8 small containers, and a small container. It's perfect for storing flour, sugar, rice, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. Clear containers allow you to see what's inside. Their air tight containers are shatterproof and made of high quality material. The plastic of these containers is very clear, so you can identify the contents without opening them. You can open or close their plastic containers with only two fingers. Simply flip the ring to open or close. There are 24 reusable labels. These labels will help you avoid confusion between flour and baking powder. You can change contents whenever you need to.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤These were a waste of money and I was really disappointed in them. The part that snaps the lid open and closes is snapping off after a few months. Most of the things in the containers we don't use every day so it's not like they get a lot of use either. If possible, we would like to get a refund or replacement for the broken ones.

👤The mechanism works well. I am slightly disappointed. I thought the large containers would be bigger. The ones that are small are as expected. I had to buy more containers because none were big enough to hold a bag of sugar or flour.

👤I don't know how to write a review. Yes. The measurements of what it can carry. It was a waste of money and time to clean them because they don't hold what I intended for them. I have no use for them. I bought them because of the capacity it could hold, not because I have empty containers. Very upset and disappointed.

👤I like the look of these containers and the fact that they can be stacked up. I thought they were bigger. I am not familiar with the measurement and this is a result. The containers in the pictures are roughly a quarter of the size of each item. It won't fit full bags of anything except the 3 boxes of tea bags, so it's definitely for snacks or a small household.

👤The containers are good but not as big as I thought they were. I wasn't expecting small containers with great lids for that price. I wanted big containers that were open. I don't believe the larges one would hold a bag of flour or sugar. Read the sizes. I assure you that you will be disappointed if you don't. If you have only 2 to 3 people in the house, these are great. Not for your average household.

👤I expected this order to arrive later than that. I ordered the smaller pack first, but I loved the design so much that I ordered the larger pack. I like the tops. Each container has an insert that explains how to clean the lid. The container is clear so you can see what's inside. There are a lot of labels. I like how my pantry is organized.

👤These containers are great for organizing my kitchen. I realized my baking cupboard was out of control and needed to be reorganized after a busy Christmas baking season. I used my Cricut Maker to make vinyl labels for everything from different kinds of flours and sugars to all my different kinds of baking chips and nuts, after I bought a couple sets of varying sizes of these. There's no wasted space and nice lines in these. I bought the tall ones for pasta noodles and am working on organizing my pantry.

👤The containers were smaller than I thought they would be. Most of the pantry items they worked well. The purchase was made because of a problem with rodents chewing up pantry items. I liked the ability to open with one hand. It made the pantry more organized and easy to see, and it cleaned up the chaos that can occur there. I didn't use chalk stickers because I didn't like the way they looked and because you can see through plastic.

10. Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

The set includes a small dish, a medium dish, and a large dish. It's a perfect start to replace single-use plastic bags and plastic food storage containers with lids. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh. The measuring cup needs a screw on the pour spout. The container is ideal for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage. The container is small and portable to fit your pantry and refrigerator. Perfect for your rice cooker, the rice dispensers are enough to hold 2KG of rice.

Brand: Tbmax

👤This is a nice product and I appreciate its handiness, but it is very small and the photos in the product description can be tricky and deceptive. It's about 3.5 in x 6 in and 9.5 in tall, but that includes the cup that sits on top. For perspective, a typical phone is about 3x6, so imagine your phone going straight up for less than the height of a sheet of paper. Before you buy this container, make sure you know it's a small one. The larger container's photos look exactly like the small version, which is why there are larger options by this same seller.

👤It doesn't fit a five pound bag of rice. At least not for me. There are two more The cup is a bit clumsy putting it back on. There are 3 more The cups are hard to read. I think it's expensive for what you get. I would say it was worth it, but not at this price.

👤I keep my rice in these bins. The containers can hold a bit of rice. I like them in my pantry. Thanks!

👤I ordered it for rice. The pictures implied it was bigger than it really was. There is no way a box of cereals will fit in a small bag of rice. I will be back. This is the size to hold a bag of sugar. It's a good holder for something small, but not for what it was advertised to hold.

👤I bought two for rice and one for oatmeal. The container is smaller than I thought, it's suppose to be over 4 lbs. I attached a picture of a 5lb bag of oatmeal that I had already made a couple bowls of oatmeal with before filling one of the containers. The bag of oatmeal has quite a bit left. The quality seems decent, but the lid is a real problem. I jiggled the front into place after putting the lid on the back end. I don't think it's worth it for the size and price.

👤It's much easier to measure how much I feed the cats with the measuring cup I got. I use it daily and the markings on the measuring cup are starting to fade, but it is still as good.

👤I already had one of these and I bought another. I used the first one to store rice. It's hard to seal a box of rice up tightly enough to keep bugs out. This item helps to keep whatever you put in it fresh. I will use the new one to store pasta. The measuring cup on the lid is a bonus. It makes getting the right amount very easy. I may buy more in the future if the need arises. Great product.

👤Good products. The rice can be stored safely to avoid contact with the insect.

👤I use this container for rice.

11. Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Container BPA Free

Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Container BPA Free

You will also receive 24 labels if you have 15 containers. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. Save space and keep pantry organized by using the Rubbermaid Modular Food Storage Containers. It's great for pet food and easy to clean and scoop. Food can be kept fresh by keeping the lid tight. The containers stack are for storage. Container walls are thick and durable. There are Freezer-safe, top-rack dishwasher-safe, andBPA-free. A set of 10 food storage containers includes one 19.9-cup, one 16-cup, one 12-cup, one 8.1-cup, one 7.8-cup, one 6.6-cup, one 3.2-cup, one 1.3-cup, and two 0.5 cup mini containers.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤The wing closure on one of the tops was missing. One of the ten sets received is not usable. No response from Rubbermaid is the most annoying thing. If you're listening, please let me know how you'll fix it. I contacted Rubbermaid directly last week. They were efficient and kind. I will get a replacement top in the next week. I will report back. Amazon should look at its quality control. Amazon did not work with messaging.

👤I still love them on my second set. They are addicting. There are still no complaints. I have been wanting pantry storage containers for a long time. I wanted to buy the Oxo set. I decided to look at the oxo containers in person after reading the reviews. The oxo set does not work if flour gets on the rubber stopper according to one reviewer. I can see how this would happen after looking at the containers. I have a set of regular Rubbermaid containers that are hands down the best storage containers I have ever had. I wondered why fix what isn't broken. These containers are very dangerous. I was thinking of paying more for the Oxo ones. These things are nice. They're STURDY. They wash well. They are close to perfect. The button on top of the oxo ones are more visually appealing. They stack well and make my pantry look so clean. I just moved into an apartment and wanted to make sure my food was sealed in case of bugs. These have met my expectations. I will give these out as gifts when I buy another set. They are very nice. I highly recommend them. Save your money and grab these instead.

👤These are the most beautiful containers. It's better than oxo and less breakable. You will not regret!

👤One of my containers had no lid at all. I was told to send a proof of purchase and a picture to Rubbermaid in order to replace my product. They stopped responding to me and haven't sent a replacement. Very disappointed. The containers are lovely. I want a full working set for the price.

👤I redecorated my kitchen with these and I am in love with them. I can see how much I have. Since these are air tight, I know it will stay fresh.

👤The rubber ring on the Oxo push button containers did not grip when the lid slipped off because of the flour coating on it. The locking mechanism will never make that a problem with these containers. They are great! They are guaranteed not to leak. I highly recommend these! I bought a second set. They are made in the USA.

👤These containers are wonderful. I used to use OXO branded ones, but they made my cereals hard to eat. I only kept flour, rice, and white sugar in OXO containers. I have been using the Brilliant containers for a couple of years and they are durable and keep their air-tightness. I have tried many air-tight containers. I use them in the freezer and refrigerator for a lot of things, including garlic, chopped up onions, grapes, strawberries, cookies, cake slices, and donuts. They keep my baked goods fresh for a long time. The set is a good deal since it costs less than $20 I bought this set to store chips, crackers, and brown sugar, the ones OXO did not do a good job on before. The air cannot get through, so these are not as easy to open as the OXO ones. It is not difficult once you get used to it.


What is the best product for food organizer for pantry cereal?

Food organizer for pantry cereal products from Chef's Path. In this article about food organizer for pantry cereal you can see why people choose the product. Cineyo and Seseno are also good brands to look for when you are finding food organizer for pantry cereal.

What are the best brands for food organizer for pantry cereal?

Chef's Path, Cineyo and Seseno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food organizer for pantry cereal. Find the detail in this article. Vtopmart, Mdesign and Verones are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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