Best Food Pantry Cabinet Metal

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1. Sauder 422427 HomePlus Storage Cabinet

Sauder 422427 HomePlus Storage Cabinet

The item does not have fabric. There are two shelves behind the door of their storage cabinet. There are three shelves in the swing-out storage door. The storage cabinet unit can be assembled with swing-out storage on either side. 35 3/8" W x 17" D x 71" The weight was 142 lbs (64.9 kilograms). The back panel has cord access. The base levelers can be adjusted.

Brand: Sauder

👤This cabinet was heavily modified, so let's start with that. I wanted a Scrapbox, but it cost over a thousand dollars and I'm not rich. I searched Amazon and found this piece of furniture as a starting point. Some people said it took them around 8 hours to build, so I was a little cautious. I jumped in head first and ordered some other parts that I was sure would fit. Parts arrived! Applause! I pulled the cabinet out of the packing boxes because they must have packaged it better because of the older reviews. This thing is so heavy that the fedex lady left it out front, but luckily my roommate helped me bring it in because otherwise I'd have been pulling pieces in one at a time from outside. I got to work after laying out the pieces. I decided to time myself because I was certain it would take me less than two hours to build it, and my two year old decided it was fun to climb over it. 2.5 hours later, I had a cabinet, despite making a couple of minor mistakes and having to pull things apart to fix them. I was a little over my mark, but be careful when reading the instructions. The small door handle should have been put on before the other parts of the door. I had to cut the top and bottom shelves of my Wall Control pegboards because they weren't going to fit on the large door. The middle shelf was rigged so that it still has a finished front, but they cut a small part off and then we glue it back on. It was a little bit confusing, but it worked. I have moved onto my next project, a custom kitchenette for my son for X-Mas, and I need to go back in and blend the colors in, but I have already done that. I was concerned about the weight of the whole thing, but I had already bought an anti-tip kit for my 2 year old, so I went ahead and did it. I bolted the pegboard on through the door with nuts and bolts, I wanted to make sure it was secure. The majority of the work was done, but I wanted a chalkboard front. I tried to paint over the veneer, but the paint scratched off my nails. I had to go back and clean the front of the door. I have a chalkboard door after I painted it again. If anyone wants to attempt this, I used the cabinet and the wall control pegboards. There are small plastic organizers that fit in a little door.

👤The reviews I read were mostly bad. People are quick to judge the product over their abilities, which is why I could have just gotten lucky. The item arrived 4 days before the expected delivery date, thanks to a great price. The box was 150 lbs and the cabinet was 73 lbs. I am 27 years old. If that is the case, I managed to put this together and end up being a beginner novice. I had to open the box by the front door to unpack the contents, it was huge and heavy. You need to follow each step very closely. Making sure holes match the direction photos, making sure it is on the right angle, etc. I had put a shelf in backwards that could not be undone without undoing 5 steps. If you get frustrated like me, take your time, organization of all your parts and take breaks. It took about 4 hours to assemble. Everything was labeled great and there was nothing missing or broken. There are two different directions if you want to go on one side or the other. When I was messing with the doors I found laying the unit on the ground easier than standing it up. I was doing it as a one person job. I don't understand why they only provide 100 pre-drilled holes for the bottom part. I didn't have a drill bit. I had to be aggressive with myPhillips head. All was well in the end. I don't have any wobbling on the shelves or unit. It took me 5 tries and 20 minutes to get the unit balanced and center, if it wobbles even the smallest, you need to adjust the feet again. The back of the wall has a safety latch on it. The unit is stable and grounded so I can have it corner the way I want it. There are many options on shelf size and height. They are easy to change. I don't have any issues with my doors being crooked or getting stuck, they line up properly. I am very happy with my purchase, I think it was worth the money. I compared items for a long time before I made a decision. The lowest price I have seen for this exact unit is about $325 on most websites. Hope this helps!

2. Inval America Storage Microwave Laricina

Inval America Storage Microwave Laricina

There is a laminated in double-faced durable melamine. It is stain, heat, and scratch resistant. Storage space is concealed by 4 doors and 3 drawers. The dimensions are 15.3”D x 35”W x 66.1”H. The wood is engineered wood. The wood is engineered wood.

Brand: Inval America

👤I almost didn't buy it because of the bad reviews. I don't have time for reviews but I feel that the product was unfairly treated. This is the best quality particle board furniture I have ever seen. The boards are heavy and dense. It's like wood. The finish is clean and right angles. The instructions are good and the part is marked well. The design is very versatile. I'm not using it in the kitchen. The package arriving damages are not the fault of the product or manufacturer. The doors didn't fit well, so those who complain don't know how to assemble them. One may need to adjust the hinges with a screw driver. I was sent a package by Inval that included everything I needed, but later I realized it was my mistake and the package included everything I needed. The drawer's bottom was slightly bent but the mail a replacement. This review is not written by the seller or family. I love it!

👤I bought this cabinet to hold my kitchen appliances in order to free up counter space. It took me about 2 hours to put together, but I was very happy with my purchase, don't let bad reviews scare you from buying this, it was easy to figure out and put together.

👤I like this cabinet. I wanted to free up counter space. The shelf was too narrow for the oven to fit above the microwave, so we placed it below. If you don't have a lot of experience putting this type of furniture together, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this product. The cart is very heavy and it would be nice if it had locking casters. I put it together myself. I would need someone to help me lift it up.

👤I would give this zero stars. I am completely disappointed in this product after spending a lot of money and a lot of time putting it together. There is a half inch gap between the doors at the bottom. The door is in the way so my bottom drawer won't shut all the way. I have everything as tight as it will go and it is wobbly and unstable. The upper right door has a space between it and the side. The overhead shelf door is not flush with the top. I could keep going. Will be calling tomorrow to get a full refund. I'm angry that I have to spend more time taking it apart and figuring out a way to get it back.

👤If you buy something on the internet that you need to assemble yourself, it's not going to be a quality product. It's perfect for what it is, a particle board pantry that I will use for two years and then buy something nicer. The packaging was almost destroyed when I received it, but the pieces were in good shape. It fits perfectly in my kitchen and the storage compartments are a good size. The assembly was a nightmare. My boyfriend and his dad spent 3 hours on this beast. If you aren't a handy person, I would suggest buying something else or having someone else put it together for you. It was missing part 'N' and came with two 'L' parts. They were able to fix it by drilling the correct holes and flipping the duplicate piece, but it added to the frustration. I was not going to package this item back up and send it back, and a replacement part would have taken days. I didn't contact the seller about the issue since it worked out in the end, but it seems like this has been a recurring issue for other buyers. The end-product is great and looks exactly as it was pictured, the measurements are accurate, and it came within the specified delivery window. The assembly was very rough.

3. MDesign Farmhouse Organizer Cabinets Bathroom

MDesign Farmhouse Organizer Cabinets Bathroom

It is 10 x 12 x 5.75" high. An organizational structure. This bin keeps your kitchen organized by storing all of your essentials in one place. It's accessible. The built-in side handles make it easy to pull this tote off the shelf, out of cabinets or wherever you store them, and the integrated handles make them perfect for upper shelves. Functions and quotient: The perfect solution for organizing a lot of items - hats, scarves, video games, laundry needs, craft supplies and more; use in bathroom, bedroom, closet, laundry room, utility room, garage, hobby and craft room, home office, mudroom and entryways. The quality construction is made of sturdy steel wire with a rust-resistant finish. Each measures 12 x 9 x 8 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤We love the baskets that I've purchased to organize our pantry. The sizes are sturdy and exactly what we were hoping for. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤It's hard to find containers that fit my pantry. The shelves are only 12 inches deep and the doors are right up to them. Baskets that are less than 12 inches tall are not tall enough. These are great. They hold a lot of stuff that gets lost in the pantry. They look more expensive than they are because of the good quality.

👤I got these to organize a new chest freezer, but have used them for more. Quite strong! I was able to create an order for them in the side by side fridge/freezer because I found they would fit there. There were no wires at the welds. It's great for carrying things up from the basement. I thought I would need baskets bigger than these, but I am so happy I got this size, it's much more versatile than larger ones would be. I might end up ordering more later.

👤Baskets fit well on my shelves. If you are careful of how you fill them, they are not intended to be stacked as they fit inside each other. I have better access to the items in my pantry than I did without them. Would recommend and have.

👤I love these bin baskets. I ordered a set of 8 and I loved them so much that I ordered another set just 2 days after I received them. The price went up almost $25! I will not purchase at that new price but I will keep an eye out when they return to normal pricing.

👤These are functional and strudy. I had to redo my pantry because it held can goods. The color is classic and chic. It's strong. It is a perfect size for organizing. I would like to have a place for the labels. I like it!

👤I bought 2 sets of these because they are amazing. They look stylish in the pantry and you can weave fabric around them. I did half in fabric and the other half in metal. It looks great!

👤I got these for my pantry. They look great and make me feel more organized. I would like to see them find a way to ship with less packaging. There was a lot of plastic wrap. Otherwise, great!

👤Un perfecto, un calidad, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto, un gusto Apliamente recomendables.

4. Sauder Storage Cabinet Highland Finish

Sauder Storage Cabinet Highland Finish

There are four shelves. The wood construction is engineered. 5 year limited warranty.

Brand: Sauder

👤The cabinets are easy to assemble and I like that. I have assembled products like that. The instructions were easy to understand and the parts were clearly labeled. I ordered two of them, and the second one went together quickly. They look nice. The trim on the doors gives them a more custom look than a white, assembled, particle board cabinet. The hinges are heavy duty and the handles are brushed chrome. It was well packaged. The boxes arrived undamaged. Their biggest shortcoming is that every piece of Sauder Furniture I have ever assembled has been made of 34 inch particle board. This one is much thinner. It is more like a quarter inch. Really. When you push on them, some pieces bend. That is good and bad. It makes assembling the cabinet easier because two people can easily lift it. It is not heavy duty. If you read it carefully, you will see that it is stated in the description. The weight limit for the upper shelves is 25 lbs and the bottom shelf is 50 lbs. I wouldn't put that much weight on every shelf because I would be afraid of sagging. I am careful, but maybe half that. I needed it for storing lightweight items, so it suited my purpose. Don't think you're going to stock this baby with gallons of paint. Please. For me, it worked well. I recommend that you use the strap on the top because it could tip over. If it fails to hold up, I will keep you updated. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. Amazon is my go-to source for a lot of my purchases, as I live out in a rural area far from a city. I need your product reviews to help me decide which item is best for me, especially when I can't see, touch or hold the product. I take my personal product reviews very seriously, and if it's a piece of junk, I'll let you know. If the product fails to perform as advertised during the period it's warrantied for, my policy is to try to write reviews that are more in line with what I want to read. If you found this review helpful in making your decision, please click on the "yes" button below.

👤Is the package well packaged? Yes. Was it nice when it was done? Yes. Were the directions easy to understand? Yes. The pros are those. I have assembled many, many dozens of these things in my life and have not had a problem. I follow directions explicitly. This was the most challenging piece I have ever done. It seemed straight forward. I had a hard time doing it because I understood what I was supposed to do. There are lots of screws, which took a lot of strength to put in. I am strong. I had to have my husband do some of them. Do you mean to slide the doors hinges into place? Right! I don't know why it took me so long. It seemed like it would be easy to do. I had to take breaks because of the frustration, and I had to cry. The shelf brackets were a pain. Most of them were difficult to put in and wouldn't come out if you needed to adjust. Everything came out well. I don't think I would buy another product from this company. Maybe you will have more luck than I did. Someone said the top is not finished.

5. MDesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Refrigerator

MDesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Refrigerator

The set has 2 lids and 2 bases. It's simple. These large capacity bins are great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry, ideal for drinks, canned goods, food packets, cheese, meat, drink boxes, baby food, juices, boxed foods, potatoes, onions, and apples. It's accessible. The built-in handles make it easy to move from shelf to table or island, and the integrated feet keep the containers secure when stacked. Functions and quotient: The perfect depth for lower cabinets and deep pantry shelves as well as inside the fridge or freezer; They hold everything from pet food to vegetables, and can be used in any room of the home. These are light and easy to carry and are great in apartments, condos, dorm rooms, RVs and campers. Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water - is made of shatter-resistant plastic and is food safe. Each measures 10.06 x 6.2 x 5.2 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I love these containers. Sturdy and easy to fit in my shelf. They were filled with things. It's perfect to be able to see what you have.

👤I like the size and strength of these boxes, but 3 of the six lids warped so that they don't stay closed. I ordered some foam tape that I hope will fix the problem, but it cost me $8.00 and I don't know if it will fix the problem. OXO is less likely to have this issue. If I need more, I won't keep them.

👤These containers are wonderful! Couldn't wait for them to come and change the cabinet. I immediately ordered 2 more sets because it saves so much room. The price per unit is $10, but they are very sturdy. It's worth it because I know it will last a long time. It's a win win if you add the space saving component. If you cut a thin box and use it as a label, they will allow you to packets more than you want.

👤I bought another set of 4.

👤These containers are really nice. They are good for organizing. The lid was warped, but it still stacked well. I like how the containers are slid out easily with the handles. I'm ordering another set.

👤I was looking for snack boxes for my kids, but it was hard to find containers that would fit on my shelves. These were cheaper than other things I found, but a little more than I wanted to spend. I am very pleased with how they look. They are a heavy plastic. I might get more.

👤The bins were in great shape. They work well in my pantry. I bought two more of them.

👤These are small boxes that I use to store my craft items. I love that they stack together, it's perfect for my craft closet. The boxes seem pretty durable. I ended up with a missing lid. I got them a little scratched. They should have been wrapped better. Even with these problems, probably will purchase another set.

👤Good solid sturdy containers lids have marks on them, which is not a 5 star rating.

👤Simplemente cajas inmejorables de calidad.

👤Me gustaron mucho, sin embargo debes tener un refrigerador.

6. South Shore 7246722 Storage Adjustable

South Shore 7246722 Storage Adjustable

The Particleboard is laminated. This unit has the look of a classic cabinet, but the finish and features of something more contemporary, so it provides extra storage and an attractive display space. TILE STORAGE: You can change the configuration of the cabinet so that it suits your needs for clothes, linens, office equipment or paperwork. Concealed shelter. The two door design of the low cabinet allows easy access while also keeping the contents of the storage spaces tidy, organized and hidden from view. This piece of furniture is made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, which complies with all North American safety standards. 5-year limited warranty They stand behind this piece of furniture with a full 5-year limited warranty. It's necessary for assembly to be required.

Brand: South Shore

👤I'm not writing reviews anymore, but I had to write about this cabinet. Is it possible that it was summed up in one word? ARILLIANT. The cabinet is easy to put together. It should be a two-man job, but I didn't have two men handy at the time, so I put it together myself. I'm 70. The delivery man showed me the damage to the box, and said that he would make a note of it if the product was affected. The interior packaging was amazing. I kept some of it to use as protective packing. Can you tell me that I really like this? I'm looking for places to use more 'South Shore' furniture. Maybe my bedroom suite needs an update. Hmm! The kick-brace is too short and won't fully span the back. I didn't make a big deal out of it, but I was not happy with Amazon's "Sorry, you need to return the whole thing", I don't think so! Before you put it together, check all your pieces for correctness. It's a good thing.

👤The cabinets were ordered to be used in the bathroom. I put together the undamaged cabinet after they arrived with one damaged, but it was not as sturdy as I had hoped. It looks ok, but wobbles side to side and no amount of tightening fixes the issue. I used the shelf board as a backing and nailed the panel nails to hold the cabinet in. The price is ok for the quality, but I wanted the cabinet to be strong even if it didn't look fancy. I wouldn't pay for 2 of them again because of the flimsy attachment and heavy shipping weight. We added a bead board backing and some Walmart contact paper to the cabinets to make them a nice litterbox holders. The cabinets are the perfect size for a jumbo covered litterbox because they don't sway side to side. We have 2 litterboxes in our master bath, with air fresheners nearby, and twice daily cleanings.

👤They understand the damage that can happen during shipping. The ends of the cabinet don't get banged up during rough handling because each end of the box has multiple layers of padding. The whole cabinet is shrink wrapped to limit slide/scratching after you open the box. The instructions are mostly pictures and you have to look at them closely to understand them. If you work slowly and deliberately, the whole cabinet will be together in 45 minutes. I left the top of the cabinet out of the way so that I could lift it off of the cabinet. The back wall is made of a thin cardboard-like particle board. It was easy to not put it to the back of the top. The hinges for the doors are of good quality. You can adjust for leveling and spacing on the front doors if you take a level. The cabinet's color surface is a thin piece of production laminate coating, so it will scratch easily. They have a pen to fill in small scratches so you can't see them. I didn't have to use the pen because mine wasn't scratched. I'm going to hold onto it in case I wreck it later. The door handles are not flashy. The cabinet has a slight smell from the glue/particle board material it is made from but it will go away over time. If I needed a second one, I would purchase it again. The cabinet is not going to be an heirloom. It's functional and decent looking. I pitched the interior shelf since I had no use for it when I was loading the cabinet.

7. Sauder 411967 Homeplus Base Cabinet

Sauder 411967 Homeplus Base Cabinet

Up to two high. There is a shelf behind the doors. The back panel has cord access. The base levelers can be adjusted. The dimensions are 29 5/8" W x 17 D x 37 3/8" H. The dimensions are 29 5/8" W x 17 D x 37 3/8" H.

Brand: Sauder

👤Looks great in the office. It takes about 2 hours to put together. The door hinge screw needs to be as far back as possible for the doors to adjust properly according to my son. It has feet to protect the floor. It is possible to get solid footing on a slightly even floor by adjusting the level of the feet. Good directions and easy to understand. I wish it had another shelf. We are going to add another shelf.

👤I love another product from Sauder. I ordered different ones. It's great for the cost and free shipping. The instructions to assemble are very good, but it is difficult to put on the doors. I put them together by myself. It is not real hard wood but it is beautiful and the cost would be much more if it was.

👤I've been buying Sauder storage cabinets for cheap for a long time, but I think this is my last one. I have never had an issue with the items I've purchased with the Sauder name on them. I love putting this stuff together, but not this time. The quality of the hardware is not as good as it used to be. The top mold is not designed to last. A few leans or pulls on that piece will cause it to break off with the flimsy "Twist-Lock" fasteners provided to attach it. The doors will attach evenly if nothing is lined up properly. How disappointing. The Homeplus Storage cabinet has been purchased by me. I am not sure if I will get another let down like the one I just experienced, so I have yet to start on that one.

👤This is a low-cost item, so you should expect thin plastic veneer on the particle board. It looks good, and is in contrast to the negative reviews here. The assembly was easy to follow and documented. You have to follow the instructions. Some people have found it difficult, and they get annoyed and write bad reviews. The instructions were good, the fasteners were clearly packaged, and it shouldn't take more than an hour to finish. The finished product is stable and sturdy, and the alignment of predrilled holes was good. You should have no problem if you lay out all the parts in alphabetical order and read the instructions carefully. You will benefit from having two people with you. I did it myself, but holding a door in position required some attention. It's easier if someone else holds the door. You have to push hard to get those screws started. The instructions to use a manual screwdriver are worth reading. Don't use an electric screwdriver when you screw into a particle board. If you strip a hole, you'll have to use glue to hold the screw in place. After the assembly is done, I suggest giving this item a gentle touch. slamming the doors is not a good idea as the finish will scratch easily. It should last if you treat it well. I think it is an excellent value and looks good. Exactly as I wanted. Also, note: Pay attention to the weight. The box is heavy. I took some of the parts to the house after cutting it open, and then returned to pick up the rest.

8. Atlantic Double Canrack Kitchen Organizer

Atlantic Double Canrack Kitchen Organizer

Storage solution that saves space. The steel wire construction is durable. The shelves are rounded for easy access. The compact size fits in most cabinets and pantry shelves.

Brand: Atlantic

👤It's perfect for my deep dark pantry cabinets. Assembly is easy, but be aware that written directions want you to fold the sides 270 degrees from the way they were packed so that the top hook is opening toward the back, but the diagram wrongly shows feet bending inwards. If you do it based on the feet in the picture, it won't go together without bulging and zip ties as others have experienced. It is stable and holds lots. It's painted silver, would have preferred chrome, but no big deal.

👤We have a lot of canned goods and this worked out perfectly for us. The rows that I have smaller cans on are the only ones that I use the dividers for. It wasn't a big deal because it took a little coordination to put it together. It will take you two seconds to figure out which way to turn the sides so the rack will fit. It's sturdy and it feels good. I'm sure you could find thicker metal or plastic, but it's not necessary for the application here. It's not carrying body weight. I read a comment that it was cheap, but mine feels stable. I always take the reviews into account when buying from Amazon. I like that it can be separated, so we can use it in a different kitchen when we move, instead of buying it by itself. It's currently stacked. I can use the vertical space in a cabinet to see where everything is located. If I have three different cans in a row, I only have to move 2 cans to get to the one I need, instead of tearing apart my cabinet to get to the mystery can in the back. I used the top row and one beneath it to make more space between the shelves in larger cans. I don't have that many big cans so this works for us. Best of luck!

👤I am not impressed. Construction stays together by gravity. Unless everything is filled, every move of hand kicks something off. Even 27 cans is too heavy for the upper cabinets. You need to raise the upper shelf in the row to get them in or out of an average can. One wire got loose, fortunately it is not critical. I probably give it away. --- I decided to keep it after a few weeks. I might have been too hard on it once it was installed, as it does its job very well.

👤I'm very pleased with the shelves. I was hesitant to buy them because of some not so good reviews, but they are great for our pantry. We don't have a lot of room and I was tired of stacking cans on top of each other where I couldn't see what we had or I was knocking all of them over to get another can out. I can easily see what we have thanks to the shelves. I can get 2 cans across and 3 cans from the front to the back on each shelf. I put smaller cans in the middle of the room so that they fit in snack cups. We can sometimes get a can of green beans, corn, and tomato sauce across, but the sauce is a little smaller. We can get 3 cans of cream soups. Our pantry is more organized and neat. I can see everything at once, which makes it easier to plan meals. I have held everything with ease and seem to last a long time. I would buy them again if needed.

9. Lavish Home Adjustable Shelves Organization

Lavish Home Adjustable Shelves Organization

The patent is from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Made in the USA. The large door organizers have wire baskets that keep items secure and visible. The over the door pantry organizers can hold a lot of things. The hanging storage unit can be placed on almost any door. The wire shelf has two clips that can be used to attach the doors to it for quick and easy installation in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room. You can adjust the height of the door hanger organizers to fit your needs. The storage rack can be moved to accommodate larger items. The over the door storage organizers can be used in the home or office. It can be used in a garage, tool shed, child's playroom, linen closets, and laundry room organization and storage. The product is made of Powder-Coated Steel. The dimensions are 19” x 5” x 56-64” There are two pieces and two door hooks. White is the color.

Brand: Lavish Home

👤Overall serves its purpose very well. I recommend securing the door. I used small clear Command hooks to secure the door because I didn't want to use the screws because we are renting and beyond that. See the photo.

👤It was flimsy when I put it together. The parts are held together with wire hooks. It comes with a wall kit to protect it. I didn't want to use that because my pantry door is hollow and thinner than the overdoor hooks. It moves a lot. Smaller items don't stand up well and tilt between the wires of the rack. I secured the door with zip ties and attached a set of Command hooks to the bottom half, so there was no movement. I bought some single vinyl tiles from Home Depot. I cut them up to fit the shelves. Its now perfect because of a little ingenuity and tips from others. I can now see what I have.

👤"Hate" is a strong word. It becomes a very useful door shelving unit with minor changes. You have to fix what I attribute to bad design. The door will hang on the unit if it is assembled correctly. The door has a 1in gap and the hangers may or may not fit it. The problem continues even if the door is firned. As you open and close the door, the baskets sway back and forth. The contents in the baskets fall in a variety of ways. The top and bottom sections may be disconnected depending on the weight of the objects. The company should have included a $5 fix with the product. A multi-pack of clear plastic Command hooks is $4 at a local store. Also pick up zip clear ties. Zip ties are used to secure the 2 sections together. The hooks are clear and can be used to hold the whole thing in place. It works perfectly once secured. For more examples, see the photos. You will want to secure both sides with evenly spacing hooks if you want to use zip ties.

👤We decided to purchase this brand rack after reading many reviews. We saw people complain that since it was a 2 section rack it needed to be secured with 3M hooks. We were going to use it to keep spices and small baking items in our pantry. A few ounces each is nothing heavier than that. The shipping was terrible and took 9 days to get here, but no big deal. My wife said it was easy to figure out but that it needed to be secured to the door because it flopped all over the place when opening and closing it. The wire baskets are too wide for the regular spices so you have to fix them when you open the door. We had to get small baskets for the rack. The top of the rack was bending even though it was not that heavy. It has a 5ft wire door rack so you have to store 20 lbs of items. I will return after the constan ends and the door is fixed. I will spend more money on a rack that won't bend.

10. Sauder 422425 HomePlus Storage Cabinet

Sauder 422425 HomePlus Storage Cabinet

The item does not have fabric. The dimensions are 23.25"W x 17"D x 71. The interior dimensions are 22"W x 15.38"D. x 65.62"H There are four shelves. The back panel has cord access. The base levelers can be adjusted.

Brand: Sauder

👤I wanted the look of built-ins without the price and labor for my crafting, art supplies and family board games. These are perfect. I needed to fit the max number of 4” tall sterilite boxes I ordered from Amazon, and the shelves were perfect for that. Each box has a specific craft material that can be seen on the cabinet shelves. The cabinets allowed me to keep my supplies out of sight of my 16 month old, who had been forbidden in this part of the basement. The cabinets are heavy and easy to anchor to the wall. They adjusted on their feet to make sure that the basement floor appeared on the top. The depth is perfect. Not too deep for a standard sterilite box will allow wasted space or items to get lost. These cabinets are very good.

👤Our pantry is a small thing and we needed more storage and more space so we don't have to look at everything. This was one of the easiest things I've ever assembled, and I have to say that I've put together a lot of furniture. It's a nice clean look and fits perfectly on the wall where we wanted more storage. It holds a lot of stuff because the shelves are changeable. I am very happy with this purchase and wondering if there is another one in the house.

👤For the last three houses I have lived in, I have purchased six of these cabinets from Sauder. I keep buying this cabinet because it's perfect for my needs. I know I'm going to get a consistently good product because it's easy to put together. I bought two more units of this storage cabinet in white to use in my home office. The cabinet was easy to assemble. I've built a lot of furniture from various stores, including Target, Ikea, World Market, and many more, and I was very impressed with this cabinet from Sauder. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and included tips on how to attach the hinges to the cabinet walls quickly and easily. The doors have a gap so these tips help position them. If you want to learn more about putting the cabinet together, you should check out the instructional videos on YouTube. All the hardware is labeled with a plastic bubble sheet. The screw holes are in the right place. Everything fits. You don't have to bend or warp anything to align it. I put the cabinet together myself, without assistance, because I took the box from the house and didn't have my husband help me. It took about an hour and only required a hammer and a head screwdriver. I learned a few years ago that a furniture tip is a "shortcut". It's easier for me to lay the cabinet on its side and then attach the hinges parallel to the floor because I won't have to hold up the door. This approach has worked for many years with the Sauder cabinet. There were a few tiny nicks in the finish of the units I ordered, but they were not on every piece. I used a white chalk pen to fill them in, and you can't tell. I think the scratches could be avoided if Sauder put a single sheet of paper between the individual pieces in the shipping box, like Ikea does. The pieces are protected by the shipping box, but they are not necessarily protected from each other inside the box. The cabinet's interior shelves can hold up to 25 pounds each. They are very snug. I agree with reviewers who said that the shelves are too wide. I got them to fit by pushing andtapping. The door handles are easy to attach. I'm very pleased with how easy this cabinet was to build, the extra tips on adjusting the hinges, and the appearance of the finished product. I would not hesitate to purchase another piece from Sauder if I were to purchase this cabinet again. It's better than what you'd get from ikea. It would be great as a dollhouse apartment for adult collectors of Barbie, Pullip, and other dolls because of the depth of the cabinet (17") and the fact that all the interior shelves are adjusted.

11. HangUps 90 Storage Cabinet Set

HangUps 90 Storage Cabinet Set

Light Gray Finish. The set includes a large storage cabinet. Set H total product weight is 425 lbs. There are tools required for installation. The kit is constructed from laminated wood with a Sturdy MDF backer and includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly. All of the parts are manufactured in Canada and meet all safety standards. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Prepac

👤The product looks neat and easy to assemble. There were scratches on it, just need a better packaing. Tgey should have used honeycomb between the sheets. The install guide was easy to read.

👤The product is great. It's easy to read instructions.

👤These cabinets are gorgeous. Great looking and Sturdy.


What is the best product for food pantry cabinet metal?

Food pantry cabinet metal products from Sauder. In this article about food pantry cabinet metal you can see why people choose the product. Inval America and Mdesign are also good brands to look for when you are finding food pantry cabinet metal.

What are the best brands for food pantry cabinet metal?

Sauder, Inval America and Mdesign are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food pantry cabinet metal. Find the detail in this article. Mdesign, South Shore and Atlantic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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