Best Food Puzzles for Dogs Level 1

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1. TRIXIE Activity Puzzle Interactive Beginners

TRIXIE Activity Puzzle Interactive Beginners

There is an Interactive Level of Fun. The puppy puzzle is a fun hide-and-seek challenge that requires your dog to learn how to combine actions to get rewards. Puppies and small dogs who have mastered TRIXIE's Level 1 puzzles are suited for this. Clarifying your thoughts: The Flip Board is an interactive treat puzzle game that works your dog's mind while reducing boredom and destructive behavior. There are many placement options. Treat under cones or sliding disks. The pup uses a flipping arm to find treats hidden under doors. A rubber ring keeps the base in place. The Flip Board is a game that can be played for hours. After the treats have been eaten, remove the toy from your dog's mouth. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. The booklet on the flip board has tips and tricks. It is easy to clean with warm water and soap.

Brand: Trixie

👤My dog can't figure it out. Even though he can't get the treats out, he will guard it from the cat all day. I will try the design on my boyfriend next.

👤Pugs are students of nature. They have a lot of heart, but not a lot of smart. My little Puggy spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get the treats out of this thing. Puggy tried to dig her way to China through this toy. That was the first day. She was able to get all the treats out in about 5 minutes. If you have a smart dog, like a Jack Russell or a shepherd, this toy won't offer much of a challenge for more than a few minutes. After only a few tries, the class Puggy had it all figured out. Someone came to rescue Puggy after she got lost in an open closet. Puggy thinks toilet paper is food. This isn't a very difficult puzzle.

👤I saw the warning label on the toy when I placed my order. Had I seen that first, I wouldn't have bought this. The package was delivered and I put the return label on the box and dropped it off at the post office. I don't want to take any chances with my pet's health. The toy comes with a cancer warning, so your animal will be eating and licking on it to get some treats.

👤It took little Mikey a while to figure out how to get the goody to fall out. We had to spin the containers for him, hold his paw up and guide it to the cylinder, but then a light bulb appeared in his brain and he was a millionaire. He is very excited when he sees us loading it and thinks it is fun. It makes his dog think, which many dogs really need. It's adorable to watch him give those tubes a spin with his paw and then frantically grab his reward. When a fast spin of the tube causes a Centrifugal force to keep the food from falling out of the tube when it is oriented upside down, but when the spinning slows down so that gravity will allow the treat to fall out of the tube, the food will fall out of the tube. As the tube is slowing, he gets more attentive and seems to have figured this out. You want to make sure that the dog treat is small enough to fit in the tubes. The food balls should be large enough to not fall out of the tubes all at once when the tube gets vertical, but they should be able to resist being released by the openings at the ends of the tubes. If you got your dog hungry enough to work for dinner, it would work, but we haven't done that. We used dog treat delicacies.

👤DANGER! Don't use this product. The Australian Shepherd figured it out in a minute. Please read the second paragraph. The last treat was under the sliding chambers. The chambers pinched my puppies paw so bad he had to go to the vet the same day and was very timid with any toy. A scared puppy after a $125 visit. There is a high chance that your dog will get injured if he uses his paw to slide. Don't buy!

2. Swenter Treat Increases Interactive Dispensing

Swenter Treat Increases Interactive Dispensing

The weight of the pet treat ball is light, so the pet will move and the food will fall out. The pet can eat while playing. Don't worry. Cats dogs are destructive. Cats dogs feeders can help increase their IQ. The puzzle toy is more attractive to your lovely pets, and it reduces boredom and destructive behavior, as well as maintaining your dog's physical alertness. Artificial Pet Slow Feeder Treat Ball is made of food grade material. It is a safe and tough container to hold food in. It is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats. It is easy to clean and disassemble the Automatic Pet Slow Feeder Treat Ball. The interactive food ball can be washed with soft foamy water. Pets can move and play freely, no matter how they roll it, it still stand up. Pets can enjoy interactive eating and slow feed with the internal maze-type damper device.

Brand: Aiboondee

👤Our dog likes this toy. It's large enough to hold 1/3 cup of her whole meal, and it takes her about 15 minutes to eat it all. We started giving it to her on the carpet because it was noisy and ran into walls. I don't like that she uses her paws to get the kibble out, and that she is very easy to manipulate the hole size with the help of the sliders. She can either accidentally open it all the way or close it all the way and nothing comes out. masking tape has been used to keep it in place but it only lasts a short time and we need to figure out something else.

👤My puppy likes the toy. I don't enjoy it as much. It is hard to load treats now that they have been chewed up. The top is hard to hold. It is hard to open. The lever on the bottom is easy to open. My puppy has been playing with it where it opens all the way and lets him have his treats. There are some flaws in the product. This picture is from a week ago. Only playing with it for a few hours a day.

👤I don't like this product because it looks like it's not on the package. In my photo, my points are gaps in the plastic, where crumbs can fall and then mold. I have yet to get that bottom piece off without actually breaking it, despite the fact that it says it can be taken apart for cleaning. I don't mind giving the toy 1 star because it appears that it will be a food/treat dispensers. I washed that part of the toy first and then hours later the water was still dripping from the gaps in the toy. It's a sure way to grow mold.

👤You should buy one for every dog. I have four dogs. I didn't think my dogs would be interested in this toy. They don't seem interested in puzzle toys, but they are food motivated. The dog I bought for didn't get to play with it. My older dog rolled it all over the living room, while my bully breed grabbed the second one and held it between his paws. I came back to order more of these because my puppy looked sad. The bully breed dog chewed up his owner. I'm buying a puzzle toy for an aggressive chewer. The treat ball still works, but it looks terrible. I would recommend it.

👤When I put the treat ball in my dog's mouth, she stared at me, but after I put her treats in it, she started to like it. She enjoys herself and the distraction lasts 15-20 minutes. I use this on a rotation with other toys that requires interaction to get treats so she doesn't get board with it. The material has held up well through repeated uses, and was cracked/chipped within a few uses. My dog is not a heavy chewer, so it is working well for her.

3. Puzzle Interactive Training Enrichment Difficulty

Puzzle Interactive Training Enrichment Difficulty

The size of the dog puzzle toys for large dogs is much larger than the size of the dog puzzle toys on the market, to enhance the grip of the toy. If you have a dog that is smart, mischievous, and energetic, you may want to buy back your dog. More than 60% of pets have Obesity which increases the risk of heart disease. The situation can be alleviated if your dog uses the puzzle toys. The maze plate slow food area and the puzzle slow food area have a unique two-layer design that can significantly extend the feeding time. Compared to other interactive dog puzzle toys on the market, their new upgraded dog puzzle toys cleverly combined slow feeder dog bowls and dog food puzzle toys with large dog treat space, which not only ensures the amount of food your dog eats, but also Interactive dog toys with colorful designs are great for stimulating your pet's visual senses. Their dog puzzle toys can help your dog's IQ. The interactive dog games can enhance the bond between pets and their large dog puzzle toys are a fun way to treat a dog. The dog treat puzzle toy stimulates their brain. Their dog puzzle toys for large dogs are made of non-toxic,BPA-free PP material that is more expensive and easier to clean, which makes them more durable and easy to clean. After using it, oil stains can be washed with soap in cold water, rinse thoroughly and then dry naturally. The material of this dog puzzles enrichment toys is strong enough to be used daily.

Brand: Nunbell

👤This is what we were looking for. It is a great way to keep our dog active. I was worried that the maze might be too big for him, but the quality is great and the individual parts are easy to navigate. It would be a good idea for dogs of all ages and sizes. Great value!

👤This is the most challenging toy I have for my Aussies. The white bones fit tightly and my one Australian thinks that it's possible to remove everything by pawing it lose. This one needs to be removed from the puzzle to make the pieces move. My one year old kept pawing for a while. My 6 month old child realized that if he grabbed it and pulled it, he would get the bone. I didn't want him to chew it up and so I took it away. The 1 year old was happily spinning the discs that had to be pushed to get the treats. It took my two a long time to occupy them for 15 minutes. The 6 month old remembered the trick the second time, while the 1 year old thought she could paw it. The best toy ever!

👤Two days ago, I received a puzzle toy for my dog. It is more durable than others I have seen. He is a large 90# English Cream Retriever and is very hard on his toys. We will see how it holds up. My sister was cheering him on as he tried it for the first time. He figured it out pretty quickly after he was so excited. The second time I gave it to him, he took out the white pieces. He has used this video three times. He is a smart dog. He has the puzzle down. I will use it for him even if he becomes a pro at it, because I bought it for him. I will be looking for more difficult puzzles for him.

👤Great product. I have a large breed puppy and it took him about 30 seconds to figure it out, but it would be great for a smaller breed. I had to take it away so that he wouldn't chew it. Nice product, but not good for my dog.

👤The product has good quality. The smell of the other toys is not as bad. It is made from high-quality pp. The colored parts can be spun. It is very easy to clean. The product isn't made with a sharp edge, which won't hurt the puppy.

👤It was too easy for my dog to figure it out when I bought a circled one. My dog took only a short time. Large treats were hard to put into individual sections. The section was easy to put bigger treat into, the product has a larger base. My dog loves the difficulty level, he loves to play with this toy. It takes a while for him to figure out the puzzle and find the hidden treat. Recommended!

👤These dog puzzle toys are something we like. The set up is challenging but we can spend time with the dog to help him figure out the puzzle because of the outstanding material. My children loved the dog toy and my dog was having fun with it. Bring joy to my family. My dog is getting smarter by playing with it.

4. Upgraded Interactive Stimulating Enrichment Puzzles

Upgraded Interactive Stimulating Enrichment Puzzles

The dog puzzle has 4 difficulty levels. This dog toy can encourage your pet's natural hunting instincts, reduce boredom, provide mental enrichment and keep healthy for your pup, it requires your dog to find the hidden treats by sniffing and then get the food by controlling the nose and paws. While playing with this toy, the dog's left brain is activated when sniffing the food and the dog's right brain is activated when moving the lid. The left and right brain can be stimulated at the same time. More than half of pets have Obesity, which increases the risk of heart disease. This toy can reduce the eating speed by more than 5 times, which will help your dog digest better, and bring the fun of eating. It's better to reduce the amount of feeding after playing this game. Playing the interactive toy with each other will be the best memory. After the task was completed for the first time, you should award a certificate that encourages your smart dog to continue challenging the higher level of difficulty. It's a great gift for dog owners. Pemoo interactive treat dog puzzles are made from non-toxic, eco-friendly PP materials that you can trust with your dog, which is durable and machine washed. Do not leave toys with unattended pets or children.

Brand: Pemoo

👤The puzzle is for small to large dogs. There are lots of places to hide small treats. It was easy to set up. Our dogs loved to find hidden treats using their noses and mouths. It's easy to store after finishing. There will be more puzzles to help dogs with their mental stimulation. Our dogs figure out the puzzle.

👤This toy challenges my cat's brain. It has a lot of little pieces that can be lost. I'm going to pass it on to my friends because my cat already mastered it and we moved onto a harder puzzle.

👤I was afraid my dog was going to swallow the parts. He was going to chew off some of the things in the compartments.

👤The plastic is very lightweight and small. The pieces are small and could cause harm if the dog swallowed them. I have many other puzzles and this one doesn't compare.

👤The French bulldogs were very interested in the puzzle. The toy is strong. I have a toy that my dogs play with daily to relieve boredom. I think the toy will survive the test of time.

👤Cheaply made. Not for aggressive chewers.

👤I don't like this puzzle bowl very much. I feel these pieces are small enough for my small dogs to use safely. The pieces are so small that the average small dog could choke on them. The plastic on top of that does not feel sturdy. My small chi is so small that it is not safe to use. The idea is great. The pieces have holes so that your dog can smell the food behind them, and the small doors on the sides make the puzzle safe for dogs to use, but it's a lot of work. The puzzle needs to be bigger, the pieces need to be bigger, and the little doors on the sides need to be bigger as well. I don't think the spinner in the middle will last very long for a dog. I was not worried about my dogs swallowing the puzzle toys because they are used to testing them, but for the average dog owner this is not something they want to do. I cannot recommend this puzzle as I don't feel right if it is a dangerous toy. The puzzle needs a lot of work to be safe for pets. It's like giving a baby a small toy and worrying about how it will be received.

👤The plastic feels cheap. The holes are small and I could only fit 3 pieces of kibble in them. The pieces are easy to push out. Dogs that knock over their food bowl are not allowed. They say it's for puppy and large cat, but they have a Labrador dog in the picture.

5. Puzzles Toys Smart Large Dogs

Puzzles Toys Smart Large Dogs

We have collected a variety of voice from their customers and upgraded the difficulty of their dog puzzle toys. The interactive dog toys include additional obstacles and combinations of steps that will keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated as they search and sniff out the tasty treat. The fun and rewarding dogcats enrichment toys can keep your smart dogs and focus more on the games and do more activities during this time, which is great for reducing anxious dog behavior and redirecting destructive behavior. Slow Feeder Bowls can help your dogs and cats eat up to 10x slower, prevent bloat and reduce the burden of the stomach and improve digestion, at the same time, Stimulates the pet's intellectual development. The enrichment toys for dogs by Blepoet are made with food safe materials that you can trust with your dog. Use tips. It is easy to clean with warm water and soap. 2. Please do not leave toys with pets. If the toy is damaged, remove and replace it. The dog toy comes with two types of treat hiding compartments to test your friends skills. You can hide or reveal the food hiding spots with your furry friends.

Brand: Blepoet

👤The locking mechanism on one of the drawers was destroyed by my puppy in seconds. When you pull it out of the box, it appears to be solid. The dog was having fun. She is a lab. She grew quickly over the last few months. We have had that puzzle for the entire time. I recommended this product because it is highly durable. I wanted this product to be a good upgrade as she is getting to the point where she needs more stimulation. If you can't see your pet while using the puzzle, then choose the one below. I don't have to watch my dog with it. I can't fix it with any of my tools, so I'm going to contact the company to see about replacement parts.

👤My dog likes this toy. When I bring it to him, he gets excited. He was able to push the parts to get the treats. He doesn't know how to open the drawers with the dog bones, but he tries. The dog can't open the drawers without the toy being held by someone, so you have to hold the toy. The dog was pulling it all over the floor. My dog still likes this toy.

👤I have a miniature schnauzer that weighs 16 lbs and her nose can't slide the compartments because they're too hard and you can drag the whole unit around and they won't open. If the dogs are going to eat the treats, they have to be opened or slid.

👤The dog had fun, but realized that it's easier to just pop off the little covers than it is to move them. She removed them. They have little marks on their teeth and it's nearly impossible to get them back on. It's probably okay for a small dog, but not a medium one.

👤We adopted a German shepherd husker mix who is smarter than our German shepherd so we were looking for a toy complex that would keep her busy. She hasn't figured out how to open the drawers. She has tried dropping it and picking it up in order to get the treats out. It has held up so far.

👤I was told by my agility trainer to give my dog puzzles to keep her thinking. I use her regular food as a treat and she does a few puzzles with it. She is still figuring out the side-pull pockets. If you're new to dog puzzles, I would recommend starting with a lower level one.

👤He loved playing with this toy. He had it figured out in seconds. He started chewing it after he emptied it. I take longer to fill than he does. It needs to be made better for smart dogs. He had this chewed up and thrown away. I can't fill the drawers because the square covers are missing. He hides in the couch and drags it around to get it filled. If you have an older dog that doesn't chew, it might be okay. I'm afraid I'll have to go to the vet to get plastic removed from him. Do not recommend for young dogs that chew. Good idea needs to be better.

6. Our Pets Interactive Dispensing ASSORTED

Our Pets Interactive Dispensing ASSORTED

The dog food and dog treat dispensers keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated while they play. There are two sizes for smaller dogs and four sizes for larger dogs. The IQ treat ball is customizable. Your dog gets smarter as they play with the interactive dog toy and dog puzzle ball, learning how to roll the dog ball to get healthy dog treats or kibble to fall out. There is an option for a difficulty level. The dog pystle is easy to use and clean. Your dog's favorite dry dog treats can be used with their interactive treat dispensers. It is made from hard plastic. After use, rinse in warm soapy water. There is an active dog for play. The dog treat ball is designed to limit the number of treats your dog gets while encouraging more extended playtime with their new favorite dog toys. Be sure to watch your pet while in use. HealthIER FEEDING: a tiered system. Slower active eating with this dog treat and puppy puzzle toys encourages slower active eating making it a great alternative to slow feeders.

Brand: Our Pets

👤I have a puppy. She's incredibly energetic and food driven. I could take her for a 60-minute walk and she would be ready to go for another hour. She can shred through a bowl of food in about 2 seconds. I tried everything to get her to think, tire her out, and slow her down. She looks at me as she breezes through the commands and says "is this the hardest thing you have for me?" At 10 weeks old! A stuffed animal is empty. A Kong stuffed with frozen food is boring and forgotten in 5 minutes. A stuffed barnacle is fun until it's empty and then she looks at me and says "OK what's next." There's a treat ball. This thing keeps her busy. I don't think it's an "IQ" toy. It's like a spin-me-a-million-times-before-I-Give-up-a- single-treat toy, which is so much better. My little thinker is not able to think through this one. She punts it around the house until it gives up a treat, and then repeats until it's empty. The opening has a thin edge that makes it harder for a treat to fall out. You can put a white plastic barrier inside it to make it more difficult to get food out of it. It will work your dog to the very core in a number of ways. My nightmare spends 30 with the ball and is off to her crate for some chew toy action and a nap, just like the angel I know she is. I want to meet the person who created this toy so I can cry into their shoulder and say how much I love them for giving me 5 minutes to take a shower every day.

👤The product is easy to clean and can accommodate different sizes and types of treats. If you find the ball too loud, you can take an old socks, stretch it over the ball, and cut off the excess to allow food to go through the hole. It makes it easier for dogs to grab the ball if it gets stuck in a corner, so they can throw it somewhere else. A great deal!

👤He began screaming after I gave him this. He caught it between 2 teeth. I couldn't maneuver it out because it's hard plastic. He was screaming and bleeding all the way to the vet. The vet cut it out but it should not have happened. I couldn't drive because I was so upset that my neighbor had to drive us to the vet. What if she had not been home?

👤I bought this item for my puppies. One of them got their jaw stuck in the top opening and had to be taken to the emergency room where they had the toy removed. I was very pleased when the company replied to my email and was very nice. They sent me a box full of toys and bags after I was reimbursed for the vet bill. I wish they advertised this toy better for larger dogs, I am happy with the outcome, my puppy had no damage to her jaw, and is doing just fine.

7. CHLEBEM Interactive Boredom Dispensing Durable

CHLEBEM Interactive Boredom Dispensing Durable

100% safe. The interactive dog toys are made of natural rubber and easy to clean. To promote active and healthy feeding, fill the dog chew toys ball with your dog's favorite treats or food and it'll spill out while playing. Don't let your dog become overweight. Decreases boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise, while developing, and maintaining your dog's physical alertness; Fun and ease the mood. This dog toys for small dogs allows you or your family to interact with your dog, let your dog become more lively, enjoy the fun and at the same time increase the feelings of you and your dog. They devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. They can offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the dog balls. No questions asked!

Brand: Chlebem

👤My dog loves it. She eats slowly. She can either sit her food until the next meal or she can eat. If she isn't eating, I fill the ball with her food and she plays with it. She brought the empty ball to me.

👤As I squeezed the first one, it was her second. She likes it. She knows how it works and is excited to get it out to fill. Our dog has a tendency to eat fast so this slows her snacking and gives her something to do.

👤I have two small dogs with a hard bite and they have been playing with the balls for a couple weeks. It keeps them entertained. Good purchase.

👤The toy melted when we kept it in the car. The spikes melted flat and the round ball is now an oblong so can't put treats inside anymore.

👤The dog has been playing with this for a long time, even if it doesn't have any treats.

👤It does what it is supposed to, but the heat took the color out, so I never should have let it go outside.

👤My dog is playing with this toy and trying to figure out how to get the treat.

👤She's not a big fan of toys but this will keep her busy. I like the design because dog food doesn't fall out too fast but is enough for her.

👤"D├ętruit en quelques minutes par mon chien de 50 livres!" "De l'argent l'argent perdu" C'est la seule balle qui requis mon chien de 50 livres!

8. Interactive Training Enrichment Dispenser Feeding

Interactive Training Enrichment Dispenser Feeding

There is an Interactive Dog Puzzle toYS. Wingpet interactive dog puzzle toy has a brain game for pets. Encourage and train your puppy or cat to find food by sliding the parts, help them to increase their IQ by learning sequential steps, and play challenging games. Do not suit for aggressive dogs. TheWingpet doy toy was designed to encourage pets to eat at a slower speed, and to help the dog digest food, and can provide you with a variety of healthy snacks. The mental exercise game is a fun physical and mental challenge for the dog. The interactive game for dogs to enjoy the fun feeding when they using nose or paws to move the sliders is one of the ways that training pets sense of smell, thinking ways to solve problem, and also the interactive game for dogs to enjoy the fun feeding when they using nose or paws to move Dogs love this activity. REDUCING BOREDOM The pet puzzle toys can keep smart dogs and cats busy and help them solve problems. Have the puppy and dogs have fun and love the reward for a job well done. Wingpet dog chewers toys are good for your pet to keep mental training and increase exercise to maintain weight and health. It's a great gift for your dog's birthday, Christmas, and other occasions.

Brand: Wingpet

👤My dog is an aggressive chewer, but this toy didn't live up to expectations. The first time we used the puzzle, he took about 20 minutes to find all the treats, then I took the toy away. I left him and the toy at home for an hour after refilling the puzzle. My little guy, 22 lbs, destroyed it and swallowed some of it. He is not worth the money.

👤Another incorrect description. I guess Amazon doesn't mind paying shipping to and from Prime on incorrect descriptions. It was a waste of time and money.

👤Thin plastic that a larger dog could chew into easily is the only caveat. This toy is great for your dog. The 'buttons' slide open and interact to allow other buttons to move so that the treat under them is exposed. It takes some time to get the buttons unlocked, but we took three tours to figure it out. Our late beloved Lab would have simply given up and started chewing. It's well made, works well, and is a popular toy.

👤He is still interested in playing and touching it again. It is a start and could be more complicated. I am with him while he searches for the goodies. A toy.

👤My daughter has 3 small dogs, I got 3 of them for Christmas, they all worked hard at the movements to get every treat. The plastic is rounded so that it doesn't hurt the nose. dishwasher safe.

👤I have had it for over two months now. It took him a little while to figure it out.

👤This is for my puppy. She was able to figure it out the first time. It keeps her busy and makes her solve her problem. Definitely recommend.

👤My dog loves this. She takes it around. She chewed it. It doesn't feel like it will fall apart.

9. Rongbuk Interactive Dispenser Training Enrichment

Rongbuk Interactive Dispenser Training Enrichment

Every dog should have a dog puzzle toy, including 10 treat blocks and 14 holes. Dog puzzles for smart dogs are designed to challenge your dogs and cats. The dog food and snack dispensers are a great way to keep your dog stimulated and to teach her some cognitive skills. The built-in reward system of puzzles makes learning fun and easy when the interactive dog toys are used. The dog puzzle feeders will improve your pet's sense of smell, thinking ways to solve problems, and prevent diseases at the same time. A fast diet can cause abdominal distension. A dog smart beginner helps slow your dog's eating down to a healthy, safe pace. It is also an interesting puppy puzzle toy, whether they are small, medium, large or dogs. A dog toy could be a good way to decrease their bloat. The puzzle toy for dogs is easy to clean, it is made of high quality material, which is very durable for cats. The features are non-detachable to avoid swallowing. It is easy to clean the water for pets. The diameter is 9.4 inches and the height is 1.1 inches. A flower plate and hidden food cup design can be used to hide food in 10 holes and bring fun to your dog. This toy is great for when your dog is bored.

Brand: Rongbuk

👤If your dog is a tiny purse dog and the dog has tiny kibble, this might be a good product. Each treat held about 5 bits. My dog emptied it in about 15 seconds. It was too easy for my dog, even with a first-time exposure, and it held no challenge. I wish I hadn't spent it, it went in the trash.

👤It is now a favorite toy, but they figured it out a lot quicker than I thought. The dogs seem happy.

👤My dogs like it. Good game for my dogs.

👤The food receptacle is shallow and the pet is suppose to slide to get the food. The product is impractical. Have to crush the pellets or treats to get this thing to work. How hard was it to make the food receptacle deeper?

👤If you want to close the doors over it, you can't fit anything in the holes. If you're lucky, you'll get 1 piece of kibble. It took my dog 5 seconds to figure out how to get to the food. It was empty in 3 minutes. It's not worth it to me. It takes me longer to fill it than it does for her to eat it. This was a big bust, just my opinion.

👤I was really disappointed in this. There is no challenge here. There were no instructions on how to adjust the doors, but they were very easy to open.

👤I took my mini aussie for a walk. It was too easy for them. The last seconds to get treats. hrew away.

👤It keeps my Charlie busy for a couple of minutes.

10. Interactive Dispensing Non Toxic Cleaning Training

Interactive Dispensing Non Toxic Cleaning Training

4PCS pet chew toys are made of non-toxic natural rubber material that are safe, durable, strong, tough, soft, healthy and puncture resistant compared to other PVC and TPR toys. Bite resistant for your dog's teeth cleaning. The IQ dog ball toys come with 4 pieces of dog ball toys, the yellow ball is a treat that you can insert into the side slots to attract your dog's attention. The blue ball has a hollow center for treats and the orange ball has a funny sound when squeezed or rolled. The red ball is made of plastic. The toys are perfect for small to medium dogs. The toys are not for aggressive chewers. Dog chew toys that you can insert into the side slots and hollow center are interactive. A toy that stimulates your dog's mental and physical well-being. The puppy chew toys have a fresh mint smell to attract your dog's attention and will keep them chewing it. It's a good way to clean their teeth. The tough chew toys can be used for training or to allow dogs to play. A smarter IQ training toys for dogs are great for fetch and outdoor games. These dog toys are fun for your dog to play with.

Brand: Primepets

👤I have a Yorkie puppy and none of the balls fit in his mouth, but not even 3 hours after receiving the toys the speaker began to come out. I took the toy away from my baby because it seemed like it had issues. The breakdown ball is orange. The Blue treat ball is a potential fatal flaw. I had high hopes for this one, it is large enough that my boy will never be able to get his mouth around it, which would be perfect for a toy. There is no challenge to get the food out. The ball is red. This plastic ball is large enough that he won't get it in his mouth, that's good. The first half of the food will come out, but if you shake a lot you can get the last part out. The yellow ball is the perfect size for my boy, large enough that he can't choke on it, but small enough that he can chew on it and get the food out. I wish I'd gotten the set of two balls like this one.

👤I ordered the balls for my pig to amuse him. I thought these would be a great way to entertain and feed him. He enjoys rolling them around and the treats fall out. My dogs like them as well. I have two toys for the dogs, one with a small hole in it and the other filled with peanut butter. They wanted the one with the peanut butter, so they weren't too hip on the squeaky one. This was a great value for the set, typically one of these toys will cost more than the whole set. It's very entertaining for dogs and pigs and cats as well.

👤The pictures are misleading, the measurements are included, and I should have taken a better look at those. I was not happy with the way they were portrayed in the photos. These are made very well. They do the job they're supposed to do, my dog is very active and they keep his attention, but they're small and roll under furniture, so I've spent more time looking for them than my dogs have. I wonder if they were made for me instead of my dogs. If they were bigger and didn't roll under my entertainment center, they would be perfect. The purpose of keeping a dog entertained is lost when they disappear easily. I give it a 5 because of that fact, but the design is a 5 and the size is a 2. It pisses me off that he can't find his toy because of the design flaw, but it also pisses me off that he can't find it because it's gone out of his reach. He loves this toy. He throws a fit when he can't reach it. It's just something to think about.

👤I originally ordered these because they were supposed to slow Onyx's eating speed, to encourage his brain activity, and to let him use his energy in a way that wouldn't hurt his joints. I was a little worried when I opened the package, because the red one was made of a kind of semi-brittle plastic that can crunch right through, and the yellow one was smaller than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to eat the red one in half an hour, rather than his usual five minutes, and that it kept him occupied with his dinner for a full half hour. The yellow one was hard to load and the slits were so small that one of them wouldn't even open for one kibble after the rest of them were loaded. He hasn't gone for the orange one yet, but I think that's because he likes the squeaky toys more. I'm not sure how much of his frustration with it was just being tired out by the others and how difficult it was for him to get the kibble out. I'm going to use the blue one tonight to see what he thinks of it.

11. SNiFFiz SmellyUFO Interactive Dispensing Enrichment

SNiFFiz SmellyUFO Interactive Dispensing Enrichment

The puppies should be attracted to dogs' attention by using treats and moving. You can fill the UFO with your dog's favorite snacks. The smell of the treats and the movements of the toy will grab your dog's attention. The game is for 1 hour. The smell of the treats will make your dog roll and chase the toy around to get to them. SMELLY UFO will keep your dog active and mentally stimulated. The game will help your dog relax. It is a great way to get bored. SMELLY UFO is an IQ toy that stimulates your dog's brain, helps him learn, and trains his problem solving skills. The puzzles can be changed to make them more challenging. It is possible to adjust opening. The size of the treat dispensers can be adjusted to determine how long your dog will be playing. Even slow feeding and long playtimes are possible since this treat holder toy has two extra large maze chambers. If you need to leave the house, fill the mazes with snacks to keep your dog busy and make the game a real challenge. Great efforts have been made to achieve maximum durability with sample tests with more than one breed. SMELLY UFO is made of rubber-like materials and high- strength hard plastic.

Brand: Sniffiz

👤Depending on your dog, it can be anywhere from 2 to 5 stars. A lot of dogs come through my house. The toy is durable. I would not leave a chewer alone with it if the setting is easy or hard and the dog is skilled. I put it on a hard setting for the pitty dobie in the picture who is my toy tester. He emptied it in about 7 minutes. He knows how to get treats out of a toy. I think I can get more out of it if I put in bigger treats that will block smaller treats from coming in. For my border collie who is smart but not as brutal on toys this would take longer and the toy would be 4.5 stars. She would destroy it in 30 seconds flat if I gave it to her. I hope this makes sense, it is a good toy for your dog. I am glad I bought it.

👤Don't get this for a dog that likes to chew. My dogs did this in 5 minutes, their first time using it. Not even a little bit durable. We have to throw it away.

👤My friend brings his dog, Dolly. She is a sweet, endearing pup. I bought her some new toys to play with. She was okay with the first two but not the third. She was having a great time getting the treats out of it. I love when she loves something. 5 stars. It's a good thing.

👤I used to use treat balls for my dog. It was time to get a harder puzzle for her because she was figuring those out and breaking them open more often. It's almost impossible for my dog to open it because it's so heavy, and I bought this over other products because it's heavier. My dog barks at the toy when he gets frustrated, and he actually gets frustrated at it. You can adjust the opening of the puzzles, which are on each side. I haven't noticed much difference in how long it takes my dog to get all the treats/kibble out of it, it's not a big deal for me. It's a harder puzzle for my dog, and she has to work at it. She will try to get the last piece of the puzzle during the day. The name of this product is terrible and it's loud on hardwood floors, but I have found no other drawbacks. I recommend this product to people who want to keep their pet occupied for 20 minutes or to give their pet a puzzle to solve, because neither of these are enough to prevent me from doing so.

👤Highly recommended! It is very durable for our doberman. She loves it. It's good for about 30 minutes of play time and 20 minutes of sleep. Every time I fill it up she gets excited. The couches are perfect. We have to put up a barricade or a toy slides under it. It's a good buy.


What is the best product for food puzzles for dogs level 1?

Food puzzles for dogs level 1 products from Trixie. In this article about food puzzles for dogs level 1 you can see why people choose the product. Aiboondee and Nunbell are also good brands to look for when you are finding food puzzles for dogs level 1.

What are the best brands for food puzzles for dogs level 1?

Trixie, Aiboondee and Nunbell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food puzzles for dogs level 1. Find the detail in this article. Pemoo, Blepoet and Our Pets are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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