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1. VIVOSUN Tumbling Composter Rotating Compost

VIVOSUN Tumbling Composter Rotating Compost

Convenient and easy, the ring liner holds the trash bag in place and prevents it from overhanging for a neat and clean appearance. Use any standard trash bags or NINESTARS custom trash bags. Twin Chambers are designed with two chambers, one cooking while the other is used for an efficient flow of rich, healthy compost. The Creative Tumbling Design allows you to fill your compost pile with garden clippings and kitchen scraps and give it a spin, without having to dig or mix it by hand. The aeration system has many benefits, including: excellent air circulation, help break up clumps in the chamber, and plow lots of oxygen into the compost to produce healthy, finished compost in just weeks. The VIVOSUN Tumbling Composter is made of galvanized steel and high-quality PP plastic, which makes it sturdy and long- lasting. Garden gloves come with 4 durable plastic claws so no other tools are required, and they are also waterproof so they are easy to clean, and they protect your hands from cuts and broken nails.

Brand: Vivosun

👤This is my first compost container. I was able to put it together by myself without having to drink or curse, so have faith in yourself! I'm not entirely sure if it was designed to fit between the two compartments, but the divider between the two is the only piece that doesn't. I wish it had at least two things that I didn't know about. When I open the tumbler to add items, I need a stop/pin to keep it from spinning. A plug/drain that would allow me to get compost "tea" to fertilize the plants while the compost degrades and does its thing. I think the Vivosun Tumbling Composter will be a great starter composter for me, and I'm looking forward to intimidating other gardening neighbors with my new gloves!

👤Overall, a good product for the price. Good quality once assembled. There is a The plastic is a good combo of strength and flexibility, and makes the composter lighter to move around when empty. For easy tumbling, spins smoothly. There was enough nuts and bolts. To complete assembly. There is a The included gloves and phillips are useful. There are some things that are CONs. The assembly involves a Master's degree in engineering, the assistance of a mechanically-inclined circus hamster, months of follow-up therapy, and much more than the 20 minutes mentioned in a couple reviews. I would have left the center divider out of the assembly because it was so difficult to keep in place. The screws and other parts are clearly written in the instructions, which serves no purpose. All Chex are mixed into one bag and not referred to by letter. These are just notes of things I'm not adding/subtracting stars for, mostly for things that are clearly stated in the item's description. The doors are too small for easy emptying of compost, but that isn't all bad since they help to keep things from flying out while spinning. There is a I'll never need to buy a trash bag again, but something more Earth-friendly folks may want to consider, as each panel of plastic comes unnecessarily wrapped in a large plastic bag. There is a I don't mind that I received two identical doors instead of the symmetrical Left & Right doors pictured, but others may not like the 'two left feet' look. There is a It would be great if there was a hitch pin to keep it spinning. Despite all of the 'CONs' in my essay, I give it a perfect score of 5 stars for being a good product at a good price. It's turned my leaves, veggie scraps, and coffee grounds into mulch after just a few weeks.

👤It took me about two hours to assemble this thing. There are 56 screws and nuts. It was very time consuming and I didn't have any issues with it. The composter is sturdy and gorgeous. Can't wait to use it.

👤Great product! I thought I would have my daughters put it together. Their building experience is similar to that of LEGO and birdhouses. I didn't help them at all except on the last panel where they couldn't get their arms long enough to hold the nut in. It took them about an hour to put it together, so any adult who says it is difficult must have never hung their own pictures in the house. It comes with a screwdriver. The legs could be a little stronger. We have been loading it up for a week and it has been great. It will be ready to go in the garden in a few months.

2. Simplehuman Stainless Rectangular Compartment Recycler

Simplehuman Stainless Rectangular Compartment Recycler

Recycle it. This dual-compartment can will help you sort your trash. It makes space more efficient. Simplehuman's strong steel pedal can last over 150,000 steps for 20 years, which is more than 20 steps a day. Simplehuman's patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. Stay open. The lid stays open for as long as you want. The non-skid base has rubber pads that are gentle on the floors and keep the can steady. It is possible to re-locate. The inner bucket is durable and easy to clean. FINGERPRINT-PROOF is a finish that resists smudges.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤I paid a lot for a garbage can. What do you think about me as a person? I have no fear in my past, but the fact that I would pay this much for a garbage can makes my judgement questionable. Whatever! This can is amazing. My old rubbermaid was put to shame by it. The smaller trash compartment is perfect for us and our small space, and I feed it mostly recycles. I can't justify the cost of the bags the manufacturer recommends. I'm not crazy, but I know you spent a million dollars on the can. The 13 gallon bags work just fine. I would like to be honest with you. I received a gift card from my mother for my 40th birthday. I said it there. Do I feel better? Not really. You know you're old when you use a gift card on a garbage can. Priority!

👤This is what I was looking for. This can is very well built and compact. It looks 1000 times better than my old can and it doesn't take me long to mark up my wall like the old one. It's worth every penny. I just spent $150 on a trash can and was excited when it was delivered to my door. The young man spent his money on booze, clothes, and video games, but what happened to him? A man that reads reviews on trash cans was replaced. A warranty? Is that a trash can? For God's sake... The time spent writing another review for some poor soul like me is the result of the giddy excitement when his expensive waste receptacle finally arrives. A poor soul has a nice trash can.

👤We unboxed our new trash can and are very excited about it. I'm glad we paid this much because we were unsure about it at first. The thought process that went into designing this trash can really exceed our expectations. The pro is stylish. Flat back. It's flushed to the wall. The lid is silent. The lid lock switch is used to keep the lid open. It's easy to change bags at bucket park. You have to push the lid back with your hand to wedge the lock switch under.

👤The product says 13 gallon trash bags. The normal ones are too small. Not interested in buying custom bags. The blue tie strap bag brand is better than the black tie strap bag brand. The company is trying to push their bags. Not a good decision.

👤The headline describes my love life perfectly. I bought this trashcan because it looked attractive, had the right dimensions for the available space, and seemed to come with a host of welcome quality-of-life improvements over my old trashcan. The trashcan met my expectations and my hopes. There is a major problem with the trashcan, one that never entered my mind as a possible consideration when I bought it. There has been a gap between the lid and the body since the day it was purchased. The trashcan's current mood affects the gap's size, and as it's behaving itself right now it's only 1.5 centimeters, but I've seen it get closer to 3 centimeters when it gets particularly upset. You may think that a small area is not a problem, but remember that the smell of putrefaction and flies doesn't need much of a helping hand to move in with you. If you had just spent $100 on a trashcan and every time you take the trash bag out you wake up the next morning to smell garbage and flies, you would be less sanguine about this whole affair. I don't think anyone should buy this trashcan. I got about 3 or 4 open-close cycles out of the lid before the trashcan made its vow to never close again. I should mention that it wasn't terrible from the moment I opened the box.

3. KaryHome Hanging Kitchen Compost Counter

KaryHome Hanging Kitchen Compost Counter

Kitchen waste strainers are used to protect the drainage of the sink and not to block the drain pipe. Their indoor compost bin is designed to be non smelling and easy to access. There is no need for a charcoal filter, no odors, and no fruit flies. The mount accessory for the wall mount/under sink trash can is included. It's perfect for cabinet doors, pantry doors, cupboard, under sinks and countertop. This small kitchen compost bin can sit on your counter-top or wherever you need it, because of the Sturdy, stylish and sleek design. Their garbage bin can be used multiple times. It's suitable for kitchen, bathroom, RV, laundry, etc. The garbage can is space saving. The indoor compost bucket has a capacity of 1.3 gallons and is about 7.5 feet high. One is 8 feet high and has an 0.8 gallon/ 3-liter capacity. The hanging trash can is easy to clean with soap and water because it is made of sturdy plastic.

Brand: Karyhome

👤This is one of the best things I have ever bought. I put it under the counter where I do most prepping. I use it for compost. The best part is that the lid can be hung on the bucket while you work, and then when you cover it, it completely closes. The whole thing lifts off the hook when the handle moves over the side. It holds firm even full. When I dump it in the compost, I rinse it out and then run it through the dishwasher.

👤You have to stick your fingers in the depressions to remove and replace the lids, they don't have a handle. If you have greasy fingers, the lids can slip and fall on the counter, which could potentially cause a mess. I had to clean the lids so I didn't get food or the counter. If the lid falls on the counter top, it is almost impossible to pick up without getting your fingers dirty. The solution was to drill a hole in the lid and put an eye bolt in it. I don't have to worry about my fingers getting dirty if I use a paper towel to remove the lid. The eye bolt raises the lid off the counter so it is easy to pick up and replace since the lid no longer lies flat on the counter.

👤The containers are small, but large for compost. The lid fits well and would probably be able to reduce odor. I returned it because I wanted to hang it from a kitchen cabinet door, not a plastic one. I was worried that the weight of the container would cause the piece to break, as it looked like it already had a crack. It would be more durable if it were a metal piece. Everything else about it seemed to be well made if you aren't planning to hang it from a cabinet.

👤I thought they were smaller than they were, but they were the right size in the end. Not bulky and two different ways to attach them. If you choose, they have a bag rim that can be used to secure plastic bags. If you want to use green composting bags, I chose to use bags. I haven't used the smaller one. I will put in a micro kitchen in my office. They seem to be built well and hopefully will last a few years. Time will tell. I like them so far.

👤The design of the bin is great. The ability to hang the lid on the edge of the bin is a very handy feature and works well--no need to put the lid down on the counter or try to pick it up. The ability to secure the bag to the bin is a nice feature. The color of the bin is easy to associate with compost items. The smaller bin is being used for trash. I knew the hook accessory wouldn't hang the bin inside my cabinet, but I didn't know how to use it. The removal and replacement of the bin would not be easy without some adjustments to the mount or bin. A friend is 3D-printing a longer hook for me so I can hang it inside the cabinet. I want to be able to pick up and carry the whole bin out to dump in case the bag leaks through. I got the set of two for a good deal, because the lid is not an airtight fit, but it rests nicely on top.

4. Compost Countertop Composter Composting Container

Compost Countertop Composter Composting Container

The item shape is cylindrical. A beautiful kitchen countertop trash can is finally here. The counter compost bin is small and stylish and is the perfect size to hold a few days of organic scraps. Their small compost bin can be easily removed with two buckets, which makes it more convenient for zero waste recycling. The premium plastic body and ventilating lid are designed to regulate the best temperature and humidity for composting. SuperB ODOR CONTROL. The fruit fly trapping charcoal filters are designed to prevent odor leaking and attract bugs and mice. A smooth composter indoor interior wall prevents food and liquid from building up. It is easy to clean and maintain. The filters can be quickly washed with warm water and soap, and the inner plastic bucket is dishwashable. The kitchen composter indoors has never been this easy. STURDY & DURABLE MATERIALS. The compost caddy is made of anti-rust steel. There is a bonus: The product has odor trapping filters. The filters can last up to 6 months.

Brand: Gdtimes

👤I like it. I had a ceramic one that did not stand the test of time, but this one is great. A plastic bucket on the inside has a metal handle, which is very convenient. No liners needed! The charcoal filter is easy to clean and replaceable. It should last a long time.

👤I was looking for a countertop that was easy to clean and attractive, and could lift the lid with my fingers. There is no odor coming from it. I am happy with this purchase.

👤The composter bin has a plastic insert, but the handle on it doesn't lie flat, so the lid doesn't close completely. The handle should have been made for the liner bucket.

👤California has a new law that requires us to separate organic waste from regular garbage and put it in our green trash bins. The cupboard under my sink has a kitchen compost pail. I can put produce scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells in the container. The charcoal filter and plastic liner are easy to clean. This product is very good.

👤Didn't leave enough material in the container to determine odor elimination. I had a similar container with the same odor eliminating pad. I think this will be the same.

👤The look, ease of use, and size are all positives. I thought there were two inserts, one to use while the other was being cleaned, when I read the description. This is not true. There are two bins, an inner and an outer one. I would have liked two bins.

👤The lid is not tight at all. You can see my video. I received a carbon filter. It is cute. I want a compost bin with a tight fitting lid. I can't jiggle a lot because it's very hard to come off if you knock it. It won't accept my order number to download the book.

👤It's all that and a bag of chips.

5. Norpro 83 Ceramic Compost 3 Quart

Norpro 83 Ceramic Compost 3 Quart

The inner bucket is dishwasher safe. Remove the outer ceramic with hot water. The measures are 10 x 7 x 7. The capacity is 3QT / 2L. The ceramic compost keeper is attractive, strong and durable. Store peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds, table scraps, and other vegetables. Transfer the compost to your garden. The handle is sturdy and easy to carry. The odor preventing filter in the lid can last up to 6 months. The diameter of the filters is 5.625” The Norpro item is replacement filters. Compost Keeper and lid were included.

Brand: Norpro

👤It's not a good design for the purpose it's intended for. Food can hide in the crevices of the lid and container. The container has a nice big ridge under it that is difficult to clean, instead of the sides going straight down to the base. mold will grow there if the two nodes stick out for the handle. There is a big part around the rim. In the lid, repeat. The handle is easy to fall off. It's not a big deal to put it back on. A better design would have a handle that is easy to remove, but wouldn't fall if you didn't want it to.

👤So far, no unpleasant odors? minating from the jar It sits on the counter until "she" fills it with coffee grounds, egg shells and other kitchen scraps, then "he" empties it on the compost pile and the process begins again." We purchased it because of its looks and because it had replaceable filters, as it does sit in full view at all times. We haven't had to replace the filter yet, but it gets filled over the coarse and then emptied every 3 weeks. Either we went nose blind or the filter was really strong. We recommend this compost go-between to anyone who is sensitive to compost odors in the kitchen.

👤The porcelain compost jar is the same as the pictures show. I've washed the filter several times because it works well. I tightened the handle with pliers. I can keep feeding food waste into the jar for 2 weeks because the filter does its job very well, even though I don't have AC. I get a lot of feedback on this on my counter. I take a picture before I push it down.

👤This is okay. This was my second choice. The price doubled before I could purchase it, and I was hesitant to buy it after a few days. I forgot that people mentioned that the top was not flush with the container. I have a problem with fruit flies. I put my container outside of my house door this morning. I tried to line the top with insulation, but I think the holes for breathing are still allowing flies in and out even though the top has a filter. This will work if you don't have a fruit fly problem. Get non ceramic if you do.

👤I like everything about this item, except one thing. The handle. It is designed for easy removal, but it keeps falling off. It's handy to have one so you can easily lift it from under the sink or wherever you keep it, but it needs to be reworked as it doesn't wrap around the canister as it's intended, and it doesn't circle the little 'ears' that it is If one side was not where it needed to be in order to lift it and everything spilled, that would make a person think unpleasant words.

👤It was received on June 11th. August 12th was the day that it broke. It was easy to rinse out and it looked nice on my kitchen counter, but it broke. The container is heavy and not easy to carry with kitchen compost, making it more awkward to carry it. I carried the compost out, emptied it, and then stopped by the back door to hose it out before taking it inside. The container fell a few inches to the concrete when I grabbed the handle as I lifted it. It splintered into about a half dozen pieces. I should have ordered the metal one. I bought extras when I ordered the Compost Keeper and changed the filter twice in two months because mold was on the under surface of the filter. But! It doesn't stink! I am happy for that!

6. Simplehuman Compost Detachable Brushed Stainless

Simplehuman Compost Detachable Brushed Stainless

Simplehuman's compost caddy hangs neatly on the side of your trash can and is easy to detach for use on your kitchen counter during food prep and clean up. Magnets help keep the compost caddy in place and keep the lid open while in use. Their soft-seal lid lets food scraps breathe and keep pests away. The retractable inner bucket is easy to remove and holds a lot of food scraps. There is a paintbrush coating with anion antiMICROBIAL. The compost caddy's surface is protected by a invisible coating that is also infused with Agion, an EPA-registered antimicrobial that protects against the growth ofbacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. Code Z custom fit compostable liners are designed to fit the compost caddy perfectly and make it easy to remove food scraps cleanly.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤I have an admission. I bought a really expensive garbage can because I am a well educated frugal consumer. I love it! One of the best kitchen purchases I have ever made. I live with five people. Everything in one big bucket is recycled in our town. We used to leave the recycling on the counter when we had a step trash can. That eventually led to having a bag sit on top of the trash can with various amounts of recycling. It was not nice. I have looked at various Simplehuman solutions. I was close to purchasing on several occasions, but I just couldn't. How can trash be worth anything? The liners, oh the liners. I don't know how I could be in a situation to buy liners from the trash can company. Really! Then it happened. The dog is taking the recycling around the house and I finally got angry. I didn't like having to move the bag to throw out the trash. I found the trash can. I used to worry that there wasn't enough trash or recycling room under the lid. I could not find a trash bin in this can. I pulled the gun. I paid $200 for a recycling can and cried. I could always return it. I could tie a 13 gallon liner on the trash side and not have to use their liners. The can came. I put the sample set of H size liners in the convenient pocket on the back of the trash side when I pulled it out of the box. All of a sudden, there is more room for trash. The skies opened and the angels sang. I have to tell you that it's worth it. The can performs well. I can throw the recycling bucket in the town bin when I get to the garage. The bags are tied up and the size is slid out to the trash can. I put a new liner in the nice slot before I leave with the full bag. Genius. Oh, and about the liners. They work. I spent a lot of money to get a lot of them because they are so convenient in the pocket on the trash can, and they work really, really well. Register the warranty on the simplehuman site once you get your can. If I remember correctly, they will send you a coupon for dollars off your order at their site. I was unable to find a size that was similar to the one I ordered from the simplehuman site. Purchase them with your coupon. Don't stare at trash or loose recycling, you only live once. Just do it. You will not be sorry.

👤I had buyer's remorse as soon as I hit the one-click button, because I never imagined I would spend so much for a trash can. Think about it. I live in a one bedroom apartment with only one trash can. It's something I see a lot. The $10 Rubbermaid had food dribbling from the edges and had to be hosed out weekly. I use this with regular garbage bags. I have arthritis in my fingers and it's painful to insert a new bag, but it probably goes with the territory. I chuckled when I read reviews that said this holds more than a regular bag. It seems to me! I don't have any facts to support this. Look at it sideways, if you're complaining that they could do without the liner bag at the back. The bag liner storage is not caused by the door hinges. The bin is devoted to holding the garbage. The edges of the garbage bag are hidden by the bag storage system. I was told that it's good at keeping odors down. I don't have a sense of smell, but I hope so. My rubbermaid did not. If you're going to spend $5,000 on a kitchen renovation, this is small change. It makes my small kitchen look better and work better. I caved and bought the Simple Human trash bags. They're easier to fit on the bin, they're designed to disappear under the rim, and they seem to be better quality than the Glad bags I'd been using. The Glad bags often had a leak from something sharp-edged in the trash. Everyone knows what a hassle it is when the trash bag falls apart as you try to get it to the garbage chute.

7. ITouchless SoftStep Gallon Trash Recycling

ITouchless SoftStep Gallon Trash Recycling

Your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a full-service manufacturer's warranty and dedicated customer support. Blue side for recycling and black side for trash. It is easy to separate trash and recyclables. It's easy to replace air damper for years of like-new performance with the GenTLE & Silent LID CLOSE. It is easy to clean and match any décor with its brushed steel. It is easy to take out the garbage and recycle with two separate inner buckets. There is no need for custom bags. The dimensions are 18.75 inch wide X 15.25 inch deep X 26.25 inch tall with the lid open.

Brand: Itouchless

👤Went through 3 cans. Poorly made, the clip that holds the lid in place breaks. Will be buying a totally different brand and sending back the old one. 3 strike your out.

👤The PLASTIC washer piece that allows the lid to shut slowly broke into pieces. I've tried to find the part. The lid has closed. I paid a lot for this in June. It has been used for 3 months and needs to be replaced. Do you have the parts to fix the problem? Will you replace the can?

👤This trash can was everything I thought it would be. The photo does not do it justice, it is slick and modern, and I love that it has a plastic container inside. It is light and wipes down well.

👤A very nice can. Most other cans I reviewed didn't last long. After 6 months, use the plastic piece that houses the broken stem rod. The phone number to the manufacturer was a delight, and they were sending a replacement part. Good job.

👤The foot pedal is easy to use. Doesn't hit the wall and can be pushed against it. The trash bag can be tucked in between the cans. You can't see it when it's closed. The size is great. I like the slow close lid. It looks great. Highly recommended.

👤The can is nice and sleek. It was very well made.

👤I gave this company a 5 star rating, and was very pleased with the quality, size and customer service provided by the company. They sent me the missing part when we were missing the charcoal filter. This one seems better made than the Simply Human one we had. The review has been updated. We have been using this can for about 5 months and I am changing my rating to 2 stars. The metal lever lid does not open when you touch the foot pad because of a broken plastic loop. It was disappointing considering how much it cost. I will contact the company to see if they can send me a replacement part for the one that is supposed to be under warranty. There is an update. I was able to chat with the customer service rep and they were going to send me a replacement part. Changing my rating to very good is what I am going to do. I think the iTouch company has good customer service.

👤It adds a bit of class to the kitchen. The large white plastic kitchen bags are easy to use, roomy, and open wide. The distance from the wall to thecountertop edge is the 'con'. In our case, it is out from the wall, and I put a few small plastic bumper circles on the counter edge as a buffer. If you want to use the feature that keeps the lid open for an extended period, you'll need a minimum of 6. I think we'll get used to it after a week.

👤The steel rod lifts. I have had to remove the mechanics that lowered the LID because it broke after a short time. It's a standard bin that you have to open and close yourself.

8. OXO Grips Easy Clean Compost Charcoal

OXO Grips Easy Clean Compost Charcoal

Other counter top compost pails can be unpleasant to clean. The plastic inner bucket is dishwasher safe. Remove the bucket from the bin and put it in the dishwasher. Convenient design and size for everyday use. The lid flips up for easy filling and down to lock in odors. The smooth interior walls prevent food and liquids from building up. The bottom and lid are different. The rotating handle makes it easy to transport waste to the composter.

Brand: Oxo

👤This review is for the "new" 1.75 gallon size of OXO compost bins, which is why Amazon has multiple versions of OXO compost bins under one listing. I was wondering if the 3 gallon bio bags would be large enough. I think they are not. I like the fact that they have enough bag to tie closed. I uploaded a picture showing how much excess there will be when the bin is filled. There are bag management holes in the bin, one in the front and one in the back. The bag is hidden from view when the lid base is in place. The bag can't be drawn into the bin with these features. I don't like when that happens. The lid is one of the highlights in my book. It will stay open when fully opened and upright. I like the fact that the lid design allows for quick and easy one-handed operation, so I often just want to throw a small item in now and then. I can lift up the cover's overhanging tab with a peel in my hand and a knuckle extension, just like in one of my pics. I didn't know I needed this before we got it, so I thought it was worth pointing it out. I think that the lid's smooth operation contributes to the ease. We have a Zero Waste Together compost bin, but I like the OXO because it doesn't have holes in the lid and has excess bag management. The Zero Waste bin has brackets to hang it if you want to do that. We used it as a countertop bin, but never took it. I am very happy with this purchase. I hope this review helped you.

👤The plastic bin is a good size to store in the fridge and can be taken out every few days to a week. The only reason I knocked off stars was because I found a better solution using square-Ish glass jars with flip top clasp sealed lids that do the job just as well but don't add more plastic to the waste cycle. If you want to go zero waste and don't want to add more plastic to the planet, there are good glass jars and metal tins that work just as well and can store a lot more.

👤We still love it! It works great if you use it daily. This product has helped us in our fight with fruit flies. There are a lot of fruit in the house. It's hard to keep fruit flies away when there is always some in the trash. I ordered this product along with an outdoor compost bin, and I'm very pleased with it. The lid is thin and there is no gap for flies to get in. The handle is strong. The top comes off easily. This model is better than any of the other ones that have built in filters. This thing is perfect. I've gotten fruit flies into the house because the outdoor composter is not that far away, and they can't find anything to eat or lay eggs in, so they just die. It's been great. I don't panic when I see a fruit fly.

9. Simplehuman Counter Pull Out Recycling Heavy Duty

Simplehuman Counter Pull Out Recycling Heavy Duty

Recycle it. This dual-compartment can will help you sort your trash. It makes space more efficient. The bucket is easily accessible from the cabinet on full-extension tracks. It's easy to install a one-piece track. Ball-bearing tracks are smooth. The can be pulled out of the cabinet quickly with the large steel handle.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤This was installed to replace a previous piece of junk. What a change. They understood how much abuse a trash can mechanism really takes and what a pain it is to get in a narrow space under the sink. This thing is strong. There are 8 screws in the base. I swear it took 5 minutes to fix it. It was worth it. Don't mess with the flimsy versions.

👤I put this in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. I used 14 Command strips to anchor the cabinets to the floor because I didn't want to drill into them. I'm going to use up my 13 gallon bags with this. They seem to work well. I'm very happy with this product.

👤Simple human products are very similar to those of a car. Their funtionality, ease of install, and years of use are worth the money. The cabinet door wouldn't bang into it if I installed mine at angle. My dimensions were correct, not leaving a lot of wiggle room. The liners that Amazon recommends as an add on are called "d". The main garbage can has a number on it. The recycling liners should be blue, but I would have preferred the liner color to be the same.

👤I bought this because of the tiny kitchen. I had to make a small change to the drain pipes to make it fit properly. It was installed a few months ago and has no complaints. I'm sure it will last for a long time. I don't want to spend the money on Simple Human's fancy fitted trash bags, so I'm using standard Glad kitchen bags.

👤Saving space in the kitchen is achieved by the trash and recycling bins. The slides are very smooth. Assembly was very easy. I bought the bundle with the D-sized trash bags thinking they were for the trash bin. They are sized for the recycling bin. The trash bin is small. I'm stuck with a ton of bags that I can't use because they're not recycled, and I paid a fee for them.

👤I love this! It's easy to install in my small cabinet, perfect for a one or two person household. My friends comment on it. Very happy with the purchase! The rubber door lining was nailed around the cabinet door to make sure gnats don't get in.

👤I have a pull-out trashcan for my recycles. Things would get messy when we used a plastic storage tote in the corner of the kitchen. The bin would fill up and overflow, no one would want to carry it outside to empty it, so the sink would also fill up with recyclables. It made me crazy. I decided to get a trash barrel that we could store out of sight and let me tell you, this product has changed our lives for the better. The barrel is easy to empty out, just remove the liner and toss it outside. It was easy to install with a power drill. I used 4 of the 8 screws to fix the base. It seems secure. I had to place the base of the slider so that I could pull the barrel out of the drawer. The barrel can be easily removed from the rack. The Simple Human bags are a better design than your typical leading brand. A sample pack of trash bags is included with the purchase of the pull-out barrel. I bought a pack of blue bags. The bags feel like they're made of stronger plastic. If you don't want to buy Simple Human bags, any 30L/8 gal bag should fit.

10. Sun Joe CJ603E 1 7 Inch Diameter

Sun Joe CJ603E 1 7 Inch Diameter

A pair of Scotts multi-purpose gardening gloves will help you achieve your garden goals. The no-slip grip is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects, and each pair is latex-free. Scotts and Miracle-Gro can help you grow your green thumb. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. It'sTILE: It's ideal for turning leaves, twigs, brush, and branches into mulch. 120 V - 60 Hz rated. The 15-amp motor shreds branches up to 1. The motor cannot operate when the Safety Hopper is open. There is safety. The motor can't operate when the safety hopper is open. It's accessible. The design has 7-inch wheels for easy portable use.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤I received this Monday and I know what you are thinking, "How can some on review something they had for a week?" I got the big one because of the pile of brush in my back yard. This wouldn't accommodate all of my needs, so I got it with the full knowledge. I gave it a three star rating because of how I feel about it. It was preformed well and was delivered under 200$. I am running it for up to 3 hours a day for the last 5 days and have not stopped it. I am constantly maxing out on the size of what this can do and thus far it has choke down every thing I can fit through the opening. It doesn't always "chip or shred" what goes through it. If you have green wood or vines with stringy bark, it will "scrape" the wood off and spit out a ribbon of bark. Some wood is better than others. A mixture of green wood cut recently, 1-2 year old punky rotten wood, seasoned cut and dried grape vines, hedge trimmings, and rose bushes that died and were ripped out is what I am mulching. The "Chip" I get is different depending on density and size. The hard brittle rotten stuff gets either chunked into full crushed rounds about a half inch think and crumbling or crushed up into a splintery dusty mix when the hard grape vines are "shaved" down by the rotary Hammer. If it does not fall through intact, small twigs and pinky finger sized stuff is the only thing that is evenly chipping. The consistency of the grind will vary based on what it is. The mechanism is used. This is a horizontal grinder. It has a single blade that can turn up to 80 mph. I think it gets its noise reduction from. If you are doing large quantities you will want ear plugs because you will have to worry about noise. The base is sturdy enough and only shakes slightly when over taxed, for some insane reason the designers included two cup holders into the design. These are only for display and serve no purpose other than to collect a small sample for later review. If regular or emergency access to the controls or off switch is necessary due to their location, do not use them. The story of the blade. After un-boxing and assembly took less than 5 minutes, you only need to attach the legs (4 nuts) and install the wheels (2 nuts). I used a flash light to look at the blade. I can't comment on replacement because I haven't considered or tried it. The blade appears to be a steel cast or cast, possibly just a rough ground steel (mild steel) hobbed gear. The cutting edges are all single pass rough grind and I had a heavy burr on it so it was machine handled and no inspection was required. There is no relief cut for clearing chips. It will go from cutting to grinding in 1-2 hours. This is the only design flaw that I see with the design. If any serious considerations for improvement of consistency of cut and longevity of the cutting edge had been considered, I would suggest that a hardened steel blade or replaceable teeth be used. Knockers, which are pieces of wood that are cut down to about 6 inches, will be eliminated if the cutting edge is improved. In the feed. If you have a thing that is not straight or with Y branching, you will need to have it straightened out. The machine will jam up in the opening or hang on the narrow slot, even though it has all the Torque to grind them. If it wouldn't void my warranty, I would simply cut the top open to get the twisted and bent items to pass cleanly into the cutting chamber. It's nearly impossible to process hand fulls of twigs and leaves, as you would need to hand feed single twigs, and I can just run those suckers down with my mower. Personal protective equipment includes a helmet and boxing gloves. This thing will fight you in many ways. If you are chipping something that is less than 1.5 inches, you should wear gloves because the kicking and spinning of the branches as they are beaten into submission by the total savagery that is 15amps of power will beat your hands to death like trying to dual marathon porn hub and Bruce Make sure you don't grab or hook a glove on a small object when this thing bites. If you broke a finger, you would have to use a 5 years old hand. You don't have to worry about contacting the blade if your fingers are 8 inches long. I took more wood to the face of a drunk college student who was twisting around going trough the thing on spring break. If you have safety glasses or a face shield, make sure you do a good processing before running wood. There is a collection. The canvas collection bag is included with the chipper and is a great addition to your shopping bags. I don't think I would ever use a light weight piece of crap to hold 5 or 6 gallons of mulched wood and expect to get the bugs dust and wood splinter out for storage. I think it will survive 3 uses before I need another grease rag with handles for my shop. I use an old mop bucket which is a 6 gallon capacity and when the chute starts to get full I go into a 5 gallon bucket. The volume of the bag is a joke. If you're considering buying this unit, you have a lot to process. I mulched over 100 gallons of mulch in 5 days. How do I know that? I gave away a 40 gallon trash can to my neighbor, I have since filled individual 5 gallon buckets and am up to 5 of those filled to over capacity. Add in what is on the ground and you have 120 gallons of mulch. An estimate of what this can do.

11. Litem Food Waste Basket Bin

Litem Food Waste Basket Bin

The double bucket system has handles. It is easy to store food waste. The inner bucket makes it easy to handle food waste. A winner of the iF Design Award. A small bucket is ideal for a kitchen counter. The package dimensions are 8.25(L)x7(W)x8.6(H) and 1.08 lbs. 0.68 gallons.

Brand: Litem

👤This is a basic bin. The outer container has a plastic handle, a lid, and a strainer-like colander that fit inside the bin. The handle on the inner piece allows you to hold it, lift it out of the bin, and dump the contents out. Well... I took the whole bin with me to the woods back of my house to throw away my green waste. I lifted the container out of the bin and threw it towards the woods. The contents went flying down an embankment into the woods after the handcuffs broke off. I couldn't get it back and it was broken. If I had all the broken parts, I would return this, but I don't have the money. Poorly made. Don't waste your money.

👤The city gave us totes that we could hang inside the cabinet. It's a bit unwieldy. I wanted it to be simpler to access. I love this bin. I keep my sink open when I need to trim things. Our waste is easy to get into. Coffee grounds are dumped. I fold up a paper towel and put it at the bottom after I wash the bin. It still allows liquids to drain, but holds small items inside. Paper is allowed in our green recycling. The lid should be easier to slide off. It stays on securely. It keeps the smell inside. I can go 3-4 days without emptying the bin because I don't cook every night and there are only two of us.

👤California has a new law that requires waste companies to compost all kitchen waste. This bin makes it very easy to comply. If you want to put liquid in the bottom of the bin, you have to empty the draining basket inside the bin and then put it in the green bin. I keep mine on the counter top. We have a bin in our vacation home where the same law applies but we are not always there. We put the bin in the dishwasher so we don't come back to stinky mess. So far, so good with the dishwasher. We don't dump the water out there because we don't want to encourage the raccoons.

👤The bin is sturdy. Another reviewer had no issues with either handles. I bought bag liners for this. I put the bag between the two layers of the bin to keep it out of the bin. It would work great without them. It is small, especially if you cook a lot and have a city that requires food waste, but it looks great on the counter and locks odors in.

👤I compost because I don't take out my compost every night. This worked out the trick. I bought it because of the basket feature. I put the liquid in my garden and then put it in my compost bin.

👤A small bin replaced a large trash can. This one holds enough compost for a couple days depending on use. It makes us empty it sooner. I like the carrying handle and the bin inside. When the top is empty, it takes two hands to get it off. It's good because it keeps bugs out so far, but not so good if you're meal prepping and don't have a lot of time. I am not sure about the liquids draining to the bottom. If you love this product, you would buy it again.


What is the best product for food recycler for kitchen?

Food recycler for kitchen products from Vivosun. In this article about food recycler for kitchen you can see why people choose the product. Simplehuman and Karyhome are also good brands to look for when you are finding food recycler for kitchen.

What are the best brands for food recycler for kitchen?

Vivosun, Simplehuman and Karyhome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food recycler for kitchen. Find the detail in this article. Gdtimes, Norpro and Simplehuman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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