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1. Housewares Solutions Stainless Compost Gallon

Housewares Solutions Stainless Compost Gallon

The kitchen space saver is a composter. A compost bin for your apartment, condo, classroom or home with a small kitchen. Also fits nicely under the kitchen sink. The double filtration system is effective in controlling odor. Their compost bin has been designed so that it can fight back against the odors that come from decomposing organics in your home, and that it has an airtight cover and double carbon filter to keep it spill proof. If some of your leftovers are a few days old, you won't notice. STURDY LEAK PROOF STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION is similar to plastic cans, but don't hold up as long and don't stand up to rough treatment as steel. Their compost bin is leak-proof and odor-trapping and can easily turn food scraps into valuable compost for your plants. Want to make compost but don't have enough space? No problem! The large capacity of the Housewares Solutions compost bin can hold several one week's worth of organic waste. If you don't have enough space for a large pile, it provides a convenient solution. This is a great option for small kitchens. You don't need a big composter to reduce waste. Enjoy an entire year of free charcoal filters. The compost bucket has 2 dual filters already installed and 4 extra free filters. The carbon filters will help to absorb odors that could develop inside the pail. They recommend changing your filters every 2 to 3 months if you use it frequently. The design of the cleaning process makes it easy to clean because it maximizes the flow of air. Less clean up, less bad smells and less flies is what this means. It makes it an in-house accessory. This canister is budget friendly and can hold vegetable scraps. Your garden will love the fresh nitrogen that would have ended up in the trash.

Brand: Housewares Solutions

👤This little compost tin is usually a happy place. The odors are kept down by the filters, but I was worried about it sitting by the sink. When the husband presented it to me, I was skeptical. I am impressed because I don't smell anything coming from it. After he dumps the contents into the main mulch pile, it is easy to clean. The lid is the reason for four instead of five stars. Even though it's kept clean, it sticks. You can't remove it with one hand. To get the pail to come off, you need to hold down the pail and pull hard with the other. Don't ask, I learned this the hard way. I'm happy to have it to help with making our garden grow.

👤Fruit flies can get in and out of filters, so they can't stop them. Larvae were crawling. mulch did not stop the issue. The bucket is too small to add a lot of mulch. I would rather have a solid lid that doesn't breathe or let fruit flies escape easily, than this one with filters. The product is good quality and the filters work, but the bug issue should have been noted somewhere.

👤We bought this compost bin after our old one rusted through. The design of the two bins are the same. The new bin has a thinner grade of steel than the previous one. We expect long life based on the resistance of the metal. The knobs for the handle and lid are plated plastic, which is prone to break when dropped, and are not metal. When we took the new bin from the box, we found that one of the knobs on the side was loose, something that should have been picked up by final inspection.

👤We were given a large green plastic bucket for the food scraps when our state started mandatory separation. The bucket spent more time soaking than it did holding food scraps. This is a perfect bucket. It's smaller so we don't waste a huge bag on a few stinky scraps, has a charcoal double filter to manage the smell, and is easy to clean with no residual odors. It brought an almost unmanageable situation under control and I highly recommend it.

👤I have been using this product for a week or so and it has worked well. I was worried about the size. The pale is compared to a roll of paper towels. It fits well in the kitchen and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, but it is small. We have a lot of food and yard scraps that make it fill up fast. I am surprised by how much you can fit in it. There is no smell so far. Extra filters are nice. It seems to have been made well. So far, so good!

👤After 6 months of use, I discovered it was leaking. The item is only coated with a thin type of steel. The acid in the food started leaking after eating the metal and coating. I wouldn't recommend this product for a long time.

2. Jolitac Kitchen Charcoal Countertop Recycling

Jolitac Kitchen Charcoal Countertop Recycling

Back to school or home activity. Composting, life cycles, and environmental science can be taught at home or in a classroom. It's a great way to keep kids entertained while they're at home. The Function and Fashion Compost Bin can be used to pile vegetable waste, fruit scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells. Once the bin is full, you can take it outside to your larger compost pile or outdoor bin. The stylish, rustic, vintage composter with "COMPOST" written in the most beautiful fonts right in front will look awesome in your home, countertop, cupboard shelf, office or anywhere. The compost container has a lid that stops food scraps from spilling out and keeps smells out. The activated charcoal filter is 5" in diameter and has a built-in tight-fitting design for absorbing and trapping odors. A bonus set of foam pads is inside the pail. Large Capacity and Easy Cleaning: 8.25" Tall, 7.68" Wide, 1.3Gallon. Large enough to fit a few days worth of kitchen food-scraps, but small enough to be put anywhere in the kitchen. The filters can be washed by soaking in water or spraying with a hose. Even after long-term use, it will remain refreshed. It is 100% seamless because it is made of high grade materials that are molded in one integrated body. The compost bin is easy to clean and won't rust, scratch or chip. It is rust free and attractive, and it is also useful for any decor. Composting is fun and contributes to the protection of the ecological environment. It is a perfect gift for a household that is eco-friendly. They will give you a higher guarantee for your purchase. They will give you a full refund if the product doesn't meet your needs. No risk purchase!

Brand: Jolitac

👤I was excited to find a compost bin that was large and aesthetically pleasing, because I wanted to find something that was plastic-free. I live in a studio and take my scraps to a composting drop off in my area once a week, so a kitchen smell is an apt smell. I collected scraps for a week and found that the container did not keep smells in. It's made of steel and will survive cold temperatures, so I'm storing it in the freezer, which is the best way to avoid smelly scraps indoors. I would return it, but I think that the size and material is ideal for my needs. It's well made and it's cute, but the lid isn't tight enough and it's not sturdy. I don't know if the filters it comes with or the lid fit, but if you are going to store scraps for more than 3 days in your kitchen, I wouldn't recommend this item. I would use the bags.

👤We were looking for a compost bin that would fit on our countertop and keep the smell in check. It keeps the smell contained. We used to take out the bin based on when it would start stinking up the kitchen but now with this bin, we can just leave it there for a few days and not notice. It washed out fairly easily. We don't use bags, we just lay newspaper/paper towels down. We rinse it every time we dump it. Since we started using it about a month ago, we haven't had to change the filters, so I think they will last us a while.

👤I initially thought it was a paint can, but it is really a good quality container. I haven't had a problem with flies or gnats because of the charcoal filter. I initially thought it was a coffee grounds and egg shells model, but as a gardener and canner, I have found it to be very small for my needs. Through the harvest season. It will be the right size most of the year.

👤I am a novice composter and this bin has been very useful. It is the perfect size, easy to store, and gives off no odor. The lid has a charcoal filter in it. I use those little bags in the kitchen sink and it has food scraps in it from at least a month ago. It is pink!

👤The product showed up as pictured. The filters make a difference. There is no smell coming from this in the middle of my house. The plastic grip on the handle makes it easier to dump it if I am wearing gloves or it is heavy. This compost pales and I am very happy with it.

👤It arrived on my doorstep and I loved it. I'm so adorrable! I ordered a pink one. It's great because the pink is pale, like many items in my grandmother's kitchen. My kitchen was flooded with memories. Thanks for that. Who knew a composter could make people happy?

3. Jora Composter JK 270 Tumbler

Jora Composter JK 270 Tumbler

If you don't like your Gardenatomy Compost Pail, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked! The tumbling composter is simple to use and turn on its own whenever waste is put in. The Jora Compost Tumbler has two chambers. The compost in the other chamber matures while one is being filled. The Jora Composter is positioned off the ground so that there is no chance of rodents or other pests getting into the machine. The volume of the JK270 is 70 gallons and it can hold up to 8 gallons a week. The barrel of the compost tumbler is powder-coated to be more durable and last longer.

Brand: Jora Composters

👤At 3 years of age, this composter began to fall apart. The company doesn't care that it is now useless. New owners. Too bad for us. If you are in a humid climate, I wouldn't buy this. The pictures show it all.

👤I bought it in Feb 2016 and am getting rid of it. I was expecting a lot better longevity from it. It is very difficult to assemble and if it is not assembled perfectly, it will not work. 2 people who are handy were unable to get the parts to come together. The patch failed quickly. When you turn the composter, it sprays you because of the leaks and imperfect assembly. It doesn't compost as well as I expected, even though it is in a sunny spot, because of the advertising. It composts fast during hot weather. A store near us was selling this. Maybe it would have worked better if I'd spent more and had it assembled.

👤After putting this together, I highly recommend looking elsewhere. 1. It is difficult to put together 2. Are there foam core and plastic liners? The foam is a huge challenge for a handyman and I had to get the panels on. Getting holes lined up with main three pieces is not straight forward and there are no pre drilled holes in the foam core which brings me to the eco-orientation of this composter. What about foam, plastic liner, and plastic screws? What is happening? What is the foam core? Is it plastic? There is a This is not revolutionary or safe for making compost. Will probably give away a year. Sorry, I bought it.

👤The foam panels are damaged by the octagonal disc rotating independently of the body which is creating open channels between the two chambers. Compost gets in between the metal and foam panels that make up the body because the inside is not sealed. It will not last very long because it composts very well.

👤I have had this tumbler for 5 years in a mild climate. I ended up watching an online video multiple times to get each part right because the instructions were not effective and putting it together was not a trivial effort. I had to go back and redo some steps because I made a mistake because the instructions were vague. It worked for 5 years after I got it together. The insulation keeps things nice and toasty, the locking latches keep the critters out, and the robust handles make it easy to turn even when full. It would get quenched in the wet season since the gaps in the panels aren't waterproof. It was a great dry season and I like opening the hatch to see a big cloud of steam from the cooking. I opened the hatch one day and the insulation fell off of the panel. I'm hoping that I can get some glue and re-attach it, but it tore apart when it fell off. I have not been able to find a replacement slab. I got a great 5 years out of it, so my yearly cost isn't that bad. I bought it as a top-of-the-line, never worry about a thing unit, so if I can't get it repaired, I'll be disappointed. I think the tumbler is a good choice, but can't help but wonder if there's a better option out there.

4. MaxWorks 80699 Capacity Chambers Composting

MaxWorks 80699 Capacity Chambers Composting

The kitchen space saver is a composter. A compost bin for your apartment, condo, classroom or home with a small kitchen. Also fits nicely under the kitchen sink. The Bin is made from rugged and durable polypropylene and has a powder coated Steel frame. The aeration holes with the two sliding doors allow the user to provide the desired amount of oxygen going inside the compost for better and quicker results. The dual chambers make the composting process simpler and more effective. The soil waste is treated in an environmentAL way. Compost waste can be composted in a couple of weeks with proper maintenance and results can be seen in a couple of weeks. The first panel is for preserving mature compost while the second is for new waste and scraps. Proper rotation of the composting process will be accomplished by two panels. It's space-saving design makes it a perfect compost/tumbler in any space. The maximum capacity is 42 gallons and the assembled size is 28. 50" X 26" X 36.

Brand: Maxworks

👤I was worried about wasting money on a compost bin, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I read all of the reviews for this product. I watched a video on putting the bin together and it was very easy. I was prepared for a fight. I went to work after gathering my patience. It didn't take that long either, and I had no problems at all. The capacity is larger than I anticipated. I keep it by my kitchen door during the winter. There was no spillage or seepage. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤I only had the fifth star for a month, so I left it out. There is a It has been the hottest week in Louisiana history. During the early summer, we only have about two real rains in 3 weeks. It came in the form of mini hurricanes during rare times. I've been through a lot of hurricanes. This thing stood up to 60 mph wind gusts in the corner of my yard, which is a little more protected from the elements. It seems like it will hold up well during extreme heat and storms if you put it together correctly. I got this model because I'm going to anchor it down during the real storm season by putting large cement bricks over the bars that rest on the ground. I haven't done anything yet. There are insects and other fearless creatures running rampant in my area. The composter is sealed very well and sits high off the ground. When I first got it, I expected there to be a lot of insects in it because of the dry heat, and there to be a small fire because of the food scraps. That was not true at all. The heat was pretty intense, but there was no smoldering. I haven't been paid for my endorsement, but they are welcome to contact me.

👤I have two of these. I bought one about two years ago. The bin cover color is not the same as the other two. It is easy toAssembling the thing. The internal divider splits the bin into two separate areas. It can be difficult to get that divider in place. It is a process of fixing everything together. The bin is sturdy once assembled. I filled them with compost and they have held together. One problem with being sturdy is not keeping one side empty and the other filled with compost. I pushed the divider into the empty space as the way it was locked into place. The divider is made of plastic and can bend and get pushed out of the slots. That happened with one of my bins.

👤I put this together so I can't comment on the reliability or function of the product. The poorly translated instructions for assembly are awful. Important information is on the front cover about lining up arrows on the outer discs. I had to get a few of the plastic pegs into alignment as I had to make sure the center divider was seated correctly. I had to disassemble my center divider to get it seated. It is square and level after being corrected.

5. Stainless Countertop Odorless Carrying Charcoal

Stainless Countertop Odorless Carrying Charcoal

The handle is sturdy and easy to clean, so you can empty the indoor compost into the food waste bin. After washing the kitchen compost container, gently wipe the lid with a damp cloth. The ENLOY compost bin is designed to control odors naturally. The compost bin has a lid that can keep it spill proof. Even if some of your leftovers are a few days old, you will not notice them. DULABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION The compost bin is made of high grade 304 STAINLESS STEEL. The compost bin is rust-proof and perfect for composting in the kitchen. The compost bin is made of steel and will not release harmful chemicals. You can make compost to plant your flowers or vegetables. The compost bin is odorless and can be used to make compost in the kitchen. It's easy to use. You can store food waste in your kitchen for several days and not have to go to the compost area or green waste bin every day. The kitchen compost bin is made of recycled steel. Do not use acidic or alkaline detergent cleaning. The compost bin will be new if you clean it with warm water. The design is slanted atTRACTIVE. The simple and classical design of the compost bin makes it look stylish in the kitchen. It's a great size for kitchen scraps and the compost bin doesn't take up too much counter space when you put it on your kitchen countertop. A sturdy handle makes it easy to transfer scraps. The compost bin is easy to clean. The best gift for your family or friends is a compost bin. The welded bin may leak at the weld points over time, but the molded bin is not. Sending a high quality bin to your family and friends will help you learn more about composting.

Brand: Enloy

👤It is not a bucket for creating compost. It is a bucket for collecting kitchen scraps. I got this to replace a ceramic one I've had for years, and recently broke the lid. The same thing doesn't happen in the future if I use the same steel I used. The retro aluminum garbage can was appealing to me. The first thing I noticed was that it was half the size of the one I had, but still fit in the corner of the counter. The second thing is how light it is. When it was empty, the ceramic one was heavy. This one is light and easy to carry even when full. It is easy to empty. The lid of this one fits inside the container, unlike the ceramic one, which rests on a lip. The sides are straight from the bottom to the top. It empties if you tip it upside down. It's not necessary to get out from under the lip. It rinses clean. The bags are always useful, but I wish I hadn't ordered them. The fit is snug and I think it will be better at keeping out fruit flies. The lid hanging from the side is a bonus.

👤It is actually 1.0 gallon, but is advertised as a 1.3 gallon. It appears to be a good construction, lid fits well, the charcoal filter fits nicely into the lid, and it has a nice lip to keep that filter out. I'm going to keep it because it may be better for cleaning in the dishwasher and taking up less space on the counter. They should change their ad to say it's a 1.0 gallon size.

👤I have been using this product for less than four months and I have noticed some leaking on my countertops. I cleaned it well, which is hard to do because things get stuck to it, but once I held it up to the light, I could see there were at least four tiny holes in the metal. You can see them in the pictures I have attached. I don't think it was that way. When you buy a product specifically for holding food, this shouldn't happen. It is definitely a waste of money. If I thought it would only last a few months, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤The product was advertised as being 430 STAINLESS, which sounds great. The bin's body is made of steel and it will grab a magnet from your hand. The lid? It's probably 430stainless and has zero magnetism. I'm extremely disappointed that I'm discovering oxidation around the top of the bin. You guys that sell things should be ashamed of themselves for lying about this product. A brushed finish applied to a plain rust attracting steel bucket. I wish I hadn't bought it. You have a high level of misleading marketing. You have me.

👤The plastic bag was hung on the drawer knob. Fruit flys look like a ghetto and smell like it. With this handsome addition, the bugs, smell and occasional leaking bag are gone, and a snazzy canister with easy to remove lid sits by my sink waiting to receive my morning smoothie and evening veggie trimmings. The best kitchen upgrade this month.

6. Compost Kitchen Countertop Dullrout Container

Compost Kitchen Countertop Dullrout Container

The counter top compost container is stylish, Sturdy and simple colors and designs make it a great choice for a small kitchen compost bin. A chic modern appearance keeps your kitchen clean. The Compost bin has a capacity of 1.13 gallons and is suitable for daily counter top use. The compost bucket can be kept in a handy place on your counter. The kitchen compost bin is a smart storage solution for turning food scraps into soil nutrients. The scraps can build up. Let them become a part of environmental protection by disposing of kitchen food waste. Press the button to open the anti-slip base for stable sitting on the counter. The airtight lid can be used to fill and lock in odors. The kitchen compost container is made of plastic and steel that won't crack or chip. The inner bucket can be emptied and washed. The indoor compost bin has a holding capacity of 1.13 gallons and a weight of 1.83 lbs. The Dullrout small compost bin is a great gift for your family or friends. If you're looking for a christmas gift, why not choose a stylish compost bin? This will become your favorite purchase quickly. Please contact them if you have any quality issues.

Brand: Dullrout

👤After a few weeks, the plastic inner liner began smelling bad and there was no way to deodorize it. The springs that flip the lid up when the button is pressed began to rust out, and the little plastic tabs that hold the lid to the base began to wear out. Good idea for a product but bad design of moving parts. Don't buy.

👤Our compost collector is perfect. When we received the product, I thought it would be too small. It fits perfectly on the countertop and holds weekly compost for this family of 4. The bin has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding and a lid that can be opened and closed with a button. I added a charcoal filter and purchased bags to line the collector bin. I would recommend this purchase.

👤I was very impressed with the outside appearance and how nice it looked on the counter. There was debris between the lid and removal tray after a few uses. It requires care in placing the waste in the bin. The spring that pops the lid open just came off. I've tried to replace it. I can't do it. I have to open the container with two hands. I was expecting better quality for the price.

👤My parents use a bucket with a lid on it for their kitchen scraps and it attracts fruit flies. I have upgraded them to this beaut which is wide enough for them to get out of a plate and is easy to pull and carry out to the compost. My mom likes the look of it and the ease of opening it with one hand. She is getting one for my grandma as well.

👤I received the compost bin after ordering it. I loved it! It was great to be able to open it with one touch. The top came off. I don't see a way to replace it. I wasted my money since the return window was only 30 days, but now I have to look for another bin.

👤The under counter rolling shelf has a nice size. It is compact and efficient. If I am doing a lot of prepping, I pull out and put on the counter, but for most of the time, I just put things in. It doesn't hold a lot of compost because it's small. When I pull out my bag, it is 1/3 full.

👤The design was bad. The connection to the lid broke. It was made by a small piece of plastic and broke in a month. This is garbage.

👤I bought the green bags that are non-biodegradable so that I could keep everything clean. I wanted something that didn't use batteries or become unreliable, because the button works nicely. It is sleek and useful. It is a perfect size for the counter.

👤Really happy. It is easy to wash and keep clean. There were no complaints. It was perfect.

7. Minky Homecare Compost Caddy White

Minky Homecare Compost Caddy White

If you don't like your Gardenatomy Compost Pail, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked! 3. 5L (0. 9 gal. There is capacity. The caddy is space-efficient. The internal liner can be used with or without bags. The carry handle is sturdy and easy to use. It was designed and made in the UK.

Brand: Minky Homecare

👤I hate it now. There are openings for fruit flies to get in. Ij was at my counter and saw that there were two people climbing in from the back and the side opening of the handle. There were a million fruit flies waiting for me when I opened it. If you don't keep this in the fridge, you should be careful with the flies. I was trying to eliminate waste by having the bags, but they became a pain to dump. If you do this method, buy a bin that has the inner bin and pull it out by the handle, it will be easier to dump it because the handle is always in the way. Which leads me to another backless point. If you don't store it in the fridge and wait until it's full on the counter, it will smell like a garbage can. It is very nasty. I don't rinse it every time. I started using the bag method. I don't like this thing anymore. There are orange carrot stains all over it. It's still cute on the counter, but it stops there for me. I should have spent more and gotten the 1 with the pull out bucket or no handle. I waited forever to get it. I believe it came from overseas. 1st The waste bin was nice. I enjoy it a lot. It holds a good amount of food. It's not easy to flip open the lid with one finger. I would recommend it. There is an air gap in the back that allows fruit to fly. If you use a bag that covers the small gap, it won't be an issue. I put it in the fridge because it doesn't smell and I know there is an issue with the gnats. If you don't use bags it is a pain. You have to hold it back because the handle gets in you. If I had to do it again, I would probably buy a different one. If you don't wash it off immediately, it will stain. I had carrots and oranges that were orange in color. Not the end of the world. I bought it because it was cheap and looked better than a red container on my counter.

👤I have been looking for a container to hold our compost for a long time. Something on the smaller size was ideal as we empty our compost daily. This size holds more than you think. There is a grey part that fits around the opening when you empty the container. We have lost it many times as we throw it away. We had to remember to remove the part before we went outside. It's a good thing.

👤I used this for a while before giving it up. The scraps I put in the bucket were attracting flies. It looks like I missed a piece that would help seal it from pests and keep it smelling good. It's small and requires constant dumping.

👤The small size is perfect for my small kitchen because I don't have much counter space. It is easy to clean.

8. SQUEEZE Master Gallon Easy Assembly No Durable Green

SQUEEZE Master Gallon Easy Assembly No Durable Green

The bin is a great gift for friends. It is made of "Modified PP" which makes it more durable. The requirements of outdoor garden composting necessitate a large capacity. It's easier to assemble with no tools or screws. The composter has the best air circulation thanks to the Air Holes. They will always provide after-sales service for their customers. If you have a question, please contact them and they will be able to solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Squeeze Master

👤I purchased a country home with no yard debris removal service and a large landscaped yard and have purchased several compost bins. I have a type of roll of thick plastic that can be used to make a bin. I have a type that has four sides that snap together and two top pieces that form the lid. This one is large and difficult to assemble. It doesn't seem that sturdy to me. I don't think moving it to a different part of my garden will make it better. I don't think I'd choose this type of compost bin again. Assembly is difficult and requires a lot of small pieces and clips. It is larger than my other lidded bin.

👤Wanted a large bin with easy access. This one works well for me. It was secured in place with three pieces of 6' x 3/8'' Rebar driven through corner holes into the ground to keep it firmly anchored. I use a long-handled twist to turn and mix contents from the top, and a multi-pronged cultivator to extract compost from the bottom.

👤This is great. I was skeptical when I saw the two stacks of panels. There is no way that this thing is very large. I was wrong. It is huge after you put it together. I didn't blow around in the wind, we got huge gusts of wind and it stayed put. It is easy to put together, a little heavy and awkward to move around, so put it together where you want it to stay.

👤This is my first compost bin. The first is a four-sided locking top. That can be used for food compost. This bin is twice the size and is great for fall grass mowing. There is a lot of clippings. Hope to save money on garden soil. It was difficult to put it together, but I was able to get the hang of it once I got the hang of it.

👤It took less than 30 minutes to put this compost bin together. We had a problem with the locking brackets for the top. The manufacturer has yet to deliver the required part.

👤I was expecting a better cost. Assembly is a nightmare. I think it needs a partial lid. The only unit that met my requirements was this one.

👤A bit of a pain to get it together... One would like the top and bottom to snap in as firmly as possible. I'm not sure how well this will last through the winter.

9. Abakoo Stainless Composter Countertop Recycling

Abakoo Stainless Composter Countertop Recycling

There is 1.3 gallon of food scraps. Made of premium 304stainless steel, it is molded in a single piece for strength andDurability that won't scratch, crack. The stylish design makes it easy to put your compost bin on the counter, under the sink or in the pantry, no more trips to the outdoor compost pile! The built-in filter is the key to making your kitchen fresh. The bin is a great gift for friends.

Brand: Abakoo

👤I will have to learn more about how to compost vegetable scraps after this reminder. I can say that this is going to the right place, instead of thinking that I wish I didn't have to add this to a landfill. Return to the earth. No problem. It closes tightly and allows air to move.

👤I gave up using the lid because every week it would break out in flies, even with 4 charcoal filters in the lid. The lid wasn't tight.

👤I wanted something more attractive but decided to go with practicality. It's the only one I've used and I'm not sure if they all leak. I watched the doc "Kiss The Ground".

👤Does everything I hoped it would. The only problem I found is that the steel isn't the highest quality so it gets wet when washed. I gave it a coat of car wax.

👤This gem replaced a ceramic container with a smaller mouth. Garbage was fine, but jammed up. I didn't like it. The new Abakoo is superior in every way. Garbage comes out easy. The thing looks classy. It will probably last a long time. Get one if you stop crabbing about the price.

👤This is a good quality and not too big on your counter. It comes with extra charcoal filters. I use the plastic vegetable bags in our green waste until we start composting. They fit perfectly.

👤I like this because it's bigger and stronger than my previous one. The plastic inner bucket will not have to be cleaned. It is a little heavy. There are spots that are a little harder to clean.

👤I bought this to carry my kitchen scraps to the compost bin. I can make a couple of trips a week with it. The quality is very good.

10. Chefn 401 420 120 EcoCrock Counter Compost

Chefn 401 420 120 EcoCrock Counter Compost

Do not rinse the compost bin filters. The consecration design. A ceramic countertop compost bin with a vent, inner bucket, and replaceable natural charcoal filter traps and absorbs odors. At home. Food scraps can easily slide out of a dual bucket with built in handle and aremovable inner bucket. Odor free includes two replaceable natural charcoal filters that trap and absorb food odors, leaving your kitchen fresh and clean. The kitchen is TIDY. The clean up takes a few seconds. It's great for shaved brussel sprout, banana peel, broccoli peel, apple core, and other things. The inner bucket is dishwasher safe. Remove the outer ceramic with hot water.

Brand: Chef'n

👤I like how this fits on my window sill. If the rest of your hand is clean, it is easy to lift the lid by the sprout. The feature of the pail with a handle is useless because it doesn't fit over the lid. I take the compost from my apartment to the yard. I can either carry the pail with no lid, or carry the whole bin with the ceramic base, which defeats the purpose of the pail. It would be more convenient if I could carry the inner pail by the handle.

👤This is a nice looking countertop solution for kitchen waste that will be composted. The white ceramic exterior is a bit heftier and nicer than expected, and the black plastic lid and green liner bucket are easy to maintain. It's nice to have sitting in your kitchen with the cute design. The Chef'n design has a downside. The smaller holes in the lid make it harder for the water to escape. The steam from my espresso grounds tends to condense on the inside of the lid, instead of escaping through the filter and going out the bin. If I don't empty and clean the bin every couple of days it will quickly become a science experiment because the mold will grow on the filter. The old bin was dry and mold-free. I am going to try drilling larger holes to resolve the problem, but it seems like this is a serious design flaw.

👤We need a bin so we don't have to bring scraps out daily. The crocks were very country style. This one is not too modern. It functions well so far. Not unpleasant. I like the size. We don't have to empty it more than once per week. We don't use plastic liners. We put a paper towel in the bucket. Someone said that they like that they can open it with one hand. I agree. It's very helpful when I hold a knife or food in my other hand. The only beef I have is that it looked used when it arrived. The box was taped shut in a way that didn't look like it had been made. When I opened the box, the black plastic lid was worn looking, one of the two charcoal filters was not wrapped in plastic, and the green bin had black marks on it. The bag had a new filter. I didn't hesitate to use it. I was able to wash off the marks on the green bin. The finish on the lid is worn off so it looks dull and shiny. Too busy that week to send it back and I don't think anyone will notice it at my compost bin. I would recommend the product to others and I think the problem I encountered was not typical.

👤I recently signed up for a new service. I bought two of these countertop composters so that I don't have to go to my garage to get the large compost pail. These are kind of cute and there is no smell. I don't have to clean the bags out. I place the bags in the composter a couple of times a week. They have a small footprint, but hold a lot. Great purchase!

11. Miracle Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

Miracle Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

Do you envy other gardens? Your garden will bloom like never before if you give your plants the right fertilization. The dual chamber, heavy-duty tumbling composter from Miracle-Gro gives you 2 compartments for faster and more efficient composting. Keep the compost coming with a steady supply of ready-to-use compost. You can add compost to one side and wait for the other side to cure in this 2-chamber compost tumbler. You can expect rich, fertile compost in just 3-6 weeks with internal mixing bars. Miracle-Gro makes composting easy for beginners and seasoned green thumbs alike. The simple way to get compost is to use their efficient tumbler system. All you have to do is open the easy-sliding door, add your scraps, and turn the handle every few days. Miracle-Gro will help you and your garden thrive. They guarantee you will be satisfied with their products. Once you start using the compost generated by your dual-chamber tumbling composter, you will enjoy bigger harvests, healthier plants, and your most beautiful gardens yet! A pair of Scotts multi-purpose gardening gloves will help you achieve your garden goals. The no-slip grip is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects, and each pair is latex-free. Scotts and Miracle-Gro can help you grow your green thumb.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤The reviews were really good at the time. The reviews were really good when I was writing a VP after using it. I have been using it since March. It was easy to put together. I did it in 20 minutes. The design is ok because they both rotation on their own. The little tabs that go inside leak a lot. The doors are hard to open so it can be a good thing. The mechanism holding it from turning is malfunctioning. This is not a good buy for me. We will be building our own after the meeting at compost.

👤It's hard to comprehend the people who think that the composter is hard to assemble. Why did you become a gardener if you only have a few tools? This is fun to put together and requires one tool. The finished product is solid, it's all high quality, and everything fits nicely. If you're considering purchasing this composter, you should pay the doubters and complainers no mind, or you might miss out on an excellent quality product.

👤Assembly was the biggest issue I had. The website took over five hours to load, and the instructions are only available online. I bypassed Miracle Gro's site and went to the manufacturers website which was slow to load but it was not a secured site so I was able to just pull the files via another method. I have attached pictures of the instructions. The sale page should have made them available. The product is great but the marketing/sales teams did not do a good job.

👤I reached out to the seller as this item is missing a part. The composter is good. The seller is not as generous. A post card was included with the item requesting that we contact them with any issues. I have not heard anything after I reached out. Very disappointing. The composter is solid and spins well, so I'm hopeful for resolution without having to return. The directions were easy to follow and the part letter designation didn't match the parts list. The tumbling bins are functional and perform as intended so far, despite the fact that the brake will not likely last long.

👤This small version would be fine for someone with a balcony garden. There are pictures of the large model in the listing. The smaller version was returned without any problems, I just printed the label and dropped it off. I decided to buy the smaller model from Walmart because it was the same free shipping, same shipping time and price as the larger model from Amazon. I buy a lot from Amazon and will continue to do so. The assembly was easy, one 65 year old woman used the online instructions to assemble. I haven't begun composting yet, so I didn't rate the easy to use yet. The lock stops on the legs of this composter are very nice, compared to the last barrel composter. The finished large composter is about 30" high, 36" across, and 24" deep. The cross braces for the legs make it very stable compared to other tumbler type composters.


What is the best product for food recycler machine?

Food recycler machine products from Housewares Solutions. In this article about food recycler machine you can see why people choose the product. Jolitac and Jora Composters are also good brands to look for when you are finding food recycler machine.

What are the best brands for food recycler machine?

Housewares Solutions, Jolitac and Jora Composters are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food recycler machine. Find the detail in this article. Maxworks, Enloy and Dullrout are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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