Best Food Saver Bags Rolls 11 Inch X 50

Rolls 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. FoodSaver Easy Seal Peel Vacuum

FoodSaver Easy Seal Peel Vacuum

There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food. Roll is 14' L x 11' W. FoodSaver Easy Seal & Peel Sealing Rolls offer the same protection from freezer burn and spoilage as regular FoodSaver bags. It is safe for sous vide cooking. Peel bags open and cook and microwave-safe, Resists punctures and tears. Multi-ply material locks in freshness, prevents freezer burn, and can go straight from the freezer to a sous vide bath with no separate defrosting required.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤I had to order our stock replenishment quickly. Didn't know that they made easy open bags. When we used them, we wondered why they would make them when a pair of scissors would work. We separated and sealed 6 family packs of chicken breast meat that got freezer burnt because the bags opened while in the freezer. These bags are useless. I don't recommend. We threw our money away in bags and meat that needed to be thrown away. Shm.

👤I thought these would be easy to open. I was wrong. Next time, I'll go back to the regular food saver rolls. Why pay more for something that doesn't do anything different?

👤I have an on going supply for my food saver. You can size them according to what you want them to be, which makes them more economical.

👤The wide quart is created by these bags, rather than the long quart. It is very easy to use rolls. The bags are not pre-cut but there are marks to guide you.

👤The Seal/Peel bags were disappointing. The machine will vacuum, but it won't seal. Had to come back.

👤Foodsaver seems to hold the best vacuum. I have bought others that don't hold vacuum and freezer burn.

👤I used my first one for a decade. These bags hold a lot. I love my food saver.

👤I had used these before. They work well. They go a long way if you are careful with the size.

2. Pack Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Heavy Duty

Pack Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Heavy Duty

3 mil top panel and 4 mil back panel are professional quality. The vacuum bags are perfect for food and other kitchen items. On one side there is a textured surface and on the other there is a crystal clear surface. Heavy duty bags are more puncture resistant than the name brands, so they are cheaper to buy. Works with all types of suction machines. Food safe materials. They use these products in their home. Everything is tested for safety. It can be boiled, frozen, and microwaved. The extra-long 50' rolls may not fit in the standard roll compartment. If you want to store the roll in your standard roll storage compartment, you should store it on a shelf or roll out 1/2 the roll at a time.

Brand: Vacuum Sealers Unlimited

👤I've had good luck with these three times. One of the orders I received had a roll that had been rolled on the tube with a lot of wrinkling. The contents of every bag I made from this roll were burned even though they appeared to seal properly. If you get a roll that has wrinkling from the manufacturer, return it and it will leak air. Just a heads up. I contacted the manufacturer to inform them of the issue with the product I've had.

👤I like the bags. I ran out of the stock ones that came with my foodsaver vacuum sealer. They are too large to fit in the food saver compartment. I rearranged half of it so that it would fit. I haven't tried to seal anything with bones yet, but it looks like it will hold up. The bags sealed well with both dry and wet foods. I can live without the help of markers like the food saver stock rolls did. I will be buying more when I run out. There is an update on 9-17-16. I've been researching sous vide cooking and they require sealed bags that can handle boiling without the use of chemicals. I've noticed that some bags don't mention that they are safe for boiling or sous vide. This one says it is. I'll post an update on how well it held up once I get a chance to try it out with these bags. The 888-405-7720 I've been using these with the sous vide machine and they seem to hold up well in the 170F temp waters for 3.5 hours. The longest time I've used them in the machine is the highest temp. I don't notice any unusual tastes, but I'm hoping it's not because I can't tell if it's CHEMs or not. I'm almost out of it, but it's serving me well.

👤I vacuum pack a lot of food. I ran out of packs so I had to buy new ones. There is a You can cut large rolls to any size you want, which is a good thing. You can't start from small. It should last me a long time. The bags seem sturdy and there is no leak after I vacuum sealed them. The price was correct. I am satisfied with 5 stars...

👤I have used these bags many times and have noticed that they lose seal. I thought my Seal-A-Meal machine was no longer working. I bought a heavy-duty Food Saver brand. I have a problem with these bags losing seal after a while. I put double and triple seals on the bag and let them sit for 10 minutes to make sure they stay vac'ed, so I put them in the freezer. I go to check my stock after a few weeks. They won't hold. The last bags I pulled were on a couple of ribeye's and they were triple sealed on either end and failed! I think they are thick as they are completely different from the Food Saver bags. The Food Saver bags have never failed.

3. FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

It's ideal for vacuum sealed food in your precision cooker. Make sure that every meal is cooked perfectly with the use of sous-vide machines. FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS, NOT DAYS: The design of the multilayer is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. Precut bags offer convenience when portioning food from bulk shopping or storing leftovers. The machine takes care of the rest after you add food to the bag. It is possible to use it with food preservation systems. The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material to ensure a secure seal. There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤I bought the bags in January, June, and December of last year, but the cost per box has gone up from 15.49 to 39.99, so I am looking to buy again on July 5th. The consumer is being ripped off because of the COVID 19 epidemic. I will report the scandal to the FDA.

👤The bags are 8 x 11 according to your description and picture. The bags were in the box. I don't like being lied to. I only ordered these because of the size. These are useless to me because they are useless to freeze cuts of meat that are 11 inches long. I will not buy from you again.

👤I use them to divide my meat into smaller pieces. I wish they weren't so expensive. I used soap and didn't use water. Just below the seal! Works well!

👤The bags are in a FoodSaver box, but they are not the same. The bags are thinner. I had packages to seal and freeze. I loaded the bags with turkey and tried to seal them. They all sealed, but no air was vacuumed out. I found four bags that will vacuum seal the contents. I vacuum sealed two other frozen items. I used an 11 inch roll to seal the two items from the original purchase. I've used about 8 other bags from this box. Really ran into it today. I'm worried because I've stuck with FoodSaver bags and now I'm wondering what's going on.

👤I usually get these at a big box store. I won't be buying them from there again because Amazon had them in stock and they were less expensive and came in a bigger package. These are great for packing up my husband's food. The bags are sturdy and have saved us money. I use them for things like chopped, diced or strips of peppers from the garden and small meal prep items. The quart size is large enough for a steak or peppers for a pan of fajitas.

👤If you buy meats in bulk, these are great. I was a little disappointed to find these are not the same size as the picture shows. The smaller size of the box was resent by Amazon. The extra inch makes a difference with ground beef.

👤We will buy 3-4 months worth of meat at a time, portion it out and freeze it, because we have a Sam's club membership. I keep the rolls for larger items like ribs, loins, and roasts, but mostly use the bags due to the convenience of not having to cut and seal both ends for every cut of meat. I prefer the Foodsaver bags over the rolls because if I don't seal both ends like you would do with the rolls, then the Foodsaver won't be as hot. Foodsaver tends to stop working properly when it comes into contact with the element as it tends to heat up after a few uses, and that's one of the biggest issues I have with it. The bags won't seal if the seal element gets too hot and the channels in the bag that suck the air out. Some of the thinner off brand bags don't seal very well when the channels collapse.

4. Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Food saver and Ziploc are registered marks of Sunbeam products and S.C. Johnson and son. A pack of 11 inch by 150 feet rolls with channels to increase the amount of air in the room, and a cutter box for cutting and storage, keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. The keeper/cutterbox is easy to use and will keep the roll bag clean. You use the cutter to cut the roll. Cutting with a cutter is convenient and accurate, and saves time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Weston, and Cabela's. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening.

Brand: Wevac

👤This product was purchased at a price point. The choice was a great one and they did everything they were told to do. Fantastic for many other needs. I don't like throwing out food that is normally good in the store but is going bad in the freezer. There's no end to what you can keep. Fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, etc. The Wevac Commercial Grade bags are ideal for the pulse option of the Avid-Armor 7900 vacuum sealer. I love the Wevac roll style so much that I have 2 size options for it. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can package the pine nuts and dried cranberries so they stay fresh. I can make Pignoli cookies and cranberry muffins. Over the holidays. This is a great product and economical at the same time. Some of the others that I tried didn't work with the Wevac bags. Even though they advertised it was okay to use any brand of bags, they weren't strong enough to seal the Wevac bags. Isn't a seal the point of a vacuum Sealer?

👤I like the idea of the box, but I don't like the brand of the box, it's thin and hard to cut, but I will use the box for future rolls from the good brand.

👤The box containing the roll and the cutter are genius. It works better than the cutter. I've used the cutter on my sealer hundreds of times, which is more than the number of times I've used the cutter on the box. It's more sanitary to have one large roll, cut from the box it's contained in. The idea of putting a whole roll of product in a machine was not something I liked. This eliminates the possibility. I will not buy the manufacturers bags again if I can get these.

👤I've been using a vacuum cleaner. I buy 3-6 cases of rolls for a year. I tried one box of this roll with an integrated bag cutter because I couldn't find them from my normal supplier. I made wild hog and deer meatloaf with 2 lbs. of meat tonight because deer season is coming to an end and 5 deer and 792 wild hogs have been killed. I used this product for the first time since 2006 and wish I had been using it since then. If you don't check your strip on your bar, they will seal perfectly. The integrated bag cutter is so simple that it saves a lot of time. I just placed an order for 3 more 150' boxes, and I highly recommend this product. Hopefully it will last a year.

👤I switched over from another product I had been using because it would not stay in place under the vacuum. I like the convenience of one big role I can cut to size without it being in the machine, and so far this appears to be a better product.

👤The reason I purchased this product was because of the cutter in the box. The bags work well for vacuum seal. In the past I have had bags that had a white area on them for writing notes and I wish these bags did that.

5. FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

Premium machine performance. The shell of this product is made of superior material. Under goes rigorous laboratory testing,200+ Vacuuming & Sealing cycles without overheating. The multi layer design is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. It's better to have the option to cut the roll to the length you need, rather than having to use up material or make a mess. It's ideal for use with foodsaver vacuum sealing systems. The seal strip in foodsaver vacuum sealers is designed to heat to a precise temperature that works for foodsaver bag material, so you get a secure seal. It's safe for storing raw and cooked foods. It's also a refrigerator, microwave, and freezer.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The Food Saver device did not work well with this product. It did not vacuum seal. It does not work as expected because what we received is very old stock, which is why it is not working. If you're paying for a product that isn't the best, stick with buying local. We bought another box of Food Saver bags at Walmart yesterday and they work great. We were able to see and feel the difference. I think it is just a matter of newer product being better and the product Amazon delivered is not the same product Food Saver offers today.

👤I don't think these are actually Food Saver bags. The bags are lighter in weight, they came in a brown box, and the paper on the bags was cheap, and the tape on the bags was different than what I've used before. Jarden was often testing new designs and so the garbage was about how they may look different. I wouldn't recommend buying bags here.

👤These are not the original food saver rolls that I buy from Walmart and the ones that come with my FoodSaver are very inferior, they are very different and not vacuum or seal tight.

👤I've been buying the original FoodSaver manufacturer bags for a while now and I think they are better than no-brand replacements. The bags from the original manufacturer are double the money of other brands. The bags wouldn't get vacuumed on the FoodSaver machine. I went to the FoodSaver website and asked for a replacement, but they never responded. They're not accepting calls now, when I tried to call them. Poor customer service and expensive product don't work.

👤I bought the bags based on other people's reviews. I would like to buy them at the store. I have used other Food saver bags that did not seal. I went into my freezer to check on the food but found the bag was loose and the food was burning. Go to the store and know what you are buying and save yourself some money.

👤These were either old inventory or counterfeit according to recent reviews. I had to use multiple bags to get the airtight seal because the bags in this order were leaving air pockets. They were cheap and thin. It's not a good look to pass off compromised inventory or fakes.

👤I received a brown box with a Food Saver sticker that contained pre-cut bags, after purchasing Food Saver rolls for close to 20 years. I'll get them somewhere else in the future where I can view them before buying, I'm not happy with the return process. The photo indicated that I wanted 11 wide rolls to cut to my desired length.

👤Can't really tell if this is what I paid for. It's pretty tacky to put a photo of a Foodsaver 3-pack package in the ad and then send me bare rolls. The seller gave me very little evidence to believe that they are Foodsaver brand. I smell like I got cheated.

6. FoodSaver GameSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction

FoodSaver GameSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction

You can cook in a microwave safe. FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS, NOT DAYS: The design of the multilayer is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. Any length to fit your store. Having the option to cut the roll to the length you need means no more wasted material or precarious situations. The material can handle foods with bones and shells. It is possible to use it with food saver and games ave. The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material to ensure a secure seal. There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤I slaughter my own animals and vacuum seal them to preserve the end product. I can do 1-2 rolls per hog. The heavy duty variety is much thicker. These function well. I wrap meat in freezer paper to promote a longer shelf life. The "heavy duty" variety is better for your money. I wash and reuse these for items that will have a shorter shelf life.

👤The product keeps my meat in good condition when I freeze it. The meat is well frozen and does not get freezer burn. I use this product to keep meat in the freezer until I need it, it helps me to buy more meat on sale and keep it in good condition. I keep meat in the freezer for about 2 years and it's still good when I use it.

👤The cardboard tube in the center was eliminated to save money. There are more bags with more creases. A small percentage of bags lose seal. I'm waiting to see if this means more bags lose seal.

👤This product is always good. My food stays fresh even after being removed from the freezer. The white strip reminds you to date and label the foods.

👤Buying larger quantities of meat saves money. I freeze fish and game in bags.

👤The Food Saver makes it so easy to insert the rolls in the machine and seal them before you cut them. It only contains rolls and not bags.

👤The item was left in the rain and the person never rang the doorbell. We were home and there was no idea that the rain was falling.

👤We have only used FoodSaver bags for 8 years. I could see that the box contains 6 rolls when I looked at the image.

👤I have tried other brands to save money, but none of them worked as well as the food saver brand.

👤I continue to buy this product because it works well.

👤It's much better to buy them in a six pack of rolls.

7. FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

Food seal bags are the perfect accessory for vacuum sealers, compatible with Foodsaver, Seal a Meal, Nesco, Weston, Cabela's, and so on. FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS, NOT DAYS: The design of the multilayer is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavor. Precut bags offer convenience when portioning food from bulk shopping or storing leftovers. The machine takes care of the rest after you add food to the bag. It is possible to use it with food preservation systems. The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material to ensure a secure seal. There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤Great product when used correctly... I don't have any negative feelings. But... I am worried about the extreme disparity in the price of these bags. I would get one box for each bag. The price for a 2 pack from the same seller is $0.44. It is $0.42 cents per bag if I buy a 4 pack. Even if it costs Amazon more to pack and ship a pre-packed 2 or 4 pack order, I think it would be better to order 5 single packs. I think so.

👤I use my vacuum cleaner a lot and was happy to find smaller bags. I've used this brand in the quart size and have been very pleased with it. Sometimes you need a smaller size. The first use was to portion refrigerated dog food. After buying a warehouse sized bag, I realized it should be used within a week. I know my dog wouldn't have been upset, but I was able to portion it into a few hours. I'm sure it will work for people's food. Ammendment to the review. There was an issue with the vacuum that didn't work on a few bags. Went through the usual checks, but there was no food or liquid near the top of the bag. I like the size and would probably reorder again.

👤These bags are very nice. A small size for 1-2 portions. It's seal can be kept in a refrigerator or freezer, but it's best to keep it in boiling water. Would buy again. There are zero regrets. I know what to look for and how to test these types of bags because I'm a professional chef. This brand has been the most consistent out of the others I tried.

👤It works great for freezing bulk poultry or meat for long term storage, keeping it fresh for months, and saving money by not having to throw it away. Defrosts are fairly well in water. It won't puncture easily and the bag doesn't vacuum out all the air from it. It was expensive compared to other vacuum bags. It's easier to tear off the top than it is to slit it.

👤The bags are small enough to preserve produce from our garden. I freeze them in these bags, which are perfect for stir-fry or soup, because I can cut them in strips or dice them. I was surprised that they were still alive when they were frozen. I've seen some complaints about how small these are. They are great for when I just want to thaw out a small amount for a recipe, and not a whole quart that may go bad before I use them all. The purpose of having a food saver would be defeated by that. I have used this size to freeze homemade chili. I put the chili into the bag, fold it over and freeze it for a few hours. If I am going to seal foods that have a lot of liquid in them, I need to freeze them first in the bag, or else the liquid will not form a seal.

8. MakMeFre 11x50 Vacuum Sealer Machine

MakMeFre 11x50 Vacuum Sealer Machine

Pack 8''x50' food vacuum Sealer bags are economical and custom. The design is compatible with all 'Clamp Style' vacuum Sealer Machines. The material is safe and perfect for food storage. Food shelf life can be extended 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is done with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 8mil Textured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: Makmefre

👤The ends have a tendency to curl after being cut to size, so try and seal the one end and vacuum the bag again. I don't have a micrometer, so they feel flimsy. If you make the bag a little bigger, you can hold the bag open with a third hand. I'm not sure if I would trust anything with a point or sharper edge. They do seal well, but they need months to seal them. They are not bad for the price.

👤It would not buy again if you cut the ends and made it hard to seal.

👤You can change the size of the vacuum bag if you want, it saves a lot of money. I use these with an Anova Sealer and they work great.

👤I had to fit a hall roll inside my machine. It seems like good quality.

👤We buy in bulk and seal meat in smaller packages.

👤The bags are better than the original bags.

👤The original vacuum sealed bags from Foodsaver were more successful than the aftermarket vacuum sealed bags. We have purchased three brands from Amazon, two of them were tossed because they wouldn't hold a seal. They would vacuum up tight, and the seal looked fine, but after a day or two, sometimes just overnight, there was no air in the bag, it was no longer tight against the contents. They advertised a thicker back panel (8 mil back, 3.5 mil front), hoping they would work, but they were just as bad as the previous ones. We will only be buying Foodsaver brand originals in the future. If they work, they are less expensive.

👤These bags work great with my machine, I have a seal a meal. I get more with these two rolls. I recommend it to everyone. Very happy.

👤L'originale est J'aime le produit et moins.

👤It works great with my Ziplock.

9. Storage WISH Machine Embossed Sealers

Storage WISH Machine Embossed Sealers

It's also safe to cook, dishwasher, microwave, and boil food. Half of the money to buy 6 pack of 11 inches x 16.5 feet vacuum bags rolls is a great value. You can create your own length of bag. Less food wasted and more money saved. Better deal. Heavy duty and stable. Two layers of heavy duty doule-side vacuum seal bags are stable for heat and cold, boilable, freezable, microwave and dishwasher machines. It's compatible with all household and commercial vacuums. It's great to use for sous vid cooking. There are double sealed wet foods or soup. Quality material, safe and durable. Reusable and Eco-friendly. It's a good idea to cook and microwave safe. Protect your family's health. 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, please let them know why and they will fix it and give you a replacement or full refund. Give them time to make it right for you.

Brand: Wishdirect

👤The FoodSaver brand bags are thinner than the vacuum seal bags, but so far have been working well. I have not had bags leak. There are a couple of FoodSaver brand bags that have lost their seal. I plan on buying more of the same if they continue to work well. I'll update the review if that's the case. I can definitely recommend this purchase. 3/3 I have vacuum sealed a number of items and had 3 failures. These usually happen within an hour. It has happened with things that have sharp edges. Medium shell pasta failed many times. There were failures with dried broccoli. I put the opened bag in a new bag and sealed it, in all of these cases. The seal has held up over time. If you place items with abrupt corners in a storage bag, left slightly open, and then put them in the vacuum seal bag, they will be vacuum sealed. The nature of sealed bags seems to be related to the fact that I have had similar failures with similar items. Extra care must be taken for certain dry items, even though I am still happy with the bags.

👤My bride uses these to divide and seal products. They have kept our food in her freezer for over a year if it became a frozen object. They work and save us money. Enough said!

👤This roll does not fit my food saver. The item description says it fits all major brands, but it doesn't fit my machine and Foodsaver is a major brand. I didn't have the option of returning the bags or ordering the smaller rolls because I needed to use them before they arrived. I have to lay the roll on top of the interior roll tray arm, measure out my bag, cut it, seal one end and then use the machine. I won't be ordering this product again. If it takes 5 times longer to make a larger roll and vacuum seal a bag, it will save money. Not worth the money.

👤The material is packaged in small rolls that fit my Foodsaver dispensers. I had to return them. They don't have a vacuum for me. The vacuum is lost after a few moments, but they seem to seal and vacuum just fine. I went back to my old bags and they still work. I have used the same Foodsaver vacuum Sealer for many years and it works with all of the bags and rolls that I have purchased. This is the first failure that I have had. The material does not hold a vacuum.

👤I must have received a bad shipment of "WISH" rolls. I put the items into the freezer after I sealed the 6-roll package because I only used them occasionally. I had a lot of fish that I had to seal and leave on the table for a few minutes before I took them to the freezer. I realized they were not holding a vacuum when I began to label the bags. Most of them were leaking liquid from the seal. I began repackaging the fish in new bags and making sure the seal was dry as I assumed the problem was caused by the moisture. The bags weren't sealed. I borrowed a roll of Food Saver from a neighbor and they worked perfectly and took less time to seal. Poor seals are what caused me to be disappointed in the quality of items frozen for a while.

10. Pack Vacuum Storage Commercial Foodsaver

Pack Vacuum Storage Commercial Foodsaver

A full starter kit. The package also includes a wine cork, 5 medium vacuum bags, and one extra long vacuum bag roll, both of which are waterproof and are also reuseable. It's safe for sous vide cooking. It is designed for use with all vacuum packaging machines. Commercial grade multi-ply material blocks oxygen and reduces freezer burn. 2 packs are 11'' wide and 50 feet long. 100 feet is the total. You are making your own bag. 2 packs are 11'' wide and 50 feet long. 100 feet is the total. You are making your own bag.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I felt like I had to write a review for this product. If I write a review that people like, they will buy more of the rolls/bags and help keep the price the same or lower for the next time I buy them again. The rolls are bigger than the one I got from Sam's Club. I did not know if the bags were good on the starter roll or if I had a learning curve to conquer, but I did go through that roll quickly. I wasted a good roll from Foodsaver, however I still had 8 more rib eyes I needed to wrap. I decided to take a shot at the bags because they were expensive. I rolled half of the roll onto the empty roller from the starter roll. The roll fit perfectly under the seal. I think the bags worked better than the Foodsaver brand roll because they worked better. For a fraction of the price, I do not miss the little white section on the bags that allows a spot to write the date and contents. One bag was damaged by a shop bone. There were no more issues after smoothing it out. I'll keep an eye on them and if they don't hold up, I'll update my review. I recommend these bags over the Foodsaver brand for now.

👤The bags don't pull the vacuum. The Food Saver bags seem to be heaver, I think the SimpleHouseware Vacuum bags are thinner so the air channels are smashed during the Vacuum process preventing the air from being removed. I tried the Food Saver online guide. The Food Saver bag with a total vacuum, the SimpleHouseware bag with no air removed, and the Food saver I was using are all shown in the photos. I would give the bags a -10) if I could.

👤I didn't know if they would be a good purchase. They are very good. I've bought a lot of different types of food saver bags in the past 2 years, trying to find one that I liked more. Maybe this is the one. The bags that I did not seal twice did not leak air after they were cut. When I stopped vacuuming and sealed the bags, there was plenty of room for the loaves of bread to slide into the bags. When I cut into the bread, it's fresh because it's been sealed for two months. The price of these bags makes them even better because they are less expensive than the other bags I have purchased in the past. I baked a lot at Christmas and have already used up one roll, but I give sourdough bread to people at my church. The clear side of the material does seem to be a bit stiff, but it did not damage the product I put into it and when I give it to others they can see it clearly and be pleased with the freshness that has been preserved. If the price stays where it is, I will reorder more than twice, I think. The product is great. ADDENDUM The bags at the end of the roll were not sealed properly. Sometimes it's difficult to seal the last 2 or 3 feet and I have to toss it. If it had a weak seal, my bread and meat would freezer burn, so it isn't that much of a biggy. I needed to add this. I think this is a good product and will keep buying it.

11. Vesta Vacuum Sealer Rolls Storage

Vesta Vacuum Sealer Rolls Storage

It's safe and risk free to re-use, washed, boiled and dishwasher. Food with vacuum packed for a better food safety and taste. If you don't like the quality of their vacuum bags, you can always contact them. These rolls have an extra freshness time of 8 inches by 50 feet and 11 inches by 50 feet. One can achieve 3-6 times longer food shelf life. Heavy duty and easy to use. The construction of these bags uses tough materials and a pattern that makes them last longer. The edges of the rolls are marked to make it easier to cut. It's perfect for all brands of Sealers such as Food Saver, GERYON, Weston, and more. Food grade and bsi free are perfect for storing, freezing, and cooking. Excellent customer experience and no questions return policy is what a proud member of the Vesta Precision family has.

Brand: V Vesta Precision

👤Zip-lock type vacuum seal bags are very popular. I don't eat chicken because my wife is storing it in zips. A vacuum sealed steak that was left in the fridge for 2 weeks smells like it was put in a bag. Would you eat a steak that was 2 weeks old? Don't wait for the vacuum to suck. squeeze air out by hand. quick. They suck. There are vacuum bags.

👤I bought these for my machine and they worked well. I found they were sealed well. I did not have issues using these rolls when I fought with my machine. When I need more, I will purchase more of these.

👤I wouldn't buy these again. I have had to reseal many packages that did not seal the first time. I don't have a problem with other brands.

👤The product is sturdy and I like the measurement ticks on the side of the bags. The Food Saver bags are the best I've used.

👤The bags do not seal properly. I tried cutting different lengths of bags, from 8 inches to 16 inches, but nothing was consistently effective with these bags. I gave up with the last attempt because it took 4-5 tries to get a seal. I will return the remaining bags for a refund. I used other bags that came with the unit and another brand without any issues. I didn't have any luck with the bag and vacuum sealer combo.

👤I researched before buying the bags. The lowest price for bags that would work with my vacuum was found here. Some bags and rolls only work with certain brands. All models work with her. The marks on the bags make it easy to cut a straight line.

👤The machine does not seem to be able to get as much air out of these bags as the original bags. There is only a small amount of air at the bottom. I'm satisfied with it. I would have given this 5 stars if I hadn't seen that the bags worked better.

👤I had no idea what to expect when I bought these. These bags are of good quality and have a decent thickness. They have held the seal well and are very good quality. These are good rolls in both width and length. I would definitely recommend them.


What is the best product for food saver bags rolls 11 inch x 50?

Food saver bags rolls 11 inch x 50 products from Foodsaver. In this article about food saver bags rolls 11 inch x 50 you can see why people choose the product. Vacuum Sealers Unlimited and Foodsaver are also good brands to look for when you are finding food saver bags rolls 11 inch x 50.

What are the best brands for food saver bags rolls 11 inch x 50?

Foodsaver, Vacuum Sealers Unlimited and Foodsaver are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food saver bags rolls 11 inch x 50. Find the detail in this article. Wevac, Foodsaver and Foodsaver are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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