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1. Nutrition Bluetooth Nutritional Stainless Waterproof

Nutrition Bluetooth Nutritional Stainless Waterproof

The tare feature runs on 4AAA batteries. And. Do you know how much energy and nutrition your food provides? Sinocarecalculate smart food scale will make records of your eating plans and analyze food nutrition. Data is uploaded to your phone by their Sinofood APP once the food lands on the food scale. Sinocare digital kitchen scale are built with the highest precision of sensors and anLED display that's clear and easy to read, you can weigh your food and ingredients accurately. Measurement can be converted into g/ml. Milk and water. oz effectively is the amount of milk or oz effectively. Up to a weight range of 5 kilogram. It's much larger than any other scales. One click the switch button to turn it on, and the other to change the units. Easy Tare has functions for easy compatibility with other containers. You can use a bowl, mug, plate, or other container to measure water,milk, powder, flour. The screen shows the weight to zero with the empty container on the food scale if you click the TARE button. You can add your ingredients to the food scale by hitting the button. The touch button is waterproof and will protect it from water stains. Double-clicking the switch will cause the screen to change from '-1:8.8.8' to '0' or after the food is weighed. The 'TARE' function will only be triggered by clicking the switch button. The Ultra Slim Design has a dimensions of 7.87" x 5" x 0.63". The Slim shape is needed for modern kitchens, cooking, baking and food preparation needs. It is easy to keep clean with a simple wipe. It is so light that you can take it anywhere.

Brand: Sinocare

👤The scale is bad. It looks like no expense was spared to make it look good. It looks like it was designed well. It might have been before engineering was told that the primary objective was to make cheap products and get as many sales as possible. The apps are selling! Milk is a popular diet food. It's less than half a millimeter thick and 888-270-6611 The display is bright and bold, but it doesn't display what it should. The buttons look similar. They're molded into plastic and touch sensitive. The interface is laggy and the weight updates are laggy. It feels like a step behind you. It takes 20 seconds from power on to be ready to weigh things. You have to tare it first, which takes another 10 seconds, because the readout is not zero and stable, but negative. There are only 2 buttons, one is power and the other is units, how do we use them? Do we have long press power? Nope! Press it! It's like a normal quick tap, but shorter. The good news is that it's easy to do, and the bad news is that you will have to practice to use the scale. After weighing something at 100g, I'll weigh it again and it will be 97g. The scale reads -13g when I remove the weight, but I can watch it fall to -33g. The units include ounces, lbs, g, ounces, gallons, liters, ounces, and quarts. It's nice until you realize that there's only one button for it and you have to cycle through every unit until you get to the one you want. There are units that are persistent. I haven't bothered to test the app for such a bad device, but I have verified the scale and it should be easy to reverse engineer the protocol so you can write your own apps. Accuracy is too bad to measure and resolution is 1g or 0.1oz. If left alone and away from air currents, a 100g weight ranged from 104g to 74g, and often changed from there. I can't tell if the scale is good or bad. It's well designed, and parts of it are made for something. It feels cheap the second you pick it up. I don't know if it's waterproof or not. The topside looks good. The back of the scale has the feet with the individual pressure sensors in them, which the scale's microcontroller can read and average to get the weight of the object placed on the scale. The plastic and rubber parts of the feet are held together by a wire so they can move on their own. I plan on returning it so I can't tell you if the sensors are waterproof, but they don't feel like they are. The battery compartment is not waterproof. After taking the factory batteries out for a few hours then replacing them, boot time is under 10 seconds and the measurement are stable. I tried new procell batteries and had the same results. After a few hours of non-use, the scale is back to taking 20 seconds to boot and have a non-zero startup. I can't tell if it's good or bad. If I'm not doing anything critical, I can get a kitchen useful approximation of measurement out of it. I will not be able to weigh out 100g of food and have it be the same as 100g of sugar. The scale is not what a useful device needs to be. To fit into a user's life, a device needs to be useful and easy to use, and reliable, so that it becomes invisible. It's unfair to a device that it's supposed to be taken for granted and never thought about after purchase. A device in this class has already failed if I have to fiddle with it or worry about it being inaccurate. A thing of beauty and quality is to be cherished and cared for. If done right, this will encourage the owner to take care of something that otherwise should be treated as a joke, like a screwdriver to a sparky. It's practicality and function that ultimately decide a device like this's fate. My copy of this device is a failure and will be returned for a refund and a different make and model of a kitchen scale. Looks 9, feel 2, and function 2.

2. Kitchen Nutritional Calculator Digital Batteries

Kitchen Nutritional Calculator Digital Batteries

The digital kitchen scale is easy to clean and wear resistant, which makes it convenient for daily household use. The smart food nutrition scale has five units g/oz/ml/lb/lb:oz, which can be freely converted to meet your needs. The digital scale has high-precision sensors and advanced liquid measurement technology, which can accurately measure the weight of items. The food scale APP can be connected to viaBluetooth. The APP has a large database of food. It's easy to know food nutrition information, such as calories, carbohydrates,protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc, and it's easy to record daily nutrition intake, if you register an account. It can give you reports on nutrition based on your personal information. The surface of the food scale is made of high-quality STAINLESS steel, which is sturdy and easy to clean, making it Rugged and Durable. The buttons are hard to malfunction. The screen display time is 120 seconds, which is convenient for your weighing, and has a high-quality long-life battery, and 120 seconds of no operation automatic shutdown function, which is good for the long-term use of batteries and food scales. Multi-Scene Use- Smart digital kitchen food nutrition scale can be used to measure calories in food and drink, as well as calculating their nutrition data, and supporting manual input of data to know in advance the weight of food calories and nutrition information. Buy With Confidence-Safe and high-quality food and nutrition scales are the best choice for gifts to yourself, family, and friends. They are committed to giving consumers high-quality products so they can use them with confidence. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them first, and they will resolve it as soon as possible. If you are satisfied with the answer, you can exchange the product for free or a full refund.

Brand: Mitoymia

👤This gives all the nutrition information. It's great for keeping track of how much fuel a portion of a food can use.

👤It will malfunction if it is wet.

👤I need to weigh out ingredients for baking. It works well for me. It is easy to change units of measure and zero. I installed the app because I was curious. I can see people who are serious about their diet using this. I'm too lazy to do that.

👤I brought this food scale to follow my fitness goals because I am into fitness and diet. I tested it with my existing scale to see if it was reliable. Will recommend this product. Good price and product.

👤I bought this to make sure I watch my diet. The base is slip resistant so it doesn't move. Can't beat the quality for the price.

👤The buttons are well implemented in the body and the design is great. Really like the shine.

👤I bake a lot. I need an accurate food scale. This product is great. Recommended.

👤I used to work in an animal care facility where accurate weighing of food was a must. We had scales that were adjusted monthly. I have high standards for my scales. The scale was perfect when it was in the box. I tested it with an old weight from work. I am glad I bought this scale.

3. Etekcity ESN00 Nutrition Counting Bluetooth

Etekcity ESN00 Nutrition Counting Bluetooth

GDEALER offers a 1 year warranty for all food scales. If you have issues or have advice, contact them via the Amazon message box. Data like caloRIES, vitamins, minerals and more can be syncs with the fitness app. Get instant access to the Nutritionix database. You can add and modify your own food data. It works on both the iPad and the phone. You can easily operate the scale with the VeSync app. Track your health goals, diet, and progress for a better life. Receive a daily, weekly, monthly analysis report. In measurement of 1g/ 0, anything between 3g to 5000g can be accurately weighed. 0oz. Four units are supplied to switch, oz/oz:lb/g (milk & water)/ml. barcode scanning is only avaliable in the US.

Brand: Etekcity

👤The hardware is very solid with a nice weight and the screen is easy to read. Hardware Score: 8 Software Score: 9 It's free and no way to manually enter a food into your daily tracker. You can't see or track vitamins, iron, calcium or any other things. The data base only has one kind of cheese. It's lacking. If you want to get the accuracy you want, you have to weigh the food before you put it in the package. We end up having to do that. No other app syncs with the app. The scale it's self is amazing! The software isn't worth anything more than a simple scale. The software is limited and doesn't sync with other apps. I returned the scale. The scale will be an instant success if they sync with a good app like MyFitnessPal.

👤I use a basic kitchen scale and enter the weight from the scale and food in MyFitnessPal to count the calories I consume. My first basic scale stopped working and I was just searching for a second one. I was amazed to see this. The scale works with my phone app. If you weigh the food on scale, you can see the weight on the app, enter the food type, and see the nutrition values. The food diary can be maintained in the app. The app is easy to use, but it crashes on me. My only concern is if I can sync the data with MyFitnessPal or any other fitness app where I can track my weight, body fat percentage and bmi.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I received the scale. The scale is small and feels premium. The product's photos skew the size by using small bowls and hands. I am larger than most and the scale is hand-sized. It is small enough to fit in a drawer or on a counter and not take up a lot of space. It is not necessary to put it away to be barely used. It is travel friendly, but don't pack heavy items on top of it. The size is more convenient than the photos show. The thoroughness of the experience is very good. They care about the user experience and created a product that works with the bare minimum. Older reviews calling for more features have been addressed. The database now contains over 270,000 items. It can be difficult to find items in the database. It can be difficult to simply weigh ground beef. There are listings from Individual supermarkets, lean or not lean types, etc, and each has its own nutrition value. It ends up being a guesstimate rather than truly informative due to the overwhelming number of choices. It is not easy to refine a database. How would one decide which item is most relevant? Users entering product info aren't prone to quality control, that's a downside of having a user driven database. MyFitnessPal has a database that reflects that. I would be surprised if they are using the same database. MyFitnessPal integration has not yet been added. Maybe they are working on it or not. The app and hardware have grown since earlier reviews. New customers are more accommodated by the experience. One thing. I would like to see how ounces are handled changed. The precision is only 0.04 ounces when measuring in ounces. Scales have a measurement range, and more precise scales only measure up to one pound. It would be great to have a version of the scale that can measure lighter items, some manufacturers sell multiple versions of the same scale with different resolution ranges. If you are measuring something that is actually 3.14oz, it will create situations where you can't tell the difference. It should round up to 3.1oz in the case of 3.12 and 3.16 in the case of 3.16. I have seen the scale show 3.1 and 3.2 for the same item, but I don't know if it's true or not. What if the scale is actually seeing 3.16 and dropping the last digit? Users have no idea what the scale sees. It's a matter of personal preference and perception when it comes to food intake. Would users like to know if they are over or under? Seeing that they are slightly over would be good to know. The auto rounding for ounces should be disabled in the app. Users can use their own judgement rather than the scale judge to know the true measurement. I took off one star because of the scale making assumptions. The scale is designed to measure in grams and convert it to ounces via the software. It can be addressed with a software or update. If you want to have a better idea of the ounces, it is best to measure in grams and convert it manually. It's inconvenient, but in some situations it might actually matter. Even if not precise, the option to display another digit or two can be very helpful, even if it's disabled by default. The next hardware update might include a rechargeable battery with ausb-c connection. The need to purchase more batteries seems to be backwards. It makes the product seem a bit retro. Many users would appreciate the convenience of a rechargeable battery. This is a well-designed product, with a well-designed and developed app. Where other companies make less effort, Etekcity has not. The experience of using a smart food scale is better. The scales that seem to be more precise are actually inaccurate, and the app experience isn't as refined or extensive. I already knew the true weight of the items I tested. The others were all over the place, with no option to calibrate. A lot of work is being put into their platform by Etekcity, who created a quality item. I highly recommend this product, as I look forward to seeing how it develops.

4. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Calorie Counter

Digital Kitchen Multifunction Calorie Counter

Product 2. It's dishwasher safe. What does the food scale do? Provides a quick reference guide to lose weight quickly. The weight of the container is removed. How does the kitchen scale work? Look at the calories per ounce reference guide if you put an item on the digital scale. It's important for diet, portion size, and recipe accuracy. You can push a button to convert. How will the C19 help me? Their free download of the USDA database provides over 6000 foods and their nutrition information, as well as a macro calculator, and be a healthier you. The digital food and calories scale makes weighing easy. Is this food scale better? Stays on for 4 minutes to help count calories. It is easy to take on trips, it is in between weighing, top accuracy, max weight capacity over 12 lbs, longest warranty, low battery indicator, thick shatter proof glass surface, and it fits anywhere. 10-year extended warranty is the longest of any scale. 24x7 lifetime support! They are an American company that has been helping families for over 40 years.

Brand: Nutra Track

👤1. The calories per ounce shown on the picture is the default. The function is for weight. The total weight is useless to know because different items have different calories in them. Measure in grams (a universal unit in recipes) and switch to ounces for a meal of several items. Theounces are an example of calories. Measure in grams next item and repeat for each item. Add the totals for the individual calories. It's not practical in my opinion. Thank you Amazon, I returned mine.

👤The scale is amazing. I have been using a scale that is only 5 lbs. and I can not believe there is a scale that is so thin and easy to use. Scale forever! The weight shows up quickly and accurately. I use it for weighing packages before mailing and it measures up to 12 lbs. The scale has a calories counter printed on it. I received the scale as promised, and ordering was easy. This product will change your kitchen experiences forever.

👤I got this scale for my wife as she is always trying to figure out the calories on things she eats and it is very easy for her now. She said she loved her new scale. I can weigh envelopes without having to stand in line at the post office for the correct stamp. I give it a 5 star rating for ease of use.

👤Very pleased with the kitchen scale. We are very happy with the purchase. The scale is very accurate and works as advertised. We can put a large bowl on the scale, turn it on, and put food in it. The scale will still give an accurate reading of the produce, but it won't include the weight of the bowl. It's convenient and great. Thanks!

👤The unit is small, precise, and the measurements printed on top are very handy. It is easy to use and I like the tare weight feature. It was well packaged. I spent hours researching different scales that would be accurate, not bulky, attractive to look at, and the best value for the quality, and I found it! I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤This scale is very impressive. I have been using a scale that has a 4lb weight limit, but I needed to weigh some heavier items. The scale is used in bread baking. The scale reacts immediately when you add more ingredients to a container. I had to remove some of the ingredient from the Oxo because it sometimes hesitated between additions, which made me keep adding and then have to add more. Even with a large container, I can still see the readout on the scale. Shipping was fast. The scale was delivered in one day. The scale weighs items 2 grams heavier than the Oxo. I don't know if the Oxo was right or the Mackie was wrong, but if the 2 grams are consistent, everything is good.

👤This is small, usable for all portions up to 12 lbs, does dry and liquid measures, can subtract out containers weight, and a way for you to figure out the items approximate calories.

5. Ataller Nutrition Nutritional Calculator Smartphone

Ataller Nutrition Nutritional Calculator Smartphone

If the Wireless Smart Food Scale with free mobile app did not work well, please contact them for a return or exchange. Data like calories, vitamins, minerals, and more can be uploaded to the fitness app. Get instant access to more than 270, 000 food database. You can add and modify your own food data. It works on both the iPad and the phone. You can use the smart Apple app to operate the scale, convert units and adjust display time. Track your health goals, diet, and progress for a better life. You can use the Apple app to monitor portion intake, calculate calories, track calories, and store nutrition data. In a measurement of 1 g/ 0, you can accurately weigh anything from 3 to 5000 g. A small amount of 0.04 oz.

Brand: Ataller

👤It worked well. Looks good. It's not hard to set up.

👤I am trying to diet and exercise to get the 15 off. I use a scale to measure food instead of cups to get the correct weight. It is easy to use and I am enjoying it. I can follow my recipes with ease now that accuracy is on point.

👤I have been struggling with measuring ounces and meat since I started my healthy lifestyle change a month ago. I got this for that. So far, so good. It's easy to switch on and off between measurement types.

👤The item is described well.

👤I'm trying to decide whether to send it back or keep it, and I haven't used it yet to comment on it's basic function of measuring. It's not compatible with my phone, so it's an overpriced scale for me. This was purchased for the app. The major update of theANDROID 12 version has not fully adapted the product, and some mobile phones cannot be connected. Please be patient as the system will be updated later. If your device is supported, check with them first.

👤These are the best electronic scales I have ever had, but all the others were cheap and refused to work properly after two weeks. These are still going strong and seem very accurate, but they send a message to an app on your phone telling you how many calories are in whatever you just weighed, putting you off earring whatever it is you just made.

👤There are different models, different app and different manufacturer. The phone didn't pick up anything, and there were no markings on the box or product that said "Bluetooth". It looks like a plastic top, but it's cheap. There must be a lot of fake reviews. Returned for a reason.

6. Nicewell Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

Nicewell Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

The weigh gram pocket scale is used to measure a range of objects. Small knickknacks such as gold, silver, coins, jewelry, and gems. PRECISE WEIGHT The digital food scale has four high-precision load sensors that can respond to 0.1oz/1g when adding ingredients. The large scale platform and large display can be used for easy reading of g, kg, lbs, oz, and ml. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The design is called a progressive design. The food scale is made with glass that is strong for bearing and sleek for clean, with a hook for convenient storage. EASY TARE / ZERO OUT tare calculation can be accomplished with a tare button that allows you to subtract the weight of the plate or container. There is free support. If you have a problem, please feel free to reach out to them, they will address it promptly.

Brand: Nicewell

👤The scale does not weight anything under 3 grams, but it does in the description. Once you are over 3 grams, it will weigh in one gram. If you hit tare on the dish, it will weight items under 3 grams. I put a bowl on it and hit the tare to make it 0, then I went from there. Give it a few seconds to register the weight of the item because it is very sensitive to movement.

👤I like the scale. cheap plastic ones are good I wanted to get something more accurate for sourdough making. It has a tare feature. Simply put, whatever container you are measuring into, place it on the scale first. "tare" is out of the scale. You are measuring your items, not the bowl. You don't have to do the math to figure out the true weight of your contents with this method. The scale reads '0' after the Tare button is touched in the picture. It can be set to grams or ounces. I don't want to have to guess grams or ounces when I see a European recipe online. I don't have to. The scale can be used to measure from 0.1oz to 22 lbs. Not bad! This scale is perfect for the home chef.

👤Nicewell Customer Support contacted me and arranged to send me a new scale after my previous review of this scale. The batteries seem to work better so far than the brand GP. The company's customer service is excellent. I would recommend you to try this scale. A soft touch of the ON/OFF button makes it turn on or off. The scale has a sleek design and is very light. The numbers are easy to see at night and day. I like the fact that most parts are made of wood, something I try to avoid as much as possible. I received my new scale a few days ago. It had two new GP batteries. The numbers kept changing when I used it. I got different results with every object I weighed. The results were off by a lot when I compared them with another scale. I thought my scale was malfunctioning. I replaced the GP batteries with Energizer batteries. Problem solved. Reliable batteries can save your day.

👤This is a scale that I love. It is replacing a unit that is very similar. The thing has a few small differences that add up to a nicer user experience. I like the back-lit display. If I had a large pot or bottle on the scale, the shadow caused by larger vessels would sometimes make the readout hard to see. My old unit used a big watch style battery, this one uses ubiquitousAAA batteries. It's much more convenient to replace when needed. My old scale only went up to 11 lbs, but this thing doubles that. If I'm making a large amount of something, I don't have to measure out half of it in one vessel and the other half in another. If I want, I can mix everything in one vessel.

7. Upgraded Nutritional Calculator Digital Included

Upgraded Nutritional Calculator Digital Included

In a measurement of 1 g/ 0, you can accurately weigh anything from 3 to 5000 g. A small amount of 0.04 oz. Accurately weigh anything from 0.08oz to 44lb (2g-20kg) with high accuracy of 0.04oz/1g, to meet almost all your measurement needs in the kitchen. The panel has been upgraded to the largest digital food scale in the market and is twice the size of a normal kitchen scale. You can get rid of difficult screen readings with a large panel. You can use the digital kitchen scale to track your nutrition diary on the app. A reasonable diet is recommended by the RNI in the APP. You can check the daily calories intake ratio and the status of excessive and insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals at any time, helping you to lose weight and develop healthy eating habits. The food database contains 24 nutrition analysis for each food, such as calories, fat, and carbohydrates. You can change your own data. The scale allows you to compare the calories and nutrition of two food items. Local data can be shared to social media. Coffee scale with timer is more than just a kitchen scale, a nutrition scale, and a diet nutrition analysis scale. When making pour-over coffee or instant coffee, the ratio of coffee to water is displayed in real time as the water is injected. The timer can show you how long it will take to brew the coffee. Santebee Smart Kitchen Scale can weigh both solid and liquid food, differentiating water from milk. One key is to quickly switch between 6 units. It's easy to use with one-touch tare, auto-calibration and unit memory function. The display shuts down after 120 seconds. The battery is not included.

Brand: Santebee

👤I was excited to receive this so I could put my bigger bowls on and still read the weight, however it shut off while I was pouring in ingredients. I thought the batteries were bad, but they still did it. I would have to start wasting product. After 2 minutes, it has an auto- shut off. I can understand auto shutting off when not being used. After the return window ends, I figure this out.

👤Would change readings from grams to ounces.

👤The scale doesn't work the turn on and tare buttons. You have to remove the battery and put it back in order for it to turn off. It is a terrible product and I don't recommend it.

👤The power/tare button doesn't work. I had the same problem as I ordered a replacement. Is the product ok?

👤I have yet to figure out how to turn off the scale because it does everything I want it to do. The scale is approximately 8 12” x 11 12” and has a 44 pound capacity. Two batteries are needed to operate. You can download the optional diet nutrition analysis app on your phone. The scale is pleasing in appearance. The smooth surface has a flat feel to it. It's suitable for most kitchen related uses, with its large surface area and 44 lbs. capacity. The white-on-black display is easy to read. There are two buttons on the display. The button on the left allows you to choose a unit of measurement. The units of measurement for this scale are kilogram, gram, pound, ounce, and milliliter. There is a separate liter for milk. The power on/off button on the right of the display is the most frustrating flaw of this scale. The scale can be turned on with a touch of the button. It is not possible to turn off the scale without a two second hold touch as the scale is activated by measuring the pressure of your touch. It was a one-time performance as I was able to turn the scale off by using my palm to contact the power button and hold it for a few seconds without applying pressure. The scale turns off after 120 seconds. This flaw is quite annoying. The scales biggest attribute is that it is easy to clean and provides a lot of space. While the scale is waterproof, you can't submerge it in water as the back is not waterproof and there is a slim gap between the glass and the plastic base. The rubber feet under the scale keep it from sliding. The scale is a nice addition to the kitchen despite the fact that it can't be turned when desired. The nutrition app is not included in the value of the scale.

👤The scale is large and attractive. Not impressed when you put batteries in. I couldn't get the on/off spot to work. There are areas on the glass that are labeled. I tried to turn it off, but it kept weighing my finger. I tried a lot of things, including long presses and short presses. I gave up after getting frustrated. My husband finally turned it off after playing with it for a while. I had to use a nice thumb print. The scale just froze on me when I tried to use it again. I had to take the batteries out. The scale was on again when I put the batteries in. I finally got it to stop. I am excited for this larger scale with the large range, however it is lacking basic functions. It should be easy to turn off.

8. Smart Food Scale Nutritional Calculator

Smart Food Scale Nutritional Calculator

The scale has an overload indicator, a Hanging hook, and a measurement ruler. The scale is easy to store. The Foodiet app will offer a detailed daily nutrition analysis, which will show you the percent of fat, cholesterol, and vitamins you need. A great way to track Macros for weight loss, body building, and balanced diet. It's a nice scale to control intake for sufferers of diabetes. The Foodiet APP is designed to help you set your health goal and make progress for a better living. It can sync your health data with Apple-Health and Fit-bit, and it will automatically store your daily intakes and organize them in charts to help you monitor them. 5 units can be freely switched to meet the weighing requirements of various ingredients. The built-in 4 high-precision load sensors allow food weight scale to update quickly, you can easily get precise items weight from 0.1oz to 11lb (3g-5000g). One-touch tare function makes it easy to use, just press tare button to remove container weight and get accurate readouts of ingredients. The kitchen food scale makes it easy to get the weight without changing the bowl. If you want to connect the APP, you need to turn on your phone and the measuring scale. The digital food scale's size makes it easy to store, and takes up less space in a kitchen drawer, cabinet, or travel bag. The gram scale has 2 coin batteries that will power it off if there is no operations within 2 minutes.

Brand: Uramaz

👤I started a meal plan program that requires precise measurement of protien, vegatables, and legumes. The first week of the program, I guessed my food weights. I used the scale for a week and realized I wasn't very accurate. I'm getting better results now that I'm not done.

👤The scale is packaged well and measures well. The instructions and packaging tell you what app to download. The app has a large database of foods. You can find a similar product if the one you're eating isn't there. This is helpful for people with diabetes because the app gives you information about both sugars and calories.

👤I use a French Press for our coffee. I was using a line on a cup to measure how much coffee was included. It was either good or weak on some days. I use the scale to measure and everything is fine. I used it for a bonus kitchen action. I needed to use half of the pasta. I guess. I used the scale this time and I'm pretty sure I got a half a box. The scale is easy to use. There is an app for my phone. I don't care about that. It works.

👤This was purchased to help our son gain weight. The app that you can use to check the scale was great, but it only recommends daily intake calories, rather than allowing us to set our own goals. Our son would focus on those numbers and this was frustrating. There is a previous version of the app that still works, and it actually serves our needs better than the less feature-rich version. It seems to do everything we want.

👤I am very happy with this scale. It is very accurate. I am trying to get my husband on a diet that is low in fat. The scale is perfect for measuring his portion sizes. I haven't had time to explore many of the wonderful features. This scale is very handy.

👤The scale doesn't take up much room in the kitchen. It is easy to store in a crowded kitchen. It is also accurate. You can change it to pounds, ounces, or grams. It can keep track of your calories. I am excited that it can coordinate with my phone apps. It is an excellent value for money so far.

👤I have this for a long time. It helps to control my eating habits. The app connects to the scale. You can measure the calories in the food. This can be used for kitchen scale functions. The size is light and small. It is very clean. I think this is a great idea.

👤I was skeptical of the smart part of the scale, but it is the easiest thing I have ever tried. I scanned the barcode of the food I was weighing and hit record. That is it. I didn't have to change anything except my dairy free creamer. I scanned the barcode and didn't have to enter it again. The scale is flat so there is no access to any small folds. It's a happy day.

9. Greater Goods Nourish Portions Nutritional

Greater Goods Nourish Portions Nutritional

Great support. If you reach out to them for a product problem, they will solve it to the end. The kitchen scale is going to last and function at the highest level because of the design and quality. The kitchen will never be the same. The FRESHEST features are easy to clean, touch-sensitive buttons, and readings down to the gram. What more do you want? The bells and stethoscopes will give you accurate measurements and also give you information on over 2000 foods. There is true support. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your nutrition scale. They want you to have the best experience from start to finish. Beyond a purchase is something that can be done. They design and produce the highest functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤There aren't enough products with codes. I can add custom codes. If I could barcode my product, get the nutrition info, and get the exact data for the product I am eating, it would be the cat's meow. The scale is very large. MyFitnessPal app allows me to get nutrition data. All of that needs to be put together.

👤The scale seems fine. Twice have I used it. If you are using it for portion control, it is bad. Chef Boyardee Beefaroni is one of the things it has in its "Comprehensive" number entry system. The nutrition values are on the box. Second. If you are working on your weight, you will most likely not be eating that stuff. Chicken pot pie has a brand designation. Quality foods like farro were left out. It isn't good. If you are clean.

👤I like the idea of this scale. It is clean and modern. I didn't like the fact that the pre-programmed codes were full of junk food that someone who is counting calories wouldn't eat, like a lot of processed foods. I can't find grilled chicken, but I can find fried chicken with skin. Really? I was expecting more whole foods, but not a lot. I think I can program them. I would like it to have more options pre-programmed. I like the design and concept and give it 4 stars. People who eat friend chicken are not going to be counting calories. There are only two options of brown rice, and I can't find rolled oats or apple cinnamon oats, so I want to have more options. What about short grain? Unhealthy people don't count calories.

👤This scale helps me keep track of my workouts. I don't understand why the scale is hard to use, people! If there was a food scale with a computer chip and a camera that could identify what you put on it, you wouldn't pay that much. Don't expect someone else to do the work for you, just read and follow the instructions.

👤This is the best food scale I have ever owned. I wish they made a portable version. I called customer service because I wanted to ask 2 questions after I had the scale. Since they are limited, can custom codes be changed? There is a way to enter food label information. The scale is easy to use and look up codes. The zero feature can allow you to calculate your meal. The scale arrived in perfect condition, and the shipping was quick and friendly. The on/OFF button is my favorite feature and it allows me to add custom foods. I like being able to turn it off. It's nice to be able to turn it on without having to do those annoying taps. This scale is great for design. One of my best purchases so far is this one. The scale has the ability to enter a food label directly, but I wish it could save a custom code for it. It would've been great to have another mode that would allow you to quickly enter food label information. I tested the over-writing of a custom code. If you clear the current info and re-enter the info for the new food, it will save it and replace the previous info.

10. Upgraded Digital Nutritional Calculator Electric

Upgraded Digital Nutritional Calculator Electric

Saving time and money on tracking nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family is possible with the help of the Perfect healthy mate. It's a perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast, body builder or weight loser. Accurately weigh anything from 0.08oz to 44lb (2g-20kg) with high accuracy of 0.04oz/1g, to meet almost all your measurement needs in the kitchen. The panel has been upgraded to the largest digital food scale in the market and is twice the size of a normal kitchen scale. You can get rid of difficult screen readings with a large panel. You can use the digital kitchen scale to track your nutrition diary on the app. A reasonable diet is recommended by the RNI in the APP. You can check the daily calories intake ratio and the status of excessive and insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals at any time, helping you to lose weight and develop healthy eating habits. The food database contains 24 nutrition analysis for each food, such as calories, fat, and carbohydrates. You can change your own data. The scale allows you to compare the calories and nutrition of two food items. Local data can be shared to social media. Coffee scale with timer is more than just a kitchen scale, a nutrition scale, and a diet nutrition analysis scale. When making pour-over coffee or instant coffee, the ratio of coffee to water is displayed in real time as the water is injected. The timer can show you how long it will take to brew the coffee. Santebee Smart Kitchen Scale can weigh both solid and liquid food, differentiating water from milk. One key is to quickly switch between 6 units. It's easy to use with one-touch tare, auto-calibration and unit memory function. The display shuts down after 120 seconds. The battery is not included.

Brand: Santebee

👤I like to weigh my food because I am a body builder. I wanted a bigger platform. The size of this scale was great, but the fact that it doesn't measure correctly was disappointing. I could not get the scale to land on the number I needed, no matter how much I added or subtracted from the portion. If I could get it to land on the correct number, I would grab something and the scale would change numbers. I ended up returning this because it was very annoying and disappointing.

👤The power/tare button only works when you push it 20 times. Pressing on it to what it's weighing adds the weight of you.

👤I need a new scale because I ship items that weigh from 0 to 33 lbs. This one was rated up to 44 lbs. I had a lot of issues with the on/tare button and the weight readings were incorrect. When I got it to work, everything was fine. I don't like the fact that it only works on 2AAA batteries and can't operate on an AC current.

👤I wanted to weigh my items that need to be shipped. It has been very accurate so far and I have no more guessing my shipping weights. I think that's correct.

👤The kitchen scale is slender. Stores will be in a drawer. A lot of baking takes place in our house so we needed a new scale. 2 seconds hold to turn off, easy to use, quick touch on. Please use the scale.

11. FITINDEX Nutritional Calculator Multifunction Smartphone

FITINDEX Nutritional Calculator Multifunction Smartphone

The scale will auto shut off after 2 minutes of inactive, and the backlit will stay for 30 seconds. The anti-skid pad at the bottom of the food scale provides convenient and optimal stability for weight Measurement. The scale and apps are easy to use. The "Gennec" APP can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play store. There is a large USDA food database. You can add and modify your own food data to the APP. Coffee Scale with Timer: The coffee scale with coffee maker function helps you make your own coffee. The Gennec APP supports the calculation of time and can show the ratio of coffee to beans. Track Fecture will help you to set a health goal, record your daily intake data, and keep a log of your food and nutrition. Food weight scale with accurate measurement. Five units can be freely converted to meet the weighing requirements of various ingredients. Measure anything between 3g and 5000g in 1g / 0.05oz. The first kitchen scale with 3 functions with a food nutrition scale, coffee scale function, and smart food scale, controlled by APP, helps you become healthy, losing weight fast and easily!

Brand: Fitindex

👤The scale measures very quickly. I like the fact that you can add food to your bowl or plate and then weigh it. The tare function is easy to use. I tried to ask customer service via email, but no answer after 5 days. The brand of bread I use is different from other brands and the nutrition info of the brand listed is different than other food diary apps. Eating out is the only way I know to list my food. If I go to torchys taco, I cannot just enter and see the nutrition info. I can't take apart my Wendys burger and weigh it all when I'm out. Adding favorite foods is cumbersome because you can't just enter numbers for calories. Saving the new food that I took time to enter was ineffective. I tried this and when I went to eat the same food item the next day, it didn't show up when I searched for it with words. I wish there was a way to save my plate that I use each day at home weight. Extra steps./time needed to weight the same plate which night then add food and remeasure. It's a sleek black appearance but it leaves fingerprints on the counter. It is easy to use and accurate. There is no advantage to using a body weight scale. Other food diary apps are more user friendly.

👤I have been using the FitIndex app for over a year and it measures body metrics. This scale is used to measure calories per portion and portion size. You have the potential for a very accurate intake and results total system if you can measure both sides of the equation between the two scales. The scale works well and powers and tares as detailed in the instructions. It is easy to switch between ounces/pound and ounces/grams. It looks great on the counter top and wipes are easy to clean with a damp cloth. As far as the app goes, it does what it says it will do and the database is large, but there is a lot of variation in the calories from different manufacturers so you have to choose carefully. I use other apps like myfittnesspal and life sum that do a better job of gathering calories and I think the app could use a little improvement to make it a little more user friendly. I am very happy with this purchase and I am sure the app will continue to make improvements, I recommend this scale.

👤I'm a fitness and health coach who's always looking for tools to help my clients on their health journey and I have to say that this scale is amazing. It helps you to achieve goals by keeping a record of your foods and calories. You can weigh food in a container without having to do the math. You're done if you push a button. I've tried other scales that required looking up codes and entering lots of information. Not this scale! You place your food on the scale, then sync to your phone and click on the food to confirm. It weighs and determines calories, fat, sugar, and other things. It was effortless! The scales should be in every household. It's brilliant.


What is the best product for food scale with nutritional calculator?

Food scale with nutritional calculator products from Sinocare. In this article about food scale with nutritional calculator you can see why people choose the product. Mitoymia and Etekcity are also good brands to look for when you are finding food scale with nutritional calculator.

What are the best brands for food scale with nutritional calculator?

Sinocare, Mitoymia and Etekcity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food scale with nutritional calculator. Find the detail in this article. Nutra Track, Ataller and Nicewell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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