Best Food Thermometer Digital Gun

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1. Thermometer SOVARCATE Temperature 58°F 1112°F Refrigerator

Thermometer SOVARCATE Temperature 58%C2%B0F 1112%C2%B0F Refrigerator

The surface temperature of various objects can be measured with the help of this thermometer, which can be used to measure temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points. It can be used when you are doing home repairs, performing auto maintenance, and making soap cooking. The gun has a high precision of 2% and 12 laser-indicated dots, which give you a more accurate surface temperature of the object. Not applicable to humans. You can adjust the emissivity according to the material for the most accurate sea measurement. The limit values of high and low temperature are required. The display will light up red if the temperature is above the threshold. The unit switch, low battery indicator, and 30-second automatic shutdown function are more practical functions. The surface temperature of objects can be measured, such as cooking, baking, grilling, frozen food, fried food, car repair, home maintenance, plantation, winemaking, water temperature measurement, and appliances. Industrial and domestic kitchen, auto and electrical maintenance are the only places where the thermometer is used. Lifetime technical support and a 2 years warranty are provided. If you don't like their products, please contact them so that they can save your time and make sure that you get a brand new product, so the old one doesn't need to be returned.

Brand: Sovarcate

👤I use it for cooking on the grill. It's a decent apparatus for what I needed it to do, but it's worth destroying just to figure out how to turn off the annoying sound when you pull the lever. What is the purpose of the beeping? Pull the Trigger and see my temps. Why? It is not bad initially but after a while. After every temp check, make a noise. There is no added value or reason for the beeping. Why? If you want to avoid this, pay an extra two or three dollars for something that doesn't sound like it.

👤I bought this to use in my home and car. Its appearance and structure are nice, and it responds quickly and measures accurately. The display is clear and easy to read. The temperature measurement range is -50600C/ -581112F, which is more than enough for my use, and it is easy to use. I learned that it can adjust the emissivity and adjust it according to different materials to make the temperature more accurate. It does not need to be inserted into the food to measure the temperature of food, it can be done with the help of the infrared temperature measurement. It is a necessity for any level of cooking. The air conditioning in my car isn't working. The interior of the car starts to heat up after 30 minutes. The three-way catalytic converter was checked with the use of theInfrared Thermometer. At this time, the screen on the Thermometer shows the temperature at 806F, and the data shows that. The temperature of the three-way catalyst is usually 660F. The high and low temperature alarm function was set. The function is very practical. When the limit is reached, it can alarm. The accuracy of the device is less than 2%. It works well and is trustworthy after many times of use.

👤You can tell from the first time you pick it up that it's a laser thermometer. The plastic is cheap, the buttons are upside down, and it's a pain to open it to get batteries. It works. It is fast to get readings, and they are just as accurate as other laser thermometers I have used.

👤I tried it out against a known temp and it read a few degrees off. I was going to use for BBQ so a few degrees was not a big deal. I put it away after using it for a BBQ. The batteries that came with it were installed a month later. Put in a third set of new batteries and nothing. The item did not work after being used for a while. The other reviews have the same findings. I stopped doing that because of the recommendation from AMAZONS. The product is unreliable and not supported by the seller. I tried to find a replacement for my item but it was beyond the 30 day return window. I couldn't find a manufacturer warranty or support from Amazon. It was not worth the hassle to chase a replacement with Amazon after they said no help for you, so I will not purchase that brand again or buy Amazon's Choice products again. Caveat Emptor.

2. Infrared Thermometer Adjustable Emissivity Touchless

Infrared Thermometer Adjustable Emissivity Touchless

The IR temperature gun is not for humans. The laser temperature gun can't measure the internal temperature of an object, so do not irradiate human eyes directly or indirectly. The cooking gun has a premium sensor and is able to measure the surface temperature of objects up to 1.5 degrees. The Multifunctional Objects Thermometer is easy to switch to different modes, which means you can know the measured maxmium or minium temperature during continuously measurement. To 1.00, and support self calibrating the temperature. It's perfect for cooking, baking, performing maintenance, and measuring the temperature of swimming pool, fried food, and hot drinks. The user-friendly design includes soft backlit, low battery icon, and auto power off after 7 s to save energy. You get a Laser Thermometer gun, 2 x 1.5V batteries, and an English manual. The laser grip gun tool is made of plastic. Quality problem products are free of charge within 30 days.

Brand: Xrclif

👤I can tell it meets all the specifications. I checked it against the thermometers I own and it appears to be within tolerances according to the brochure. It feels solid and has nice features. The instruction manual is not very clear. Excellent value for money.

👤It works well on my melt and pour soap bases. The battery holder should be easier to open. I tried to open it.

👤Didn't work and wasn't close to recording an accentuate temperature.

👤Works well. I think the batteries are cheap. Some Duracell can fix it.

👤I am satisfied with the purchase of the laser thermometer.

👤I went to the local shop.

👤My husband has fun with this. A good gift for a man.

3. Wintact Thermometer Non Contact Adjustable Emissivity

Wintact Thermometer Non Contact Adjustable Emissivity

Wide Applications The digital IR tempometer is used to measure the surface temperature in many places. The temperature range is -58 F–1112 F/ -50C 600C, and it has a self-calibration function. Emissivity 0.101.00 can be adjusted. 500 m Sec rapidly response and accurately measured of object surface temperature. The design fits into the palms of hands. This gun has an alarm function. You can set a max/min value for specific objects. An alarm will be issued if the temperature is out of the setting range. F/C, data hold, and auto-shutoff. To help you save battery. It's easy to use, only requiring you to point and shoot for the temperature. You can use it on your food, barbecue, grill, oven, HVAC, or engine parts, without risk of injury, if you check the temperature of pretty much anything in your home, workplace, and easily. You get a Wintact infrared thermometer, 2 x 1.5VAAA batteries, and a friendly customer service team.

Brand: Wintact

👤I don't know if it's accurate, but I expect the meter to give a good approximation of the temperature. And that's all I need. Is it necessary for you to need something accurate? I don't know. Amazon wants me to write the phrases " easy to use" and " easy to read" Yes, but...

👤It seems well made. A lot of features I didn't know it had. The instructions that came with are not very clear about how to use them. The reason for a 1 star rating is not accurate. I compared it to my old Raytek IR Thermometer. This one was off by about 12 degrees. I pushed some buttons to find the calibration. It was only able to be offset by 9 degrees. It was within 1-2 degrees of the real temperature. I'll be ordering a different brand and most likely will send this one back. The reason I can't use my Raytek is because I need a one that can read at least 950 fahrenheit.

👤A great temperature. It's important to make candy, particularly small batches. The standard candy thermometer was not able to capture the temperature within the pot. We can make perfect batches of candy with this tool.

👤I can only check the accuracy with lower temperatures. It has a rapid learning curve.

👤Good price and fast delivery. It's easy to read a color display and vg laser pointers. Two thumbs up.

👤It's not much to say. This does what I wanted it to do.

👤The temp gun seems to work well. We bought a ball python set up.

👤J'ai recu le pistolet et l'ecran. The decu.

👤Une bonne précision et trs pratique.

4. Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Digital Temperature

Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Digital Temperature

The RIS400T Laser Thermometer Gun, 2 1.5VAAA batteries, and an English manual are what you get. Get 100% satisfaction or get a replacement! 30 days no questions asked return policy and one-year warranty are included in the price. It was worth it. It's versatile and handy for instant temp readings, but not suitable for human body temperature. The temperature range is -50C to +400C /-58F to 752F; Accuracy is 1.5% or 1.5C. Keep your hands safe in this fast and safe way to measure temperature. The backlit screen has an auto shut-off to extend the battery life. Power and warranty. It has a 2 xAAA battery. The U.S. FCC was approved. One year warranty.

Brand: Papogo

👤A small device that checks the temperature of my soaps while they are being processed. Thanks to Deb.

👤It seems to be accurate for my purposes. I bought this to use in my enclosures to monitor their basking temperature and coolness. The readings make sense when I look at different parts of the enclosure, and the temperature changes in a predictable manner. I don't have to worry about wasting batteries because it has been easy to use and turn off. I don't know how to measure its accuracy, so if you want to be perfect, you may want to do more research. It was a good buy for me.

👤Cheap china junk that doesn't turn on. It's a waste of time and money. I paid good money for the insult of being toxic landfill garbage. Being honest.

👤I was surprised at how well it works. I made some comparisons with other sources and this seems to be correct. It works well for monitoring the temp of an AC fan motor.

👤The title is misleading because the product doesn't take internal temperatures of your body and it won't take the temperature from your cooking meals. It has nothing to do with the kitchen, but you can take the refrigerator temp. I'm giving this seller a one star because he's misleading and useless in the kitchen, and I'll remove that misleading title for sure.

👤It is easy to use. It's great to check the temperatures when making soap. It is also great to check the pool temperature. It arrived very quickly.

👤In the event of a power outage, I bought a food temp tester. Works well!

👤The beam is not straight, you have to aim for the area you want to check, and it goes far off the right.

👤No segura de sea tan preciso. Adems de la calidad est un poco sencilla. Me gusta sea de pilas porque puedo usar pilas recargables.

5. Wireless Thermometer Yunbaoit Digital Cooking

Wireless Thermometer Yunbaoit Digital Cooking

Convenient Storage: fold or plug the probe to turn it on or off. The shutdown function can be used to save power and extend use time. The handle makes cooking enjoyable. Magnets and hanging holes make it easy to hang it from the fridge. The wireless meat thermometer has a strong and stable signal. You don't have to stay in the kitchen or the grill all the time. You can make time to chat with friends, watch a show, or mow the lawn. The grill thermometer can measure a wide range of 14 F to 572 F, with 1.8 F accuracy. The temperature can be read with the probes. The food thermometer can help you cook perfectly and keep the nutrition and taste of meat. There are dual color coated probes. The probes help you identify what meat is being monitored. You can put the probes in the dishwasher or wash them directly with water if they are waterproof. Considering that the transmitter is mostly used in the kitchen and that it will rain outside, it's not surprising. The transmitter is made to be splash-proof. You can choose from 10 different types of meat and a PROG mode on the BBQ Thermometer. The probe2 has a BBQ mode. You can use the HI/LO function to measure the temperature of the grill/smoker. The meat is doneness is 5 levels. You can match the type of meat you like. There is an alarm and a wide-view screen. The meat thermometer has a backlit screen. You can see the temperature on the screen in dim light or under the sun. The timer function on the thermometer can count down/up. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the receiver will sound and the backlit screen will show the meat has reached the desired temperature.

Brand: Yunbaoit

👤Products in an Apple store were packaged very nicely. The set up comes with a screw driver to open the transmitter battery door, it's only necessary to unpackage and put in 2 sets of 2AAA batteries. I used it in the oven and when the alarm went off in my bedroom, I knew the chicken was done. If you want to put in two different meats or have one steak well done, you can get 2 separate done alarms with the 2 probes. I tried it in the air fryer. The probe handle is hot when you take it out of the oven so use a mit to remove it.

👤The box should have worked. The receiver wouldn't show the temperature. The manual didn't have a way of figuring out how to fix it. It says you don't need to sync. They only gave me a $32.03 refund when I returned the device.

👤I have had it for 3 months. It worked for a while, but one of the probes did not read correctly. It was at least 30 degrees too cold. I was told by the company that I should push it in all the way. I tried it again and again with the same results. I was relying on the one probe until last night when the temp was over 165. I knew it was too soon. I was probing other pieces of chicken at different depths. Some are over 200. I cook for an extra 15 minutes. The chicken is in the middle after we cut it. I am done with this device. It's time to buy a reliable thermometer.

👤This is amazing. I was skeptical at first, but I can tell you why. The previous meat thermometers were not accurate. I would have to go out and check the grill in my house because it wouldn't read right. I heard about this product from a friend and I had to stop everything I was doing to make sure I wasn't over cooking or under cooking our dinner. This was amazing. I left the reader on the kickstand and was able to watch the kids play and read the temperature up to 600 feet away. That is very easy. The product was correct. I will use it all summer. Thank you so much.

👤I got this in time to cook my Easter ham. It was a good thing that I had. The ham took more time to cook than I expected. I put it up so it would tell me when the ham reached a certain temperature. The ham was cooked to order. My next test was a loaf of bread. I have a hard time figuring out when a loaf of bread is done. I put the probe in after cooking it for a while because a loaf of bread doesn't hold the probe properly. That worked well. This was a very useful tool in my kitchen. The print on the instructions was too small for me to read. My son told me how to use it. He didn't have to follow the instructions.

6. Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non Contact Thermometer

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non Contact Thermometer

The large screen lets you see the temp in dim kitchen and bright outdoors. Features auto-on/off function, open the probe to turn on, fold the probe to turn off. It has a hanging hole and internal magnet. The temperature readings from these devices are not for humans. The temperature for humans and animals will be incorrect. The distance between the object of measurement and the thermometer should be approximately 14.17 inches. The target is quick. Measure surface temperature from -58F to 716F, with 2 units F/C to choose, and a built-in laser gives you the precision to hone in on the exact space. TILE DESIGN: It is possible to measure the surface temperature of various objects, especially temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points. The color model doesn't have the emissivity adjustment feature and max temperature feature. There are added functions. The screen is backlit, has an auto-off function to extend the battery life, and has a low battery indicator so you never run out of juice.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I ordered a dual pack of these inferred temperature guns. You can see that the one on the left is over 200o and the one on the right is the correct temp.

👤Every home should have this handy little tool in their toolkit. It is worth the money for the entertainment value alone. It can be used as a cat toy. Startle your housemates. The opening sequence of James Bond. You can also take the temperature of things. I couldn't imagine what I'd use this thing for until I got it, and then I was using it for everything. If you want your cooking to be more accurate, you should use exact temperatures. The floor in the bedroom is warmer than the rest of the house. Don't argue with your girlfriend about how cold her hands are. The body is not heavy duty, but it is durable. It has a slightly textured feel to it, which eliminates the "cheap plastic" feel. It feels good in the hand. The display is easy to read and bright, with the option to turn off the backlight, turn off the laser, and turn the read out between C and F.

👤I bought this product because I thought my fridge was not cold enough, and I saw the tech that used a lazer to gauge the temperature inside. I used this product as a basis for a service call because I was getting 50 degrees in the fridge while it was set to 33. When the tech came back, he was getting 35 on his lazer temperature, while mine was still in the 40s and 50s. I might have gotten a bad one, but this lazer is terrible. The replacement was sent to me without any questions asked and I didn't need to send the other one back. That deserves a second star. The tech that came out had a bad one, I asked if it was a different brand. The temps that the new tech got from his wired thermometer were the same as the ones I was getting from the laser thermometer. A five-star product!

👤I do a lot of work on my home and vehicles, but I am not a professional mechanic. I bought this as a homeowner to use it to verify hot/cold spots around my home. To measure temperature differences between my supply and return vent. It will be used when grilling or smoking. I like to build PCs and an IR Thermometer is a must have, but I wanted a tool that was moderately priced and performed well for my use. I decided to go with the best seller on Amazon, Etekcity 774, which is the most reviewed and affordable IR Thermometer on the market. I found many different options that offered different ranges, features, and spot/distance ratios, with 12:1 being the higher standard and what most higher end brands have. There is a The model #s do not show which models are higher end. There is a very confusing model numbering. One would think a model # of 800 or 1022 would be a higher end than a 630 or 774. Not the case with Etekcity. Combine this with the fact that you can't side by side compare on Etekcity or Amazon. I narrowed my options to 3 and took a test. I compared the Etekcity Lasergrips thermometers with the Klein IR1000. I use spots next to my home thermostat and at fixed distances on certain surfaces. Regardless of which IR thermometer you choose, Etekcity makes excellent products, and their customer service is amazing. I had a lot of questions and the Etekcity customer reps were able to open a chat with me. They helped me understand the advantages and differences of their IR thermometers. A lot of higher end IR thermometers in this category are well over $50.00 and do and share the same features and quality that I learned from Etekcity products. The Etekcity 1022D is priced at $19.99.

7. RISWOJOR Thermometer Non Contact Temperature Gun,Adjustable

RISWOJOR Thermometer Non Contact Temperature Gun%EF%BC%8CAdjustable

Power and warranty. It is powered by 2 x batteries. One year warranty. Laser temperature gun has an object distance of 12:1 and can measure targets at a longer distance. In less than a second, high quality sensors can be used. The measurement accuracy is 1.5 C, which is suitable for most daily life. Household, industrial widely used. The temp gun temperature range is -50 400 C (-58 752 F) for engine, tires, electrical equipment, heating and cooling equipment, and other measurements. The laser temperature gun can be used to measure the temperature of hot water and oil in life. TheIR thermometer gun mode switch button to switch between MAX/MIN/AT/EMS/CAL mode, MAX: display the highest temperature during measurement, MIN: display the lowest temperature during measurement, AT: automatically display the current ambient temperature. Cal: temperature self-help. The operation display of the IR Thermometer is a large display with high stability and backlit display, which can read values in the dark, just press the measurement button to start. The RIS400T Laser Thermometer Gun, 2 1.5VAAA batteries, and an English manual are what you get. Get 100% satisfaction or get a replacement! 30 days no questions asked return policy and one-year warranty are included in the price. It was worth it.

Brand: Riswojor

👤I bought this to measure the temperatures in my reptile enclosure. Just point and press, it's very easy to use. It's much more precise than a thermometer.

👤Great little device. The aaa batteries were installed in a snap. I was worried that it wouldn't work as well as the more expensive models, but it did! I bought this to make sure I am using the right amount of shade fabric. I tried it out in the house and was surprised by how quickly the reading changed, no delay, just reading temps with my movement. I will be using this for cooking, making sure the pavement is not hot to walk my tenants dogs, and my daughter is thinking up all the experiments she can use it for. I am very happy with my purchase. Ps. The bright red dot makes the kitten happy.

👤I didn't get a instructions book. I need a good reading but this is all over the place and I don't understand why. I shoot it, get a reading, and do it again. It's a different reading. I don't know if it's me or the settings, but I didn't get a book. It seems like a good product, but the complaint with me is that there is no instructions book. I'll hit you "pipe" and see if there are any videos out there on how to use. Maybe I'll find one.

👤The thermometer is easy to use. I can't really judge the accuracy of the product without an actual standard to compare it against, but it does compare very well to other old analog oven thermometers. Its reading is usually within a few degrees of the analog versions. I don't know if the IR and analog versions are correct, but a 5 degree variation is acceptable to me. You have to be careful in aiming it to make sure you are actually measuring the temperature of your target, but that is normal with all IR thermometers. The bottom line is that I like it, it works well, and I am happy with my purchase.

👤I have a gun in my office. This one was for the house. I know these products are similar so I chose a cheaper one. This one has 7 different modes and a backlight. This is more than I anticipated. I am happy.

👤This is a great Thermometer. It works well from a good distance away. It seems to be accurate as well. I used the same Thermometer as my friend and they both recorded the same Temp. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤The thermometer is small and comfortable to hold. It is important to calibrate the device. I used ice water. In my experience, the reading can be a little bit inconsistent but it only varied. You will have to learn how to calibrate and understand the different adjustments. The instructions are not clear, but you should be able to figure it out with a few minutes of playing. You get what you pay for. This isn't a top line precise model, but it is enough for basic uses.

8. Ketotek Infrared Thermometer Temperature 58°F 1112

Ketotek Infrared Thermometer Temperature 58%C2%B0F 1112

There is a wide range of uses. Industrial temperature guns can be used for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of industries. Please note. This is not intended to measure body temperature. Before purchasing, please read the website description. The temperature gun can help you do any task confidently, even at temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points. The 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio of the IR laser gun makes it easier to measure distance than most other temperature guns. DYNAMIC LIVE TEMPERATURE SCANtriggers to beign dynamic,live temperature detecting. Resistance to scratches and extreme enviornment is provided by the plastic built in. You can use the digital lazer for a long time. The backlight screen has an auto-off function to extend the battery life and a low battery indicator so you never run out of juice. The heat temperature gun make it easier and safer to take temperature readings in the kitchen, garage, air conditioning installation, and home repairs.

Brand: Ketotek

👤The quality of the thermometer is very good. The fit and finish of the plastic body is excellent, and it is heavier than I expected. It feels like an expensive instrument. I have found it to be very accurate when taking performance readings. The buttons are built to work. This is a small unit, 8 in. tall The top is 3.5 in. The front and back of the building. The blue light on the screen is hard to read in glary light conditions, but the white back light on the unit is disappointing. The unit did not have any information about the warranty or FDA certification. I assume buyers will need to ask them to provide this information if they contact them with any questions under the Amazon listing. Buyers need to use the links on Amazon to make contact because there is no contact information on the packaging. I think this is a good buy at this price point.

👤I bought this because I knew that cheap electronics were hit or miss. This one was not good. Put it against a digital thermo probe after checking it on an electric frying pan. It read between 70 and 80 degrees. I can take 10 degrees or more, but 70 is far away. It goes back to Amazon because there is no way to adjust. YMMV I would count on it.

👤It was used to check the difference between travel trailer wheels.

👤I make my own soaps. I was using a device. Wow! This is very easy. Point and click. My soaps always come out right, I believe it's accurate.

👤I use this all the time because it's very accurate and has a very cheap price. I use this to measure the cage of my 2 reptiles and it is always on point. Would recommend.

👤I saw a similar device for $70 at Home Depot, it seems to be accurate and you can't beat the price. It works great when I use it to check my pool temperature.

👤It works well and is accurate. It runs on aaa instead of 9v and is a good value.

9. Etekcity Lasergrip 749 Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity Lasergrip 749 Infrared Thermometer

The best gift is the ability to use the Infrared Thermometers in various fields. This product can be used to measure objects that are hard to reach. Lifetime after-sales service is provided by them. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they'll give you a replacement. The old product doesn't need to be returned in order to ensure that every buyer gets a brand-new product. Not for human. The internal temperature of an object can't be measured with the gun. The class 2 laser optical power is accurate. The easy grip is. The handle is designed to fit in your hand. It's made out of plastic which makes it easy to clean. Simply pointing the laser at the area you want to measure will give you instant results. Measure surface temperatures from -58f to 716f and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It has a 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio so you can get accurate measurement from greater distances. 14 in/ 36 cm away from the object is the ideal distance for the best accuracy. There is a convenience function. After 15 seconds, the thermometer shuts off its screen and conserves battery. It has a low battery indicator. You know when to replace the battery. The surface temperature of various objects can be measured with the help of this thermometer, which can be used to measure temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points. It can be used when you are doing home repairs, performing auto maintenance, and making soap cooking.

Brand: Etekcity

👤This has turned out to be the best cat toy ever. The hard button on the cat laser pointers hurts after a while. This is a game. You never get tired! You can see how hot the floor is. I forget this is an IR Thermometer first. It's a cat toy and it's cheap.

👤I turned the oven to 350 and it showed 200 and the refrigerator temperature was much more different. Very disappointed.

👤I use this product to make candy. Everything was perfect. I think it's very accurate. There was no candy thermometer in the pan. There was no sticky candy thermometer to clean up. I give it five stars.

👤I received a thermometer and it was giving me inaccurate readings. Apparently, I contacted the comoany, not for humans. The last sentence on the product page says it's not for use on humans.

👤It's been a great temperature so far. I use it to make sure the candles I sell don't exceed safety guidelines.

👤It's easy to change the battery, it does come with one. If you don't want the laser on, press a button to turn it off. Clicking thetrigger turns off automatically. I use it to make candles and wax tarts. It doesn't make sense to use it for certain things because it only captures the surface temperature of the item. Very happy with the purchase. There is an update. I have had this for a couple years now and use it almost daily. I heat up oil when I cook in a pan. I use this to make sure it's the right temperature. I love it, it's very handy.

👤I bought this at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic. I believe that it was advertised as being between 0.2 and 0.3C. I saw a notice that it was not accurate when I came back. It's not good for human temperature checks. I was hesitant to give a bad review in case I misremembered, but I was looking for something that would be good for Covid-19 temperature checks and believe the marketing changed after unhappy customers ordered.

👤I am impressed, it is a big time. I don't know how I lived without it. I use this item to check the cooking temperature on my grill and griddle. The minute I opened this item, I found a lot of uses around the house, from AC monitoring to checking surface temps on my plants in the greenhouse area on my porch. I keep finding new uses for this tool. To control the temperature of the fridge and freezer. I think this tool will make me a better cook and improve the quality of my meals. I knew the tools were in the pro techs tool kit, but I didn't know how cheap they could be. Thanks for a very useful item. I feel like buying another one just because it was a great experience.

👤No funciona, pero no funciona, pero no funciona, pero no funciona, pero no funciona, pero no funciona, pero no funciona. No hay en la ignorancia, pero no empapar al buen producto. 100% recommend. Nota: Cuando lo compren fijense quien es el vendedor, muchas veces estan particulares vendiendo productos. No Siempre es Amazon México, pero amigos invito.

10. Thermometer Non Contact Temperature Automotive Industrial

Thermometer Non Contact Temperature Automotive Industrial

Power and warranty. It has a 2 xAAA battery. The U.S. FCC was approved. One year warranty. There are 12 built-in laser pointers for precise aiming, and 12 points to form a circle to indicate the measurement area, which is more accurate and clear. The temperature of distant targets can be accurately measured with the digital laser thermometer. The alarm maximum value can be set by the temperature gun air conditioner with the help of the IR Thermometer. The display is HD. The larger data display makes this laser thermometer stand out. It has a UV lamp that can be turned on and off by itself, and a backlight that can be turned on even in the dark. The red temperature gun has a low battery reminder and will shut down after 25 seconds of no work. The BBQ cooking thermometer has a wide measurement range, -50C550C (-58F1012F), accurate to, when the measured temperature exceeds the set range. The anti-skid line has been specially designed. The anti-skid line of theInfrared Thermometer will not slip, which is convenient and simple. Accurate and fast measurement of surface temperature, ambient temperature and dew point temperature without touching an industrial temperature gun. There is a wide range of uses. Industrial temperature guns can be used for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of industries. Please note. This is not intended to measure body temperature. Before purchasing, please read the website description.

Brand: Estink

👤My husband will sometimes aim it at my chest and say, "My wife is still hot!"

👤I bought this product to check forehead temperature. The temperature is in the 60s to 70s. I requested to return it because it was incorrect. They lied about their listing saying it's not for measuring body temperature. Not true. The listing states it accurately measures temperatures from -58F to 1022F. I requested to return the product again, saying that I obviously selected it by mistake. They only have a warehouse in China to return it in the U.S. They offered to give me a $2 refund on the $43 purchase, if I could sell it second-hand. It was a very frustrating experience.

👤The temp gun is off by at least 3 or 4 degrees. I found several times that the gun shows a higher temp than my other one. The difference between measuring the same spot twice will be up to 4 degrees. I'm stuck with this paper-weight because I missed the return window. It's useless if I can't rely on what it tells me.

👤With so many infared thermometers on the market and especially available through Amazon, I took a chance on this one because I really liked the color screen features, settings and the temperature range is so broad as I use it for automotive mechanics. It's great for checking hot spots and overheating problems, as well as using at exhaust port for misfires to determine which cylinder is cooler. Checking the temp at Cat is essential for wheel brake and bearing problems to see which wheels are running hotter and which are not. The unit's footprint is smaller than most of the other more expensive ones out there for when you need to get into tight areas. This tool product is very good.

👤January 2020. I've been trying to review items that have impressed me or surprised me. I used the thermometer last week to look for hotspots after installing a gas heater in my garage. I have owned this for three years and it still works. I might have had to change the battery. The review was original in July. I like the display and the fact that this thermometer takes very quick readings. The dark background and bright text make it easy to read for me.

👤The temperature gun came in earlier than expected. The box was well protected, unlike the giant box that got smashed and shuffled. I was able to turn the gun on myself. The item came with its own battery, which is one of the best parts. The smaller AA's are usually the ones that come with some items. I was very grateful that the battery was included because I don't usually have a 9volt gun. The instructions are easy to follow and the large screen makes it easy for me to read them and figure out what I was looking for. The beam is really nice. The last one I had was a small dot. There are points that focus on the center dot. It's easier for me to make sure I'm pointing where I want to. The case is very nice. I can put it in the sleeve and put it in the drawer so I don't have to worry about it hurting the display. It came with Celsius and I had to figure out how to change it to Fahrenheit. The product helped me cook and drive my cat crazy.

11. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non Contact Thermometer

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non Contact Thermometer

The meat thermometers for cooking and grilling are delivered in an elegant, foam lined box, making it the ideal gift for any barbecue or cooking enthusiast or professional. It's the perfect food temperature for cooking. Not for human. The temperature of an object can't be measured with the thermometer, it's not a real object, and the temperature for humans or animals will not be correct. The lasergrip 1080 can measure targets at greater distances than most other IR thermometers, and for best accuracy, the distance between the thermometer and object of measurement should be 14.17 in. The target is quick. The unit can be used to measure surface temperature from -58F to 1022F/-50C to 550C. There are added functions. The screen is backlit, has an auto-off function to extend the battery life, and has a low battery indicator so you never run out of juice. TILE DESIGN: It's possible to measure the surface temperature of various objects, especially temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points.

Brand: Etekcity

👤It was good while it lasted. I used a lot at the beginning. Only from time to time. I was given the battery indicator that the battery needs to be replaced. I tried to replace the battery with multiple batteries, but nothing came of it. I was almost relieved to find out that it has a 2 years warranty. I'm out of warranty until I find out. The original battery lasted almost 2 years. I used it very little. I was disappointed that I couldn't replace the battery without it breaking. I couldn't find any cables that were loose. It died. For under 20 dollars, I should have been happy, but for the amount of time I used it, I'm disappointed. I will look at other brands and see if I can find something that lasts a bit more.

👤I was happy with the item at first. When it was time to replace the battery, it would no longer work. I tried several new batteries and nothing worked. I tried the old battery again, but nothing. Reviewers have stated similar problems. I have to buy a better unit because this item is disposable.

👤Not sure about the accuracy. I wanted to check the temp for pizza stone. They recommend checking the temp of the stone and dome with one of these. I put ice water in my yeti cup. It read 32.9 after a few minutes of sitting. After a few more minutes, I check it again. I checked it from 12” away, which should measure a spot roughly 1” diameter, according to the instructions. A cup opening of 4” should suffice. It settled in at 33.9 several times. I can live with that on the low side. I boiled water to check the bench mark. Same thing. I moved it away from me. It was different every time I checked it. The water had barely reached boiling point when I turned down the stove. Same thing. Never the same twice. Sometimes it might be 15-20 degrees. I wish they included some steps or ways to make sure it's accurate, like ice water or boiling water. Some will say that it is only a few degrees off. Since the whole point of measuring the temp is to be as close to exact as possible, 15-20 is more than a few. I can guess at the temp without this device. It is too hot if your pizza burns.

👤I bought 2 of these handy bad boys because they sounded like a cool thing to do, but I wasn't sure what I'd use them for. I've used this device almost everyday. I insulated the compressor pipe on the outside of my house because I wanted to make sure my pizza was safe to eat without getting pizza palate. The temperature difference was seen with and without the insulation. A friend is borrowing it for AC issues. Just buy this. I bought one for my dad and grandpa.

👤The dual laser is worth a few extra dollars, because this thermometer really works. By using two lasers, you can not only aim the thermometer, but also gauge the distance and spot size, so you know exactly how much area you're averaging. The best result is recommended by the unit's documentation and label, which is 14 inches. I found this one to be very accurate. It feels like a much more expensive instrument because of the details. There is a delay of just under a second while the device calibrates and then the lasers and backlight come on. The display shows the current spot temperature and the maximum so far. If you don't need the lasers or screen backlight, you can turn them off, and the display will hold for the right amount of time after you release the Trigger. It's great that it's instantaneous and there's nothing to clean after, but it's educational to walk around your house and measure the temperature of ordinary things. You would be able to spot issues if you know the temperatures. Is the fridge at the right temperature? What is the temperature on the stove?


What is the best product for food thermometer digital gun?

Food thermometer digital gun products from Sovarcate. In this article about food thermometer digital gun you can see why people choose the product. Xrclif and Wintact are also good brands to look for when you are finding food thermometer digital gun.

What are the best brands for food thermometer digital gun?

Sovarcate, Xrclif and Wintact are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food thermometer digital gun. Find the detail in this article. Papogo, Yunbaoit and Etekcity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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