Best Food Thermos for Adults

Thermos 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Vacuum Insulated Containers Thermos Grey New

Vacuum Insulated Containers Thermos Grey New

Food grade materials are dishwasher safe. They offer a Lifetime Warranty on their food jars. They want their customers to enjoy their healthy food storage container. TheTHERMOS FOOD JAR SET includes 2 insulated food jars, a foldable soup spoon, and a user manual. Pack their sweat-proof and leak-proof food jars in your lunch bag. There is no need to worry about the leak mess. The Air Pressure Release design makes it easy to open. Maxso vacuum insulation technology keeps food fresh up to 24 hours. You can use the bento box to take your homemade food with you. Their customers could enjoy their healthy food storage container without worry because of their food grade material. Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars. Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars.

Brand: Maxso

👤I don't write reviews. This is my first one. I am in the construction trade and there is not always a place to get hot food close by. The reviews made me choose this set. I live and work in the sierra mountains and it is cold in December. I put the soup in the thermos at around 630 in the morning. I was going to finish early so I decided to skip the lunch break. In the afternoon, I arrived home. The soup was piping hot when opened. I could not eat it because it was piping hot. I was impressed by the fact that I left it on the seat of my truck all day. temp. There are two things that I noticed on my first day using it. The spoon doesn't stay clipped into the cap so I can see it fall off at one point. It was easy to put it back on after the gasket fell off. I can see that going away very easily. They are awesome other than that. Get them and do yourself a favor. The price is correct. Glenn is a person.

👤The order came with two different sizes of food jar, they fit for different occasions and work great for both hot and cold food. If you want to keep food hot for longer, prime the jar with hot water a few minutes before using and dumping before filling it. I tried to cook steel cut oats overnight, and it worked well for me. The design is easy to clean and they have folding spoons that are convenient. I am satisfied with my purchase.

👤Finally. My husband is in the field almost daily. I leave overs. I want him to have a hot lunch. This is the fourth container we have tried. All have leaked, some haven't held the heat. This one is great. Food is kept warm for hours and no one leaves. He said that it is easy to eat out and that it is easy to wash. I don't put it in the dishwasher. I like that it has a pressure release button, we don't have to worry about a blow out.

👤I bought these 3 months ago for my boyfriend and I since there is no fast food open for lunch. It keeps food hot for about four hours. They only started leaking a TINY bit recently. The metal spork for the larger container was loose, so it made eating a little difficult. Would have been four or five stars other than that.

👤I bought these containers for my son. The food is kept warm in the container. It helps if you put boiling water into the container. Remove the water and replace it with hot contents. There are 2 challenges with this container. When opening a container, the plastic ring pops off easily. My son hasn't lost it yet. The container may leak if there is no plastic ring. 2. The outer lid is tight and difficult for my son to open, which is why I like the 2 lid closure. Overall, a good product, just wish the ring wouldn't pop off.

2. Alxeme Insulated Containers Stainless Flexible

Alxeme Insulated Containers Stainless Flexible

The jar has been sealed to prevent spills. The jar has a lid. The outer lid can be used as a bowl and the inner lid enhances insulation. Double wall vacuum insulation technology and seamless welding technology keep food hot for more than 6 hours or cold for 24 hours. The telescopic handle of the outer lid makes it very convenient for people to take it with them. The outer lid is made of food grade pp material. The wide mouth design with spoon of the thermos food jar makes it easy to fill and eat. It has 27 ounces of capacity, no worry for hungry people. The food container has to be leak proof, so that the food container would improve insulation effect and prevent spilling accidents. The inner lid is made of steel. The food jar has a folding spoon that you can use on any occasion, it is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you need help.

Brand: Alxeme

👤It is large, which is hard to get from the images, so I would want to know if I were reading this review. I can fit my hand inside. I put in a couple of inches of boiling water, leave it for 3-4 minutes, add my hot food, and then I have to be careful eating it because it is still so hot. The little handle is cute, but I wouldn't use plastic for hot food anyways, so I leave it at home. I initially tried to fill it with hot tap water, but it sat for 10 minutes before I added soup/stew. The food was not very good. I tried boiling hot water, but found that I only needed a couple of inches in there, not a full thermos, to heat it. If you dress up for work, be careful because the little steam vent can cause food particles to fall out. I recommend this product and encourage the disappointed people to use boiling water.

👤I was looking for a jar that didn't have the plastic touching the hot food. The inner lid is made of steel and is really sturdy. The jar is large. I could eat out of it with no weird moves to get the last part of it. I didn't give it a full five stars because it said that it kept stuff warm for 8 hours. The jar was still warm 8 hours after I ate. It comes with a cute foldable spoon that can be used as a bowl. The cover has a sliding handle so you can slide it down after you put it away. This is a great product, I love lunch and soup containers, and this is my go to for warm foods, as the whole inner flask is food safe.

👤I tried to buy larger lunch containers for my older kids, but they were too tall for their lunch bags. The container was large but not overly tall, so it fits in a standard lunch bag. I put it in the oven by filling it with boiling water and then making the hot food inside the jar. It seems very well made. The spork has held up well despite being used several times per week by my child. I would have liked it to be a bit smaller, but it's still a good jar with high marks for quality construction, heat retention, and ease of cleaning. In the past, sporks have failed to stay open because the hinges were weak and you had to hold the utensil in a certain way so it wouldn't fold on you. The spork has a very ight hinge and holds up better. I chose this jar because it was large, easy to clean, and had a vent for safety. I would buy it again.

👤The size, price and ease of cleaning made me love it. It doesn't keep my food warm. I ate my lunch at 11:30 am. Lunch was not warm. The room temperature is higher. I contacted the company because they said there was a lifetime warranty, but I was told to preheat my food flask with hot water first, then empty the water, and add my food. I tried it despite the fact that it took more time to prepare my lunches. The temperature of my food was the same. A replacement would be nice, but not offered.

3. Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food 18oz

Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food 18oz

Maxso is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their food jars. Stanley internment is a legend. The food jar with integrated steel spork has double-wall vacuum insulation. The double-wall vacuum insulation technology will keep your food cold for up to 12 hours. The design is light. The food jar is small enough to fit into your hand. You can carry around hot food and beverages at any time. There is a roof construction. This classic food jar is rust-free, leak-resistant, and packable, so you can just toss it in your backpack, trunk, boat, or side-saddle. The sealed lid keeps your container closed. It is easy to clean. This food container has a spork, so you can replace your plastic spoons and forks with a spork. The wide mouth opening of the food jar makes it easy to clean.

Brand: Stanley

👤Don't buy this! I used it for the first time to have chicken noodle soup in my truck. Popped the lid and closed it up. I got back in the truck with the thermos between my legs after grabbing it from the back seat. It sounded like a gunshot went off in the truck. The other guy in the truck took cover after something hit my face, my ears were ringing, and my face hurt. I thought I had been hit in the face. It blew both lids off at the same time. The lid hit the dash of the truck and then hit me in the face, and soup poured all over the truck. I think the soup was still hot when it came flying out. This thing is dangerous. I was hit in the cheek after it bounced. It could have taken out my teeth or an eye if it hit me directly. That was the first use. This thing ended up in the trash. I don't want to carry my lunch in a bomb that will explode and send the lid flying again.

👤This product was very disappointing. I filled the jar with boiling water and dumped the water out and put the soup in. I sealed the unit. The soup is barely warm six hours later. I should have known better because I was lured in by the low price. Stanley was a good vacuum bottle. The bottom was labeled as made in China. I guess you can't live in an area with good quality. Don't use this product.

👤I used this food jar several times and had no issues until I uncapped it and the inner cap blew off. It wasn't a hit, but it was quite a shock, made a mess, and is not a situation I will risk again. The pressurization process seemed to ruin the food, as I couldn't even eat my soup. It tasted acidic and smelled terrible after being pressurized into a lump. I went hungry after recapped it. I went to empty it out when I got home, and the lid fell off again. I used the older version of this food jar for years and lost it, but I wouldn't have needed to buy the newer one, which is deficient or of lesser quality. I don't think buying this jar is a good idea.

👤This is the second Stanley thermos I have purchased. I use them for my children's lunches. Being able to take hot food to school in the winter is important to them. This is a great design for kids because the lid can be used as a bowl or you can just eat out of the thermos because it has a wide opening and the screw on lid also pops open and has storage space for condiments. My son is very hard on his things, his thermos has survived 3 years and still is hot, and the spork is still in one piece. Stanley is built to last. I still use green ones that my grandpa passed down.

4. Thermoses Hot Food Stainless Containers

Thermoses Hot Food Stainless Containers

The package contains 2 different sizes of bottle food jars, the large 25.4oz (750ml), the small 17oz (500ml), and a folding spoon. Excellent VACUUM HEAT INSULATION. Their food jars have been upgraded with better insulation, better welding, and more insulation to keep your food fresh, even in the winter and summer. This insulated food jar is made of double-layer 304 steel and is easy to open, not easy to damage and wear, and it has a leak-proof design. There is a wide range of applications. Their insulated lunch jar is suitable for toddlers, children and adults and can be taken to school, office, camping, outings, sports, outdoor activities or travel without reheating or refrigeration, perfect for hot and cold foods such as coffee, pasta, soup. Their vacuum insulated hot food containers are small for easy cleaning and dishwasher safety. It is a perfect gift for a group of people to enjoy a meal together. The Lifetime Warranty on their food jars is offered by Bidakid.

Brand: Bidakid

👤No le cabe la mano para limpiar, esto es para cafĂ©, porqueria, and/or buelvo.

👤I didn't keep my lunch hot. I didn't expect it to feel like I just took it off the stove, but I kept my lunch warm for 3 hours. So disappointed.

👤The set is great for road trips. It's great for holding cut up fruit, milk for cereals, hot soup, canned pasta and Mac and cheese. It's perfect for feeding a toddler. Whenever he is hungry, we have food on hand. Love the carry bags.

👤It feels like the insulation is the same. It's large. I don't know what's going on with the kid. There's a plug or a hole. Maybe for coffee that has a weird designer and every time I run it through the dishwasher, I feel a water stick inside the top lid. I press the button to shake the water out. The tall one seemed like a good idea, but only if you have the utensils to reach it, or you're pouring food onto a plate. It doesn't make sense to get a regular spoon or fork in there. Maybe it should only be used for soup.

👤It was the first time I tried the product with soup. I pre-warmed the unit with boiling water so that it wouldn't cool the soup down when I poured it in. It's something I did to keep food warmer, as many chefs do. I put the top on the unit and let it sit there for 15 minutes, then poured out the water and added the soup, which had been at a rapid boil. I covered the unit. I ate lunch 6 hours later and the soup was not warm. I would send the soup back to be heated if I ordered it in a restaurant. Even if you spend a little more money, there are still better units out there. Cleaning can be a little difficult. Continue shopping.

👤I needed this thermos so that my son could take some warm food to work because his car charging system does not work. I've had a similar product before. I know it works.

👤I like the way this thermos keeps my green tea warm until I finish it and the way the spoon is in the cover is my favorite.

👤My child is a particular eater and disposes of school lunches and I packed cold lunches for him. I bought them. It's perfect for packing leftovers for her. We put hot foods in them for lunch. We have two different sizes. All kinds of pasta, and even veggies, are included in the quisadilla rolls. Will probably order more for myself.

5. DaCool Insulated Container Stainless Lunchbox

DaCool Insulated Container Stainless Lunchbox

The package includes an electric lunch box, a spoon and fork, and a long power cord for 12V cars and trucks. They will reply within 12 hours if you have a question about the food warmer container. The food Jar is made of 304stainless steel and is safe for food. Enjoy this hot food jar without worry. Pre-cooling food for 5 minutes before packing is an important tip. It keeps liquids hot and cold for 12 hours. Enjoy your food outside. Wide mouth with spoon. The extra wide mouth can help you eat easier with the shipping spoon, it's easy to fill the food jar and clean after use. A 24 ounce insulated food jar for hot food and cold food for adult teenager kids for office school outdoors is one of the benefits of vacuum insulation technology. The food grade material outer lid can be used to hold food, also be greater for insulation and leak proof, you will like the food jar with convenient leak proof double lids.

Brand: Dacool

👤Every day I have to pack lunch. I don't like salads and cold lunches in the winter, which is not really that bad here in Southern California. I got a little thermos. It holds about 2 cups of soup or lentils. I pour hot or boiling water into it and let it sit for a few minutes, dump out the water and then add my food. The food is piping hot when I sit down to eat. I don't like the spoon that comes with it. I use my own spoon. I don't think that is a problem with the product. The thermos top could use a folding spoon. I don't need it. The color is pretty. I get a lot of praise from my coworkers.

👤My husband liked this container. I bought this because I felt bad sending him cold lunches. I usually heat up pozole, albondigas, birria, foods that need to be heated in order to eat. I pack it at 5.20 am and by noon. It's still very hot. I sent him mini burritos that were wrapped in foil and they were warm by lunch.

👤This was great to pack in my daughter's lunch. She kept her food warm. When we first got hot water, it was still hot seven hours later, but we lost a few degrees. We haven't put anything cold in it yet, but will update once we do.

👤The only thing I have tried in the container is soup, but it works well for that purpose. I usually take a lunch break around 5 hours into my workday. When I open the container, the soup is still warm even after 6 hours, because it is usually in the container. If you don't prime it with hot water for at least 10 minutes, the warmer it stays, so leave it in the tea kettle.

👤My daughter was able to take warm items in her lunch. She loves it and tells me that her spaghetti is always hot at lunch time. If needed, I would purchase again. She likes the color and the spoon that is foldable.

👤My wife takes her lunch to work. She only gets 30 minutes for lunch and the microwaves are too far to walk to. I fill it with hot water and prepare her lunch. I cook her vegetables or meat and fill her container with rice from the rice cooker. After 10 minutes, I put the hot water into my coffee cup. I put her food in a container and sealed it. She opens the rice container at lunch and it is still warm. The food is cold when she opens it. A vacuum jar is what the rice container is. I will be testing your container to see how long it lasts. Each time I will use a clock and a thermometer to start with some fresh water. The results will be posted here in an updated review.

👤The insulated lunch container Da Cool Hot Food Jar Vacuum is 16 Ounces and has a spoon leak proof feature. Cyan is outdoors. Blue is a great thermos to carry soup, oatmeal, stew, anything you would like to take for lunch. The blue color is beautiful. Quality materials made it very sturdy. The perfect size is also what it is. The spoon on the top is heavy and will last a long time. The idea of keeping the spoon on the top is a great one. It is easy to screw and remove the top. The food is easily contained in the two lids, so you can fill it, toss it in your purse, and not worry about it leaking. I highly recommend this item for students and workers who take their own lunch.

6. Insulated Container Thermal Stainless Insulation

Insulated Container Thermal Stainless Insulation

Before filling hot food, please pour hot water for a few minutes to preheat. Before filling cold foods such as yogurt and salad, you should put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Food safety 304stainless steel and silicone seal bring you healthy food everyday. Please note. This is made in China. The 35oz small capacity container is just the size for teens, ladies or adults on a diet. If you don't know the size in the picture, you should choose the right one for your lunch bag. The 2 layer design allows you to separate food. The Silicone seal on the tray is leak-proof. This is not a HEAT RELEASE VALVE, it's not wholely leAK-PROOF. If it closes hard, please use a little plant oil on the thread. If you want to keep your food hot or cold for hours, vacuum insulation is the way to go. Food should be kept warm or short-term food should be kept cold outside. The effect was tested by water. Humanization design. The insulated lunch carrier has a wide mouth. It makes the food jar easy to fill and clean and allows users to eat directly out of the jar. It's easy to take it to go with a thick handle.

Brand: Fatmingo

👤I use reviews to help me make purchasing decisions, so I decided to write a review for this item. I got a $20 gift card, but I didn't give this item 5 stars. The only reason this item is getting 1 star is because of the cute containers. It doesn't keep food hot for long. It can't be used in the microwave. I was disappointed with my purchase. Hope this helps.

👤It keeps food warm so you don't have to cook it again. The top container has a silicone seal around it. You need it to be leakproof. It would be better if they put a seal on the lid.

👤The container is easy to clean, but the food did not stay hot from breakfast to lunchtime.

👤The container doesn't keep food hot.

👤It doesn't keep food warm for long, but by the time I got to lunch, my food tasted great.

👤Couldn't open it so cheap.

👤You need to be careful with how you put the lid on.

👤The product doesn't keep food warm even after pre- heating with hot water. The food stayed warm for a little over an hour. It's hard to open for kids.

7. Thermos Stainless Ounce Folding Spoon

Thermos Stainless Ounce Folding Spoon

50 sheets per pack. Stays hot or cold. TheTHERMOS vacuum insulation technology can keep hot or cold meals. The weather is out and the food is delicious. Cold foods can stay cold for up to 14 hours. It's extremely dense. The 18/8 steel construction is reliable all year long, from lunch on-the-go to camping in the wilderness. SWEAT-PROOF: The exterior stays cool and sweat-proof. TheTHERMOS brand food jars are dishwasher safe. There is a soda included. A spoon that folds up for easy storage. The insulated lid is a serving bowl. Other cities: Are you looking for a different size food jar? The STAINLESS KING food jar has capacities of 24 ounce and 47 ounce. Since 1904. Every time,THERMOS brand products have made life better. It stays hot. Cold stays cold. Food and drinks are fresh. The little things go a long way.

Brand: Thermos

👤I bought the same items at Target, but the Thermos from Amazon is completely different. The plastic lid on the thermos from Amazon smells terrible. The label is taped to the jar. The weight of Target is 400 gr, while Amazon has 361 gr. I'm returning it because I think it's not real. On the left is Target and on the right is Amazon.

👤I noted the poor quality of this jar when I received it, and I own otherThermos-brand products. The jar has a sticker on it. This is a good knock off.

👤Four days ago, I received two of these. I washed them thoroughly, filled them with hot water and sealed them. I dumped the water and filled them with soup. They sat in my car in the full sun and it was warm. The soup was not very good when I opened them. I will be returning them. I give it one star for the spoon. Is it weird that the reviews are at different ends of the spectrum? I have experience that the thermos doesn't keep things hot, either. Very curious.

👤I work out of a van and have a nice hot meal ready in the afternoon, so it's nice. I ate hot soup in this thermos after putting it in, but it was so hot I had to blow on it to eat it. The height and width proportions are perfect, it has a brushed steel exterior, and it just looks nice and feels nice, it is a perfect product. You can fold a small paper towel inside the cup between the thermos and the stopper if you want to clean up after your meal. This is one of the best products I have ever reviewed. I bought a competing manufacturers product because it was slightly bigger, and took it to work, along with this product, Both filled with hot boiling liquid. I opened the competitor's product and it was hot, but not hot enough. I opened my old THERMOS brand flask after 2 1/2 hours. It was still hot. It was too hot to drink without blowing on it. I cannot think of a better endorsement for this product, it was 888-282-0465

👤The plastic will peel off over time. I have had the thermos for about 2 years. I haven't used it much. It looks like the metal has been colorized. It's not as good as that. It's a piece of plastic. It makes a mess when it starts cracking. The damage is shown in the picture I attached. The container holds heat, even though it has a fatal flaw. The top silver cover can be used as a bowl. It's easier to eat out of the can. The spoon is clean. The width of the mouth makes it hard to spoon food into without spilling it.

8. Stainless Steel Bento Adult Insulated

Stainless Steel Bento Adult Insulated

It's designed for packing smaller portions of food for people who like to travel. It's ideal for holding soup, cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, oatmeal, noodles, maggie chilli, cereals, fruits, salads, pasta, hot or cold beverages. The bento lunch box is made from food grade safe PP and 304 STAINLESS steel and is a healthy well-balanced lunch box. The insulated lunch bag can keep the food warm for 3-4 hours. This will keep the temperature longer than lunch boxes with no insulation but does not provide thermoses-like warming. The insulated lunch container is leakproof and has a sealed Silicone ring that prevents spills of sauces, salads and soups, as well as easy-open latches for small hands. It is very easy to clean your lunch box. The insulated lunch bag is made of fashionable Oxford fabric exterior and food grade aluminum foil interior, which not only enhances the heat preservation time of the lunch box, but also makes it easy to carry. A free portable flatware set is also provided, Cute Japanese style portable bento box, this travel-friendly lunch box set to let you pack fresh fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, snacks, wraps, and more. Freedom to communicate. Pack your main course, fresh salad, fruits, carrots or any snacks in the stackable lunch box, it is designed to be stacked, you could freely combine them into 1, 2 or 3 layers lunch box to facilitate the storage of different amounts of food.

Brand: Mr.dakai

👤There are cute lunch boxes. I like this product a lot. I can fit in more than I need for a good lunch in the containers. I have been able to deliver soup. There are a lot of liquid based meals. The food was still warm.

👤If you're looking for a bento box that exceeds your expectations, let me save you some time. This is the one you're looking for. I have five different bento boxes, each with a different goal in mind: to hold a large amount of food warm for a number of hours. This is the only one I use. I can't tell you how great it is. When I only eat one meal a day, I eat a lot. More than anyone I have ever known. I was convinced that I wouldn't find a lunch box that held as much food as I needed until I bought this box. The taller Bento boxes hold less because they are not as wide. These are easy to clean. They hold up well. If you transfer your food to this bento box in a very hot state, it will stay hot longer than any other box you'll find. Trust me. Hive spent a lot of money on this quest for the perfect adult lunch box.

👤My boyfriend is a lumberjack and has an outdoor labor intensive job. He needs to eat a lot and I am sick of never having clean tupperware. This cannister has saved many lives. I don't need to send him pictures of what I packed, he can grab the cannister and go. It is very nicely insulated and does not leak. I was hoping that the top part of the handle would be large enough to hold the sauce cups or the silverware that came with it. There are small sacrifices.

👤I bought this cute thermal lunch box because I wanted to use it on our backpacking trips to cook dehydrated food with hot water. I was so excited to try it, I poured the hot water and dry food in it closed and put it in their thermal carrier, I thought to cook my dehydrated meal while I was still moving. When we arrived at our lunch stop, I opened the carrier to see it was all over the place. The bag was disgusting, the food was not cooked in 10 minutes, the mess was not worth the time, and I have to deal with a stinky bag during my backpacking trip. I thought it was convenient and perfect, but it didn't work out. I didn't try it soon enough to meet the return policy. I have a cute lunch box.

👤I am incredibly disappointed. My review is based on my first time eating hot food. I heated soup for lunch on the stove to a good rolling boil and then poured it into one of my containers that had previously been warming with hot water. I filled the bowl with tomato soup. The soup was barely cooler than it was at lunchtime. I was stuck eating a soup that was not good for lunch because the bento container didn't have a way to heat it. I made myself a breakfast at 7am and put it in the other bowl. I ate that item at 9am. It had cooled more than I had expected. The first use was a failure in maintaining temperature. The container tipped over in my car and I rode to work on it side, but nothing happened. I'm very thankful for that part. It would have been terrible to see tomato soup in my car. It's leak proof. I need a container for my soup.

9. Electric Lunch Truck Work 110V

Electric Lunch Truck Work 110V

The outer lid and cord are dishwasher safe. It was meant to be warm and fresh and you should eat up. Travelisimo has an electric lunch box that can be used for home dining on the go. Their dual use self heating lunch box has two different plugs. The lunch box meals can be heated with 120v and the portable microwave can be used for car and truck rides. It's hot fast! Don't wait that long in line. Their portable food warmer lunch box can heat up a healthy lunch in no time. Get lunch warmer by plugging in cable. You are just minutes away from it. Are you still hungry? They made heated lunch boxes for adults. The portable food warmers have a plastic container for more storage. It's a perfect car food warmer. It is easy to clean the dishwasher. The lunch box tray is high temperature resistant. A fork and knife are included. ADD TO CART if you have hot food.

Brand: Travelisimo

👤I bought this to eat a variety of soups, as sandwiches just get boring after a while, and I am a technician in the field. I was very disappointed that it didn't heat up very well, or very fast, as I plugged it in using the 12 volt card adapter. I was looking for similar products to replace it when I decided to try plugging it in with the 110volt cable it came with. It got hotter and hotter. I have piping hot soup after 45 minutes. I thought I would share this with the rest of Amazon because I don't see anyone mentioning it in the instructions or reviews. Enjoy!

👤For Christmas, I bought this for my husband. I thought it would be a good idea for him to heat his lunch. He is a local truck driver. He sometimes brings lunch but not much hot food because he has to microwave at his stops and the food gets cold before he gets to it. He had a heart attack a few years ago and should eat more healthy, but still rely on gas station food. We all know that it isn't healthy. I bought this hoping it would be used and not sit in the truck unused. It was a complete hit. He is more excited than I have ever seen. Since the new year, he has used it every day. He takes home made soups that I freeze. I make him healthy breakfasts in the morning. He can enjoy them on the go, because he just pops them into this wonderful contraption and they are hot within minutes. Five stars! My husband and I are saving money on lunch. Win!

👤My boyfriend hates microwaved food and is always on the road. I had trouble packing his lunch, sandwiches were getting old. He was working long hours and a home cooked meal wouldn't keep warm. I finally found this and I am happy. He couldn't be happier. He plugs it into his car and in 20 minutes he has a warm meal. He is not a small guy because it is big enough to fill him up. Would buy it again.

👤This thing is great. You can eat leftovers again, but you can't tell if you're eating fresh or not. It's not recommended, but scrambled eggs are a great way to start your day, and you can make them with some already cooked potatoes.

👤Hace una semana lo comprĂ© y hasta ahora me a funcionado.

👤I only have a limited amount of food, but this portable heater lunch box is very sweet. I can warm up hot meals at home. Highly recommended.

👤My boyfriend is happy with his lunch box, he allways on the road, sometimes he has to wait on line for his coworkers to use the microwave, and today everyone asked him where he got it from. They like it. He's happy with my purchase.

👤This is a small wave that you can take with you everywhere. Since there's no way to heat it in the infusion ward, I'm going to use it to take lunch and have a way to heat it.

10. Stanley Legendary Classic Vacuum Insulated

Stanley Legendary Classic Vacuum Insulated

The hook on the bottom of the crock allows it to hang on the side of the crock when locked down. The food temperature has double viability in it. The Stanley Classic Vacuum insulated food Jar has double-wall vacuum insulation that limits the effects of outside temperature on the food inside. You can keep your food hot on the go. STAINLESS STEEL. The Stanley food jar is made of 18/8 STAINLESS steel and is free of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects Their food jar is safe to use and maintains its temperature regulating properties for a long time. There is a wide-mouth opening. The thermos food jar has a wide mouth opening. The wide opening can be used to drink directly from the rim or use tea strainers or filters. The libertarian cap is a small one. Their hot food thermos has a leak-resistant cap, which stops leaks. The leak-proof cap makes it easy to carry your food or beverage anywhere.

Brand: Stanley

👤Put hot water in Stanley. The temp was 133 degrees at 7 am. The temperature was 122 degrees at 12:30. At 4:30pm the temperature was 114 degrees. The temperature was 94 degrees the next morning. I used a Thermapen.

👤It was very high quality and perfectly sized. . Stanley products would return to US manufacturing if you bought them from the company.

👤This is a good jar. People are complaining about dents from shipping. If you live a sedentary life style and want this thing to be a showpiece, then you can cry. When we camp and hunt, we were going to put this thing to work, but eventually it was going to be scratched and damaged. The mine was undamaged. I wouldn't have thrown a fit if it was because I'll do 10 times the damage when I take it with me. I used to have a Stanley thermos that I beat very well and it still worked well.

👤My boyfriend hates working in a warehouse because there are too many people. He leaves his lunch in the car. This thing keeps the food warm. I put the lid on the burrito after I cook it, and he says it's still warm after 4-5 hours. I've only ever used it for burritos, since I remember my mom using it for my dad's. I can't say anything about wet food. This is perfect if you need something that keeps food warm.

👤I swear by my thermos. My original one was purchased at Target. I use it to warm my infants bottles on the go and out boiling water in the thermos and it was always still boiling hot, sometimes I was even annoyed at how boiling hot it would stay for so long. I went to Amazon to buy a new thermos so we could keep our bottles warm. The new thermos was filled with boiling water. I needed it at 3:00pm. The water wasluke warm when we got to the beach and needed to warm the bottle. I tried it again at home to see if it was human error, but this thing doesn't hold heat to save its life. Absolutely knock off. I hope no one buys from this seller. Cheap knock off.

👤Buy this one for Stanley and not the leaking ones for $17.99. This is the one to buy if you need a thermos for your coffee. This one has a high-quality seal and is easy to use. I made a mistake when I bought a similar size one with the No brand name and it leaked the first time I used it. The seal kept moving and falling off, even though it was worthless, and eventually got lost and disappeared, even though it was near worthless. The seal kept moving and falling off, even though it was worthless, and eventually got lost and disappeared. I spent $17.98 on the one called No name brand. When I saw the name Stanley I thought I would give it a try because I have had the old style coffee thermos and lunch buckets that still work perfectly today. The seal is high quality and does not fall off from use or cleaning. Don't waste your money wondering which thermos to buy. This is it.

11. COCOBELA Compartments Removable Stainless Container

COCOBELA Compartments Removable Stainless Container

Perfect accessories. The portable lunch heater has plastic spoons. You can keep breads, fruits and vegetables in a plastic compartment for convenience. They can send you a free replacement for the handles broken during the transportation, if you contact them. The lunch box is electric. If there is a product problem such as handles broken or not heating, they can send you a new free replacement. 304stainless steel is a food grade material. Please enjoy this food heating device, it has strong heat resistance. The new food warmer is 55W and can help you warm food quicker than other lunch boxes. Plug it in and you can have a warm meal sitting in your seat. It is possible to make your heating time longer by refrigerated, frozen food. The electric food warmer has two different plugs, one for work and one for cars and trucks. They provide a spoon, fork, and a plastic compartment that can be removed, so you can eat your healthy food everywhere. It is easy to clean because it has a 304 steel tray. There are no leaks. The container has an anti-scalding handle to make it easy to carry the box. Don't turn it upside down or it will leak out the steam port, just don't do it. The portable design of the food warmer is very easy to carry. The size is 8.25 x 6.69 x 4.25 inch. The capacity of the inner is 1.5L. The extra plastic box has a capacity of 0.45L.

Brand: Cocobela

👤This is the sweetest little food warmer I have ever seen. If there was a way to plug it in, I would recommend it to your kids. It is amazing! It is so light and portable, it is a perfect lunch option, it is fast and it has all the essentials. The temperature on the bottom is not too hot to hold or put on a towel, but it does get warmer than warm, so be careful and unplugged before eating. If you need a food warmer for on the go or something quick to eat at home, this is a must have!

👤Food is warm in 20 minutes and piping hot in 45 minutes from room temperature. If it's out of the fridge, double those times. No stirring needed. It gets the food hot quickly and then keeps it at the right temperature for consumption. The heating element enclosure under the pan is too hot to touch within 2 to 3 minutes. The food pan doesn't touch that part. Once you put the food pan inside the unit, the pan will heat up quickly and evenly on all sides and bottom without burning the food. It was perfect. It is not like a slow cooker that keeps your food warm for any length of time if you unplugged it. You need to eat your food after you've unplugged it. There is no insulation in the plastic housing. Even though it's true, you can still hold the unit on the sides and bottom with your hands, even if it's just for a second. The unit cools in 15 minutes with the cover off, which makes cleaning easy. The pan is made of aluminum. It is not non-stick, but food can loosen from the surface when soaked in water for a few minutes. It is very easy to clean, even without a dishwasher. While the unit is powered on, the vent on the top of the cover can stay in place. It lets steam out to prevent pressure from building up when the cover is locked. I always leave it in place when plugged in, even though the instructions say to remove it before power is restored. The underside of the unit's cover is hard to clean and has too many grooves. It takes a brush to get into the grooves. I have learned to keep the unit upright to prevent food from getting into those grooves. The area should beMOOTH to make it easier to clean. I am not sure what they were thinking when they designed that part. I had to peel off the thin blue plastic film covering the bottom of the heating element area after unboxing the unit. It seemed like it was part of the unit, because there was no instructions for removing it. It's a good thing that I stuck my finger in it to make sure. It would have melted if it wasn't for the chemical smell other reviewers have mentioned. It's worth 24 dollars. I have been using it for 5 days and it has not been a problem. The food did not burn even after being plugged in for two hours.


What is the best product for food thermos for adults?

Food thermos for adults products from Maxso. In this article about food thermos for adults you can see why people choose the product. Alxeme and Stanley are also good brands to look for when you are finding food thermos for adults.

What are the best brands for food thermos for adults?

Maxso, Alxeme and Stanley are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food thermos for adults. Find the detail in this article. Bidakid, Dacool and Fatmingo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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