Best Food Toys for Kids Ages 8-10

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1. Learn Climb Science Kit Kids

Learn Climb Science Kit Kids

The volcano science kit is the favorite of every child and is one of the 21 Mind Blowing Experiments in the science kit. Everything you need in a kids science kit is included. All the chemicals, ingredients and apparatus that is required to create more than 20 experiments are included and neatly packed. The detailed clear color manual and online demonstration videos will teach your children to complete the science experiments with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The ingredients are child friendly. The kit allows your young scientist to explore, learn and have fun with their own science set. Children will have many hours of hands on stem learning because of the number of amazing science experiments. At Learn & Climb, your satisfaction is always their top priority, and all of their products have a 30-day return policy, which means your child can experience their new top selling kids science kits completely risk-free. Recommended for ages 1-8.

Brand: Learn & Climb

👤I thought science experiments would be fun because my son loves to figure out how the world works. He loved doing a few today. Everything was appropriate for its age. He was able to come up with his own experiments. Would definitely recommend.

👤We bought our grandson a Christmas present. He had to use it when he returned to his home. It is both entertaining and a learning experience in one. It is definitely giftable.

👤The box had all the necessary supplies for the experiments. I received a personal thank you card from the company. I highly recommend!

👤This game is great for snow days and all year round. The children can have fun while learning. The directions are easy to follow, and it is appropriate for people of an older age. I would recommend this game to anyone.

👤My kids loved this kit. The directions are well written. All of the experiments were done by the person. They had a lot of fun together. I'm a mom and will be buying more kits from this company. Top notch!

👤A bit disappointed with the kit. The glow in the dark powder didn't work, the homemade volcano was more exciting than the ones in this kit, and most of the experiments you can find on the internet are boring. The instruction manual was great. I wish the experiments were more unique for the price.

👤Not impressed. The experiments require a lot of items from home. The first experiment was to mix oil and water. I am sorry, but why am I paying for a product that doesn't exist? The kit doesn't provide any chemicals, but the chemicals can be purchased from the store for much less. Several of the experiments are variations of volcano eruptions, but the cheap tiny volcano supplied hardly looks like it is erupting. The kit got my 5 year old into science and interested in doing experiments.

👤Not satisfied with the gift at all. It was for my son to get some quality science time in. The experiments are not very interesting. More like "comparative" experiments instead of "reactive", meaning less explosions or reactions, and more "this is hot, and this is cold".

2. Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen In Pink

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen In Pink

The product complies with the requirement. Made in the USA or imported. The doors of the oven, cabinet, freezer, refrigerator and microwave are open. The knobs on the oven and sink are being worked on. The phone has a hands-free clip. Storage above and below the sink is convenient. It is made of wood for long-term play.

Brand: Kidkraft

👤I research reviews and star ratings on Amazon before buying. The retro little girl's kitchen had 1600 positive reviews at the time. "Well, it does take some time to assemble..." was always a caveat. Say what? The entire kitchen was in a box that was about 40 feet long and 15 feet wide. The product on the outside is not even a photo. That should have been the first clue to send it back. The box was opened and there were about 20 pink pieces of masonite. There is a conglomeration of screws and bolts. There is a manual on how to build the entire kitchen. Are. You. It was Kidding. Me? My husband is a mechanic. He can assemble almost anything. He was buried in a pile of pink. It was kind of funny until it went on for hours. I was an editor. I couldn't figure out the instructions after reading them. Who wrote this? Don't answer that. Husband's intuitive skills on how to assemble pink boards and screws fell flat. He's giving it a rest until tomorrow. This is ridiculous. If we wanted to build an entire mini-kitchen, we could have just taken some bubble-gum pink spray paint and decent pine wood and done it ourselves. This isn't rocket science. Apparently, writing the blasted directions is what it is! Sheez, KidCraft, hire a copy-writer who is English-speaking and put most of your product together before you ship it out. So disgusted.

👤Good luck if you need to pack it back and return it once you take it out of the box. It took me about four hours to finish it, but I decided to ignore the scratched part, since the phone was still functional, and they asked me to send them a replacement. No way! I was not going to spend another hour packing it. I received a discount. My daughter loves the kitchen, it looks adorable in her playground. The assembly part is time consuming. If you need to have it replaced, try to check all the parts before assembling. A lovely toy.

👤So cute! My child loves it. I think anyone who is 3 years old would enjoy this kitchen. We kept the item in the cart to see the price changes, because it seems like the price on Amazon changes quite a bit. We got a vintage kitchen in pink for around $80 and we think it was a great deal. It's a good thing. There is a We would like the telephone to be attached so that we wouldn't lose it, but other than that, we are very happy with the product. It is cute and sturdy. My husband was complaining about how hard it is to set up before Christmas, but he did it. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this for my girls for Christmas. They love it. I would rather put one of these together than the plastic ones. It took me and my wife about an hour and a half to assemble it. The instructions weren't perfect, but we were able to complete the job. I don't shy away from assembling projects and this wasn't a big deal. It was worth it because my girls love it and play with it a lot.

3. Dinosaur Projection Chirstmas Birthday Children

Dinosaur Projection Chirstmas Birthday Children

The Dinosaur toys are made with a dinosaur theme and car theme to create a gorgeous optical illusion with a realistic Triceratops Pterosaur T-Rex and More shape design, which is novelty and charming. It will impress your kids and guests. Birthday, Christmas or Easter gifts are unique. There are educational toys for little babies. Dinosaur toys projection LAMP The night light comes with a touch control to adjust 16 different colors as you please. The Dinosaur toys night light can be fixed in Dynamic or gradient color to decorate a room. The Dinosaur toys projector can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or a 5V cable. It is very easy and convenient. It is a great decorative light for children bedroom, living room,dinning room and outdoor decoration. The Dinosaur toy is made from safe approved eco-friendly material and is harmless to the human body. The night light is soft and non-flicker, making it safe for your kids to sleep in. The kids night lights are practical and human. This is a great gift idea for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, dinosaur themed party supplies, or party favors and will make you the favorite parent, aunt, uncle or grandma.

Brand: Hongid

👤My middle child wanted to give this to her brother who is on the spectrum. I ordered it. He opened it and left me to set it up. After set up, hours passed. I realized I wasn't seeing anything. The middle kid got angry when he saw airplanes and buses. I came here to warn buyers that the one they get may be different than the one they ordered. I did not look at the pictures when ordering, but I saw that the planes and buses cover has to be removed and the dinosaur is underneath. I feel like an ass for those who are wondering.

👤I bought this lamp for my son after he got a broken one at Christmas. I was happy to find a replacement that was almost half the price of the original. This lamp has a projector that shows images of dinosaurs or construction vehicles. You just swap out the stencil. We are currently on dinosaurs and I have included a short video and a close-up picture. The little boy loves it.

👤This was bought for a 2 year old who loves dinosaurs. It blew his mind. A lot of people complain about how the projections look. There are two layers of graphics on it. It works great if you take the clear dome and one of the domes with the graphics off. See the picture. I agree with others that the cord is too short, and it doesn't come with a power brick. I used an old one and it works.

👤The product is great for the little ones. I bought this for my nephew and he loves it. My advice is to keep it in a high place because the top will pop off easily if kids try to play with it. If you don't have a convenient outlet for the DC plug in, you can use theAAA battery option, which allows you to have it in the center of a room. The batteries are the best option because the cord is not long enough to reach an outlet on a dresser.

👤My son likes it. He loves dinosaurs and is about to be two. It looks a little crazy because I had it close to the wall in the video. That's right.

👤My child is impressed. It's a great way to start a routine. It took me a while to figure out how to change the lens, but once I did it a few times it was easy. It is toddler proof, at least stands up to my little one toting it around and even dropping it a few times. The images are striking. I love the settings.

👤The light turned out to be cute. The light fills the entire room when it's turned on, but it was much smaller than I thought. The size of the toy is fine. I would recommend this to someone who is considering buying it. The price makes it worth it.

4. Original Stationery Fluffy Everything Slimes

Original Stationery Fluffy Everything Slimes

This is a great gift idea for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, dinosaur themed party supplies, or party favors and will make you the favorite parent, aunt, uncle or grandma. Ice Cream Parlor Slime is a great way to make tons of foam, fluff, and butter. It's an ideal gift for 7 year old girls and has everything you need. There are sprinkles in the Fluffy Slime kit for kids. Squish your ice cream cones. You can make the fluffiest slime ever with your favorite ice cream colors and flavors. Make lots of different fluffy slimes for girls of all ages with the step to step recipes included. The product complies with the requirement.

Brand: Original Stationery

👤Let me start by saying that I dislike it. With passion. It sticks to everything, feels gross and ruins a lot of my kid's blankets. I knew that she wanted to have slime for Christmas. I saw that it was fluff and decided to buy it for her. It disappears at night when no one is looking. I will only buy this slime for my girls. It doesn't make you feel bad. Maybe it's the soft clay you add. This has a feeling of soft playdoh. It doesn't smell great but it's not too bad since you decide how much to add. We were able to make ice cream with the kit. We have enough magic foam, glue and activator to make more, but we need more clay. We have plenty of coloring left over. She loved it and it was a win. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤When we opened it, we immediately started making slime. After we started, we noticed that a few components were missing. The "snow powder", candy sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, cherry charms, measuring spoon and 2 stirring spoons were all missing. The whole point is to be able to decorate the slime. I couldn't tell them all because it was our only birthday activity. One of the containers was cracked. How does this happen?

👤My 9 year old granddaughter opened her Christmas gift and noticed a bottle of "Magic Soap" was not properly sealed and had leaked all over the other contents in the storage container. I contacted the original stationery company via email and asked for a new bottle of soap to replace the one that was faulty. The entire kit was replaced immediately. I was very happy to receive an extraordinary response from Original Stationery. This was my first time doing business with this company and I guarantee it won't be the last. My granddaughter has been making all the different types of slime.

👤The cons are not deal breakers, just some things to be aware of. The scent doesn't make the smell of slime. The foam soap smell is stronger. The brown has too much red so it needs some green added to cancel that, it's a weird example of the pigments. If you have ever had a diaper bust open on you, you will know what I am talking about, but it leaves these gross wet fibers on your hands, and I don't think it ruins the slime. You get two stir sticks, but I only got one. I couldn't get the same colors that the directions showed, like the lighter and darker pink, because one of them seemed to have purple, but there was no purple in the kit. I have other dyes to make up for it. I wish the storage box was a little bigger because when you use all the containers to store slime you can't fit everything neatly in the box and close it. The directions were easy to follow for the pros and I think they would be easy to understand for children. Each recipe has a palm-sized amount. I have a toddler on the spectrum who used to like over activated putty but now likes normal slime. I had a little glue after making all of the recipes, but it was easy for me to make them. I had to make another one because I didn't like the snow. I bought more clear glue in case. I just squirted a little at a time while I stirred, and the water stuck to the bowl. I put something on my hands. The clay is very soft and workable. The kit is a decent one, and it does feel like butter slime if you make it per the directions.

5. JaxoJoy 122 Piece Pretend Beautiful Assortment

JaxoJoy 122 Piece Pretend Beautiful Assortment

The package contains detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions. There are 122 pieces. This play set provides all of the basic food groups for little ones to prepare and serve, from fruits and vegetables, to fish, eggs, milk, juice, drinks, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, french fries, and bakery items. Your children will feel like they have their own store at home with 122 pieces. The construction isdurable. Unlike similar products by competitors, each piece is carefully crafted using a non-toxic plastic. The material is easy to clean and not have to worry about the toys breaking. Role-playing is fun. Children love to imitate their parents. They can serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner with this set. Let their imaginations run wild with the wide variety of foods to choose from. Food that is realistic. Playtime is much more fun with realistic designs. With bottles and cans, as well as condiments and spices, let your son or daughter whip you up something special as they get creative in the kitchen or set up a picnic for the whole family to enjoy, just like home! Great accessory. This set makes a great addition to play shopping carts and kitchens, enhancing creative time with endless hours of fun. As they learn what each item is, boys and girls will love doing everything they watch you do.

Brand: Jaxojoy

👤Do you want to go crazy? Do you want to eat fake food? Do you want to find fake food all over your house? This is for you. They will make you pretend to eat food while you are starving. Are you hungry? There is a plastic on this. We don't have time to eat in this house. It will give your child several hours of play time, and you will be the one to make any and all creations. It is delicious.

👤My daughter is 2 years old and loves playing with pretend food. There are a lot of different foods, including pizza, shrimp, hot peppers, tomatoes, and wine. The wording on some of the labels was pretty funny, as you can see in my picture of the dishwasher liquid with good taste. The quality control is lacking, we only got about 1/3 of a pizza and the bottom hamburger bun didn't make it into our set. It is a kids play food set. They will adjust. Everything was covered in a light powder when we opened the package. My kids and I sneezed a few times. I washed the rest of the items with hot soapy water after wiping everything down with a sanitizing wipe. It could have been dust, but you have to be careful. This was a good purchase for the price and variety, but I would suggest cleaning it before giving it to your kids.

👤Many of the items are thin. Not good. The bottom bun was not included in the burger. There are items that are very low quality. It's weird for play food to include alcoholic beverages.

👤It's hard to tell the size of the play food. We tried to identify what piece of pastic junk looked like. It was thrown in the trash. Don't buy. The stuff doesn't match up. There is a presumed hamburger but not much else. There is no bun to go with fake burger, lettuce and cheese because one of us thought it was a pancake. There are many examples. There is no need to reiterate. Please let me know if anyone knows a better place to play food.

👤You can't expect too much for the price. We were excited to get this for our daughter. Most of the pieces are dangerous. It was easy for little hands to just peel off the thin piece of tape that held the labels on the items. We threw our set in the trash and will be looking for better things for our child.

👤I wonder if companies make wine bottles for toddlers in a food play set. Was everything else trademarked? Our set came with both sides of the bun. Cheap and more fun is what the parents should be looking for. I read the reviews and decided to trash the alcohol products, but they should replace with something else.

👤We tried to find a pack of food that was small and had lots of options. We wanted to avoid that, and this pack was the best one we could find. The french fries are the only piece of cardboard that came with the rest of the food. My two year old has been playing with some fruits and veggies and has been able to get the plastic to go back with him. This is perfect for any kids' kitchen.

6. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set


Great accessory. This set makes a great addition to play shopping carts and kitchens, enhancing creative time with endless hours of fun. As they learn what each item is, boys and girls will love doing everything they watch you do. Children will love magic science. There are 10 science experiments. Girls and boys will make a coin float, change the color of water, and have snow appear. These are experiments that you won't find anywhere else. The kit is perfect for kids. Show off for friends and family. Each experiment has been designed to be performed as a magic trick. The magic wand and gloves are included. Magic for kids has never been more fun and educational. Even the exploration guide is very good. Their guide has illustrated instructions and insight into the science that creates magic, techniques used by real scientists, and lots of fascinating facts. Everything you need to conduct the experiments is left by science kits. Not this kit! The magic of science can start when you open the box, because you get all the tools you need. National Geographic is proud to make the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all of their products are backed by exceptional service.

Brand: National Geographic

👤Maybe I'm judging this item harshly because I just received the competitors version of this and I felt it was lacking a bit more then the other for the price. I liked the other version of the instructions more. I don't want to promote the other brand. There were 21 items and different experiments in this one. I think it's a good idea for kids to expand their knowledge instead of using their devices all day. It's fun and hands on.

👤A gift for a 9 year old. I thought this would be a fun kit for him to use. He loved it, and it has several different tricks. They learn something while playing with it.

👤My 9 year old daughter and I enjoyed doing science projects in the box. She wanted to see the results because the kit was age appropriate. She wanted to give up where she was frustrated.

👤Kids will receive a package in the mail. The package has a nice reuse to hold items in a box that flips open. I have one item in the box that leaked, but it was not a big deal. It comes with booklets that are related to the items in box and a bonus one that uses stuff from home. My 9 year old was able to perform the experiments on his own, despite the fact that my kids enjoyed them. My child needed help. Everything was in a box. It's a great way for the whole family to get away from the video games. My older boys, 14 and 15 had no interest and all knew most of the experiments from school. I would recommend this to a friend. I got mine from the treasure truck for 21 dollars. I don't think I would pay more than 30.

👤It was fun. The 9 year old daughter liked it. It came with gloves that were re-usable. She wants it to come with more snow. It was pretty good, compared to other magic stuff online.

👤The name brand of National Geographic makes this gift table appealing to an older crowd. These are experiments that you can find online, and are readily available in your home or craft supply store.

👤I got these for my son's birthday. His sister and two cousins are enjoying them. There are lots of fun magic tricks.

👤For Christmas, I bought this for my 5 and 6 year old granddaughters. The kit has everything you need to learn. There are many experiments. The girls wanted to finish them all in one day. They were able to explain to their mom what it was. Will purchase more of these kits.

👤Considero el precio para los artculos, trae vasos y varita de plstico. No, no, no

👤Los materiales tienen un jugo, pero los nios expirimentan unas ACTIVIDADES. A Los NiOS DIVERTIRSE, UN DETALLE, UN CONFIGIVO VIENE, PERO NADA.

👤Parents and children alike will enjoy this introduction. Wow! The word was given.

👤My nephew loves it.

7. Dino Soap Making Kit Kids

Dino Soap Making Kit Kids

Square 20 pc, Equilateral Triangle 12 pc. A right angle triangle, four windows, a window empty, and a large square base are included. Are you a dinosaur fan? Making your own dino soaps is fun. Make a T-rex, Styracosaurus and Stegosaurus! You can play with the colors. You can learn fascinating dinosaur facts while you keep them for yourself. There are 6 soap-base blocks, 2 fragrances, 4 liquid colors, glitter, 3 dinosaur molds, beaker, and a trimming tool in the kit. It's not often that a science project can be fun and engaging, but this kit accomplishes both. A great set for individual play. It is a perfect project for children to do as soon as they pull it out of the box. It fosters a love for paleontology in a fun and exciting way. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, love it or return it! They're sure that the child will have a blast, but if you're not happy with the kit, they'll give you 100% of the money back.

Brand: Dan&darci

👤Are you frustrated in your life? Would you like to burn your fingers while racing against the clock? This is the kit for you. The soap will not fit in the dinosaur mold if you take it out of the microwave. You will end up with a few clumps of soap and a floor and counter covered in drops of glycerin. Within minutes, the soap will be dissolved in the bath.

👤It is a neat project to do with kids. I like it because it is simple and attracts all Dino lovers. Product design and quality control are things I would recommend to the seller. The selling point of this product is not coming together nicely. They offer a small tool to help smoothen the soap bar. You can reuse the excess that is taken off and use it for a different dinosaur. I have to make the company aware of the quality control. It is a shame that someone missed this. One of my molds can't close. It is facing in the same direction. It is a good concept. It introduces the industry oftoilet manufacturing. Kids are encouraged to wash their hands. The product needs more development in the mold production and more inspection points to be on top of their game. I hope they improve this product more. It is a neat project to do with my kids.

👤My niece and nephew are dinosaur lovers and this was a Christmas gift for them. Their mom said that it was a lot of fun. The first set is shown in the picture. I would recommend this to any child who likes to be creative. You have adorable soaps to use at bath time when the activity is over.

👤I used this with my 4 year old. The molds must be snapped together. The box has everything you need. In other sets, you need to buy other products, but in this one, you can add colors and scents to it. Instructions on how to use the additions. How to do multicolors. There is a'stand' to hold the mold while it cools and it can only hold one soap at a time. If you want to make more than one at a time, you need to set up another stand and hold the molds as they cool. Liquid will pour out if they are laid down flat. Before you set up, read all the instructions. And you will be fine. It was fun to make and use the soaps later. The product was great and would buy again.

👤The molds are hard to press together, and the soap is not perfect, but you can use the carver to correct this, because the soap goes into the crevices. I would probably give these to people as a gift because my son and I had a great time making them. Before you melt the wax and add your ingredients, make sure you have everything ready. The wax won't pour into the mold if it's very fast. The wax had to be reheated a million times.

8. Kimicare Vegetables Educational Development Multicolors

Kimicare Vegetables Educational Development Multicolors

Child safety: Non-toxic. Meet the US toy standard. The safety test was approved by the ASTM. SAFE and STURDY. The fruit cutting toys are made from high quality materials that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It was tested to be safe for kids. It's VARIOUS & REALISTIC. Fruits and vegetables toys include: orange, banana, watermelon, corn, grape, strawberry, tomato, eggplant, Pineapple, Carrot, Green pepper, Apple, Lettuce, Pumpkin, Fish, Plate, 6 Piece Pizza, Knife. Through play kitchen food, help develop child's mind, creativity and thinking ability and train their hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility by their own operation. There is an imaginative play. The realistic toy fruit will make you think. Your child's imagination will run wild as they play with kitchen toys. Great gift for children, ideal party, birthday, Christmas gifts supplies for kids above 3 years old. The backpack storage bag is portable and convenient to bring.

Brand: Kimicare

👤There is a warning There is a safety risk. My toddlers love fastening and unfastening the pieces of the play food set. This is a five star item, except for the fact that it is a safety risk. The raised brittle edge of the watermelon began to break shortly after we received it. It left a trail of plastic shards. I pulled the orange and apple before they broke in the same way.

👤These are not designed for kids to play with. I don't want my niece to get plastic cuts, so I want the molds rounded on the edges. They're not a good design for small kids.

👤I bought these for my nephew. They work well for dexterity, which was the reason for my purchase. They're made of a hard plastic and stick together. It can be difficult to cut through the Velcro at first, but I like that it takes a lot of concentration. I am very happy with the purchase, the paint details are nice and the price is very reasonable. I have my nephew at least once a week and he plays with the toys almost every time he's there. We've had this set over a year and I can see that the storage bag won't last very long. Even if it wasn't worth it, it's still worth it.

👤I bought this on a lightning deal. I bought it as a gift from Santa and thought it would be a good Christmas gift. My toddler really likes this toy. The size of the food is not a problem. There are some fruit that has sharper edges than others, but I only warn you about that watermelon. If you run it along the edge of the fruit pieces fast enough, you can cut yourself. The cutting board and knife are small compared to the food you are given. I have to help my toddler cut their food because the Velcro is strong. Overall good by, would do it again.

👤My son loves this set. He's almost 7, so probably a bit above the target age for this toy, but he still likes to pretend a lot, and we have plenty of time for creative play. He likes that the pieces have a stick that he can use to cut the fruit. Your child will need some dexterity to do it. The set comes in a clear plastic backpack, which makes it easy to fit it all back in.

👤The children I work with are obsessed with vegetables and love cutting them, but the quality leaves something to be desired. The bag they come in is too small, and has fallen apart in less than 2 months of use. I need to glue the velcro back on after some of it came off of the vegetables. The plastic knife that came with the package broke in half within a week because it was not strong enough. I have given the children plastic picnic knives, and they work well. I like the variety of fruits and vegetables, but I wish the sizes were a little more proportional when I ask which is the biggest. The pumpkin or watermelon would be bigger than the orange, just a difference in size.

9. Learning Resources Calculator Register Counting

Learning Resources Calculator Register Counting

There will be a toy Globe for Ages 4 to 10. A perfect early learning globe for the curious kids that sparks their imagination and curiosity. It builds geography, environmental science, general knowledge, social science, and cultural sensitivity. Orboot Earth is the answer if you are looking for a unique gift. It is also a great supplement for classroom learning. There is a cash register for kids. A solar-powered calculator is being used. 30 actual-size pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, and an activity guide are included. The bills are 6.25" x 2.625" and the coins range from.80" to.995" When the drawer opens, it makes a cha-ching sound. Imaginative play encourages imaginative play. Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter or even for a home school.

Brand: Learning Resources

👤The process of returning it. When it came out of the box, it was broken. The button was not functioning. The coins were not in a bag. They found their way inside the toy. We can't get them out of the rattling. The drawer gets jammed because of them. It is very cheap. My boys would probably handle it rough.

👤I have had one in my classroom and have seen one in almost every classroom I've visited as a preschool teacher. I bought a one for my daughter. I don't know what it is, but this one is very cheap. The calculator barely worked out of the box, and I thought that maybe it was due to lack of light on the little solar panel. It was limping for a while, but the numbers appeared on the screen, and the buttons sounded like they were dying. I can't get the calculator to work, so it seems like it has died. I'm not happy.

👤I hope the manufacture can address what's happened. I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and it is broken two days later. She was opening and closing her toys like she was supposed to. The open button will not open because it is pushed in on one side. I'm going to have to throw this toy away because I expected her to have it for a long time. Very sad!

👤Our classroom is going to enjoy using a pretend cash register. I love it! There are a couple of suggestions I have for improving the product experience. The play money is packaged in a plastic bag and taped down inside of a drawer. I had to spend 10 to 15 minutes trying to remove the tape from the money. The play coins were too light to fly out onto the floor when I pressed the "open" button. Maybe you can make the coins heavier? I am using real coins as a solution. I would recommend your product to other people because I love it.

👤The cash register only works in the sun. It won't work unless you put it with the solar cells facing a window with no shades on them. It is useless in our playroom. We rearranged the room so the cash register was by the window. The register doesn't work unless we open the blinds and let our neighbors see the mess in the playroom, and we also have two small children playing in there. You can get a battery-operated model. You will be happy.

👤This toy is worthless. I gave it to my daughter for her 3rd birthday. She is learning to count. She played with it for 1.5 minutes before giving it back to me. Have you ever heard of a toddler giving something back? The drawer is open and all the coins are in the front spaces. Every single time. No. I already have enough fake food, hot wheels and Hatchimals to last me for 5 minutes. The credit card is in the slot on the front. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Have it make a cool noise when you slide it. It does nothing to make the toy more fun. The sounds this thing makes are so annoying. The little wannabes sound like a cash register. Like not close at all. Fail #3 is cheap material. If it isn't obvious, I don't recommend this hunk of garbage. It might be the worst toy I have ever purchased. I think I'm confident in that statement.

10. Play Kitchen Cookware Accessories Playset Toddlers

Play Kitchen Cookware Accessories Playset Toddlers

It helps develop role-play, sharing and social skills. The wooden play kitchen is non-toxic. The toy kitchen is 31in wide and 12in deep. For a cute nursery, let kids put on a chef hat and cook a meal for their guests. Come with many accessories, including cutting food, toy kitchen sets, a chef hat, and apron. The wooden play kitchen set is ideal for kids birthday and Christmas. A toy kitchen in 1 package. The new model stove and range hood have a sim-life sound and lights with a button control that automatically turn off. Kids would have fun with this kitchen equipment. Age 3-7:Adjustable height suits. A learning toy should grow with kids. The play kitchen can be set to a 3 height stage for kids. You can teach your kids about food and cooking by giving them different things to do in the kitchen. They care about quality and have strict requirements for all wood. The tests were far beyond the standards of the U.S. and EU. It matters to kids' health.

Brand: Tiny Land

👤We already had a kitchen from Ikea before we ordered this one, so I was expecting it to be very similar, but it is so much more fun for kids since it has more moving parts, and it makes fun sounds like sizzling and exhaust fan sound. It comes with a pan and a pot, vegetables, and a cute chef's apron. My daughter has played with it more than with her old kitchen. The fact that it looks nice in her room is a bonus.

👤I have been looking for a play kitchen for my grandson. He loves playing with toys and figured it was time to stop. I looked at a bunch of plastic ones but none of the reviews were good, and I was getting tired of the plastic look. I looked at reviews of all the wooden ones I could find, but most were fairly expensive and some were meant for older kids. I decided to take my chance and am very happy I did. It was easy to assemble because of the instructions and how everything was packaged. The pieces were wrapped in material that protected them from damage, the screws were in their own little labels bags, and the directions were clear. You don't need an extra screwdriver to open the battery compartments. It is very sturdy because it is made of lightweight wood materials. It comes with something to attach it to the wall, since I was a little worried about his younger brother pulling it over. It is cute. It is cuter in person than it is in the picture. An apron and hat are an extra bonus. It comes with fake food, utensils, a pot and pan, ice for the ice maker, dishes, and so much more. The last thing I like about the height is that it can be adjusted. We left off the feet things because he's so little, but you can have them on in two different positions. This will grow with him so we can use it for a long time. The spot we needed to put it is between the wood floor and the slate floor, so it was a bit odd, which is why you'll see the white foam piece under one side. It's our fault because it's located there. The product is not even. We don't have a lot of wall space in the kitchen. The kitchen is very cute and recommend.

👤This is a cute kitchen. My daughters love it because it has an ice maker so you can get ice out of the fridge, and it makes noises like a real kitchen. The set up was easy to set up and it shipped right away. It comes with food, pots, and stirring spoons. My daughters are still playing with it.

👤I bought two sets of toys for my kids. They were wrapped perfectly when they arrived. My babies were so excited to put their hands on it. It was a great purchase. Even though it says 3y+. The wedges are finished so it is ok for them to play with supervision. They had a great time taking away the small parts. I will purchase other items to complete the collection.

11. ONLYO Vegetables Development Learning Christmas

ONLYO Vegetables Development Learning Christmas

Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school. 73 PCS cutting toys with good detail, includes pretend fruit toys, pretend vegetable toys, pretend food toys and pretend kitchen accessories toys, so various and looks like real, provides more choice for toddlers learning and playing. Do you want to miss the realistic kitchen toys? Good choice for early educational toys are kitchen toys, role play a chef, rise recognition of color and fruit shape, and develop counting skills. Kids can cut and stick fruits and veggies to strengthen their hand and eye coordination. Work well in a family day or children's party. Kids can play cutting toys with their family and friends to improve their communication, cooperation, and fine motor skills. Kids can play with pretend food toys. 100% Safe and Sturdy: Made of 100% non-toxic premium ABS, the Standard EN 71 certification fully meets the US safety requirements for kids' toys. When cutting play food set, the sound of cutting is more realistic because of the sticky attachment. Lasting for a long time. A Companion Gift is a toy that a parent can play with their children. Prizes, Party Favors, Birthday Party Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Room Decorations, and so on are used for indoor and outdoor activities. The backpack storage bag is portable and convenient to bring.

Brand: Ocato

👤The bad: Some fruits were hard for my toddler to cut because of the strong velcro. The knife that she had came with ended up bending. Fruits are hard plastic, so it was difficult for her to position them on a cutting board without them slipping from her hands. If you count the clear plastic bookbag, it will make 45 pieces. Overall satisfied. She gave me time to clean the house. I had to put items back together for her. If items were made of soft plastic, it would be easier to cut them without pieces flying or flopping around.

👤The food was packaged in a plastic bag while the fruits/veggies did not. We had to clean each one individually because it had a dust-like coating on the fruits. It smelled like a chemical. These things are made of strong Velcro. My 2 year old has a hard time cutting these with his flimsy knives. You have to detach them a few times to make it easier for your kids to cut it. The product was very cheap. The foods are very thin and hallow. Some of these are poorly painted. I wouldn't recommend it to others due to the cheap quality and having it coated in factory dust. This seems decent for the amount of things you get. Again, quantity over quality for this product. Up to you to find what you are looking for.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this toy on Amazon, it was one of those toys that you question the quality of, but you want to take a chance on, which I did and was pleasantly surprised. I thought this would be a great gift because my kids love to mimic my knife skills with their play food, which is why I cook a lot. The fruit pieces are well constructed and don't seem to be falling apart yet, with almost daily use from a 5 and 2 year old, and the colors aren't chipping or scratching off easily either. I appreciate that there are 2 fake knives and 2 plastic cutting boards, since they are not sharp, and that the Velcro seems to be holding up despite their heavy use with it. We had a discussion about dragon fruit and what it tasted like, which I like because dragon fruit isn't something we typically eat. Some of them may be incorrect. Who is cutting a crab in half? My toddlers aren't worried, nor are they michelin star chefs. I wish it had come in a food-basket or something more durable than the clear back-pack for storage, because I'm betting that it will rip given time. I can live with that. I love this and they love it more than I had expected.

👤Some of the pieces are okay, so I am not coming back. I wanted this to be a gift. You need to check each piece or you will have blood. I have 6 pieces, the pea, ice cream cond, pianapple, pie, yello pepper and I think a pomagrant is not smooth and poor quality. They wont know not to play with the edges, so don't give this set to very young. I am going to sand them down. If you don't want to throw them out. The quality is not good. I picked up an Airlabs set that is less expensive but still has the same quality. I don't think you should buy this set. It was not high quality.


What is the best product for food toys for kids ages 8-10?

Food toys for kids ages 8-10 products from Learn & Climb. In this article about food toys for kids ages 8-10 you can see why people choose the product. Kidkraft and Hongid are also good brands to look for when you are finding food toys for kids ages 8-10.

What are the best brands for food toys for kids ages 8-10?

Learn & Climb, Kidkraft and Hongid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food toys for kids ages 8-10. Find the detail in this article. Original Stationery, Jaxojoy and National Geographic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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