Best Food Under 10 Dollars Ebt

Dollars 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Zatarains Spanish Rice 6 9 Case

Zatarains Spanish Rice 6 9 Case

A New Orleans-style tradition has existed since 1889. The rice was seasoned in a tomato sauce. The stove top can be simmering or microwaveable. Add butter and tomatoes to the side dish or main entree.

Brand: Zatarain's

👤This was advertised as a 12 pack. I went back to the product to get the image and it is no longer available. On January 9, 2020, I ordered two of the 12 packs. I only received two beat up boxes for $7.02 each. I need to get a refund or my remaining boxes of rice.

👤This has a wonderful flavor, is affordable, and is even better when you add lots of vegetables. If you add vegetables to the dish, the nutrition balances out, and the flavor is spot on, you will find the salt levels in the dish a bit on the high side. This is a perfect base component for a much bigger dish. Most soup or stew vegetables work well here. You will be happy if you add a couple cups of veg. It's great as a side dish or an entree for your meal. I plan on buying this again and again if the price stays affordable.

👤I've been buying Spanish rice for 30 years and just made some tonight after buying 2 boxes of the Zatarains brand. I will never buy the other kind again. It is easier to make.

👤We go through at least 5 boxes of this rice a month. It's used to fill stuffed peppers, but also to make Mexican food, and to do so every time. It has a great flavor and is not too spicy for my kids to eat.

👤I was ripped off. The number of boxes was not clear. I got one box. This is not the rice's fault.

👤I bought Spanish rice for $9.98 and it was listed at 0.12/ounce. A box of 6.9 ounces is worth $9.98. I received one box. The seller's number was called. It went straight to the phone. It's over!

👤Zatarain rice is the easiest way to get it since the stores are always out. Zatarain has a lot of great flavors and one of the best is Spanish rice.

👤Other brands are better. I added tomatoes, corn, and half a bell pepper to this and it still didn't have the flavor I was looking for. It's still pretty good, even after it's set in the fridge and I refry the rice in a pan with tofu and add some kind of cheese.

2. Nestle Toll House Cocoa Ounce

Nestle Toll House Cocoa Ounce

It's great for baking. EBT item in some states. A rich flavor from cocoa beans. It's perfect for desserts, frostings and beverages.

Brand: Nestle

👤This is the good 100% Cocoa with health benefits intact. Toll House is not using Dutch Process, Dutching, or Alkali to ruin the Health benefits of Polyphenol in this 100% cocoa. 100% REAL COCOA... With nothing added.

👤The cocoa powder is fine. The container is sealed. I'm not happy with how filthy this container is. There's gunk along the lip, filthy marks on the container, and it's sticky. Why is it sticky? There is cocoa powder on the seal. It looks sealed, but who knows. I'm also not going to chance it. Tonight, goodbye dreams of chocolate cake for dessert...

👤My entire order was covered in Cocoa powder. The way the containers were thrown into the box was offensive, and no precautions were taken against spilling. I strongly advise against ordering these because they were boxed in a way that was sloppy. I had to wipe everything down in the main box. Inside boxes that were not wrapped with outer wrap were received by powder. It was very upsetting to have my product in the warehouse.

👤I wanted a cocoa that wasn't Dutch or alkali processed. Cocoa is known for a lot of good stuff. The Dutch processed ingredient is just coke. I'm happy! I got 8 ounces for two bucks and change, which makes a lot of hot chocolate or additions to my smoothies, but I don't know if it was on sale or not. Cost as I mentioned... I paid two bucks. It's hard to beat for quality and quantity. I add a little hot water and stir to make more of a paste, then add the rest of the hot water to blend. I just add a little at a time and blend well, giving the smoothie a real chocolate taste. If you want cold chocolate milk, just add a little milk and then make a paste so that the powder is dissolved and the rest of the milk is cold. One small problem. The top doesn't really stop. I did not get one. It goes on, but not very tightly. It's got it all for me, taste, quality, quantity and price, and I put it inside a big baggie. This will be my cocoa from now on. I like the taste of this and feel it is creamier than Hershey's.

👤The price of cocoa powder here is very reasonable, and I love it. I use it for a variety of things. It's one of the things I keep in my pantry. Solid quality, good flavor, slightly bitter but closer to a rich milk chocolate than a dark chocolate, and keeps for a long time. Will buy again.

👤This product is much easier to open than the Hershey's 8oz unsweetened cocoa powder. The Hershey's product needs 35C or higher to dissolution after stirring. The very economically priced, 100% cocoa powder from India requires 45C or higher to dissolution after stirring. The product needs 30C or higher to be dissolved. The price of this product is very low at only $2.55 each, but they will probably increase it after more people buy it. The taste of the dry cocoa powder is slightly more acidic than the Hershey's product, but it resolves itself to a somewhat better taste after 20 seconds or longer. I don't know if this product has the same ORAC score as the Hershey's product. The conclusion is that "N-E-S-T-L-E-S" was a song byNestle's.

3. Motts Snacks Assorted Gluten Pouches

Motts Snacks Assorted Gluten Pouches

There are fruit skewers. The gummy treats are made with fruit and veggie juice and are individually wrapped for convenience. The snack bags are a great treat to include in a packed lunch box. GLUTEN is free. Gummy treats made without artificial flavors and with fruit and vitamins can be great for snacking. These bulk Fruit Flavored Snacks are a great addition to your pantry and a snack every member of the family will love. 40 ct is contained in 0.8 oz.

Brand: Mott's

👤You probably need a microscope to find any fruits and vegetables in the box of Motts Medly Fruit Snacks. Yeah. Yes. I'm not the company who put real fruit and veg on the box, but I am the one who didn't read the label. The top ingredients are sugar, and sugar, but those other things had to be somewhere else. Right. I thought they'd explain down there in the 'Ingredients that make up less than 2%', but I got distracted and they continued on. I don't know if anyone has read any legitimate news this week, but I would like to not have to negotiate around this kind of nonsense. Enjoy your vegetables, while you can.

👤It was delicious. A box of 40 packets is bigger than I had thought, and I ordered three other things at the same time, but they were tucked in the other side. If you're buying them for yourself, consider not keeping them within easy reach, because I guarantee you'll eat too many and start wondering why you're like this. 10/10 would buy again. Maybe try self-control...

👤There was a retaped box with gravel attached to it. There were gravel looking pieces inside the box. There were some bags that were missing.

👤I recently received some unfortunate, life changing news during a physical exam. I was told that I need to change my lifestyle to be free of gluten. The life I had known for 26 years felt like it was being taken away from me. I was faced with the fact that I would have to become a different person. I would have to say goodbye to a lot of my favorite things, such as pizza, pasta, bagels, wheat thins, baguettes, and the bottom half of a twix. I thought at first that I could beat this, dig down deep and keep fighting, but I eventually realized that I had been wrong. I was told by my doctor that I can't beat this, and allergies can't just be taken away. My heart sank and I wondered who I was without gluten. Everything I did, everything I knew, and everything I had been a part of had been affected by the disease. A cake accompanied my celebrations. My bris was eaten to comfort me. My mother made me a sandwich on my first day of school. There was a roll poking its head out from underneath the bread basket cloth on my first date. College kegs and kegs full of nothing. I was lost and despairing as I searched for a single memory where there was no sign of gluten in my life. I had given up when a memory popped into my head. The preschool teacher was giving out snacks when I was 4 years old. I was recovering from an ear infection that I got from swimming lessons, and it had been a tough week for me. On almost all days, snack was a few animal crackers. On this day, I reached out my hand, palm up and fingers spread wide open, waiting for my teacher to give me my ration of crackers. I feel a plastic wrapper on the center of my palm. A foreign object is sitting in the center of my hand. I asked what it was. My teacher told the class that they were serving fruit snacks instead of crackers because they were out of animal crackers. I grabbed the first gummy my fingers touched after opening the little bag that was sitting in my hand. I chewed the snack in my mouth. I forgot about my problems of the week and the ear infections that had lingered. I knew it at that moment. I love snacking on fruit. I unlocked my phone and typed "fruit snacks" into the search bar, and it hit me that I don't think fruit snacks contain any gluten. These fruit snacks were the first result and what did they have in the title? - "Assorted Gluten Free Snacks" was something I knew after reading those words. I would still be able to be, even if I wasn't the same as yesterday or the day before. Thank you for that.

4. Atkins Endulge Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

Atkins Endulge Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

The dessert bar has strawberry cake. Enjoy a true dessert experience while keeping your lifestyle goals in mind. There is a pack of 5 individually wrapped bars. All tastes. There is no guilt. These dessert bars have 3 grams of net calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. Stay on track. These dessert favorites are rich in fiber and are perfect for a keto lifestyle. When used with the ketogenic programs. snacking is smart The perfect balance of snacking and indulgence is struck by the delicious and healthy treats of Atkins. Something for everyone. The variety needed to satisfy all your cravings and help support your lifestyle is offered by the unique texture and flavors of the Endulge treats.

Brand: Atkins

👤Not 2 grams of carbs! I think I'll take my notes to a lawyer for feeling depressed after being thrown out of ketosis. Such false advertising! I only ate one. I only spent 3 bucks. That is the reason it is on sale. I am a ketone blood reading freak. I try different snacks. This one isn't it! Blood ketone started at 2.3 after bar "just one" was at 0.2 an hour later. Eggs and cheese are usual for dinner, but this bar took my soul.

👤I was excited to try these. I like lemon desserts. They didn't live up to expectations. The taste of lemon. The lemon flavor is very similar to a melted lemon. There was a rice crisp texture that was out of place. I was expecting more of a cake texture. The bars are small for the price. Would not buy again.

👤It is like any other diet bar at GNC. It is sweeter and more firm than it is soft. I wouldn't buy them again, they aren't that good. They are good. If you are looking for something special, this isn't it.

👤These are really good. One of the bars in my order looked weird when I opened it, but I will definitely purchase these again. The flavors are balanced and sweet. I'm excited to try the other new additions to the line.

👤I have been trying to watch my intake since I was diagnosed with a type II diabetes two years ago. People ask about my diet when they comment on my weight loss. If it tastes good, I cannot eat it. I can eat it if it tastes like cardboard. My wife bought a box of the dessert bars from the store, she wanted to eat them. They are great. I can eat it and still watch my intake because it has flavor. I can accept that they are small, but they don't taste like cardboard.

👤Avoid the drug at all costs. They have been a faithful fan of the diet for about five years. This is not it! I bought these bars to provide an alternative snack to my diet. This product is a rip off. The bars are only half the size of the wrappers. The rest of the sealed package has been filled with air. The bar is only about 60 percent of the size of the wrapper it comes in, if you squeeze it at the top. They tell you the weight, so it should all be based on that. Save the rest of the wrapper and box and not have to pay for packaging costs. They want to make you think that you are getting a bar that is twice the size. They taste like chewing on metal. They use sucrose. We look for healthier alternatives than artificial sweeteners. Why not the people from Adkins? People will tell you that there isn't a double blind test on Stevia. There are two questions. Why not? It has been around a long time for someone to do this. And 2. It has been used for thousands of years in some cultures. The answer is that the sugar industry doesn't want to have to compete against Stevia. The last point. The Adkins Diet is used by people who like to take jabs at the Keto diet. When users of the Adkins diet had problems with their kidneys, they had problems with the high goals of the diet. The truth is that Keto is a high fat intake. I am aware that it may seem worse for someone who has not done any research. I have found that high fat and low carbs, along with a good amount of lean meat, has made me a better person. My cholesterol levels are great now. The truth is that some people have problems with their kidneys because of their high intake ofProtein and it can be converted intoCarbohydrates. The idea behind a Keto diet is to limit the amount of carbs in the diet, because the problems that can result in some people from excessive carbs in their diet are well known. A diet that is low in calories and high in fat is called a keto diet and it converts your body to run on ketones. I brought this up because of my experience with this diet. The elite armed forces teams often eat a diet that is low in fat and high in calories. Do your own research and talk to your doctor before changing your diet. Many doctors will avoid a Keto diet, but I don't think they do so with enough research. There are doctors who know a lot about the benefits of keto and who recommend it for people with diabetes, weight problems, and even people with anxiety issues. I used to work for a doctor who was in charge of an elite combat group in the U.S. armed forces, and we found 888-353-1299 Do your own research, find a doctor who knows what you're doing, and make your own decisions. In my opinion, don't confuse Adkins with Keto.

5. Velveeta Skillets Creamy Stroganoff Dinner

Velveeta Skillets Creamy Stroganoff Dinner

It was made with real cheese. Makes about 5 cups. Ready in about 20 minutes.

Brand: Velveeta

👤I followed the directions. The packet was rather harsh. The same product purchased through Krogers is great, despite the fact that I have had this happen twice before. Amazon is buying the rejects. Never again. This has happened with other products. I am wondering if there is something in these boxes. I might stop buying box purchases from Amazon because of this.

👤It's easy to prepare and has a good flavor. Not a lot of steps. If you make a mistake, it's forgiven. It could be made more like homemade. Cheers!

👤It was loaded with salt. After eating two cups of the stuff, I had to drink water from the liter. The taste was off. Adding milk made that weird flavor go away. I have two boxes of this stuff. I had two in case I loved it and had another in case I hated it and was stuck with 5+ in the pantry until the end of time. Better to buy butcher ground beef, stroganoff noodles, and milk. Bland, but way better than this. Not loaded with so much salt would make the salt lake salt mines cringe.

👤This is the worst food product I've ever had and it's considered a food product at the time of this review. This product should be banned for all eternity and classified as inedible by every governmental organisation that has the ability to. I feel violated by it, and I wish misfortune upon those who allowed it to be distributed. I will seek counseling to recover from a violation of my human rights.

👤One day I needed a side dish and I was skeptical about trying mac & cheese. This was the absolute best mac & cheese I have ever eaten. A very delicious side dish or main meal.

👤It's good, but it could use more power. They give you half a packet for seasoning. I add things like cheese powder or parmesean. There is no perfect solution because it loses some of the philly cheesesteak flavor. Isn't it weird that you can't just buy philly cheesestake powder mix? I would use it in potatoes too.

👤I thought I would like the cheese more than I did. The packet was too much and masked any cheese flavor. I only used 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk, because the box called for 2 cups. I don't think that made a difference in flavor. It was thick and nice, which is how I like dishes like this. I used milk for some of the liquid because it tends to make these sauces thicker and I had tried one that was too watery.

👤These are great meals. I know Cheeseburger Macaroni is popular, but it was ruined for me by the very heavy taste of mustard and ketchup. I like the taste of a cheeseburger, but not a burger with everything on it. The Chicken Alfredo and the Lasagna are our family favorites. It was very easy to make and had good flavor. My 10 year old asked for more after eating his. The Hamburger Helper brand has similar options but lacks in taste. I will re-order them in the future.

6. Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates Chocolate

The perfect gift for him or her is a delicious assortment of chocolate and coconut candies, presented in a transparent gift box, the perfect gift for a Chinese New Year or a Romance Date. A specialty with a cream filling and a taste of almond. A delicious creamy hazelnuts filling, a crisp wafer shell covered in chocolate, and gently roasted pieces make up the Rocher. A delicious combination of tastes andtextures from fine wafer and rich cocoa filling to a dark chocolate covered hazelnuts at its heart, Rondnoir. Take a moment to celebrate. Nothing says you care more than a love letter from Ferrero. This premium gourmet chocolate gift box is a great way to share chocolates with someone special. It's a great gift for Chinese New Year.

Brand: Ferrero Rocher

👤The standard box of chocolates was the same as the boxed chocolates I ordered. I have no other place to complain or send back. It's too late to order something else. Everyone of them is the same photo I provided. The product is not shown or described. I was pretty angry about this. If I could, I wouldn't give stars.

👤The variety box was listed as a variety, but it was actually all hazelnuts.

👤Irresistable is a pro. I was going to give these to a client as a gift, but I decided to eat them instead. The flavors were not standard. I didn't think it was a qualification for being "deluxe" or "fine" to not be able to tell the difference between the wrapper and the coconut coating. The budget for packaging ran out before they got to the part that touched the coconutty treats. It may have been a mistake to wrap the most unique product in the set. I thought of two ways to make the wrapper open in one piece, one of which is to change the color of the wrapper to make customers think of the possibility of eating a torn-off wrapper piece. The customer should not be left wondering if they just bit a piece of wrapper off to pair with their coconut coating. One time my aunt ate a rock and thought I had given her a piece of candy. People might bite bits of wrapper if they don't pay attention. This product is perfect for gift giving.

👤My daughter has been ill recently and I wanted to give her some chocolates. Getting some fancy chocolates is exciting for her. I didn't see much of the candy at the store. I missed it and decided to just order some here, after all I have Prime and I should use it. The product was packaged in a box with padding, unlike the Merci candy I also ordered. My daughter is seven years old and she was excited to get some chocolate of her own. She used her safety scissors to open the candy and took a small bite. I was expecting her eyes to light up but instead she looked like she had just put aged cheese in her mouth, she spit it back into the wrapper and said no thank you. I was floored that this girl loves to eat special time treats. I decided to put the rest in my mouth, and I felt like it would be the same as before. It tasted like grease and was dry. I tried the other two flavors and one was dried up and gross, the other was hard. I don't know if this is a bad batches or just a bad one. Is chocolate rancid? It might be a better word for the taste. I should have gone to a grocery store to buy the chocolates I ordered for my daughter because they were a huge let down. The buyer should take precautions.

👤The chocolates are good. Two of the three boxes I ordered were open and dumped over the delivery box.

7. Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

America's favorite Hamburger Helper in a stroganoff entree blends pasta and sauce. There are ingredients. There are no artificial flavors or colors in the food. Making Hamburger Helper in three easy steps is quick and easy. The options are limited. You can add your own twist to the recipes on the Betty Crocker website.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤I cooked this as a ten year old girl. Easy to follow instructions, thick and satisfying ingredients, and full of flavor. Hot dogs and ground beef were boring all day. The helpers made dinner special. I was the oldest of four kids in a poor family and I was proud to cook a fancy meal. I've come a long way since then, and it still brings a smile to my face.

👤Anyone who's watched National Lampoons knows what I'm talking about. It's quick and easy and my husband likes it. This is the go-too dinner choice when there's no time for anything.

👤I searched for a replacement for Zatarain's Southern Stroganoff after it went off the market. This is not a good replacement. The noodles were gummy after being cooked according to the directions.

👤I know I'll like the taste of this, it's close to homemade. I had some stuff to make it taste better. I don't like that one of the ends of the box was open, but the contents were all intact.

👤This is not the best flavor, but it is easy to make and even kids can do it. The flavor reminds me of something my grandma would make. The double pack is perfect for larger families.

👤I would have eaten the meal even if the noodles had not been eaten. It wasn't worth asking for a replacement so it was thrown away.

👤The price is better in stores. The price of these has gone up. I don't use them very often. I am disgusted. I bought these on Amazon for a decent price. I recommend.

👤This product contains a type of powdered freeze dried cheese that is not found in processed cheese, so extra ingredients are required, 2 cups of milk and a cup of water if I remember correctly. Tasty, relatively cheap, bit a lot on the carbs.

8. WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

There are 40 single serving bags. There are delicious fruit snacks. 25% Vitamins A&E and 100% Vitamins C are included. Fat free, preservative free, andGluten free. It's a great snack for school lunches, sporting games, the office and more.

Brand: Welch's

👤Possibly the most addictive substance a man has ever produced. It is impossible to eat just one pouch. I can tell you from my experience that eating multiple bags in one sitting is not easy on your stomach or general health. The front of the box has many bright colors that draw the eye, and are just full of vitamins, which is what they are marketed as. Fruit juice and sugar are the main ingredients in the box. There are many types of sugar. Purchase away if you know these are not fruit snacks and should be treated as fruit candy.

👤These were perfect for many reasons. 1st When I quit smoking, these were helpful and my son loves them. I found a 40 pack box and later realized they had other varieties as well. We like to blend the berries and cherries every month. Being able to have them sent on a specific date each month is wonderful. You can have them shipped whenever you want, just subscribe and save. These and the Cherries are also recommended by me.

👤I used to buy them at work. This doesn't taste the same. At all. They are either old or expired.

👤The delivery was fast and it was delivered as requested. Which is appreciated by me... It's a small snack for the entire day that's juicy and portioned well... I would recommend this product to a mom who has children.

👤Normally I love these things, but I bought them as subscribe and save. Half of the packs are not good. When I get them from the store, I don't have this problem. They like it, but it's not expired. They have a powdery coat and taste funny. Some are okay and some are what I was expecting. I'm throwing at least half of it. This is not saving me any money. Very disappointing.

👤These are really good and you can taste the fruit in them. I like the packing because it's great to know. How many calories you get and what they are. Kids should like them. My dogs aren't much of a fan of them.

👤I bought this on the daily deal. Excellent pick up. Not just for adults. I have been helped by adults trying to kick their daily sugar intake. A pack of ice cream was a good substitute. Enjoy. Things can get hot when they are delivered at the wrong time.

👤The product is correct. The best by date is 10/11/2018. 190 days/ 27 weeks. I assume the problem is where the boxes are stored. I usually pick these up at the local store. I think that's correct.

👤bolsitas pequeas perfectas para snack. Producto por bolsita!

👤Me encantan es gomitas, llegaron en tiempo. Recomiendo al vendedor.

👤This candy is delicious. I took a star away from it because I feel like I may get diabetes because I am the only person at home eating this.

👤Son unas gomitas deliciosas.

9. GoGo Applesauce Friendly Unsweetened Recloseable

GoGo Applesauce Friendly Unsweetened Recloseable

Fruit snacks are made from 100% fruit with no high fructose corn syrup, no added colors or flavors and no sugar added. See nutrition facts for calories and sugars. There is a pack of popcorn. The variety pack of 20 includes 10 Apple Apple, 5 Apple Peach, and 5 Gimme Five. Kitchen pantry safe with unsweetened applesauce pouches. Free from major allergies, there are vegan snacks in portable, BPA-free pouches. Non-GMO Project verified. Kids and toddler snacks. Pack these plant based pouches in a backpack, diaper bag, beach bag or travel bag to make kids smile while on a road trip, a car ride, or a game. Fun and easy sponges. If you want to make your child happy at school, you can use an applesauce squeeze pouch in the freezer overnight to make a frozen icepack for their lunch box. The kids need to be nourished. GoGo squeeZ provides the nutrition the kids need to play and explore. It's perfect for adults as well. You can keep a snack pouch in your lunch bag, gym bag, or purse. There are snack pouches from GoGo squeeZ fruit on the Go, GoGo squeeZ fruit and veggieZ, GoGo big squeeZ, GoGo squeeZ happy tummieZ, and GoGo squeeZ smoothieZ. Your family will love it.

Brand: Gogo Squeez

👤I am physically disabled and have been for many years. I need to eat my meals. I'm wondering if the pouch idea came from NASA's programs. I remember when I was a kid eating something that was advertised as what astronauts ate when they were in space. I wish I had GoGo when I was a kid because it's so easy to eat.

👤My package was gross. Some smelt and busted open. I threw it away. I can't give 0 stars.

👤My family has a major sweet tooth, and despite not having any added sugar or high fructose corn syrup, it's still very sweet and is a go-to snack. These work great because my toddler isn't ready for a bowl of applesauce yet without a dip in the tub. I was worried that he would use them as a crayon. Thankfully that hasn't happened. He's too afraid of missing anything to waste it. The shape of these is nice, they are thinner and a little longer than some pouches I've used, but they're not floppy. If you like slushies, you can pull one out of the freezer in the morning and use it as an ice pack for lunch. The pouches are certified to beBPA free and have no preservatives.

👤The kids like them. When I'm a passenger, I find the caps in the van. I was shopping to replenish my small cups of applesauce because I don't want to go through an entire jar without it growing mold. I ordered this package because I realized that I could enjoy having these little packages in my own fridge and freezer. If I become sick, they will be easier to eat because of their smooth texture. They don't need to be refrigerated. I like them cold when I need to be cooled down.

👤I bought this for the first time in March 2020 and it was delicious, a different package, they were all a delicious mix of apple banana strawberry. I bought it again last week and they sent me a different thing, but I think they are spoiled because they taste like mold, I have tried a few of those and they taste terrible. A couple of packages were broken. I will call and return that. The product I bought in March was great, but now they change the flavor, divide it, and make it moldy, I am so disappointed. Hope to not get sick just for tasting that! It's Shameful.

👤I really liked these. The flavors across the different varieties are disappointing and would have liked more variety in the pack. It takes 2 pouches to satisfy adult hunger.

👤My kids love GoGo SqueeZ applesauce, and this item has many of their favorite flavors. My kids like the strawberry flavor. You can use the pouches as a freezer pack. A great snack for kids.

👤I thought the package was closed because it was opening. I didn't open this box until after the return date because I bought more than one box. There was a damaged pouch in the taped package. The top items were okay, but the lower levels were sticky and there was actual applesauce across the bottom. I am happy I didn't give this item to the food bank. How can you ship an item that has been damaged and has a food product inside?

10. Nestle Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer Chocolate

Nestle Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer Chocolate

A bottle of coffee mate chocolate creme flavored sugar free powder coffee creamer. EBT item in some states. Every cup of coffee has a smooth, satisfying flavor with Sugar free chocolate creme coffee creamer. The non dairy coffee creamer powder is free of dairy products. Coffee mate has zero grams of sugar per serving. It's easy to pour and stir with powder creamer.

Brand: Coffee-mate

👤I received Sugar Free Chocolate creme and ordered my usual creamy chocolate. I assume this is a formula change by the manufacturer. It is gross. It beads up on my coffee and never mixes in. Did you see the "Friends" episode in which Ross and Chandler try to make their own coffee out of the pack because there are people at Central Perk who are mean to them? That's the trick, never stop stirring. Stir and drink. We are. That is the only solution for this. Don't buy it. It's gross. Yes. I used the word "gross" 3 times in my review. That's how bad it is.

👤Like many people leaving reviews, I watch my sugar/carb intake for general health and I use a CGM which provides real time blood sugar levels. This creamer spikes blood sugars every time. I did 3 separate 24 hour fasts and only had this creamer in my coffee. My blood would rise over 50 points 3 times. I can see that the product has "corn syrup solids" and "seed oils" in it's label, which should never enter a healthy body. I admit that the creamer tastes good. Candy bars and cookies do the same thing. I don't think this creamer is any better for you and I think everyone watching their sugar intake should be aware of this product and its false advertising.

👤I like this flavor. I always get sugar free French vanilla when I have diabetes. This was a real treat.

👤I like the Sugar free creamy chocolate flavor of Coffee-mate powdered creamers and it's one of the flavors I tried. I don't drink coffee without it. I use it to make iced coffee. It's best to mix it in while the coffee is still hot, then add ice or chill it to make it cold. It will be a little clumpy. The sugar free version tastes better than the regular chocolate one. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners.

👤This is the best powdered creamer out there. This chocolate creamer has a creamy cocoa flavor that is similar to hot chocolate. The taste of chocolate comes through when you use it. If you call the manufacturer to let them know you love the product, they will send you coupons for it.

👤I have been drinking the sugar-free version of this product for the past couple of years and I noticed that the packaging was different. The new version was called "Chocolate creme". The picture is attached. This version is even better than the previous one. The flavor is great. This is an improvement on what was already a great product. I hope this helps.

👤My mom uses this when she drinks coffee. The price is great for a hard to find item. She was happy.

👤Coffee mate is a brand I like. The main challenge is that it tastes artificial and ruins the flavor of the coffee. It doesn't taste like chocolate and it doesn't taste sweet, so there isn't much to say. It doesn't taste real. Coffee mate is quite literally, so I recommend buying the liquid kind at your local produce store. I didn't know that the regular creamer is light on calories. The regular kind has 5g per serving, but it's not the same as enjoying coffee. My compromise is to stand up and walk more often.

11. Knorr Rice Cheddar Broccoli Ounce

Knorr Rice Cheddar Broccoli Ounce

The creamy goodness of cheddar cheese sauce is combined with broccoli florets in the Cheddar Broccoli Rice Sides. There are no artificial flavors. Cooks in 7 minutes. Microwave cooking or stove top cooking. The side dish is a rice and pasta blend that enhances meals with amazing flavor.

Brand: Knorr

👤There is a false advertisement. The item was listed as a pack of four but it is actually a pack of one. I think I missed the fine print or should have made sure it was 4 packs. It's price was the same as others advertised. I assumed it was the same. The shipping weight was 1.7 pounds. That's 28 ounces. If each pack was 5.8 ounces, there should be 4 separate packs and a few more for packaging weight.

👤It's better than Rice-a-Roni side dish mixes. We love all of the Knorr rice, pastas and soups, but this is one of our favorites. We love gravy mixes. It's great to have in the pantry on those nights when you can't think of anything to make. This is great. I usually add left over chicken to this the next day. Or shrimp? Can't go wrong with anything Knorr makes. I have been a fan for a long time. It is always in my pantry. Try it. It is good. You can make fried rice at home.

👤The pack of four is one pack that has four calories in it. I feel cheated by this false advertisting.

👤I haven't had this in a while. It was one of my favorites. Like many of today's products, it seems to have changed to not as good. The color used to be yellow but is now orange. It doesn't have the same cheese taste as it used to. Shame companies always go cheaper rather than improve their products. It could be better. Lipton knows how to make dry powdered flavors. It was great when it was owned by Lipton, but it has been a while since. It could be better. Put some real taste into it, and make it 20 more cents.

👤A waste of money. There was no broccoli or cheese. The rice is precooked and has a lot of salt.

👤I don't like coming home to cook for over an hour. It only takes 20 minutes with Knor to make a great meal, with chicken, shrimp, and fresh broccolli, it's done in one pot. I don't use it all the time but once a week it's delicious and I don't use it all the time. A bag that feeds two. It's easy on the wallet.

👤The product is regular dry rice. When you cook the sauce, you have to add milk and margarine. It is rice with cheese. Many reviews talk about having to add broccoli on their own. It takes a lot of effort to cook regular rice. What a waste. Once you add the other ingredients, it's very high in calories.

👤This rice is a great price. My family eats this as a side dish to dinner, a quick lunch, or doctored up to make a meal. Adding fresh broccoli and chicken to it and topping it with cheese and breadcrumbs makes for a wonderful casserole. You can't go wrong with the price.


What is the best product for food under 10 dollars ebt?

Food under 10 dollars ebt products from Zatarain's. In this article about food under 10 dollars ebt you can see why people choose the product. Nestle and Mott's are also good brands to look for when you are finding food under 10 dollars ebt.

What are the best brands for food under 10 dollars ebt?

Zatarain's, Nestle and Mott's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food under 10 dollars ebt. Find the detail in this article. Atkins, Velveeta and Ferrero Rocher are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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