Best Food Under 10 Dollars for People

Dollars 19 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Slim Jim Snack Sized Original 14Count

Slim Jim Snack Sized Original 14Count

Slim Jim Original Flavored Smoked Snack Sticks are 0.28 ounces. It's a low-cholesterol lifestyle with 1g net carbs per serving.

Brand: Slim Jim

👤I mean people who like a slim Jim. I ate this hole box in one sitting. It was late at night and I needed an add on item, so you can figure it out. I was making my own slims the next day, and I don't recommend eating the hole box.

👤Really? This came open. It's missing 3 slim jims. Really? Did someone in the packaging get hungry? It's ridiculous!

👤Why? They are not as big as you think. Short and skinny! These are a lot of packaging material. I can read the weight, but you don't really realize how bad they are until you get them. I was a bad person. My money was quickly parted. Micro Slim Jims are not cute. If two of these were put together into one, they would still be... Jim is a crazy Slim. Hey, if you had these before, and like the micro SJ, then it's cool. If you're just thinking of trying, run away.

👤Many people like SlimJim's originals so I buy them as treats. They are good. It is a good gesture to give a box to someone who loves them. A box of SlimJim's is a great price. When I see someone who looks down, I give them a box of Slim Jim's and it makes them happy. It's convenient to carry. You can keep some in your purse or shirt pockets. I hope this helps you.

👤The product was delivered on 3-11-18. They are not up to date. The box says it was the best by the end of the year. The person sells expired product. Very poor service here.

👤I like slim Jims. They were shipped when the temperatures were very hot. The sticks were soggy and the taste was not fresh. I ate them because I needed a snack and I didn't get sick, so I guess they were fine. They didn't taste like they would. It was not a product issue. I might not buy them again in the summer.

👤The 'One Pack' product title is mislabeled as "Slim Jim Snack-Sized Smoked Meat Stick, Jalapeo Flavor, 0.28 Oz." You get one pack of sticks instead of the total of 112 sticks. If you've never had Slim Jim before, it's more oily, saltier, and softer to chew. The taste is not hot, but it gives off a good after-taste sensation, like eating hot Cheetos without the spicy powder touching your tongue. You won't feel full if you eat the whole box. It's more of a kick than an energy booster. The Slim Jim does not have the same plastic ridges as the box, which is disappointing as you have to pull the ridges on top and bottom. You'll be having a hard time if you have wet, flimsy, greasy, sweaty, and weak fingers. If you angle it wrong, you only have 3 more chances to pull it off. A very good snack, not only because of the product mislabeling on the site, but also because of the contents not easily accessible in certain situations.

2. Basic Care Maximum Strength Famotidine

Basic Care Maximum Strength Famotidine

There is an active ingREDIENT. This product contains 20 percent more famotidine than the active ingredient in Maximum StrengthPepcid AC. The Amazon Basic Care Maximum Strength Famotidine Tablets help to relieve heartburn due to acid indigestion and sour stomach. It prevents heartBURN. Amazon Basic Care Famotidine Tablets 20mg is taken 10 to 60 minutes ahead of time to prevent acid indigestion caused by eating and drinking certain foods and beverages. Acid indigestion is caused by eating and drinking certain foods and beverages. The medicine lasts up to 12 hours. Adults and children over 12 years old can use it. This product is free of wheat. The heartburn medicine is a medicine. The acid reducer in Amazon Basic Care famotidine tablets is an H2blocker. It lasts up to 12 hours. Adults and children over 12 years old can use it.

Brand: Amazon Basic Care

👤We have a staple in our medicine cabinet. This is what makes upPepcid, without the AC or any of the other acronym versions that contain other things. I don't have heart burn or anything like that, but I do sometimes feel nauseated. When I went to the hospital with the stomach flu, I couldn't stop vomiting, so I found out about famotidine. I was given IV fluids. I have kept it in the cabinet ever since. It's great to stop you from feeling sick, which is what I use it for most of the time. If you're a pet owner, you can give this version to your pet because it doesn't have anything else. If our dog is sick, we give her this. What makes this product better? It works and is affordable, which makes it the one to get.

👤I get this for my dog, but he has a very acidic stomach, so it's not a recommendation to use randomly. I don't have to purchase it often because it's a good price. It's easy to give a dog to someone who needs it.

👤My wife received a prescription for this drug at a higher dosage, our insurance wouldn't honor it, and local over the counter was expensive. It worked out well if you double the dosage. My wife loves the freedom this med gives her. We will stock up now that it was a great experiment.

👤I have tried a number of brands. I am not against generics. The brand does not work. I have tried it for both the generic Prevacid and the genericPepcid. I wasn't well when I saw my acid reflux get worse. Within a day or two, I was back to normal after I replaced both items with one of the above brands. I hate to think a brand doesn't work, but after this latest experience, I'm done with all Basic Care products.

👤This works well and is cheap. If I don't take it at night, I wake up with acid reflux and I have to take night pills. The last time I put my pills together, I forgot about it because I haven't had any problems with acid reflux in a while. I woke up with irritative symptoms after the first night not taking them. These work. Glad to be able to purchase a large bottle of them.

👤Acid reflux and heartburn have been present in my life in the last few years. Due to acid reflux issues, I was scared at night not knowing what was wrong with me. I have taken omeprazole along with other drugs before, and they work, but most of them are not good for you. I can tell you that this little pills are great, one pill eliminates any acidity after eating anything, habaneros, jalapenos, serranos, all kinds of hot sauces and alcohol, they work and they work great. If you need proper relief from a diet change, this pills are the answer.

👤I've been taking this medicine for years and it's the worst. It feels like I've taken nothing at all, it's twice my previous dose. I will not be using this brand again.

3. Jack Links Original Protein 5 0 625oz

Jack Links Original Protein 5 0 625oz

Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky is a good source of good source of protEIN. It's a snack that the whole family will enjoy. There are 5 count multipacks. The pack has 5 ounces. You always have a meat snack on hand. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for an after school snack. It is made with 100% beef. Their Original Beef Jerky is made from lean cuts of premium beef. It is fat free and has no added nitrates or nitrites. Full on flames. They created the flavor that made it on the map. Their Original Beef Jerky is slow cooked over hardwood smoke and has a mild smoky taste that kids love. LUNCHBOX READY : Ready to eat packs are a great way to get your kids' lunch to eat. No leftovers. They wouldn't be surprised if they asked for two bags.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤I saved for August and all of the jerky was molded, except for 4 packages. I ordered 10. My replacement has been fine so far. I have purchased this item before and was not expecting mold.

👤The whole box is not worth a dollar. Like getting 5 packets of crumbs. I would really like to get my money back. Such a waste.

👤The garbage is being insulted. The sweepings that fall off the conveyor belt are not suitable for the larger bags of jerky.

👤I've been a fan of beef jerky since I was a kid. The packages are very small. You get a few. I can't emphasize enough how small these are, I don't know why I expected more of them. The amount is fair, but a little more would have been nicer. The jerky is great. The beef is a bit moist and squishy, but it's not shoe leather. It was nice to have a quality brand of jerky in my backpack on busy days, because I've had similar brands in small packets and they were often hard and dry. I've added a couple of images to show you how small they are. One is in my hand and the other is an Amazon gift card that is the same size as a credit card.

👤2 stars for the taste and texture. The package had a 3 stars for the small amount. I usually look at reviews before ordering but need to fill a small Gap for same day shipping so I threw this in. I didn't get my items the same day and they were gone in a day. It's great for a quick shot of something.

👤A waste of money. There are 5 bags of.63ounce. The price of Amazon prime jerky is double what I would pay at the store. Movie theaters charge more for persuading stores.

👤My kids can take individual packs of Jerky to school. Don't like the size of the cuts. The portion is small but the small cuts of meat are disappointing. It doesn't have the same texture. It feels like picking up the crumbs from a bag of potato chips. I would buy again for convenience. I like giving a snack that is good for you versus a snack that is garbage. My kids prefer when I portion out bags of regular jerky into sandwich bags during Sunday's meal prep for the week.

👤I buy them for others because I don't eat them myself. The portions are small but the taste is great. These go pretty quickly because they can eat the whole box. The price is not bad since they cost the same at Walmart as an individual bag. You might get more in one of these bags than in the other, but the weight of the bags in the box is more. These aren't just crumbs. If you buy a bigger bag, they don't have a long shelf life.

4. LIFEWTR Purified Balanced Electrolytes Packaging

LIFEWTR Purified Balanced Electrolytes Packaging

There are 6 bottles of Lifewtr Premium Purified Water. LIFEWTR is a premium bottled water brand that is committed to showcasing sources of creativity. The LIFEWTR's pH is in the range of 6.4 to 7.4. LIFEWTR contains magnesium Sulfate and Potassium Bicarbonate, which are added for taste. They purify their water using reverse osmosis and then add electrolytes back in to give it a pure, clean taste. You can learn more about each series by looking at the "From The Manufacturer" section below.

Brand: Lifewtr

👤This isn't a regular cotton shirt water. The silk panties are made of water. So good.

👤Since I have been drinking it, my stomach has been hurting a lot, and I have been buying it again. I will never purchase this brand again. I bought it because it has a great presentation. When purchasing food from Amazon, you should read your packages because they don't know where the manufacturer is.

👤I wish they didn't shrink-wrap the bottles. Someone said that the water quality report is processed in 3rd world countries. It is processed in the US. I need an in- home water filter for my tap water, and I love this. I've had water from the source tested and found to be pure. I keep it on hand so I don't get slack off. I used metal water bottles, but they were being stolen, so these are great for portable use.

👤I like the size of the bottles and make sure to drink at least 3 a day. I used to get fluid build up in my feet close to pms time and my feet would swell up, but this contains electrolytes which makes that problem go away, and since I've been drinking it no swollen ankles anymore. The look, size, and price is right.

👤This is the best tasting water I have ever had. I was trying to increase my water intake, but I was not able to, so I decided to try it for 25c, which was the deal of the week. I am hooked! I drink a minimum of three large bottles a day because it is so easy to drink and my health has improved because of it. I get bad headaches at least weekly. Since I switched to this water, I haven't had one. Highly recommend!

👤I found this brand of water at my grocery store yesterday. I don't like water. I have lived a moderately dehydrated life because I can't stand water. Really. My brain screams at me that the artificial flavoring is not a good thing when I drink water. It seems to be the lesser of two evils. I thought maybe I would like the way the water tastes, too, because I liked the way this bottle looked. I thought it made sense for half a second. I bought a bottle and took it to work with me and started the usual day long process of having the full bottle in front of me on my desk while I shuffle paperwork around it like it's not there. It was more attractive than the usual bottles. I decided to take a sip after several hours. And, whoa! It wasn't terrible. I don't know how to explain the taste of it, because I don't know what's in the water. The water doesn't have it. It tastes good. Aquafina is the worst one to me that has a taste like that if you know your water tastes different. I got down 1 liter of water yesterday. I went to the store today and bought 2 more bottles. Just finished the second one! I decided to order a few 6 packs from Amazon and share my experience with anyone who might be interested in trying a new brand of water, since I have a hatred of water but a willingness to try a new brand.

5. Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting

Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting

DUNKAROOS: The snack from the 90s is back, with delicious cookies and frosting. There are some food items. The entire family will love this snack. The perfect snack to curb your cravings. This is a great treat to take with you on the go. The great fowls. Try their dessert with a rainbow sprinkle.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤This is not the Dunkaroos. The cream is a generic cake flavor. But with chemicals. It is almost like if you were to eat a birthday cake. It's the best way to describe it. It is nothing like the actual Dunkaroos cream that a fan remembers. They don't have the sprinkles in the frosting in the photo. There are sprinkles in the logo. Like what the F is? The crackers are old. When you opened the package, the ones that were still in one piece dissolved in your hand. Dunkaroos used to be the same snack, but not in all. It tastes like a cheap imitation of a brand you would find in a dollar store. It is disgusting. I had 5 boxes of nasty chemicals leftover after I spent 15 dollars and took one bite. So sad.

👤Not as good as the original. The cake dip was amazing. This... Now... It's just. The Betty Crocker rainbow chip frosting. I have some of that frosting as well. It's the same thing. Disappointed.

👤Do you need a review? I am a 90s baby all over again. So delicious!

👤It definitely expired. I've gotten similar things in the past.

👤Don't waste your time. They are not the same as they used to be. You can dip sugar cookies in frosting at home. These are also very expensive. I saw these for 4 dollars in my store the next day. I paid 12 for the same box. The cookies and the frosting are not the same. They are not like the original ones. Two stars got here quickly.

👤I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. The cookies are not like the 90s dunkaroos. My sons didn't like them and my kid loves everything they say. It is a waste of money to buy them.

👤The cookies taste different from the frosting.

👤I was on the hunt for dunkaroos for a while and they were sold out. I'm glad they went to Amazon. I opened the first pack after ordering two boxes. A lot of the cookies were broken when opened. The cookies don't taste as good as they used to. I thought I had received a bad piece of mail, but others think the same way. I opened another pack to see if it would be the same thing, but it wasn't a good sign. The box was already open when I opened it, so either they didn't seal it correctly or it opened during shipping. I won't be buying these again since they were originally 14 dollars and now are 21 dollars.

👤I didn't like the fact that almost half of what I paid came inedible and garbage. I'm angry.

👤C'est pas 6 boltes, 1 bolte contenant 6 sachets.

👤I thought it was for 6 boxes. I can't believe you can price a small box of snacks for 35 dollars.

👤A prix ce fournisseur. Ce produit est arrivé, un état inacceptable. Vous venait l'idée de consommer leur marchandise. Arrivées et explosées, et ouvertes, sans parler de la couleur douteuse. The date of péremption is aussi s'est proche de la limite. Je tiens aussi souligner, je n'ai ouvert aucune. videmment pas de possibilité de retour. Merite mme pas.

6. Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Multi Pack 20 Count

Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Multi Pack 20 Count

There are 20 packs of Dark Chocolate Milano cookies. The smell is noxious. Enjoy dark chocolate. Cease and Desist: Milano baked cookies have a delicate flavor. Put yourself first and indulge with Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie. There are on-the-go treats. It's easy to take Milano cookies with you.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm

👤I am so excited about these! The 2 packs are great. They are also cheap at the store.

👤Some buyers were not familiar with Milano Cookies. There were some complaints that there wasn't enough chocolate. That is how they make them. The use by date was only 3 months. That is standard. Some reviewers thought the cookies weren't crisp enough. Milano is a cookie. Each bag has 3 layers with 4 cookies. There are 12 cookies per bag and 36 cookies for $8 plus free shipping. Next day delivery was free. Only a small percentage of the cookies had broken in half. There was no chocolate melted outside of the cookie. In 97' weather, my bags were shipped to Port Charlotte, Florida. The condition may become more broken as they travel. I am enjoying my cookies so much. The reviewer said the cookies were small. Pepperidge Farm always makes them the same way. The cookies are very delicious and I recommend them, but I would like to see a bit more peppermint flavor.

👤They were a cheap way to get to 5 items for the month and a 15% discount, so I ordered them as a subscribe and save item. These cookies came packaged and fresh, and my wife likes them. These are smaller cookies than the ones in the paper package at the grocery store. They taste the same, but are less than the size. The packaging was not clear to me, but the Amazon listing was. The reduced size isn't a big deal, but it was a surprise when I was expecting the same cookies I was used to.

👤The cookies were broken when they arrived. Some of the items were good, but overall this was not a good purchase.

👤It was wonderful! The cookies come in a plastic case and have a plastic insert to stop them from being crushed. Excellent for lunch and snacks. I bought these on May 12th and they are perfect for our needs.

👤Pepperidge Farms is a great product. These cookies are very good. There are two cookies per package. There are 20 packages of 2 each in the tub. There's very fresh and delicious. The dark chocolate filling is very good.

👤My daughter loves cookies. So do I. I try not to eat them too often. They come in individual packs with 2 cookies. It's easier to resist having a whole than a tiny bag. You don't need to worry about Amazon or the kids crushing the goodies inside on accident while trying to race each other to see who gets the first taste, you can just buy a nice hard plastic tub. I believe the exp date was in 5 months, but that will not be a problem. Not letting them eat them all up in a few weeks is not right. I'm positive these things would stay fresh after that time. Considering how much it costs for a small bag of them at a discount store, it's really great. Will buy again. If you are going to a party with your friends, you will want to give a hostess a good gift. You could get a medium size cookie tray and open up the individual packages for a cookie swap or a really easy tray to bring to a party. It would fill up a tray and allow you to keep a few at home. Any type of party. Can't go wrong ordering these.

7. Planters Deluxe Pistachio Salted Canister

Planters Deluxe Pistachio Salted Canister

The DeLUXE PISTACHIO MIX is for plants. The mix contains a variety of salted nuts, including pistachios, almonds and cashews. Plants nuts. The 14 ounce canister of PLANTERS Deluxe Pistachio Mix has a lid designed to keep it fresh for a long time. There are mixed nuts. The nuts are seasoned with salt. Ready to eat is the state of readiness. A great source of energy. 160 calories per 1 ounce serving of roasted mixed nuts are a great snack. The cashews are certified mixed nuts. The mixed nuts are great for those keeping Kosher. Plants were mixed with nuts. Nuttin' beats Planters. They're great for sharing and are snacks for kids or adults. Enjoy as a game day snack, movie night snack, or as a holiday gift. Planters nuts, peas, and peanuts can be used to satisfy a salty craving.

Brand: Planters

👤The label shows a lot of cashews. Not much. There are only 5 or 6 pieces in the can. The same thing happened in all the cans that were bought. There are a lot of nuts. You're led to believe that cashews are included in the mix. The flavor of the nuts was not good. They will absorb the flavor of the other contents, but they were bland. The cashews were bland. I won't buy again and can't recommend. Will buy the nuts individually. There are no more mixes.

👤The name should be Planters Salted Almond Mix. There were more almonds than cashews. Not worth the price.

👤This mix has to many almonds. I don't need a can of Planters Deluxe Pistachio Mix that has almonds in it. If they are going to do that, they should either skin or flavor the almonds. If that was the case, the price would be great. I end up throwing out some almonds because it's not fair.

👤We were not happy with the purchase. It's a mix of Pistachios. It had very little pistachios. Almonds and cashews were more plentiful than anything else. It's frustrating when you think you're buying it for the pistachios. Lesson learned.

👤The contents of this CAN are mostly almonds. You need a pair of tweezers to pick up the small pistachios. I would buy almonds if I wanted them. I lose my cool when I feel a merchant deceived me. I told the company that I wouldn't purchase their product again, even though they offered to send a coupon to replace it.

👤The mix has my favorite nuts. There is an addiction. They are always fresh and have an expiration date of 8-20.

👤My husband likes this mix of nuts. It is his favorite. They don't last long in our house. My daughter and I would love to get some before they leave. A high-quality nut mix. The cashews and pistachios are the favorites, but we love it all. The planters are for the win. A delicious snack for our family.

👤Good for the price and the taste. I love it and my guests love it.

👤The children love it.

8. SOS Food Labs Inc 185000825

SOS Food Labs Inc 185000825

A 30 year shelf life is possible. The package weight is 1.6 lbs. Product type is safety supply Us Coast Guard has been approved.

Brand: Sos Food Labs, Inc.

👤The product was 2 years into its shelf life. The 1I was manufactured in July of 2016 and will be gone in June of 2021. They are being sold as having a long shelf life. I only get 3 years out of this one.

👤Trans Fat should not be in a food product. I will not buy any more from the food lab. There are many other choices.

👤Trans fat is dangerous for your circulation system. The daily limit for adults is 2 grams, but even one bar contains a much higher amount. The picture of its "nutrition facts" on Amazon's page was not accurate.

👤Of the 13 that I have received, four have not been vacuum sealed. The advertised shelf life is questionable because of the holes in the packaging. I bought 10 of them and 3 were bad. I returned them. Thanks to Amazon, which is very easy. I received three more backs, one of which was not vacuum sealed. I wouldn't trust this product in a life or death situation because of the high failure rate.

👤I bought these on Amazon for under 10 bucks, so I could try them out. I would like to make sure that you all catch the thing that I found a little misleading. The package only contains 3,600 calories, which is not advertised as a three-day supply. If you consider that the average person eats 2,000 calories per day or more, you can get a more accurate depiction of how this would last for you. If you wanted it to last for three days, you would need 1,200 calories per day. Depending on your level of activity, it may last. Keep that in mind. The good, now! The taste was pretty decent, and grew on me while I ate the first bar, which was the equivalent of 400 calories. The packaging was great. These suckers were packaged in a very versatile "brick" that would make storage and transport a breeze. There are clearly marked expiration and multiplication dates. If you are curious, you can open the outer packaging and keep the seal on the bars inside. The bars are wrapped individually in the packaging so you can test a few and leave the rest in there for future use. The outer packaging is made to preserve shelf life. You're left with a standard wrapper after it's broken open. Hope that helps. I'll buy more of them now that I know the taste isn't bad. It goes great with coffee.

👤I received this in June after ordering it in February. The product was useless because the vacuum seal was non-existent. I have the same food ration that is 10 years old with a vacuum seal and I'm not happy about it. There was no way to get a replacement. I am more unhappy now that the price has increased. If you received a ration without a good vacuum seal, you should return it.

👤The seal broke when one of the two ordered arrived. To reach out to the seller about replacement, and not to open it in case they want to exchange it for something else. These things are strong. * The sealed package is as solid as brick. The package clearly shows the date of manufacture and the date of expiration, which is nice compared to some similar products. When sealed, it is 4.5 x 4.875 x 2. It's perfect for keeping an emergency bag. I'll update the review if the "open" one is replaced.

9. StarKist Chunk Light Tuna Water

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna Water

A delicious, sweetened beverage. The StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water is dolphin safe. Each of their convenient, nutrition dense tuna pouch contains 100% all-natural chunk light tuna that is perfect for quick snacks or meals on the go. Excellent source of protein. Their tuna has 17g of Omega 3s and 70 calories per serving. It works well with Weight Watchers diet plans. It's a good idea to add vegetable to your diet. Adding StarKist tuna to your diet is a great way to add seafood to your diet and fit in with your active lifestyle. It is perfect to eat in a tuna salad sandwich. It is always delicious and ready when you are, because their flavor fresh tuna pouch preserves the freshness of your favorite meal or snack. There is no need for a can opener or draining. The StarKist 4-Pack is the best way to buy tuna in bulk. These tuna pouches are great to have handy for when hunger strikes, they are easy to store and are great to have when you are on the go.

Brand: Starkist

👤My cat is a picky eater and we found something he liked to eat. I ordered 20 boxes from this seller. There are 3 orders in total. I found one of the boxes missing a pouch in my last order. I check my shipments when they arrive more often than not because I find errors. I don't like having to count every time to see if I got what I paid for. It wasn't 12 missing pouches. I let it go. If you haven't received your complete order, you should check it.

👤I've ordered this before and have been pleased. I received a box of tuna packets. I don't know how I knew it was returned. It was not properly sealed. The top of the box was not sealed with tape. The box was closed by folding the cardboard flaps. I found out why the box was returned when I opened it. The entire box was perfumed with home-made fish sauce because one of the packets was not sealed.

👤It's shark week and you have a chance to prove that you're the sharkist of sharks by being followed around by a camera man while the other sharks don't. You made a deal with a pucker fish who was impressed by your sharkiness to reside in the dolphins blower hole so you can have the last laugh.

👤I've made several purchases of the large packs in the past, so, when I saw these little single-serving packs for such a reasonable price, I ordered them! I don't have to stand and drain the cans because I have the pouch, and I don't have to worry about losing the tuna bits. Since I can't stand for more than a couple minutes at a time, the ability to just sit at the counter to do all of the preparation of any meal, including lunch, gives me that much more independence, and lets me have more nutrition. I would like mylar packaging to be recycled, like the cans are, but hopefully someone will figure that out. I think the Star Kist soft-pack tuna has a great flavor and makes my life easier.

👤The package came all beat up, but I love the tuna. You can see how my tuna pouch fell out of the box. The pouches were all different ways as shown in the pics, it looks like someone put them back in the factory box. The factory box opened as I attached it.

👤I use these for lunch every few days with tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, salt and spices and a broad guide. I've been experimenting with the spices and so far find that Italian spices, cumin, garlic, paprika, chili pepper, and Himalayan salt works well to counteract the tuna flavor with 5 minutes of simmering in a 2 quart lidded saucepan followed with addition of lemon juice and the tuna that are The tuna can be added quickly by tearing open a pouch, squeezing all of it into a saucepan and mashing it into small pieces with a fork. I use the 2 quart saucepan to reduce the amount of liquid compared to the recipe so that it can be consumed easily at once and do not bother tasting the mix before the tuna has been added. This could serve 2 people with 20 grams of food.

10. Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce

Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce

Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce is in a can. The entire family loves messy favorites. A delicious tomato base with classic seasonings makes everyone smile. Manwich sauce is great for sloppy joe sandwiches and is also great on a lot of things. Put this canned sauce with lean ground beef or ground turkey and serve.

Brand: Manwich

👤Add a scoop of garlic and onions to your burger and put it on a bun with cheese and Tater tots.

👤The tour. Yes, that's right! Hearing your dad whistle the sloppy joe song makes you sloppy joes. It's a good thing. It's cheaper at walmart then on Amazon.

👤Trying to top off an order. I used it to make sloppy joes. It came out great with a few added ingredients. It has a slight red pepper flavor, but no heat. I keep a few cans of tomato products on hand to flavor different recipes. I keep it in a bottle in the fridge. A great discovery in the kitchen. Have a great day!

👤I threw the cans away because they were damaged. They couldn't stand on a shelf.

👤This product is a great tasting treat. The quick prepare and cook time along with the mouth watering flavor makes for a great meal. Add your own ingredients.

👤It wasn't as good as you think. Like Minature Golfing. Add an extra cup of sugar and a dash of BBQ sauce to pasta sauce. Add a meal. Wait for the Giant Gloved Hand to hit you.

👤My experience was the same as that of other reviewers, one of four cans was severely damaged. The damage to the can was on the side opposite to the rim used by the can opener. The shipment was well packaged. The damage was obvious to whoever picked the cans. This is an excellent product that needs more careful handling and monitoring.

11. Pringles Flavored Variety Original Cheddar

Pringles Flavored Variety Original Cheddar

These ready-to-go snacks are delicious and fun to snack on. Pringles Potato Crisps are available in cups of different potato crisp varieties. Original is Kosher Pareve, and it's always tasty, never greasy. Variety Pack contains milk and wheat ingredients and can be eaten at home or on the go. There are 27 cups of ready to eat potato crisps, 6 cups of Original, 6 cups of Sour Cream and Onion, 6 cups of Cheddar Cheese, 3 cups of BBQ, and 3 cups of Pizza.

Brand: Pringles

👤This was not a good idea. They were crumbs when they arrived. Not a single chip is intact. Pitiful.

👤The snack sizes of Pringle's are very convenient for a quick snack and lunch. The chips were broken into pieces when they arrived. I was worried that might happen during shipment but I gave it a shot. We will pay a little more to get the chips in store for now.

👤I was worried that they would be crumbs upon arrival. However, they were intact! They have a lot of different things. I haven't seen flavors like pizza in stores. We love these so much that we have them on a subscription. It's a great size for school lunches. I highly recommend.

👤All pringles are delicious. My kid loves the cheddar flavor even if he isn't a fan of cheese. This is all positive. We didn't get all the crumbled up stuff. I can't relate to those reviewers. The portions are the main issues for me. There is nothing to eat. The cup will not contain many chips. I don't want them to stop. I think that's correct. All that plastic is the other issue. What a waste. Think about it, all those people buying these multipacks have a few pieces to eat, and then they go. The plastic cup will live on. I am not a tree hugger, but I might give them a hug or two, especially in the summer, but these cups are a waste. They are the real deal, not the flimsy ones. I probably won't do it again. It's a pity.

👤These are great! They were in an Amazon box and didn't get crushed a lot. They are a little bit, but what can I say? It is bound to get a bit broken because of the amount of travel.

👤My son has 27 students in his room so finding snacks with that quantity can be a challenge. I found this and my son loves pringles for the money. I'm sure the other kids liked them. Everyone can have their own cup of chips from the three different flavors in the box. I will buy them again in the future. I try to get something different each month, but I will run out of options and come back to these. They would be great for his school lunch as he doesn't eat in the cafeteria. I might get them again for that, instead of the individual bags I usually carry. Great find!

👤Each packet contained different amounts of chips. One packet may have 15 or more chips, and the other may have 10 or more. Most of the time they have been sitting in the warehouse, they tasted like it. The sour cream and onion was the only variety I liked. I feel like these were over priced, and just sitting around the warehouse type of product. I am always worried about purchasing food products from Amazon because they can be hit or miss, and I am left holding the bag.


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What are the best brands for food under 10 dollars for people?

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