Best Food Under 5 Dollars for People

Dollars 19 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Swiss Miss Marshmallow Cocoa Envelopes

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Cocoa Envelopes

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix with 1.38-ounce packets is included. 160 calories per serving is what the Swiss Miss classics hot cocoa mix has. The hot beverage features mini marshmallows that are loved by moms and kids. There is no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. The item form is powdered. The classic Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix has a timeless flavor that brings delight to every sip. This hot cocoa mix with mini marshmallows is a delicious treat for kids and a moment of relaxation after a long day playing in the snow.

Brand: Swiss Miss

👤I was very pleased with my purchase. I read reviews where people had received open packets and I was concerned. All the packets were sealed properly and undisturbed, even though I bought it anyway. It was much larger than I anticipated and that is always a nice surprise. I am ready for winter. Will purchase this again in the future.

👤The outside box looked like it had been emptied of damaged boxes and put into a new pristine box. There were at least two punctured envelopes and the others were crumpled and in a mess with a lot of loose powder. I won't be ordering again. I made one envelope and it tasted good, but the mess is not worth it to me. I will take a picture after I get them straightened up.

👤I have opened every packet that I have seen so far. The flavor seems to be the same, but you have to wonder if the package or product has gotten wet or moist. I have bought all of the Swiss-Miss from Kroger stores and I am wondering where this package is. Let me know if you have big chunks in your order. This is gross and disgusting. They do not dissolution.

👤I couldn't pass it up because I saw it for the price of two 8-pack boxes at my local grocery store and I couldn't pass it up. It seems like there may be more chocolate mix in each pack. I use the same amount of hot water every time and these taste better when I buy them from my local grocery store because it's light in flavor and watered down. Don't know what to say about that. This is a great value.

👤Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with marshmallows sells for an incredible price per package. I bought a lot of this product because my friends and family love to receive them as gifts, and I always ask if they are going to get more hot chocolate when the holidays roll around. They are looking forward to the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with marshmallows. I like to drink Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and watch the mini marshmallows melt because it warms me from inside out, and it also gives me a sense of comfort. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys playing in the snow, and is especially enjoyable during the winter months. Swiss Miss has an excellent flavor, but I like it a little stronger than what is recommended on their packaging. It tastes a little watery if I follow their instructions. I use less water than recommended because I like my hot cocoa strong and bold. I like a solid cocoa flavor even though I'm a rebel for not following instructions. You can buy Swiss Miss and share it with your friends. They will appreciate it.

👤Still satisfied, but not as many packets as expected.

👤The most recent shipment was well packed and arrived without issue. The outside box was completely open when the shipment was received. This happened twice. I initially thought it was a joke, but it has happened more than once and I thought it was worth sharing. The packets were all within the shipping envelope and the Swiss Miss box was wide open. Very disappointing. The product is great but the shipping is not up to par, so only a 1 star rating is given.

2. Health Extension Little Chicken 1 Pound

Health Extension Little Chicken 1 Pound

The Health Extension Little Bites Chicken & Brown Rice recipe is a one pound dry dog food. Deboned chicken is the #1 ingredient. Apple Cider Vinegar and ginger are natural supplements.

Brand: Health Extension

👤I own a mini poodle. It's about 6-7 lbs. We gave her Beneful for a long time. She has been itching for a year. The dog grooming salon recommended that we buy a healthier dog food. I bought chicken and lamb. The lamb was used first. She liked it. We tried the chicken and brown rice. She likes it. The bits are small and easy for her to eat. Her itching has stopped. The dog food is great. We chose this for our little pupper.

👤I am not sure what happened from November 2020 to April 2021. I had purchased 3 bags for her before she had a bag. I just renewed her. The little bites bag is 1 lbs. Something changed in their formula. She loved him in June 2020. I got a 1 lbs in august and she was not fond of it. The size was the same. I bought a 15 lbs HE in October 2020 because she didn't like it. I wanted her to continue to eat this because I am a strong believer in the products ingredients. I bought her a pound in April 2021. I noticed a change in size. She loves eating it with the size difference. It looks lighter than her old food and is significantly smaller. Maybe it is the bag. It was good for her. She is able to eat it. I hope this doesn't change when I buy another pound. I used to give her less than a handful because she didn't like the food. I will give her a small amount of food. She will eat every last piece. She is picky and pickiest food eater.

👤People who feed the typical Beneful, IAMS, etc should try this stuff. Your pet won't stink so bad, be fat and hungry all of the time, and be dull in its haircoat. I used to do pet food demos for other brands and could see a poor diet pet a mile away. You will see it after 3 weeks.

👤Our little one loves Health Extension Little Bites, it is a 5 star rated food, and the ingredients are just what I want her to eat. I haven't figured out how to use the coupon on Amazon to purchase the larger size of the food, and it's quite pricey. When I called the customer service agent had a language barrier and didn't have time to work on it. I will try to ask again. It would be worth it to feed it to our little one on a regular or rotating basis if I could get a sale or subscribe and save.

👤We started with this food when we brought the puppy home. We switched her to something else when we ran out of food. She ate something else for a long time but got sick of it and went back to her favorite food. I would give it a try and it would be easy with the 1 pound bag. The one-pound trail bag that Amazon sells for over $3.49 is not the bag that says it's $3.49. If a 3rd party did this, I could understand. It's sold directly from Amazon, so be careful.

3. WISCONSIN Turkey Protein Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Turkey Protein Resealable Package

Old Wisconsin turkey snack sticks are made from high quality turkey meat. Turkey sausage snack sticks are high in calories and low in fat. Turkey sticks are snack on-the-go. No bad things. The snack sticks are made in the USA. Turkey snack sticks are a great alternative to dried meat snacks.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤The beef sticks were partially turned white and black and were in the packaging. I was afraid to touch it. I only counted 10 sticks in the package, while the packages I purchased at a number of local grocery stores always contained 13 sticks. I felt cheated even more. Do not buy.

👤The bag is puffed up like a balloon, making me question if they are safe to eat. Have never been opened.

👤I usually buy a different brand of these in my local grocery store. I used social media to find something similar. I ordered one bag and thought they were good, so I bought three more. There were three bags, one with 12 sticks and two with 10 sticks. It's enough of a deficit in the bag that makes you wonder if someone has opened the bag and taken sticks out. I would recommend that you tell the package how many sticks you are getting. I may have gotten 10 sticks with my first order, but I was supposed to get 12. It's not consistent.

👤I ordered 3 packages. The packages arrived on Monday. I spit out the snack stick when I opened it. It tastes like dog food. I gave everyone in my family a snack stick to make sure they didn't like it. They all agree that it is bad. One package was thrown away. The other package has not been opened. I received my third package on Wednesday. I saw a change in the color. The 3rd package is fresh. I open it and let my son try it. It is good. I try it and it is good. The first two packages I received were rotten and shouldn't be fed to dogs. The picture was used to compare the good and bad ones. Notice the difference? I will leave a great review for my 3rd package.

👤I ordered 3 more because I loved the first bag so much. Some sticks were missing from one of the bags when it was opened. The other 2 bags were okay. I'm keeping them. The package was fresh and the snack was not too salty. This is a good candidate for low-fat snacking if you're on the diet.

👤You will either love or hate them. I really like them. Years ago, I found this product when I was trying to find snacky things. I like the Sticks. The flavor is best when it's cold. A great snack without calories. I will have two sticks with a stick of cheese. The package is for 6oz and not the 8oz you get in the grocery store. These are priced better than the store. I suffer from Migraines and do not find nitrates to affect me. I have purchased several times from Amazon and have never had a bad package, as other reviewers have mentioned. The package I received today expires in December 2020.

👤I used to buy these for my kids when they were younger. The quality has changed recently. Several other reviewers had a sealed bag that developed mold on the ends of the sticks. The meat sticks have become tougher and more dry, as if they have more meat. The bags that are purchased through Amazon have fewer than 12 sticks. I am sorry that I may have sent something gross to others.

4. Maxwell House Ground Coffee Canister

Maxwell House Ground Coffee Canister

Medium roast ground coffee has a smooth taste. The taste of the coffee is great. It is made with 100% coffee beans. Great served with cream and sugar. Try it with the cafe.

Brand: Maxwell House Mainstream Coffee

👤I have been buying this coffee for a long time. I would pick up a container at the grocery store when it was low. I was surprised to find it was listed at a less expensive price on Amazon, as I thought it might be more convenient to buy online. I wanted to be sure that it was shipped by Amazon. I ordered immediately. I opened the flavor lock on my coffee after I used up all the coffee I had. The seal looked normal, but when I opened it, I didn't get the usual coffee smell that I usually get in the morning. My olfactory senses were hit by a smell that reminded me of coffee that had been sitting on an unattended coffee maker for a few days. I needed my dose of caffeine so I made it up. The taste was worse than the smell. It was terrible. I only looked for the expired date. The date was on the side of the container, but it was on the bottom of the container, so I couldn't see it for a while. I was hoping for better results from the brew this morning. After brushing my teeth, I still had a bad taste in my mouth from that coffee. Since it was past the 30-day cutoff for returns or complaints, I was out of luck. I learned that if I order groceries on Amazon, I should check the expiration dates immediately. I will notify Amazon if the date has been deleted or is close to its end. Since this was sold by and shipped from Amazon, I wish they would do a better job of policing their expiration dates. The container should not have been delivered to me in the first place.

👤We used to love it. We found HIlls Bros coffee on Amazon and it was a good price, in a metal can. We drink a lot of coffee. The price of sky rocketed for Hills Brothers on Amazon. Went from 7 bucks to 19 bucks. We had to go to Maxwell House, which is about 6 bucks a can, but they have begun to put some sort of filler in their coffee. We stopped buying it because of that. We went to Hills Bros. at 8 o'clock and then to the other side of the country at 8 o'clock. Why do you raise prices and lower quality when people are hurting? Oh well. We get a cup of coffee. Some people can't afford it. If you have to, drink it. If you read this, will you please go back to the way you were in the early 2000's? Thanks.

👤This stuff is repulsive. It tastes like a pot of coffee that has been sitting on the burner all day at a used car dealership. It smells bad before you brew it. These are some of the lowest quality coffee beans. Don't waste your money.

👤I got my coffee the first of this week after ordering it a few days ago. People were excited to get a pot going because we'd been out for a couple of days. I couldn't drink it because it was so bitter. My son said it was bad.

5. Velveeta Skillets Creamy Stroganoff Dinner

Velveeta Skillets Creamy Stroganoff Dinner

It was made with real cheese. Makes about 5 cups. Ready in about 20 minutes.

Brand: Velveeta

👤I followed the directions. The packet was rather harsh. The same product purchased through Krogers is great, despite the fact that I have had this happen twice before. Amazon is buying the rejects. Never again. This has happened with other products. I am wondering if there is something in these boxes. I might stop buying box purchases from Amazon because of this.

👤It's easy to prepare and has a good flavor. Not a lot of steps. If you make a mistake, it's forgiven. It could be made more like homemade. Cheers!

👤It was loaded with salt. After eating two cups of the stuff, I had to drink water from the liter. The taste was off. Adding milk made that weird flavor go away. I have two boxes of this stuff. I had two in case I loved it and had another in case I hated it and was stuck with 5+ in the pantry until the end of time. Better to buy butcher ground beef, stroganoff noodles, and milk. Bland, but way better than this. Not loaded with so much salt would make the salt lake salt mines cringe.

👤This is the worst food product I've ever had and it's considered a food product at the time of this review. This product should be banned for all eternity and classified as inedible by every governmental organisation that has the ability to. I feel violated by it, and I wish misfortune upon those who allowed it to be distributed. I will seek counseling to recover from a violation of my human rights.

👤One day I needed a side dish and I was skeptical about trying mac & cheese. This was the absolute best mac & cheese I have ever eaten. A very delicious side dish or main meal.

👤It's good, but it could use more power. They give you half a packet for seasoning. I add things like cheese powder or parmesean. There is no perfect solution because it loses some of the philly cheesesteak flavor. Isn't it weird that you can't just buy philly cheesestake powder mix? I would use it in potatoes too.

👤I thought I would like the cheese more than I did. The packet was too much and masked any cheese flavor. I only used 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk, because the box called for 2 cups. I don't think that made a difference in flavor. It was thick and nice, which is how I like dishes like this. I used milk for some of the liquid because it tends to make these sauces thicker and I had tried one that was too watery.

👤These are great meals. I know Cheeseburger Macaroni is popular, but it was ruined for me by the very heavy taste of mustard and ketchup. I like the taste of a cheeseburger, but not a burger with everything on it. The Chicken Alfredo and the Lasagna are our family favorites. It was very easy to make and had good flavor. My 10 year old asked for more after eating his. The Hamburger Helper brand has similar options but lacks in taste. I will re-order them in the future.

6. Gardettos Special Request Roasted Garlic

Gardettos Special Request Roasted Garlic

RYE CHIPS. An irresistible snack with a big, bold taste and a whole bag of delicious chips. Gardetto's signature recipe is used to seasoned the exclusive rye chip they bring you. The party favorite is. It's the perfect party mix snack for all shapes and sizes, not your standard pub mix, trail mix, or bar snack. Gardetto's speciality is. A snack made with only your favorite garlic pieces.

Brand: Gardetto's

👤I usually enjoy your product. When I got the product, it was 1/3 of an inch thick, and every single chip inside was smashed and broken into a product that now looks like a bowl of dust. I will order it through Amazon the last time.

👤We got three big bags this time and all of them were burnt and flavorless, which I can overlook because they're so delicious and a great addition to homemade Chex Mix. They can't be Gardetto's because they didn't survive the Pandemic well. There is a If they're not, the bigger issue that needs attention is the amount of fake, cheaply made, and possibly dangerous products Amazon sells or allows to be sold as the real thing in their name.

👤The bag that arrived had a 6 inch slit from the top to the bottom. There was damage to that bag that was visible without opening it. The chips were crushed. The chips can't be returned.

👤Sooo good! I don't have to root through the mixed bags anymore. I ended up mixing some of these flats with some original gardettos to make it. I want more of that, but not just eating the flats. It's like a gardettos hack for me. I love these!

👤I like eating this product. The first time I ordered it, it was packed well and no problems. Almost every chip was broken into many many pieces when it was by itself in a box. I don't want to eat them that way. I have to spend more money to get them in a store.

👤These are not ideal to buy online. It is most likely to be shattered into pieces. You buy these because you want the garlic chips in a gardetto's bag, but don't want all the other pretzels or other pieces that aren't the rye chips. The standard bag is still the winner in my opinion. The best thing to do is get both bags and mix them together because the standard bag never has enough of these chips inside. Enjoy! 5 out of 5 is still a good score.

👤I'm usually good at avoiding snacks, but if they are in the house, I have to have them. I try to wrap them up and promise myself I won't eat anymore. I can't stay away. They're so good. chips of bliss

👤I don't think it's Amazon's fault that they always arrive in such bad condition, but I think it's the fault of the numbnuts who ship them alone. I can't stop eating them, they are delicious.

7. BUMBLE Chicken Crackers Protein Groceries

BUMBLE Chicken Crackers Protein Groceries

Chicken salad with crackers is a premium, fresh-tasting chicken salad that includes canned chicken salad, six crackers and spoon. Chicken teriyaki with crackers is delicious. There is a pack of 3.5 ounce Bumble Bee snack on the run. Chicken Salad with Crackers Kit will satisfy you and your family whenever you want a snack or quick lunch. There are protein knives. The Bumble Bee chicken salad with crackers kit is a good source of calories. There is a sheath kit for chickens. The Bumble Bee snacked on the run. Chicken salad with crackers kits are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping and sports, they are already mixed and ready-to-go wherever you go. There are conveyor belts. Enjoy the snack on the run. Perfectly sized for your lunch box or lunch bag, the chicken salad with crackers kits are a great-tasting snack. There are conveyor belts. Enjoy the snack on the run. Perfectly sized for your lunch box or lunch bag, the chicken salad with crackers kits are a great-tasting snack.

Brand: Bumble Bee

👤The chicken salad snack kits were for $3. The white cushion pack was sealed together with a plastic wrap. The boxes looked bent, but I thought they were inside the package. I didn't find out about the damage until I was at work for two days in a row. The salad had black mold around the top of the can and the seal was open. I live in Florida and things don't go well there, but I'm sure the heat didn't help it when the packages got damaged. I've ordered the tuna salad kits before and have not had any problems. I have bought this product before at the grocery store and thought it was an easy purchase. Thankfully the crackers were good, so I got to eat something for lunch, even though it was disappointing. I was not happy with the purchase.

👤I don't know how to describe this salad. Not eaten. Avoid at all costs. People with intact taste buds are needed to taste new products. I like sour foods, but this one is not like drinking salty vinegar. My mouth tastes bad only when I think about it. Too much hustle to leave. I will add olive oil to the salad and mix it with potato salad.

👤My husband has diabetes and needs to eat something small throughout the day so he can stay stable and not get sick between meals. The taste is better than the tuna, the recipe is nice and thick, but it can get really annoying if you mix a bunch before you eat. I am happy with the quality of these. I am not allergic to them and I hope they never change the recipe on me. I love the fact that they aren't watery or like a star kiss. I keep 2 in my purse in case they are a life saver for people with diabetes. burpless cucumbers would be the only improvement I could suggest.

👤If I were on a desert island and a box washed up on shore, I would want it to be filled with boxes of these snacks. I could live forever. It's funny. I'm almost addicted to them. I like the flavor, the convenience and the fact that I can't think of anything to eat. I go to the cupboard to get a gem. Don't run out! These are my go-to snack and I never get tired of them. They can be added to any diet with 300 calories or less. My favorite snack ever!

👤If you are going on a road trip and need to take something with you, these little cans are a good choice as they are easy to open and have a spreader for Chicken salad and 6 crackers. I don't like the fact that there is more relish than Chicken, there is barely enough Chicken to know that you're eating Chicken salad. These would be good if they added more chicken. They aren't that great tasting. I wouldn't order them again. I ordered them as an add on and will try the tuna salad ones.

8. Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce

Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce

Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce is in a can. The entire family loves messy favorites. A delicious tomato base with classic seasonings makes everyone smile. Manwich sauce is great for sloppy joe sandwiches and is also great on a lot of things. Put this canned sauce with lean ground beef or ground turkey and serve.

Brand: Manwich

👤Add a scoop of garlic and onions to your burger and put it on a bun with cheese and Tater tots.

👤The tour. Yes, that's right! Hearing your dad whistle the sloppy joe song makes you sloppy joes. It's a good thing. It's cheaper at walmart then on Amazon.

👤Trying to top off an order. I used it to make sloppy joes. It came out great with a few added ingredients. It has a slight red pepper flavor, but no heat. I keep a few cans of tomato products on hand to flavor different recipes. I keep it in a bottle in the fridge. A great discovery in the kitchen. Have a great day!

👤I threw the cans away because they were damaged. They couldn't stand on a shelf.

👤This product is a great tasting treat. The quick prepare and cook time along with the mouth watering flavor makes for a great meal. Add your own ingredients.

👤It wasn't as good as you think. Like Minature Golfing. Add an extra cup of sugar and a dash of BBQ sauce to pasta sauce. Add a meal. Wait for the Giant Gloved Hand to hit you.

👤My experience was the same as that of other reviewers, one of four cans was severely damaged. The damage to the can was on the side opposite to the rim used by the can opener. The shipment was well packaged. The damage was obvious to whoever picked the cans. This is an excellent product that needs more careful handling and monitoring.

9. ANGEL Toilet Paper Tissue Sheets

ANGEL Toilet Paper Tissue Sheets

An ideal balance of strength and softness is always within your budget. Mega Roll is equal to 4 Angel Soft Regular Rolls. You change the roll less often if you use the Mega Rolls because they have 4 times the toilet paper. Soft, strong, septic safe in standard, well maintained sewer and septic systems, and made from sustainable trees. Each pack contains 4 Mega Rolls with a total of 425 sheets.

Brand: Angel Soft

👤When my husband told me that he had ordered this, I was horrified that we as a society have become so greedy that we are getting into the over priced toilet paper gang. I am not using an old sock. Angel Soft is slightly better. Let's talk about that. When I opened the package, I heard a small scream from within my cheeks, begging to stop before I destroyed our relationship. I knew it was a high pressure setting on my bathtub wand. The glue layer was a bit excessive. I tried to make it a wipeable piece by pulling it away from the not glued portions. The paper towels in the gas station islands were what I recognized as the texture. I tried as hard as I could to not get a papercut in the uncomfortable area. I had to start over after the wad dropped. The paper was put in a cash register to be used for redemptions. I pushed on. After 10 minutes of fighting with fingers, I felt clean, and then a piece of my virginity was stuck in the crack. It will be in the back of the cupboard waiting for a tree or the day we have nothing left to buy. I will sit for a week.

👤I bought this bath tissue in July 2020. In the past Angel Soft bath tissue has been soft, but this is not the same. It's not as thick or soft. I have to use more to avoid tearing it. I understand that people are buying up things. Quality is also going down.

👤I will never use any other paper. I have used this brand for over 10 years and it is wonderful. There is no harmful chemicals or dyes that affect the woman's personal area, and it helps to avoid any of the other toilet papers that have dyes and smells in them.

👤Our regular Charmin was replaced. The product was cheaper than the Charmin. I like the Mega size rolls. Will buy again.

👤I was surprised to find this online at Amazon because on the site a couple weeks before there was nothing left for bath issues or anywhere in the world, and when this came online at Amazon you can't beat the price and maximum amount is three packs, which isn't bad. I go really. I told her I was sure they had an antibiotic or a cure, she said. If they don't know what kind of virus it's sad, but my child told me about the first case in the US in January of 2020 and I'm just thankful she knew.

👤If you don't know how to use toilet paper, ask someone. I only buy Angel Soft. The shipment arrived quickly.

👤Wow! The scent-odor of this toilet paper is strong and pervasive. Reeking as if someone spilled the worst smelling bottle of perfume next to you. You can still smell it even if you're not close to it. First whiff made me sick. It was as if I was holding a roll in my hand if I was standing 20 or 30 feet away. That strong. What do you think about the smell? Fresh linen is like cheap perfume or cologne. The reason I bought it. I like the smell of fresh linen. Like leaving the washer-dryer. My friends received 4 Mega rolls of toilet paper. I rated it two stars. It is a nice paper. I buy it all the time. Second for value. The price of this toilet paper is a good buy. I couldn't use it to knock off three stars. It's just my opinion, but others may find it enjoyable. I wanted to share it because I like people who share their experiences. Amazon is a great place to shop.

10. Bibigo Sauce Gochujang Sweet 11 5

Bibigo Sauce Gochujang Sweet 11 5

The Hot & Sweet Gochujang Sauce is great for dipping. It's a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors that's good for almost all food. In your next party, you must have barbecue, steak, hot dogs, hamburgers, finger foods, and friends. It contains wheat and soybean. It contains wheat and soybean. There is a bottle.

Brand: Bibigo

👤It's unbelievable. I was going to try these out, so I ordered 2. I opened the sealed bag and saw two big roaches. It's amazing! I took one out to see if there were any more roaches, and 2 more around the cap of the other container. There is a I threw them away. You should check your bag for roaches. There is no telling what other shipments have in them if I had 4 roaches in it. Very sad and sickening at the same time. Before using your containers, be sure to wash them thoroughly. A very disappointed customer.

👤I've been a fan of gochujang since I first tasted it at the Spoon restaurant in Berkeley. I used to go to that restaurant in large party because the gochujang was so good, even though the dolsot bibimbap and mung bean pancakes are both 10/10. Their gochujang was hot like a sauce from a sriracha movie, but with a second flavor channel of fermentation, a slightly sour beer-like flavor. I am sure that they would dominate the gochujang market if they only sold that stuff at retail. I can't even get them to give me a small cup. I have ordered at least three different types of gochujang on Amazon. Wholly Gochujang was the most expensive. It's definitely in the same ballpark as Spoon's. The sour/fermented flavor was strong. The second best was Chun Jung One, which is half the price of Wholly Gochujang and has a still-weaker ferment flavor. It seems like the bibigo gochujang should not have the same word as the spoon sauce. I suppose it is a decent sauce. It's very different and kind of ordinary. It is sweeter. It tasted like a sweet sauce that was mixed with hot sauce. If it is not in a refrigerator, it is a thinner and more watery. The flavor is mostly absent. I like the packaging because I prefer to use my hands rather than a spoon, and I like the other two kinds too. It's not worth giving up the flavor. I think I'm going to spend money on Wholly Gochujang, even though this sauce is not awful.

👤I used to be able to find this at my local Walmart, but I am pretty sure they stopped carrying it as I have not seen it there in a year. I love this hot sauce. It's my duty to make any dish better. I love it because it's slightly sweet and not spicy. I am sensitive to spicy foods and cannot stand a lot of hot sauces, but this one is absolutely perfect. It's not too spicy. I would recommend this for people who want to add some kick to their food but are afraid of it being too spicy. It's a perfect combo of sweet and spicy. The more you use this product, the less spicy it becomes. It's a good beginner's hot sauce. I use it for fried rice, or any dish that could use some heat. I have bought back and will continue to do so. Love, love, love! I love how it's so easy to get, instead of having to get some gochujang sauces.

11. Amazon Brand Clover Previously Solimo

Amazon Brand Clover Previously Solimo

This product was previously a Solimo product. The product is the same size and quality as it was when it was part of the Happy Belly brand. There is a honey bear. The product is heated and processed to aid the process. It's perfect for baked goods and other beverages. Their honey is lighter in color. The honey bees visit flowers that vary in color and flavor. Honey is safe for consumption because it will oxidize in color and become crystallising. They're proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Happy Belly

👤This is wonderful. I buy it all the time. I like the taste of the bottle and it works very well. I wipe the side. It's not often needed. The best thing about honey is that it gets used before it gets crystalized or the container needs more than a wipe on the outside with a damp cloth. If you use it 2 times a week, it's the perfect size for one or two months. The flip top lid keeps the ingredients fresh. I love this product. The product was fresh and delicious. My Mother would have given her eye teeth for a container back in the 1950's and '60's when she was raising a family. Great job!

👤I use it in my tea. It's pretty good. The cap was properly protected. It's okay for the price to not be retail. It's not clear why honey has to be in a bear shaped container. It makes it more difficult to get all the honey out.

👤I had some really local organic honey that made me change my mind about honey. This honey is very much a commercial honey, with a light "honey" taste, and it's sweet. It's hard to compare the flavors of local honey and imported honey. This honey is perfect for cooking and using. If it's a special occasion, you might want to get some high end honey, as the flavor is different.

👤This is good honey. I like using it in my tea. The price is correct. I think it's a good idea.

👤Great honey. It has been well blended. It is clear and thick. I made home made biscuits to try out the new honey. Everyone loved it. This is a good value. 100% satisfied.

👤It's good but not as good as bodega. I think I will eat the extra expense. My family is fine. Stay safe!

👤This has a delicious flavor and it almost has a little bit of a wildflower flavor, but it's still a little milder than a full Wildflower honey. I was surprised at the price. I originally ordered it because it was so expensive. I would order it again.

👤A toddler had too much fun with the cap and came in a big box. It is sealed for safety, but now my honey doesn't have a lid.


What is the best product for food under 5 dollars for people?

Food under 5 dollars for people products from Swiss Miss. In this article about food under 5 dollars for people you can see why people choose the product. Health Extension and Old Wisconsin are also good brands to look for when you are finding food under 5 dollars for people.

What are the best brands for food under 5 dollars for people?

Swiss Miss, Health Extension and Old Wisconsin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food under 5 dollars for people. Find the detail in this article. Maxwell House Mainstream Coffee, Velveeta and Gardetto's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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