Best Food Vaccumed Sealer Handheld

Sealer 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Handheld 1 Gallon

FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Handheld 1 Gallon

FoodSaver bags and containers are used in the refrigerator and pantry to keep food fresh. Product 1. A handheld seal can seal up to 60 bags. Product 1: Powerful vacuum technology removes excess air from vacuum seal bags quickly. The built-in cord management system keeps countertops neat while the charging base provides a strong Charge. Product 2 is 12 gallon-size vacuum bags. Product 2. The double zip up seals the seal. Product 2 is re-sealable for food items. Product 2 is multi-ply material.

Brand: Foodsaver

2. Machine Bonsenkitchen Starter Compact Portable

Machine Bonsenkitchen Starter Compact Portable

Product 2. It's dishwasher safe. The Bonsenkitchen vacuum sealer has five different modes to choose from to provide the best preservation for your food. You can choose between a dry setting for solid foods or a wet setting for delicate foods, this seal a meal vacuum sealer machine can also use for resealing rolls. Bottles and containers can be vacuum sealed with a jar attachment. The sous-vide vacuum sealer can remove air from vacuum bags. A heat seal is used to keep the air out and prevent freezer or burns. The vacuum packing machine keeps food fresh in the refrigerator up to 7 times longer than normal storage methods, instead of filling it with ice crystals and ending up in the trash. Convenient roll storage with a built-in cutter lets you easily create custom-sized bags without using scissors. Bonsenkitchen and other brands of vacuum sealable bags that roll up to 12 inches are compatible with this vacuum sealer. The portable vacuum sealer is easy to store and move. It is easy to use and clean. Place the food of your choice into a pre-cut or rolled vacuum seal bag, season as you please, insert the open end of the bag into a Bonsenkitchen vacuum food seal bag, and choose your pattern. The vacuum seal needs to be completed in 10 minutes. You can clean the vacuum machine by removing the top cover. The complete starter kit and after sales service. The Bonsenkitchen commercial vacuum seal package includes a vacuum roll bag, 10 vacuum seal bags, 2 vacuum tubes, and a user manual. They will reply to you within a day if you have any problems. They will simply refund your money if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Bonsenkitchen

👤The product we were able to use was faulty. The model we had wasn't shown in the video and the instructions were useless. They didn't have our model on the website. Don't buy. It was useless.

👤I love this product. Shipping was fast.

👤The non-sealer bags have a hard time with the vacuum. I have not been able to get a vacuum seal on some packages. I can seal them with heat but not with a vacuum seal. I love my new vacuum. It is easy to operate.

👤The product is back. Does not work.

👤I tried different bags and it wouldn't seal, I bought this to store food. Not worth the money.

👤I bought one. The vacuum did not work. They replaced it. Got the second one. The vacuum did not work. There are two in a row. I bought a brand name food saver.

👤The product worked as described, but the roll of bags that came with had holes and it couldn't make a tight seal. I had ruined food in my freezer and fridge.

👤Product works, but you have to figure out how to use it on your own. Instructions are notintelligible.

3. ZWILLING Fresh Save Vacuum Pump

ZWILLING Fresh Save Vacuum Pump

Saves time and money by keeping food fresh up to five times longer than non-vacuum storage methods. It reduces food and plastic waste. The Fresh & Save technology preserves flavors and prevents freezer burn. The ZWILLING Culinary World app helps to reduce food waste. Its design is easy to fit in a kitchen.

Brand: Zwilling

👤The box has been damaged and used. The product was pushed back in and the battery was changed. Not sure what the state of the battery is. The battery is a major concern.

👤I was not able to use it to freeze food after I received it.

👤I got rid of my countertop. The bags are easy to reuse. I've done Sous Vide in these bags. It is small in design. Works well. I bought my daughter one because I liked the first one so much.

👤I bought a few of them as gifts. Every single one of them fails to charge the device after a while. I've tried to get in touch with Zwilling to get a replacement cap. They will only allow you to send the entire item back at your own expense, and no guarantee that it will be covered. I just want to buy another cap. The main body should have a charging port on it. Poorly designed. Excellent customer service. There is no replacement part service. These should be recalled.

👤If you can afford it, it works.

👤The vacuum stopped working after 3 uses. I bought two more. I have a spare and one that I can use.

👤I like the swilling system. It's easy to use and everything stays fresh.

👤To keep the food fresh.

👤I bought machines on Amazon to conserve freshness, but all were terrible. This minute is portable and easy to use. Reusable bags and Tupperware are great for storing your food. You are doing a disservice by investing in the machine.

👤The vacuum pump works in principle. It's not very useful for increasing the time food takes because the boxes lost their vacuum over time. The food at the end lasted the same amount of time.

👤The Food Saver makes it easy to keep fruits and veggies fresh. You can have your food in your fridge or freezer in less than a minute.

👤The bags and their contents take up less space in the freezer once the air has been removed because the pump works well.

👤The bags work well with the vacuum. It is stylish and doesn't take up a lot of room. Large food saver machines are more noticeable in the counter.

4. FoodSaver Handheld Machine Cordless Containers

FoodSaver Handheld Machine Cordless Containers

What vacuum bags do you get? The size is 1.06 US gallons. The charging dock does not come with the Sealer.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The Amazon choice is the Amareisbe Handheld Food Saver. It works well with FoodSaver bags and is not67531 by sucking up liquids from wet foods. I ordered the FoodSaver version to replace the one that was 2 - 3 years old, but it became very low-suction and I had to stop using it. The hand-held version of the Amareisbe version has a more powerful battery and motor, and two chambers that prevent liquids from entering and fouling the motor. There is a The FoodSaver version is "cuter".

👤I like the vacuum sealer more than my large one. The only thing you need to do is put the bag with the seal on it. There is no cutting bags or closing the ends. No time was spent making sure the bag was lined up correctly.

👤I didn't want to spend money on a big food saver unit until I was sure I'd keep vacuuming seal food so this works well for my beginner unit. I used the mason jar attachment to vacuum seal jars and took the bottom cap off. It works great, I suggest getting a full size food saver if you will be doing a lot of jars, but for a few at a time this is a much cheaper alternative. It came with a sample of zip bags that are specially designed to be vacuum sealed with this unit, which was handy to vacuum seal any oxygen absorbers I wasn't going to use right then.

👤Is there a dock for this? There are pictures of one. Was not included in my purchase.

👤I have a big Foodsaver machine with a pull out hand Sealer but it is less convenient to drag it out when I need to seal quickly. This one is small and quick. The handheld battery operated one works well for quick jobs. It works well enough that I will use it a lot, even though it isn't as powerful as the machine one.

👤It took me a while. I use it to seal my jars. It has a lot of power to seal so the product stays fresh.

👤I am returning it because the box had been open before, and it looked like it was ready to go back. It was more expensive than the same thing on Amazon.

👤I rarely used the attachment to the large countertop Food Saver because I wanted to be able to seal foods while traveling with a tiny trailer. I decided to get this for the times when a handheld unit would be better, mostly jars and ziplock bags. It's important to keep our food fresh and well sealed in our small fridge when it's rattling down country roads, as well as for the storage space for the bags, for that reason, as well as for keeping the food fresh longer. I'm very happy I got this, and it's well worth the cost and small storage space. I would like to thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it useful.

5. Vacuum Sealer Vesta Precision Freshness

Vacuum Sealer Vesta Precision Freshness

There is a charging cable and bags. Food can be preserved from 3 to 5 times longer with a vacuum sealer. It works best with vacuum seal pouches. There are sealed bags in seconds. The small but mighty handheld vacuum sealer has a high pump pressure and fast vacuum speed, which makes it a good alternative to regular counter-top vacuums. There are VACUUM SEAL BAGS, BOTTLES and CANISTERS. The kitchen appliance can vacuum seal your food and ingredients with a single press of a button. It can also make bottles and canisters. It works with valves on other brands as well. The food vacuum sealer is made to minimize wrist and arm pain even after use. Take this small, portable sealer with you wherever you cook. Ensure freshness and storage when you are outdoors by using a handheld vacuum. Its battery life is 6 to 6 times longer than similar products, even when you are out of the kitchen. Also uses the latest interface for convenience and safety.

Brand: V Vesta Precision

👤The unit we bought has a battery. The nickel battery went away and the brand died. The unit has a red light on it. When full, goes green. It works well with fresh saver bags.

👤The hand operated pump my wife received was from another vendor. Did pumping get old fast? This device has been easy to use and fresh. We could use the bags that came with our previous device so our investment in that wasn't a complete waste. Simple one-button operation in an ergonomics hand held device, what's not to like? The idea of vacuum sealing prolongs the life of many foods. I use it to preserve open cream cheese, smoked salmon, and other foods that may sit around longer than you would like because we only have two people in the house.

👤I hate a big unit of my countertop. I have been using a little Fresh Saver for a while. It did not hold a charge. I had to leave it plugged into the wall and then connect the cord to the unit so I could use it. It was so loud that I kept my ear plugs in a medicine zip bag. It worked, but not well. I live alone since my husband left to work in another state. I like variety so I use it slowly. I use the " FoodSaver Wide Mouth Jar Sealer" to vacuum the flat seal tops to prevent freezer burn and store my stapled items in mason jars. I like the idea of rechargables. They are superior to wall rechargables. Maybe it's the difference in the battery set up. I decided to try this unit and have been very pleased. It is not loud. It is easy to hold. It works amazingly with my current vacuum bags and my flat glass wide mouth jar top sealer from FoodSaver. This item is better than what I was using. I love it.

👤You can use any brand of vacuum bag. It has a charge for a long time. I like it.

👤It was comfortable in hand. The cable for the item starts out great but the charge doesn't last long and the plug in is not included. It still works and works well when plugged in. If you have a plug nearby, it's still a good item. If you don't do a lot of items for the freezer, this is possible. The same charge should be fine for one or two.

👤Since 4/2020, the performance has been the same. The owner of this has been using this more often than the big unit sitting on the counter. The item is very well made and works well. Design is very easy to do. It's compatible with almost all other food vacuum bags. The bags that come with it are very nice. These bags are meant for everyday use. You are expected to keep the vacuum for a few days and then vacuum again. For longer term storage, vacuum and heat seal bags are better. A lot of imported cheeses and cured meats are easy to lose freshness and spoil. The bags have extended the life of those items. It seems like the battery life is long. Fantastic!

6. ITouchless Handheld Airtight Storage Aluminum

ITouchless Handheld Airtight Storage Aluminum

We are committed to providing a superior shopping experience to their customers. Every product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return for a refund or exchange. If you have a question, their customer service representatives are ready to help. You get 2 more value with this combo pack. The smell of food escaping from a plastic bag will attract insects. Re-use the original bag instead of buying a freezer bag. It keeps food and snacks fresh. Food waste should be reduced. Press and pull the mini food seal across the bag to create an airtight seal. Freshness and flavor can be locked in. Foods last longer. Magnetic backing makes it easy to keep it handy on the fridge, stove, or microwave. High quality, made with precision by iTouchless, is the leader in sophisticated cookware and kitchen products.

Brand: Itouchless

👤I thought I'd mention that it has a small instruction manual, despite how simple a product this is, because there's enough people saying they can't get it to work. It says to wait 3 seconds before sliding it across the bag to give it time to warm up. You have to slide slower on thicker bags to give it time to work. I was able to seal a bag of Tostitos chips on my second try. I only got it last night and haven't had a chance to see how resealing a bag multiple times works or how long the resealer lasts, so I'm only giving it 4 stars.

👤It works! I can't believe how many people didn't like it because it works exactly like it says. I can't tell them to read or follow the instructions. I'm going to keep it short and sweet. There are a lot of bags of chips and snacks in this house. My child is very picky. We have a lot of stuff that needs to stay crisp and we have chip clips everywhere. I gave this thing a try and sadly it didn't work, but I was so surprised that it actually worked that I didn't want to give up! I was able to reseal a bag of Tostitos tortilla chips and a bag of Fritos on my first try, and I also had a bag of white cheddar popcorn and a bag of rice cakes. This is a relatively simple device, but there are instructions that need to be followed for it to work well. You can only use it on certain materials, you can't push it down too hard, and you have to hold it down for 3 seconds before you slide it across. You have to remove the black protection thingy from the way. It doesn't take a genius to do it, just someone who is patient enough to read the instructions and wait for 3 seconds. See my pictures. It works! It has a big strong magnet on the back. I can keep it in the fridge because my son can't reach it. It's nice that it comes with two, though I don't feel like I need two of them, and it concerns me that it won't last long, but they give you two. I will update later on. I can't recommend this enough for keeping food fresh for longer without having to mess with chips or bags. I did not receive this item for free. My husband ordered for me from my Amazon wish list. It's a good thing. I can tell you that if you use it too many times on the same bag and press too hard, it will cut the bag. It works best for only resealing things 3-4 times, but usually that's more than we need.

👤I have had these for a while. They stopped working. They were great at first, but now they don't work, you need to know how slow you have to move on each bag. It was very disappointing. I wasted money on these and was excited at first. Works as intended. You need to vary your speed depending on the bag. I sealed every bag at my house a week ago. If you split with a friend, the $16 is worth it. The bag is melting to reseal it. It is easy to use.

7. YIOU Vacuum Machine Starter Indicator

YIOU Vacuum Machine Starter Indicator

One head for cutting and one head for sealing is easy to use. Press the heating end for 3-6 seconds to warm up before using the sealer. The bag can be instantly closed by simply sliding the seal along it. The freshness time of food will be up to 5 times longer with the YIOU Vacuum Sealer Machine. The YIOU Vacuum Sealer has a 3mm wide heat wire that ensures your food is sealed tightly, and it has a window of the upper lid to make sure your bag is at the correct position. You can easily modify the roll's size with the built-in cutter. You can seal several bags at one time with the 11.8” strip. Save more waste. You can get food vacuumed when you press the vac seal button. The vacuum Sealers are able to seal moist or dry food. The seal/pulse button helps you seal the food. The YIOU Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine has a roll of 7.8 inch, 5 heat-seal bags, and a User Manual.

Brand: Yiou

👤Once you know how to use it, it is very easy to use. It works well. I tried a few times to figure out how the machine works. The user manual was in the bags and rolls, so I was just trying to use the machine without any instructions. You have to look for it in the bags and rolls they gave you. I found a user manual after I complained about the lack of one. The bag cutter is a quick cut. If you want to vacuum, make sure you leave enough room for it. You need to put the open bag in the vacuum chamber so that you can see your food. I am cutting the bag too small. I sealed it so I can't vacuum it. If you are using the roll, you need to seal one side first. The seal wasn't perfect and the vacuum took longer than I expected. I didn't notice you need to press the lid hard until you hear the click. I'm closing it in this attempt so that it won't work. I figured it out. If you are using the roll, cut your bag first with some room to seal both ends, seal one end first, put food in, and press the lid until you hear clicks. The light will tell you if it's still working or not. I took ten minutes to figure it out and it works.

👤The box was very nice. It had a plastic handle that you can carry with you. It came with a "vacuum sealer". The best way to use the cardboard box is to throw it in the trash. The 50 cent army wrote 5 star reviews. This thing can't crush a tomato. Do not buy. Ziplock bags do. A better job.

👤The food vacuum is perfect. I like to cut the meat into small pieces and sell it at the store. During the covid time, I like to buy tons of fresh foods at once so I don't need to go out a lot. This saves food by keeping the meat fresh. The work is described. The cutter is also included. It is small and saves space. The vacuum is ready to use. It is very easy to use and I would highly recommend it.

👤When Covid hit, my wife and I stocked up on food. The freezer we bought was to hold our goods. The freezer burn ruined foods. I'm talking about beef tenderloins that cost $100 and had freezies growing on them. I wasn't a happy camper. Someone suggested I get a vacuum seal. I read the reviews and decided to try it. The winner was moist chicken dinner. This is a good vacuum cleaner. It took me about 5 minutes to set it up. I haven't read the instructions yet, but I'm done! They stuck the filets in the freezer. No freezies, they look great. This will change the way I store food. I am so happy that I bought this.

8. LORDSON Handheld Automatic Portable Rechargeable

LORDSON Handheld Automatic Portable Rechargeable

Ensure freshness and storage when you are outdoors by using a handheld vacuum. Its battery life is 6 to 6 times longer than similar products, even when you are out of the kitchen. Also uses the latest interface for convenience and safety. This vacuum machine design has an upgraded electric pump and battery that can be charged quickly. The degree of vacuum can be reached with 10s. Press the button to remove air from the portable handheld food vacuum sealer. Help fresh foods last up to 5X longer. Food can be kept fresh and long in a vacuum storage. Grains, vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood can be stored in a vacuum bag to increase the freshness of food and extend the storage time of food. Save your money and not waste it. Replacement Silicone Head can be used to vacuum the storage bags of clothes, pillow or quilt. Save a lot of space. It protects items from dirt. Their package includes a vacuum sealer machine, 5 storage bags, 2 sealing clips, 5 air valves, 1 silicone head, and a manual. The zip lock bags are good for storing food.

Brand: Lordson

👤It takes barely any time at all to finish this vacuum sealer. It automatically shuts off when done.

👤The vacuum sealer is very easy to use and does a great job. I was very impressed with the life of the charge.

👤It was easy to use and arrived by mail. I love how small it is. Not like other similar products.

👤It worked out of the box. I tried it on my arm and it was pretty impressive. The bags that come with it are not very good.

👤I've had other name brand items, but this one is wonderful. It wouldn't change anything.

👤The other product I bought didn't last 6 months and it was an excellent product.

👤It doesn't work. The shipping was on time.

👤I was impressed with the speed. The size is comfortable and you like it. The product is great so far. The 2 year warranty shows your faith in the product.

👤I was surprised by the power of the vacuum. Within minutes, it completely sucked the air from my baggies and the volume decreased significantly. I am hesitant to use this with food due to the lengthy cleaning instructions. This is useful for people who need to cut down on the amount of bulk in their suitcase.

👤I need to package my clothes in vacuum bags as I move to a new house. I found a powerful product. It works out of the box. There is a The quality and material look good. It is better than using a hand pump. If you need a vacuum portable solution, I would recommend this.

👤You can reduce the air in your bag in seconds. You can store your food in a more compact way. I like size and colour.

👤This is useful. Good power. A small. It was easy to use. I can take it with me anywhere. The food stays fresh when stored in a bag. I like that this machine doesn't take up more space than other machines. This product is recommended by me.

👤I am very impressed with the value of my money spent after I received my hand held vacuum sealer. This is a very easy to use sealer. It will help me save space in my freezer and keep my produce fresh longer.

9. FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Handheld Vacuum

FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Handheld Vacuum

5 year limited warranty. FoodSaver bags and containers can be used in the refrigerator and pantry to keep food fresh. A handheld seal can seal up to 60 bags. Excess air is removed from vacuum seal bags quickly. The built-in cord management system helps keep countertops neat. FoodSaver accessories are compatible with all FoodSaver vacuum bags. There is a docking station and vacuum seal bags.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The little hand held vacuum sealer is a good one. It works better than my old one. It's about 5 inches. It has a base. It needs a 24 hour charge before it can be used. A full 24 hour charge is recommended by the manufacturer. The internal battery is charged by electricity. It has 4 quart bags. They sell quart and gallon sizes. The bags are extended to allow more food to enter. The quart bag is smaller than expected. A pound of cheese or lunch meat can be held. If you smash the beef into the bag, it will hold about 6 chicken breast or a couple of large steaks. The bags hold a lot of food. You should look at the different prices. Buying bags in bulk is not cheaper than buying a single box of bags. These bags are disposable. You put your food in the bag. Place the bag with the seal on it. The round end goes on the bag and you press the square metal end. Each bag has a disk on it. That is where the sealer goes. It's important to make sure the zip ties are completely closed. If it doesn't work immediately, the zip is not closed all the way. The air is sucked out quickly and completely. This doesn't work with other bags. I like it more than the full size vacuum. Before using, there is not cutting bags or closing the ends. There is no attempt to maneuver the bag in the right way. There is no holding a bag filled with food while waiting for the vacuum. This is small and portable. After opening the bag. Re-vacuum it is all you have to do. I like the feature of the bag being open. It helps keep the seal tight. When I put food in my freezer, my old vacuum seal would lose some of it's strength. I like this little device. The full size vacuum was not working. I was looking for a replacement and decided on this. I'm glad I did. This is cheaper than the full size vacuums. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a new one. I highly recommend. It is better than my old one.

👤The product is great. It takes up very little counter space. I have a small child and a small kitchen. Before I started using this, I would try to save any unused portions of veggies for later, but it would go to waste. I use the Foodsaver to keep the unused portion of my fruits and veggies fresh for a long time. I can rinse and reuse the bags because I wrap most foods in plastic wrap before putting them in the bag. It's a money saver. Get one!

👤I use this to seal Mason jars. There were no problems.

👤The little food saver unit is pretty cool. It uses all the Food Saver brand bags, and probably others, and the bags are not cheap, so you really want to use them wisely. The unit comes with bags. The small sealer works surprisingly well, see the video. It works fast as well.

10. Sihuuu Plastic Sealing Keeping Reusable

Sihuuu Plastic Sealing Keeping Reusable

The fully starter kit. The vacuum sealers for meat package also includes a mini automatic compression vacuum and a vacuum roll that can be used again. A complete set of cookware. They provide lifetime technical support for their Mini sous vide vacuum sealer machine. The packaging is material. The size is 11 cm. There are five colors of the seal clip, made of plastic. The hairpin design is easy to open and close. The mouth of the bag can be locked by just pinching it. Plastic seal food fresh keeping clips are suitable for keeping food fresh in plastic bags. Sturdy and reuse. The bag holder can be used indoors. Different foods can be kept fresh in the storage room, refrigerator or freezer. The most convenient kitchen utensils are the clips. Perfect Customer service. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Sihuuu

👤I have had these for a while, but they are a bit wider. I think they are better.

👤The tight clip is nice. It is easy to use.

👤The key to using this style of clip is to fold the corners of your chip bag in half. The bag should be folded a couple of times. Before applying the clip, make sure the width of the bag is shorter than the width of the clip by folding the corners in. You're ready to put the clip on. These clips seem to work well when this pattern is followed. The clips have a tongue and grooves on the two halves that will seal the bag pretty well if you want to seal a bag that's almost full or can't be folded.

👤The chip clips are very good. They are used for both loaves of bread and bags of chips. They are lightweight, durable, and have a lot of power. They can be used for softer things like a loaf of bread. They are worth what they cost. You will not regret it if you grab them.

👤The principal of a spring clothes pin is worked on by most snack bag clips. I can't use this device on any pouch longer than the clip because it has to open along the entire opening. The closing won't happen if anything longer is involved. Maybe I am missing something. It doesn't seem useful.

11. EZCO Handheld Portable Resealer Included

EZCO Handheld Portable Resealer Included

Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon. TheEZCO Mini bag sealer is made with high quality ABS material and uses dual-use design, one head for sealing and one head for cutting. Align the battery "+" and "-" to the right position before use. If the battery is reversed, the battery won't work. This bag is great for camping, fishing, travel, and more, which is a good help for home. The chip bag heat seal helps you store leftover foods, snacks, fruits and so on. It can keep food fresh and taste good. The plastic bag with a thickness of less than 0.2mm is recommended. Not for cling film, bags, bags, bags. The handheld heat sealer is very easy to use without preheating. The heating film instantly reaches the seal temperature when you press the cover. Place the bag to be sealed in the middle, then slide it along the edge of the bag at a slow and constant speed for an airtight seal. The bag seal for food plastic bags is designed with advanced micro heating technology to seal and block airborne dust. All foods should be kept fresh and dry. You can keep the magnetic bottom in your kitchen by placing it on the refrigerator or any metal surface. Mini bag sealer machine can seal many common packaging bags with thickness that is less than 0.2mm, such as storage bags, chips bags, snack bags, PP, PE, PVC bags etc. Not suitable for pure paper bags. The Mini Bag Heat Sealer, AA battery, and Use Manual are included. Please contact them if you have an issue, they will respond asap.

Brand: Ezco

👤I bought this because I thought it would save me a lot of waste. I got it popped the batteries into this bad boy and walked over to my pantry to get a bag to seal. I noticed that the metal rod that is supposed to get hot when the top rod is touching was burning the plastic safeguard to keep it from turning on, I think if I hadn't. I returned the fire hazard after 10 minutes because I thought the malfunction was over.

👤Eh. Unless I decide to only use bag clips on frozen food, I will keep using them. I have never had one of these before. It is more of a hassle to use and get the right verse just slap a clip on and go about my day. We open and close bags all the time so it makes sense to seal it again. I can see how the pros outweigh the cons if I were a family who didn't finish something quickly or long term storage was important. I love how cute it is. Likes it very much. I was excited to see it on my fridge. The edges of the bags were getting caught on the sliding door when I first used it, and it was a bit awkward to handle. I have yet to find the perfect spot of speed to do this. My bags look mangled with multiple seal lines and holes through it, because it is never a single job. If the heating element covered the span of the heating pad, it would be more user friendly, and it would also provide a more consistent seal without tearing through the bag. I don't know. I am going to practice more and see if I can find more unconventional uses for it. I attached a video of me using it.

👤It was very easy to use. No gaps, no two passes, just one from each direction, sealed an open chip bag tightly. Very happy with the purchase. It was a huge plus to have two seals in this package. Quick delivery.

👤Yes! It was easy to use. Thanks to TikTok!

👤The device is awesome. It is small but does a good job. The bags are easy to seal and the opener is very handy.

👤I read an article that inspired me to buy this product. The concept was great and I wanted to like it. You are suppose to assume that it is heated and suppose to work because there is no on or off button. The bag is ripped mor often than not, which is a bit counterintuitive. Why does the product need a blade if it is going to rip the bag? Again, I wanted it to work. Maybe there is another item like that. This one doesn't.

👤It is a useful item. I had a problem with the magnet. I put the item on the fridge. It would fall off if someone opened the door and closed it. It was on the side of the door. No matter what side it is. The first pack broke so I got the double pack. The pad that pressed against the wire is missing and it doesn't heat up anymore. You should keep this item in a drawer because it isn't sturdy and you don't want to drop it a lot.


What is the best product for food vaccumed sealer handheld?

Food vaccumed sealer handheld products from Foodsaver. In this article about food vaccumed sealer handheld you can see why people choose the product. Bonsenkitchen and Zwilling are also good brands to look for when you are finding food vaccumed sealer handheld.

What are the best brands for food vaccumed sealer handheld?

Foodsaver, Bonsenkitchen and Zwilling are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food vaccumed sealer handheld. Find the detail in this article. Foodsaver, V Vesta Precision and Itouchless are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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