Best Food Vacuum Seal Bags Gallon

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1. O2frepak Gallon Size11 Vacuum Vaccume

O2frepak Gallon Size11 Vacuum Vaccume

Reusable and high-quality vampire sealed bags are made of excellent-quality and multi-layer non-toxic material to create an airtight barrier around food, blocking moist and oxygen to extend freshness and locking flavors. The design allows for complete air removal. Resealable vacuum bags are used for food items. All 'Clamp Style' Vacuum Sealer Machines are compatible with the universal design. The bags are 200 Count 11 x 16 Gallon Size. Food grade material is great for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also cook, freezable, dishwasher,Microwave, and boilable safe. Food shelf life can be extended 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: O2frepak

👤These bags are great. I use them in my food saver. I love them. I have ordered these three times and will continue to use them. I love the next size larger ones as well.

👤My vacuum is not very hot. I don't like making my own bags as the process takes too long. The bags came with one side sealed and I love it. It makes vacuum seal easier. I have a reason for that in my review. They are in a thin bag and in a cardboard box. The bags inside are loose once you open them. The vendor needs to make it easier for customers to store these. Maybe it's a box of Glad garbage bags. I don't have to worry about spilling the rest. It's easy to store. I have this in a box and it's hard to store. The bags work well and I haven't had any issues with leaks. We probably won't buy these again because of the lack of storage. I rigged something up, but I shouldn't have to do this.

👤Today, I received bags. Quick delivery. They don't need to be as thick as other bags. It can be difficult to get all the air out of bags that are too thick. The food saver unit doesn't need to work so hard to get all the air out if you have a thinner bag. It's perfect thickness for anything. Double bag it if you are hung up on having thicker bags. You can do that with other bags, but they are more expensive. I used them to make dry and meat products. They did a great job. The bag was turned into a brick. One review said they lose a seal after a while. I don't see how that can happen since the ends are melted together to form a seal that's thick in width, so if you are having issues with your food saver unit checked out. Not the bags. Will definitely order more of them. Can't beat the price.

👤I like the storage bags because they cut down on the waste of making bags. The bags are sealed. I bought quarts, gallons and pints. I use the quart the most. I use gallon bags to carry sweetened starwberries. It makes your freezer less messy. The bags are made in China.

👤It works with my machine. The Embossed bags are better than the FSaver ones. The stiff one side of these makes it easier to vacuum pack food and not take as much room in the freezer. I've doubled seal my bags before and will do so again. How much more reasonable the pricing is with these bags? It's a win. I'm going to be a repeat customer.

👤When my garden started coming in, I started using these. The bags are thick and nice. I am having a score of 4/10. I know how to treat thick bags. I double sealed everything and it still lost the vacuum. I will never buy this brand again. I wonder if the people have gone back and checked things they sealed a few months ago. Troy/Tx.

2. Vacuum Sealer Bags Each Size

Vacuum Sealer Bags Each Size

The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material, so you get a secure seal. All 'Clamp Style' Vacuum Sealer Machines are compatible with the universal design. 50 bags 11 x 16 gallon size and 50 bags 8x12 quart size are seal a meal vacuum freezer bags. Food grade material is great for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also cook, freezable, dishwasher,Microwave, and boilable safe. Food shelf life can be extended 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: O2frepak

👤They were used for sous vide and were vacuumed and sealed on a new Foodsaver. The bag appeared to have been sealed and the chicken was thrown in the sous-vide and the bag opened right up, ruining my prep and dirtying the sous-vide water. I cleaned everything up and used another bag to store my food. I tried many times and never got a complete seal, even though I tried the double seal trick a few times. The only bag that was left was the one that sealed the first time, and it was a mess, but it was the only bag that was wet from all of the failed seals. I would love to find cheaper bags than what Foodsaver sells. Garbage.

👤It's handy for preserving leftovers. To prevent liquid from being vacuumed out during seal, I recommend freezing liquid items in the bag. Before seal, remove from freezer to allow bag to thaw but contents to remain frozen solid.

👤I bought a roll of material that had to be cut to length and sealed at both ends. I never got any of the bags I cut to seal. These bags are pre- sealed and I bought them. They seal just fine, despite being a bit clumsy to use. I use them for meat storage and will run out of them quickly. They make it easy to buy larger packages at a lower price and divide them up into smaller portions. I can get a 10lb chub of hamburger and divide it into sealed packages and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. I will buy again.

👤I have been using Food Saver brand bags for years. I have never used any other brand, but they are expensive. I decided to give another brand a try. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to try this brand. I am very happy that I did. I haven't had any problems with them so far. They feel a little different. They feel a little thinner and less flexible than the bags that are used for food, but they do the job and that's all I ask of the product.

👤The bags don't have an area to write in compared to the FoodSaver bags. The quality is comparable and cheaper if it isn't. Some people said it's thinner. The bag works, sealed fine, and does not leak. The cost per bag is convenient. I might not use a roll anymore.

👤We use a lot of vacuums. My husband was tired of making the bags. The two sizes we use the most are these. I believe that by the time you eliminate the waste on the rolls, these are a better buy. They seal well.

👤The pack of bags that I bought cost a lot less than the Food Saver bags. I've used several already, and have not had a failure in either the bag-and-seal phase, the freezer phase or the defrost phase. Well done O2frepak, great bags at a great price.

3. Premium Storage Commercial Freezer Vaccume

Premium Storage Commercial Freezer Vaccume

It's also safe to cook, dishwasher, microwave, and boil food. The design is compatible with all 'Clamp Style' vacuum Sealer Machines. The 100 gallon size of the precut vac seal bags is 11x16. It's also safe to cook and eat raw and cooked foods. Food shelf life can be extended by 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is done with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4mil Textured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: Vacyaya

👤The vaccuum seal bags were good. The bags were used for short ribs. They sealed with no problems. The directions said to put a paper towel over the rib bones and there were no punctures when the seal was made. I would highly recommend the vacuum sealer machine and the bags to anyone who is interested in it.

👤They work well with our machine. The price is better than the machine brand. They will last me a long time.

👤Supplies are necessary and we love them. Quality is at a reasonable price with these bags. It works well for me that there are different sizes. It's an extra hassle to have bags on a roll. These are reliable and easy to use.

👤I was disappointed that even after vacuum sealed the packages, air could come back into them. We sealed the items quickly. They are thinner than the regular vacuum bags. I don't recommend long term storage.

👤I accidentally overlooked a package of venison that I killed in November of last year, and we cooked it and it looked fresh. That's 3 minutes. After two years, no sign of freezer burnt, will buy again.

👤Have used these and have been happy with the results.

👤The name brand vac seal was similar.

👤The product is good for a good price.

👤When I cut them in half for smaller amounts, they were a good size for us.

👤These bags save a lot of time.

👤Excellent choice! We will buy these again and again.

4. Spacesaver Hand Pump Double Zip Comforters Blankets

Spacesaver Hand Pump Double Zip Comforters Blankets

10 premium vampire storage bags are included! There are 2 small bags, 2 medium bags, 3 large bags, and 3 jumbo bags. Can be used for a variety of items. You can store away your clothes, coats, sheets, towels, blankets, and more. 80% more space than other bags. The air is sucked out of the bag. The Double-Zip Seal and the Triple- Seal are designed to get every ounce of air out of the bag in the process of expelling it. Other storage bags allow air back in. Not these! You can increase your storage space without having to clean out your closet. Adding more storage space to your wardrobe, closets, garage, basement, lofts, and suitcases with their Spacesaver bags is an ideal solution. The travel pump is free. These storage bags are perfect if you want the most space so you don't have to take a lot of luggage. If you have to re-pack for the return trip, just use their convenient Travel Pump and your bags will be air-tight! Space saver vacuum storage bags are heavy duty, durable, and puncture resistant. These vacuum bags will protect over and over again.

Brand: Spacesaver

👤If I deleted my bad review, this shady company would give me a $30 refund. Don't buy from this company. I am leaving this review so people know that this product doesn't work. Only one of the 8 bags works now. It takes longer than an hour to stay deflated. The bags are worse. I bought 6. The first two deflated. They sent me 2 more after I complained. Only 2 work was Ought of the 8. That's insane. Not going to complain for new ones because they probably don't work. I followed the instructions. The cap was on tight after being swiped back and forth about 10 times. 2 out of 3 isn't bad but come on, 2 out of 8. It's ridiculous.

👤They claim to have a 100% return guarantee for life. I have used the ZIPLOCK ones before and they always leaked and gave up on the concept. The "original" had a lifetime guarantee and I decided to try it. I followed their directions and out of the 10 bags, four did not stay deflated. They had air in them. Before attaching the vacuum hose, I made sure it was sealed properly. So far, the other 6 seem to be okay. I went to email the company to exchange the bags, but the email address was bad. I tried to find another address and phone number, but it didn't work out. The only Spacebags on the internet were made by a steel manufacturing company. I contacted the seller on Amazon a week ago, but he didn't reply. I feel they have deceived the public. I paid 42.00 for this because of the wonderful guarantee. It's difficult to get help on Amazon. I think I was tricked and out of my money and bags. Don't buy it! I believe they went out of business. May 15th is when I will not receive my contingency emails.

👤This is the best product. I've tried different kinds of storage bags that never arrived. The plastic was thin and couldn't be sealed. The product required you to roll the bag in order to get rid of the air, which was an unsuccessful hustle. I decided to give this product a try because I was desperate to get more closet room. It was a success. 6 bags of the same size. I didn't have to pay for bags that I didn't need. The bags are made of plastic. It's very easy to seal and vacuum and I only needed some of the bags as they are large. I put a dryer sheet in each bag to keep the smell fresh. I have more room in my closet and my winter clothes are stored safely. It is a very reasonably priced product for the supreme quality. This product is very good.

👤I took clothes from 5 large rubbermaid bins and they fit in one. I use a vacuum cleaner for food so I know how to watch the air being sucked from plastic bags. I can't throw away shirts I no longer fit into because I will get in shape again. The amount of reduction depends on how you pack them. I had to hit the road because I put clothes in like someone was going to kill me. The results were great. If you make a weird shape based on how you stuffed the bag, you won't get a nice uniform. Not a big deal. I couldn't store the bag with my jackets.

5. Storage Commercial Universal Avid Armor

Storage Commercial Universal Avid Armor

There are two heat seal rolls and three heat seal rolls. Seal a Meal and other brand name vacuum sealed bags are Premium alternatives to the 100 GALLON PRE-CUT VAC SEAL bags. Universal design works with all vacuum sealed machines. Food safe is free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated air. It's perfect for meal prep. Also use a water bath cooking bag. A large duffel bag is a precut vacuum bag. Large freezer bags. The heavy duty commercial grade has a front panel of 3 mil and a back panel of 4 mil. It's a perfect accessory for your machine.

Brand: Avid Armor

👤I've had rolls of plastic, and it's cheap. It's a lot of work to make bags, from Measure, cut, seal, fill, seal again, cook, etc. Give me a ready-to-go bag and I'll be good to go. I bought them in quarts, now it's time for quarts. I'll pay a bit more for convenience, and these are the same material that I used to make. I'm willing to pay the price for being lazy. You can make your own, and I have, but grabbing one of these is quicker and easier than making one. If you don't need a special size, just buy the bags and get on with your life. Simple, easy, fast, rather pricey, but worth every penny.

👤These should be LIke a lot. I make my own vacuum bags for larger and odd shaped foods, but they are very convenient for single serving items and sous vide, and I buy rolls of vacuum bag material. I've used bags in the past that give a plastic flavor to food if it's cooked above 150 degrees but these don't. The thick material and deep grooves allow your sealer to remove all of the air easily. It's a great convenience item that only costs slightly more than buying rolls in bulk, and not having to seal each bag twice is worth it.

👤The bags come from different factories in China depending on which one the vendor bought from. I've had some that were okay, but this latest one has a tendency to curl at the edges. You have to fight the bag to get it to lay flat when you put it in the sealer because it is impossible to store neatly. I used to like this brand. It's become a typical cheap Chinese junk. If you put food in these bags in a microwave, the bag will stick to itself and seal up around the food, making it worse. You have to cut around the spot where the food meets the bag to get out, instead of just opening the bag. Even after nuking it for a short time. It's unbelievable! I've used vac bags for over a decade, sealed thousands of items, and never had this problem before. There is a warning! Stay away!

👤Food Saver brand bags are very close to these bags. They are the same thickness and pattern. They look like they came from the same factory floor. Food Saver and the bags held the vacuum in a test against other brands. The best bang for your buck is in off-brand vacuum bags.

👤I've bought tons of these bags from the same company and they're awesome. The perfect size to freeze a portion or two is the pint size bags. I use them to freeze cooked beans, to keep partially used onions from smelling up my fridge, and to freeze single portions of home-made soups and stews. They hold up well to hot water or the microwave, and don't make you want to drink from it. The product is a great bargain.

6. FoodSaver FSFRBZ0316 000 1 Gallon Vacuum Zipper

FoodSaver FSFRBZ0316 000 1 Gallon Vacuum Zipper

The bags are made of plastic. The bags are 12 gallon-size. The double zip up seals the seal. Resealable for food items. The material is strong and multi-ply. The channels block air removal.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The initial review was very positive. Food saver bags. The bags can be resealed and washed after use. The zip-lock bags are great for things that go in the refrigerator, but they lose their vacuum in the freezer. It takes about 1-2 hours for the freezer to hold a vacuum. Very disappointing. I have found that regular Ziplock bags, with a small puncture in the upper corner, will vacuum out just as well, a piece of duct tape immediately applied, and they hold the vacuum in the freezer.

👤I'm new to the bags and had a few fail after use. To find the location of the leaks, I filled the bags with air and put them under water. One leaked air right away, and the other leaked with a lot of pressure applied. The leaks were on the lower part of the seal valve. I covered the leaking spots with aluminum tape after drying the bags. I retested the bags by stuffing them with dry towel and drawing a vacuum. The bag is working. The larger leak required more tape around the valve, but that seems to be holding up now. In the future, it will be easy to apply four small pieces of tape that cover the edges of the valve, and then draw a vacuum. I apply the tape with some pressure and massage it onto the bag for a tight seal. There's a link to this at the bottom of the page.

👤I bought the electric hand held FoodSaver unit to keep my produce fresh. I like the idea of FoodSaver bags, but they are expensive and do not work well if you reuse more than once. The FoodSaver hand held unit must be plugged in when needed. It takes hours to power up if not plugged in. I don't recommend this type of unit.

👤The bags are great for freezing, but they are not for freezer use on the outside. I purchased these and the accompanying hand held vacuum sealer because of that. Some people have been using these in the freezer. I will probably give the freezer a try and update the review if they work well.

👤The FoodSaver 1-Gallon Vacuum Zipper bags, 12 Count, Multi Brand FOODSAVER Material Plastic Color Multicolor item dimensions LxWxH 11 x 10.9 x 4.3 inches is a 12 gallon vacuum bag. How does it say that it only works with the food saver? They have not sold the "food saver bags" that everyone calls them. We used the same material as before and it worked, but we had to cut off the seals since they were time sensitive. We'll never trust Foodsaver off Amazon as they make weird products and don't distinguish them clearly enough for an online store, and we'll go back to buying the big rolls from Costco.

👤The Long Detailed version is easy to use and has a good size for big meat items or a lot of smaller items. These work exactly as they are supposed to. I can feel the difference between these and the other no-name bags that I've used before. The gallon works for a lot of small items. Sometimes I need a smaller bag for smaller items. I cut these bags in half and use the heat seal to close the second bag so that I get two uses off one bag. The price is the reason I'm knocking it down. There is no difference between these and other brands that have been tried. The quality on this feels a bit stronger and better, but not much better or cheaper than before. Net-net does what it's supposed to do and is what you would expect.

7. Gamesaver Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

Gamesaver Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

The extra-long 50' rolls may not fit in the standard roll compartment. If you want to store the roll in your standard roll storage compartment, you should store it on a shelf or roll out 1/2 the roll at a time. Heavy duty and sanitary prevention - 11x16 pre-cut gallon bags with embossed channels keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Nesco, Weston, Cabela's, Ziploc etc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening, tea leaves, documents and electronics. Wevac has a quality guarantee. They have a no questions return policy and they are behind their products.

Brand: Wevac

👤I used these with my machine. I like them more than the Food Saver bags and found them to be just as thick and reliable. It's easy to use and a great value.

👤You store and cook in it. It's easy right? Many manufactures seem to get it right. This is what it is supposed to do and it is cheaper than FoodSaver brand. You can use to buy the rolls. Will buy these again.

👤These bags are great. If you trim a little off a pork butt, you can fit a whole chicken in them. Side by side. The bags seal well.

👤I got sick of the failed vacuuming that leaves air pockets after buying the cheapest bags. The bags have been perfect so far. It's worth a couple extra dollars to save time and headaches. These are cheaper because of the fail rate requiring a second bag.

👤Headline describes everything. The bags leak and don't seal. Within 10 minutes, the bag clearly showed that the vacuum was lost. I tried to return it with free returns. They want you to print out a package label, pack it up, and make sure the Li battery warning is on the package with a caveat. You have that right. There is a warning about the package of plastic bags. This is not required for any other return. You have to produce the label, box, etc. Attach a warning about the battery. The bags leaked because the plastic bag battery needed to be charged. Maybe I should have read the instructions carefully before using the plastic bag battery pack. The bag voltage is not compatible with my machine. A POS product.

👤The bag works well for chicken breasts. There is a roll of filament in there. Make sure you don't push it in all the way so that you get good suction.

👤They work well with my unit from Amazon. Having bags already sealed on one end is more convenient than buying rolls of material to make your own.

👤My mistake was ordering bags with the manufacturers advertisement all over them. I'm trying to promote my company, but I'm not being paid to do that. My bad and theres as well.

8. Vacuum Sealer Bags Food Saver Rolls

Vacuum Sealer Bags Food Saver Rolls

Food grade material is safe for storing raw and cooked foods. The vacuum bags are made from a heavy-duty food grade material. It can be used in a variety of ways, from food storage to cooking. The food saver bags are designed for maximum air removal so that you can full seal your food for maximum freshness. The clear vacuum food bags make it easy to identify different foods. The bags keep the food fresh. Food with vacuum packed to block oxygen and dehydration makes it more safe. Food vac bags can be washed and re-used in order to reduce waste and save money. The pack of food seal bags has different sizes and is 10 feet long. The food storage bag is 60 feet long.

Brand: Kitchengynti

👤The food saver bags are amazing. You can adjust the length for different items. They hold a good seal for a long time. I use them for storage. It was perfect.

👤It was simple and effective.

👤These bags work. I don't have to use giant bags for smaller amounts of food because I love the different widths. It was great for my sous.

👤These bags are an excellent purchase for a lot of money. I have vacuum sealed cheese, lentils and ground beef so far. I will be cooking in the microwave and steaming to update my review. I'm very happy with this purchase. This review was not paid for. These days, you never know. Good day!

9. KitVacPak Gallon11X16 Commercial Duty Vacuum Compatible

KitVacPak Gallon11X16 Commercial Duty Vacuum Compatible

Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 4mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness. All Vacuum Sealers are compatible with the Universal DesignVacuum Sealer Bags Rolls. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed for maximum air removal and freshness. Same quality as name brand bags at a fraction of the cost. A popular size is a meal food saver freezer bags. Extending food shelf life 3 to 5 times is one way to increase storage time. Extra storage. Preparing to save more time when buying food in bulk. It's also safe to cook, dishwasher, microwave, and boil food.

Brand: Kitvacpak

👤It's good for single serving portions. The bags seem good, but the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. All 200 bags were curled up and folded into each other as one was split open. They seem to have been this way for a long time. The shipping box was torn and battered.

👤I have been using these products for many years and have always been good, I love them and everyone I process for is always happy. The good work needs to be kept up. 10 thumbs up. Thanks.

👤The brand name did a good job of getting the air out. I had to reseal it more than once. The price was great. All air is not coming out. The seal! I had to return to the brand.

👤I have used foodsaver and 3rd party bags and rolls many times. The bags are sturdy and good value.

👤It doesn't remove the air very well. The bag is thin and can leak.

👤Use it for my bow. Good quality.

👤The price is unbeatable and this product works for all machines.

👤I would but it again. It seems worth the money.

👤It was wonderful! Big bags can be modified to a smaller size, which is the best for versatility. Will be buying them again. They cost a little more than what was advertised. Overall, a great product and I highly recommend them. I got a couple of friends and family to order some.

👤I don't know how well they work because I haven't used any of them yet. I love my vacuum. Making the darn bags is the most annoying feature. These will make more bags than the 4 roll pack of do it yourself bags that I have been buying. I can cut them in half if I need smaller bags. Too easy! I only gave a 4 star rating to the bags as I haven't tried them yet. I will update after I have used a few.

👤THe achat ces sacs, facile d'Utilisation et juste le cong√©lateur.

👤Jadore! Vous accepte le format parfait et c'est vraiment moins chre!

👤We use vacuum bags all the time and this particular batches had oil on the outside of the bags. The oil smelt like something. It's totally unacceptable to use a substance in manufacturing.

10. Storage Sealers Commercial Vaccume Upgrade

Storage Sealers Commercial Vaccume Upgrade

Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is done with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4mil Textured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness. All 'Clamp Style' Vacuum Sealer Machines are compatible with the universal design. 100 Count 11 x 16 4mil Gallon Size Seal a Meal Vacuum Sealer Freezer bags are economical. Food grade material is great for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also cook, freezable, dishwasher,Microwave, and boilable safe. Food shelf life can be extended 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 4mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: O2frepak

👤The bags are not the best but they are cheaper than food saver. The bag says it is free of BPA. It's the perfect size for steaks to be frozen and cook in a bath. They are also used to tenderize chicken breast. Place the breast in the bag. Put hand over open end. pound away with a mallet. It can take a beating with out breaking. No chicken peaces leaving to clean up. I bought their roles accidentally. It looks like the name brand we use. There were a few times the bags didn't hold a vacuum good. I would process a whole side of beef. The quality was weighted by the price.

👤The quality is high. I bought these to replace the ones I had. I couldn't find the gallon bags in any store. I couldn't find the seal. I didn't know if they would work with the brand name. When I received them, they were a couple of inches longer, which is handy when you have a large item. They worked perfectly when I tried them a couple of days ago. Will buy again. Good value. I ordered the 100 pack and it was several times the price I paid. Will be my go to company now.

👤These bags are much thicker and less expensive than FoodSaver replacement bags. They work well for Sous vide cooking as well.

👤They are terrible. I wish I could attach the pictures I had one crack randomly and all my brand spilled to the floor after I used my food saver machine to seal them.

👤I use a lot of freezer bags and they are the best quality for the price.

👤This is the best value for your money because it keeps food fresh and you can store it in the freezer.

👤Only one end has to be sealed because it is so easy to use. They work great in vacuum Sealer.

👤These bags are easy to use and have a good size. The price was reasonable. Definitely will be buying more.

11. VICARKO Storage Compatible Handheld 30 Pack

VICARKO Storage Compatible Handheld 30 Pack

Reli is the one to rely on. It's perfect for preserving the flavor of food. The 30 PCS Gallon-SIZE VACUUM SLEAER ZIPPER bags are great for storing food and non-food items. The VICARKO Vacuum Sealer bags are compatible with most handheld vacuum sealer machines. The double zip is used to maximize air removal. The multi-layer material blocks oxygen and moisture. The VICARKO Vacuum Sealer bags help food to be fresh up to 5X longer. Food should be kept tasty and delicious. Fruit and vegetables are no longer soggy. Meats should always be juicy and delicious. Reusable and high-quality vampire sealed bags are made of excellent-quality and multi-layer non-toxic material to create an airtight barrier around food, blocking moist and oxygen to extend freshness and locking flavors. The design allows for complete air removal. Resealable vacuum bags are used for food items.

Brand: Vicarko

👤The pump is good. Powerful and easy to use. The bags were not great. The idea is great, but at least half the time the little valve doesn't hold the vacuum. It was difficult to get bag to work in the first place. It took a long time before my pump could start sucking the air out. If one worked at first, it would hold the vacuum on reuse. I had a roll of packing tape on the counter and thought I'd use it to seal the valve after the pump stopped. It worked very well. I put the piece on as soon as I moved the pump after folding over the edge to make a tag. I can reuse bags with this addition. Duct tape is more difficult to work with than packing tape.

👤I use the bags with the vacuum pump. Less expensive than brand name bags. I think the bags are a little heavier than the brand names, and I think they seal better than the Foodsaver branded bags.

👤The bags are similar to those sold by the major company. Even if sealed properly, they don't hold for more than a month. You get at least three or four times as many as you get for half the price, and you get a small hand-held pump which would be great for camping. After doing 12 bags of pre-prep meals, we purchase the rechargable food sealer handheld for under $30. If 2 to 4 weeks is good for you, then so be it. They are disposable. It's not long-term freezer storage.

👤It works well for removing air from bags that are mostly flat. I use this device to remove air from the bag, and then use the water bath method to submerge the bag in the water. The air out of the bag is pushed by the water pressure. The bag should be removed from the water bath when you've submerged it completely. A sealed bag is what you should have. The water bath method makes a perfect seal, as good as that of a FOODSAVER machine, and is much easier and less expensive.

👤I wanted to vacuum seal some of the extra veggies from the harvest so I bought this. I was surprised that the system was cheap. Looking forward to eating a lot of vegetables for a season.

👤The white clips that come with the bags are not part of the packaging. They are going to help close the zip. It's true! These are better than Food Saver bags. After soaking in very hot water, we wash and reuse vac bags, and the vac ports seem to wear out faster than the Food Saver bags. It's not certain which is more frugal.

👤It is harder to get the pump to seal around the valve than it is with the original. I am very pleased with the performance of the bag, but I have to learn how to use the pump with this product.

👤The company contacted me to bribe me into taking down a bad review by first offering me a gift card and then a $25 card. I only asked them to send me bags that work because I have a few that do work. I told them I preferred new bags which would have cost them less. They have gone missing after 2 attempts. Life goes on. I was very happy to receive this product. The little machine is great but not perfect. 2 out of 6 have been done. After 1 hour, they start to take in air. There is a problem with the seal. I am going to look for better bags. Good luck!


What is the best product for food vacuum seal bags gallon?

Food vacuum seal bags gallon products from O2frepak. In this article about food vacuum seal bags gallon you can see why people choose the product. Vacyaya and Spacesaver are also good brands to look for when you are finding food vacuum seal bags gallon.

What are the best brands for food vacuum seal bags gallon?

O2frepak, Vacyaya and Spacesaver are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food vacuum seal bags gallon. Find the detail in this article. Avid Armor, Foodsaver and Wevac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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